02x13 - Those of Demon Blood

♪ [ Fades ] My name is Clary and I'm a Shadowhunter, born to protect mankind from demons. A never-ending battle against evil, but I know who I can count on. Simon, my oldest friend. A vampire. Magnus, a warlock from Brooklyn. Luke, a werewolf pack leader and New York City cop, and Jace, Izzy and Alec, three of the bravest Shadowhunters alive. Alone, we're strong. Together, we are unstoppable. CLARY: Previously, on Shadowhunters...

You must still have feelings for her, huh?

- (THUD)

- Shut up!

Jace, what is going on?

I'm not your brother, Clary.

Now, my boy, you are about to find out what it means to be a Herondale.

That agony rune...

(SCREAMING) ...made me relive memories I've spent centuries trying to forget.


Tell me how to fix this.

Any last words?



Anyone else want to take a shot?

Come on!

He's a daylighter...

Damn right I am.




I... kind of booked a show for you.

O... K.

Clary, this... this is amazing.


Rock Solid Panda's kind of extinct now.

There's no Rock.

There's no solid.

I'm just a...

a lone panda.

I've heard the music you're writing.


it's incredible.

It'll be fine!

You can rock solid on your own.


See, it's one thing to jam in the boat basin.

It's another thing to...

play here.

In front of...

actual people.

Well, I...

I'm not an actual person?

- No.

Not at all.

- No?

You're like...

on a totally different plane.

I'll take that as a compliment.

MAIA: It'd be cute if it wasn't so...



Not even then.

Must especially suck for you.



this rumor about you actually being Shadowhunter royalty.

Is it true?

I don't know.

Can it get me free drinks at the Hunter's Moon?

Let's not get crazy.


I don't know what I am.

I've had three different last names in a summer.

Now I'm a Herondale.

All I know is I'm the same Jace.

God help us.

Shot of Tequila.


Make that two.

Her shots are on me.

Hey Kaelie.

Long time.

Thank you.


Man, rejection is so much more fun when it's happening to you.

Hey, you don't make a lot of tips, huh?

Word of advice?

I'd spare the Downworld your charm for a little bit.

That Soul Sword you ignited killed a whole lot of them.


- Hey.

Let's get out of here, - yeah?


SIMON: What if they hate my music so bad that they start throwing their pretzel sticks at me?

CLARY: I'll take them down before they get the chance.

You're gonna be fine, Simon.

What's wrong?

I smell blood.


Oh my God, that looks like...

Human flesh.

Simon, that's a rune.



♪ We're coming ♪ ♪ After you ♪ ♪ This is the hunt ♪ ♪ This is the hunt ♪ (ELECTRONIC WHIRRING)


Heard from Mom.

Max is on his way.

Feels like just yesterday we were taking knives away from him.

Well he's lucky to have you as a tutor.


Maybe it's a mistake putting me in charge of him.

Are you kidding?

Izzy, you're the smartest one here.

You're one of our toughest fighters.

But it's just...

I don't totally feel like myself yet.

What about those mundane meetings.

They're helping...

even though they think I'm talking about heroin.

JACE: Shadowhunter down.

- CLARY: Milo Keytower.

- What happened?

From what I understand, his runes were carved out.

Is that true, Jace?


After he was attacked by a wolf.

He had multiple bite and claw marks.

What kind of werewolf randomly attacks a Shadowhunter?

One who's trying to send a message.

And get the attention of the Clave.

We need to find them before this happens again.

Well, I think I have a pretty good idea who it is.



Really, Raphael?

Not tonight.

Come on.


You guys.

Did Raphael send you as some sort of threat?


This isn't about Raphael.

This is about you.

We want to be in your clan.


I don't have a clan.

I'm a music major at NYU, so...

For centuries, we've heard the legend of how one day a great leader would come.

A vampire who can walk in the daylight.

We always thought it was...

a myth, folklore.

You're proof that the legends are true.



Come on, guys.

We're here for you.

Whatever you need, Daylighter.

All you have to do is ask.

Well, uh...

Thank you.

I really appreciate it.

But, uh...

I'm good.


Alright, look.

You guys seem really cool.

For real.

But, uh...

I'm not really looking for a posse at the moment.

So, you guys should go back and hang with Raphael.

He's much more...

you know, fit to be the clan leader type, so...

You know where to find us.


