01x05 - Home Sweet Zombie

Previously on Z Nation.

Whoa. It's a real live baby.

Don't hold him like he's a live grenade.

[baby crying]

Me and babies, not so much.


We're on a high priority mission to get this man to a CDC lab in California.

Can't worry about some raggedy ass group of civilians.

Nothing raggedy ass about this group of civilians, sir.


Garnett and Warren know what they're doing.

[gunshots] [zombie growling]




[calm music playing on radio]

There you are.

Ah, thank you, honey.

Mmmm-mmm. Nothing like the first cup.

[radio music continues]

I will see your vicodin and raise you one tetracycline.


Three of a kind.

Full house.

Aces high.


[laughing] That's five hands in a row.

If you're gonna continue to use my deck you need to quit pulling cards out your ass.

Oh boo hoo.


Garnett: Hey shhh. Hold on, he's back on.

Friends, I'm talking about mean weather coming in fast.

Some reports of tornados.

Find shelter and take cover.

It's dangerous out there. More so than usual.

Now back to the soothing sounds of the Apocalypse.

[calm music plays]

You know after he was so wrong about that chopper weatherman's a pretty good job for that geek.

You're up.

All good?

Peaceful night.

Your stalker said there's a storm front coming in.

How is it out there?

Cloudy with a chance of zombie.

Okay, you two get some rest.

You got it.

I've had worse days.

It's not a bad set up.


[buzz of electricity]


You know, I'm really starting to feel at home here.

I'm thinking about putting a barbecue right here.

[electricity zapping]

This one needs to be flipped.


[electricity zapping sound continues]

I really like what they did with the landscaping, the flowers, everything. So homey.

Yeah. Too bad they're dead.

[whispers] Yeah.


[whispering] Okay.


Sorry. Wrong room.


Oh my God. A bed. When was the last time we did it in a bed?

What do you think?


Like no clothes?

Full commando, baby.

Oh my God, you are such a romantic.


[calm music playing on radio]


The... blanket...

I was just...


[radio music continues]

Scared of that one.

Best not to mess.

You know if we breed those two, it'd be all over for the zombies...

[both laugh]

[wind and thunder]

Can't remember the last time I snuck off with somebody.

I can't remember the last time I wanted to.

[snarling and electrocution]


[thunder continues]

You still think about him?


I try not to.

And I never heard what happened, so there's not much point.

What about you?

I used to think about Amy and the kids everyday.

Every time I closed my eyes, I saw the end all over again.

It got to a certain point where I just gave up.

Didn't care if I lived or died.

And a funny thing happened.

I didn't die.

And with everything that's happened it's been harder and harder to remember the past.

I guess that's a good thing, right?

Guess so.

Are we close by your hometown?

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.

Just swing by on our way west.

Why? It's long gone.

He's gone.

And I just wish that I would've waited for him and said goodbye before the last time I got shipped out.

Don't you want to know for sure?

You can't start forgetting what you don't know.

[thunder continues]


That does not look good.

It's tornado weather.

[snarling and electrocution]


[moaning and kissing]

[thunder cracks]

That was close.


Hey, hey.

Are you okay?

Uh, yeah.


No, I dunno.

[thunder cracking]

[zombies snarling]

[electricity zapping]




Puppies and kittens! Time to go!

Everybody out the back!

[radio music playing]


I give you mercy.


[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have Mercy ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy ♪

[typing on keyboard]


I hate blind spots, boy.

Make me anxious.

Mess with my digestion.


[typing on keyboard]

[whispering] That was funny.

[typing continues]

Sorry, I forgot you.

Oh that's right, you're on the wagon.

Sorry, I forgot.

The only thing worse than drinking alone is not drinking.

[computer beeps]

Hello, beautiful.

What are we looking at here?



Dang. They don't call it Tornado Alley for nothing.


I am not drunk.

You're drunk.

No, your mom's drunk.

