02x11 - Starstruck!

Previously on "Heartland"...

A school uniform?

Blessed Virgin Academy.

They're sending me to boarding school.


Yeah, she's a lawyer in town.


Amy didn't tell you?

Tell me what?

It's Apollo.

I love this hat.

Come on. It's fit for the garbage.

Me and this hat have been through a lot together.

Ty and Kit are happy.

And I know you need some time to get used to it, but they are.

You know what I think?

I think he gave up on you pretty easy.



Okay. Okay, stop.

You're making me dizzy.

Gonna make me puke.

I would die for a belt like that.

Me too. But don't get your hopes up. Check the price.

A thousand dollars?


Even with the store discount, I could never afford it.

Amy, you ready to go?


And that fancy belt?

First big rodeo payout, it's yours.

What, you think you can just buy me?

Well, my natural charm coupled with a big wad of cash.

May not buy you outright, but I could sure make a down payment.

You never quit, do you?

No, I don't.

See you.

The reservation is under what name?

Excuse me?

Yes, of course.

No. No problem at all.

Okay. Yep.



What's wrong, Lou?

Oh, my God, Grandpa, you are not gonna believe it.

That was a friend of Lauren's who's a big agent in L.A., and he represents all the A-list stars.

I can't tell you.

Riding lessons? I'm not a riding instructor.

Listen, her agent says she's really good.

All she needs is a little tune-up.

Her agent?

Yeah. Her travel agent.

Look, Amy, I'm prepared to pay. Name your price.

I'm not gonna take your money, Lou.

There must be something you want.

Well, actually there was this B.B. Simon belt in Maggie's.

B.B. Simon? Those things cost a fortune.

But you know what? You want it, you got it.

Are you serious?

You bet I am.

So, Amy, if this works out, this could change our lives.

In a good way. Do we have a deal?

So who is this person who's gonna change my life?

What's this?

A confidentiality agreement.

What is it I'm keeping confidential?

I don't think it's a "what" question, Grandpa.

I think it's a "who" question.

Excuse me.

I need a pair of cowboy boots.

Wow. I absolutely need that belt, too.

Oh, my God.


Mindy Fanshaw.

Who is Mindy Fanshaw?

Mindy Fanshaw?

I saw one of her movies once.

Oh, man, she's hot.

I can't wait to tell Soraya.

Yeah, that's the thing. Nobody is telling anybody anything.

Where am I supposed to get pure Egyptian cotton sheets?

10 cases of Fiji Water?

What's wrong with our own water?

Well, yeah.

Organic flaxseed snack bars? Kumquats?

15 strawberry incense sticks. One box of bendy straws.

Yeah. And we need white candles.

Where do we keep the white candles in this house?

Ah. Bingo.

Lou, those are for emergencies.

What do you think this is?

I need a dozen spaced around each room to ward off bad vibes.


Oh, and Grandpa?

You need to replace the toilet seat in the outhouse.

What's wrong with the old one? It's barely been sat on.

Yeah. But it has been sat on. And that's the problem.

I'm thinking the fact that the toilet seat is perched over a hole in the ground might be more the problem for that little girl.

You guys, I know this is ridiculous and that obviously Mindy Fanshaw is a self-centered, obnoxious, narcissistic sociopath who thinks the world revolves...

You must be Lou.


And at the break of day
You sank into your dream
You dreamer
You dreamer
You dreamer

So, then my agent called me back, and he said, "Guess what?

You're going to cowboy camp."

I love this.

God, It was so last-minute, you know?

They stuck me on a commercial flight.

Oh, what a nightmare.

I know.

Then some awful paparazzi snuck in the VIP lounge.

Well, listen, speaking of last minute, I didn't have time to get the Egyptian cotton.

But I can absolutely guarantee these sheets have never been touched by another human.




Oh, my God. Mallory.

Oh, my God. Mindy Fanshaw.

Oh, my God! Somebody get this person out of my room!

So, your little girl is safe and sound.

Give me a call when you get this.

Okay. I talked to a Sister Gabrielle at your school.