SIMON: You know me, Luke.

I'm no leader, and I never have been!

Don't sell yourself short.

Not everybody can start a band when they're .

Well, that band totally imploded.

I mean, you wanna meet my new band?

'cause you're looking right at it!

Look, all I want to do is go to college and hang out with my girlfriend.

Is that too much to ask?

About that.

I hope you and Clary are, you know, being safe...


Yeah, um...


But I figured, 'cause of the vampire thing, I couldn't, um...

I couldn't really get Clary, you know...







I wasn't talking about that.

I was talking about the bloodlust.

Right, yeah, of course!

Well, if things get too heated I can, um...

I know how to pull back.

Uh, just...

don't get overconfident.

I've seen it happen before.

You know, temptation and emotion...

Can we please talk about any other topic but this please?

- Absolutely.

- ALEC: Luke, we need to talk.

A Shadowhunter's been mutilated and killed by a wolf.


Watch your tone in here.

How do you know a wolf killed him?

Because of the claw marks and traces of DNA on the body.

Luke, the Inquisitor would like you to come in.

Just to answer a few questions.

LUKE: Are you questioning me or are you accusing me?

A week ago, you demanded the destruction of the Soul Sword.

A demand which, of course, is impossible to even consider.

Which leads me to wonder...

was this killing an act of revenge on the Clave?

LUKE SCOFFING: You think that I would murder a Shadowhunter?

We all know about your temper, Lucian.

Does she really think Luke did this?

LUKE: Take my DNA.

Test it against your evidence.

I'm not your wolf.

And if any one of my pack did it...

I'll kill them myself.

Take him down to the lab.

A word, Jace?

Luke didn't do this.

I'm sure his DNA will prove it.

That's the Herondale in you.

We trust our gut and act accordingly.

You know, when your father died, I thought the Herondale name would end with him.

But by the grace of the Angel, I was wrong.

I see so much of your father in you.

But those eyes... ...

those eyes you got from your mother.

What was she like?

My mom.

Celine was beautiful.

Golden hair, like yours.

She was so smart, so headstrong.

You definitely got your stubbornness from her.

If they could see you now, Jace...

they would be so proud of you.

I will be heading back to Idris soon, and I will be appointing a new Head of this Institute.

It should be Alec.

He's a born leader.

There's no better man for the job.



Lightwood certainly is one of our best and brightest.

But I'm appointing you, Jace.


It should've been you.

I told her that.

The Clave was never going to hand it to me.

I'm dating a guy who's a Downworlder.

Look Alec, I didn't want this, I swear.

You're a Herondale.

Get used to the perks.


JACE: What happened?

We found Rosegreen and Penmount dead in the Bowery.

Runes carved out.

Just like Keytower.

Except Penmount's been drained by a vampire.

And Rosegreen was lanced by a Seelie Knight.

It's not just a lone wolf.

It's multiple Downworlders.

Luke was right all along.

The Downworlders want revenge.

This could be the start of an uprising.
















HERONDALE: Another Shadowhunter was found Dead last night in Williamsburg.

This time, murdered this time murdered by a warlock.

In this time of crisis, it is essential that we maintain strong leadership.

That is why I am naming.

Jace Herondale Head of the Institute, effective upon my departure to Idris.


Let's not make a big deal about this.

She's still in charge until she leaves.

IZZY: Still!

Being appointed Head of the Institute and finding out you're a Herondale?

Don't let it get to your head.

CLARY: So Herondales are what, like the Kennedys of the Shadow World?

It's an old Shadowhunter family.

Like the Lightwoods.

But we are the Kennedys.

Let's focus on what matters.

The Inquisitor would like us to reach out to our allies, to see what they know.

At this point, she considers all Downworlders suspects.

That's casting a pretty broad net.

She can't possibly think any of our friends did this.

Yeah, well, we'll prove that to her.

Since Luke's DNA cleared him, we should collect samples from all of our friends to clear them as well.

I'll make an Institute-wide announcement.

I'll go talk to Simon.


I'll go see Raphael.


Why not?


Am I missing something here?


I'm a Yin Fen addict.

Excuse me?

IZZY SIGHING: It's a long story, but I'm better now.

Not perfect, but better.

Definitely good enough to hunt down whoever's murdering our people.


We'll take all the help we can get.

Just report back with any leads, OK?

ALEC: I'm going with you.


