02x02 - Somewhere Out There

What is that?

Is it, um--

Kind of sounds like music.

It can't be.

Houston, are you still receiving us?

We're on the dark side. Lost line of sight.

That was strange. Are we recording?

Yes, sir.

It must be UHF interference bouncing off the atmosphere.

That's not interference.

Oh, my God. Look at that.

What the hell is that?


So, we were able to isolate the sound they were hearing.

[ambient warbling and static crackling]

I ordered a rudimentary analysis on the music.


Seems to have mathematical structure, but otherwise inconclusive.

Our best guess-- some kind of message.

We need to send a response.

But how?

Maybe that thing is some kind of beacon.

[dramatic music]

[tense music]

I'm here to see my son.

Not today.

I have papers.

We're on lockdown.

Come back tomorrow morning.

Please. He's 16. I just need to know that he's okay.


Bram Bowman.

He's been moved out of the zone.

The Factory?

I don't know. All it says is he's in transit.

[indistinct chatter]

I showed you my documentation already!

Thank you.

No, stay with me.

Stay with me!


Stand right there.

I haven't seen your ID yet.

I'm here to see Maddie Kenner.


I have a Katie Bowman here for you.

Thank you.

Can I see your papers?

Hands on the gate.

You, out of line.

Legs spread.

Go ahead. Move on.

Next! Bags on the table.


[knocking on door]

Hey, Mom.

Hey, sweet girl. Do you know where your aunt is?

She's upstairs.

Good morning, Mrs. Bowman.

You look... damp.

Maddie? Mad?

What's wrong?

They transferred Bram.

What? That's impossible.

I just came from the holding facility.

I mean, it's-- it's the Factory.

Wait, wait, wait.

There's no other place he could go.

Stop, stop, stop.

There's no other place--

Stop. You cannot think that way.

Maddie, they send people to the Factory for sneezing in the wrong place.

They caught my son going under the Wall.

Katie, listen to me.

Nolan is on our side.

He knows that Bram is a good kid.

Let me just talk to him and find out what is going on.

Oh, sweetheart.

[Katie crying]

Oh, honey.

I'm so scared.

I know. Just try to stay calm.

I will get him out.

I promise you.



It's gonna be okay.




Let's start with this one.

Are you ready for the rest of our lesson?



All right, Gracie. Time to get your stuff.

We aren't finished with our lesson.

Please, Mom. Can I stay?


Just promise me that Aunt Maddie will have you home before dark.



So, what are you doing in Santa Monica?

Charlie got trapped on this side of the Wall.

Oh, Jesus.


[sighs] So, how's the rest of the family holding up?


How'd you get through the Wall?

I took a job with the Occupation so I could look for Charlie.

They gave me a pass.


I got here a couple weeks ago.

And you decide to wait till after you get stabbed to come find me?

I didn't want to get you caught up in this mess.

It's your son, Will.

What the hell happened on this bloc?

It's like "Black Hawk Down" out there.

They didn't have enough Redhats on the ground after the Arrival.

sh1t got worse and worse until the Occupation cut a deal with the warlords.

Now they pretty much stick to the Green Zone and let the rest of us rot down here.

And this is where Charlie has been living.

Will you help me find him?

Of course.

You got any leads?

I think he's in a street gang, working for a warlord named Solomon.

Oh, sh1t.

That bad?

At least he's usually willing to deal.

But we got to get in his front door first.

How do we do that?

Go find someone.

Just like old times.

[indistinct chatter]

We got a few more here, come on.

Back up or you don't get any!

Here it is, look!

[indistinct chatter]

So sorry. We are out. We will open up tomorrow at 8:00 AM.

Stay back!

[indistinct chatter]

[pounding on gate]

[ambient music]

[knocking at door]

Your new boss wants to see you.

[phones ringing in distance]

He's expecting you.

Jennifer McMahon.

I'm Dan Bennett.


You've been here since the beginning.

That's right.

An eventful ride.

Tell me about the former members of your team.

Will and Beau?

It's my understanding Will got a transit pass from former Proxy Snyder and went through the Wall.

Beau seems to have disappeared.

