03x07 - Salt in the Wound

JACE: Previously on Shadowhunters...

CLARY: I can summon Ithuriel?

The Owl has a Master

Its name is


It is powerful enough to kill an angel.

I have to let everyone know.

You do that, and it unravels everything.

OLLIE: Knowing about the Shadow World

is a huge responsibility.

You need to trust that I can handle it.

- Who else did you tell?
- Well, obviously Sam.

She's my partner.

You're playing with fire and I won't be able to help you.

The blood sacrifice is almost complete.

There are disciples.

One more and Jonathan will be ready.

Go find me my last virtuous mundane.



CLARY: It was him... all along.










Jace. This isn't you.

Jace, I know you're still in there.

I know you won't kill me.


I love you.


I don't love you.

Not anymore.





♪ We're coming ♪

♪ After you ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

♪ This is the hunt ♪

Look... don't beat yourself up

about Heidi. OK?

That's why the Praetor Lupus exists... to help

problematic Downworlders like you.

Wait, so I'm problematic?

When you haven't had your blood in the morning, yeah.

You know I have this unpredictable mark

of destruction on my head, right?

- You should watch yourself.

Really? Another blood delivery?

OK. No judgments.

I stress eat. Besides, the blood's free

when you're dating the bartender.

Hey. Are you OK?

What happened? Where did you end up taking Heidi?

Maia... Have you guys met?

What is he doing here?

That's Kyle, my roommate. He lives here.

That's Jordan Kyle.

He's the werewolf who turned me.

You're Jordan?

Maia, let me explain. Please.

No, no, no. You stay away from her.

What the hell is going on?

You turned Maia, and now you're stalking her?

No! No, no.

I had no idea Maia was your girlfriend

until it was too late. OK?

At that point, I would've broken the Praetor oath if I withdrew from the assignment.

So you lied to me because you knew she was my girlfriend?

I'm such an idiot.

No, Simon... No, no, no!
I've heard enough!

Just... stay away from both of us.


- (BEEP)

Look, Fray, it's a bad time.

[Can I call you back?]



- [Clary?]
- Simon...

Are you OK? What's wrong?

[I... can't... move.]

Where are you?

Near... Crosby and Grand.

- I'll be right there.
- (BEEP)




Clary, wha...

It's OK. OK?

It's gonna be OK.

Who did this to you?

Jace is the Owl!?

How is that even possible?

This whole time, it wasn't his mental health.

- He was possessed...
- By an extremely powerful

Greater Demon, who gave him the ability to turn mundanes into demonic killers.

We've defeated Greater Demons before.

We'll do it again and free Jace.

This is not just any Greater Demon.

Clary was able to draw an image of the beast, and it matches this image from the Silent City archives.

The demon is Lilith, Queen of Edom.

Adam's first wife.

Adam as in Garden of Eden, Adam?

The one and only.

So what does that mean?

She's the mother of all demons.

It makes her more powerful than anything we've ever encountered.

But of all people, why Jace?


What you felt that night when your parabatai rune disappeared...

You were right.

Jace did die.

Valentine killed him.

I knew it.

But if he died, how did he come back?

Because I made a wish to Raziel.

You made the wish?

I had to.

I had to. It was the only way to bring him back.

But it...

It made him vulnerable, to Lilith, to this...

this beast that is powerful enough to murder Ithuriel.


Because of me.

Because I summoned him.

Because I was trying to help Jace.

Alec, I am so sorry.

I should not have kept this from you.

I know what position this puts you in with the Clave, so if you want to send me to the Gard...

I understand.

Clary, no!



I would've done the same thing.


Please, pick up the phone...

Sam. It's Detective Garroway.

[I need you to leave your apartment right now.]

Why? What's going on? Where's Ollie?

I'm not sure.

[I need you to go someplace secure.]

Which beloved did you sacrifice?

My mother.

I am your mother now.


Because of your sacrifices, Jonathan is now nourished, and ready to rise again.

Once he is with us, our family will finally be complete.

Soon, my son... you will be home.


So you've been carrying this secret around the whole time.


Why didn't you tell me?

Jace convinced me not to tell anyone.


I'm your best friend.

You don't have to go through this alone.


I have to go check on Maia.

Maia? What's going on?

It's complicated.



Last night... Ollie's mother

was found in her apartment... stabbed to death.

Luke... there is nothing you could've done.

Wait. Jace was able to reverse

Morgan's possession, remember?

If we can find Jace, maybe he can save Ollie.

No. We tried that. He must be using his anti-tracking rune.

The Owl wasn't exactly shy before.

If we were to somehow contain him the next time he makes an appearance, I might

be able to relieve him of Lilith's influence.

How the hell are we gonna contain him?

When I took over as weapons master,

I read about a piece of Clave technology that never made it into the field.

It was called the Malachi Configuration.

