01x06 - Child Care

You think we're gonna get him back on those meds again?

Are those for Pope?


I was admiring this little gem when we came in tonight.

So what's this thing do? About a buck 20? A buck 30?

Open road, I've done 140.


Well, I really liked your dad. He seems very cool.

And that pallet of money story, man...

[Laughs] that was crazy.

The other day, he freaked when I moved his briefcase.

All his classified documents and sh1t?

How's living with your grandmother?

It's okay.

That's a lot of people to contend with after just being you and your Mom.


Hi, Mom.

Hi, baby.


sh1t. Hey. Hey! Hey.

[Bottles thud, objects clatter]

You did good. You got J opening up about his family.

♪ She stares deeply ♪
♪ Locked inside me ♪
♪ Burnin' brightly ♪
♪ One they know that I cannot take ♪
♪ Waitin' for it all to begin ♪
♪ Every night now, they'll win ♪
♪ Come and meet my black hole ♪
♪ Got a big black hole ♪
♪ Got a big black hole ♪
♪ I've got a big black hole ♪
♪ I've got a big black, big black hole ♪
♪ Got a big black hole inside of me ♪
♪ Got a ♪

[Indistinct conversations, door buzzes in distance]


Paul: I'm doing 120 right now!

Put on your big boy pants, man! Let's see it!

125! 130!


Floor it! Come on!

No, no, no.

[Both laugh]

I couldn't do it!

Whoo. Better than s*x, huh?

More like a heart attack. [Laughs]

Wanna go again? Go!

[Engine revving]

[Door buzzes]

[Radio chatter, indistinct conversations]

Need to see if these guys are in here. I've got, uh...

I'm here for my son, Andrew Cody.

I was told you were his parole officer.

You want to let me know why he was arrested?

Flash incarceration. A warning.

If he violates his parole again, he'll serve out the rest of his sentence in prison.

My son did not violate his parole.

My son has a job, a home, and he reports to you regularly.

Maybe I should just call my lawyer.

You wanna waste your money, you go ahead.

There's nothing he can do about a failed drug test.

Andrew does not take drugs.

[Door closes in distance]

Well, he must've taken something.

Is he back on his meds?

[Indistinct conversations]

Sit down.

He'll be released shortly.

[Telephone ringing in distance]

Happens again, he'll do real time.

[Door buzzes]

I need those checked out.

Man: All right.

I'm saving up for college, for Nicky, if she ever goes.

Lord knows schools aren't lining up to admit "C" students right now.

[Gear shifts, engine turns off]

Oh, she'll get it together. She's a smart kid.

Oh, you can leave it in there, man. I-I'll lock it.

Oh, no, no, no. That's okay.

My dad wants to know if you want Mexican or Italian.

Whatever's fine.

I don't know what's worse... him hating you or inviting you for family night. [Laughs]

Oh, wait.

The hotter you look, the better mood Anderson'll be when she grades our tests.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Bell ringing]


Sit down, everyone.

Ms. Anderson is out. I'm giving the test.

[Singsongy] Looks like it's my turn.

Think he'll give me any of the answers?



[Indistinct conversations]

Pass it back.

Pass it back.

Pass it back.

Pass it back.

[Cellphone chimes and vibrates]


Take a shower, put on your wire, go to school.

He trusts me.


Look, I can't do this. I can't... I can't even sleep.

Where was this conscience when you decided to buy 5 grams of heroin from an undercover cop?

I've never done this before, okay?

I need details... what the Codys did, what they're doing next.

What am I supposed to say?

Seriously? What am I supposed to say?

"Hey, J, how's it going?

By the way, what crimes have your family been up to lately?"

I'm the only thing keeping your life from blowing up.

You should be thanking me.

You should be thanking me.

Thank you.

Put your shoes on.

I'm gonna show you something.

[Door opens]

I need some advice.

What do you do when your daughter's screaming nonstop because you won't let her get her ears pierced?

I mean, what do you do?

[Chuckles] How old is she?

6. [Laughs]

But her mother's were pierced before she was on solids.

It's a Latina thing. I don't know.

You, my friend, are screwed.


All right? So just accept it.

Raise up that white flag and... and just, you know, avoid all the tantrums.


Focus on the family business. That's what I say.

How's that going, anyway?

It's good. Yeah, it's good.

I mean, it's better than working for someone else.

