02x10 - By the Light of Dawn

Previously on Shadowhunters...

CLEOPHAS: If ever demons overtook the world...

As a last resort, the Soul-Sword will destroy every Downworlder in its path.

CLARY: The angel Ithuriel.

Valentine was going to use him to activate the Soul-Sword.

Clary may have a blood connection to that angel.

Clary can activate the Soul-Sword.


If killing Clary is the price, then I'm willing to pay it.

LUKE: Who else knows what she's capable of?


LUKE: Meliorn.

Execute Clary Fairchild on sight.

Care to rethink that?

This counsel is biased.

You've been seeing Isabelle, haven't you?


Something weird's going on, Alec.

We have reports of violent Downworlders all over Manhattan.

Aldertree dispatched every Shadowhunter we have to stop the attacks.

Well, undispatch them. I think it's Valentine.

If you help me, I promise to help you find your Nana.

- Clary, run!

Sweetheart, it's time to go.

I'll see you soon, Clarissa.

Simon, no!


ALDERTREE: I thought these wards were airtight.

- How many soldiers are here?
- Only two dozen.

Everyone else is out dealing with the Downworld attacks.

I'll take the entry with Longford.

We'll cover the weapons room.

Valentine's work?

Only one way to find out.

Hold your fire.

What's a little girl doing here all alone?

She's a warlock.


Did you...

ALEC: Hold your fire. She's a kid.




Madzie! (GRUNTS)

Who is my favorite little warlock?

JACE: Clary, we can't panic.

CLARY: He's a psychopath.
He's capable of anything.

is innocent, in all of this.

The only reason Valentine took him captive is because I care about him.


Hey. All the prisoners are either dead or gone.

No sign of Cleophas.

Hey, it's gonna be okay.


Answer it, Clary.



Hello, Clarissa.

Wish we were chatting under more civilized circumstances,but I'm afraid I've run out of options.

- Let Simon go.
- Absolutely.

Just as soon as you come
back to the Institute.

I need you to activate the sword for me.

That is never going to happen.

Oh, but I think it will.

Because if you don't show up within the hour...


Your vampire boyfriend here is gonna die a death I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪


What are we waiting for? Let's go.

That's what Valentine wants.

You know that if you touch that sword, he can destroy the entire Downworld, including Simon.

No, Valentine needs an energy source.

He needs lightning.

He's got it.

Every Institute is powered by an angelic power core.

Alec's not picking up. Let's move.

Valentine is gonna wish he never laid a hand on Simon. I'll make sure of it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're not going anywhere near that Institute.

We're taking you to Magnus. He can protect you.

No, I don't need to be protected. I need to save Simon.

The Downworld knows that you're the key to activating that sword. They want you dead.

I can save Simon.

Doesn't work that way.

If I'm not the one who shows up, Valentine is gonna kill him.

DOT: Wait!


There's another way to destroy the sword.

MAGNUS: There you go.

You'll start feeling better in no time.

Thank you.

Dot, tell us everything you know.

I heard Valentine briefing his men.

If Jace touches the sword, his grip would destroy it.


Why should we believe a word she says?

It's probably just another trap.

Luke, Clary, you know me.

You've lied to me before.

Because of the injections.

But now that he has the warlock girl, he's cast me aside. I'm myself again.

(SCOFFS) Good story, but I've heard better.

Wait, in the vision from Ithuriel, the demon that destroyed the sword had a clawed hand.

Exactly. It has nothing to do with you.

Perhaps I can lend some insight.

Show me this vision.


- The star in the sky.
- Yeah, I remember.

Angels are higher beings. They communicate through metaphors.

Morgenstern means "Morning Star," as in, "How are thou fallen from heaven,

O, Lucifer, son of the morning."

The vision seems to be speaking of a...

Demonic Morgenstern.


That's why Valentine wanted me under his control.

I can derail his plan.

I can destroy the Soul-Sword.

And destroy yourself in the process.


(STUTTERS) That's a suicide mission. No way.

Oh, says the girl who was willing to die for the Downworld, what, yesterday?

She's right, Jace. It's too dangerous.

I'm not gonna touch the sword.

I'll just get to it before it's activated, and bring the Mortal Instrument back to the Clave, where it belongs.

Trust me.

(SIGHS) Alec just doesn't know when to leave me alone.

He never has.

Your brother has nothing to worry about, Isabelle.

Your happiness, your well-being, it's all I care about.

Sounds like Shadowhunter blood talking.

It's true.

I haven't felt this way about anyone in... a long, long time.

