01x02 - After the Storm

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Horse neighs ]


[ Violent crash ]

I have to go home.

I try and tell myself that she lived an amazing life.

Well, my daughter died trying to save that horse, and, uh. . .

I don't want my granddaughter to grow up thinking that she died for nothing.

What's the deal with the babes?

You keep ten feet away at all times.

Any part of you that crosses that line will be removed.

The problem is grandpa. He's never gonna forgive you.

So how come you're going through all mom's stuff, and you're making all these decisions about things that you're. . .?

You're not even planning to stick around.

Because somebody has to, Amy.

I know that you blame me! But we were just trying to help you! lt's not my fault.

[ Screaming ]

lt's not my fault!

[ Horse whinnies ]

[ Crickets chirping ]

Mom. . .

[ Thunder booms ]

Mom. . .

[ Truck engine revs ]


[ Truck engine revs ]


[ Violent crash ]

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Panting ]

Did Soraya call while I was in the shower?


She should be here any minute.

Hey, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

I heard you this morning. You woke me up. I'm fine. Really. You don't understand.

I am just so excited to see Soraya.

So she's back from Quebec?

Mmm-hmm. Yeah, she got in last night.

Well, before you go running off, I have to talk to you about Swallow.

What about Swallow?

How's it going with him? How's he doing? ls he improving?

Swallow's fine.

[ Car horn honks ]

Oh, there she is!

Well, are you sure, Amy?

Swallow. Are you sure he's fine?

Yeah, I'm sure. I'm the one training him, okay?

Okay, I'm just asking, Amy.

And I'm just telling. No worries.

[ Door shuts ]

Hello? Mrs. Roche?

Hi, it's Lou Fleming calling from Heartland.

Yup. Amy says Swallow is fine, and he's ready to be picked up.

And at the break of day You sank into your dream You dreamer You dreamer You dreamer So how much money does Ty make?

Well, that's none of your beeswax, Mallory.

Why? CEOs of huge companies publish their salaries in, like, Forbes Magazine for everybody to see.

[ Chuckling ]
You read Forbes Magazine?

My mom does.

But you've got to be paying him minimum, right, Jack?

I mean, I'd be expecting a lot less seeing as I'm only 12.

Well, I'd pay you something if you made yourself useful instead of following me around gabbing non-stop.

Fine, give me a job.

Well, fine. Clean out Copper's stall.

I don't do horse poo.

Well, that's hard to avoid on a ranch, don't you think?

[ Truck door opens ]



Hey! You look amazing!

So do you! I missed you so much!

I missed you too. So did Jazz. I love your sweater.

Oh, he did? Jazz missed me?

Yeah, he's been dancing around his stall waiting for you.

Oh, he's so cute. Can we go for a ride?

Absolutely. So where'd you get it?

Oh, at the coolest store in Montréal. You'd love this place.

Mr. Bartlett, hey!

Good trip?

The best.

Hey, Mallory.


I like this.

So are you guys going riding?

Are you?

Are you?

Whoa, who's this guy?

This is Spartan.

He was totally crazed when he got here.

He's come a long way.

How's your mom's horse?


Yeah, he's not himself, is he? lf you ask me, he's depressed.

I mean, I would be too if my owner was--

[ Pail clanks loudly ]

[ Wheelbarrow trundling ]

Hey, where are you going?

For a ride.

Oh, Ty, this is Soraya.



She just got back from a trip to Montréal.

So no one's here to help me muck out?

[ Horse whinnies ]

l'm stuck with all the work. Again? I'll help you, Ty.

Ah. . . I thought you didn't do horse. . . manure.

[ Horse snorts ]

So. . . Ty. . . You forgot to mention he was hot.

Why does everybody think he's so hot?

'Cause he is. What's he like?

I don't know, weird. He's just here as part of a probation deal.

Oh, bad boy. What'd he do?

I actually don't want to know. He's the moodiest guy I've ever met.

