01x11 - Blood Calls to Blood

Previously on Shadowhunters...

The other dimension. Is it like this one?

Meliorn: It is an alternate timeline, in a sense.

Just shut up and kiss me.

Lydia: Isabelle Lightwood, by order of the Clave, you are under arrest for high treason.

If she is convicted, she'll be stripped of her runes and banished.

[Jace groans]


Izzy: Are you and Jace okay?

Alec: No. Our parabatai bond, it's so weak.

Clary: Did Meliorn lie to us? He said that that Portal would take us to my father.

[both gasp]

[metal clanging]

Clary: Jace, how do you know this man?

He's my father.
(Clary and Jace are standing in Valentine's lair and in front of them, the doors to a metal closet are open and Michael Wayland sits on the ground. He slowly stands up.

Jace: Dad?

Michael: Son.

(Michael hugs Jace tightly.)

Michael: Oh, Jace. I can't believe it. (He pulls back just far enough to look Jace over) Son, you're hurt. How did you find me?

Jace: (Very confused and out of it due to his injury) You're dead. Valentine killed you. Valentine's... Valentine's here.

Michael: No, Jace. It's me. (Without letting go of Jace, he looks over at Clary) I'm Michael Wayland. I'm Jace's father. Look, I know what Jace told you, but I've been here for ten years. Valentine took off and left me.

Clary: And Jocelyn Fairchild?

Michael: He took her with him. You are?

Clary: I'm Clary, her daughter. Meliorn, the Seelie, told me that he was here with her.

(Jace suddenly starts to collapse, but Michael holds him up)

Clary: Jace, no!

(Jace grunts)

Clary: It's Ravener venom. He kept telling me he was all right.

Jace: (Panting and breathing heavily.) We have to find your father, not my father. Valentine's...

Michael: His stele. Where is it? (Feeling around Jace's pockets)

(Michael grabs the tarot card of the Mortal Cup from Jace's jacket, and Clary quickly snatches it from him.)

Clary: Back pocket.

Michael: Back pocket.

Clary: Get it.

(They adjust him in their arms so that Michael can get the stele. Once it's in his hand, he uses it on Jace's Iratze rune, causing Jace to grunt in pain.)

Clary: What's wrong?

Michael: The rune is weak.

Clary: Ravener venom must be spreading. We have to get him help. We... We closed the Portal.

Michael: Valentine's got a standing Portal. Let's go.

(Michael and Clary begin leading Jace from the room)

Michael: Hey, Jace, stay with me. Hey. Do you remember our first demon fight? We were way out past the Institute, way up at Kinshasa. You were only eight, but you were so brave. Do you remember what you said?

(They stop walking)

Jace: (Breathing heavily) "I'm ready to die."

Michael: And then I said, "Sometimes it's as brave to live as it is to die." Do you remember?

Jace: (Nodding) I do. (Breathing heavily) It's true. It's you.

Michael: Let's go.

Alec: All I know is, we gotta get you out of here. All right, who do we know in Idris?

Izzy: The only people who care are Mom and Dad. But they're under suspicion themselves.

Alec: Uh, what about Lydia?

Izzy: Lydia?

Alec: Yeah.

Izzy: Why do you keep going there? She is prosecuting me. You said she had no choice.

Alec: She doesn't.

Izzy: Everyone has a choice, Alec. I made mine. Let me just get through this without losing my self-respect.

Alec: Look, I know you don't want to believe this, but Lydia said she would help if we can give her a way to do it. Maybe I can get her to delay the trial.

Izzy: (She scoffs) Why? So I can sit here, playing computer solitaire, while they find something else to blame me for? I'm just a scapegoat to the Clave. They want the Cup.

Alec: So let me buy some time to find it. Hey, Jace and Clary...

Izzy: (Cutting him off) Disappeared through a door to God knows where. You said they're lost forever. And so is the Cup.

Alec: What if I was wrong? I can't find Jace because I weakened our bond, but that doesn't mean he can't be found, or that he can't find us. We need more time.

Izzy: You're grasping at straws now?

Alec: Izzy, listen. I'm your big brother. Please, let me help you for once.
(Simon and Luke are sitting at a table inside the Jade wolf. A glass and a plate with meat is in between them.)

Simon: I can't eat this.

Luke: You are in no position to be picky.

