02x03 - Gift Horse

Amy: Previously on "Heartland"...

Mallory: You don't understand.

They're sending me to camp for the whole summer.

So what's your plan?

To stay here.

You want me to tie a big red bow around his neck?

(Laughing) You got me a horse for my birthday?!

A horse for your birthday.

You want to give me advice about horses I'm good with that, but you telling me what's going on with Amy...

I get it, grandpa!

We're not tearing down your damn bunkhouses!

Well, that's right, because we're fixing them up.

Jack: So what's your first stop?

Charlie: Grande Prairie rodeo.

I've got a show tonight.

(Chuckling) The good thing is there's no time to get scared and run.

Jack: (Chuckling)

Charlie: Well, this just about does it, Jack.

Jess: Oh, you're gonna be okay.

Mallory: Mom...

Jack: Oh we'll...

We'll make her feel at home, Jess.

Charlie: Aw, well, heck, you practically live here anyway.

Right, kiddo?

I want you to call us every day, any time.

That's what your cell phone's for, okay?

Don't you guys have a long drive ahead?



I love you.

You be good, okay?

Jess: Jack, you take good care of her, okay?

I will attempt to keep her out of trouble.


Charlie: Thanks, Jack.

We'll see you later.

Come on, hon.

(Car starting up)

(Tires crunching)
(Car horn honks)

Oh my God, I thought they'd never leave.

Jack: (Grunting) Jeez, you got a kitchen sink in here?

(Grunting with effort)

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

(Horse grunting)

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

Onlookers: (Applauding)

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

(Horse grunting)

Onlookers: (Applauding)

Announcer: Amy Fleming on Storm.
45.637 seconds, no faults.

Onlookers: (Applauding)

That's not your average Heartland horse.

Well, great credentials. That's the kind of horse that could take Amy all the way to the top.

Not if my Ashley gets there first.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the jump off.

Third place goes to Amy Fleming from Heartland on Storm.

Second place goes to Roland Emery on Fox Fire from Tree Ridge Farms, and first place goes to Ashley Stanton on Apollo from Briar Ridge.

Onlookers: (Applauding)


Better luck next time.


Nick: Great job, Amy.


Beautiful horse.

I tried to buy him, but your dad outbid me.

Well, a good horse deserves a great rider.

You got one there.

See ya.

He was amazing. Did you see that?

He just sails right over the jumps.

It was like was reading my mind he was so responsive.

We were only off by like a second!

You were this close to winning.

Now next week's the Spring Challenge, okay?

You could take the red ribbon. I know you can do it.

Amy, you've got to take Storm to the next level.

He's got to go A-Circuit.

Dad, that show's every weekend.

Yes, it is and you're gonna have fun.

Are you up for it?


Do you hear that, boy? Oh!

♪ And at the break of day ♪
♪ you sank into ♪
♪ your dream ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪
♪ you dreamer ♪

Jeez, Mallory, are you planning on staying for the rest of your life?

I couldn't decide what to bring so I brought everything.

Ty: Yeah, no kidding.

Mallory: You don't understand.

My parents sublet our house to some freaky artists from Toronto.

They're using my room as a studio.

I don't even know what that means.

Probably pottery wheels or drumming or...

Oh my God, naked models!

Amy: (Car starting up) Bye, dad.

I wonder how Amy did at the show?

Her and her dad have been practicing a ton.

I just have one question:

Who died and made him coach?

Why don't you go see how she did?


She's got all the fans she needs right now.

Oh, jealous much?

(Screen door squeaking)

(Door shutting)

Ty: Mallory!

Tim: This is amazing.

You know, the old ranch hands never had it this good.

Lou: See the teepee?

And I came in under budget.

Tim: Wow.

Lou, where did you get all this stuff?

Flea markets, lawn sales.

The attic.

I think it's pulled together really nice.

Oh, and look at this...

"The Englishman's Boy", "Black Beauty", "Nothing too good for a Cowboy".

So, are your guests coming here to read about horses?

Or ride 'em?

I just want to get them in the mood.

Isn't this great?



Too many creature comforts and your guests will spend all their time inside.

Lou: Dad, corporate types expect a certain level of luxury, especially at this price point.

Besides, branded stationery, toiletry samples...