He can be great one minute, you know, like, actually human, and then dark the next.

I just don't get him at all.

Moody and dark. What's not to like?

[ Laughing ]

Watch it, Amy!

Man, I'm impressed. He's a real jumper!

Yeah, he seems to love it.

You should get back into competition.

I don't know.

Come on, it's summer, no school. We could do it together.

But I don't have a practice ring.

So, we could go to Andy Brimmer's place.

He's got a whole course set up.

Come on, it would be fun.

We might even make it to the Fall Finale.

Could you imagine beating Ashley? So perfect.

[ Giggling ]

Come on, let's go.

Ty, can you bring Swallow out?

Swallow's leaving? Since when?

Since this morning.

Have you asked Amy?

Of course I did! Now, just bring him out!

Hey, there, Mrs. Roche. Nice day.

How are you doing, Lou? Things getting a little better?

Yeah, we're doing good. Thanks.

So how's it gonna work from now on?

Well, right now until she goes back to New York anyway, and who knows when that will be, Lou's just handling the business end of things, you know, like paying bills and ordering supplies, stuff like that, and I'm gonna try and do what my mom did.

You can do it. You're amazing with horses.

Look at what you did for this guy.

Thanks. I'm really glad you're home.

Me too.

Hey, let's go up the trail to Clairdale Ridge.

I haven't been there for ages.

[ Thunder booms ]

Let's just go home, okay?

[ Clicks teeth at horse ]

Come on. ls my favorite boarder back already?

They didn't keep him very long at Heartland.

Well, they say he's all fixed up.

Huh, they do, do they?

Well, you wouldn't catch me out on the road with him, spooking at every car or truck he sees, I can tell you.

All I know is that Marion Fleming worked miracles on my last horse, and, uh, apparently Amy has inherited her mother's gift.

Oh, "the gift".

Don't complain to me when Swallow throws you off again.

Hey! lt's Swallow.

Hey. Are you glad to be back at Briar Ridge?

We missed you.

[ Chuckles ]

Can I ride him?

No, you can't.

Ashley, I said no.

Oh, Mother, chill. Come on.

He's looking good. Nice and relaxed.

[ Truck approaching ]

[ Horse neighs ]


[ Groaning ]

Oh, Pegasus.

You gotta eat. I'll make you something special, okay?

You're a good boy.

[ Gasping ]

Can you put that tack where it belongs?

Like I've got time to put things away.

I just turned out all the horses and mucked out all their stalls.

You had Mallory.

Right. Mallory. The mouth that never stops.

There are three horses that still need their legs washed and wrapped.

How am I supposed to do everything?

You know what, Ty? That's what hired hands do. lt's their job.

[ Banging ]

l'm sorry, okay?

I didn't mean it to sound like that.

[ Sighs ]

lt's just I haven't seen Soraya in ages, and l. . . I'll help you do night check after dinner.

I promise.


Honey and bananas. You can't say no to that.

[ Pail clanks ]

[ Horse whinnies elsewhere ]

Where's Swallow?

Mrs. Roche picked him up a couple of hours ago.


At least that's one less horse to worry about.

[ Door slams shut ]

Why did you let Swallow go?

We needed the stall. Lucy Greene's bringing Whisper tomorrow.

I wasn't done with him!

You're the one who said he was ready.

No, I didn't.

You said he was fine.

I asked you this morning, and you said he was fine.

I said he was fine as in "he's improved", but he's not fine as in "ready to go home" fine!

Well. . .

[ Exasperated sigh ]

Okay, I'll just call her. . .

[ Sighs ]

. . .and we'll be fine.

[ Sighing anxiously ]
Oh, no!

[ Geese honking ]

MRS. ROCHE: You said he was cured.

LOU: I know, Mrs. Roche, and I'm. . .

That may be your idea of a cured horse, but it certainly isn't mine.

l'm sorry, l-

Listen to me, Lou.

I knew your mother, and I had great respect for her, but I think you're making a living trading on Marion's reputation.

