01x06 - Episode 6


We are the same, you know?

We have both taken life.

Seen the crossover.

That moment...

That feeling of calm... right before it happens.

You feel it?


Don't be scared.

Everyone dies, and...





♪ I have seen a thousand things ♪
♪ A thousand minds and what they bring ♪
♪ To this world and to this home ♪
♪ But where I stand... ♪

Chelsea! Chelsea!

♪ ..Don't know... ♪


I thought we'd lost you.

Boy: Mum?

Man: Mum?

David, look.

I've found Harry.

I thought we'd left you behind.

We did leave him behind, Mum.

No, no, I've... I've found...

Boy: Mum? Where's Harry?

He was... he was just here.

We lost Harry, Mum.

We did.

Just... we had to leave so fast and I...

I couldn't pay.

We always had to leave so fast.

Chelsea: Lola!


Pleased to finally meet you, Lola.

Get in, Lola...

Lola... (ECHOES)

Chelsea: Lola!

Let's go have a chat.

Chelsea: Lola...

Lola! Lola!

Lola, wake up.

Lola, wake up, please!


Lola, wake up! Lola...

It's me. Come on, we have to go.

Come on. Come on, get up.


Yep. Yep, that's it.

Come on.


This way.


Come on.








You'll be fine, mate.


Come on...



I can't... Wait, wait.

No, no, no. Come on.

We have to keep going.

Come on!

This way, maybe...

I don't know.


Are you OK, mate?

Take it easy.

You're in good hands now.


Just roll you over. Roll you over.


So, what happened?

You can tell us, Josh.

I got here and, uh...

And what? Where are the women?


No, the... the Marics were already here.

Did the women kill them?


Terry Boke did.


You'll be alright.

Do as they say, you'll be fine.


Lola: Aah!




Hey! Over there. Come on!


You can do it.


Get in.


Are you alright?


How do I start this thing?

No, no, no. No, shh-shh-shh! Shh!


Get it...




We'll lock up these roads here to force the traffic through the main blocks.

Should I head to the hospital for when Detective Levine wakes up?

No, I've got it. You, um...

You keep looking. You call me as soon as you hear anything, right?


(WHISPERS) f*ck...

(QUIETLY) f*ck!




What's this other cop's name?

Joshua Levine. He killed 'em both.

Where is he?

Hospital in Mossman.

He got shot too.

The cops have got the car.

Chelsea: We better be quick, grab what we can.


I think it's stopped bleeding.

How are you feeling?

Better. Thanks.

I think it was just a graze.





What happened to that man?



Man: (ON RADIO) A police spokesman said an air unit from Kalfern will be dispatched, along with two police officers from the York District to help in the search.

Two have been confirmed dead, while a police officer has been taken to Mossman District Hospital and is undergoing surgery.

He's alive.

Yeah. Good for him.

Anyone with half a brain would have known what we were driving into.

I mean, cane fields? Really?

We could still give ourselves up to him.

I mean, he... he must know the truth now.

Yeah, well, you know what?

You can call him when we're a long way from here.

It's not exactly my idea of a safe haven.

(SIGHS) Oh, sh1t.

So, we lost it all?


Well, not everything.

'Cause we've still got the money.


I hid it... in a locker.

Along with a shit-load of drugs.


The car's panelling was filled with drugs.

So, that's what this was about!

Yep. Ow!

Why did you hide the drugs?

Thought we could use it as collateral.

There's just one problem.

Of course there is.

Well, I hid it in a locker in Mossman and your mate, that bloody cop, has got the key.

Well, why don't we just go there and smash it open?

Because there's a guard.

Well, why did you hide it there?

"Never leave money in the car."




It's true.


Oh, that hurts.


Oh, God, I'm so tired.

Ohh... I'm more tired.

I can't remember sleeping.

I remember the sound of you sleeping. (IMITATES SNORING)


I... (SLAPS) ..don't!

Yeah, you do.

I don't snore!




You need to rest.



You heard the radio.

They're sending air units out.

We need to get our stuff back.

And I need to get to see David.

And then we need to get the hell out of here.


OK, so... then, what?

Well, you know how to hot-wire a car, don't you?

Chelsea: Do you know the way to the hospital?