It's all good branding.

Guests take them home and then they remember to tell their friends.

Leave any money in the budget for horses?


Well, I got a friend, he's a dealer. His name's Harry Oaks.

He's got a string of quarter horses, great bloodlines.

I think you should give him a call.

Aren't quarter horses a little bit high end for trail rides?

Well, you just said your kind of clientele expect only the best.

Check him out.

Okay, I will.

Tim: Where's the phone for room service?

I'll get your grandpa to make me a grilled cheese.

(Tim laughing)

You're a good boy. You did so well today.

Yes, you did.

Caleb: You're not still talkin' to that spoiled jumpin' horse, are ya?

Last I checked, he doesn't speak a word of English.

Yeah, well neither do you half the time.

Well, you got a third.

I mean, I'd be kicking Shorty's butt for that.

We lost by like a second!

In rodeo, a second's a life time.

(Small laugh)

So your daddy, he's pretty famous, huh?


"All-around Cowboy" five years runnin', '92 to '96.

He was the best.

Ropin', bull ridin', steer wrestlin'.

Nobody could touch Tim Fleming.

I even had a poster of him in on my wall, right next to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Oh Jennifer Love Hewitt.

What can I say? I had a huge crush.

Amy: (Laughing)


Um, maybe my dad could give you some pointers.

Do you think?

Yeah, I'll ask him.

Yeah! I mean that'd be awesome!

Okay, cool.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.




(Loud thump)

So uh...

Is your dad coaching you now or...?

No, he's just sort of helping me train.

For what?

The A-Circuit.

With shows every weekend?

Yeah, well that's what you've got to do if you want to win.

So it's all about winning now, is it?

How are you gonna find the time?

I'll make it.

Well, if you want I could help you out.

I mean with your chores.

Now how do you think I handled it when you weren't here?


I guess you and Caleb managed just fine, right?

Tim: So, the Spring Challenge.

We're on, right?

You've got the points, you've got the talent.


Let me brag about my daughter, please.


Come on, you've got to admit it's pretty amazing what she's accomplished without a real coach.

Ty was a great coach.

And Amy and Spartan did amazing at the Fall Finale.

Tim: Hmm.

Yeah, that was- that was good.


I'm just saying, you know,

I mean I'm not a coach either.

I could probably give her a couple of pointers.

Rodeo's about timing. Show jumping's about timing.

Question: How are you two possibly gonna have time for the equine retreat when you're both at horse shows every weekend?

I mean, dad, you definitely said you'd do the trail rides.

I can help with the trail rides, Lou.

And, Amy, you said that you were gonna do horse exercises with the clients.

I've already advertised it on the website, so...

Yeah, it's no problem. I can do it, Lou.

Jack: Okay.

All this other stuff aside, don't you still attend an institution called school?

Yeah, but summer vacation is soon.

You have exams first though, right?

I'm on top of it.

School is priority number one.

Show jumping is somewhere way down the line.


Come on, Jack.

Come on, if anybody can handle a busy schedule it's Amy.

Besides, honey, you're an "A" student, aren't you?

Yeah, I wish.

Jack: No.

Never mind the dishes. You go study.

All right, I gotta push off.

We'll do that training tomorrow right after school.

Okay, Amy? Don't forget.

Go see those horses, huh?

Mmm hmm.

Tim: (Slapping arm)
Thanks for dinner.

Lou: Bye.

Can I be excused?


She didn't touch her food.

(Knock on door)

Everything all right?

Fine. It's not like it's the first time I've stayed here.

You better get a start on that.

And if you find that you need a little more territory, there's always space in the attic or the barn...

Very funny.

Good night.

It's just you and me, Knucklehead.

(Rooster crowing)

Mallory: Did you get those special bagels?

Lou: What special bagels?

Mallory: Didn't you get the list of food my mom emailed you of the food I do like and the foods that absolutely repulse me?

I didn't get any email from your mom, Mallory.

Oh, hey, do you want to go look at horses with me after school today?

Oh, I can't. Dad's coming over.

They've already got the cheese in them.

You just stick them in the microwave.

They're all I eat for breakfast.

There is yogurt in the fridge and muesli on the counter.

