01x09 - Safehold

Previously on The Shannara Chronicles...

Eventine: The Ellcrys will bear a seed that must be carried to a place called Safehold.

Allanon: In order to confront its power, you must learn to control your own.

Dagda Mor: The Druid was a fool to send you.



That's the window from the vision.

This is how we find the Bloodfire.

Are you sure?



Your body is the vessel.

Your blood is the key.

Don't let them leave without you.


Proposition... your help in exchange for your freedom.

That mark, what does it mean?

I don't know, I've always had it.

Arion, my father, all gone.

Allanon: And now you are King.

crowd: All hail the King.

Now what?

Now we find Safehold.

There has to be another way across.

What about that?

The yellow line.

Do you see another path?

The bridge was it.

Well, I hope you're a swimmer.

We're not going across.

We're going under.

There's a tunnel.

It's almost dusk.

We go in there now, we're spending the night.

If there are trolls down there...

Would you rather sleep out here in the open?

That tunnel could be flooded.

Eretria: "Safehold."

We made it.

All right, let's go.


She's alive.

Amberle's alive.

So what did you see?

I don't know.

I saw ruins.

Like an ancient city.

Man-made, not Elvin.

I didn't recognize it.

Was there anything else?


I'm trying.

There was water.

Ocean or river?

I don't know.

I need a break.

No, the Ellcrys is almost bare.

If the last leaf falls...

I know what happens!

If you think I am pushing you, it's because I am trying to prepare you for what is to come.

You must fortify yourself against the Dagda Mor.

You're pushing to see if I snap.

It's not fun... having your mind read, is it?

Your power may be growing, but be careful how you use it.

And with whom.

♪ I feel it running through my veins ♪
♪ And I need that fire ♪
♪ Just to know that I'm awake ♪♪

It all looks the same.

What do you think?

I'll head down here.

You guys check that way.

Double back in five minutes?


If you run into a Troll, go for its eyes.

It's their weak spot.


I should go with you.

I'll be fine.

Elfstones won't work against Trolls anyway.

And killing them isn't exactly your strong suit.

I think I liked it better when you two weren't friends.

Five minutes, not a second later.

You said you were stepping down.

You made a fool of me.

You need to understand, Councilwoman.

I have seen the evil that's coming.

If we hope to survive, I need you at my side.

Your influence over the council would bring unity when we need it most.

Your king needs you, Kael.

You're no king.

You're what's left.

That went well.

What did you expect?

Well, I was hoping she'd be reasonable.

She believes her cause to be just.

But like all leaders, her judgment is clouded by ambition.

Sounds like I should be worried.

The wiser king always is.

(distant grunting)


Hey, I said some things back at Utopia.

I was upset, and I'm sorry about Tye, about all of it.

Don't be.

I was a fool.

No, you weren't.

It's okay to want to belong.

I've spent my whole life as an outcast.

I know how it feels.

I just wanted to believe that there was a place for me.

But Tye turned out to be a liar.

And Cephalo, he saved me.

The guy I spent my entire life running away from.

It doesn't make any sense.

When I was a kid, my dad would come home from the tavern drunk.

My mom wouldn't let him in.

He'd just sit outside, yelling and banging on the door until he passed out.

I was embarrassed of him.

Then I find out he's this hero.

That he destroyed himself with magic to save us all.

Point is, people are complicated.

You can't beat yourself up over it.

But at least you know the truth now.

You know where you come from.

All I have are questions.

Guys, you gotta see this.


They're asleep.

No way.

Is that...

My tattoo.

What's your tattoo doing on a wall beneath the ruins of a human city?

That tunnel must lead to the Bloodfire.

I agree.

It... it can't be a coincidence.

Maybe you guys didn't notice, but there are three heavily-armed trolls in that room... how are we supposed to get past them?

We've fought worse.


Maybe there's another way.




If the Gnome's letter is true, it could turn the tide of war.

Have you told the Council?

No one knows but the two of you.

Unless I can prove an alliance with the Gnomes, the Council won't trust me.

We must tread carefully.

There are forces aligning against the king.

Kael intends to take the throne.

Well, if Kael's on the move, we need to stop talking and take her out, to protect Ander.