[clearing throat]

[with DJ-like accent] In our continuing effort to bring you up to the minute information, we at Z-TV have acquired a National Weather Service satellite that they aren't using anymore.

But that's not important.

We now go to John Smith, southern weather correspondent to get his opinion on the story.

[with southern accent] This is the badassest storm this weatherman has ever seen.

From the Gulf of Mexico right up the Mississippi Valley, trouble is brewing.

I don't know if they call this thing a turricane or a tornado or what. But if you're anywhere south of Chicago or east of the Rockies, I'm issuing a get your butt in a bunker warning.

[Citizen Z's normal accent] Hey, I hope you guys are getting this.

Addy and friends.

You guys got to seek shelter immediately because this is bad. And when you seek shelter immediately and after you do that, you need to contact me and tell me where you are.

And I'll update you with further instructions. Okay?

All right, well this is Citizen Z, and I'm signing off.

Who's Addy?

So which way do we go?

The storm is pushing north from the gulf.

If we make it to the I-70, we can outrun it.

That storm is going faster than that craptastic truck ever will.

Yeah, we got to get off the road. You heard Citizen Z.

We got to seek shelter.

What we need is to get the hell out of here.

I ain't stopping just cuz some punk with a satellite says so.

Murphy: Okay, hang on. Am I missing something?

You did not drag my ass this far so that mankind's hope could get sucked up by a tornado, did you?

Hey, Addy.

You know you've been quiet.

Just want to make sure you're okay.

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just, you know, zombies.

Anybody got a mint?

Castle Point. That's your hometown right?

Addy: Whoa. Look at that storm coming in.

Warren: Okay, fine. You win.


Garnet: Welcome home, Roberta.

Mack: So you know this town?

Warren: Born and raised here.

We need to take cover.

Is there someplace safe nearby?

Yeah, there's a storm cellar in my house.

How close by is your house?

It's not far.

I knew these people.

My neighbor.

My boss.


Is that him?

Who's him?

Oh, no.

No. We are not here searching for dead hubby, are we?

Let's go.

Shelter's this way.

Get going.

It's so green.

I never seen a sky look like that.

I've only seen tornadoes on TV.

I don't like tornadoes.

I'm pretty sure they don't like me either.


[wind blowing]

[wind blowing]

That it?

That's it.

10K, come on!

[kicking] Come on!

[kicking on door]

If he's in there and he's...

I will not hesitate.

Home sweet zombie.

Get out of that chair!

Go on and get out of there!

That's my husband's favorite chair!

All right.

Uh, upstairs is all good.


I got this.

[growling continues]


Please don't shoot us.

My husband is hurt.

What are you doing in my house?

The fireman said we'd be safe here.

Here we go.

Bark like a dog for me.


Well I wasn't talking to you, but I'm impressed.

[whispering] God.

From a Category Three to the Seventh Circle of Hell.

Delta-Xray-Delta, I hope you guys aren't underneath that.

Come on. Drop me a note.

Send up a flare. Give me a ring.

I can't help you if I can't find you.

You're going to be okay.

He's a doctor.

Uh, well they sorta just call me Doc.


No doctor. I just... need a nap.

Oh that, no that wouldn't be good, dude.

Do not nap.

Don't let him fall asleep. He's got a bad concussion at least.

Rick? Rick?

Help him!

Basement's clear.

Is he gonna be okay?

Is this the fireman?


Is this the fireman that brought you here?

I don't know.

Maybe. He was wearing a helmet.

Maybe it's him.

I think it is.

[whispering] Thank you.


[wind blowing]

We need to get out of here before this storm hits.

And go where, huh?

What are we supposed to do, just sit heres cure.

We can ride it out down there.

Let's just gather some supplies before it hits.

Kitchen was pretty well stocked up.

There's water and canned food.

No medical supplies, no batteries though.

We need to get our communications up.

You two, go out in the neighborhood.

See what you can find. But don't go far.