What do you think happened to him?

I don't know.

Do you have a theory?

No, sir.

I'm sure you understand that their behavior might raise questions about your own loyalty.

I've been sent here because this office has failed to live up to the standards of the Authority.

My job is to catch Broussard and his fellow terrorists.

We also must recover an object that belongs to our Hosts, which means I need officers I can trust.

If you give me the chance, you'll see what I can bring to the team.

I understand the value of continuity, so you will get the chance to prove yourself.

Otherwise, you'll be assigned to duties more appropriate to your skill set.

[ambient music]

You should know...

I'm not a patient man.



Did you find Bram?

Yeah. He's being processed.

What does that mean?

Is he going to the Factory?

I don't know.

We have to help him.


What we have to do is remember the consequences if we stick our necks out too far.

He committed a crime.

He's just a kid.

That kid went under the Wall.

Anyway, if he gets sent to the Factory, there's nothing I can do about it.

Is that-- That's just it?

You're just gonna let this happen?

Will you just drop it?

You know, one day, either you or Hudson-- you're gonna need something, and I'd hate to find ourselves up the creek because we cashed in all our chips here.

Look. I'll do whatever I can to help Bram.

Just know that whatever I do, they can use it to question our loyalty, and right now, we have so many big things in the works.

Your initiation ceremony tomorrow.

Everybody's gonna see that you're being welcomed into the circle, and I don't want to blow that.

Look. I know you love your family.

It's one of the things I love about you.

Just... promise me...


...that you will do everything you can to keep Bram out of the Factory.

I promise. You have my word.

I promise.


What's the plan?

Solomon wants someone.

We grab them. You get your meeting.

I get a reward.

Works out for everyone.

You're a bounty hunter.

Same thing we used to do, just without the badge.

Who's the target?

A woman.

Another guy tried to pick her up.

Didn't work out for him.

What-- is she la femme Nikita?

Nah. Former teacher. Preschool, I think.

Her husband, on the other hand, he has a bit of a temper.

Go inside. Say you want to see Jacobs.

The target should be holed up in apartment 2B.

You aren't coming with me?

No. The spotters will recognize my face, and they'll warn her.

I'll be two minutes after you.

Oh, give me your gun.

What? Why?

In case you're searched.

They'll think you're a bounty hunter if you're packing.

We need her alive.

[dramatic music]

[muffled arguing]

I'm looking for--


[shouts in pain]

Let him go!


[cries out]

[Taser clicking]

Son of a bitch.

Preschool teacher?

That's what I heard. Jesus, when did you get so soft?

You can't sew for sh1t.



Got the last one on your list.

Always glad to close out the month.

You get a partner?

Maybe. Just trying him out.

That's funny. I always saw you as the lone wolf type.

Bring her in.

Happy hunting.

What's going on?

Step back, ma'am.

Yeah, I'm with Homeland. This is my house.

What is this? I work for Homeland!

Who ordered you to search my house?

Did you find anything?

No. It's clean.

We're done. Have a good night.

Let's wrap it up.



[somber music]

This is it.

They're taking us to the Factory.

You don't know that.

What did you do?

Went under the Wall.

Listen up! We're removing your cuffs.

Stay seated until you're ordered off the bus.


What did you do in the bloc?

I worked on a road crew.

And you?

I teach high school.

Get back on the bus.

No, no, I have skills. I can-- [grunts]

Get him out of here.

How old are you?


What did you do on the bloc?


What kind of construction?

Demo, mostly. But my last job was laying concrete.

[dramatic music]

Move it!

Go on now.

Let's go, come on!

Right here.

Three right here. Let's go.

Pick it up. Let's go!

You have been assigned to one of the Authority's labor camps and distribution centers.

We are responsible for making sure supplies reach their correct destination.

If you break a rule, if you steal anything...

I will hurt you.

And if you do it again, you will go to the Factory.

Remember-- we are always watching.

[dog barking in distance]

What are you doing here?

I want to see Solomon.

[man in distance] Get your hands off me!

[exhales sharply]

Come on.

Keep coming.

Weapons in the box.

Come on.