Only thing is, you don't have the experience to deal with the problems you promise to treat.

That is not fair.

Now, hold on. Amy was doing a fabulous job.

I knew he wasn't ready to go.

You knew? lt was my fault, actually. Swallow should never have left.

Now, please just bring him back, and we can continue his treatment.

No, I'm sorry.

Val Stanton has kindly offered to have one of her trainers work with him.

That is so wrong.

Briar Ridge's methods won't work on a horse like Swallow.

Amy, Lou, I like you, girls, but I think you're in way over your heads here.

[ Car starts up ]

How could you let Swallow go? You knew he wasn't ready.

Hey, what do I know? I'm just the hired hand, right?

I hate to say it, I truly do, but I'm telling you, Heartland's days are numbered.

Oh, Val. I feel so sorry for that family, especially Amy.

Amy is a lovely girl, but she is certainly not her mother.

With Marion gone, there is no one there who can fix horses. lt's a myth, that's what it is. lt's a myth.

And Lou is just trying to get away with it charging good money for nothing.

That is so New York, you know?

Oh, my God, Mom, it's Nick Harwell.

Who's Nick Harwell?

Only the hottest jumper on the circuit. Oh, he's too cute.

Down, girl.

[ Clears throat ]

Can I have a large coffee, milk, no sugar?


Mrs. Stanton.

Congrats on your latest win.

Gosh, that Star is a wonderful horse, huh?

Yeah, he's quite a performer. He's a real show off.

He sure is.

Couldn't help but notice, though, he kicked up a real fuss at the in-gate.


He doesn't usually do that, right?

He's having a few issues right now.

Ah, right.

Well, you know, if your people can't see their way to fixing him, come to Briar Ridge. I'm sure you have some very good people there.

I just hired a trainer from the best stable in Kentucky.

He cost me a fortune. Don't ask.

But he's nothing short of amazing, and if you bring Star by, he'll have a look at him.

Here's your coffee.

Thank you.

So? I'll think about it.

Yeah, you do that.

See ya.

Oh, he said, "See ya."

[ Horse whinnies ]

What's this supposed to be?

Shepherd's pie. Lou's version.

Tastes more like something the shepherd stepped in.

No rudeness at the table, or someone will eat in her own home where she belongs.

So, Soraya tells me she wants to start competing again.

Yeah, she wants me to train with her.

I think that's a good idea. You should get back to it.

I don't know.

That was Lucy Greene, Whispy's owner. She's cancelled.

Word travels fast.

But some good news: a Mr. Garcia called.

He's got a horse that won't let anyone saddle him.

I gave him a quote and apparently--

You gave him a quote?

He asked for one. lt usually takes you about a week, so I based it on that. lt could take a week. lt could take a month.

I don't know until I've seen the horse.

Just tell him the quote can't stand.

I can't do that, Amy. lt's not professional.

We should have rates and stick to them. Everyone else does.

We're not like everyone else.

Look, stop, both of you! There's a way to work this out!

Maybe intense family therapy?

[ Screen door squeaks open ]

[ Sighs ]

l'm sorry I freaked out on Lou. lt's just it's all her fault we're getting a bad rep.

Oh, go easy on her.

She's on a bit of a learning curve and figuring things out. I'm still trying to figure her out.

I wish she was a horse. lt would be a lot easier.

Well, if she was a horse, you'd try, right?

Are you slacking off again? Must be nice.

[ Horse whinnies ]

l'll do Spartan and Pegasus.

Don't strain yourself.

What's your problem?

What's yours? You're the one with--

Okay! I'm sorry about Swallow. lt was my fault, not yours.

Damn right, it was.

Gee, thanks.

So you're not Miss Perfect. Big deal.

This training thing, train for what?


Your friend. What does she want you to train for?

Hmm, show jumping competition.

And your grandpa said you should get back to it.

Did you compete a lot or. . .?

I used to.