And I left a message with your mom and dad.

Why don't you tell me what is going on?

First things first.

You need to sign this.

Hey, not that one. The good one.

Well, that's Amy's saddle.

Yeah? We're talking about Mindy Fanshaw's butt.

Yeah, and if Mindy wants a ride, she can tack up her own damn horse just like everyone else.

So, which one of you cowboys is gonna saddle up my horse for me?

Butch or Sundance?

Actually, Mindy, that's not the way we do things here.

Wow, it's hard-core.

Okay, celebrity boot camp.

I can take it.

All right.

You don't understand.

A major Hollywood celebrity is riding my horse.

This is huge.

You hold on.

You still haven't told me what the heck you're doing here.

Have you ever been to an all-girls boarding school?

Do I really have to answer that?

Pizza Thursdays? Frozen.

Discipline? Lights out at 9:00.

And even you've heard of high-speed.

So how did you manage to pull off this great escape all by yourself?

I used the old pillow-under-the-sheet trick.

Climbed over the wall. Took a taxi to the bus station.

Took the 11:30 to Hudson.


Well, there's still a 20-mile discrepancy between the end of your story and your arrival here.

You know that confidentiality agreement Lou's been making everyone sign?


Yeah, it's kind of like that.


All right.

Don't worry. I got your horse here.

Here. I'll give you a leg up.



You know, Mindy, I've seen pretty much all your movies.

Yeah? Even the bad ones?

Especially the bad ones.

Okay, well, I'm ready to ride the range.


I need a picture, okay? Take a picture.

No, Mallory.

You have no idea how often this happens to me.

Sweetie, if you want a picture, you can download one from my fan site.

You don't understand. You're actually riding my horse.

If you're incapable of respecting my rights as a famous person, then I don't think you can call yourself a fan at all.

Go on, now.

Okay. Where were we?

All right, well, just collect your reins.

No, no, no, no. Not that much.

Don't move.

There you go.

Keep your hands low, together on his neck.

And you just want to kick him up.

No! Not that much! Not that much!

He's not listening to me!

Wow, Ty. She's almost as bad as when you first started.


No, I think she's worse.


Mindy Fanshaw.

She might not know how to ride, but she sure looks good trying.

Yeah, she sure does.



Okay. That was awesome.

You're an amazing instructor. Really.

I mean, I'm gonna be a cowgirl in, like, a week.

I don't know about that.

See, the thing is, I'm not really a real riding instructor.

Yeah, and I'm not really a teenager.

But all the scripts they send me are for these stupid teen movies.


But what about that one where you played the teen president?

Or the one where she saved that talking whale.

That was pretty good.

Look, see, the thing is, is that, like, a week ago my agent sent me this script.

Right? It's amazing.

It's based on a book. A best seller.

And my character is a girl just like me.

Wouldn't even have to act. I would be myself, you know?

But there is this little tiny problem where I told them that I could ride.

Well, I'm sure if you just had more time.

But see, I don't, right?
'Cause that's why I'm here.

And I mean...

Well, I mean, can't they get a stunt double or whatever?

Isn't that what they do in Hollywood?

Have you ever thought about that kind of work?

I mean, people must have told you you're a bit of a Mindy Fanshaw type?

No, actually, they haven't.

I mean, not that you're a wannabe.

You should take it as a compliment.

I think you'd be just perfect anyhow.

[Cell phone chimes]

Oh, yeah. Okay. This is a conference call.

I have to be at the cabins, like, 10 minutes ago.

Well, I'll give you a ride if you want.

Yeah, that'd be great. Let's go.

I should probably go. You know, just to, like, chaperone.


I got Mindy Fanshaw's helmet.

It's all wet and sweaty. Can I buy it from you?

No, you're not buying this helmet.

Her water bottle. Even better.

This has Mindy Fanshaw's lipstick on it.



Oh, wait. Wait, wait.

Stop. Wait right there.

I got to get a picture. You just look so Western.

Just turning this old boy out.

What's his name?

