02x05 - Dust and Shadows

Previously on Shadowhunters...

Isabelle: Well, this is one nasty demon.

(BREATHING SHAKILY) What happened?

Classic possession hangover.

They have no memory of what they did.

The Clave is reassigning me to Idris.

I just got you back.

I want you to come with me.

The Clave wants to rip your family apart? Then I'm going with you.

Lydia: Hole punched right through his chest.

Isabelle: Just like our mundane in the morgue.

It hid in that dead body, and let us do the rest.

I didn't know demons could do that.

I set up a demon attack on the Institute as a diversion.

Clary: It's inside her.

Go back to Hell where you belong.


You're not here for me. You're here for the Soul-Sword.

Take my son. Kill the other one.


What did I do?


Jace: Alec.


How long have you been up here?

I'm glamoured. No one can see me. Move.

You can't beat yourself up.

I'm not.

Who are you talking to?

It's me. I'm your parabatai.

I know exactly what you're going through.

What happened with Jocelyn, that wasn't you. That was the demon.

Get out of the way.


Same side, remember?

Come on, man. Come back inside.

That's the last place I want to be.

Alec, Valentine has the Soul-Sword.

He slaughtered the Silent Brothers.

We need our best soldiers...

Stop pretending this never happened.

I couldn't save you from Valentine.

I couldn't save you from the City of Bones. I...

She's Clary's mother.

(STAMMERS) Your mother.

Nobody blames you.

They should.




I don't know what to say.

My Hebrew that bad?

I just wish I could get ahold of Luke.

Whenever he goes out of town, he always tells me.

I'm worried.

Clary, your mom meant everything to him.

He probably just needs time to process.

When you died, I was... Wrecked.


You were?

Of course.

Simon, I...

I couldn't think of life without you.

But I got you back.


You were dead, but then you came back.

Well, yeah, but...

What if we could get my mom back?

Clary, I...

Okay, but in this insane world we suddenly live in, things that I never thought could happen do happen, so maybe there is a way.

Maybe... Maybe we can get her back.

Clary, I... I know how much you loved her.

But sometimes there are things you just...

You have to accept.


I am not ready to accept this.

Magnus: Absolutely not.

Is it possible?

Magnus, tell me, can it be done? Yes or no?

(SIGHS) Sure, there are warlocks who've done this sort of thing.

But what you're talking about is dark, dark magic.

It's wildly unpredictable.

Have you ever done it before?

No. And don't encourage this.

Biscuit, I'm sorry.

I know how important she was to you.

She was my mom.

If you were me, if we were talking about your mom...

I wouldn't bring her back.

I don't understand.


I was nine years old when my mother realized what my cat eyes meant.

She couldn't live with the fact that she bore the son of a demon.

So she took her life.

With this very keris.

Clary: I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

It was a long time ago.

And over time, it... It got easier.

Never easy, but easier.

Your mother was a special woman.

She only wanted to protect you at all costs.

So much so that she had me remove your memories.

Since we can't get those back...

Take one of mine.

Oh, my God.

When was this?

The day I met you.

The first thing I notice is that you both share the same laugh.


Losing your mom, it's not something you make better with magic.

You just head straight into it and cry your eyes out.


Simon: Hey, you okay?

How about we get something to eat?

Korean barbecue? That... That weird rice pudding place?

Anything you want.

Sleep, I think.

Sure. I'll walk you to the Institute.

Simon. You should go home.

What? No, no. I'm...

I'm not gonna leave you until I know you're okay.

What does "okay" even mean?

Simon, go home. See your mom.

Tell her you love her.


During the attack on the City of Bones, Jace Wayland fought bravely, and thus the Clave, in their wisdom, has exonerated him from all crimes.

And the chief physician in Idris reports that Lydia Branwell's condition continues to improve.

Out of the infirmary in record time.

You're looking good.

I always look good.

Why isn't Alec here?

He needs some space.

Aldertree: We face a new threat. Valentine has the Mortal Cup, and now possesses the Soul-Sword, two of the three Mortal Instruments.

Our mission now is to find out what he plans to do with them...

You okay?

...and when.