Be sure to get back before the storm hits.

Janey what are all these people doing here?

My parents will be home for dinner any minute.

Is he gonna make it?

Is that a serious question?

I don't know.

He got cracked on the dome.

Okay, I for one do not want to be trapped in a basement with this guy when he starts craving brains.

Don't mind him.

His mama didn't raise him right.

Well if I had the proper meds or a first aid kit...

You know the fire station may still have first aid supplies.

Hey, lock down the basement.

If that kid turns, I want you to be right on that.

Yeah, of course.

Keep an eye on Murphy. We'll be back before the party starts.


[strong wind blowing]

[thunder cracks]

Mack: Addy!







[screaming and growling]

[screaming and growling]

[strong wind blowing]

This place brings back so many memories.

[thunder cracking]


My first kiss.

With the fireman?

Antoine, yeah.

Look out!


I totally forgot about that kiss until now!


That must have been some kiss!


It was more than just a kiss!

It was a kiss that explained things...


We couldn't seem to say to each other!


Look who's the big romantic!


I think that's the first personal story you ever told me!

I loved that boy.

[thunder continues]

This way.

Doesn't look like anybody's been here for a while.


Let's find what we can and get out of here.

First aid kits look good. Hardly touched. Even some morphine.

Don't tell Doc.


You know he could still be around here somewhere.

[whispering] Yeah.

I sent this after the Battle of New Jersey two years ago.

Closest we got to a goodbye.

I deployed while he was on duty.

I should've waited for him to get home.


Someone's living in your house. The pantry's stocked.

That couple said they met a fireman.

There's a chance he's...

That life is gone.

I've known that for a long time.

[strong wind blowing]


We don't have much time.


Shelter! Now!

[glass breaking]

[growling and snarling]

[impact sounds of hammer]

[growling and snarling]

[door breaking]

[snarling and growling]

[Garnett groans]

Pick your poison.

It's safer in here than out there.

Okay. Do you see him?

It's the living against the dead now.

All right.

[groaning] I'm out.

Me too.

[Garnet grunting]

[impact sounds]

[zombies growling]

[sounds of struggle continue]

Behind you.

[zombies growling]

[sounds of struggle continue]


Look out!



Is that him?


No, it's his best friend, Dearborn.

Matt Dearborn.




[strong wind blowing]


Doc: Easy now.

Mack: Sorry.

[slurred] Tell those frat boys out there to turn down the death metal.

I'll call the cops again.

I'll tell them.

The dude's brain is getting crushed by the swelling.

We need to relieve the pressure.

Great. How we gonna do that?

Uh, I don't know exactly. But...

But I saw this once on an episode of ER.

We need to drain the blood out I think.

So I need something sharp and pointy to...

Like a corkscrew, an ice pick?

[yells] Murphy!

Murphy? A little help.

Damn it.


What the hell, man?


The world's coming apart around us, man.

And you decide it's time for a haircut?

Keep him away from Rick!

Murphy, I need your help.

Find something sharp to penetrate his skull.

Sharp enough to penetrate his skull. Got it.

About time we piked him.

What is he talking about?!

Way to read the room!

What is he talking about?

Don't, don't worry. Nobody's gonna pike your husband.

Where's Addy?


[growling and screaming]

Addy? Addy?

What, what is this?

[whispering] I don't know.

[whispering] I don't know.

[Doc yelling] Mack! I need you, man!


All right.

How we doin' Murphy?!



Just hold him still.

Now look, if this works right there could be a lot of blood.

But that's good.

That's a good thing because we want to relieve the pressure.

And then that way the brain will have room to...

Don't watch.

[drill running]

[drill boring]


Oh damn.

I knew this was gonna happen.


Don't look at me... doctor.

Jeez, kid.

As a hammer. A hammer.


That's good.





Oh God.

Well I guess that relieved the pressure.

Is this gonna work?

I don't know.

I didn't see the end of the episode.