Kiss me.

It's not like that.

I'm... not like that.

I'm just not interested in s*x.

Being a vampire made you this way?


I've always been like this.


It's probably just Alec.

Could you please turn it off?


Sorry, I just saw the time.

I have a meeting with the Bronx clan leader.

Don't worry, I'll be back.

Bite for the road?

No, thanks.

I... need to keep a clear head.

I'll see you soon.


Are you okay?

We're under attack. Major casualties.

Valentine used Madzie to take down the wards.

- She suffocated everyone.
- Where's Izzy?

She wasn't here.

Oh, thank the Angel.

Alec, he's there to use the power core instead of lightning.

He's got Simon and he's threatening to kill himif Clary doesn't come and activate the sword.

You have to keep Clary away from that sword.

Don't worry. She's with Magnus.

Luke and I are coming for it now.

Just get to the power core. Shut it down.

That way, no matter who touches the sword, it won't turn on.


Alec? Alec?



That's not bad... for a diplomat.

Well, it seems Clarissa needs more incentive.




What she needs is a real father.

Look, I've been best friends with Clary forever.

And the one thing she's always wished is to be able to know her real dad.

And she's had that chance.

And she found a homicidal maniac.

She wants nothing to do with you.

She hates you.

Doesn't that bother you?

Doesn't it make you wanna change?

For her?


I'm not used to feeling so...



Oh, my God!

Simon, are you okay?

Simon's fine.

We've just been having a nice talk.

You know, he told me your greatest wishwas to get to know your old man,which is funny, because it's always beenmy wish to get to know my daughter.

And so, I'm here, and I'm waiting for you.

And frankly, well...

Clarissa, I'm losing my patience.



(SIGHS) The vampire has a half-hour, maybe minutes,before he turns to dust.

Come quick, Clarissa.

He needs blood to survive.

Portal me to the Institute.

- Clary, we can't.
- Now!

Looks like he's already tapping the energy supply.

We need to get to that power core and shut it down.

It'll be heavily guarded.

We'll get to it via the rooftop.

Hell if I'm gonna let that b*st*rd destroy the entire Downworld.

What, suddenly you care about the Downworld?

I'm an officer of the Clave, sworn to protect Downworlders and mundanes alike.


I'm not the big bad wolf you think I am.

No, you're worse.

You got my sister hooked on yin fen.

I warned her, Alec.
Told her of the risks.

But she wanted to visit the Citadel.

The yin fen allowed her to do that.

I was doing her a favor.

Are you kidding me?

Look, you might've helped me back there, but don't pretend you're one of the good guys.


JACE: You're a cop. Can't you drive any faster?

- You wanna drive?
- I'm sorry.

I... I just... (SIGHS)
I have to get to Alec.

I know what you're going through.
I had a parabatai once.

When Valentine turned on you, that must've been unbearable.

It was.

I felt like my life was over.

But, over time, I got past it.

Alec's gonna be okay.

He has to be.


What the hell is she doing here?


You locked me up in the dark?

Where did you come from?

I was watching, waiting for my chance.

But I couldn't wait any longer.

Jace, put the blade away.
This is between me and Maia.

Are you sure? She's out of control.

- So true.

Let go! Get off of me!

No, Maia, put this in perspective.

The fate of the entire Downworld is at stake.

Who's lost perspective? Who protects Shadowhunters over their own pack?




She won't be down for long.
Help me get her in the car.

No. We have to get back to the Institute.

I can't just leave her here.

What do we do if she wolfs out again?

That's what the stun gun's for.



Well, here we are.

CLARY: Magnus...

I want you to know I'm not going anywhere near that sword.

I don't care what happens to me, Clary.

Alec's gonna be okay.
Simon's gonna be okay.

We can do this. You and me.

(GRUNTS) Let go of my hands!

So you can use your magic against us?

I'm sorry, Magnus.

- None of us wanted it to come to this.

No, I'm here to save Simon. I'm not going to touch the sword.

No, you're not.

Stop this. Stop it now!

If I don't do it, more Downworlders are on their way to do it for me.

You're too close to her, Magnus.

Raphael, you don't have to do this.

Quick and painless.


This ends now.

(GROWLING) Listen up!

MAIA: You better be right about this, Luke.

Clary may be able to activate the sword, but I can destroy it.

The angel Ithuriel confirmed that in a vision.

Angel? Impossible.

I saw it, too. He's telling the truth.

You kill Clary, Valentine still has the damn sword.

Over time, no doubt, he'll find a way to activate it.