Simon: No, I... I can't eat this. I can't eat at all. I can't just go to a restaurant, order food, and just sit there and stare at it.

Luke: You need to learn how to adapt to what's in front of you. On the plate, around the meat, what do you see?

(There's a close up of the very rare piece of meat.)

Simon: Blood. What should I do, lick it up? That would be suave.

(Luke grabs the glass and tips the plate for the blood to drain into the glass. He sets it back in front of Simon.)

Luke: See? You're all set.

Simon: And that move is supposed to help me look normal?

Luke: Yeah, maybe a wine glass would be better.

Simon: Probably.

(The door opens and Simon and Luke look over to see Clary and Michael dragging Jace inside)

Clary: We need help!

Simon: Clary, what happened?

(Simon and Luke walk over to them as Clary and Michael set Jace in one of the booths.)

Clary: We thought we found Valentine, but he was already gone.

Luke: Michael Wayland?

Clary: Valentine took my mother with him, but we found Jace's father.

Simon: What? I thought Valentine killed Jace's father.

Michael: He tried. (Luke comes over to them) Hello, Lucian.

Luke: This can't be. I thought I'd never see you again.

Michael: I never thought I'd see anyone again.

Luke: (He sighs and looks to Clary) What happened?

Clary: Demon got him. He can't fight the poison. His runes are too weak and he needs blood, but we can't go back to the Institute. Simon. (She stands up and rushes over to him. She grabs him by the shoulders) Simon, there's gotta be some kind of blood at Hotel DuMort. Could you call Raphael?

Michael: Can you get some water?

Luke: I'll get some. (He leaves the room)

Simon: Calling won't work. We have to do this in person. My van is in the garage. You drive, I'll hide under a blanket to stay out of the sun, and... there's underground parking in the hotel.

Clary: Okay.

Michael: He's weaker. You gotta hurry.

Clary: (She rushes back over to Jace) Jace, listen to me. I'm coming back. Please, just hang on. Please. Please. (She gives him a kiss on the forehead before getting up to leave)

Jace: Clary?

Clary: Simon, let's go.

Simon: Come on.

(Simon and Clary leave through the back)

Michael: (He puts a wet towel behind Jace's neck) Here you go.

Luke: I thought you were dead. There were rumors that...

Michael: Everybody thought they were true. He tried to kill me, but I survived the attack. I've been a prisoner ever since. (He grabs another wet towel and presses it to Jace's wound, causing him to groan in pain.) I never thought I'd see him again. How did you survive what he did to you?

Luke: Jocelyn pulled me through. You were there. Did he hurt her?

Michael: No, and he won't. We both know that. He'll never stop loving Jocelyn, even if he wanted to. She'll be safe.

[Jace groaning and coughing]

Michael: He's awake.

Luke: Jace, help is coming. We'll talk later. Be with your son.

(Luke leaves and Michael moves to be in front of Jace.)

Michael: Hey, Jace. I'm so sorry.

Jace: Sorry? Why?

Michael: What you saw... What you thought Valentine did to me... it shaped your life. That wasn't the way it was supposed to go.

Jace: (Wheezing) Am I wrong to want to kill him?

Michael: Many have tried.

Jace: I'll succeed. I swear.

(Jace continues breathing heavily until his eyes close and he collapses again)

Clary: Why can't we just take what we need and leave?

Simon: If we were transfusing goat blood, no problem. But human blood, that's against the Accords.

Raphael: I'm surprised you know that much.

Simon: Why do you keep doing that to me?

Raphael: If you worked on controlling your enhanced senses, as you should, you wouldn't be surprised. Clary... you really have to stop barging in here.

Clary: Sorry, Raphael. We need blood.

Raphael: So I've heard. Human blood. Funny how those rules for Downworlders stop being such a big deal when you need our help. [speaking Spanish] No can do.

Simon: Okay, listen. Come on. Last night, I bumped into Bernice.

Raphael: Mmm.

Simon: She overheard a couple of bridge and tunnel vamps gossiping about Camille.

Raphael: You said Camille took a leave of absence, right?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. They didn't care about that. They said she kept around a couple of humans. Apparently, she'd feed on them, but never went all the way. What are they called? Uh, sub... submissives?

Raphael: Keep your voice down. They're called subjugates. Horrible things. Even Camille got sick of them.

