01x08 - Utopia

Wil: Previously on "The Shannara Chronicles"...

You said we'd help them across.

Cephalo: And bring a Demon with them?

The hell with that!

I guess my first owners were pretty eager to unload me.

And who knows about my parents.


Amberle: I've heard of place like this.

Buildings from the age of Man.

This is how we find the Bloodfire.

Your father is dead!




Now you are king.

Let's go!



She's out there alone.

Wil: We'll find her.



My friends will find us.

And you'll be sorry when they do.

Your "friends" took off and didn't look back.


What is this place?

Human settlement.

But how?

This is Troll country.

They'd be slaughtered.


man: Okay, let's go.


(children laughing)

(sheep bleating)

Any interest in these?

Of course.

The maps, this atlas.

All of the books.

What about her?

Trust me.

You don't want this one.

I'm gonna trade her in Grimpen Ward, pay off some debts.

She was after this when I found her.

Seemed pretty important.


I'll take it.

And I want the girl.

Girl's not for sale.

Okay... I changed my mind.

Put it all back.

Tye, we had a deal.

Not anymore.

Not unless... you sell me the girl.

I'm not for sale!

She'll cost you double.



The wound's infected, Tye.

She's worthless if she dies.

Well, then, Frances, let's get her to the infirmary.


What are you doing?

Let me go.

I need to find my friends.

Shh, relax.

It's gonna be okay.

You're in Utopia now.

♪ I feel it runnin' through my veins ♪
♪ I need that fire ♪
♪ Just to know ♪
♪ That I'm awake ♪♪


Amberle, wait up!

Hey, wait!

Last track we picked up was over a mile ago.

Okay, we need to gain some ground before her trail goes cold.

We need to rest.

We need to find Eretria.

Amberle, stop.

She thinks we ran off without her and that she's alone again.

And I'm not gonna let that happen!

Why are you yelling?

I don't know!

You feel guilty.

I get it.

So do I.

But we can't get distracted.

We have a job to do here.

How can you even say that?

You're the one always saying we can't let our feelings get in the way of our mission.

You need to rest, Amberle.

I'll rest after I find Eretria.


Probably Trolls.

Eretria told me to expect traps out here.

(bird squawking)

I will do anything to find her.

But if we want to make it out of these woods alive, we need to be careful.

We rest, then we eat.

And then... then we keep looking.

(door closing)

It's fading.

So fast.


That is why I need to know what you remember.

You were in the presence of a powerful evil, fighting for your life.

That kind of darkness, it can follow you.

I understand your concern, I do, but I'm okay.

Who did that?


Your gift is powerful.

But now that Dagda Mor knows, he will stop at nothing to own your soul.

I was nearly your age when my mentor, Bremen, discovered me.

Alone and afraid... abandoned by my parents.

The Druid trained me in the ways of the Order.

He gave me purpose and control.

And now it is my turn to do the same.

I believe you to be the next Druid, Bandon.

A Druid?

And what if I don't want that?

The choice is no longer yours to make.

Without training, you won't stand a chance of surviving the Darkness that is about to descend.




(floor creaking)


It's actually pretty delicious...

Stop it right there!

Or I will kill you.

A simple "no thanks" would be fine.

You're not a prisoner.

You can leave anytime you want.

But you bought me as a slave.

Okay, I understand how this might be a little confusing for you, but I only bought you to save you.

From the Elf Hunters.

I don't believe you.

I don't blame you.

The world out there is ugly, and trusting someone equals death.

I get it.

My friends'll be looking for me.

We were separated.

Okay, then I'll get a search party together.

Now, I managed to stop the infection, but you lost a lot of blood.

You need to rest, heal.

The Wilderun is no place for you to be running around alone.

I can take care of myself.

I don't doubt that for a second.

But not in your condition.


What are they anyway?

The Sentinels mark the border between the known world and the Wilderun.

The point of no return.

Wow, that's encouraging.

The Elvin Royal Family commissioned them after the first War of the Races.

A "gift" to the Four Lands.

A symbol of our newly born unity.

But now?

Now I know they're more than a border.

They're a warning not to cross the Elves.

Look, the Elves have certainly made mistakes, but what we're doing... this isn't about saving any one race.

This is for every one of us.