Now is our chance to destroy that sword for good.

Why not let Jace try?

Why would a Shadowhunter risk his life for us?

Because you and Raphael are gonna tell your Downworld buddies

not to lay a hand on Clary.

That's the deal.

- And they'll listen to me?
- Maybe.

You're the leader of the most powerful

vampire clan in all of New York.

They respect you.

What exactly is your plan?


She'll know it's a trap.

Even the sly mouse will walk into a trap if it wants the cheese badly enough.

And you, my friend, you're the cheese.

Hey! Hi.

Oh, don't worry, little one.

It's only a game. It's make believe, okay?

Take her upstairs.

And don't let anyone in unless her name is Clary.

ALEC: The power core's up here on the roof, behind this access hatch.

Unfortunately, it's impervious to the unlock rune.

You're the head of the Institute.

You telling me you don't have a key?

I do, in my office.

Where Valentine is.

I'll have to override the control mechanism.

- That's impossible.

Not when you have my security clearance, and know the backdoor algorithms.

I think you wouldn't mind if the Downworld was destroyed.

Certainly make your job easier.

My relationship to the Downworld is more complicated than you think.

How's that?



Years ago, when I was still making my way up through the ranks of the Clave,(SIGHS) I fell in love with a woman.

Beautiful and intelligent. Sexy.

And a lycanthrope.

You fell in love with a Downworlder?

Seems odd, doesn't it?

But Eva was special.

After a year together, I was called to Alicante for a summit.

When I returned, I went to see her and found the aftermath of a massacre.

A Shax demon.

I discovered Eva hiding in the basement.

She was in shock, driven mad by grief.

She couldn't control herself, so she transformed.

And attacked me.

She would have killed me if I hadn't used my seraph blade.

Eva died in my arms.

You killed her?

I had no choice.

Eva couldn't control herself.

That was her nature. Her wolf nature.

That's when I realized a Shadowhunter could never be with a Downworlder, no matter how strong our feelings might be.

Tell Valentine I'm here.

Hello, my dear.

Where's Simon? Before I do anything, I need to know he's alive.

But I'm afraid you may have waited too long.

Where is he?

You made the right decision, joining us.

We need to be united now more than ever.

Just to be clear, I'm doing this for the pack, not for you.

You think I wanted to do that to you?

When the pack had no other options, you chose Clary over us.

But we did have other options.

Jace's plan is gonna work, Maia.

If we stick together, it will work.

Do you really believe that?

Meliorn, I'm glad you're fighting beside us.

It is my honor.

Though if you are mistaken, which I fear you might be, I will never forgive you.

Appreciate the confidence.

Thanks for bringing the pack. We're gonna need all the help we can get.

I'm not gonna lie. It took some convincing.

Some of them aren't too keen on this idea.

Neither am I, to be honest.

Then why are you here?

I trust you.


Simon, hold on, okay?

Stay with me, Simon.

Simon, please.

Come on, come on, Simon.

Simon, drink.


Come on. It's okay, feed.

Careful, Clarissa.



He's drinking too much.

Stop him! Stop him!


On the video call, Simon was in Aldertree's office. This way.

Careful, Clary. Circle members could be anywhere.

CLARY: It's Madzie.

Go get her. I'll find Simon.

Are you sure?

She's being used, Magnus.

None of this is her fault, but she needs to be stopped.


- I'll meet you in Aldertree's office.
- Okay.

Hello, sweet pea.

I'm Magnus.

I know you're scared.

You don't have to be.

See? I'm just like you, Madzie. I'm a warlock, too.

These men are using you for your abilities.

He said Nana was here.

He lied.

I wanna help you, Madzie.

For real.

Shape-shifting, huh?

Well, that's original.

I learned from the best.

No, you didn't.

I would never willingly let a vampire taste my blood.

Do you have any idea what you've done?

- I saved a life.
- A monster's life.

And for what?

He's just gonna die with the rest of the Downworld, anyway.


Here! We have to destroy the sword. Come on.

Nice moves back there.

Thanks, I've been practicing.




Hey, let go!

Let go!

It's not working.

The bypass must not apply to exterior access points.

Four against two.

Could be worse.





Izzy, are you okay?

I got you. You okay?

I'm so sorry, Alec.

For what, saving our lives?

Hey, about, you know, what happened back there...

I've heard of blood thirst, even... felt it, but... never that badly.

Once I started feeding, I couldn't stop. I'm really sorry.

Don't apologize.

I would have killed you.

I would have let you.

You, like, rescued me from actual death, so thanks. A lot.
- Hey, you know how you can thank me?