This is Pegasus. He's Amy's dad's horse.

Hi, Pegasus.

He got into a bad wreck at the stampede about 10 years ago now.

We don't work him anymore.

A horse with a backstory. I love it.

All horses have a story. They're just like people.

Yeah, I got a million stories. But none of them are true.

I guess it just comes with the territory.

You're just so lucky to live out here and be able to see things as for how they are and not how some publicist or fan site or celebrity tracker sees them.

Well, we've got our own brand of B.S. Out here, believe me.

He does seem to like me, though.

Well, he'd like you a lot more if you gave him this.

What's this?

Keep your hand nice and flat.


What's that?

Hey, guys.

Oh, my God. You won't believe it.

See those guys over there?

They've been there since breakfast ordering double espresso shots.


They're paps.


Why would paparazzi be in Hudson?

They're looking for Mindy Fanshaw.



Mindy Fanshaw?

What makes you so sure?

I swear to God. She was in here yesterday.

She bought boots and that great belt.

No way!

Ladies. Hello. I'm sorry to interrupt.

I couldn't help but overhearing.

So, now, you said that you've seen Mindy Fanshaw?

Yeah. Standing right here.

Actually, more over there.

Yeah, over there.

You know, I'll tell you what. If you see her again...

Here's my card. Just give me a call, yeah?

I'll make it worth your while.


Thank you.


In Maggie's.

This could be very bad for us.

I'll tell you what's bad.

That stupid confidentiality agreement.

Do you know what it felt like to lie to my friends?

Look, it's just for a little while, okay?

Everybody's lying. Even Mindy lied about her riding.

I mean, she's basically a total beginner.

She didn't lie, okay? Her agent lied.

Oh, whatever.

I don't know how I'm gonna teach her to ride in a couple of days.

You don't have to teach her to ride.

Just teach her enough so she can act like she can ride, and then they'll double her.

It's what they do.

I know, she offered me the job.

To be her riding double?

She thinks I kind of look like her.


I guess. Maybe.

If you, like, squint your eyes and get pretty far away and do, like, movie magic.

Shut up!



I'm just going out with Kit unless you need anything.


Have fun, though.

Hey, did you see Caleb today?

Mindy had him going pretty good, huh?


You know, it's funny how some guys fall for that whole movie-star thing.

What, you think I'm all impressed because she's some big movie star?

No. Not you. Definitely.

I mean, if you were, then you hid it really well.

And I know you pretty good, so...

Well, I believe you, but I know you pretty well, too.

I'll see you.

Wow. That was quite a performance.

You totally sold the fact that you didn't care he was going out with another girl.

I should be taking lessons from you.

I mean, not riding lessons. Acting lessons.

Give me a break.

You're telling me you're not all about that guy?


I mean, maybe I was once.

But that was a while ago. That's over.

Yeah, sure. No. Whatever you say.

I didn't come here to pry into your love life.

Anyway, I actually just wanted to tell you I was sorry about today.

My people should have been more up-front with you.

I've really only been on a horse once in my life.

It was a pony. Best friend's birthday party.

I was six.

I wish you had told me that.

I would have put you on a different horse.

What about this guy? He's so beautiful.

He has such sad eyes. I'll bet he's seen a lot.

Look, it's like he knows me.

Pegasus, he hasn't been doing so well lately.

So, no. You can't ride him.

That must be hard.

I can tell with you he's not just another horse, he's part of your family.

Yeah, he is.

I meant what I said, you know, about you being my riding double.


We could be sisters.

Hey, Jack. Have you seen Mindy's water bottle?

How am I supposed to find it now?

I didn't know you were such a big fan.

You wouldn't understand.

I finally talked to your dad. He's been off the grid.

He didn't even get my message till him and your mom hit Whitehorse.

Give it to me full on, Jack. I can take it.

Well, until a more permanent solution can be reached, we've decided that you'll be going back...

To Blessed Virgin Academy?

You might as well just tear out my heart and wrap it in plaid!

Going back to you staying here, going to your old school, and doing your chores.

Starting with recycling.