You look familiar.

Yeah. You stabbed me.

Oh yeah. [chuckles]

No hard feelings.

Hey. Devon's got something for you.

There's my girl.

Did you bring me something nice?

You are a goddamn bloodhound.

Quota keeps going up.

You are gonna be rolling in business.

And who the hell is he?

He wants to trade.

What kind of trade?

My son Charlie.

I lost him during the Arrival.

That's a sad story.

I heard he might be running in one of your gangs.

Well, he's a good looking boy.

But I meet a lot of people.

I've got a transit pass.

Then show me.


You know, what's to stop me from just killing you and keeping the pass?

Because it'd be bad for business.

People come to you knowing that you'll make a fair trade.

See, that's the thing. I--

I think I'd be losing on the deal.

I mean, sure, this is valuable, but your son Charlie-- he's a very special kid.

Do you know where he is?


I know everything there is to know about your boy.

He's got the face of an angel and the heart of a thief.

He's been one of my best performers.

Of course, it wasn't always like that.

He was a very--

Well, he's got a mind of his own.

We had to break him of that.

Do we have a deal?

Are you angry?


Well, ask yourself a question, tough guy.

Where have you been for the last year?

Your son would've died on the streets if it wasn't for me.

So I'd like to hear a little goddamn gratitude.

And then maybe we can make a deal.

If I get to see my boy, I'd be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

Dino, where's Charlie?

In the alley, near 28th.

In the alley near 28th.

Hey. A little word to the wise-- the street changes a kid.

So don't blame him if he doesn't want to go with you.

No. No, please.

Please don't!


[whimpers] Somebody help me!



[dialing phone]

[phone ringing]


Katie, I have good news.

Thank God. I've been dying.

Nolan managed to get Bram off the bus to the Factory and transferred into a labor camp.

That's the good news?

It's outside the walls, but not too far.

And it's not the Factory.

Mad, I got to get him back.

I know.

I promise Nolan is doing everything he can.

But it might take a while.

You just need to be patient, okay?


Thank you.

[somber music]

Was that about Bram?


He's gonna be okay.

We just-- we might not see him for a little while.

Why? What is he doing?

He has to work outside the Walls.

Is he helping prepare for the Greatest Day?

Why are you so interested in the Greatest Day?

Lindsay says working to prepare for the Greatest Day is what makes you a good person.

You don't need Lindsay or the Greatest Day to be good, love.

I thought that maybe Daddy and Bram haven't been coming home because I haven't been working hard enough.

Of course not.

Hey. Look at me.

This is not your fault.

Then whose fault is it?

You excited to see Bram and Gracie?

I guess.

We're in a new house.

But we moved over all your stuff.

You even got your own room.

Did someone hurt you?


I'm fine.


I'll let you eat.

Kids are resilient.

You just have to give it time.


The guy at the pen said they were closing out a month.

And then Solomon mentioned a quota, which apparently keeps going up.

You know something.

It's just rumors.

Supposedly the warlord and the Occupation made a deal.

As long as the warlords turn over a certain number of people every month, the Redhats don't mess with them.

What happens to the people?

They go to the Factory?

Then why isn't this bloc at war?

Why aren't people fighting for their lives?

Like I said, it's just rumors.

Nobody knows the truth.

If you strip away the bullshit, is that the Occupation really wants?

A constant stream of people for the Factory?

That's above my pay grade.

I'm just trying to stay alive.

Why didn't you tell me the truth about the pen?

'Cause I knew you'd be all conflicted about turning over that woman if you knew she was going to the Factory.

It was the only way we could get to Solomon.

I'm not the man I was.

I learned you got to do things to survive in this world.

Make compromises.



[birds chirping]



What do you think--



Charlie! Charlie!

Come here! What do you think you're doing stealing stuff, huh?

Get off of me!


Stop it!

He tried to run away.


Were you trying to go back to Solomon?

Of course he was. That explains why Solomon was so quick to make that trade with us.

Why? Why would you want to go back there?

Look at his ankle.

Come here. Come here.

What are those?


It's not nothing.

I tried to run away.

Solomon put me on the chain. I learned.