Malachi the traitor?

He invented a type of cage for Greater Demons.

Now, it's just sitting in the Alicante Armory.

So we go there and we get it.

What, do you expect the Clave to just hand it over?

No... but Imogen might.

She's Jace's grandmother.
We can trust her.

Izzy and I will go with you.

And I will go try and find a cure for Jace.

Before the Owl got a hold of Ollie, she had a location lead.

If I can find Lilith...

I can find Jace.


- (SIGH)
- Hey!


What a fool I am.

If I hadn't given her that elixir...

- Jace would still be Jace.
- Magnus...

Lilith would have gotten to him with or without you.

You can't put this all on yourself.

I will fix it.

I will use the last drop of my power

if it's the death of me.

Thank you.

About our fight...

- Alexander, I...
- No.

I was wrong.

I said things I shouldn't have.

As did I.

But that's not important right now.

What's important is that we save your parabatai.


There you are.

I've been calling you all night.

I'm OK.

I am...

I am so sorry about Kyle.

I mean, Jordan.

If I had known, I would've had nothing to do with him.

I know.


Are you sure you're all right?

- Yeah.
- Well, I'm here

if you need to talk. You can talk and I

could just listen, believe it or not.

Whatever you need.

I just need to be alone right now.






A day like today, I thought for sure

I'd have the beach all to myself.

You're going in the water?

I was planning on it.

I don't know where you're from,

but that water is freezing.

I think I'll be OK. That's what the suit's for.

You don't surf, do you?


Well, that's too bad.

Why not?


Come on. It's, uh...

It's just you and me and the seagulls.

I promise your secret is safe.

I'm terrified of the ocean.

There is no need to be.

Shark attacks are a lot more rare than you think.

It's not just sharks. It's everything.

I can swim in a pool all day long no problem but the ocean? I mean, you don't know what's out there.

There could be... fish... stingrays...

giant mutant octopuses that'll swallow you whole.

You mean octopi?



Look it up.

You know an awful lot about the ocean

for someone who's never been in it.

Occasionally, I put my feet in the water.

Maybe even an ankle if I'm feeling adventurous.

But I just prefer to sit and watch the waves.

It helps take my mind off the bad things happening on dry land.

You know, I get it.

I'm Jordan, by the way.


- OK.
- Yeah.


OK, Maia. It is now my duty in life

to get you to surf just once.

Never gonna happen.

You sure?


Well, suit yourself.


I need you to go to Alicante.

As a Nephilim, you can enter without being detected.

I'll provide you a warlock to portal you.

Then you will go to the Cemetery of the Disgraced.

That's a highly secured area now.

Oh, you'll find a way in.

And once you do,

you will bring me the flesh of his father.


Smart boy.

Luke. You wanted to see me?

I haven't been here since take your kid to work day.

I need you for a reconnaissance mission.

Me? Why?

You broke the bones of a wolf and nearly killed a vampire with that... thing on your head.

- You're added protection.
- So I'm like a body guard?

I'm Kevin Costner, you're Whitney Houston!

No. It's nothing like that.

Well, it's actually kind of like that...

All right. Ollie's contact has been seeing an influx of people

loitering around this intersection.

Everyday people with the same vacant look in their eyes.

So you think that's where Lilith is hiding?


Don't tell me this is police business you can't discuss.

- Where's Ollie?
- Sam...

She would never disappear this long without calling.

OK? Even for her job.

- All right, look. I...
- Does this have to do

- with your damn Shadow World?!
- I can't talk about this here.

Just follow me.




It's wonderful to see you all,

but based on this unscheduled visit,

it seems that something

must be amiss. What's happened?

Jace has been compromised

by the Greater Demon Lilith.

She's controlling his every move.

Oh, by the Angel...

How did this happen?

We don't know.

If this is true...

you know it will be

grounds for a kill order.

We believe we can cure Jace

without having to alert the Clave.

That's why we came to you.

If you can give us the Malachi Configuration,

we can contain Jace.

We can cure him.

And what do I tell Consul Penhallow?

Who says she has to know?




JORDAN: Thank you.

Did you see me out there?

Did you see how long

I rode that wave?

You were amazing.

And insanely beautiful

riding that foot wave.


You know, I wish I could show you real swells.

Well, anytime you want to take me to Australia,

- I'm game.
- You know, I was...

I was thinking more Fiji.

Even better.

No, I'm serious.

You know, what's keeping us here?

We should move to Fiji.


Yeah, OK.

You know, when I was a kid,

I cut out this picture of Namotu Island.

And, ah...

I always wanted to go, but...

we could never afford it.

Now, it just feels so far away.

Well, I wouldn't mind getting out of the Jersey cold.

You know, it's warm every single day of the year.

We could live on the beach,

give surf lessons to tourists.

No more shoveling snow or sitting in traffic.

