02x03 - Zombie Road

Previously on Z Nation...

There is a man traveling among you.

He's the only human known to have survived a zombie bite.


The Centers for Disease Control is offering an enormous bounty for Murphy's safe delivery.

Lot of people looking for you, Mr. Murphy.

He's our prisoner.

Well he's my prisoner now.

She's right. We got dibs on him.

I ain't going anywhere with any of you.

Cassandra. What did you do to her?

Saved her life. What did you do?





[orv motor running]

Dibs on any cigarettes.

Those things will kill you.






Every blaster within five miles heard that.

Don't be so negative.

Worry is poison.

That's why you don't crap right.

Shut up and get the spikes.

Nothing here.






We are going the wrong direction. Again.

You left us no choice.

Too much fallout in the West.

Again. That was not my fault.

Murphy, don't make me have to explain the term "failsafe doomsday weapon" again. Please.

How do you even know California's still there?

You're looking ripe. You better hope it's still there. Move.

You are not the boss of me.

She is.

I can handle this.



You'll get used to him.

10K, let me see your scope.

Oh, looky here.

What are we gonna do about her?


She's not Cassandra. Not anymore.

Maybe there's a way back for her, when we get to California.


Is that some kind of post apocalyptic wagon train?

Well it ain't the 3:10 to Yuma.


Don't get out of the truck.

It's gonna be a slaughter.

(Murphy) Can't expect to travel through a valley without an ambush.

Didn't nobody ever watch westerns growing up?

Roy, Clark, you're with me.

Get the hell out of my road!



[automatic gunfire]

[orv motor running]

He's coming around! Watch your back!

Here he comes!


There he goes! There he goes!

[gunfire continues]

Pull back.

[gunfire continues]

Get back! Get back!

(Doc) Looks like they're holding off for now.

[laughing] Not bad for a bunch of sitting ducks.

Well, you think we should, I dunno, help them?

Think less like a missionary and more like a mercenary.

Let's wait and steal the vehicles from the victor.

We may not be able to save the world.

But maybe we can save them.

10K and Vasquez, that way. Addy, you're with me.

Doc, you watch him and her.

[automatic gunfire]





[orv motor running]




[orv motor running]

That's one way to play it.

[orv motor running]


Good luck where you're going.


♪ [electric guitar theme music plays] ♪

♪ Have mercy ♪


♪ Oh, have mercy ♪


[moaning continues]

I'll get this

[moaning continues]

On your toes, people! They'll be back!

Sam Custer.

Roberta Warren.

Your timing is what we might call fortuitous.

Sometimes things work out.

We were on our way to Edmonton, trying to outrun the fallout.

How 'bout you?

Headed East too.

This is quite a set up you got here.

Yes ma'am.

Well pre-Z, I used to run long haul.

Diesel's easier to get these days.

My son and I rebuilt the Charger from the ground up.

The Comet, I used to drive to high school my senior year.

My son and I were gonna rebuild that '49 Willis Jeep.

But this is my retirement now.

The refugees have shelter, and we carry what we need when we find it.

Hey, you are one badass lady.

You... you... you were like... Boom!

Just... stone cold kill-ah.


Call him Wrecking Ball, my sister's boy.

Cheese slid off that cracker a long time ago.

And he fits in pretty well these days though.

What's in Edmonton?

Peace. Tranquility.

And freezing temperatures.

Zombies hate the cold.

We're gonna be safe there.

All of us. Together.

What about them?

They're dying.


My My job is to get everybody to Edmonton.

Now you're welcome to come along with us.

You're not gonna get far out here on foot.

And to be honest with you, we could use the fire power.

You guys need some more water?



Thank you.

You're a hero, kid.

You know you can have soup.

You know you just add water.

Cream of shrooms, dude. Water just dilutes the flavor.

You sure you don't want some?

I had minestrone loaf for breakfast.


Is there somewhere else you can sit?


Kill 'em all and take their stuff.

I already know what you think.

We got strength in numbers. Food, water, shelter.

It certainly beats walking, but But what?

The sick.

I highly doubt they're gonna make it to wherever it is that they're going.


That medical wagon is a zombie bomb waiting to go off.



Three days ago we tangled with some bounty hunters.

Bounty hunters, huh?

"We don't want to kill you," they said.

"We're just thirsty," they said.

But I think they were out of their minds.

They kept rambling on about some half-zombie half-man with telekinetic powers.

Like a world overrun with zombies isn't strange enough.

Yeah those... those crazy rumors.

Let's get on the road. Saddle up! Edmonton awaits!

Those guys were nuts.

Being able to control zombies with your mind, I mean how badass would that be.

Supremely badass.

Oh he's a badass.

You know I hear he can levitate.

Oooh levitate?


You guys wanna levitate, I got what you need.