What else did he do to you?

[soft music]

I came to take you home, Charlie.

You're never going back to that place--

Solomon told me I had to go back or he'll hurt me.

He won't hurt you. I won't let him.

He'll hurt my friends.

No, he won't.

I won't let anything happen to your friends.

Then he'll hurt you!

No, he won't.


I can take care of myself.

I'll be right back. You'll be safe here with Devon.

Hey. No.

[gun clicks]

Are you out of your goddamn mind?

What's gonna happen to Charlie if you get yourself killed?

Watch the kid.



Is this an ambush?

If it was an ambush, I'd be wearing a mask.


It's all right. Give us a second.

I-- I wanted to talk to you about Bram.

I can't tell you how sorry I was to hear about his situation.

Thank you. I just wondered if there was anything else that you can do for him.

Maddie didn't talk to you?

She did.

I just-- I thought maybe if I spoke with you directly--

I made a lot of calls, Katie.

And the bottom line is if Bram behaves himself, he'll be transferred back eventually.

I'm really sorry that there's nothing more I can do.

It's just-- It's above my head.

I think there is more that you could do.

I think you don't want to.

Do I need to remind you your son got himself into this situation?

By going under a wall that aliens put up to pen us in.

That's a crime? He's a kid.

I'll be praying for the safe reunification of your family.

Have a great day.

[alarm blaring]

[shockwave blasts]



Keep moving.

Come on, keep moving.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey. Do you want to come eat with my friends?


This is the guy I was telling you about.

The one that snuck under the Wall.

How'd you get under the Wall?

Guard's coming.

Shut up!

[indistinct whispering]

[tense music]

[loud thump]

One of my guys saw him steal it from the docks.

You're willing to go to the Factory for a screwdriver?

Let's go.

[knocking at door]

How dare you?


You went behind my back to Nolan.

No, Maddie. It wasn't like that.

It was-- it wasn't like that.

What if I did something like that to you and Will?

How would you feel?

I'm sorry.

I'm desperate.

Do you not trust me?

Or do you just not understand boundaries?

I deserve an answer.

Maybe I didn't believe that you would push Nolan hard enough.

Nolan can protect us because he knows how to play the game.

He is gonna help Bram--

That's what I'm talking about.

He just has to be smart--

It's a game to Nolan.

Oh, for Christ's sake, Katie, this isn't about you!

You run around doing whatever you want, and damn the consequences.

I'm trying to keep my family together!

How's that working out for you?

This. This is why you're alone.

I-- I'm gonna send Gracie back down to you.


You are about to enter a select group.

The question for humanity is not where we have been.

It's where we are going.

Are you prepared to accept that truth?

Yes, I am.

Will you safeguard the secrets of our movement, even from friends and family?

And do you accept that the punishment for violating you oaths will fall not just upon you, but upon everyone you love?

I do.

Then rise, Maddie Kenner, and receive your welcome into the Greatest Day.

all: Welcome.

It's time.

[solemn music]

I am so proud of you.

[ambient music]


[dramatic music]


[shaky breathing]

[gentle music]


You need to work for me.


I know what you've been doing, and I have the evidence.

Lots of it.

Please lower your voice.

Will basically admitted it, you know, before he went through the Wall or whatever the hell he did.

Drink that.

What is it with you and Will and the whiskey?

Why can't you drink something that doesn't taste like lighter fluid?

What do you want from me?


I have no contact with him.

I don't believe you.

But it's true.

And if I try and reach out to him, he will know that I've been compromised.

And it's gonna fall on you.

I've made mistakes.

God knows.

Right now, I just want to be a mother to the one child I have left.

I know that you and Will were friends.

I know he trusted you.

Please don't destroy what remains of his family.

[dog barks in distance]


Lookit, lookit.

What's up, man?

Did you lose another kid?

I'm here to see Solomon.

Get your ass out of here before I stab you again.




[glass shatters, shots fire]


[grunting and struggling]

Okay. Okay.

Aah! Ah!


Son of a b--

I'm Charlie's father.

Come with me. You'll be safe.

Come with me.


[breathing heavily]