I'll have more traction with Raphael if it's just me.

I'll leave as soon as Max is settled.

Alec, I can handle this.

You just have to trust me.




You look very...

I was bored.

Needed a change.


is everything OK?


I've been worried sick.

With all these attacks, you shouldn't be out on your own.

Well, I'm not on my own.

I'm here with you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.

A body was found in Williamsburg.

Have you heard anything?


but warlocks don't report their misdeeds to me.

If they did, my phone would never stop ringing.

Magnus, I need your hair.

It's just a strand for a DNA test to clear you.

I didn't realize there was anything I needed to be cleared of.

Do you not trust my word?

Of course I trust you.

I know you had nothing to do with this.

It's just, this is...

it's Clave orders.

I see.

So again you're just blindly carrying out orders?

What happened to following your gut?


Shadowhunters are being slaughtered.

I'm just asking for a strand of hair.

Let's not be overdramatic.

Well... ...

I wouldn't want to be overdramatic.

Thank you.

Get out.


Magnus, come on...



Luke did it.

He gave a DNA sample.

It was his idea.

He knew it would clear him.

You know my Bubbie Helen?

Yeah, of course.

When she was little, her family owned a bakery in Poland.

One day, these soldiers came in and asked to put a star in the window.

They wanted to know which shops were Jewish-run.

You know, no big deal.

For their records.

Then they had to wear white armbands.

And they couldn't ride the train.

Then they were forced to ride the train.

My Bubbie Helen was the only one in her family to survive.

Simon... ...

I am so sorry.

I didn't realize...

That's why I can't do what you're asking.

For her.



Hi Simon.

Where are you?

Two blocks away from where I was when you called me seconds ago.

You see, this is stupid.

I should have never let you convince me that you were OK to walk home alone! I'm fine!

I'll be home in like...





- Hello? Hello? (GROANING)


Clary, you OK?!





SIMON: Clary!


You OK?


Can you hear me?


IZZY: You'll have four training sessions a day...

demon strategy, weapons, combat, and endurance.

Breakfast starts at five.

If you are late, all you'll have is a cold bran muffin.

I don't need breakfast.

When do we start training?


First thing tomorrow.

Right now I have a mission.

Great, let's go.

Whoa, slow down!


You don't get to go out in the field until you complete your training.

But I have more medals than anyone in my class.

I did so well in the simulator, they had to write a new code for it.

IZZY SIGHING: That's because you hacked it.

This is real, Max.


I can handle it.


I'll follow orders.

Patience, young Shadowhunter.

You'll be out there soon enough.



♪ Send me a daydream ♪ (KNOCKING)


How'd you know it was me?

My powers are wild and beyond understanding.

And I saw you crossing the street outside.

So, have you come to talk me into spitting into a cup for the Clave?

You kidding me?

Look, I'm all for stopping those murders, but when the DNA brigade came knocking, I portalled out.

I had that shop in Salem...

this isn't my first witch hunt.

I'll drink to that.


I suppose I already am.



came by to bring you these.

♪ But I had to be a big girl ♪ ♪ And get out on my own ♪ Dragonfly wings?

I thought it might help.

From when you lost your powers.

After being blasted by that greater demon...

A disturbing ordeal.

♪ This isn't easy... ♪ Whiskey rocks.

Your heartache drink.

♪ This isn't what I dreamed... ♪ Not always.

It's me, Mag.

I've known you for centuries.

Pour me one.

♪ You broke my heart and you let us fall astray ♪ Talk.

Or not.

Either way, you should never drink alone.

♪ Break away... ♪ So you didn't see the attacker at all?

No description?


It was hard to see and I had to choose.

Either go after them or help Clary.

Would you have done it differently?

You better get going.


I'm not going anywhere until she wakes up.

Under the circumstances, there's a lockout order on all Downworlders.

What else is new.

Jace, I saved her.

I brought her here, and when she wakes up I'm gonna be there for her.

I wish that were possible, but the Institute is on high alert.

There are new rules here...

I don't care about your rules.

I care about Clary.

I'm not leaving.

It's not a request, Mr.


Look, I'm...

I'm not a criminal, I'm her boyfriend...


Please don't make this worse.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything about her.

You will leave this Institute or I'll have you escorted to a cell.

I will not ask again.

You don't have to.

I'm not leaving.


