01x12 - Murphy's Law

Anybody else worried about Mr. Sunshine out there?

I know. He's looking worse.


What are you?




Why didn't it attack you?

You don't want to eat me. What do you want?

I am not one of the resurrected.

I'm your messiah.

Do you think we'll ever see them again?

Mack and Addy?

My heart says yes.

But my mind?

My mind says no.

I was kinda hoping they'd make it with us to the promise land.

Now what?

Heads up, everybody.

(10K) I hate roadblocks.

Can't you just push that thing out of our way?

No thanks. I'd like to hold onto this truck.

Well this golf course has seen better days.


This is so sad.

I learned to play in prison.

Always wondered what it'd be like to hang out with the real country club types.

Think that bridge is gonna hold this truck?

Better test it first.

Looks pretty solid.

(Radio) Hello, Delta-Xray.

Citizen Z calling all cars, calling all cars.

Delta-Xray back at you.

Hello, good to hear from you again.

It's been days, and I worry.

Thanks, mom.

Any news on Mack or Addy?

No, nothing yet.

Maybe they're just off the grid and can't make contact.


(Radio) How's Murphy?

Murphy is pissed.

Where the hell is that lab you keep talking about?

And have you found that witch doctor that almost killed me?

Doctor Merch?

I'm still working on that.

And you call yourself the NSA?

Quit looking at p0rn and find that quack.

We got business to settle.

Such a nice guy.


[growling continues]

Uh oh.

[growling continues]

I got the one on the right.


[growling continues]



Two thousand, four hundred fifty-five.



[growling continues]

I'm out of ammo.

Me too.

[growling continues]

Look. Some clubs.

Not the putter.

Remember keep your left arm straight.



Let's run for the clubhouse!

[growling continues]


He's out there somewhere.

Safer than us.


We got company.

[growling continues]


[growling continues]

Hard to swing in here!


10K, your sling!


[growling continues]



Too many.

This way!


[growling continues]

[grunting] Door won't hold much longer!

Better in here than out there!

[growling continues]

[muffled gunfire]


[growling and gunfire continue]

[growling ceases]

You can come out now.

That was not Murphy.

It wasn't a Z either.

All right, get ready.

It's okay.


It's all clear.

Nice timing.

Don't get too relaxed.

There's still more outside.

We got another guy outside too.

I don't believe it.



Kid out of nowhere.

Final holes of the Open Championship at historic Saint Andrews, home of golf.

He's gonna hit a knock-down seven.



Oh, he got all of that!




Little risky, don't you think?

No. The Zs love me.

Who the hell are you?

Brett Zimmerman.

This is Henry and Janice.

Roberta Warren.

This is Doc, 10K, Cassandra, and the fool with the jacket golfing with the zombies, that's Murphy.

You're just jealous cuz they like me more than you.

[christmas music playing]

Even though it's really not the season, it was the night before Sunday and all through the dome, not a creature was stirring in spite of this poem.

So on Blingo, on Hotbot, go Yahoo and Kayak.

Search Google and Info and also NextBio.

Find Marilyn Merch.

Where have you gone?

Did you make it to California?

Or do you walk among the dead?



I have been since Portsmouth.

Prison? Massachusetts?


I'm an alum.

Another ex-con.

Not you?

I taught junior high english before everything went to hell.

But Henry was in San Carlos, drug smuggling I think.

Hmmm, my kinda guy.

Your evaluation?

I never saw anything like it. The Zs seemed afraid of him.

But we saw what we saw.

Talent like that could come in handy.

Yeah, and let's not be stingy with that. There you go.

Got any ID?

Mmmm. Oh yeah, this is not that White Lightning crap.

Have a taste, 10 cent.

Miss Warren...


Roberta, would you like to propose a toast?


To absent friends.

(All) To absent friends.

Mr. Murphy.

You seem to have a special way with them.

[laughing] Brother, you don't know the half of it.

Come on, Murphy.

No one wants to hear your war stories.

They asked.

I'd like to hear it.

Those look like zombie bites.

Eight of 'em.

And I lived to tell the tale.

How is that possible?

Well I was given an experimental vaccine, and now the Zs think I'm one of them.

Is there more of this vaccine?

You're looking at it. Only known survivor.

But if we can get to this lab in California, they can make more vaccine using the antibodies in my blood.

And the human race survives. Ta-da.

Our friend tends to exaggerate.

Come on.

We all saw him walk through zombies.

What can I say? I'm a natural.