Lola: Yep.

We should split up and look for his room when we get there.

Yeah, I know.

You know, I could have hot-wired...

Yeah, Chelsea, shut up.

Did you see any cops?

No. Did you find his room?


There's no guarantee the key or the passports are there anyway.

Why don't I just ask?


I'll meet you back at the car.


Chelsea, no! Ow...

(WHISPERS) Chelsea!

Um, excuse me?

I'm looking for Joshua Levine.

Are you related?

I'm his girlfriend.

Well, his fiancee.

Uh... well, I think he was gonna ask.

It's against regulation for non-family members to see patients post-op.

OK, it's just... I, um...

Sorry. I, uh...

(SOBS) I... I just don't want to be a widow before I'm a bride.

Do you know?

OK, come on.

Thank you.

Mr Levine, you have a visitor.

How are you feeling?

Better... (GROANS)

Hi, darling!

Do you have a vase?


Thank you.

Five minutes.

No passports, no passports.




Oi, oi, oi?



Why are you here?

We thought you were dead.

Hey, I thought...

Ah! I thought YOU were dead.

Look, I have to go. Sorry.

No, wait, wait, wait.

Wait. I...

I didn't know what we were driving into.

I know... I know that Ray is involved.

He probably did try and kill you.

So, you do believe us now?

Now that YOU'VE been shot.


Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm looking for Josh Levine.

Are you related?


Police officer.

Oh. OK. He's in the Duncan Wing.

Uh, but he's with someone.


His fiancee.

Chelsea, it's safer for you here.

No, it's not safe for us anywhere.

You're a policeman and he tried to have you killed.

The police officer outside my door, guarding the whole hospital...

There's no cops out there.

You better call someone you can trust. I'm sorry, I have to go.


Ah! Wait, this is crazy.

Are you sure?

It was him.

Do you want to go back and check?

I'm gonna be sick.

No, no, not yet.

Hey, what are you doing?!

I got the key but no passports.

Lola: No... No, no, no! Chelsea!



Go! Drive! Drive!

There better be a bloody good reason for this.


No, sorry, one more time?

He knows the truth, so they'll kill him.


And we need him.

We need a wounded cop like a hole in the head.

I'm telling you, we are safer to go to the police station.

Hey! Sorry, there's no "we" here.

And forgive me if I don't trust your idea of safe.

Look, let's just take him somewhere, away from that other cop.

I'm not making any detours.

We're gonna drop him off here.

No! If he tells them the truth, that we're innocent, then this is over.

You are not learning.

Levine: Where are we?

Kansas, Dorothy.

Wait here. Be right back.


Where's she going?

Chelsea? Hey, what's she doing?

Mate, you... you don't have to do what she tells you.

But... She's the only reason I'm alive right now.

Yeah, but don't you want things to go back to normal?

What's normal?

A good job.

A good house.

A bloke that cares for you.

You can't just keep running, Chelsea.


Why don't you let us take that for you?



You had us worried there for a while.

Had a good run, though, didn't you?

I don't know what you heard about me, but I'll tell you one thing.

My word is my word.

And you... are gonna die tonight.

Now, we can make it quick and painless... if... you tell me the truth.

Or... not so quick and painless.


Who is he?


Who do you work for?

I don't work for anyone.


Chelsea: Lola!

On the ground. On the ground!

No, no!

Stay down!

Lola, what are you doing?

Chelsea, get in the car.

Lola, no.

Chelsea, stay!

Lola! Lola!

Lola, I'm a police officer and I can help you.

Right now, you're just another guy with a gun in my face.


Are you OK?

Where are we going?

A place I know.

If it's still there.

Hey, thanks for back there.

That's... Do you think he's dead?

I know we're alive.


Hey, Chelsea?

You haven't done anything wrong, OK?

He was gonna kill me.


You did the right thing.

You saved my life.



I delivered what was asked.

What more could I do?

Karen: Really?

Well, I don't see how they think I'm responsible.

Ray, just stop.

Listen to yourself.

You sound like the kids.

How are they?

You know, if you can't fix this problem, Ray, then your next step is to work out how you can break cleanly from us.

Wait... wait... wait...

What are you saying?

I have to go.