Wouldn't do any good.

Kael is a symptom.

The disease is a lack of confidence.

Until I can prove myself worthy of the throne, the Council won't let me sit on it.

Are you suggesting we let a coup happen?

Kael Pindanon would not dare harm the son of King Eventine.

How do you know that?

Because there is still honor within these walls.

This letter bears my seal.

I need you to deliver it to bring back the support I need to win over the Council.

I'm not leaving you.

This is my best chance to gain the Council's trust.

They need to see me as a leader.

Diana, please.

You're the only one I can count on.

Take it to Slanter.

This is it.


They've been at it for hours.

Hope they can still hold their swords when the real fighting begins.

This is nothing, you should try spending a whole day with the Druid.

Keep your shield hand high.

You'll absorb the impact with your whole body.

Our enemy is aggressive.

Utterly lacking in fear.

They will attack with ferocity, but they will be reckless.

We must be the opposite.

Help me demonstrate.


I'm not much of a fighter.

We're all fighters in this war.

Dagda Mor: Show him your power.

Do it.

Be patient.

Wait for an opening.

You are strong.

Take your chance.

He is weak.

He's weak.

You're stronger than you look.

He's no king.

Kill him now...

Finish him!

Slit his throat!

Kill him.

Do it.

Kill him.


man: Protect the king!

man: Restrain him!

Put down the sword.

Dagda Mor: No...

man:... all right?


man: Hold him.

What did you see?

I don't know.

I'm... I'm not sure.

The boy is not himself.

Let me speak with him.

See that you do.

Release him.

Amberle: Looks like someone was just here.

Wil: What is this place?

I feel like I've been here before.

How could that be?

I can't explain it.

What is "Filii" and "Apocalypsi"?

No idea.

Eretria, do you recognize this language?

(fading) Eretria?

Your body is the vessel.

Your blood is the key.


You okay?

I think so.


I heard a voice.

It said my blood is the key.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

But I saw a place... like a temple.

And that symbol was there.

And the light, bright, like the sun.

Eretria, you saw the Bloodfire.

Sounds exactly like what I saw in my vision.


I know how to get to the Bloodfire.

We're close. How do you know that?

And what happened to you back there?

I don't know how to explain it.

It's like I can feel the map in my blood.

Like it's a part of me.

That's the reason you were in my vision.

Why the Ellcrys wanted you here.

I thought it was to make sure you didn't get yourself killed.

But sure, why not?

So is this what it feels like when you use your Elfstones?

What do you mean?

I feel invincible.

I usually feel like I've been set on fire or beaten with a shovel, so... no.

This should be it.

Nothing ominous about that.

I feel like a pawn in a game I don't understand.

Ever since I woke up, it's like I can... feel him.


The Dagda Mor.

Its like he's inside my head.

Making me do things.

Whatever that thing wants, you'll fight it, okay?

And you'll win.

What about what I want?

What do you want?


What is it? What's wrong?

Ugh... uh, nothing.

Nothing, I just...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm just...

I'm just exhausted.

Maybe you should get some rest.

You're not getting away that easy.

You're not getting away at all.


Bandon... you're hurting me...

Bandon, stop...



Amberle: We made it.

Okay... so where is the Bloodfire?

It's here... I can feel it.

In my vision, you guys were standing beneath the window.

Wil on the left.

Wil: And... nothing.

I take that back.

Wil: I guess this means we're in the right place.

Now what?

I don't know.

But we need to figure it out.

voices: No one enters, no one leaves...

Amberle: Wait, do you hear that?


No one enters.

No one leaves.

Eretria: Who are you?

both: Guardians of the Bloodfire.

Who among you dares to seek...

both: ...the Bloodfire?

I do.

Amberle Elessedil of Arborlon.




The Fire has power beyond your wildest imagining.

Death comes to those unfit to bathe in its essence.

both: What makes you think you're worthy?

I was chosen.

Wil: What are they telling you?

You look scared, Princess.

Is it because you fear the Fire?

Or because the Halfling still smells of her bed?

Can you feel it?

Yes, a strong magic...

For such weak shoulders.

You can't protect her, Halfling.