And I think we all deserve saving.

I hope you're right.


I want you to know I'm sorry about Pykon.

That I kissed you like that.


I thought you were dead and then you ran in and I was so relieved, it was...


Not Pykon, obviously.

That was... insane.

I mean the kiss.

Because that kiss...

That was nothing to be sorry for.

Wil, It's like you said, we can't let our feelings get in the way.

Just so we're clear... my feelings aren't "in the way."

My feelings for you are what keeps me going.

♪ My love ♪
♪ You know my love ♪
♪ Let it grow ♪
♪ So we can watch it burn ♪
♪ Your love ♪
♪ I know your love ♪
♪ Let it grow ♪
♪ So we can watch it burn ♪
♪ Blue ♪
♪ Blue ♪
♪ Blue ♪
♪ Blue ♪

(thudding in the distance)

(man groaning)



Come on.

Fancy meeting you here.


Elf Hunters, huh?

Do you know anything, or not?

Of course, I do.

If it's Elf Hunters, I know where they trade.

He's lying!

He doesn't know where Eretria is anymore than we do.

We're wasting our time here.

Oh, what?

You're gonna leave me here to be gutted by Trolls?

As a matter of fact, I would.

You deserve to die alone in a cage like the dirty animal you are.



You cut the line at Pykon.

You left us to die!

It looks like you made out okay.

No thanks to you.

Let's go.

Hey, Mongrel, how far you think you're gonna get before some Troll picks up the scent of your pretty princess, huh?

I can smell her sweetness from here.


Hey, hey!


Do it!

It beats getting eaten by Trolls.

Come on!

Or let me loose and I'll take you straight to Eretria.

Do you swear you know where she is?

Cross my cold, black heart.

And I always keep my word.

You can't be serious?

You think this is some coincidence?

He's probably been tracking us for hours.

About a day now.

Can you really blame me?

After seeing what those Elfstones of yours can do?

If we set him free, then we deserve whatever it is he does to us.

Wil, if you have a better idea, short of us wandering through Troll territory all night, I'm all ears.

She certainly is.

Clearly we can't trust him.

But with someone who actually knows these woods, we actually stand a chance of finding Eretria.

We were taught Humans were warmongers, intent on destroying the world.

But Human-kind was more than that.

It was curious and compassionate, brilliant even.

I mean, we built great glass cites and machines that allowed us to travel to the stars.

Sounds like a bedtime story.

No, that is what the Elves want us to believe.

What you see here is the first of many colonies, Human colonies, all coming together to usher in a new era of man.

Human, Troll, Elf, Gnome.

They're all animals.

And reading books and baking pies isn't gonna keep anyone safe.

Yeah, you're right.

Follow me.

So, when we settled here, we were overrun by Trolls.

We lost half our people in the first night.

Women, children.

It was a bloodletting.

Then why stay?

I was tired of running.

And I saw a future here.

One that could be negotiated.

With the Trolls?

Well, our truce is tentative at best.

Keeping us alive requires more than just... hope.

What is it?

They called it a gun.

I bought a couple off an old tracker.

Cost me an entire harvest of corn.

(gun cocking)

It was worth every kernel.


Now, pull that hammer back, focus on the little line.

Point it straight at the target and, uh... squeeze.

Well... if I had ten of you around, those Trolls would not stand a chance.

Cross us again... and I'll gut you like the pig that you are.

Looks like we have a deal.

What's so special about this map?

Apparently, the key to saving the world from Demons lies there, in Safehold.

Look, I know it sounds crazy but if you'd seen half of what I've seen, you'd believe me.

It doesn't sound crazy.

No more than man landing on the moon.

Like that really happened.

Look, all I wanted was my life to be my own.

To be free.

Turns out "fate" has a twisted sense of humor.

I need to find my friends.

And when I do, we need to get to Safehold.

Well, I've sent trackers to the Old World.

And this, uh, map of yours?

I've lost three men in that same spot.

Only one ever made it back.

Hebel... and he's never been the same.

The man with the melted face?

Yeah, we met.

Look, I don't know what's ahead, but I know I need to get there.

Well, then you should go.

But before you do...

I want you to see something.


Your Highness.

You're drunk.

So you are magic.

Your Highness...

No, don't call me that.