Thank you, Jack. You won't regret it.


Talk about a Hollywood moment. I...

You're not working for the tabloids, though, right?

No, I signed that confidentiality agreement.

Can't speak for the horses, though.

You know, I never thought I would ever feel so deeply about a horse.

And then Amy was telling me about Pegasus and how he's so old and sick.

And I just...

You know, if I had a horse, and it died, a little piece of me would die, too.

And I've never opened my heart up to anything like I have since I got here.

You know, and not just the horses, but the people.

I know we haven't spent that much time together, but I just feel like...

Well, some people can live a lifetime in a minute.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just...

Could you hold me for a minute, please?

It's okay.

All right. Now I understand.

You understand what?

It's just so tragic, you know?

I mean, obviously you're still totally in love with Amy, too.

Amy said that she...

Well, see, Amy and I, we're like, you know...

We're friends, so...

She tells me everything.

Look, I've got to water the horses.

And they need some hay, too, so...

Whatever. Knock yourself out.

I was just worried about him.

You know, he seems to be slowing down, losing weight.

You're not working him, are you?

No, he's just been out in the field with the other horses.

Well, maybe the younger horses are beating him to the hay.

Why don't you stable him for a while, change his feed?

Well, feed is Lou's department.

Maybe you should talk to her.

It's been a while.



So, how you doing, Lou?

Great, great. Couldn't be better.


I was seeing Mark, and it didn't quite work out.

But, like, in a good way.

How about you?

Nothing serious.

No? Playing the field?

Yeah, I guess you could say.

So, just out of curiosity, how big is that field?

[Cell phone rings]

I've got to take this call.

I'll see you next time.


Yeah, I'm just with a client.

Yeah, I'm on my way. Okay.

What happened to Mindy tacking up her own horse?

Well, I guess I just figured that she's a guest, and we don't have a lot of time.

But you have time to spill your guts.

What is that supposed to mean?

I can't believe you'd talk about us with someone like her.

She just... She asked me about you, and I didn't know what to say.


Well, apparently she talked to you, too, 'cause...

You know, I don't know why it matters.

I mean, everyone knows you're with Kit, so...

Look, all I'm trying to say is that...

It's weird, okay? I mean, you think...

You see her face in magazines and movies, and you think you know her, but you don't.

And don't think that she's your friend, 'cause she's not.

You take away the fact that she's famous and kind of beautiful and...

I don't know what I'm trying to say, okay?

Just be careful, Amy.

Okay. So, just weave through these standards.

You're looking good.

Okay. But I want to...

Okay. Just shorten your reins up.

But he's not doing what I want him to do.


Take your hand further down.

Yeah. Now take hold of your inside rein.

There you go.

Okay. We're doing it.

We're doing it.

Hey, since when do you guys lock the gate?

It's Lou. Something to do with the dude ranch.

Well, unlock it. I want to ride my horse.

That's the deal. I can't.

See, Amy's down there with one of the dudes now.

And, well, the gate's got to stay locked.


To make sure the dudes don't skip without paying?

Something like that.

Hey, so how's things at home?

It's bearable.


What do you even care?

I care.

So, please unlock it.

I can't.

I'm sorry, Ash.

You know, this is the best thing I've ever done.

It's nice once you form a connection with a horse.

Tell me about it. This is better than any therapy.

You know, I was thinking.

I know a lot of people in L.A., and they got lots of money.

I'm pretty sure I could make things happen for you down there.

You know?

Do you want to try something crazy?

Yes, I do. Bring it on.

All right. Grab your reins with one hand.

Like this?


And hold your saddle horn with the other.


You got it?


Hang on.




You know, Jack, you have a really incredible face.

Well, I guess I wasn't all that bad-Iooking once.

Oh, come on, Grandpa, admit it. You were a babe.

Well, now...

You know, that is the thing about L.A.

I mean, if you were there, for instance, you couldn't look all old and tired and wrinkly.

You know? You always have to be camera-ready.

Well, I guess I'll cancel my ticket, then.