Z weed.

Z weed?

[laughing and coughing]

(Doc) Wow, Wrecking Ball.

Color me impressed.

You know what? I got stoned with a zombie once.

Yeah. I swear he caught a buzz too.

Where'd you say you got this?

I heard they grow it in this abandoned agro lab in Minneapolis. They use zombies for compost.

[laughs] No way. [laughs] Z weed.

[laughs] What? Great idea.

That's the story as told to me.

I heard they're working on an herbal zombie cure too.

A lab in Minneapolis, huh?

[knocking on window]

[laughs] Jesus.

All right, hey. Just be cool. I got this.


Shhh. Shhh.

[laughing] What seems to be the problem, officer?


Let's go. Let's go.



[Laughs] Jesus.

All right, dad.


Look at me.

Right here.

A jet airliner departs Toronto headed for O'Hare.

Excuse me, stewardess?

Will there be snack service on this flight?


150 passengers on board, 20 of them in first class.

The plane develops catastrophic engine trouble.

The pilot puts it down in Lake Erie.

The wreckage straddles the international border.

Now, according to maritime law how many of the survivors get buried in Canada? Go!

Okay, there's... there's 150 passengers.

There's 20 in first class.

Wait You don't bury survivors.


Look at me. You don't look right to me.

I don't know how I look, but I feel pretty good.

[both laugh]

Your friend is gonna have to ride in the medical wagon with the sick.

Whoa, whoa, what? I don't even get a riddle?

We can afford compassion for the ill only because we have rules.

That gonna be a problem?

No. Not a problem.

Will there be snacks?


[Murphy and Doc laugh]

Wagon train, ho!

Come on, girl.

This train is leaving the station.

[breathing heavily]


[breathing heavily]

[heavy breathing continues]



Everyone, this is Cassandra. Cassandra, this is whatever.

She's shy.

You ever seen that before?

Things have gotten more peculiar since the nukes fell.

Their brains eaten before they turned.

Blasters eat nothing but brains.


Killed by the blast or mutated by the radiation.

There's something wrong with those zombies.

They hunt in packs, ugly as they are fast.

They're probably watching us right now.


Warren, blasters!

Where? Where?

I'm glad I'm not on foot.

It's gonna be a long ride without no Z weed.

At least we won't get thirsty huh?


Thank you.

Things will be better in Edmonton, okay?

It's okay. We all know what's coming.






[gunshots and growling continue]


Is this highway to hell the only route?

Nothing but flattened cities and zombie hordes in every direction.

And so the only way to go through is just go straight through.








Three thousand ninety-eight.

You're one hell of a shot.

Z weed.

[exhales deeply]

Z weed.


I feel something.

[exhales deeply]

[orv motors]




Move this thing!

One mile closer to Edmonton!


The bandits will be back!



Hang on!



Thanks for that.

De nada. I owed you.

Who can keep track?


Now they're starting to piss me off!



Where are the shooters coming from?!

Just keep firing!


I'm out!




[orv motor]

Everybody wants a piece of the Murphy.


Huddle up, everybody! Get small!


[gunfire continues]

Don't slow down.

Pull it over! Pull the car over!

We just want the car!

Should I pull over?

Hell no.

Pull it over or be blaster food!


Okay, they're dropping back.

All right, come on! Let's go!

Stop the car! he car!



Are you high?

Yes, I am. But we still got to bail.

Take cover!



Son of a You're not taking my favorite car.

My son and I bought that car from a repo man.

Built it from the ground up.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some common marauder steal it in broad daylight!


You got to pull over.

My people... Your people are falling behind.

Why are we stopping?


Doc, doc. We need to not be here.


Well I'm fine, Murphy. Thanks for asking.

My clavicle look all right to you?

Nobody move.



Dammit. I don't want to die by the roadside in the dirt with a jacked up clavicle!

Doc. Fat guy. Don't freaking move.



Can't you talk to them?


Go start the truck.

Why isn't it working?

Addy, do as Murphy says.

Wait, the Murphy?



I'm gonna go start the truck.


That one's mad at you, Murphy.

[engine cranking]

Back to the truck.

Back to the truck. Everybody back to the truck.



[engine cranking]


[engine cranking]

Come on!


[engine starting]



[growling and munching]

She won't be going to Edmonton.

Sorry for your loss.

We're going after my car.

We need to go back for the others.

Our water supply is in that car.

You put all of your water in one car?

That man ain't right.

But I don't want to be on foot with those things out there.

So we borrow a car. My bounty's back there.

Your bounty?

[breathing heavily]

[whispering] Addy.

Those blaster things, they totally jammed Murphy.

He haywired. Nobody here is safe.

We'll be rolling directly.

Okay. I'll cover the medical wagon.

Got it.

Custer. I am so sorry.

