01x05 - Reaper

Previously on The Shannara Chronicles...

The Ellcrys seed must be carried to a place called Safehold.

Do you remember the summer you sent us to the fort in Drey Wood?

We met an Elf there named Rin Katsin.

Send word to Drey Wood.

I want Rin Katsin brought there immediately.

Don't touch me.

Something happen when people touch you?

He's a seer.


You killed him.

It wasn't the Princess.

It was a Changeling.

It can inhabit the form of any being it chooses.


You need to start trusting the Ellcrys.

Otherwise the three of you will not make it to Safehold.


Move out!

Don't worry. Daddy's coming.


Lorin, you're too slow.

Come on, that's not fair.

You cheated.

Amberle, what is it?

What's wrong?


I just got a leg cramp from kicking your butt so hard.

(chuckles) Yeah. I let you win.

Oh, yeah? Prove it.

Last one back to the palace has to walk Manx for a month.

That's a bet.


(approaching footsteps)

You're going back to the palace all right.

With me.


I'm late for watch.

And you're going to miss the Council meeting.

But I leave for Tyrsis in the morning.

Diana, this is our last chance to be together.

For a month.

You'll live.


Yeah, but when I get back, I'll be a diplomat and you'll be a Captain.

We won't have time to fool around.

Regular power couple, huh?


But until then, Aine and Arion can handle the silver hairs.

Love... trumps... politics.

Nice try.

Get dressed.

(owl hooting)

Travel safe.




Good evening, Prince Ander.

(blade clangs)



♪ I feel it runnin' through my veins ♪
♪ And I need that fire just to know ♪
♪ That I'm awake ♪♪

Aine: Amberle.

You're excused, Lorin.

man: How many times have I...

I hope you have a good explanation for being out of bed at this hour.

I'm sorry, Father.

An apology is not an explanation.

What were you doing in the Sanctuary?

It was just a dumb dare.

I wanted to see if I could beat Lorin to the Ellcrys.

Tell me you ran circles around that little show-off.

(both chuckling)

It wasn't even close.

(chuckles) That's my girl.

I bet he insisted he let you win too.

Men are a predictable bunch.

Even when we lie, we lack imagination.

When you were a Chosen, did the Ellcrys ever speak to you?

Speak? No.

Maybe it only speaks to girls.


Of course, there's never been any female Chosen.

But there's no law that says a woman can't run the Gauntlet.

Maybe when you're older, you'll show those boys a thing or two.


Go to your room and lock the door.




(sword clangs)

Boy. Good boy. Come on.



You're late, Ander.


I'm afraid the young Prince is occupied this evening.

Eventine: Ah.

Slanter, isn't it?

Self-appointed leader of the Gnome rebellion.

Your reputation precedes you.

I fight for freedom, not vanity, unlike you.

You'll forgive me, but I...

I don't respond to that sort of diplomacy.

The time for diplomacy has passed.

Now is the time for vengeance!

If you truly care about your people, lay down your weapons.

Help me end this war.

We will spare your life.

You have our word.

Enough words.







Your majesty.


Amberle: No! Father!

It's all right. It's all right.

Amberle: Father!

How much further 'til we meet Rin Katsin?

A day's ride, maybe more.

We'd make better time if we weren't carrying so much dead weight.


(breathing heavily)

I think it's marsh-wolf.

It's a little gamey, but it beats ferns and dirt.

Being pulled around in chains killed my appetite.

Maybe if you dropped the whole lying, cheating, and stealing act, you'd find people were a little more hospitable.

Thanks for the advice.

I'll talk to Amberle. Maybe we can switch to rope.

Whatever her Royal Highness commands, right?

We need to unchain her.

She's not gonna help us find the Bloodfire if we keep her dragged along like a prisoner.

You sure you don't want her hands free for some other reason?

We can make camp inside the tree line before nightfall.

Wouldn't the valley offer better visibility?

If the Demons attack...

My men will handle them.