He's gonna be all right. I know it. I know it.

Here. Just apply pressure.

[whispering] Just like that.

[thunder rumbles]




And Dearborn.

I give you mercy.

May God give you peace.

You ready?

Let's take it to 'em.

Where'd they all go?

[whispering] Come on. Let's go.


That's good.

That's good.

Maybe I should've pulled the drill bit while he was still knocked out.

[strong wind blowing]

[strong wind blowing]


[strong wind continues]

Does that thing look mad to you?

Is that what I think?


They ain't sharks!

[strong wind continues]

[zombies snarling] [strong wind continues]

Really, God?! Really?!

Now! We got to get inside!




Come on! There's no time!

Let's go!

[thunder rumbles]

[loud crashing sound]


Murphy, take care of that zombie!

Get it, Doc!

How is he?

I don't know.

What did you do?

Oh, decompressive craniectomy.

I put a drill to the dome.


Where's 10K and Cassandra?

I don't know.

[Yells] Warren!

Murphy! What are you doing?!

Pike that thing now!

[wind blowing]

[thunder rumbling]

We're not gonna make it back! Take shelter!

Run for the car!

[strong wind blowing]

[thunder rumbling]



[pounding on door]


Roberta! What are you doing?!

[pounding continues] Roberta! Can you hear me?!

Please don't do this!

[thunder continues rumbling]

Garnett: What are you doing?

The storm's gonna come any second!

Come on! Hurry up!

[groaning] Come on, Roberta!

Roberta! What are you doing, Roberta?! Open the door!

[hammering sound]

Mack, help me get him under the table, will ya?


On my count.

Shut up, Doc.

Get the blankets.

[pounding on door]

[yelling] Roberta! Can you hear me?!

I have to wait for him this time, Charlie.

I owe him that much.

No. No! Goddamn it! Come down right now!

It is not safe up here!

It's like you said.

I can't start forgetting... until I know.

Roberta, please don't do this.




Got it. That's it!

[Doc yells]

[Doc groans]

Where's Warren?

She's not coming.


Doc: What?

She's not coming?

She's gonna get killed out there.

She's got to get down here.

She's not coming.


You kidding me?

Quit screwing around with this thing.



[strong wind blowing]



Hang on.


Oh no! Oh no!

[strong wind continues]

Oh God.

[both screaming]

[glass breaking]

[loud rumbling]

[strong wind blowing]

[muffled wind and thunder]

[muffled wind and thunder]

[strong wind blowing]

[strong wind blow]

I waited for you.

[strong wind blowing]

Well that was fun.


You don't look so good, chief.

I need to get out of here.

I need to get out of here now.

[Yelling] Roberta!





Hi, Charlie.

Why didn't you...

How did you...

I tried to go home.

I did.

But I'm still here.

Thank God you are.

[whispering] I'm still here.


You're crazy.

[laughing] Yeah.

You're crazy. You know that, right?


A little bit, yeah.



[laughs] Oh. Thank you.

Thank you.

Man... If I see a munchkin, I'm gonna freak.

I need to go!

I'm not sure if I care for that look.

Nobody ask to.

New haircut.

Same Murphy.

Hey, Doc. Thanks.

Thank yo tr...

Do you have anything for the pain?

Oh, I...

I am so sorry.

I wish I did.

Oh, hell.


Take it easy on those, that's good stuff.

Are you folks gonna be all right?

Rick's got family nearby. We're gonna keep looking for them. But thanks. Thanks for everything.


You were right. I did need to come back.

Even if I never know for sure what happened to Antoine, I said my goodbye.

I know I'm okay with being here now.

With you.

[laughs] And I'm good with that too.

[truck horn honking]

I always wanted to do that.

[laughs] I could tell.


Citizen Z (on radio): Survivors of the world, hello. If you're hearing this, congrats. You're still alive. You are the baddest of the badasses. Fearing neither man nor twister nor living dead. My headset is off to you.