Tell Clary I'm here!

Tell Clary I'm here!

Simon has been helpful in the past.

He's an ally.

Don't you think throwing him in jail is a little excessive?

A Downworlder cannot challenge our authority.

Not in times like these.



Another body.


ALEC: It's Hillwater.

Looks like a vampire attack.

We need a new plan.

These are from the R and D Team in Alicante.

We've always been able to track Shadowhunters through their runes.

Now we can track Downworlders through GPS chips.

What are you saying?

That we round up the Downworlders and involuntarily chip them?


Lightwood, perhaps your personal relationships are clouding your objectivity.

My personal relationships have nothing to do with it.

No, you know what?

Maybe they have everything to do with it, because it was a warlock who told me to always follow my gut, and that is just plain wrong.


Downworlders preying on Shadowhunters, that is what's wrong.

You sound like Valentine.

Valentine wants those people dead.

I'm trying to help them.

Those people?

Jace, you can't do this.

Alec, look at this.

Too many Shadowhunters are dying.




MAIA: I'm sorry, gentlemen!

This isn't a leather bar.


I'm here on Clave business.

Clave business?

Do I curtsy?

If you really want to.

Are there any mundanes in here?


There's a new mandate, for everyone's safety: GPS implants.

You've got to be kidding me.

The Clave has always been able to track Shadowhunters through their runes.

This is no different.

This is very different.

Hey everybody!

The Clave wants to implant tracking chips in all of us.

Like pets.

Who's in?

It isn't like that.

This is just temporary, until we catch the killer.



I thought you would have learned the first time.

But apparently, Shadowhunters aren't the brightest bulbs.

Alright, hey.

Look, we can get this done without any violence.

Where's the fun in that?













Maia, stop!

The Clave's gone too far, Lucian.

Let them fight.






You son of a bitch.



You want a Downworld revolt?

This is how it starts.

They came after Clary.


Look, she's OK, Luke, but...

It's not about Clary.

And it's not about those dead Shadowhunters.

It's about starting a war.

Do you want that blood on your hands?

Get out of here.


What happened?

You were drugged.

Fortunately, Simon got to you before it was too late.

They tried to kill me?

- Where's Simon?

- Hey.

Take it easy.

Where is he?

Is he OK?

He refused to leave the premises.

Inquisitor Herondale had him taken down to the detention level.

She locked up Simon?

You cannot be down here.

- I have clearance.

- Not anymore.

Inquisitor's orders.

Duncan, please.

I need to see Simon.



- Simon!


Simon, if you can hear me, I will get you out of here!


DOT: Alec Lightwood...

No wonder you're a mess.

Mortals are always trouble, you know that.

Says the warlock who had a fling with Mark Twain.

What can I say?

- I'm a sucker for a man with a moustache.

- Me too, but only if it belongs to Freddie Mercury.


So that's why you dragged me to all those Queen concerts!

DOT LAUGHING: We Will Rock You indeed.

Oh, don't be crude.

I fall in love with the soul before the s*x.

Was it my soul you fell in love with?

What we had was wonderful.

That was...


- That was almost a century ago.


But that's not what I mean.

So find a warlock soul to fall in love with.

Then when the Clave declares war on the Downworld, your boyfriend's not trying to hit you up for a cheek swab.


- So, if warlocks are so divine...

- Mhm...

why haven't you hooked up with any handsome magic-maker in the past six decades?

Not that anyone's counting.


What can I say?

It's hard to find a warlock who's super hot and lives in this realm.

And who's also a good dancer.

Why, Miss Dorothea...

Is that a challenge?


I'm on my way.


So Imogen says to lock up Simon and you just let it happen?

Clary, I tried to help Simon.

You know I wouldn't have done any of this if he hadn't broken Clave rules.

Oh, suddenly you're into rules?

You know, Jace Herondale might have some kind of family name to live up to, but the Jace I know would break any rule for the people he cares about.

People are dying.

People I've known my entire life.

People I trained with.

There are no easy choices right now.

A team just found Lockheart dead.

And we've just caught his killer.

Maia, what's going on?

HERONDALE: Lockheart was mauled by a wolf.

Ms. Roberts was found a block away, minutes after the kill.

I was walking home from work.

What, is that a crime now too?

Did anyone see you walking home from work?

It's New York City.

A lot of people were a block away.