I bet my parents wouldn't even miss me.

Oh, of course they would.

♪ It's a sign, stars align ♪

But they'd understand.

You can't live under the cloud

of your brother's death forever, Maia.

♪ We are one, and we are twinkling ♪

I love you, Jordan Kyle.

I love you too.

♪ Irises unclear

♪ Two black holes of joy ♪

♪ It's Arcadia ♪

♪ We are laughing things ♪

♪ Dancing evergreens ♪

♪ Hope this never fades ♪



[Praetor Tom speaking.]

This is Praetor Kyle.

I want to be taken off the case.

[You know that's against the oath.]

Yeah. I don't care.

I'm willing to suffer the consequences.

I can't be here anymore.

My security clearance must be used in person

via thumbprint.

Well, that's a new development.

When the Circle members got ousted,

we increased security protocol

in certain high-risk areas in the city.

The Armory is one of them.

I didn't realize we had visitors.

Consul Penhallow.

What brings the crown jewels

of the New York Institute to Alicante?

Inquisitor Herondale was just

- giving us a tour...
- Of the Armory, so I can improve

the operations in New York.

What a wonderful idea.

I have a few moments to spare, do you mind if I join?

Actually, Consul Penhallow,

I was hoping to speak with you privately.

Of course.


Is this about your mother?


I wanted to talk to you about that delegate position

you had offered me.

I'm having second thoughts

about turning down the promotion.

I'm glad to hear you're a willing candidate.

Unfortunately, I've already offered the position

to Michael Rayhorn, of the Brussels Institute.

Hmm. That is...



What about a variation on a healing spell?

It's not that simple.

My elixir has already taken a hold of him.

Magnus, you can't blame yourself.

Of course I can!

I knew there was something off about that warlock...

(INHALING SHARPLY) I should have followed my gut.

The past is the past,

but you and I both know you're powerful enough to reverse this.

Well, that's the problem.

I'm too powerful for my own good.

I'm too powerful for anyone's good.



The elixir is irreversible.

Jace was already compromised

before your elixir ever touched his lips.

It's not gonna be easy,

but don't act like you're some helpless

-year-old warlock.

You're Magnus Bane.

I've gotta get home to Madzie.

The babysitter must be exhausted.

But don't give up.

Do what you do best.

Think outside the box.





LUKE: I'm picking up on Ollie's scent.
We're close.

I should have never told her about the Shadow World.

SIMON: You did everything you could to keep her out of this.

Hell, you even encantoed her and it still didn't stop her.

Yeah, but she's my partner.

I'm responsible if she doesn't come home at the end of the day.

Are you gonna be able to control your condition?


'Cause if we do find Ollie,

there's no telling what she'll do.

She's still human...

and so are the others.

I never thought of that.

As far as I know, all I have to do

is avoid any type of attack.

I had a guy helping me figure it out.

He was like my supernatural life coach.

He says he works for this...

top secret organization called the Praetor Lupus.

Have you heard of it?

I'm the one that called them in the first place.

So you knew about this this whole time?!

They were a great resource to me when I first turned.

I thought they could help you too.

"Help"? All they've done is drop a bomb

on the best thing I have going for me right now.

What happened?

They sent Maia's scumbag ex.

Jordan? The guy who turned her?

The one and only.

How is Maia?



Is that thing still infected?

It's been weeks.

It's just a scratch.


Oh, that is not just a scratch.

Stray dogs have diseases. You need to see a doctor.

I don't need to see a doctor.

It'll be fine.


You said you wanted to meet. What's up?

I have amazing news.

I got into Rutgers...

on a full scholarship in Marine Sciences.

Isn't that amazing?!



I thought you'd be proud of me.

No, I am. It's...

It's just...

What about Fiji?

I mean, Fiji was just, like, a fantasy.

You know? Something to... daydream about.

It wasn't real.

Yeah, well, it was real to me!

I have to get out of Jersey, Maia.

And so do you.

We can make this work.

I will work my ass off

to get us there. I'll make plans for the surf school.

- OK? It... it...
- Jordan...

I want to make a life for us too but here,

where I can go to school.


You are not abandoning our dream


I'm so sorry.

What's going on with you?

Nothing. I'm fine.

It's not nothing. Tell me what's going on.

I gotta go.



Maia? Are you OK?


Really? 'Cause you kind of seem bummed.

No. I'm just...

I'm just thinking.

Thinking's good.

Are you gonna eat those spring rolls?


- Help yourself.
- Where are you headed?

To do something I should've done a long time ago.


What kind of cage fits in a duffle bag?

I'll explain later.

I made sure it wouldn't be detected as missing.

That should keep the Clave off our backs.

- Hmm.
- All we have to do is find Jace.

You know, sometimes I...

think it would've been better

if Jace had never met me.

Are you kidding?