She's right. You haven't seen what these things are capable of.

Your cowardice is noted, boy.

But the valley would add a half day to our trip, time we can't spare.

The forest it is.

Crispin: Move out!




Crispin: This is the last stop for water before we get to the fort.


Guards, spread out.

man: Clear.

Crispin: Check the perimeters. Keep your eyes open.

Yes, sir.


Cozy place.

I'm just saying, I think you were right about camping in the open.

Maybe we should stay here for the night.

The river won't make it much further.

The horses could use a break.

Then we press on.

But her shackles stay on.

You shouldn't let Crispin talk to you that way.

He's just trying to protect us.

He knows the importance of this mission.

Yeah, maybe.

But the Ellcrys didn't choose him for this quest.

It chose you.

Ever since we left the palace, you've been treating me like your enemy.

The tree said that we need to work...

I know what it said.

Look, I can't imagine how hard this is for you, but you're not alone.

Let me help you.

You can't.

All right, look.

I know I lied to you about what happened between me and Eretria.

I was embarrassed, and I let her take advantage, but it's not gonna happen again.

I'm on your side.

(men shouting and grunting)

Weapons down!


Be honest.

You missed me. (laughing)

(horse whinnies)

Demons slaughtered the entire village.


Mutilated the children. They even gutted the dogs.

Their tracks descend from the north, down through the Kensrowe.

Must be gathering at the Breakline.


Father, are you listening?

Uh, the Breakline. Of course.

These are just raiding parties.

They're testing our resolve.

We must attack before they gather...

The Breakline is a mountain range a thousand miles long.

Even if we could find them, what then?

The Elven army is the strongest in the Four Lands.

A handful of Demons did this.

What would a hundred do?

Or a thousand?

Which is exactly why we cannot wait for them to launch a full-scale attack.

Our obligation is to the Ellcrys.

We must secure the Sanctuary until Amberle's return.

We don't even know if Amberle will return.

This is not a debate!

Secure the palace.

You will guard and protect the Ellcrys.

That is an order.


(Manx growls)

He's trying, brother.

No, he is scared.

And his fear is gonna get us all killed.


Here, drink this.

You'll be safe behind the palace walls.

I could be wrong, but I think it's a requirement that all soldiers be able to dress themselves.

It goes... like this.


Least I can do, you saving me from a Demon and all.

I owe you my life.

Well, I'm just glad I didn't freak you out again.

Oh, you definitely freaked me out.

Maybe you'll tell me how you did it sometime.


How about tonight?


I'll take that as a yes.

I got to go.

I can see you're enjoying your time in the palace.

What are you doing here?

I'm here to stop you from making a foolish mistake.

You are no more a soldier than I am a diplomat.

Demons slaughtered my family.

Took everything that I ever loved.

It's my duty to fight.

Your duty is to your gift.

And I have need of it.

So, you want me to talk to the tree.

I want you to contact Amberle through the tree.

The Ellcrys and the Princess are connected, but I can no longer sense her presence.

Maybe you can.

I see death. I don't...

This is crazy.

Is it?

You have seen Catania's future and Lorin's past.

You've been able to stretch your mind across time and space.

Nobody knows what you're capable of.

Not even you.

But I believe your magic is powerful.


So, what do I do?

The Ellcrys is hundreds of thousands of years old.

It has witnessed life and death on a scale impossible to fathom.

Yet in order to confront its power, you must learn to control your own.



On you?

No way. I mean, what if I see...

The only thing you will see is possibilities, nothing more.



Calm yourself, boy.


Be the master of your own mind, not its prisoner.

I did it.

I... was there.

The moment you died, you felt my presence.

I was able to control it.


Try again.

What can I say, kiddo?

You delivered the goods.

The Stones.

The Princess.

She'll fetch a hell of a price in Varfleet.

As long as I have my freedom.

Of course.

Our camp's not far.

Come have a hot meal and collect your reward.

You've earned it.

(Stones rattling)


They're of no use to you.