Just saying the world "muesli" makes me want to heave.

Listen, when I'm in town I'll get you your bagels if I remember.

Um, how about after dad leaves?

I can't. I've got to study.

Are you coming? We've gonna be late.

How about tomorrow?


Okay, that's cool. I'll just...

(Heavy sigh)
...do it by myself.

(School bell rings)

Ah, Amy.

Just who I wanted to talk to.


You've consistently missed your Earth Sciences' study group, but just your luck I'm having one after school today.

If you want to bring up your participation mark I suggest you be there.


I will.


Oh, Miss Adams?

I'm sorry I can't.

My dad...

I've just got something else scheduled.

You're not doing yourself any favours, are you, Amy?


(Hand slapping)

Amy: He's amazing. Did you see that?

He just steps over it!

He kind of took the long way around the last two, but...

I'm just taking it easy.

I'm a little worried about the footing.

It rained all night and the ground is torn up.

She shouldn't be jumping.

Listen to the expert.

Why don't you tell "coach Tim" that?

What's that, hon?

Mallory: Ty says it's dangerous to be jumping.

That's a bunch of bull.

I compete in all weather.

A bit of mud's not gonna hold me back.

Spoken like a true cowboy.

Why don't you go again? I'll time you.

He's not a rodeo horse, dad. I've got to cool him off.

Yeah, okay. Yeah, fine.

You want to call it a day, okay. All right.

We'll do it again tomorrow when it's nice and dry.

Caleb: Mr. Fleming?

Tim: Yeah.

Caleb: Do you got a minute at all?

Tim: Sure.

Let's see what you've got.

Caleb: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Come on! Yah! Ah!

Come on, Caleb!

Caleb: Whoa. (Horse whinnies)


Caleb: Come on!

Yah! Woo! Yah!

(Horse whinnies)

Tim: A little less spur.

Caleb: Yah, come on, yah!

Amy: (Hooting)

Come on, Caleb!


Tim: That's it.

Caleb: Whoa, yeah, come on! Amy: Come on, Caleb.

Tim: Work him.

Amy: Yeah, nice!

Caleb: Whoa! Yah!

Yah, come on!

(Horse whinnies painfully)

Caleb: Easy, boy. Easy, boy.

(Horse whinnies painfully)

What's the matter, boy? What's the matter?

Amy: He's hurt, Caleb.

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

Scott: His ankle's twisted.

There's heat on his tendons.

I could give him an ultrasound or we could wait and see.

Let's wait.

Scott: I've given him a mild tranquilizer.

It should keep him calm for the next 12 hours or so.

But until it's fully healed he'll need complete stall rest.

Stall rest?


And you'll have to cold hose him.

Sure, I can do that.

He'll be able to rodeo again, right?

Keep him real quiet and he should recover quickly, but there's no guarantees here.

Caleb was just showing off a little bit too much. That's all.

Lou: Well, he was trying to impress you is what he was trying to do, and next time it could be Amy.

You call Harry yet?

I'm seeing him tomorrow, but I've been looking online and there are some really good prospects.


You can't tell anything about a horse from a picture off the Internet.

Okay, thank you.

I know that.

I was just trying to start somewhere. Is that okay?

Go see my dealer. Save yourself some time.

We're on a tight schedule. (Kiss)


Tim: See you later, Scott.

(Sighing) Oh, come on. Don't stress.

Want to go for a coffee or maybe something stronger?

Yeah, right.

I can't.

I have way too much to do.

What else is new?


I'm sorry. Okay?

I gotta go.

I'll catch you when you have a break in your busy schedule.

(Telephone ringing)

Jack: Yeah, she's here. I'll get her for you.

(Rapping on door)

Mallory, your dad's on the phone.

She must be asleep, Charlie. Do you want me to wake her up?

Yeah, yeah, I'll be sure and have her call you.

Yeah, she's good. No problems.

Okay, talk to you later. Bye bye.

He's keeping quiet.

Yeah, he's tranked.

You know, it's a pretty common injury.

Yeah, I know, but all it takes is an infection and boom, your horse is a gonner.

That's a good way of looking at it.

It's just life.

Look, I'll stay with him. You need to study.

Thanks for sitting with him though.

You're welcome.