Try unnatural.

[laughing] Somebody had a cocktail.

Henry? Don't forget about our friend Doc outside.

So his lab in California, that's a long ways.

We started in New York.

New York?

You came from New York?

Wasn't easy.

That is an understatement.

Well we were headed west.

Maybe we can help get you the rest of the way.

We could use the help.

Let me propose another toast.

To California.

[whispering] Yeah.

To California.

To California.

Steady your aim?

Oh, well maybe just a sip.

Hey, tell my buddy 10K it's his turn to take watch.


Oooh, wow.

That last sip, I must be tired than I thought.





What's happening?


[electric guitar theme music plays]

♪ Have mercy... ♪

[three gunshots]

♪ Oh, have mercy. ♪

[whispering] Oh sh1t.

Where am I?

I'm awake.





Okay, everybody hold on.

Not a great option right now.

Where's Murphy?







Anyone see anything sharp?

Well there's all these golf tees on the floor.

Too short.


Well I got something under here. It's in my... 10K, get it.


You got it?


Oh, no that's not sharp enough.

Okay, uh.

Uh, oh look.

There's something on top of the bar.

[growling continues]

Any time!


Ready? On three.





[growling ceases]

[breathing heavily]



How do we get out of these?

Can we bust that rail?

Well if we can't, it ain't gonna be for lack of tryin'.

If you say anything golf-related, I'll poke you with it.

Where are you taking me?

Just sit back and appreciate your improved circumstances.

I'm sorry. How is this an improvement We have food, water, fuel.

You and your friends had no food, no water, and were running on fumes.

And no ammo. Should be thankful we freed you from those losers.

Well maybe losing the feelings in my hands is making me a little cranky.

I mean are these really necessary?


I get it.

You heard me talking about my deal and decided to horn in.

Figured there might be something in it for you if you get me to California.

But guys, unless the sun decided to rise in the west we're headed the wrong way. California's behind us.

We're not going to California.

What the hell do you want?

Why don't you just relax, enjoy the scenery?

I already seen it.

Then just try shutting up.

Not my nature.

Then evolve.

You'll find out what we want soon enough.

What'd you do to the others?

You know they won't just let you take me.

They're a lot more dangerous than they look.

You don't have to worry about them anymore.

What'd you do?

You kill them?

We left them for the Zs.

Darwin will take care of the rest.

What happened to us?

I believe we got roofed Drugged with Rohypnol.

Where's Murphy?

The others are gone too.

You don't think...

Murphy wouldn't do that.

Drug us to escape?

How could we let this happen? He was our responsibility.

At least they left our ride.


The battery's dead.

Well assuming we find some way to get moving, what next, boss?

Go after Murphy and get his ass to California or die tryin'.

Hey, do we even know what direction he went in?

Too many questions, Doc. Too many questions.

It's got a battery. I don't know how good.

Lo at this.


How did you know that?

Saw the antenna on the back.

[computer beeping]

I'm here.

I'm here.

We lost Murphy.

Holy crap.

That has the potential for great, permanent tragedy.

We think he may have been kidnapped by three civilians, motive unknown.

But they are aware Murphy's status.

Is he still alive? Do you know if Murphy is still alive?

As far as we know.

Well he disappeared this morning, probably on I-70 going east to west in a brown utility truck...


[whispering] Okay, ummm.

I see one vehicle on I-70 going east through your location about two hours ago.

Okay, uh...

That... that's got to be them.

[dial tone]

Hello? Hello?


Damn apocalypse.

[whispering] Damn apocalypse.

Hey! Where we can see you.

I got a bashful bladder.

Don't mistake me for somebody who cares!

Well, hello there.

Citizen Z, are you as good as you think you are?

Mr. Murphy!

Get over here.

Just shaking the dew off the lily!

There you are, Murphy.

Classy as ever.

Warren was right. You've been kidnapped.

So you were what before the apocalypse?

I worked security.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I was getting that vibe.

Oh, so what? Military, Special Ops, Navy Seal?

Shut up!

Well here we go again, another fork in the road.

Hard to tell which way they went.

Citizen Z, this is Delta-Xray. Copy.


I'd say flip a coin, but who's got coins?

Hey, check that out.

Well maybe it's a message from our guy.

Come on. Come on. It means go right!

Go right!

Yeah. He's saying they went that way.

Yeah. Let's roll.


So General, wanna tell me what the hell we're doing?