Did you like it?

Yeah, I did.

Well, like I always say, if it feels good, you gotta do it, right?

And clearly that's worked well for you.

[ Small laugh ]


So how do you, uh. . . train?

A neighbor has a jumping course.

Soraya's totally up for it. I mean, she wants to start tomorrow, but. . .

I don't think I want to.

Why not?

I don't know. I'm not ready.

My mom, she was my coach. Just never done it alone.

I know it's lame.

No. But I think you should do it. With this guy.

Sounds like he's had a pretty crappy life.

And if he likes jumpin' so much, maybe it'd be good for him, you know?

[ Whinnies loudly ]

See? He wants to.

You don't need to be a horse whisperer to know that.

[ Sighs ]

[ Horse whinnies ]

[ Horse snorts ]

Spartan, come on.

[ Horse neighs ]

Come on, easy, hey.

[ Horse snorts ]


AMY: Ah, no!

Amy, go easy!

AMY: You're okay.

LOU: Amy!

You've got to be more careful. That horse could have killed you.

He's okay.


[ Kitten meows ]

What are you doing?

My mom called it "t-touch". This helps reduce stress.

You should use it on Lou.

Yeah, I should.

So much for going to Andy Brimmers.

We can't train, we certainly can't compete. I'm sorry, Soraya. I really am.

Yes, Mr. Garcia, I realize I gave you that price, but we won't know until we've had the horse for a few days.

Ev. . . Every horse takes a different amount of time.

Fine. Yeah. No, I understand. I'm sorry.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Mr. Strickland. Hi. I'm good.

Yes, I know, and I promise it'll just be another couple weeks.


I know.

Thanks, Mr. Strickland.

We'll just take it one day at a time.

Oh, Dad!

[ Door bangs open ]

Lou, something wrong? I'm screwing up, Grandpa.

Royally. On all fronts.

Work. Here. l. . . I'm. . . I'm not used to. . .

. . .failing.

Maybe you're pushing yourself too hard.

Look out there, hm?

[ Sniffs ]

You've got to stand still and smell the roses.

You won't find that in New York.

One day at a time, Lou.

Just a day at a time.

[ Tearfully exhales ]

[ Horse neighs ]

Easy, easy, easy. Good boy.

[ Horse snorts ]

Come on, you're okay.

Come on.

Come on. Good boy.

Hey, Amy.

You should open up that side door. lt's no wonder he won't go in. lt's like a bloody jail cell in there.

[ Motorcycle revs ]

[ Motor roars ]

Amy, where the hell is he going?!


You're supposed to help me with that gate rail!


Oh, my God, hi!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?


You're doing something. Can I help?

Can I help? Can l?

All right, fine, you can help. Just don't talk.

Are you implying that I talk too much? ls that it? Because I don't.

And if I do, I have something to say, unlike people who think it's cool to be the silent type.

Just stop. Now.


Oh, I have a question. How much does Jack pay you?

[ Approaching footsteps ]


Can we talk?

Look, I want to apologize, okay?

I know I messed up with Swallow. lt was my fault too.

I should have made sure you knew he wasn't ready to go.

And I want you to know that I've been wrong about some other things too.

I mean, I've been putting way too much pressure on you, and it's not fair.

No one expected that you could just pick up from where mom left off.

So you don't think I can do what mom did?

Maybe you can, you know, but maybe you can't, and just I don't want you to think that we expect you to.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Amy, I'm saying this for you, so that you can relax a bit.

You're the one who needs to relax.

I can't win with you, can l?


Mrs. Happy.

We want to show you something.

[ Sighs ]

Hey, Ty! I need you here!



[ Dog barks ]

Can I help you?

Clint Riley, Ty Borden's probation officer. ls he around?

So, Mr. Bartlett, the bottom line is that your daughter, Marion Fleming, signed the papers for Ty and the conditions for his probationary period, but, unfortunately, now that she is deceased. . .

Ty needs someone else to sponsor him.