You know, I might not talk to Shorty the way you do, but he's a real good horse and...

Well, I'd be real sorry to lose him as a partner.

I know you would.

I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?

Mallory: Amy, wake up. You're late.


Mal, why didn't you wake me?

I thought you were already gone.

But if I'm late that means you are too.

I'm not going to school. I'm sick.

Oh, I've still got chores to do.


Thought you could use a hand.

You were up pretty late last night.

I heard you down here.

Yeah. So, how's Shorty?

The trank hasn't worn off yet.

I'll keep an eye on him though.

There you go, buddy.


You know, for helping me out.

No worries.

See ya.

Ty: Hey.

Good luck on your exam.


(Horse whinnies)

(Horse snuffles)

Harry: You couldn't find better horses.

Stocky but agile, quick and powerful.

You can have all 15.

Oh, I don't need 15.

Just five or six at most.

Tim said you'd want 'em all.

I could have sold some of them last week if I'd known.

Just give me a quote.

Is this for all 15?


I can't afford this.

Well, you think about it.

They're good horses, but you don't need horses that good.


I know my dad wants me to buy these, but this is crazy.

You have to talk to him, Lou.

It's not that easy.

I don't want him to think that I don't appreciate his advice.

He's not just your dad, he's your business partner.

You have to be straight with each other.

I'm used to being straight with a business partner, but it's the dad part that's hard.

You'll handle it.


Hey, you know I've got an idea.

Do you uh...

You want to grab some lunch?

They've got veggie chili at Maggie's.

Uh, I've got a call out in Longview.

Who doesn't have time now?

(Slapping door)

(Stressed sigh)

(School bell rings)

Stop writing, please.

(Bell ringing)

Hey, dad.

Charlie: Hi, Mallory.

It's me.

Mallory, how are you, sweetheart?

I'm okay.

Charlie: (Scratchy interference) (Distorted voice)


Dad, are you there?

Hello, dad?

(Beeping off phone)

What's wrong?

Hay fever. I'm allergic to hay.

Ty: Since when?

Mallory: It just came suddenly.

Yeah, Harry called me.

Why'd you walk away?

Too expensive.


The most important part of a dude ranch is horses.

The thread count in the bed sheets doesn't really matter.

Lou: Of course the horses are important, dad, but they need to be trail ride horses.

Okay. So what do you want?

Some unknown quantity off the Internet or... some old nags who you can send to the glue factory?

You know, it doesn't always have to all or nothing, dad.

I can get good trail horses somewhere else and for less money.

Okay, good.

Good luck with that.

Lou: Well, thanks for your support.

(Door slams shut)
(Car tires spin)

Caleb: Oh, man.

He sure is unhappy.

I mean, he's an outdoor horse.

Heck, he's never ever been in a stall before.

Ty: Relax. Amy'll calm him down.

She's got some herbs and some special oils.

I don't hold too much with that touchy-feely crap.

He hates being cooped up, period, and a bunch of herbs ain't gonna do much to change that.

(Annoyed sigh)

You've been here for what, four months?

You've got no idea what Amy can do.

Oh, I fully intend to find out.

Count on it.

(Violent shove)



Why don't you two try growing up?

(Stable lock clanks)

(Horse snorting and balking)

Tim: No, come on, come on.

You could've made that easy.

You know, you're sending him a signal that you're scared right there.

Amy: What did you put it up to?


I've never jumped that high.

Tim: What height do you think you have to do if you want to move up a level?

Okay, if you're not comfortable with it, we'll ease it up gradually.

We'll work on it bit by bit in the morning.

Okay? Before school.

Yeah, right.


I was up all last night with Shorty and Caleb.

And then I had an exam today that I didn't even have time to study for and I've got all my regular chores, but, yeah, I'll get up every morning to train.

You're saying you don't have time for the horse?


No, dad, I...

I'll make time.

Well, it'll all be fine once school's over anyway.

Okay. Well...

Let's try it again.


This one looks good.

Well, like I said, you have to get out there and see these horses for yourself.

There's so many. I need Amy.

I don't even know where to start.

Well, you've got to start somewhere.

If you have no horses, you have no business.

You sound like dad.

I'm just saying.

Well, it's great to just say.