I'm fine.

But apparently no one else is, judging by the way they're all looking at me.

Jace, I'm sorry for letting them take you to the City of Bones.

I thought...

It's all good, Izzy.

You saved Alec's life and mine.

I would've done the same thing.

Tomorrow night's rite of passage will bring the total number of dead to 26 fallen Silent Brothers and three Shadowhunters.

Take this time to grieve and plan for what lies ahead.

Your orders will follow.


Your shoulder still hurts, huh?

A little stiff.

Uh, don't worry about me. Keep an eye on Clary.

I should have just said I'd go to Idris with you.

We could've left right then.


You okay? (SIGHS)

I'd be a lot better if people quit speaking in quiet voices and telling me it's okay to grieve.

Fair enough.

I don't know why. I just don't feel much of anything right now.

(CHUCKLES) Emotions cloud judgment, right?

Clary, I spent my whole life fighting my emotions.

Look where it landed me.

You just lost your mom, too.

What do you feel?

I don't know.

I thought I'd be able to get to know her.

And she'd get more time to know me as more than just an experiment gone wrong.

I... (SIGHS)

I just figured we'd get more time.



(CHUCKLES) Look at this.

A Shadowhunter on my doorstep.

Oh, let me guess.

You're heartbroken and you want some fabulous boy to love you again.

Can you raise my mother from the dead?

She just died, and she...

Oh, God, you poor child.

Oh. I am so sorry.

For your loss.

And also for my big mouth. I...

How recently did she pass?

Two days ago.

I know this is considered dark magic, but...

"Dark magic" is a term used by warlocks who are afraid of their own powers.

For someone like me who can harness those powers, all magic is equal.

So it's possible?

Bringing the dead back to life?

Poor thing flew straight into that window this morning.

He smacked it so hard, we heard it from upstairs.

Must have died instantly.



So to answer your question... Yes.

It is very much possible.

Clary: I have never seen a doctor's office like this.

Do you live here, too?

Upstairs. On the third floor.

The second floor is reserved for my warlock practice.

And down here is where I try to prolong the precious lives of the mundanes.

Keeps a gal busy.

Clary: Hey, there.

What's your name?

This is Madzie.

Clary: Hi, Madzie.

Honey, why don't you go ask Leigh to give you a cookie?

You tell her I said it was okay.

She's my goddaughter.

Smarter than a whip, just doesn't speak much.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about you.

So, I'll need something of your mother's.

A lock of hair, fingernails...

Yeah, sure. I can do that.


And then, of course, there is the matter of my fee.

Now, I know you don't have a lot of money, and, sadly, this is not something that insurance will cover. (CHUCKLES)

But I like you.

So, I'll tell you what. I'll bring your mother back, and, as payment, you can owe me a favor.

Uh, what kind of favor?

Oh, who can say?

Right now, you need a warlock.

And every so often, I need a Shadowhunter.

When that time will come, I'm not so sure.

But when it does, I'll call on you.

How about that?

Luke, I know it's probably not a good time, but...

You need to get in touch with Clary.

We're all kind of freaking out. Clary needs you.

I could use you, too.

So, um... I'll talk to you soon, I guess.



(GASPS) Hi, whoa!

(CHUCKLES) Wow. Slow down, monkey.

Hey, when you called, I wasn't...

I'm sorry I wasn't at dinner last night.

I... I wanna move back home, Mom. I'm really bad at laundry.

Oh, thank God you know that about yourself.

Honey, this shirt smells like death.

I just...

I just wanna tell you that, um...

I really appreciate you, Mom.

(CHUCKLING) Okay. Come on. I made a roast.

I know it's overkill, but when...

Okay, Mom... Mom, listen.

I know I'm back, but I... I can't have you freak out if I'm out all night or if I sleep all day.

The band does a lot of late-night gigging.

You don't have to explain yourself to me, Simon.

I'm just glad you're home.

Oh, and you know, I was thinking...

We should have Clary and her mother over for dinner.

I haven't seen Jocelyn in ages.

Yeah. Um...

I'll ask Clary.


You wanted to see me?

Please. Have a seat.