Six miles from here, up and over that peak, is the Mesa Pharmaceutical Storage and Transfer Facility.

Stunning news.

And after that, can we please oh please go to Disneyland?

Mesa is the Fort Knox of the Zombie Apocalypse.

It's filled with unused pharmaceuticals, mostly oxycontin Mr. Murphy, you know the value of drugs in this world.

You can trade them for anything. They're money.

So you want to liberate some oxycontin from Mesa. Be my guest.

It's full of Zs.


Some of them are hopped up on speed.

So Mr. Murphy, you do your walk through zombies trick, open the gates for us, and when we ride out you're a free man.

Well why didn't you just say so earlier? I love oxycontin.

Why do we have to go on foot?

Meth zombies are extremely responsive to sound.

So we can only sneak up if we're walking.

And I want this road blocked so some other vehicle doesn't drive in and set off the Zs.


Give me a hand with the truck.

I don't want it tampered with while we're gone.

A new low.

Did you say something?



Science project?

Insurance policy.

We have to leave this truck here for a while.

I want it to be here when we get back.

You just can't trust anybody these days.

[laughing] Copy that.

It's Zero Hour.

I see you're wearing a wedding ring.

Your husband?

Among the lost.

The Zs got him last time we tried this.

You guys tried robbing this oxy before?

A month ago.

He and Zimmerman cooked up the whole idea.

What was his name?


How long were you guys married?

Five years.

He was a cop.

Knock off the questions, Murphy.

This isn't Match.com.

Hold up a minute.

I'm gonna scout up ahead. Henry!

Keep an eye out.

We'll be expecting Zs soon.

That must be tough.

Your husband dead while a wannabe like Zimmerman lives.

Jason knew the risks.

Still, it worked out pretty well for Zimmerman.

What are you saying?


Just your husband gets to walk among the dead and Zimmerman gets you.

Shut up.


I'm just a chatty Kathy.

I didn't mean anything.


You hear that?

That sounded like a gunshot.

Sure did.

Let's be careful.

Hey, hey! Give me that!

Let go.


What the hell is going on here? Who fired that shot?

He went for her gun and it went off.

Is that true?


It was an accident. I was reloading and it just went off.

I was just trying to be helpful, and this idiot tackles me.

All right, ll of you.

Knock off the bullshit and pull yourselves together.

The Mesa plant is just just ahead. We need to get going before it's dark.

Looks like they left their truck.

And we're gonna do the same.

Something wrong?


[car alarm sounding]

Keep moving.

[car alarm continues]


[several gunshots]

[several gunshots]

Two thousand, five hundred fifty-two.

Thanks for the warning.

You're welcome.

They know we're coming now.

Let's go.

Come on operation Bitemark.

Give me a wave.

Send up a flare. Shoot me a text.

Crop circles. Anything to let me know you're still alive.


[computer beeps]

Results for Marilyn Merch.

Okay, okay, we can do something useful.

So Dr. Merch, where were you when that was captured?

Three months ago?


What's in Colorado?

Well what are we gonna do when we find him?

Hey, check this out.

You think he left it on purpose?

He must have.

He definitely didn't go willingly.

We better step it up.

I knew she was gonna say that.

[whispering] Damn it.

Stop. Everyone.

About time.

Don't worry.

Our target is just over this ridge.

And your troubles will soon bever.

I don't like the way he said that.

You want something?

Henry, check the perimeter. I don't want any surprises.


Over here with me.

Why does everybody think they can boss me around?


They look even faster than last time.


You want me to walk through those?

They're like the Usain Bolts of zombies.

What are they on? Meth?

Actually ritalin. They love the stuff.


Just what the world needs, ADHD zombies.

We tried a frontal assault and it failed, got Janice's husband killed.

But you should be able to walk right through all the Zs.

Oh yeah. You make it sound so easy.

I never said it was easy.

Just possible.

Look here, soldier of misfortune.

You may not care if I get killed, but I'll bet the rest of humanity does.

There's no way I'm doing this.

I don't care about you or the rest of humanity.


Son of a bitch.

You bit me.

I ought to shoot you right now.

But you won't.


I see him.



It's Jason.


You knew he might be here.

I'm trying not to think about it.

But now it's happening, and all I can think is you're the one that got him killed.

Why don't you think about how I saved your life?

What's it gonna be?

Let's do this.

I've got some place to be.

What is it?

Looks like some kind of warehouse.

Damn. Those are fast Zs.


You think that's where they're at?

Must be.