I spent two years keeping the books for Elite Platinum Properties.

Basically just a fancy name for a shithead named Artie.


I'm telling you, I kept his business running while he made his tee time.

I deserved to be partner.

All I asked for was a raise, said he couldn't justify it.

What'd you do?

Well, I waited till tax time, then I dumped a year's worth of invoices on his desk.

First, he sh1t a brick. Then he, uh...


...then he begged me to stay.

What'd you say?

Well, I said, I couldn't justify it.

[Both laugh]

[Bottles clink]


What about you?

You ever feel like giving your boss the finger?

Who hasn't?


What would you do?

You know, to get back at him. What would you do?

Come on. Tell me you haven't thought about it.

I call bullshit.

Two beers?

Here you go.

[Bottles thud]

Thank you.


[Indistinct conversations]

Maybe I would, uh, adjust the paperwork, so all the ATMs on the U.S.S Ronald Reagan would run out of cash about three months into their deployment.



I'd bury... I would bury all the shortcomings and I'd make it completely untraceable.

Ah. But wouldn't that get you in trouble?

Not if I did it right.

sh1t would roll uphill with that kind of money.

[Laughs] You could make that much money go missing?

Are you kidding me?

That kind of money goes missing all the time.

The Navy just doesn't want anybody to know about it.



There must've been some mistake.

That's what I told my P.O.

I've never taken that sh1t in my life.

Are you sure this wasn't a shakedown?

No, he's straight.

"Piss test don't lie." That's what he said.

Well, that's not true.

They mix up those samples all the time.

They made me take a second test.

[Cellphone chimes]

It's positive.

That's Baz. He wants to meet.


He's been working on an idea.

[Engine idling]

You comin'?

[Engine turns off]

Used to be a house down there.

Emilio and Carmen Ortiz.

Used to work with me back when I was on patrol.


Confidential informants.

They had done a string of robberies along the coast and wanted out.

I think they would've been okay after they did a little time, but...

[Latch clanks, dog barking in distance]

...they made the mistake of getting into business with Janine Cody.

[Helicopter whirring overhead]

J's grandmother.

She suspected they were informants, sent her son Andrew to burn the house down.

They found Carmen here.

She was lucky. She died of smoke inhalation before her skin started to burn off.

Could only confirm it was her after we sent the teeth to the lab.

And Emilio... he must've tried to run.

Found him by the door.

Part of the burning ceiling fell, severed his torso.

March 3, 1997.

So the last people to inform on the Codys for you burned to death.

And you want me to get J to do the same thing?

He's not one of them. Not really.

And this is what they do to outsiders.

Only way to protect him is to get him away from them.

But how?

Keep doing what you're doing.


He kissed me.

Text him.

See what he's doing after school.

Are you asking me to sleep with a 17-year-old kid?

Of course not. That would be illegal.

But if you care about that kid, get him out, before we have to ID him by his teeth.

You, uh, holding out on me?

I didn't do LSD.

Hey, you eat a bagel?


A bagel. Did you eat a bagel?

What the hell are you talking about?

The poppy seeds, man. That sh1t is in your piss.

Everybody knows that.

Craig: Come on.

That's opium, dipshit.

Yeah, well, maybe something else.

Maybe not the poppies, but, you know, something like that. Just sayin'.

To your health.

[Clears throat]


Craig: Pope spent the night in jail.

Yeah, I heard.

Not even long enough to make a toothbrush into a shiv.

Smurf: Okay, let's get started.

I think I have something.

Could be big.

Camp Pendleton.

Wow, what about it?

We're gonna hit it.

That's a military base.

Sounds awesome. I'm in.

Yeah, what are we going for? A nuclear warhead or a tank?

There is a ton of cash on that base. A ton.

Surrounded by soldiers with sniper rifles and attack helicopters.

Yeah, all useless if they don't know we're taking it.


Still working on that part.

Well, sounds like a foolproof plan.

Look, it's gonna take some time, but my mark knows the ins and outs of the base.

Wait, your mark?

Yeah. Paul.

Nicky's dad.

Nicky? J's girlfriend Nicky?

Yeah. He handles serious money for long deployments, aircraft carriers, all that. I've been workin' him hard.

Hold on. Since when do we do jobs with people outside of the family?

This Paul guy... he sounds like a pussy.

And the... the second the cops breathe in his direction, he's going to point them right to us.