Oh? And why is that?

You're not an Elf.

I hate to break it to you, Mongrel, but neither are you.


If we don't reach the fort by nightfall, they'll send soldiers after us.

And when they do...

You'll be nothing but ragged flesh and bones.


This is marsh-wolf country.

Once they catch your scent, they'll come running, and they will eat you alive while you watch.

And once they've had their fill of Elf, they'll enjoy Mongrel for dessert.


Let's go!


(horse whinnying)

(birds screeching)

You said we were meeting with the generals.

Father was right.

Sending our army to the Breakline is foolish, but standing by while Demons slaughter our people, it makes us look weak.

What do you suggest?

That I lead a small unit to track the Demons to their source.

Once I establish our enemy's size, we can petition Father for more troops.

No Elf has ever traveled beyond the Breakline's outermost edges.

Without an army, you won't survive.

True, no Elf has.

Which is why I need a guide.

The Gnome, Slanter.

He was born inside the Breakline.

He knows its every peak and valley.

That creature murdered our brother!

Arion, listen to him.

Our niece, Aine's daughter, is out there alone.

Tell me you can sit still while she shoulders that burden.

Tell me and... and I'll walk away.

You plotted this behind my back?

You said you wanted to do something.


This is not what I meant.



(horse whinnying)


Look, you're right, you have no reason to trust me.

But you were chosen just like me.

We may not like it, but we're in this together.

We couldn't be any less together.

How much did he promise you?

Cephalo mentioned a reward. Gold, I'm guessing.

What's your point?

This place is no palace.

Whatever Cephalo's offered you, my grandfather will pay 20 times that.

Cephalo: Ah... just the lovely ladies I was looking for.

(liquid sloshes)


I am almost gonna miss you.

Am I free to go?

I may be a b*st*rd, but I'm a b*st*rd who keeps his word.

What... no hug?

That's okay.


I'm sure you'll be much more accommodating.

Never had Elf before.

Is it true what they say?

You're a pig.



(Amberle whimpering)

Crispin: We need to move.

We'll die out here in the open.

We can't go anywhere until we stop the bleeding.

Your Rover girl's gonna burn for this, boy.


I'll be sure and tell her the next time we hang out.



(distant howling)

man: Where's it coming from?

(laughter and chatter)

I want some more.

Ah, yeah!

I know a brothel owner who pays triple for Elves.

Got a little fight in ya. Good.


(shouting) Help!

Please help me!


Yell all you want, Princess.

It's nothing but music to me.


Thank you.

20 times what Cephalo paid.

That's what you said.

Of course. You have my word.


You thieving little bitch!

Hey, you're the one who taught me the value of a good double-cross.

Horses are outside. Let's go.

You're bringing him with us?

Unless you'd like to do the honors.

If he is with us, he's not hunting us.

Consider him insurance.

You think my men will ever let you walk out of here?

You're right.

It's a good thing I took care of them.

Nothing a little knockout powder can't handle.

Crispin: Stay in formation.

Fill the gaps.

What is that? What are you doing?

Bite down, big guy.

You're gonna feel this.




(growling continues)

I can see it.


Oh, no!

(shrieking and growling)

(blade clangs)

(wolf whimpering)

I leave you alone for a couple of hours and look what happens.

You completely fall apart.

(birds chirping)

Looking good.

What do they feed you boys in the Vale?

Thought you'd be happy to see me.

Just 'cause you did the right thing once in your life doesn't mean I trust you.

You screwed me in the woods when I first met you, and you screwed me at the castle when I knew better.

I'm in no rush to let you do that again.

Well, that's too bad.

You're pretty good in bed.

(distant screaming)

(punches landing)

Amberle: Enough.


(men grunting)

I said, enough!

All due respect, Your Highness, but get out of my way. Now!

I understand you want justice, Captain, but not like this.

Keeping him alive is a mistake.


But if so, it will be my mistake. Now stand down.


We're not done, Rover.

