03x04 - Thy Soul Instructed

- Previously on Shadowhunters

- Now it's time to meet my sire.

You can meet him when it's time.

Oh, sure!

You lying b*st*rd!



- What happened?

- She's gone.

MAIA: Simon, watch out!


We're here to help you move out.


- Simon...

- It's OK.

I'll come by tomorrow and pack up my stuff.

The Owl's latest victim: Morgan Young.

IZZY: Well, one thing is for sure... the Owl is definitely not Jonathan.

Well, if the Owl's not Jonathan...

Who could it be? (DRAMATIC MUSIC)





For such an ugly and despicable species, they do make beautiful things.

Where is the girl?

Right as I finished, the Shadowhunters...

they fought me off.

Took her with them.


How could you let that happen?

I was overpowered.


If they identify her possession, they will be able to track me.

They will try and stop Jonathan's resurrection

- before it even begins.

- I will not let that happen.

No, you won't.


will stop me from bringing my son back.

For thousands of years, I was unable to bear a child...

but then Valentine came to me and he asked for my blood for his unborn son.

But I knew...

that my boy would be far too powerful for a mere Shadowhunter to raise.

So he eventually sent him to me...

and I loved him with all my heart.

And I never knew if he loved me back, until you killed him...

and he called for me with his final breath.

You will bring me disciples so that my son can be reborn.

And then I will destroy you...

like you destroyed him.

But first...

take care of the girl, before it's too late.




Hey, Jace.

Alec promoted me to Head of Security.

And if you have a minute, I'd love to pick your brain.

I guess that's a no...


Jace, what's going on?


I've been texting you since Izzy and I got back from the club.

Where have you been?

I have no idea.


♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

The last thing I remember, I was...

I was fighting Jonathan in the club, but...

but then he must've knocked me out, but it was...


Jonathan isn't the Owl.

Izzy slashed him with her whip.

The electrum...

he didn't burn.

But... then the nightmares I've been having...

They're not signs.

Jonathan is dead.

Then that's good.

Yeah, that's good.

Jace, what is going on with you?

Is it bringing you back?

The wish I made?

No. I'm... I'm fine.

No, you're not!

Look, we need to tell the others.

- No.

- We need to get you some help.


Listen, you need to swear to me that you haven't told anyone else about this.

Not yet, but Jace...

Clary, we've been through this.

You compelled the one wish from Raziel.

To the Clave, that's the worst offense possible.

And I don't care if they throw me in the Gard.


I am not going to lose you again.

I promise you, I'm fine.

Then why don't you remember where you've been all night?

I'm just tired.

I haven't slept in days.

Do you honestly believe that's all this is?

I just need to get some rest.

And now that...

Now that I know Jonathan is dead...

I finally can.



I need to get to Sarah...

Whatever dark force you are, we will release you to your realm unharmed...

just tell us who helped possess this mundane.

Take me to Sarah!

Who is the owl demon?


Any luck?

There's no breaking through.

What've you got?

Sarah's her twin sister.

They share an apartment in Queens.

If the Owl's M.O. is consistent with his previous victims, Morgan is being driven to kill someone she loves.

ALEC: She's the th mundane this week who's become possessed.

The Owl is busy, and unique.

In a typical possession, the body's cells wouldn't be affected.

But Morgan's are?

Her cells are no longer mundane.

They're demonic.

So there's no way we can save her?


Got another vic, Ollie.

-year-old female, missing teenage son.

Corner of th and rd.

Meet you there in an hour.

Kicking Simon out?

That was your Alpha move?

Not now.

Yes now.

You think I like this any more than you do?

Believe me, this was not an easy decision.

Simon didn't do anything wrong.

It's not about right or wrong.

It's about protecting the pack.

Simon almost killed Glenn.

And did you hear about Raphael?

They both tried to attack him.

Clearly Simon's new power, whatever it is, only kicks in when someone tries to hurt him.

Do we know that?

And even if we did, how am I supposed to keep the pack from doing something stupid and getting themselves blown to pieces?

You tell them to stop acting like prejudiced dicks.

It's none of their business if I want to date a vampire.

You tell them to leave Simon alone.

And have you got some magic fairy dust that I can sprinkle around and make that happen?

We're talking about vampires and werewolves.

Thousands of years of hate.

It's not pretty, but that's just the way it is.

I can't believe those words just came out of your mouth.

Are you seriously telling me there's no use in trying to change bigoted behavior?

I'm all for change, but the kind of change you're talking about takes time and open minds.

And right now, I'm short on both.

So you're abandoning Simon?

I don't abandon people I care about.

You know that better than anyone.

Not anymore.

But... hey, you're the Alpha.

Do what you think is best.





Hey there!

I was just closing up.

You here to give?

Actually, I'm here to take.

I need blood.

Yeah, OK.