I've known Jace a lot longer than you have.

Before, all he cared about was the hunt.


Then he met you,

and it was like he woke up from a deep sleep.

From that day on...

he became a different Jace.

A happier Jace.

Hey. Did you get it?

Some assembly required, but yes.

Let's go.


Sorry to startle you.

I probably should've warned you I was coming.

It's always wonderful to see you.

What brings you to Alicante?

I need you to escort me

to the Cemetery of the Disgraced.

That's an odd place to go at this hour.


I'd like the opportunity

to properly mourn my parents.


bereavement visits need to be pre-approved.

Can't you make an exception?

Stephen would be so disappointed in you.

I was his only son...

just like he was your only son.

Well, of course I can make an exception.


I'll take you to the cemetery now.

- Ah!














Change of plans. Jace is here.

He's in the cemetery.

- What?
- What is he doing?

I don't know. We have to get him. Now.

SIMON: This place is like a devil worshipper's paradise.

LUKE: More like demon worship.

Why don't you go check out the other room?

I'll see what I can find in here.

I'm your bodyguard.

I can't let you out of my sight.

I think I got it covered.







Hey, look...

Look, you guys don't wanna mess with me, OK?

For your sake.

Trust me. LUKE!

Little help here?!

Mother doesn't want you here.

Ollie... I'm not gonna hurt you.

This is infernal ground and I must protect it.

Ollie... I can help you.

Come with me,

we'll get Lilith out of your head.

Sam wants you to come home.

She loves you.

I killed my mother, and now I'm going to kill you.

And then I'll go home to Sam

and stab her until there's no one left to love.

Stop it. You gotta fight against this.

Fight against what?

This is who I am.

I know you don't believe me, but I'm telling the truth.

If you attack me, you're gonna get very hurt.





What the hell happened in here?

I don't know.






What have you done?!

It worked.



What do we do now?

I can buy you some time.



I'll cover for you. Now, go fix him!

Clary, what are you doing?!


WOMAN: Move, move, move!



Well, this is certainly a surprise.



Drop your stele!

MAN: Let's see your hands!

WOMAN: Hands on your head!


What are you doing?!



I'm not blind. I saw you outside the restaurant.

What, are you stalking me now?

Who is he?

That's none of your business.

- Of course it is!
- We've been broken up

for weeks, Jordan. You don't own me.

I'm not your possession.

Of course not.

Look, Maia...

I have to tell you something.


I've been going through some changes.

- If you'll just let me explain...
- No. It's too late.

I'm trying to make things right here.

You can go to Rutgers

if it means we can be back together again.


I don't need your permission.

I need for you to stay the hell out of my life.













What are you?



I'm a...




Don't worry, I'm leaving.

This will explain everything.

So you're still a coward.

I deserve that.

You deserve a lot worse.

I want you to know what happened.

It started the weekend I went camping...

when I got scratched.

Why didn't you tell me what was really happening?

How do you tell the girl you love

that you're an animal? A werewolf?

You should've trusted me.

I would've been there for you.

I know that now.

But when I first turned,

I wasn't thinking straight.

I wanted everything to go back to normal,

but I knew that wasn't gonna happen.

I lost it...

when I saw you with that guy.

That night you attacked me...

to get revenge?

Revenge? Is that what you think?

It wasn't revenge.

I was jealous,

and I couldn't control my turn.

But I never meant to scratch you, Maia.

I swear to God.

It's not just about the scratch.

I know what it's like to lose control.

I attacked a girl when I first turned.

So, yeah, I get it.

But thankfully I had Luke,

who brought me into his pack.

He even helped me check up on the girl

after it happened.

But you?

You just left me there

and never came back.

That's why I'm angry.



I understand.

But after I did what I did,

I couldn't face you.

I'm so... I'm so sorry, Maia,

for everything.

Not a day goes by where I don't regret what I did.

That's why I joined the Praetor.

To help others.

To right my wrong.

It's great...

that you found

a version of redemption for you.

But if you're here to ask for my forgiveness...

that's not something I can do.

I asked the Praetor to be taken off Simon's case.

I will be out of your life as soon as the new Praetor arrives.

No. You're not abandoning Simon

like you abandoned me.

You're staying on his case.

Just don't expect us to be friends.



My disciples...

I felt them...

disintegrate. How?

It was a vampire.

A Daylighter.



You really think that this...

thing... can contain me?

You're even stupider than I thought.

We're gonna save you, Jace.

Good luck.

It's only a matter of time before Lilith finds me,

finds you.

You'll all be dead by sunrise.

I don't think so.

We will battle her with everything we've got.

We won't let her take you again.

When your...

delusional confidence gets you killed,

I'll be sure to tell your mundane boyfriend

that you died in a tragic jewelry-making accident.

At least he's safe from the Clave.

For the time being.