- Shut up.
- Right.

Looks like they have the sword tapped into that power thing.

Not for long.


You know how to use that?

Yeah, just point and stab, right?


Use your vamp speed.


As soon as we get back up, we move in.


It might be too late for that.

CLARY: No! Let me go!


You can't make me do this.

(GRUNTING) I won't do it!

Unfortunately, you don't get to decide that.


I am doing this for you, and for your brother, and for the rest of humanity.


Clarissa, this planet is under siege by demon-blooded creatures, intent on death and destruction.

Once I wield that sword, the Downworld will no longer be part of our world.

And the lives of my children... will be that much safer.

Let go! Let go!

No! No! No!

Clarissa, please.





Let's move.




- Clary, you all right?
- I'm fine. Let's go.

Jace... What...

Jace, what are you doing?



If you touch the sword, it'll kill you.

Jace, don't do it!

No, Jace!



Why didn't that destroy the sword?

I don't know.

CLARY: Jace, are you okay?

You're nothing if not predictable, son.




Oh, my God.

Simon, you're okay.


Every other Downworlder in here, they... they're all dead.

I don't know.

I just pray the adamas in the walls contained the blast.

Where's Valentine?

(SIGHS) He's gone.



I don't understand.

How did I activate the sword?

Only someone with pure angel blood could have done it.

You don't have demon blood, Jace.


You did this.

- You activated the sword?
- No.

I did it.

I thought I was destroying it, Alec, but...

Where's Magnus?

He wasn't here, was he?

I... I don't know.

We portaled in upstairs. We split up.

Oh, God.


MAIA: It was all a con.

He lied to us.

You don't know that.

Alaric, Taito... half of our pack must be dead.

Jace led us into a trap.

He wouldn't do that. It had to have been Valentine.

Well, he has the sword now, which means he could do it again.

I'm taking him down.

Maia, the pack needs you.
Go back to the Jade Wolf.

Keep what's left of the pack indoors.

Take them underground.
I'll deal with Valentine.





My parabatai. (SIGHS)

If only you had stuck with me, maybe things would have turned out differently.

I always thought this moment would bring me joy.

But I was wrong.


(GRUNTS) Liar!

You told me I had demon blood. Why?

Because that's how you are.
Always ready to right the wrong, to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

A real-life hero.

So, you used me.

I just made sure Dot overheard me.

That's why I left her behind, so you would come to save the day.

And activate the sword instead.

You didn't inject me with demon blood. It was angel blood.

You are my greatest achievement, Jace.

I'm not your achievement. I'm your son.

No, you are not my son.

I'm not your father.
Jocelyn is not your mother.

And Clary...

Clary is not your sister.

More lies.

Don't I wish.

Truth sword, remember?



Please let this work.



Jace, don't! (GRUNTS)

The Mortal Cup is still out there.

He's the only one who knows where it is.

JACE: You're gonna wish you were dead after the Clave gets through with you.


The sword's gone.

ALDERTREE: A sight to see.

Valentine Morgenstern in the custody of the Clave, where you will rot for your remaining days.

Where is the Soul-Sword?

I have no idea.


Our interrogation techniques have improved since you were one of us.

You can torture me all you want. I don't know where it is.

Don't believe a word he says.

What else have you lied about?

One thing I didn't lie about is my love for you, Jace.


Magnus, I thought...

I found Madzie.

I got her out just in time. I took her to Catarina's. She's safe.


Magnus, on every mission I've ever been on, I've never felt that type of fear, ever.

Not knowing if you were alive or dead. I...

I was terrified.

So was I.

(PANTING) Magnus...

I love you.

I love you, too.

SIMON: Alaric.

Oh, man.

You didn't make things easy on me.

But you didn't deserve this.

What the hell?

RAPHAEL: Isabelle.

(SIGHS) You're alive.

I sped out just in time.

I've come to gather what's left of my clan and...

see if you needed anything.


Isabelle, please. I can explain...

No, you can't.

I don't want anything from you ever again.

How do you know it was the truth?

He had the Soul-Sword in his hands.


Clary's not your sister?

No, she never was.


What are you gonna do?


I'm gonna tell her.


Tell me we got him.


How are you feeling?

Better now that you're okay and Valentine's locked up.

Oh, no. Luke, are you okay?

He's been sedated.


I know it's not a good time, but there's something I have to show you.

Simon, will you tell me what's going on?

It's a surprise.

What are you doing? The sun's up, you can't...

Wait. Simon!



I mean, does it matter?