Seriously, I mean, can you imagine?

Like, I can't even take out the garbage without people shoving cameras all in my face.

You take out the garbage?

Oh, no, sweetie.

It's just kind of a metaphor for my entire life.

Speaking of your life, is what they're saying true?

"Mindy quits rehab. Drunk and Disorderly."


No, no, no. Give that to me. Thank you.


Oh, yeah. Pole-dancing in Vegas. Sure.

It was a gym in Lake Tahoe.


Nothing that they say in here is true.

Except your skin does kind of look blotchy.

Well, Melanie, honey, at least I didn't shave my head.

Maybe not your head, but...

Mallory, put that away.

Yeah. Give it. Bedtime reading.

Cowboy, how about giving me a ride back to my cabin?

Sure. Yeah.

I mean, why not?

Good night.



Give her a break. She meets a lot of people.

She probably can't remember everybody's name.

Yeah. Okay. Whatever you say, Zack.

You are such a gentleman.

Well, not always. That's for sure.

What about right now?

Don't get me wrong. I know who you are.

Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I don't want to waste your time.

I work here. And you're a guest.

This doesn't have anything to do with Amy, does it?

Talk about wasting your time. She is totally into Ty.

And how would you know that?

Oh, besides the fact that it's so in-your-face obvious?

She told me.

She told you?

Wow. What is it with that girl and you guys?

It's just... I mean, get over it.

You know, my bodyguard has the night off.

Just wondering if maybe you want the job.

In a minute.

It's so beautiful.

I just feel like everything I've ever done in my entire life, it's just been to bring me here to this place.


I should get the producer of the movie out here.

There's still one cabin available.

I'm not talking vacation. I'm talking location.

We could rent the entire ranch and then just shoot the movie right here.

What do you say?

You know, I have to check with reservations, but I think that...

But you do have to get the part first, right?

Psh. Details.

You know, I think that would be an amazing opportunity for you.

Really. You should just go for it.

You know, you should just grab it and clutch on to it till your knuckles turn white.


Oh, this looks great. Thank you.


She's up for this really big part.

And even though she's been in rehab, she's totally blitzed all the time.

You really shouldn't judge someone if you don't know all the facts.

Oh, yeah, right. I mean, take a look at this.

You really believe what you read in the tabloids?

I mean, look at that. It must be ancient.

Her hair's way too short.

See ya.

Hey, Amy! Wait!

I don't get you.

All of a sudden you're a Mindy Fanshaw expert?

Or you're hiding something.

Because you're the worst liar in the world.

And I can tell that you're lying right now.


You have to promise not to repeat this.

Mindy Fanshaw? At Heartland?

I've been giving her riding lessons.


I didn't really think you were lying, but...

Man, you really folded fast.

Note to self... Never tell you anything.

That goes for me, too.

Soraya, I had to sign this stupid confidentiality...

You're supposed to be my best friend.

And you just stood there, and you never said a word?

I couldn't!

Don't talk to me.



Hi. I'm...

Oh, I'm sorry.

Didn't you hear about the Celebrity Rights Act?

It bars random fans from speaking to celebrities unless they've been introduced or they already know each other or it's for work.

Well, how about the rights of former fans who realize that a so-called celebrity made a bunch of lame movies and now they want their money back?

Mindy, this is my friend Ashley.

[Knocking on door]

Door's open.

Jake, what can I do for you?

Is Mallory here?

Now, what makes you think she's here and not at boarding school?

What did she tell you, Mr. Bartlett?


My lips are sealed.

For once.

Jake's are, too.

I wanted to pay you back, but Jack recycled my water bottle.

Your water bottle?

Yeah, but I got something even better.

Guess whose lipstick this is.

She's really pretty.

You wear lipstick?

It's not me. She's famous.

I would tell you, but it's a secret, and Lou made me sign this stupid paper.

I understand. If it's a secret...

Mindy Fanshaw. She's staying here.

I can get a bunch of stuff that she's personally used.

We can sell it on eBay and make a fortune, and I can pay you back.

I don't want money.