Simon: Okay, so, they're gone. But keeping around human beings just to drain at cocktail hour, that's against the Accords. Camille had a taste for the real stuff. I know from experience. She had to have something on ice.

Raphael: I'm sorry. If you want to tattle to the Clave about Camille draining humans, fine. I'm the new administration.

Simon: Yeah. You could probably get over on them with that line, but you weren't exactly an innocent bystander in my case.

Raphael: We agreed not to discuss that.

Simon: Did we? [stammers] Funny, I can't really remember. Hey, did you ever tell the Clave what Camille did to me?

Raphael: You can't. I'd be implicated.

Clary: Then help us. Raphael, Jace will die without it.

Raphael: [scoffs] I can't believe you'd do this to me. Blackmail.

Simon: Save it. You're getting off easy.

[keypad beeping]

Raphael: What's his blood type?

Simon: Go for type O. Universal donor.

[keypad beeps]

[Clary sighs]

Clary: Thank you. Simon, let's go.

Raphael: Yeah, not so fast. I like the way you handled yourself in this negotiation. Stick around.

Simon: I'm ambassador to the werewolves. It's very time-consuming.

Raphael: Let me take that burden off of your shoulders. As of now, you've been recalled. You're advisor to the interim chapter president.


Raphael: Don't complain. My new advisor has to stay here.

Simon: It's okay. Just go. Really.

Clary: Thank you.


Clary: Both of you.
Lydia: The message said, "Have everything ready. The trial will begin immediately." She's on her way.

Alec: Yeah, but that doesn't make any sense. Why rush this? We both know that Clary and Jace are still out there.

Lydia: Clary and Jace aren't on trial for high treason.

Alec: Oh, come on. We both know there's nothing solid to pin on Isabelle. If we just delay this for a couple of weeks, it...

Inquisitor Herondale: Guards, at ease. Excuse us. I understand you've cooked up some kind of a marriage with... I can't imagine what's in your mind.

Lydia: It's a suitable marriage for both of us.

Inquisitor Herondale: Well, I won't dispute that right now. As long as it doesn't interfere with your case against his sister.

Lydia: You have my assurance.

Inquisitor Herondale: I need your word, Branwell, not flaccid reassurance. What we are seeing is the same pattern Valentine showed before the Uprising. Bending of the Law, wanton defiance of Clave order.

Lydia: Ma'am, I don't honestly believe Valentine was involved in the Seelie escape.

Inquisitor Herondale: Spare me your honest belief. Everything's out of control. We were fools to believe Valentine was dead. Now his daughter has the Cup, and he's out there somewhere. I won't have it.

Lydia: I'm sorry, Inquisitor.

Inquisitor Herondale: Why are you sorry? You didn't steal the Cup. Just do your job. Be efficient, be competent, be useful to the Clave. We'll begin this evening.
(Clary is leaning against one of the tables in the dining area of the Jade wolf. Michael comes through the door to the back, and Clary immediately stands up to meet him halfway.)

Michael: The transfusion helped. He's much better. He's gonna wanna see you. (Clary begins to walk past him) But, uh, can I, um, talk to you for a minute?

(She stops and turns back to him.)

Clary: Of course.

(Michael sighs and sits down in one of the booths next to them)

Michael: I'm... I feel as if I know you. You're so much like your mother. (He chuckles) You're fearless, and loving, and you got a mind of your own. (Gesturing to the seat across from him) A little stubborn, perhaps?

Clary: I should probably work on that. (She walks to stand behind the chair, but still doesn't sit down.)

Michael: Maybe not. It served Jocelyn well. She hid you from Valentine long enough for you to grow up without him poisoning your mind.

Clary: It was complicated... the way I grew up. But I know she loved me, whatever else.

Michael: There was no whatever else for her. I knew she was carrying you when she fled from Valentine. But I never told him... no matter how much he tormented me.

Clary: (She looks confused and finally sits down across from him.) Valentine thought my mother was dead. Why would he ask about her?

Michael: Because he never gave up hope. Would it help if you knew how much he loved her? And he would have loved you too. He's fierce in his love.

Clary: Because he was so twisted. He's a mass murderer. And... (She inhales deeply) now he has her somewhere.

Michael: Clary, I swear, I will help you find your mother. I saw and heard a great deal while I was a prisoner. Maybe that's my destiny. To bring your family and mine together. Go see Jace.