An hour ago, this wolf viciously attacked Jace for carrying out a Clave mandate.

To put a tracking chip in my neck!



You know, I have been stopped by cops for no other reason than being black, but I thought the Shadowhunters were more evolved than that.

Jace, I didn't do this.

Six Shadowhunters are dead.

Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Isn't fear an emotion?

Because that's all this is.

Tracking people because of the kind of blood they have.

Locking them up without recourse?

Is that what the Clave stands for?

Your idealism is charming, but when they wheel in the next dead Shadowhunter with their runes carved out, what will you tell their family?

What will your ideals have done for any of them?

Put her downstairs with the vampire.


HERONDALE: Excuse me.

Jace, tell her to stop.

You know this is wrong.

I'm needed in Idris.

The Institute is in your hands now, Jace.

Make me proud.


there's no perfect way to do this.

I'm doing my best.

You know, not too long ago, everyone thought you had demon blood.

If you weren't a Herondale, she'd be locking you up, too.





You shouldn't be out alone.


thank you for coming.

Just so you know, Simon and I would have never have done - anything to hurt your sister...

- I didn't come here for apologies.

I came to reason with you.

For my clan.

They're not going to sit around and let the Clave put trackers in them.

I don't want that either.

I want to stop all of this.

So if there's anything you know about these murders...

I can tell you it's not a vampire.

We would never remove runes from a Shadowhunter.

Why is that?

From the time before the Accords, the Downworlders were hunted by Shadowhunters for sport.

They took our fangs, werewolf claws, and warlock marks as trophies.

The vampires swore we would never let that happen again.

To anyone.

That's horrible...

but if no vampires are involved, what about Keytower?

His blood was drained.

RAPHAEL: My guess?

A diversion.

Throw the investigation off track.

What else do you know?


I respect your loyalty to the Downworld.

But please...

We're desperate.

Innocent people are dying.

Back in the 's, the Downworld came together to make some demands the Clave wouldn't agree to.

And it got pretty ugly.

I overheard a Seelie Knight tell Camille that the only way to gain the Shadowhunters' respect was to show them how dangerous we are.

Beyond killing them, he suggested an extra step...

taking their runes.

Which Seelie?

♪Maybelline New York♪ (VICTROLA MUSIC)


My life would be a boring tragedy without you.

It would indeed.

I'm sorry...

Don't be.

I'm in love with Alec.

I know.

I just...

Had a moment.

MAGNUS: And a bottle of whiskey.

You are incredibly beautiful, Dot.

And soulful.



I'm afraid I've always been a one-soul-at- a-time kind of guy.

Alec's lucky to have you.

MAIA: Why didn't you just leave?

There was nothing you could do for her.

SIMON: I just...


And I kind of thought Jace would stand up for me.

Yeah, Jace looks lost.

Like a deer caught in headlights.

I guess I get it.

Get what?

That he's under the Inquisitor's spell?

I know what it's like, to want so badly to have real family.

The things you'll do...

Even for the world's most terrifying grandma?


I mean, you should have seen her face when Clary went off on her.

That woman was legit scared.

Clary was on fire.

If I didn't know any better...

I'd say you like Clary now.

She's growing on me.

Don't screw it up, Simon.

I don't plan to... ...if I ever get out of here.

You're a Daylighter now.


that come with any other new tricks that could break us out of here?


But I've realized that being a Daylighter is like, totally overrated.

Like, I should have got something cool, - heat vision, or invisibility...


- If only you were invisible.

- Clary!


You OK?

I tried to stay but they wouldn't let me...

CLARY: No, it's alright.

It's OK.

You know damn well I didn't kill anyone.

Yeah, well, even so, I should probably let you cool out down here for that right hook you landed.

You deserved it.

Yeah, I did.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

An apology...

from you.


There's a first time for everything.


So you wore his shirt home, and you kept it for how long?

You should be glad I kept it.

It's the only thing helping us track him.

I can't believe Meliorn would do something like this.

RAPHAEL: The Fair Folk work in strange ways.

We've got company.



By the Angel, Max!

What are you doing here?

I tracked you here.

Told you I was the best in my class.

IZZY: You could have gotten yourself killed.

I smell Shadowhunter blood.

Wanna prove you're the best in your class?

Stay here and stay hidden.

Do you understand?


This is not my doing.

I was tracking the killer, but I'm afraid I arrived too late.