I helped you out 'cause that's the kind of guy I am.


This your idea of night life?

Well, it is a school night.

So, what did the vet say about my beautiful horse?

He just needs to gain some weight.

So, he's not sick? Can I ride him?

No. I told you before.

I hope you don't mind me hanging out here for a little bit.

It's so boring at the cabins. I don't have anyone to talk to.

What about that bodyguard of yours?

See, rule number one...

You never get involved with your bodyguard.

Rule number two...

You never get involved with your riding instructor's boyfriend, even though she swears he's not her boyfriend, and he's a really good kisser.


I don't know. Or Caleb.

See, I say "boyfriend," and you don't even know who I'm talking about.

You think I don't know that you're playing those boys off against each other?


Wonder what she wants.

I don't know.

But whatever it is, she's probably gonna get it.

She's not the easiest girl to turn down.

Not that anyone would want to.

So, there's this place somebody was telling me about that I have to see.

Mustang Meadows.

So, which one of you boys want to saddle up my horse and take me there?

Well, Amy's gonna be back from school pretty soon, so...

Oh, yeah, see, there's this weird thing about me you might not know... I hate waiting.

Good. I hate to keep a lady waiting.

I don't know why you want Pegasus. He's kind of old and slow.

Oh, well, we have a special connection.

Yeah, you don't get it. Amy got it right away.

The only thing Amy's gonna get is ticked off.

She just had Scott in to see him, Caleb.

Well, I swear she said it was okay, so...

Relax, bro. We're just going for a little trail ride.

Besides, I don't have to remind you it's good to mix things up now and again.


There you go.


You sure this is the way to Mustang Meadow?

Well, this is the scenic route.

Well, I've already had all the scenery I can stand.


Have you seen Pegasus? He wasn't in his stall.

Mindy took him out. With Caleb.

You just let them go?

She said you were good with it.

There they are. Down there.

No. Great.

Look, Joey and Dawson.

I told you you couldn't ride that horse.

What were you thinking?

Hey, Mindy. Over here.

Give us a big cowgirl smile.

Pull up on your reins!

I can't! Help!





Are you all right?

Woo! That was incredible!

Oh, my God, what a rush!

Which one's your new boyfriend?

They found me out here.

I'm okay!

Do I look okay?


I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about Mindy Fanshaw.

So, I guess, you know, if you told someone that she was staying at Heartland, I would totally understand.

What are you talking about?

Well, someone told those photographers where she was.

And I mean, it was in the middle of nowhere.

They must have followed her or something.

First, you lie to me, and now you're blaming me?

Look, Amy, I don't know why you're here.

But if you're looking for coffee or a Coke or something like that, forget it, we're closed.

I thought you were gonna take it easy on this old guy.

What's wrong with him?

I was feeding the horses, and he couldn't even walk to his grain bin.

So, I called Scott.

Good thing.

He's got stone bruises on his feet.

And he's got a chipped bone in his hock.

How bad is it?

Well, for his age, it's pretty serious.

What are we supposed to do?

Butazone. Maybe surgery.

But we got to think about whether he can handle that.

I thought that girl had more sense, or at least that she had some feelings for that horse.

Well, you were wrong.

I guess we all were.


Oh, I'm so glad you're here. I just want to talk to you.

I feel really terrible. And I know it's all my fault.

And I will totally pay for all the vet bills.

This is not about bills.

I get it. Caleb.

I went riding with Caleb.

You think this is about Caleb?

Well, you see, that's the thing about being an actress is that I learn how to read between the lines.

I mean, both those guys obviously have a thing for you.

What are you gonna do? You just gonna string them along forever?

You know what? You have no clue.

Okay, Pegasus, he could have...

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, sorry. Sorry, I got to take this.


I'll talk to you in a minute.

Hi. No, I didn't see them yet.

But everyone says they're really good.


Oh, my God! I'm so excited!

There's something that's been bothering me.

You say that you ran away from Blessed Virgin because the pizza was frozen, the nights were long, and the Internet was slow.

But that pretty well describes life right here.