(She quickly leaves the table and walks into the back. Jace is lying on a couch twirling his stele in his fingers.)

Clary: Hey.

Jace: Hey.

(Clary sets her jacket and bag down on a chair and leans against the back of another one next to him)

Clary: You're looking much better.

Jace: Yeah, uh... fresh blood. (He shows her the gauze on his arm covering where they did the transfusion and rips it off.) These vamps may be on to something.

Clary: I, uh... I just talked to your father.

Jace: Yeah?

Clary: Yeah, uh... Something's... (She inhales deeply and shakes her head as she walks around to sit on the chair she's leaning against) I don't know, it's hard to explain. Do you remember that story you once told me about the boy who trained the falcon with kindness? That was you, wasn't it? He broke your falcon's neck.

Jace: I ruined it. It wanted to be fed. It wouldn't hunt.

Clary: But he must have known it would hurt you. He's so loving now. Why would he do that?

Jace: We're not mundanes, Clary. He had a lesson to teach me. That's how it's done.

Clary: Maybe I'm just jealous.(She sighs)

Jace: And I know this doesn't help, but I wish we found Jocelyn, too.

Clary: Yeah, well, maybe finding your father will help lead us to Valentine. Meliorn said so. Seelies can't lie.

Jace: Yeah. And they take tangled paths wherever they go.

Clary: (Chuckles) Although I think it's because they see more that way. When we were on our journey, I, uh... found something I didn't even know I was looking for.

Jace: (Throws the blanket off of himself and sits up to be eye to eye with her) Tell me.

Clary: Do you remember the other dimension? I, uh... We said things... Felt things... Was that me? Was it... was it you? Was it... was it even real?

Jace: (He brushes some of her hair behind her ear and cups her cheek) This is real, Clary. This is you... and me.

Clary: Here and now.

(They kiss passionately.)

♪ ...of the sunrise ♪
♪ When you leave me behind ♪
♪ I felt your hands in my hair ♪
♪ I felt your breath on my neck ♪
♪ Yeah, I need to feel you again ♪

(Clary, Jace, Luke, and Michael are all sitting at a table in the Jade Wolf.)

Clary: But why would Valentine tell a prisoner what he was planning to do?

Michael: He didn't. Well, not directly. But he gave me a way to learn all about his plans.

Jace: How do you mean?

Michael: He injected me with Downworlder blood. The pain was excruciating. Sometimes I was sick for days. But it's not often you got a Shadowhunter to experiment on. So I guess that's why he always stopped short of killing me. But, little by little... I developed enhanced hearing and vision.

(The scene shifts to a flashback. The scene shows us the cabinet where Clary and Jace found Michael trapped in before shifting to a viewpoint from behind the grated window of it. We see Valentine speaking to one of the circle members.)

Valentine: If the Seelie scouts were able to find us here, it's only a matter of time before more dangerous enemies turn up. So we need to make a move against the New York Institute now. See, I don't need more than one Forsaken to breach the wards.

Circle Member: The Clave will throw everything it has at you.

Valentine: So I need a base of operation closer to the Institute. They will look everywhere except right under their noses.

Circle Member: What about Renwick's?

(The scene comes back to present time with the group sitting around the table.)

Clary: Who's Renwick?

Luke: It's not a who. It's a where. It's a deserted smallpox hospital on one of the islands of the East River.

Clary: [sighs] Under our noses is right. And we can't track over water.

Michael: He left me to die in that cage.

Luke: Valentine never wasted time on compassion.

Jace: He won't get any from me when the time comes.

(Jace stands up, getting ready to leave.)

Michael: Before it does, you need a strategy. Waiting a day could mean the difference between failure and success.

Jace: Okay. Clary and I will scout Renwick's tonight.

Clary: Jace, don't. Your runes are still weak. Luke and I will go. Just take this extra time to rest and...

Jace: I'll be fine, Clary.

Clary: Jace, please.

Jace: [sighs] Don't let her get you into trouble.


Izzy: You know what? I'd rather be stripped of my runes and sent into exile... than be part of this world. What kind of people sacrifice justice for law?

Alec: That's very noble, Izzy. But the high road's not gonna look so great when you're running for your life from a pack of demons with no Shadowhunter powers to protect you.

Izzy: Jocelyn lived as a mundane.