Pope, I can handle him.

I got a feeling he's ready to cross a line. He wants it.

He just needs a push. I'm telling you...


No! No! No.

We case a joint, we go in with guns, we come out with cash.

It's not that complicated.

Like the Wells Fargo job? So easy it landed you in prison.

Yeah. Saving your ass.

[Inhales and exhales deeply]

Are you on board with this crap?

Let's see if the plan has legs.

[Cup thuds]

Gonna need you guys to do your part.

Yeah, I got an opening in my schedule on Thursday, so...

It's gotta be tonight.

Renn's throwing a party.

Well, you're missing it.


I'll give you the details in a minute.

Is that your way of telling us to leave?


[Chairs scrape floor]

Pope suspect anything? Meds?

I don't know.

What about J?

What about J?

He might have an opinion on using Nicky's dad.

J will find out when I want him to.

Good. We agree.

No, we don't agree.

You're talking about a military base.

You, too, huh?

The bigger the score, the bigger the risk.

But not if we do it my way.

[Gears shift]

[Engine turns off]

[Door squeaks]

[Bag rustling]

[Rustling continues]

[TV playing indistinctly]

Whoo! I'm making you my bitch.


[Inhales sharply] Yeah, Baz is making us both his bitches.

Well, if his idea works, at least we'll be rolling in it.

You know, we could rob Fort Knox, and Smurf would still have us on allowance.

This is bullshit.

I could be at a killer party right now.

Yeah, and robbing a house would be rad if Baz doesn't make us do all the work.


[TV continues indistinctly]

What's up?

Just waiting for Smurf.

What, are you going to church?

No. I'm going to dinner with Nicky's family.

Well, if her dad's paying, get the lobster.

[Rack clatters]

Shouldn't you boys be getting a move on?

Yeah, after this game.

J, can you wait for me in the car, please?

[TV continues indistinctly]

I want you to go now and focus.

Look, if you don't think we're capable of doing this job, you can go find someone else to do it.

Baby, I would never ask you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.

Craig: Good.

Then tell Baz we're taking [Balls rattle] the night off from his bullshit.


[Pool stick thuds]

You really feel that way?



Tell her, man.


I think Pope will be happy to fill in for you.

And I'll remember who pulled their weight when I divvy up the take.

[Sea birds calling in distance]




We waited for you, but Lena was tired.

Yeah, I got held up at Smurf's.

I called.

Deran said you left hours ago.

You think I like this?

The nagging wife, always asking where you've been.

Well, you're getting good at it.

[Object thuds]

You know, guys come into the bar and hit on me all the time.

[Paper rustles]

I'm not cheating on you, Cath. Okay?

Used to be a pain in the ass, trying to let them down gently without losing tips.

Now I look forward to it, someone wanting to talk to me.

I was at my dad's.

He lives in a trailer over in Vista.

I thought he was in for life.

I guess the state thought 26 years was enough.

You're talking to him?

After everything he did to you...

You telling me you wouldn't talk to your parents if they were still alive?

Does Smurf know?


No. No, Smurf does not know.

Doesn't matter anyway. He's gone.


Who knows? But he's gone.

Then why'd you go there?

Feed his cat.



You... You went to feed his cat?

I did. Yes. [Chuckles]




Man: Salud.

[Glass thuds]

[Glass thuds]

I had no idea the sh1t in Fresno was this good.


[Clears throat]

You should have your cousins come down more often.

You ready for another line?

I don't have to be anywhere. [Exhales deeply]

You know, if you'd told me this is what you do after you close... [Sniffs]

I would've been here every night.

[Glass thuds]

[Both laugh]

Scottie manages the place.



Whoa! Whoo!



[Lowered voice] Now I want you to make me scream.



All right.

[Phantogram's "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" playing]

[Breathing heavily]

♪ I don't like staying at home ♪
♪ When the moon is bleeding red ♪
♪ Woke up stoned in the backseat from a dream ♪
♪ Where my teeth fell out of my head ♪
♪ Do you feel like letting go? ♪

[Whispers] Now come here.

♪ I wonder how far down it is ♪

[Both breathing heavily]

♪ Nothing is fun ♪
♪ Not like before ♪
♪ You don't get me high anymore ♪

[Both panting]

♪ Used to take one ♪
♪ Now it takes four ♪
♪ You don't get me high anymore ♪
♪ You don't get me high anymore ♪

Can't believe Smurf has me doing this sh1t.