You can't protect yourself.

Your mother.


Your father.


Your heart.


No, they're trying to confuse us.

Turn us against each other...

Half-Human, half-Elf.

Which one will it be?

If we place more company to the north...

What is this?

I didn't call a meeting.

Nothing you need worry about.

I know what you're doing.

And you won't get away with it.

It's already been done.

Without Commander Tilton in court, the Blackwatch have fallen in line.

I have assurances the Council will ratify my ascension by nightfall.

What you're doing is treason.

Take him.


Show yourself!

That's far enough, Commander.

How did you know where to find us?

The King sent me.

What does Eventine know of our plans?

Eventine's dead.

Arion too.

King Ander sent me to deliver this to you.

He's assumed the throne.

Not for long, it seems.

I've convinced the other tribes to fight the Demons.

I wasn't expecting an Elvin civil war.

No one was.

Now... will you help us?

The Princess saves the world.

The Princess gets the boy.

The Princess gets everything.

Happily ever after!

They don't trust you.

They pity you.

Like a stray dog.

All alone and... Unwanted.

You don't get to have it all.


What are you doing?

Put the knife down.

Don't let them get to you.

I gave up my freedom.


You haven't given up anything.

All you do is take.

You lie, and you steal, and you bat your lashes, and you suck the world dry.

Stop it, don't you see what's happening?

They're messing with your minds.

You spoiled bitch.

You'd be dead if it wasn't for me!

And you'd be rotting in the bowels of a Fury!

No! No!


Eretria, I'm sorry.

Now you know the truth.

It's you or them.

both: Make your choice.

Eretria. Your hand.

What's happening to me?

She is a child...

Of the Armageddon.

My body is the vessel...

My blood is the key.



Bandon: Where is Catania?

She is safe.

And that is all you need to know.

You took her away.


If you truly care for her, you must let her go.

Dagda Mor: He's lying to you.


You had no right!

The Dagda Mor will exploit any weakness, and your feelings for the girl have made you vulnerable.



I can fight him.

Kill him.

He's lying to you.

You must fortify yourself.


Fortify yourself.


You talk about my gift.

You tell me I'm important, and then you use me and toss me aside.

You sent me to that thing.

To my imprisonment.

Demons may have killed my family, but you... you have taken everything else.

Everything I have done, I have done for the safety of the Four Lands... and to protect you.

You're nothing but an outcast from an Order of dead men.

Maybe it's time you joined them.

This is not you, Bandon.

No, Allanon, this is me.

Stronger than anyone could ever imagine.

Stronger than you, even.


I am sorry.

For everything I have done.

And all that is yet to come.

Who's there?

Thank you.

I'm sorry about your kin.

But I believe you are the ruler the Four Lands needs.

I hope you're right. How many are with you?


In the caves beyond the city.

It's quite a sight.

My men await your orders.


We move tonight.

Gather your men.

It's the Bloodfire.

I need to get inside!

We will not let you steal the power of the Bloodfire!

She's the one!

Kill the bearer of the seed!

Run for the flame. I'll cover you.

Now go!

witch: Don't let her get away!

Hey! Hey! Crazy ladies!

Wil screaming:


Wil: Now go! Go!



Wil: Amberle!

We must fortify the palace and prepare for a siege.

And the Sanctuary?

The Ellcrys is beyond saving.

Ander: You're wrong.

The Ellcrys is this city's only chance.

soldier: What are those creatures doing here?

The Gnomes come in peace, to fight the Demons as our allies.

They've pledged an oath to the King.

The true King.

The Gnomes are not our enemy.

The Dagda Mor is.

And he will not cease until every race of the Four Lands is destroyed.

We don't need to face this alone.

With the Gnomes' help, we can protect the Sanctuary until Amberle returns...

Madness! The Princess is likely dead already.

She lives.

And when she returns with the seed, we shall restore the Forbidding.

That is the only way to win this war.

Forgive us, Your Grace.

all: Forgive us, Your Grace.

soldier: All hail, King Ander.

all: All hail, King Ander.

If we fall, we fall together.



Eretria, we have to get her out of there!


Come on.

Hey, come on.

Hey, wake up.