Don't feel like you have to do this. Sir, I'd like you to think about it.

For a man your age. . . Ty, can be quite a handful.

And there are plenty of other placements out there the boy might be better suited to.

So I'll leave it with you.

Fine. I'll be in touch.

So Ty didn't have any idea how to set this up.

I did so. I Googled it.

Google-schmoogle. I was the one who set him straight.

How many jumps, how high, how far apart.

I just set it up so you could practice jumping here.

So Spartan doesn't have to be trailered. lt's amazing.

So you don't think I'll be able to get Spartan in the trailer?

I don't know. You're the expert.

Am l? I don't think so. But thanks.

[ Crickets chirping ]

[ Anxious sigh ]

[ Anxious moan ]

[ Horse neighs ]

[ Horse neighs ]

[ High-pitched squeal ]

[ Loud banging ]

[ Horse neighs ]

[ Whimpers ]

[ Distorted, terrifying banging and squealing ]

[ Terrified gasp ]

[ Panting ]

[ Knocking at door ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Crickets chirping ]




What are you doing?

Wake up.


I need you. I mean, I need you to help with something.

Are you crazy? lt's the middle of the night.

Come on. You have to come with me. You were right.

About what?

I had this dream, only I wasn't myself in it. I was Spartan.

You were Spartan.

Right. Look. . .

No, I know what to do now, but I need your help. So come on.

All right. But you are crazy.

Remember when you said that I should open up all the doors to the trailer because it looks like a jail cell and no wonder Spartan didn't want to go in?

Well, I think you were right.

No way. A hired hand who was actually right about something?

Okay, let it go! Spartan's afraid of the trailer. I know that.

He was traumatized by the accident.

But maybe if we can show him it's not a trap, not a jail cell, then maybe he'll want to go in.

So I thought we could use it like a bridge.

A bridge?

Yeah, where's his favorite place?

The paddock.


So maybe we could move the trailer, so he has to go through it to get to the paddock from the barn, like a bridge.

I like that. I'll drive.

[ Happy exhale ]

Have you guys seen what Amy and Ty are doing with Spartan?

No, I haven't even had time to go outside today yet.

What are you doing? lt's an article explaining the correlation between rising oil prices and the weak dollar.


Mallory, you can't hang out right now, okay? I'm way too busy.

Don't your parents ever miss you at home?


You know, you should really relax, Lou.

You're getting lines. . . Right there.

Thank you.

What are you doing? lt's called a "t-touch".

Amy said your mom used it on nervous horses. lt reduces stress.

Okay, Mallory, stop it.

Take a pill! lf it can work on a stubborn old nag, it'll definitely work on you.

Uh. . . l. . .

I have to go to Maggie's. Does anybody need anything?


Ty. Can I have a word?

I don't mind cutting you some slack from time to time, but. . .

I don't see anything getting done around here, and you know what? lt is ticking me off royally.

Fine. No worries. What do you want me to do?

No, Grandpa, he can't work right now.

Amy, I can.

Why not?

Well, he had a really good idea of how to get Spartan in the trailer, and I still need his help.

Well, fine, then. Good luck with that. He does still work here, doesn't he? ls it expecting too much for you to finish off that gate rail?

I want it done by the time I get back, and I'm not telling you when that is.

Oh, and uh. . .

You think I could use my truck? You don't need it, do you?

Just checking.

Just checking.

[ Truck door opens ]

[ Truck door slams ]

[ Truck starts up ]

Hey, Jack, how goes it?

Oh, pretty fair.

That's good. That's good.

So what's on your mind?


No, come on, Maggie, you're dying to tell me something. lt's all over your face.

[ Sighs]

Well, I hate to be the bearer of gossip, but I hear a lot of stuff from behind the counter. I'm sure you do.

Val Stanton's been in here spreading rumors about Heartland.

How it's going down the tube, how without Marion it doesn't stand a chance, you know, that sort of thing.