And I need a wife who spends less on shoes, so...

good luck to both of us, OK?



What kind of sicko are you?!

I'm not sick.

I'm hungry.

You smell so good.









- AH!




You're in a turn lane!

Move it!

No Fray, I can't move back home.

The last time I tried that, Raphael had to encanto my mom.

That's right, the rat-snack incident...

Look, I just need a place of my own.

I don't want to have to explain why I have a fridge full of blood or how I never eat...

[or how the Seelie Queen] installed this deflector shield on my forehead.

Well, I could talk to Alec.

See if you could move in here.

Right, 'cause I'm sure he wants to turn the Institute into an Airbnb for Downworlders.

Don't worry about it, Fray.

I've got a lot of places to look at.

That are affordable for a vampire without a day job?

Hey, I still have my Bar Mitzvah money.


I rose from the dead.

I can find an apartment.

[I'll call you later.]

CLARY: [Bye, Simon.]

Look out!

Oh, my gosh!



- Are you OK?

I didn't even see you.

Are you all right?

- Me?!

No, I'm fine.

- Yeah?

Holy crap!

Did you hurt anything?

Oh, just my pride...

this trash can, and...


and my bike.

Well, your leg doesn't look like it's doing too hot either.

- Here, let me get that.

- Ah, it'll be fine.

- I just, uh...

oh, thanks.

- Yeah.

I just have to...

walk blocks.


Where are you headed?

Midtown, then back to my place in Queens.

Well, I got a van.

I'll give you a ride.

Who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?

Thanks man.

Yeah, you got it.

I'm Simon.


I'm this way.

I got your alert.

Another Owl attack?


Blood unit hit downtown.

Most likely a rogue vampire.

I want you on this with Jace.

How about Izzy?

Well, why not Jace?

He's exhausted.

He's been hunting the Owl - .

He hasn't slept.

Are you sure this is about sleep?

When you and Jace were at Lake Lyn, my parabatai rune disappeared.

There's a reason for that.

What was it?

I told you.

I don't know.



I know how much you care about Jace, how much you would do to protect him, and I appreciate that.

But if there is something wrong with Jace, something serious...

you'd tell me about it, right?

Izzy and I can handle a rogue vamp.


I'm so sorry about the stairs.

You gotta love fourth-floor walk-ups.

Oh, this is nothing.

My old place had a huge...

dog problem.

Where should I put the, uh...


Is that a custom Les Paul with original humbuckers?

You know your guitars.

That belonged to my uncle.

He gave it to me when my family moved to the States.

That's a nice going away present.

I wasn't too happy about the move.

My whole life was back in Brisbane.

But you don't really have much say when you're , do you?

I'm sorry.

I just, I've wanted one of these since I was a kid.

Do you mind if I...


Knock yourself out.

It's better you than me.

Last week my neighbors offered me a bucks to stop slaughtering my way through Stairway to Heaven.

Well, I have to say, I feel like I'm in heaven.

This place... this place is awesome!

Yeah, well, my bonehead roommate didn't think so.

He just moved out with no notice and the rent's due next week.

Hey, do you know anyone who needs a place?

OK, this is gonna sound weird, but I...

I was actually looking for one.

Are you serious?


I mean, if you are, feel free to look around and check the place out.

Yeah, um...


See, the, uh...

I have this thing about privacy.

I kind of want my own place.

Totally get it.

You know, it's just these days, you gotta fork out for a crap studio with a hot plate for a kitchen.


You're telling me.

You know, a good thing about this place...

it's rent controlled.

- For real?!

- Mm-hmm.

That's... that's a really good thing.



Hey man, there's no pressure.

It just seems like we'd get along.


- All three of us.



♪♪♪ ALEC: Too pretty for your own good?

What, are you jealous?

I was actually just coming to your office to check on my next assignment.

You look pretty beat.

Everything OK?


I'm fine.

So... why did you pull the security footage of you entering the Institute?

What, are you spying on me now?


I'm looking out for you.

I'm just tired...

and I asked Underhill to pull the security footage to make sure he's running all the cameras.


something's been off with you ever since we got back from Idris...

and I'm trying to figure out what it is and...

Do you remember when Valentine told us how your mother committed suicide?

What about it?


we looked up Celine's medical records and found that she had a history of...

mental illness.

It's just...

it can be hereditary.

So you're saying you think I'm going crazy?


No, I'm just trying to help you.

Then stop making up problems that don't exist.


And stop getting on my case for not being perfect.

- What?!

- Look, I'm not at my best because I have been working too damn hard on this Owl case.

I'm sorry for caring!





That vampire left behind a lot of blood, but not many clues.

Maybe we'll find something out here.


Are you sure Jace is OK?

He's tired.

I've seen Jace tired before.

He's never missed a mission.

I think...

everything he's been through lately is just catching up to him.