This is not my path.

Never was.

I didn't want it then and I don't want it now.

You are the heir.

You must...

Abdicate the throne to Kael and the Council tonight at the eulogy.

I strongly advise against it.


Counselor Kael battled fearlessly alongside my father in the last war.

She's far better suited for what lies ahead than I.

Kael Pindanon hid behind the walls of Arborlon, trembling with fear as your father fought alongside Shea Ohmsford.

They defeated the Warlock Lord.

Them and them alone!

Oh, good.

Yet another story I can never hope to live up to.

Is this what you want?

To be known as the drunken fool who forfeited the crown.

It's what's best for Arborlon.

(chalice clattering)

You can walk away from your duty if you wish, but do not pretend that it's noble or brave.


(distant chattering)

This is where they brought Eretria?

All right, let's get her.

Easy, tough guy.

What? This place?

I've done business with these people and something's not quiet right.

Then what exactly is our plan?

Your big plan isn't exactly my problem.

Shocking turn of events.

Oh, Wil, come on.

Don't forget to hide your ears.

Wait, you're leaving us?


What is this, a party?

Yeah, and I want you to do the honors.

I don't understand.

Oh, you will in a second.

Go ahead, pull it down.

(all cheering)

What's going on?

Surprise isn't over yet.


We need to find someone else.

But, Tye, it's tonight, we...

We need to find someone else.


A toast!

To the incredible progress we've made here...

woman: Here, here!

...sown with our own hands and hearts, working side by side in pursuit of a better future for Humans.

(all cheering)

We should be proud of what we've done here.

Especially... this exceptional apple brandy!

(crowd chuckling)

Now tonight there will be music.

And dancing.

And more if you're lucky.

(crowd chuckling)

But first... a brief glimpse at our future.

Something to inspire us all.

It is a vision of the life we will build together.

Of the life our ancestors had before the War.

all: Yeah!

Sit down.

If you are referring to...

man: Boo, Elf!

You are correct.

The Kolinahr is also a discipline you broke... to join us.

On Vulcan I began sensing a consciousness...

So what do you think?

It's magic.


It's Man.

I believe it made...


(all cheering)

(dance music blaring)

(door opening)

Stop right there!

What's your business here?

We're Elf Hunters.

We heard we might be able to trade here.

Then I'm afraid we have quite a situation, don't we?

Just look at those rags.

You can't wear those to a party.


Find yourselves something fun to wear and join the party, okay?


Come on, let's get dressed.

Wil, your Elfstones pouch, it's gone.

I know. Cephalo stole it.

Come on, we don't have that much time.

Like taking candy from a baby.


Sleep tight, sweetie.

(muffled shouting)

(dance music blaring)

Let's split up and look for her.

We'll meet back at the tree line.

Have your scouts returned?

I'm sorry?

Your scouts, have they found my friends?

Not yet.

Is it possible your friends kept moving?

Headed to this Safehold without you?


You can tell me to mind my own business but... can you explain why you're doing this?

You'll laugh.

I won't.

It's my destiny.

Well, your "destiny" sounds a lot like slavery to me, Eretria.

Your friends want you on their quest.

I want you here.

But all that matters...

What is it you want?

What's wrong?


It's just that nobody's ever asked me that before.

Well... then you should ask yourself.

Or... you could just dance with me.

♪ This ain't a safe ride home ♪
♪ Not for a girl of your kind ♪
♪ It ain't a place I'd go... ♪

Hey, watch yourself!


Like I said, if he's not done with that Rover bitch by sunrise, then I'll kill her myself.


♪ The city lights fall on our face ♪


What's the problem, Frances?


I'll be right back.

Don't go anywhere.

♪ I can't protect us from our fate ♪♪


What are you doing here?

We came to rescue you.

But from the look of things, it doesn't appear you need saving.

You're right, I don't.

I'm okay.

So you decided to go dancing?


Did you forget what we're supposed to be doing?


How could I forget?

You and Amberle have been telling me what to do ever since we left Arborlon.

Maybe I'm done with that.


Yeah, I want to lead my own life.

You won't have a life if we don't get to Safehold.

None of us will.

What's wrong with you?

With me?

Oh, thank goodness.

Okay, we need to get out of here now.

She's right.