It's not Smurf. It's Baz.

I haven't hit a house since, like, puberty.

Jeez, man, you were bitching about the job being too hard.

Now you're bitching about it being too easy.

Why you even here?

Do you wanna do it alone?

Do you?

Relax, man. No.

One night in jail and you're in a shitty mood.

Something happens tonight...

I'm coming out firing. Do you understand me?

They're gonna have to kill me 'cause I'm not going back inside.

Jesus, man, what happened to you in there?

[Engine starts, shifts gears]



Pope: Bingo. Magnet.



Pope: All right, TV.


What do you say we do some more blow and go again?



But I gotta go.

I don't wanna see this.

See what?

[Bottle clinks]

See what?

Sage was in Portland the day I got robbed.

Showed me a plane ticket and everything.

It's an easy mistake.

You don't have to feel bad. We'll find the right guy.

You had my necklace... the one you said you got from him.

You left me to die, Craig.

Now I'm gonna do the same.


[Men grunting]

Scottie: Tie this piece of sh1t.

Got it?

I got it, got it.


Come on.

[Craig grunting]

[Chair scrapes floor]

Come on. Let's get him up.


[Zipties creaking]


I got the jewelry from the bedroom, but it's crap.

It won't even cover the cost of gas.

Yeah, who gives a sh1t? I got the briefcase.

What's in it?

I don't know. Papers and stuff.

Papers? Baz has us breaking in for papers?


You wanna tell me why I'm wasting my time for a used television and crap jewelry?

Look, I don't know, man. I'm just doing what I'm told.

Pope: All right, let's get out of here.

[Glass shatters]

[Alarm blaring, dog barking in distance]

Come on, come on.

Okay, so, uh, two strawberries, a cookies and cream. Nicky, I know you want mint chip. J?

Chocolate, please.

And chocolate.

This is so lame.

He's fine. He's being nice.

Okay, so that's...

Uh, Paul.

That's $5.

No, no, no. Your money's no good here.

No, no, come on, I...

No, no, no. Your uncle bought me lunch today.

Tonight is on me. Okay? Baz. He took care of me.

Thank you. No, you guys keep the change. Thank you so much.

How boring are we?

[Cellphone rings]

[Laughs] Right?





Thank you.

We gotta go.


No, we gotta go right now.

That H?

Four dimes.

Enough to OD an elephant.

You guys don't think I'm buying this, do you?


Get the plastic.

Sure, get the plastic.

Good idea. Mm-hmm.

Okay. Okay, l-look... m-message received, okay?

I was an asshole. So give me a good beating, and we'll call it even, okay?

Scottie: Where do we dump his body?


[Zipties clacking]

Look, it wasn't my fault, okay? I...

I-I checked Renn's... I checked her... I checked her pulse.

I'm not a goddamn doctor.

Wait. Wait. Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait!

Do you know who my family is? Huh?

If you do anything to me, you're signing your own...

You are signing your own death certificate!

No! No!

No, call 9-1-1! No, no, no!

Come on, don't... don't let me die! Please!

How do you think Renn felt, shithead?

Please, do... do something! Please!

Check it out, he's pissing himself.

Oh, sh1t, man.


Ooh. [Laughing]

[Laughter continues]

Saline. Salt and water.

A little tea for coloring.


Whoo. [Laughs]

You still owe Renn for what you took.

6 grand plus $800 for the coke tonight.

Get it here, we'll let you live, okay?

Make a call.

[Dialing cellphone]

[Breathing heavily]

[Line rings]


Paul: How did they break in exactly?

[Police radio chatter]

Lydia: They said they came in through the back door.

They broke one of those glasses. I always worried... [Gasp]


Oh, my God.

Lydia: [Gasps] Oh!

They got the computer!

Nicky: Oh, my God.

They took the television.

Everything is...

Oh, my God.

I don't believe it.

Officer, they came in through... How did they come in?

No. No, not my briefcase.

Please tell me they did not take my briefcase.

Oh, my God. I'm gonna check upstairs, see if they took anything.

Paul: Look for my briefcase!

Lydia: Okay, Sweetie. Oh, my God! Paul!

Nicky: Check my room!

[Indistinct shouting]

[Knock on door]

[Door unlocks]

[Door creaks]

I'm here for Craig.