He needs rest.

Who keeps calling you?

Someone who can't take a hint.

- A mundane?

- I gave him my number to get him off my back.

You wouldn't have given him your number in the first place if you weren't at least a little interested.

Shadowhunters don't date mundanes.

So much for thinking our vampire only came here for blood bags.

CLARY: Is that part of his lab jacket?


If a vampire drained a mundane, you'd think we'd find a body.


No tracking signal.

Body or not, our mundane must be dead.


If you didn't have that mark, I'd smack you.

How could you not take this apartment?


because I need to avoid blasting people to smithereens?

Your power only gets triggered when people try to hurt you.

Yeah, but things can get tense when you share an apartment.

What if I do something that annoys the guy?

Enough to want to hurt you?

I don't know what could set him off.

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, clipping my toenails on the couch...

Ew, you clip your toenails on the couch?


No, but hypothetically...


Now I want to hurt you.

Take this apartment.

Besides, you can't afford your own place unless you move to Jersey.


What's wrong with the great Garden State of New Jersey?

That's where you're from.

And I'm never moving back.

So, since Jersey's out and we can't hook up at the Jade Wolf...

you do the math.




Luke, hey...

Thanks for coming.

Yeah, you said it was important.


It's not something with Clary, is it?


No, it's not Clary.

She's fine.


Back in Idris, you knew my mom, right?



I know she killed herself.

But before that, her medical records say she exhibited symptoms of psychosis.

Was she... was she confused?

Did she...

forget how she got places?


Well, sometimes it seemed like that.

She'd talk to herself...

see things and people who weren't there.

Wasn't there anything anyone could do for her?

We tried to get her to go to the Silent Brothers, but she refused.

She was afraid they'd declare her unfit for duty.

We did what we could on our own, but...

nothing seemed to make a difference.

Except when your dad, Stephen, was around.

Yeah, Imogen told me that...

after my father died, she used to...

wear his ring around her neck and never take it off.

Maybe that's why.


it made her feel close to him.

I know it must be hard for you...

to think about your mother and what she went through.

But she was an amazing person who helped create another amazing person.

So don't forget to hang on to the good.

♪ My boy's being sus ♪



♪ He was shady enough ♪

♪ But now he's just a shadow ♪

♪ My boy loves his friends ♪

♪ Like I love my split ends ♪

♪ And by that I mean ♪

♪ He cuts 'em off ♪

♪ My boy, my boy, my boy ♪

♪ Don't love me like he promised ♪

♪ He ain't a man ♪

♪ And sure as hell ain't honest ♪

♪ You want me to be yours ♪

♪ Well then, you gotta be mine ♪

♪ And if you want a good girl ♪

♪ Then goodbye ♪


I figured you'd be here.

Party's over.





- Hey!

You made it!


- Yeah.

FYI, the apartment's already got one of those.


it's a little bigger too.

I know, I just, uh...

I like having my own.


Sorry, I'm just a little particular about my food.

- So if you don't mind...

- Say no more.

Your stuff is your stuff.

I won't touch it.


Since we are on the subject of setting house rules...

if you're ever bringing home a date, can you just let me know so I can make sure I'm not around?

Thin walls.

Uh, yeah.

No worries.

Other than that, relax.

Make yourself at home.

My last place wasn't homey and I had difficult neighbors, so I really appreciate that.

Hold that thought...

while we lug your stuff up four flights of stairs.


Your limp's gone.


Yeah, I told you not to worry.

It's all good.



You haven't had anything to eat or drink all day.

Do I need to force-feed you?


Look, Jace...

he's my parabatai, so I should be able to help him.

But this, I just...

I don't know how.



I know you're scared.

But we don't know for sure if Jace is going down the same road as Celine.

Don't lose hope.

Thank you.



What's all this?

I need to stop these mundane murders.

But we have no idea who or what the Owl is.

And we hit a dead end on testing on Morgan.

Digging for clues.

Not to be an overeager warlock boyfriend, but...

need a hand?

You help me all the time.

If I came to you every time I had a problem...

We'll spend more time together.

Oh, the torture.

Look, after I get some food in you, I'll come to the Institute and examine Morgan.

See if my magic can shed some light on things.

Thank you.

But with this...

I just...

We'll make it through this.


- OK?

One step at a time.


Yeah, I know.

Thank you.



No point tracking.

Our mundane's dead.

CLARY: I thought I'd try one more time, in case he's being held over water.

You sure you're OK, being in this neighborhood full of vampires?

IZZY: I can handle it.

Yin-Fen dealers know the dirt.

If we play our cards right, we might be able to get a lead on this delinquent blood sucker.


CLARY: So, that mundane you're avoiding...

is it because you're still hung up on Raphael?

Let's just drop it.

You do remember who you're talking to?

All the guys I've been with...

s*x was always a big part of it.