Don't believe anything he says.

Seelies can't lie.

Yeah, but they'll spin the truth until you're dizzy.

I can help you find the killer.

It's a Seelie, I can tell you that.

And I can track them.

Let's go.

Isabelle, it could be a trap.

I believe him, OK?

I need you to take Max back to the Institute where he'll be safe.

IZZY: Max!

Oh, no...






Awake already?

Come near me and I'll kill you.


KAELIE: You don't deserve this.

But Shadowhunters need to feel what it's like to lose the ones that they love.

My brother Samuel was all I had in this world...

and now he's gone!

Thanks to your brother, Jace.



One more move and you're dead.


MELIORN: It's over, Kaelie!

The Shadowhunters led us into a massacre.

Why are you on their side?

- It is not a matter of sides, Kaelie, - (HISSING)

it is a matter of what is right.




MAX: I'm sorry.









IZZY: She had everything: Werewolf claws, vampire fangs, Seelie blades.

She used it to make it look like a Downworld uprising.

The question is, why?

We're not sure.

But it has to go beyond covering her tracks.

I agree.

That's great work, Iz.

I hear Max is back up on his feet and ready to take over the world.

How are you doing?

Are you OK?

Getting better one day at a time.


JACE: We'll keep investigating Kaelie.

But in the meantime, my first official act as Head of the Institute is going to be somewhat controversial, so I'm gonna need your help.

You're taking over.

The Seelie investigation?


I mean you, Alec Lightwood, are now the Head of the New York Institute.

Can you do that?


I mean, like you said, being a Herondale comes with certain perks.

Naming a successor is one of them.

You were right.

Downworlders and Shadowhunters, We're all a mix of human, angel and demon.

If we let the Clave forget that... ...

we deserve a revolt.

I'll always be a soldier.

But you're a leader, Alec.

I have your first assignment.

Bring it.

SIMON: This is gonna be humiliating.

What if there's only like, two or three people?

And I'm not even ready to perform in front of two or three people yet.

Unless they're really drunk.


Have I ever lied to you?

Not that I know of.

Then believe me when I tell you...

you are going to crush it.


- OK?


Go get 'em, tiger!



SIMON: Um...

SIMON: Hey...

what's going on?

Are you giving away free alcohol?

Turns out some vampires got wind of a singer they're really into.


Your vampire friends know a good thing when they see it.

Something tells me it's not all about the music.


I'm not letting you out of this.

Oh, hey, um...

this is on me.

Thanks, Maia.





We're Rock Soli...

I'm Simon Lewis.

Thank you all for coming.


This is for the Downworld.



♪ Got a drop in my throat ♪ ♪ Chill in my bones ♪ ♪ When no one's around ♪ ♪ See you lighting a flare ♪ ♪ Nobody's there ♪ ♪ They don't hear a sound ♪ ♪ Oh, the burden that I face ♪ ♪ Inside, every night ♪ ♪ I'm a stranger when I wake ♪ ♪ Wake up in your eyes ♪ ♪ When the new world ♪ ♪ I've come to know ♪ ♪ Is a replica of home ♪ ♪ Forever alone ♪ ♪ Flying, I'm a night owl ♪ JACE: Hey.


Let me help you.

MAIA: I appreciate you springing me, but there's still a bar full of Downworlders who might wanna gut you.

Yeah, I know, but I had to come.

It's to remove the chip.

Direct orders from my new boss.

No more tracking.

♪ It's a fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Playing in the limits ♪ ♪ It's a fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Playing in the limits ♪ ♪ Catching fire under the stars ♪ ♪ I'm ready to feel ♪ ♪ The uneasy pain... ♪ I'm not saying thank you.

♪ Oh the burden that I face... ♪ ♪ Inside, every night ♪ Magnus, you were right.

♪ I'm a stranger when I wake ♪ ♪ Wake up in your eyes ♪ You never have to prove yourself to me.

I love you.

I love you, too.

♪ Forever alone... ♪ JACE: Maia...

Look, I'm sorry if I hurt you.


You were willing to let the entire Downworld go to hell because you're still in love with Clary.

I'm not in love with Clary.


I'm not.

Prove it.

♪ I'm hiding away ♪ And don't think this means anything.

♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Playing in the limits ♪ ♪ It's a fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ It's a fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪ ♪ Fragile world ♪