Scottie: Who are you?

His mother.

[Door closes]

You called your mom?

What'd you do, Baby?

Ripped off our cousin and left her to die.


[Zipties clacking]

[Whispers] Thank you.

[Loud smack]

Brandon: Oh, sh1t.

Go get dressed, Baby.

You can put your gun away, pendejo.

Nobody's shootin' anybody here.

He started it. We just made it right.

So we're even?


Craig, give me your keys.

Your keys.

[Keys jangle]

That's my Ducati.

What are you doing? Don't give him my bike.

Misbehave, you lose your toys.

Go get in the car.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Don't you mistake my generosity for weakness.


[Door opens]

[Door closes]

[Gunfire on TV]

Got your shirt.

[Engine revving]


[Gunfire continues]

Did, um... did you rob Nicky's house?

I heard you and Craig talking about it. Was it Nicky's?

[Exhales] So what if it was?

You could've robbed anybody, man.

Look, man, I'm just the grunt, okay?

[Inhales sharply] Talk to Baz. He's the big man with the plan.

[Gunfire continues]

He's not done with them. [Sniffs]

[Engine turns off]

[Dog barking in distance]

First Pope, now you?

You know I had hoped that someday you boys would know how to take care of yourselves.

You haven't even heard my side.

I know your side, Sweetie, by heart.

I encouraged you to be wild, but there's a line.

[Voice breaks] What do you expect?

All you give me are the sh1t jobs.

That's not true.

You think I'm stupid?

You don't even try to hide it.

I don't think you're stupid.

I think you've got real gifts.

Yeah? What?

You're fearless.

You've got what it takes to do things your brothers won't.

They can't.

But the next time something like this happens, don't you call me, because I will not come.

[Car door opens]

[Car door closes]


[Crickets chirping]

Want some syrup?

Here we go. Just a little bit.

Good? More?

More? Oh, my God.

You're gonna be bouncing off the walls, kiddo.

[Refrigerator door closes]


We should do this more often.


Pancakes every day. Remember?

I do remember.

We were kids when we agreed to that.

A deal's a deal.


That's only 'cause we thought that's what real parents did.

What's real parents?

Something me and her sure as hell didn't have.


What? She should know where she came from.

[Seabirds calling in distance]

You remember what else we agreed to?



One girl, one boy.

We can't afford another kid.

Well, I'm workin 'on that.

What do you say after this next job, we take off to the mountains?

Get a cabin like we used to?

What do you say, Lena? You want a baby brother?

You do? See, she does.

Oh, it's kinda hard to guarantee a boy.

[Clicks tongue] Deal's a deal.

All right, I gotta split.


Have a good day at work, Daddy.



[Birds chirping]

[Gate whirring open]

Hey. I brought my bikini.

Nicky, I don't think we should see each other anymore.


Cops said there isn't much chance of getting our stuff back. Thanks a lot.

Think Smurf can make me a Bloody Mary?


I mean it.

What are you talking about?

[Lowered voice] I'm sorry.

Wait, you're... you're breaking up with me?

But you like me.


Did I do something?

No. No.

Is there some other girl? What? Say something.

Nicky, you have to go.

Look, I know it's been hard for you...

You have to go.

Hey, you walk away from me?

Hey, this is bullshit!

You just went out to dinner with my family.

Is that it? [Sniffles] Dinner? Ice cream?

Things get a little too normal for you?

What's that supposed to mean?

Your idea of normal was watching some random guy stick a needle in your mom before he put his dick inside her.

Don't say sh1t about my mom.


[Breathing heavily]

[Whispering] You don't know what's going on here.

You have no idea.

[Voice breaks] Why are you acting like this?



Look... it's over.

[Breathing heavily]

I want you to stay away from me, and you stay away from my family.

[Door opens and closes]

[Utensils clink]

Smurf: Lunch!

[Groans, sighs]

Hey, buddy. How was last night? A rager?

[Inhales deeply]


Renn's party.

It was okay.

By the way you made it sound, I thought you'd still be high.

[Dish clatters]

What are you building out there?

A fountain.

What? For, like, birds?

For, like, me.

Here you go, Sweetie. It's your favorite.

Spicy chili.

Craig's looks good.

What the hell, man?

Just take mine.

I don't want yours.

Pope: Don't make a big deal about this.