You and I haven't had a chance to talk about what happened at the City of Bones.

Just doing what I was trained to do.

That's how it may appear to the Clave, but what I saw was an unprepared soldier allowing a deranged criminal to make off with one of the Mortal Instruments.

Wait, wait. I... I saved you.

Would you prefer that I let you die?

That's precisely what you should have done.

I'd gladly have given my life to protect the Sword, just like the Silent Brothers did.

Now, countless more soldiers will die trying to reclaim it.

And their blood will be on your hands.

I'll do whatever I can to get it back.

I'm afraid your words are too late.

I'm sending a team to the Adamant Citadel to see what the Iron Sisters know about the Sword.

Great. I'll run point, draw up a mission.

A soldier without discipline is poison to his entire squad.

You're hereby banned from field duty.

You okay?

I can't be in that Institute.

Oh, Alec...

Heard you turned in Camille.

How'd that go?


It was awful.

We had a lot of history, she and I.

I'm sorry if that's weird.

It's not weird. You say what you think.

Too busy to use the healing rune?

I'm fine.

No, you're not.

You're hurting. Badly.

You hope the pain here will overpower the pain there.

I wish it were that simple.

I let a demon in, Magnus.

That wasn't your fault.

I don't know what to say to Clary.

I can't face her.

But you will.

Because that's what you do, Alexander.

It may take you a minute, but I've seen it up close.

I went to your wedding.

You'll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right.

What are you doing?


Hey. What is that for?


I went to see a warlock in Park Slope.

Her name's Iris Rouse and she...

Please, please tell me you're not thinking about doing what I think...

I can bring my mom back, Jace.

Our mom.

You can't, Clary.

She wasn't supposed to die, Jace.

(STAMMERS) It was a mistake. A freak demon attack. I...

I want more time with her.

So do I.

But you never know what you're gonna get back.

There are always risks.

You could very well conjure a demon in Jocelyn's form.

You said "could."

She could also come back the same, right?

Look, I know you want her back.

But you have to trust me, Clary.

You don't bring people back from the dead.







Okay. What's this?

What's, uh... (CLEARS THROAT) What's happening?

What, we don't hug anymore? We used to hug all the time.

Well, first of all, did we? And secondly...

(SNIFFS) Oh, God, it stinks. It's way too dark in here.

Wait, no, don't, don't! Please.

Wait, no, no, don't, don't, please.

Can you please keep those closed? You know how easily I burn.

Simon, what's going on?

Nothing, I'm fine.

Yeah? Mmm-hmm.


Remember Aunt Cheryl? She had melanoma.

(SMACKS LIPS) It was a freckle.

That's how it starts.

Becky: Oh, Simon.

Don't tell me.

You're turning into a closet drinker?

No. No.

After everything that I went through with Mom...



Is this blood?

Uh, yeah.

Fake blood. Stage blood. For my band. We're doing this, uh...

This Ozzy Osbourne glitch... Glitch hop thing.

That sounds really terrible.



Look, I volunteered in a hospital, and I know what real blood smells like.

Then the guy who sold it to me lied.


So none of this behavior seems...

Crazy to you?

Crazy? No.

Not... Not crazy at all.

Whatever's going on, get it together, dude.


Flushing this down the toilet.

No, Becky, please, don't. Don't take...

No, don't, don't please, don't. No, wait.





Aldertree can't bench you.

(PANTS) He already did.


Did Alec come home?


He's still taking this really hard.

Have you spoken to Clary?

She's all right.

She's keeping to herself.

I made some food for her, but she didn't wanna eat it.

Can you blame her?



Come on, Iz. This is way too easy.

Don't get cocky.



You all right?

It's the demon wound, isn't it, on your back?

Look, if the runes aren't healing it, you need to get it fixed.

I'll see a medic later. Relax.

Might want to see him now.

They're sending a team to the Iron Sisters after the Rite of Mourning.

No way.

You always wanted to be an Iron Sister when you were a kid, huh?

(CHUCKLES) Until I realized I had to swear off boys.

When do we leave?

You're not going anywhere with a wound on your back. Aldertree would never let you.