With Raphael...

it was about everything but that.

He made me feel like I wanted so much more.

So why end it?

We thought we couldn't be together without being tempted by our old habits.


Raphael and I...


something about us that just... fits.

Izzy, your instincts are always spot on.

If you and Raphael fit...


What's wrong?

I just got a tracking hit on our missing mundane.

He's not dead.

Not yet.



Good, you're awake.

It's almost time for the fun.


Where are we?


What are you doing?

First time that I went to a bleeder den, I was just looking for an escape from my miserable life.


But after my first bite...

I was hooked.



It wasn't just off the high of vampire venom.

I wanted to be one.

All that strength...

all that power.





When you told me that story about how you stole my body from the hospital morgue to resurrect me...

First time in my life I felt so lucky.

And then I realized that you just brought me back here to be your guinea pig.

I'm sorry.

I know it was wrong.


It's OK.

As my step-mom always said...

"even scum get their day in the sun." (DRAMATIC SOUND INDICATION)





You were supposed to take care of the girl.

Why isn't it done?

Sorry, what girl?

Who are you?



I told you to take care of the mundane captured by the Shadowhunters.

What broke you free of my order?


You may be strong, but my love for her is stronger.

So she's the reason that I can only control you when you sleep.

I knew Clarissa was dear to you.

Why do you think I've been torturing you with dreams of you and Jonathan killing her?

But clearly I underestimated the power of your love.

Where is she?

On assignment.


Your love for me will be stronger.

Complete your mission.

I'll take care of Clary.





I'm sorry for all the terrible things I did to you.

I know nothing can take that back...

but the experiments weren't just for me.

I was trying to give all of us the power - to walk in the daylight.

- Oh...

How touching that you were burning me for my own good.


- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

I think that you're looking for this, right?

Well, it is mine now so...


If you let me go, I can help you.

You're gonna need a clan...

a family.

Family's a crock!


You try so hard to make them love you, or at least not hate you...

I guess that I should thank you for at least giving me a better life.


Or giving you a life at all!

If it wasn't for me, you would've stayed dead.

This life you wanted, I GAVE IT TO YOU!

You're right.

And you taught me well.

When I left the DuMort, I was, um...

really thirsty, and so I killed a mundane.

At first I felt really...

bad about it, but then I thought of you...

and I realized I could fix it.

You didn't...




Tracking signal's on fire.

The mundane must be close.

CLARY: That might not be a good thing.



(MAN): Looking for something?


We know you're thirsty.

We're not here to hurt you.


Where's the vampire who killed you?


Please, we don't want to kill you!

Just take us to your sire.

Not a chance.







I can't hold him much longer!

Third time's a charm.

Nicely done.











It's Raphael.




Get him out of the sun!


What happened?!

I tried to get a lead on the vampire...

I tried to take her down on my own.

But she got the upper hand.

Who is she?

I don't know.




Security cameras are out!

Everything's down.

What's going on with the back-up systems?

They're down, too.

We're gonna have to go for a manual reboot.



I have to get to Sarah.



JACE: Talto.









What's happening?

We are not sure.

How long has the system been down?

Less than two minutes.

Hopefully it was just a glitch.






What's going on?

She's free of all demonic possession.

Where am I?!

Hey, you're OK.

You're OK.



Trying to cover your tracks?


I knew something didn't add up.

It makes sense that a power-hungry vampire might want to kill you...

But binding you on the rooftop to be burned by the rising sun...

taking the time and effort to dispose of your enemy in such a specific way?

That's about revenge.

How could you do this?

It was an experiment to become a Daylighter.

You know how you care about Max and your family?

years ago, I was ripped away from Rosa...

and my family.

I just wanted a piece of my old life back: to be with Rosa...

to watch the sun rise, and...

to be normal.

So you were willing to let someone else go through all this pain so your life could be better?

I thought I knew you.

I won't report your crimes to the Clave..

on one condition: leave the city.


Are you kidding me?

Dude, fireballs are a crutch!


Well, you picked my guy first!



That's my stoner neighbour.

This guy always locks himself out of the building.

All right, fine.

No worries.

I'll just beat your ass when you get back.

Thanks for calling it in, but I told you to keep your distance.

Well, I didn't like the way things ended up with me and Simon the other day, so...

I thought I'd stop by tomorrow and check on him.

KYLE: [Lay off while I do my job.] Simon Lewis belongs to the Praetor now.





Hey, you missed the alert.

I was just checking in to see...

Oh, my God.


Jace, what's going on?

Talk to me.

I was walking back from...

from the Jade Wolf, and...

I don't know how I got here.

Clary, I think I'm...

I think I'm losing my mind.


Are you Magnus Bane?

I am.

How can I help you?

I have a rather...

complicated problem, and I hear if anyone can help me...

it's you.

Come on in.