Alec: You know Jocelyn had her runes and her weapons. You think the demons won't find you? [sighs] You haven't exactly kept a low profile. You can't just let them convict you. You need an advocate.

Magnus: [sighs] Tired of bickering over the guest list for your wedding?

Alec: I need to ask you something.

Magnus: Hmm. Will it take long? I have a life to live, and there's not much for us to talk about.

Alec: It's not about me, or... any of that. This is about my sister.

Magnus: Oh, I see. Are you referring to the fact that your adorable fiancee has Isabelle on trial for treason? [sighs] What can I do for you, Alec?

Alec: My sister wants you to be her defense attorney. I said I would ask. But I'm sorry to bother you. I know... a Downworlder can't defend a Shadowhunter in court.

Magnus: But a Shadowhunter accused of a crime can choose any advocate.

Alec: That can't mean a Downworlder.

Magnus: The Clave was so rigid and prejudiced back in what they call the Time of Angels that they didn't dream of a Shadowhunter asking a Downworlder for help. They didn't even bother to exclude us. So, since, as you all say... [mimicking elderly man] "the Law is the Law..." there's no stopping me from slipping through this gaping loophole. For the right price.

Alec: Name it.

Magnus: You. In fact, I'll do you pro bono.

Alec: Anything else?


Magnus: What else is important to you? What else tells me that your sister means enough for you to make a real sacrifice? Oh... I know. Your bow and quiver. How about that?


Alec: Done.


What Jace's father said about you turning into a werewolf?

You told me that's what Valentine said when it happened.

It was common sentiment then.

Something's not adding up, Luke.

How did you know Michael was dead?


When the Lightwoods took Jace into the New York Institute, we thought Michael got hit.


There were a lot of Circle members who were trying to avenge Valentine back then.

Was that 19 years ago?

It was 20. Why?


Luke, look.

[faint demons snarling]

Michael: Ahh! Come on! Again.



[Jace grunts]

Come on!

Michael: Something's wrong. Us Shadowhunters mend quickly, but after all my time in prison, I shouldn't be able to get a shot in on you. You're still weak.

Jace: It's my bond with Alec Lightwood. He purposefully weakened it trying to find me... and Clary.

Michael: Clary.


Jace: What do you mean, "Clary"?

Michael: You were with Clary instead of Alec. If he was so desperate he weakened the bond to find you, you were hiding from him. How does that happen?

Jace: Clary has the Mortal Cup. The Clave wants it. Alec sided with the Clave. We can't trust the Clave.

Michael: And you don't trust Alec? So Clary means more to you.

Jace: No, I do. I trust him. This is different.

Michael: It should be. But I've been watching you. When she suggested that she and Luke go to scout Renwick's...

Jace: Well, she was right. You said so yourself, I needed to train.

Michael: Nothing would have stopped the Jace I know from going on a mission, even as a child. I see how attached you are to her, but this kind of thing... doesn't always make you stronger.

Jace: Shadowhunters have relationships.

Michael: Yes, of course. When we find someone, it's for life. But we're also warriors, born to serve. And some of us are meant to render greater services than others. I thought you were one of those. Getting involved too deeply with any woman will only weaken your resolve.

Jace: So you're saying I can't be with Clary?

Michael: I'm saying it wasn't what I expected of you. But seeing you two... [sighs] What kind of father would deprive his son of that happiness? Maybe you should rest.

(Jace sighs and watches Michael walk out of the room.)

Magnus: Will I survive if I touch it?

If you tell the truth.

Silent Brother: By the power of this sword, do you swear to defend your client with integrity and honesty?

No argument from me on that.

Make your case, warlock.

My case is simple.

It is true that Isabelle Lightwood acted against the orders of the Clave by trying to free the Seelie, Meliorn.

But she did not act against the interests of the Clave.

Preventing the forced questioning and possible death of a Seelie may have saved the Accords.

We're not here to speculate what might have happened if the defendant hadn't interfered.

You mean what might have happened if she hadn't stopped the Silent Brothers from torturing a Seelie?

I await a valid argument. Do you have one?

What you really want is the Mortal Cup.

My client doesn't have it.

Since this whole proceeding isn't about what it's really about, I move to have this case dismissed.

You're out of order.


This whole thing is out of order.

It's not Isabelle's fault. It's the Cup!