Aldertree doesn't need to know.



Yeah, good luck with that.

Look, Izzy, go and get it checked out.

The last thing we need is another one of us sidelined. Okay?


Isabelle Lightwood.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

I would like to make a formal request to lead the mission to the Iron Sisters.

Weren't you wounded in the demon attack?

Yes, but I'm all healed up now.

I feel fine.

Your wound. May I take a look?

(CHUCKLES) You know, I wasn't born a diplomat.

I used to be a field medic.

Sometimes I wish I still was.

Really, I'm okay.

I can't let you on the mission without an exam.



That's not very pretty, is it?

Does it hurt?


Not at all.

It looks like a venom infection.

Healing runes aren't helping much?


Isabelle, in your condition, I can't grant your request.

You don't understand. I've waited my whole life to see the Iron Sisters.

I can do this.

The truth is, you can't do this, Isabelle.

Not with a venom infection.

But there is something that can make the infection go away.

Quite quickly, I might add.

I'll take it.

It's called yin fen.

It's quite strong. I don't usually recommend it, but if this is a mission you're set on making...

May I?


Aldertree: This goes on the spine.


How's that?



I'll give you a tin.


But use sparingly.

A little goes a long way.



Alec: Hey.

Look, I, uh...

Please don't.

Clary, I am so sorry.

I would do anything, I mean anything, to take back those 30 seconds.

To get your mom back.

Alec, maybe we can get her back.


I found a warlock who claims she can do it.

But there are risks.

I'll go with you.

Clary, if there's any chance that we can get your mother back, we have to take it.

No matter what happens, I'll be there.


Let's do it.

Are you here to see Dr. Rouse?

Yes. Um...

I... I think she's expecting me. My name's Clary.

I was indeed expecting you. I only wondered when.

And I see you brought a guest. Your boyfriend?

Uh, no.


Well, whatever you are, leave your weapon outside.

Any warlock worth a damn can see through Shadowhunter glamour with ease.

Oh, don't worry. It'll be safe in the alcove.


Iris: Sorry, did you bring your mother's...

Clary: Uh, her hair. Yes.


Nurse Leigh will help you with the paperwork.

Uh, paperwork?

Yeah, just a simple pin prick to draw blood for the oath.

For the favor we talked about.

Well, I... I don't know about any favor.

Oh, that was the deal we made.

It's fine, Alec. I wanna do this.

Delightful. Follow me.

Your friend can wait here for you in the waiting room.

No, I'm not leaving her side.

Oh, then I can't do this.

His energy is too turbulent.

I need calm, and he is not calm.

Okay, I'm gonna need to see some credentials.

Show me your warlock mark.

Dear, if a lady has concealed her mark, assume it's for good reason.

Alec, it's okay. I'll be fine. Really.


Alec: Hello.

Place your mother's lock of hair on the table, please.

Now, I need you to focus as intensely as you can on a cherished memory of your mother. Can you do that?


That will help repel any demons that dare come near her soul.


There you go, Clary. Good girl.

Now, let the process begin.

Simon: Raphael, there has to be some way to get me blood here.

Look, I... I know it's daytime.

I don't know how much longer I can control myself, okay?



Hey, Mom.

I thought I heard you banging around up here.

Simon, what is wrong?

You love my roast.


And you know if you keep leaving food around, we're gonna have rats again, right?

You're right, I'm sorry. That's my bad.

(SIGHS) Becky told me you're keeping blood in your room.

What's going on?


Have you joined a cult again?

Mom, for the last time, World of Warcraft isn't a cult.

Then what is it?

Come on, monkey. Just talk to me.

Mom, this is not a normal person problem, okay?

Simon, I'm your mother.

I'll always love you, no matter what.

(SHUDDERING) I'm a vampire.


I said it.


You... You have no idea how good it feels to finally...

Finally get that off my chest.


This is your best prank ever.

(SIGHS) Oh, my gosh. Keeping the fake blood in your room.

The blackout curtains. Wait. Do you sleep in a coffin?

No, it's a canoe. And, Mom, the blood wasn't fake. It was real.

It's cow's blood, and it's gone now, and...