(QUIETLY) Nielsen Point.


Nielsen Point.

That's where your wife is.

Where your kids are too.

I told you where the women were and where the car was.

I gave them to you on a platter.

You gave me nothing.

Now I'm taking.

Well, you listen to me.

You listen.

I just read the charge sheet written out by Levine.

He's gonna be pushing for a long stretch.

Attempted murder, assault, kidnapping.

You need me.

I can make that disappear.

I can bring you down to a couple of years, tops, and get you the money and the drugs.


But you have to listen to me and do as I say.



Yeah. This was my dad's, uh, holiday home.

Well, a place he used, anyway, to stash his goods.


Yeah. He and some of his mates.

And now, here I am.


For how long, do you think?


Just for tonight.

We're gonna have to keep moving.

I need to get to David - finally tell him the truth about his crap mother.

Lola, you're not a crap mum.

You're a good mum.

You kept David safe for all those years.


You've... kept me safe.

I doubt your mother would approve of the way I've kept YOU safe.

Mum would have loved you.

You're the first person since she died who's treated me like more than just some... helpless little girl.

Did your father leave anything to drink?


I doubt there'll be any, uh, cranberry to go with it, though.

Here y'are.

Thank you.





Hey, we can't keep driving, Lola.

It's too risky.

Well, we can't fly.

What about seaplanes?

I mean, they go from any harbour or river, right?

And there's no security.

So, we could just hop on a plane and go to some isolated island somewhere and just wait for all of this to die down, and then we can fly back and get new passports.


How's that shoulder?


For the money?


What was the tipping point for you, Ray?

Or were you always bent?

Do you know when that question was first put to me?


A couple of the boys came into my office.

They were worried about the leak.

I knew... I knew someone was on the take. I just didn't know who.

And then they asked me this...

"Do you think Levine's always been bent or have the Marics got to him?"

Yeah, right.

Well, that's what I thought and...

But it got me thinking...

Why did you go to Lola Buckley's flat, against orders?

Why did you steal evidence from Forensics?

Go bouncing from one place to another, almost like you were trying to hide something?

And then, when you leaked Lola's ID to the press, effectively warning her, and flying up here, well... there's more than a few on the task force starting to ask questions.

And what questions were they, Ray?


"For the money?"

I'll be giving my full account to Internal when I fly back.

You'll be giving it sooner than that, son.

Anton Maric just made a statement indicating that you were instrumental in his criminal operations.

Joshua Levine, I'm arresting you as an accessory for the murder of Detective Constable Jones.



That's him.

David: What are you doing here, Lola?

Are you OK?

Man: See you, mate.

I'm fine.

They said you'd killed a cop.

It's not true.

What happened?

They made a mistake.

A mistake?

There's a national manhunt.

They're saying you're armed.

Have the police contacted you yet?


No, I told my boss I was taking a break.

No-one knows where I'm going.


What's going on?

I need to tell you something.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

Your father was a very violent man.

I tried to leave so many times.

And then, one night, I knew if I didn't do something, he was gonna kill me.

So... I stabbed him.

And he died.

I should have gone to the police, I should have turned myself in.

I found out I was pregnant... with you.

So, I ran.

I changed my name and I ran.

And that's why we had to keep on running.

I'm sorry.

I...I should have told you this a long time ago.

What are you going to do now?

I'm gonna find somewhere safe, just for a little while.

Then... sort this mess out.

I can help you. I have contacts.


David, I don't want you involved.

I've stuffed up your life enough.

I'll be OK.

I've got a plan.


And when I know it's safe, I'll contact you, OK?

I love you, David.

Newsreader: (ON TV) Last night, there was a dramatic development in Far North Queensland, as the hunt continued for two females implicated in the death of a Sydney policeman.

The sensational arrest of Homicide Detective Joshua Levine has sent shock waves through the New South Wales Police Force.

It's a major breakthrough for the investigation into last week's shooting of police officer Keith Jones, and follows the discovery of at least two other bodies in the Bison cane fields two hours south of Mossman.

The New South Wales Police Commissioner has said that although the arrest of a serving police officer is deeply disturbing, there was no evidence of corruption...



Maybe we can anonymously call them, tell them he's innocent, and then we'll just get the next plane.