Yeah, some kind of manufacturing plant.


Mesa Pharmaceuticals.

Oh, the Zs are all over this place.


What's so funny?

See for yourself.



What is it?



What are you looking at?

Apparently the Zs got into the pharmaceuticals.

Some of them are on speed, but it looks like more than a few of them got into the viagra.

I had no idea that was even possible.

Kid, it's official.

You have now seen it all.

It's all clear.

Good. Murphy, this is your moment.

Zimmerman, it looks like these Zs Are happy to see you.

Shut up.

Here's the plan.

Head for the first door past the corner. It'll be unlocked.

Go inside and immediately turn to your right.

You'll see a power panel inside a cage. Open it.

Turn on the main generator.

Door, right, cage, generator. Anything else?

Once the lights are on, proceed directly across the room in front of you, taking the right hand door into the storage area.

All right. Should I be writing this down?

It'll all be obvious once you see it.

All right.

Okay, anything else?

Could I get you a chai latté while I'm in there?

Get serious. Your life depends on it.

Once you're inside the staging area, you'll see an office up a flight of stairs. That is inventory control.

Go inside, look for an alarm bell. Set it off.

That'll draw the Zs away from the gate so we can get inside.

Then bring me the keys to the van. They'll be...



Jason's gone.


That must be hurt. Seeing him like this and living with the man responsible.


Not just yet.

Ready when you are, General.


What are you waiting for? Go!

[growling continues]

[growling continues]

[growling continues]

It's only a matter of time until I know everything, so you might as well just tell me now. There are no secrets, not from me.

Okay, Doctor Merch.

Why all the mystery?

You're the whiz kid genetic recombiner, like a shot out of Harvard.

Your gene splicing methods made miracles possible.

Then two years before the apocalypse, you disappear.


Fall down a well.

Until three years after the sh1t goes down, you resurface at the Portsmouth emergency infection lab, injecting prisoners with experimental vaccines.

Unauthorized request.

Requested identification not available at this time.

Apparently they don't know who they're dealing with.



What in the hell is Murphy doing down there?

The Zs must think he's one of them.

That must be why Zimmerman and the others kidnapped him, so they can get to the drugs.

Now I like drugs as much as the next guy, but there ain't enough dope in the world that's gonna make me want to be out there walkin' around with them viagra Zs.

Let's go.


[whispering] To the right. To the right.

And cage.


Slow ones.

Never thought I'd be happy to see you guys.

[growling continues]


Main power. Main power.

Main power. Main...


[growling continues]

Well thank you. I believe I will try that one.


Step two.

Now that's the ticket.

[alarm sounding]

[alarm continues] [growling]

[alarm continues] [growling]


[alarm continues]

Come in.

Come in, Northern Light.

Come in, Northern Light.

This is Murphy for Citizen Z.

Where are you, you useless b*st*rd.

Come in, Northern Light.

You're alive.

Yeah, no thanks to you.

Look. I don't have time to chit chat.

I'm in the middle of a situation here.

Have you found Doctor Merch?

And what's going on with this lab in California?

I still don't have a location for Merch.

Last contact I have on record, she was en route to California by way of Fort Collins, Colorado. The trail goes dark after that.

Why there?

I'm not clear.

Her transport landed at a military base, maybe to refuel, maybe to pick up more passengers.

I don't know.

There's nothing conclusive, but I am still digging.

Just find her.

[alarm continues]

Look at all this.

Beautiful, man. You did it.

Find the oxy.

Get it into the van.

Murphy! Get down here! The job's not done yet!

And bring the keys to the van!

Duty calls.

[alarm continues]

[alarm ceases]


I'm comin'.

Get over here and help. Things will go faster.

I am not your stock boy.

I don't have time for this.

Drop it!

Not happening, Warren. You need to turn around and get out of here before I kill your big ticket.

Then how will you get out of here?

We can drive.

Don't know what you folks will do.



[screaming] [growling continues]

[screaming continues] [growling continues]

[screaming continues] [munching]


[growling continues] [several gunshots]








[growling continues]



[splorch] [grunting]



[growling continues]





Well now that that's over, we're right back where we started.

Actually this is totally different.

You're weak, Zimmerman.

You're a weak little man.

Should we stop them?

Only if he points that gun at Murphy.

You were gonna kill me and the others.


It's the apocalypse.

The apocalypse is better off without you.

Murphy, what are you doing?







Mercy granted.

I'm not sure that was necessary.