That's all dad does is just say.

He doesn't do anything constructive.

I'm the only one doing anything!

Well, actually, I'm not entirely useless.

I just spoke to Harry and got him to drop his price.

He'll take 20 percent off if you take all 15 horses.

Well, thank you, but dad I don't need or want all 15 of his damn quarter horses.

That is still way beyond the budget.

Well, somebody should have thought of that before they bought all the fancy soap.

See you tomorrow, Amy.



I gotta go check on Shorty.

I'll see you later?

Yeah, I'll call you. Bye, Amy.


I hate this.

I think I know where you can get some horses.

There's a rescue centre up on Dale's road.

They're always looking to re-home.

That is a great idea. Can we go now?

I can't.

That's your favourite word lately.

Well, I promised Caleb I'd help him with Shorty besides, I've got a math exam to study for.

Just go with dad tomorrow.

Yeah, right. Dad is always busy with you.



(Fire crackling)

I don't know, grandpa.

Maybe this was all just a stupid idea, you know, right from the start.

Want some advice?

I've had plenty of that.

Well, your dad he means well.

He wants this business of yours to work and for him it's all about...

The horses. I know.

Tell me about it.

And while a good quarter horse in his prime can be mighty exciting, sometimes they're little quick to react.

They're a little too eager.

A greenhorn rider can end up getting way more than he bargained for.

Yeah, so what do I do, grandpa?

Well, the kind of horses you need aren't fancy, Lou.

They're safe and slow and sure-footed.

A bit on the old side like me.

(Small laugh)


I don't know why I'm getting so hyper about all this.

You know darn well why.


'Cause you want to please your dad.

But mixing business and family it's...

It's like throwing gas on a fire.

(Horse snorting)

He won't get better, not if he keeps doing that.

It's okay.


What are you doing?

It's called t-touch.

It just helps him relax. Here, give me your hand.

(Laughing nervously)
No way.

Come here. Just try it.

There you go.

So gentle circles like that.

You work down his neck.

There you go.

Well, look at that. It's working.

Jack: Well, I saw this comin'.

Well, I can just retake the course next year.

You have way too much on your plate.

You have to decide what it is you really want to do and failing at school is not an option.

Well, at least school is almost over.

It's not just school.

You've still got chores.

You're still treating problem horses.

Do you want to keep doing that?

You know I do!

Jack: Fine then.

And you may not like this dude ranch thing any more than I do, but it is happening and we have to pull our weight for Lou.

So there's that too.

Amy, you cannot dance at all the weddings.

Sooner or later you have to make a choice.

Something's got to give.

Like what?

You don't need me to tell you.

You've been under the gun ever since your father gave you that jumpin' horse.

Grandpa, that's just... That's just you and him.

That's what this is about.

That is not true.

You have to face facts.

Show jumpin' require you to travel all over the country side.

Do you really think you can do that along with everything else?

Yeah, I do.

I have to go to the show this weekend.

Okay, dad would kill me if I didn't.

It's his goal...

Well, for me I mean.

(Paper slapping down)

Announcer: 47.385 seconds, eight jumping faults.

Tim: Okay, hon, how do you feel?

A lot of time, a lot of money has gone into this, so relax.

Just concentrate on the goal.

You can do this.

I've got a feeling today's your winning day.

Easy boy. Good boy.

Announcer: Number 12, Ashley Stanton from Briar Ridge (audience clapping) riding Apollo.

(Horse whinnies)

(Horse whinnies shrilly)

Ashley: Come on, Apollo.

(Horse whinnies shrilly)

Good boy.

Val: Ashley, don't coddle him! Show him who's boss!

Ashley: Don't, mother!
(Whip slapping)


There! You see?!

(Horse whinnies shrilly)

(Bar clanks)


(Bar clanks)

(Bar clanks)


Announcer: Ashley Stanton on Apollo.

47.385 seconds, 16 jumping faults.

Announcer: Number 24, Amy Fleming, Heartland Ranch on Storm.

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

Announcer: Amy Fleming on Storm.

43.274 seconds, no faults.

(Slapping neck)

Ashley: Can you believe my mother?

I've never been more humiliated in my life!

I love jumping and I love Apollo, but it's just not worth the grief.