That cop Stanton's never gonna stop chasing us until he gets what he wants.

So, what do we do?

We give him what he wants.

Song: ♪ Sugar baby ♪
♪ You make me go crazy ♪
♪ Come, my lady Come, come, my lady ♪
♪ You're my butterfly, sugar baby ♪
♪ Come, my lady Come, come, my lady ♪
♪ You're my butterfly, sugar baby ♪
♪ Yeah, so come and dance with me ♪
♪ You make me go crazy. ♪


Lola: Do you know who this is?


Do you know what we want?


We just want our freedom back.

We want all this to go away.

As do I.

So, where are you?



Look, we'll give you what's yours.

We just want our passports and some money. That's it.

That sounds fair.

Where do you want to meet?

Drive to Port Callum.

I'll call you in exactly two hours.

I'll give you further instructions then.

If you try anything, if I smell a trap... I'll burn your drugs and you'll never see us again.



You stupid, stupid girl.

You ready?


You'll be OK.


G'day, Lola.





Whatever happened to trust?

Where's the rest of it?

Let her go and I'll take you to your drugs.

How stupid do you think I am?!

Because I have to say, I was really beginning to believe that you two were something special, until this.

Now, you...

You get the bag now or I will shoot her in the face.

Do you understand?


If you'd given me the drugs back in Sydney, you would have saved us a world of pain.

What are you doing? No!

Where is it, Lola?

Where is it?!


Chelsea: Don't tell him.



Where is it?

Let her go.

You tell me! You tell me!

Where is it?!


Let her go!




Move away.




Aaagh! Aaagh! Aaagh! Aaagh!

Get it off! Get it off!

Get his cuffs.



I'll bet that stings, doesn't it?

I wasn't gonna kill you.

Yeah, you were.

We would have given you everything, if you'd just left us alone.

I had no choice!

You've got no idea who you're dealing with.

Was it worth it?

Killing people just for money?

It's never about the money.

Did you get all that?


Oh, great.

So, when are the police coming?

Uh, about an hour, I think.

Right. Uh, isn't the reporter coming first?

No, no, we're gonna drop the camera to her.



Uh, I think that's it. Oh...

You got your drugs? Yeah.

One last thing.

How stupid do you think WE are?

Watch those fire ants.

They like the smell of blood.

Lola... Lola!




Mr Morrison?

Your daughter's waiting in the car.

Good to see you, Dad.

I'm sorry about Ray, darling.

Do we know what these women have told the police?

No. We've lost most of our police resources.

We've lost more than that.

I know.

But I've taken steps to resolve this.

It shouldn't be long now.

Good girl. I want that key tag.


Chelsea: Why don't you come too, Lola?

I mean, it's safe now. They're... they're offering an amnesty.

Not for everything.

But Josh says that it won't hold up in court.

My dad says that too.

Come on, you don't want to keep running, do you?

I don't know.

I just need some time to think it through.

Have a rest.

And I've never been on a seaplane, so...


Well, um, thank you, for, um...

You too.

My only friend.

You'll be OK.

Sure you don't want to take some money?

Oh, no, I'm actually loaded.


Well, my father...

Well, your father is.

See you, Brigitte.



Josh: Chelsea, where... where are you?

The Commissioner's waiting for us.

Chelsea: Lola's not coming.


Alright, we'll keep talking to her, but where are you, Chelsea?

I'm not coming either.

You're innocent.

They... they know that now.

Things are gonna go back to the way they were.

Everything will be normal again.

I can't.

Not yet.

Song: ♪ You shout it loud ♪
♪ But I can't hear... ♪

Thank you.

♪ A word you say ♪
♪ I'm talking loud ♪
♪ Not saying much ♪
♪ I'm bulletproof ♪
♪ Nothing to lose ♪
♪ Fire away, fire away ♪
♪ Ricochet... ♪

You know, I think we both deserve a holiday.

Until they offer us both full amnesty, we're together, right?

♪ Shoot me down... ♪


♪ But I won't fall... ♪

So, where are we going?

♪ Titanium ♪
♪ Shoot me down, but I won't fall ♪
♪ I am titanium... ♪



Ray: Did you think this was over?

We have your son, Lola.