Aye-aye, Captain.

You hear that?


I don't hear anything.


No birds.


Yes, sir.

(horse whinnies)

Take a look up ahead.

Yes, sir.

Anything we should know?

Scouting for tracks.

According to the map, the fort is just beyond these woods.

I don't want any more nasty surprises.

(horse chuffing)


Help! Help!

(loud groaning)

We have to help him!


That area is poison.

We have to stay back.

The wind is changing.

We have to move.

(door slams)



I come in peace, Gnome.

I've been locked up for 10 years.

The only peace I will accept is your father's head on a pike.

I have something better.

This is a key to your shackles.

What is this?

A proposition.

Your help in exchange for your freedom.

You must be desperate to come to me.

The Elves are scared.

We are.

And you should be, too.


The Dagda Mor has returned.

Then we're all undone.

You're sure about this?

There is no certainty with magic... but we are running out of time.

Control your emotions.


I felt her magic calling to me, young one.

What have you done to Amberle?

You cannot save the girl.

The Druid was a fool to send you.






Crispin: 3,000 years have passed, yet humankind's weapons are still claiming lives.

I lost a good man back there, Rover.

Cephalo: Oh, don't worry about it, Captain.

The Elves will get their chance to destroy the world.

Wil: I hate to interrupt, but when the demons show up, there won't be any Elf this, human that.

It'll just be us and them.


We made it!

Where are the guards?

(horn blaring)


Let me guess.

Rin Katsin.


(growling continues)

(thudding footsteps)

(loud growling)

Fall back! Scouts, engage!

Retreat to the woods and stay hidden.

That thing will tear your men apart!


Princess, cut me loose!

Don't listen to him!

Do not do it.

Come on!

(Demon roaring)

Take the Princess to the woods.

Short Tips and I will distract that big b*st*rd with the Stones.

Let's go.

We will?


Fire those Stones up, kid!

They're not working!

Time for Plan B.

Which is?


(Demon roaring)

(Demon growling)

Give me your dagger and your water skin.

What? Why?

So I can stab you in the neck.

Just give 'em to me!

I didn't survive out here all these years without learning a few tricks.

(Demon roaring)


Take this.

He's going after Amberle.

We need to draw it away.

(blade clangs)

Ow! What the hell?

Demons are drawn by blood.

I think.

You think?

(Demon growling)

Wil: Now what?

Now we see how tough this b*st*rd really is.

Come on.


(Demon growling)

Move fast.

Stick to dry land.

Breathe as little as possible.


Let's go.

Get down!


(Demon roaring)


Told you I had a plan.


Having second thoughts, Prince?

And third and fourth ones.

With good reason.

The Breakline is no place for an Elf.

It's no place for anyone as long as Demons inhabit it.

Diana. How did you know that I'd be here?

Because when someone tells you no, you tend to do the opposite.

If you're here to stop me, save your breath.

I have to do this.

What you're doing is treason.

If you have a better idea, I'm all points.

We do. I'm going with you.

The hell you are.

The Chosen died on my watch.

Won't let these creatures take you as well.

Ander: You're okay with this?

No, not at all.

But like you said, we have to do something.

What about Father?

I'll handle Father.

You two just focus on getting back here alive.

Don't worry.

We'll be back before you know it.

(Gnome laughing)

Let's go.


Keep walking.

Eventine: Manx?


Forgive the intrusion, Father.

I couldn't sleep.

Oh, me neither.

I can't find Manx.

I'm worried about him.

We are at war, and you're worried about a hound.

Well, he is loyal to me.

What's the matter, boy?

What's wrong?

I have failed you, Father.

I've let you down.

And I don't know how.

But this rift between us, I... I can't bear it.

Look, you have not let me down.

The world has let me down.

I need you by my side now more than ever.

But not on the throne.

No, not until my work is done.

(blade clangs, groaning)

Well, if you will not give me the throne, then I'll just have to take it.

(loud groan)

Long live the king.