I've had it. I quit.

Announcer: First place number 24, Amy Fleming,

Heartland Ranch on Storm.

Audience: (Applauding)

You did it. You did it, you won.

I knew you could do it. Congratulations.

Let's go home.

Lou: This is Amy's idea and I think they're perfect.

Tim: Yeah, if you want a bunch of old nags.

Dad, we've built our reputation on saving unwanted horses.

This would build on the Heartland brand.

Tim: No, Lou, our reputation is built on quality.

We don't want our guests thinking we don't know the difference between good horses... and bad horses.

Lou: These are good horses, dad, for trail rides.

I mean who do you think is gonna be coming to our dude ranch? Ex-rodeo cowboys like you?

They don't call them dudes for nothing.

Well, you know, I don't want to argue with you about every little thing!

Neither do I!

Listen, I've been giving this a lot of thought and it's clear we don't share the same vision.

Oh, come on.

And we should seriously consider whether or not we can work together.

Come on.

No, listen.

This is my project and my idea and I need to be able to make decisions as I see fit.

Maybe you're right.

What's wrong?


Well, you didn't seem very happy yesterday when you came first.

It just wasn't fun.

It wasn't fun.

No, it wasn't.

Well, Amy, everything in life isn't fun.

I mean, Ashley, she has a little trouble at a gate and she throws it. I mean...

that wa... that was ridiculous.

I totally understand where Ashley's coming from.

Her mom pushed her and pushed her just like you...

Just like I... finish.

Just like I push you??

Of course I push you!

Malllory: Lou still didn't get me those special bagels.

Tim: If I'd thrown it every time I had a little trouble at a gate with a bull or a calf I'd never would have brought home any winnings!

You gotta push it!

Push, push, push, until you get where you need to go!

I'm not you.

I can't compete with Storm every weekend.

Okay, I can't handle everything!

So what are you saying? You want to get rid of Storm?

Amy: No! I don't know.

Tim: You don't know? You don't know!

If you don't want the horse just tell me.

Dad, I love him!

He's the best horse I've ever ridden.

Okay, I love Storm. He's amazing.

Yeah, and he's yours, so you don't have to ask my permission.

So why don't you just sell him?

I mean go ahead that would be a shame.

Do what you want to do. Sell him.

Amy: Dad...

If you see your sister tell her to call me.

(Truck door slamming shut)

(Truck starting up)

(Knocking at door)

(Door opening)

So, dad was looking for you.

I know.

I told him I couldn't jump any more.

How did that go?

He was devastated.

I should have never told him.

Yes, you should have, Amy.

You can't worry about pleasing dad all the time.

What? Like you?

Hiding away in your office running a dude ranch without any horses or a business partner.

How's that working out for you?

Okay, I didn't say it was an ideal situation.

But whatever. At least I told him how I feel and maybe he'll come around.

And if he doesn't then- then I have to move on.

I just don't want to hurt him.

Neither do I.

It's hard.

I'm not used to this.

Me neither.


What do we do?

I don't know.

(Wood clattering)

(Truck approaching)

Here we go.

Yeah, here we go.


First of all, if you say "do what you want" to your kids you damn better mean it.

Second, don't think for a minute that Amy doesn't like that horse.

She loves that horse and it's killing her to even think about giving it up.

She doesn't need you to make her feel worse.

You should talk!

All you do is hold those girls back.

First it's Lou and her project over the sake of what?

Some old buildings?

And now you don't want Amy to have a show-jumping career because she's behind in her chores?

You've been gone a long time, Tim.

You missed a good ten years of seeing how these girls think and work-

Nobody knows that more than me, Jack.

So you can't just waltz on in here and tell them what their future looks like.

I just want to help them go as far as they can, be the best. And you're right, I've been away for ten years I missed ten years of their life.

I owe it to them, to their mother.

You know, half the time I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just winging it.

But I love them, Jack. You know that.

I'm trying.

Fair enough.

You know, I would have given anything to have somebody there to push me when I was Amy's age.

My life might have turned out a hell of a lot different if somebody was there to guide me.

You know it.

I might have gone somewhere.

Some times, Tim, these girls, they don't want to "go" anywhere.

You keep lookin' so far ahead you miss seeing where they're at right now.