She's always right, isn't she?

What's going on?

Well, when it comes to this quest, you two have made your choice.

But I didn't.

I've done my part.

Now I'm staying here.

With my own kind.

Then I'm staying, too.



I'm not leaving here without Eretria.

Look, the Ellcrys revealed you to me.

Okay, you're part of this, part of us.

You're confused, Princess.

I was in this just to earn some coin.

No, you weren't. Eretria...

You came here for the map.

Not for me.

What map?

The map to Safehold.

Now, why don't you fill your boyfriend in while I go get the map?

I'll meet you outside in five minutes.

And if we refuse to leave?

Then I'll tell every Human in here about you.

And your pointy ears.

(dance music blaring)

You didn't tell me about a map.

I'm sorry.

In all the insanity, I must have forgot.

Is that why you were so desperate to find her?

Because of this map?

What? No!

Are you sure?

How can you say that?

What kind of heartless monster do you think I am?

To us.

To Humans.



You must be Eretria's friends.

It is said that a warrior who dies fearlessly in battle will reap many rewards in the afterlife.

If that is true... then my father and brother will stand tall before the Holy Mountain... the richest of men.

And it is time for me to make a sacrifice in their honor.

One that I've discussed with Counselor Kael.

I will give...



I will give my solemn vow... to battle bravely in the name of the Four Lands.

The Demons are coming for us.

And we will not back down.

I will fight with you and beside you... as your king!

All hail the king.

all: All hail the king!

All hail the king.

man: Eretria.

How do you know my name?

Your friends are in danger.

What do you know about my friends?

Don't trust him.

Who? Tye?


Let me go, you...

Your body is the vessel, your blood is the key.

Don't let them leave without you.

I was looking for you.

I said to wait in the barn... with the others.

You did?

Okay, you caught me.

I thought maybe we could finish what we started.

You sure that's what you want?



(gun cocking)

Have you done something to my friends?

Utopia's peace has its price.

The Trolls demand a toll each month.

And your friends?

They're going to pay it... so you don't have to.

So you weren't saving me.

You were going to... what?

Sacrifice me to some damn Troll?

No, that was before I knew you.

Well, in that case...

You belong here, Eretria.

With us.

I'll take my chances with the Trolls.

I can take you to your friends.

Thanks, but... (groaning) ...I'll find them myself.

You can't leave us out here.

Shut it, Elf.

(howling in the distance)

They're coming.

Who's coming?

The Trolls, Princess.

I told you there was something not right about these people, didn't I?

Never thought I'd end up as dinner.

We're being fed to the Trolls?

And now he's up to speed.

I got a proposal for you, Blondie.

In exchange for my freedom.

And what exactly is that?

I'm talking about Elfstones, the most powerful magic in all the Four Lands, the last hope for the Elvin race.

And they could be yours.

I got 'em right in my pocket.

With these, you could get rid of the Elves, once and for all.


Nice try.


Look, the kid must still have 'em.

He switched them on me!

I swear, Check his pockets.

I swear!

Have a nice life, Rover.

Well, for the next 20 seconds anyway.

Let's go.

(growling approaching)

Well, here's a thought... since you've still got the real Elfstones on you, why don't you whip 'em out and show us what you've got before that pack of Trolls rolls in and sucks the meat off our bones!

Even if I could reach them, they only work on one thing...


Would it really hurt to try?

(growling intensifying)



I'm trying. I just...

(groaning) I can't reach the Stones!



No, no, no, no!

(gunshot firing)


I'm sorry for what I said.

I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

(clearing throat)

Sorry to spoil the moment, but a little help here?

Oh, no, no, no!

Do you realize what you've done?

Tye, please...

You've doomed us all!

(gunshots firing)


Amberle: Wil!

Hey, give me that thing and I'll hold them off while you guys make a run for it.

Seriously, do you think I'm that stupid?

Kid... just you can trust me.


I've got nothing to lose.

This whole time... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I cut the line at Pykon.

I'm sorry for all of it.

You're the best thing I ever did.

Let me make up for it.

Come on.


Amberle: Wil, come on.

Go... go make me proud, kid.

Go save the world.

(trigger clicking)




(trigger clicking)

Tye, what are you doing?!








Now what?

Now we find Safehold.