There were many other reasons.

I'd like to hear one.


Obviously I missed everyone.

But the thing I didn't plan on was Jake.

He knew exactly what I was thinking.

He took charge.

He bought me a bus ticket and even had two horses waiting in Hudson.

Well, that sounds very romantic.

That's my problem.

That's why I just want to pay him back.

I just don't want him to get the wrong idea.


I'm looking at them right now, Lauren.

She said what?

"One-star roach motel"?


Well, so much for renting the whole place as a location.

You're kidding. You got me a meeting?

Did you tell them I don't audition?

Hang on.

Hi. Sorry. I'm on the phone.

Okay, then get off the phone.

Oh, okay. What's your problem?

Just, this is my room.

No, actually, this is my room. And this is my problem.

I don't care if you have to pull pathetic stunts to prop up your failing career.

But when you put my dad's horse at risk...

I'm sorry. This is about a horse?

'Cause I already told Amy I'd pay for the, you know, whatever.

You know what? Pack your bags.

Or get someone to pack them for you.

Or whatever you have to do.

I want you out of here. Now.

Hey, buddy.

Look what I got for you.

Come on. It's your favorite.

What, you don't like me anymore?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Okay, well...

Just gonna leave it right here on the fence.


Amy. Hi.

I'm glad I got a chance to talk to you before your insane sister trashes me.

She's probably gonna tell you that I told the paparazzi where I'd be.

And did you?

No. Never.

Well, not technically. I mean, my P.R. People did.

But I just needed something fresh. You know, different.

Instead of all the shopping and clubbing and...

But I really, really didn't think it was gonna turn out that way.

I didn't know a horse could just hurt itself like that.

I'll make it up to you, Amy.

And how do you expect to do that? Huh?

You just about killed my horse.

My best friend won't even talk to me.

I have no idea what games you played with Ty and Caleb.

And not to mention, you bought that damn belt.

Look, for what it's worth, nothing happened between Caleb and me.

Or Ty and me. It's weird.

Yeah, I don't even know why I fell for that bogus offer to be your riding double.

Well, that's because you don't know much about people like me.

But that offer? It still stands.

Honestly, anytime.

You call me, I'll send you a ticket.

Okay? Sorry. Just hang on a minute.

[Cell phone rings]

My life coach. Hello?

What? Yeah. Okay.

Okay, I'll talk to you later, Amy. Bye.

Well, if it isn't the Lone Ranger.

I heard about your midnight ride.

You don't for a second think I approve of what of you did.

I guess not.

But a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

She's in the kitchen.


Do you have another one of these belts?

They're one of a kind.

Well, in that case, I'd like to return it.


Well, no, not return it.

Just give it back so that you can gift wrap it and send it to a friend or mine.




How's he doing?

He's better.

Scott said he might not need surgery.

That's good.

Look, I don't know what Mindy told you.

But whatever it was, it isn't true.



Oh, my God. Amy, you're famous.

Look! It's your horse's ass!

Oh, would you look at that?

I guess I'll have to get a couple copies or something, right?

Unless, of course, the store is still closed.

Um, Mindy left something for you.

Oh, my God.

Here. I want you to have it.

She gave it to you.

And I'm giving it to you.

Hey, while you girls work this out, I'm taking it for a test-drive.

Hands off my belt.


[Phone rings]

Heartland Equestrian Connection.

Oh, Mindy's agent.

Yeah, you know what? Let me tell you something, Mister.

I don't care what she said, 'cause...

Heaven on Earth?


Another one of your clients?

Yeah, you know what?

Unfortunately, we're fully booked.



Hey. Look, I don't know what Mindy told you...

But whatever it was, it wasn't true?

Yeah. Well, maybe some of it wasn't.

But some was. I don't know.

But she said some stuff, too.

Like what? What did she say?

Just stuff.

And let me guess.

You signed that confidentiality agreement?

Yeah, something like that.

Come on, Ty. Just tell me.

Tell me.

I wish I could, but I can't.

I'm gonna get it out of you one way or another.