[Mouth full] Oh, my God. If it get you guys to shut up, I'll have yours.


You hungry, Sweetie?

What's the matter, honey?

Nicky broke up with me.

Do you know why?

Wow, you weren't kidding. This stuff is really good.

Yeah, it's great.

Aged 18 years.

After I heard what happened, I figured you could use a drink.

Can you believe it?

[Laughs] I can't.

Cops said that a bunch of amateurs did this.


They still have nothing to go off of.

You have insurance?


Yeah. That sucks.

It's just stuff, though, right? It's replaceable.


They took my briefcase.


It was locked.

They probably thought there was something valuable inside?

I-I-I don't know.

But it's just work stuff, right? I mean...

What's the problem?

Some of those files are classified.

Okay, they're not supposed to be off the base.

I mean, I bring them home sometimes because I'd spend the rest of my life in that freaking office.

I know. I hear ya.


The Navy takes this sh1t so seriously.

Wait. Would they fire you?

They could court-martial me.

Oh, sh1t.

[Clicks tongue]

How bad do you want those files back?

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, we handle a bunch of low income properties, and we deal with some pretty shady characters.

If we want a problem fixed... we call some guys.

What kind of guys?

The kind of guys that can ask around.

They can find out which crew did your house.

Maybe get your briefcase back.

How are they gonna do that?

[Chuckles] It's better not to ask questions.

Forget it. I shouldn't have brought it up.

No. No, no, no.

Call your guys.


[Seabirds calling, door closes]


What are you doing here?

I was just having a drink with your dad.

Don't tell J I saw you. He might go off on you, too.

What does that mean?

He's a sh1t is what it means.

He just broke up with me.


Like I know?

Everything was cool, and then out of nowhere, he just flips out and wants nothing to do with me.

I should've punched him.

Well, he made a big mistake.


[Cellphone rings]



Hey, Baz.

Hey, man, you free?

Do you wanna grab a beer?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Where?

How about Tower 9? Say half an hour?

Okay, cool.

All right, great, I'll see you there.

Right, yeah. Okay, bye.

[Seabirds calling]


[Door bangs]

Have you seen the diamond blade?

I've been putting these in your food because you need them and you never would've listened to me, not in the state you were in.

So I should thank you.

The instructions are on the labels.

You know you could've gotten me sent back to prison.

Before your next piss test, you tell your parole officer you're back on your meds.

And what makes you think I'm gonna keep taking 'em?

Because you know you need them.

You don't like me unless I'm on these pills?

Is that it?

Or I could just flush 'em.

[Pills rattle]

Could take 'em or flush 'em.

So many choices.

[Cabinet door opens]

[Seabirds calling]

Hey, man.


I heard about Nicky.

Oh, yeah. Did Smurf tell you?

Mm-hmm. I thought things were good.

Me, too, man.

Not for her, I guess.

So she dumped you?


I had no idea it was coming, man.

[Sighs heavily] Yeah, women don't always make sense.

Thing is...

Nicky told me you dumped her.

So which is it, J?

How 'bout you don't bullshit me, I don't bullshit you?

You figured out what's been going on?

Yeah, enough.

And you think you're protecting her?

You're using her, right?


And her dad.

I thought you'd know this by now.

Everyone outside the family is a mark. Everyone.

Am I a mark?


Look, you overreacted. It's fine.

You didn't do any permanent damage.

But this thing is happening, okay?

With or without you, this is happening.

Just leave Nicky and her family alone.

Are you making demands now? You think that's how this works?

You're lucky you and I are just talking right now.

You're lucky.

Family comes first. Everything else is second.

You understand me?

I need to know you're not gonna do anything stupid.

Are you gonna do anything stupid, J?


I wanna believe you. I really, really do.

I'll see you back at the house.


I told Pope about the medications.

I had no choice. And don't worry.

I didn't tell him you knew anything.

Where is he?

In his hotel room, I hope.

We may have another problem.

Nicky's dad?

No, that went just like we wanted it to.

[Inhales deeply]


[Exhales deeply]

[Crickets chirping]

[Knocks on door]

[Breathing heavily]

[Knocks loudly]

[Door opens]

Hey. Is everything okay?

I was worried when I didn't hear from you.

I'm sorry. I just, um...

Hey, what's... what is it? What's wrong?

Can I come in for a little while?

Yeah. Yeah, of course. Come on.

[Door creaks]