I'm really hungry.

Oh, you're serious.

It was... (STUTTERING) I know...

I know how weird this is for you.

But it started, like, a month ago, where Clary got into this thing where there are Shadowhunters, and I got bit by a vampire and I died.

And, look, I know...

I know this sounds totally insane to you, Mom, but please...

(STAMMERING) Please, just... You have to believe me.

Tell me... Tell me you believe me.

I believe you.



Okay, it's gonna be okay.


Yeah. It's gonna be okay.

All gonna be okay.




Oh, my God.


That bird!

Focus on your mother, Clary.




No. Stop!


Alec: It's a nice place.

Where are all your toys?

Cool gills.


Just because one bird came back badly doesn't mean...

Well, I'm not willing to take the chance.

I'm sorry I wasted your time.

(SCOFFS) You didn't waste my time. You still owe me a favor.

The deal's off.

No, it's not. You took a blood oath.

Fine. Call me when you need me.

I need you now.


You are going to host one of my finest creations.


What are you talking about?

I'm talking about having a baby, Clary. A baby warlock.



Let me out!

Warlocks are a dying breed, and I need young women like you, healthy and fertile, that my own private demon can impregnate.

Oh, I wish there was another way to do it. I do.

But now, with Valentine threatening to wipe us all out, we need to build our numbers.

I'm a Shadowhunter. A demon can't get me...

Pregnant? I think I finally discovered an elixir that makes it possible.

You spiked the tea.

Imagine a baby warlock, part demon, part Shadowhunter. Now, that would be something.

Definitely harder to drive into extinction.



The good news is, after the baby's born, I'll do a memory wipe.

You'll be back home, none the wiser.

Shh. There's babies sleeping.

I'm looking for Clary.


I came here with her. You met her. Where is she?

Where is she?

What have you done with her?

You're looking better.

Told you I was fine.

Have you seen Clary? I can't find her anywhere.

She's fine. She left with Alec a few hours ago.

That warlock...


Alec: Talk to me.

I don't wanna get Iris in trouble.

Nobody's gonna get in trouble. I promise.

Was that your baby?

One of them, I think.

She takes our memories. I just remember little bits at a time.

Wait, there's... There's more of you?

The women come and go.

The babies are placed in homes where they're cared for.


Please, try to remember. Where did she take Clary?








You take upstairs. I'll take the lower levels.

On it.


Where is Clary?

I suggest you take your hands off me, young man.

Where is she?


You've gotta to do better than that, cheekbones.

Nana! Nana, no.

Oh, hi, honeybun.

Why don't you go back inside?

And don't worry, I'm just playing with the man.

Isabelle: Playtime's over.

Put the girl down.

Her name is Madzie, and she's better off with me than left to fend for herself in this cruel world.

You can save the redhead, but she still owes me the favor.

Alec: Izzy.

Alec. You okay?

(GRUNTS) We have to find Clary.



Stay back!



(PANTING) What the hell was that?

I... I don't know. I...

I saw this vision of a rune and... And so I drew it.

You just shot sunlight out of your hand.


I knew you had a strong skill set, but that was amazing.


Where's the rune?

I don't know. It's gone.

Look, whatever just happened, let's keep this to ourselves.

There you are.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm... I'm fine.

Look, I know, but it's very important that I speak to Dr. Hughes.

No, it's not a medical emergency.

Actually, it is.

I... No, I don't really know what's happening.

Yes, so please, can you have him call me as soon as he can?

Thank you.



Oh, my...


You all right?

Isabelle, you're looking well. Shoulder's healing nicely?

Yes. Thank you.

I don't see Simon or Luke.

Clary asked if they...

The Clave has enforced the order.

I can't do this, Jace.

Yes, you can.

Just don't let go of me.

Those remaining will take their place with the fallen.

Those remaining will say the names of the fallen.

Brother Enoch: Brother Micah.

All: Pulvis et umbra sumus.

Brother Isaac: Brother Jeremiah.

All: For we are dust and shadows.


(CRYING) Mom...


Jocelyn Fairchild.

All: Ave atque vale.

Hail and farewell.