That's all I came here to say.


Hey, boy.

What am I going to do with you, huh?


How's Shorty?

He's better. Did that whole massage thing, fed him some valeria, chewed a bit myself.

It's not bad. I'm all mellow.


But I got a deep, dark secret for ya.

Oh, I already know about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Not that.

I talk to Shorty.

No way.

I do, and I think he understands me.

Well, I won't tell anyone that, 'cause, you know, people have been kicked out of the rodeo for less.

For sure.

You sure are happy today.

Well, I've decided that I'm not gonna show jump anymore.

You know, I'm just gonna keep him and ride him for fun, but not compete.


He's a show horse, right? Bred for it.

It's kind of cruel to keep a horse from doing what it's meant to do.

I mean, Shorty'd be miserable if he couldn't do what he likes to do, and what he likes to do is bull dogging.

I'd hate to think what'll happen if he can't do that anymore.

(Knocking at door)

Okay, let's talk. What's wrong?


I've just decided to live a less complicated life, more nomadic.

Who needs clothes and stuff?

What's wrong?


Like what?

Well, I had to beg you to let me stay here, right?

Yes, you did.

And I just thought that I wouldn't get homesick, but I am.

And thought I wasn't gonna miss my parents, but I do.

I thought I was just gonna totally fit in, but it's like no one even notices me.

It's like I don't even have a family anymore.

Are you done?

You have a family and they can't wait to talk to you.

They've been phoning here non-stop.

And you're definitely part of this tribe too.

As soon as you start unpacking your stuff here and make this room your own, the faster you'll start to feel at home.

So get it done.

I can make it my own?

I can redecorate it?

I thought it was like a shrine.

(Amused snort)

Phone your parents now.

(Phone keys beeping)

I'm gonna regret that.

Hi, dad?

Hi. I'm fine.

Yeah, I get to redecorate my room.


Yeah, I'll get back to you. Thanks, Nick.

(Beeping off phone)



That was Nick Harwell.

He's offered to jump Storm for me, you know, take him on the circuit, fulfill his potential.

What do you think?

I don't know.

Might be the best of both worlds.



I just don't think i could watch someone else competing on him.

You know, I know it sounds selfish or whatever, but...

I just love him too much to share him.

Nick offered to buy him.

(Tearful) I think I have to sell him, Ty.

I do.

(Sniffing back tears)

(Horse hooves clip clopping)

Jack: Are you sure you want to do this?

Amy: They'll make a great team.

I'll take care of him, Amy. Don't you worry.

Come visit him anytime.

Hey, boy.

Are you gonna be a good boy for me?

(Sighing heavily)


Amy: Hey, dad.


Um, about Storm I...

Oh, no it's okay.

I heard. Nick called me.

It was your decision to make, but I know how hard that must have been for you.

So whatever it is that you want to do, Amy, I'm there for you.


Okay, I got your money.


No, no, no.

Storm was a gift. That money's a gift.




I love you.

I love you too.

(Clicking teeth)

Lou: Amy, I can't take this from you.

This was a gift from dad to you.

I'm not giving it to you, Lou.

I'm investing it in your...

Corporate equine retreat thing.

It may not be my kind of thing, but you're gonna make it work.


I'm expecting quarterly reports.


Yeah, you probably are.


I'm fine.

It's unbelievable how dysfunctional this family is.

Yeah. They makes us look normal.

Guess what?

Lou got my special bagels so it's starting to feel a lot more like home.

Yeah, pretty much.

Exactly what I was talkin' about.

Good, honest riding horses.

Solid and dependable.

You mean old.

Well, I wanted to come by and make sure you got the best of the worst.

Um, kidding.

Honey, I want to be your business partner.

I made some mistakes but...

I'm 100 percent behind you.

Deal. Provided you remember when it comes to running this business, I'm the trail boss.

Oh you're the trail boss.

So let's take a look at these champions.

(Horses snuffling)

I hope we can be partners too.

(Small laugh)

We need some alone time.

I know. I'm sorry.

I've been so consumed by everything and...

I don't know... maybe once the dude ranch is up and running.

Yeah, you'll have all the time in the world.

Alone time. Say that.

Alone time.




(Camera clicks)