Put the Cup on trial!

We couldn't even count the demons.

Yeah, but we still gotta get Jocelyn out of there.

That would be a suicide mission.

Doesn't have to be.

I have the Cup. Demons have to obey me.

Michael: That's what Valentine wants.

He knows you'll do anything to save your mother.

He wants you to take out the Cup and use it.

And if I do?

Michael: He'll take it.

And he'll kill us, too.

[sighs] Let him try.

You have led us to believe that you alone carried out this operation.

But Clary Fairchild was seen near the City of Bones that night.

Maybe she was out for a walk.

And you expect us to believe that you distracted the guards, and escaped with the prisoner on your own?

Pretty slick, right?

I suggest you think about how slick it would be when Valentine uses the Mortal Cup to raise an army of rogue Shadowhunters.

I don't want Valentine to succeed.

Well, that's the first sane thing I've heard from you.

Isabelle: You know what's insane?

Thinking we have the right to treat a Downworlder's life as worthless.

Isabelle, I should warn you that everything you say here will be considered in the verdict.

Good. [loudly] Consider this.

Valentine didn't come out of nowhere.

We use our angel blood to justify everything we do, just like him.

Like him, we forget that we are not only angels.

We are part mundane.

We can be afraid.

And fear makes us cruel.

And we turn our fear to Downworlders just as Valentine did.

And just as he did... we will end up turning on each other.

You think we're doing that to you?

You have to answer that for yourself...

Madam Inquisitor.

Luke: This doesn't make any sense.

There were a thousand demons here last night.

That's what he wants.

He wants to draw us in, force Clary to use the Cup.

[all grunting]

Watch your back!

[all grunting]

[panting] I forgot how much fun this was.

Blackwell: Graymark!

Where are your claws?

I don't need special powers to kill you, coward.

Don't bother with that.

It only lights up for real Shadowhunters.

Find Jocelyn. I got this.

We need to find Clary. Now.


Mom! [whimpers]

Mom, please, wake up.

Where's Luke?

We left him fighting Blackwell.

Luke told us to leave him, Clary.

[demons snarling]

[Jace grunting]

No! What are you doing? Get back!

Jace, we cannot shut Luke out! He has to make it inside!

No, Clary, there is not enough time!

We have to secure the room.

We don't even know if Luke is still...


Jace, no. You have to tell him!

We cannot shut Luke out! He will die for nothing!

I can't wake her up.

[demons screeching]

Luke wants you and Jocelyn out of here.

That's all he cares about.

Pull yourself together.

Clary, if you don't help us, no one survives.

Do you understand? We will get her home. Look at me!

We will find a way to wake her up. Do you believe me?

[demons screeching]

Get ready.

I'd like to call Lydia Branwell to the stand.

I don't see the relevance.

Magnus: Well, that makes two of us.

I don't see the relevance of this whole trial.

Ms. Branwell?

If you'll take the stand?

I just have one question.

Why are you prosecuting this case?

Answer the question, Counselor.

Because the Law is hard, but... it is the Law.


Lydia: But that doesn't make it right.

We're trying someone for being compassionate, thinking for herself.

She saved a life that was being sacrificed for nothing.

That will be enough, Branwell.

No... it isn't.

I'm looking out at the faces here.

A brother and sister who disagree on everything except for how much they love one another... and how loyal they are to each other.

A man who took this case pretending to want payment in rare objects, but who really believes that injustice toward his friends is intolerable.

Loyalty, decency, compassion, love.

These are the concepts that we should consider to decide guilt or innocence in a case like this.

Those are not the concepts of the Law.

Now, enough of this nonsense.

I agree.

The case is nonsense.

I withdraw the charges.

[crowd applauding]




[bangs gavel]


If you think refusing to prosecute exculpates the defendant, you are wrong.

She is guilty.

The defense was correct.

The Clave wants the Mortal Cup.

If it is returned within 24 hours, this ruling will be vacated.

If not, Isabelle Lightwood will be stripped of her runes and exiled from the society of the Shadowhunters forever.

Clary, now!

We can't wait any longer.

[banging on door]

[demons screeching]


Demons, I command you!

Find Valentine!

[demons screeching]

[banging continues]

Demons, find Valentine!

Let me try.


Jace: Come on.



[Michael groans]


Demons... attack my enemies!

[demons snarling]

I command you!