She's doing it in the nicest possible way, of course.

[ Mimicking Val ]

"Oh, what a sweet girl Amy is. Blah blah blah."

But people are listening.

Well, isn't that just like Val?

Well, she loves to spread the good cheer around, doesn't she?

Oh, yeah. She's the Mother Theresa of Hudson.

[ Laughing heartily ]

[ Horse whinnies ]

Well. . .

Look who's decided to pay a visit. I'm just checking out how the other half lives.

How are you doing, Jack?

My thoughts have been with you and your family.

So I hear.


Oh, Jack, you know May Roche.

Absolutely. We go way back.

I hate to complain, but your trainer guy just isn't impressing me much.

[ Small laugh ]

Well, he tells me that Swallow's making great progress.

Not as far as I can see.

These things take time, right?

You really should give Amy another chance.

Swallow was let go too soon.

That was a mistake plain and simple, but those things happen.

Well. . . Maybe I was too hasty. I'll think about it. I really will.

See you, Val.

Yeah. Take care, May.


Were you just trying to steal one of my clients?

No. Just a little PR.


Can I give you some advice?


Stop spreading nasty rumors about Heartland and mind your own business.

Besides. . . lt's kind of difficult to sling mud and keep your own hands clean.

[ Grunts and strains ]

[ Horse snorts ]

I know you don't want to.

Look what I've got.

[ Horse snorts ]

You want that?


That's a good boy.

You want this?

[ Horse hooves bang ]

That's a good boy. You decided to join me, have you?

Such a brave boy. See? Now you get to go in your paddock.

You did it.

Thanks for your advice. lt really worked.

No problem.

You know, you're really intuitive with horses. You should learn to ride.

No, thanks. I'll stick to motorcycles.

You don't have to clean up after them.

Mrs. Roche called.

She was wondering if we had room for Swallow.

Seems he's not progressing at Briar Ridge.

That's good. lt's great that you got Spartan to go into that trailer.

Yeah, I'm relieved. Soraya's pretty happy about it too.

Okay, just so we're clear, I never doubted you could do wonders with that horse, or any horse, for that matter.

I just didn't want you to think that you were solely responsible for Heartland making a go of it.

We'll make it work. ln spite of what you might do to screw things up.

[ Chuckling ]

l've gotta check on Pegasus.

How is he doing?

He's okay. He's eating better. I'll come with you.

You sure you want to come in the barn?

That's where all the scary horses are.

Funny girl.

Hey, do I have lines?


Lines here?

Oh, please tell me this isn't another grumpy client.

Oh, my God.

What? lt's Nick Harwell.


Are you Amy Fleming?

No. ls she around?

She is, um. . . I mean. . . I'm her. I'm Amy.

You're. . .?

Wow. You're younger than I thought that you would be. I'm sorry. That's probably exactly what you want to hear.

Not quite.

I heard a lot of good things about you, that you're good with horses.

She's amazing, actually.

Scott Cardinal, the vet. . .

He's our vet too.

He's a good friend of mine. He couldn't say enough about you either.

So, I thought I'd come over.

My horse, Star, he's having some problems with dogs.

With dogs?

Yeah, it started at the provincials.

He got spooked right at the last minute by a big golden retriever, and now all he has to do is hear barking, and he goes all crazy.

Well, um. . . I can't make any promises, of course, but I'd love to work with you--

With. . . I'd love to work with him, see how it goes.

Great. I'll get him out of the trailer.

Yeah, great, let's go.

Oh, uh, how does your horse feel about honking geese?

'Cause we have a couple of those.

[ Approaching footsteps ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

What are you looking at?

Following your advice, Grandpa. Just taking in the scenery.

[ Small laugh ]



Look, I know I haven't exactly been, uh, uh, Mr. Reliable, and, um. . .

And I know you're ticked off at me half the time, uh. . .


I signed it.

I must be crazy.

You can get back to work.

Where did that come from?

You build it?

Who knew?