[demons screeching]

Knock it off, guys!

[screeching stops]

You're not the only one who knows how to cast a glamour.

Should we let the demons take care of this?



Send them away.

He's mine.

Clary: Demons, be gone!

You pretended to be my father.

I wasn't pretending, Jace.

You murdered him.

You're a liar!

I am your father. I always have been.

The face that you saw as Michael Wayland was mine.

Then and now.

It was a powerful glamour.

I want you to know me as I am.

To know the truth about me... and you.

Clary: Jace! Jace, don't listen to him!

He's my father. We know that for a fact.

Yes, that's true. That's a fact.

I am your father, Clary.

And Jace's.

Think about it.

Why are the two of you so drawn together?

You are meant to be.

Blood calls to blood, no?



[sighs] My dear family... together at last.

A lost mother, found. A brother and sister, finally united.


You won't kill me.

[breathing heavily]

You won't kill me.

I said that you were weak, and I meant it.


What's wrong, Jace?

Can't kill the man who raised you, hmm?

Clary: I can!

Go ahead, Clary. Two for one.

[panting] We can't even fight back, huh?


Come with me, son. You know that you love me.

Your sister is welcome to join us.

And bring your mother along.

We can find a way to get her moving again.

[Jace grunts]



[Clary gasps]

Luke: Jocelyn.

I'm taking you home.

Jace: Clary gave Lydia the Cup.

Hodge is taking her to lock it up until she goes back to Idris.



That's it, Alec?

I don't want to get into it.


I do wanna get into it.

You almost killed me.

You weakened our parabatai bond just to find me.

You betrayed me.

You lied to me.

You attacked me when I was doing what we should've been doing together.

I didn't betray you, Alec. I saved you from yourself!

If you'd have taken Meliorn to be tortured, you would have that on your conscience for the rest of your life.

[scoffs] Really?


Everything you do is for a higher principle.

You took the Cup, and you nearly handed it over to Valentine.

That was not our intention. You know that.

"Our intention"?

Was it your intention to risk Izzy's life for hers?

This isn't about Clary. This is about you.

Now, I'm gonna go tell my sister... that she still has a future.

Do you think she can hear us?

Where is she?

Is she trapped in there? Is she somewhere else?

I mean, I... I look at her, and I see my mother, but...

How did you know... that he was Valentine?

There was... just something off.

He told me that he knew my mother was pregnant, but he couldn't have.

You should've told me.

Would you have believed me?


There's something wrong with me.

You wanted to believe him.

I would have, too.


I'm weak. He was right about that.

I should have killed him.

He's your father, Jace.

Yours, too, Clary.


You would have done it.

I'm sorry we lost the case.

Yeah... but at least we lost it with style.

Jace and Clary are back.

They gave the Cup to Lydia.

You're free to go.


[exclaims] You were right, they came back. You knew!

Oh, I didn't actually.


Well, my work is done here.

Walk me out, will you?

We have some business to settle.

Go. I'll be fine.

[Alec sighs]


As promised... payment in full.

Thank you.

I just want you to know...

Lydia was wonderful in court.

She's great.

So you get it.

No, Alec.

I get her. I like her.

But you don't have to marry her.

Yes, I do, Magnus.

You'll be lonely all your life, and so will she.

Neither of you deserve it.

And I don't either.

I don't know what to do with these.

You keep them for me.


Wait, did you see Michael Wayland transform into Valentine?

After I took care of Blackwell, I couldn't get back in the room until all the demons cleared out.



And then all I saw was Jocelyn.

You're still in love with her.

Being a werewolf didn't change that.

[softly] No.

You know, Clary was right.

Some things can't change.

And when you find the one... that's it.

[chuckles softly] Yeah.

[stammers] I don't know if you know this, but I thought I found... you know...

[stammers] It doesn't matter now.

But there was this other guy.

He was big, handsome, full of sh...

[chuckles] Forget it, it's okay.

He's okay, you know. I'm over it.

I guess I'll just always be alone.

[sighs] So...



There's more to what happened at Renwick's.

I mean, if you want to know.


Turns out Valentine is Jace's father as well as Clary's.

They're brother and sister.

Uh... brother and sis...

Okay. [chuckles] Wait, so...

Clary and Jace are... brother and sister.

That means... That means they can't...

Well, what do you know?