There were blasters, and the bandits they got [screams]

You were supposed to protect that car! And her!

That's Athena!

[crying] Oh no, no. She was my friend.

She didn't like me, but she wasn't mean to me either.

Look at me.

Two mothers, two daughters. They die of starvation. They turn Z!

[crying] Athena's dead. I can't think straight.

[screaming] What happens after five minutes of Look, look man!

Things got pretty heavy back there.

Hey, pipe down, hippie!

If the radiation gets the better of you, you're a threat to the whole group.

Minneapolis. I can go to Minneapolis.

There's medicine there. I'll bring it back.

Take him to the medical wagon.

No, no! I can still help! Go on! Take him now!

Check yourself, Custer.

You don't look so good.

Hey, hey.

It's time to move out.

You need to let that car go. We need to cut our losses.

Don't talk to me about losses.

Your plan's up.

Get ready, Doc. We're making a move.



[growling continues]





Oh hell! Warren! We got trouble!





You okay?


We need to leave now.

We got to get out of blasters country.

Let's go!

I think you might be right.

[truck horn sounds]


Will you just do it now?

I don't want one of those blasters to get me.

I am not going to let that happen.

I shouldn't be back here.

Custer, he's gonna get us all killed.

Those stupid riddles of his.

He... he even banished his own son to the medical wagon.

Custer lost his son to the radiation?

[crying] I ain't dead yet.

This whole death wagon is my fault.

I got too sick to drive.

The fool shoulda left me.


This must be my lucky day.




You in there?


You got a little something right here.


Does it hurt?

I could use more Z weed.

Couldn't we all?

(10K) Do you think that Cassandra's more dead than alive?

You mean is she more Z than person?

Yeah, I guess.

I don't know, kid. She kinda comes and goes.

[car engine running]

Hey. Blasters can't be too far behind.

You ready to ride?


Got to get through to Edmonton.

Hey, are you good to drive?

Fit as a fiddle.

Twenty survivors of a nuclear attack bound for Edmonton.

Seven strangers join the caravan.

Three vehicles need a driver. And the wagon master is suffering from radiation sickness.

Who drives the semi truck?

That's an easy one.

Nobody drives that rig but me.

How 'bout I drive that car?

Yeah, that'd work. Careful, the brakes are touchy.

[car engine starting]

[car revving]

Well I did not see that move coming.

Well damn.


Oh no.



[growling continues]


We got to go! Let's pick it up!

[growling continues]

Here they come!




[click, click]

[whispering] Dammit.



Is he sleeping?!













I really hate that one!


Come on. Come on.


Let's go, man! Don't stop for nothin'!



Go you guys, go, go!

Run, kid!

Addy, get out of there! I got this. I got this.

Come on.




Oh damn.



Where'd he go?

I think I got him.

All right, nice shootin'! Move your ass! Come on!

Come on, Doc!




Hey, are we slowing down?

We need to not slow down!






Everybody, hang on to something!

Hey, how's it going back there?

We need to go faster!





[engine revving]

Wagon train, ho!


We made it.

Never a doubt.

[laughing] Edmonton, here we come.

Awww, dammit.

Custer, there's too many zs.

I got to get to Edmonton.

My son and I used to camp up there.

Boy, he loved to fish.

Doc, let me see your gun.


I give you mercy.


Oh no man, you ain't gonna make it.

You should come with us.





[truck horn honking]



May God give you mercy.

We'll see you in Edmonton.

Hang on, Roberta!



Everybody off!




I've never jumped from a moving vehicle my whole life.

And now boom, twice in one day.

[truck horn sounding]

Okay, so you're like The Murphy then? Like for real?

Let's keep that information to yourself, blabber mouth.

Hey, let me see you levitate.

It's possible there may have been some exaggeration as to the extent of my abilities.

Oh yeah, yeah well I knew that like zombie mind control thing was like totally bogus.

Owww! Hey!

She's like into the rough stuff man like... Wait.

Did you make her do that? Oh my God.

Owww! All right, okay. I get it.

To some zombies, I am their messiah.

To the blasters, apparently I am their dinner.

Just like you.

Well like their brains are totally melted, so there's no psychic dial-tone going on.

But your zombie girlfriend there, man, she like That's your bite.

You turned her.

Oh that scenario has some serious implications, man.

You sure about Minneapolis?

Wrecking Ball was going on about some herbal cure for the zombie virus being cooked up in an old genetically modified food lab out there.

Hold on. Marijuana, zombies, and GMO's.

What could go wrong?

You people really do attract it, don't you?

Help me with the hitch.


A caravan of 20 refugees leaves Seattle's blast zone for Edmonton.

They meet six survivors and one Murphy.

How many refugees survive?

Not one.

You have any more of that Z weed?

Uh, sorry dude.

You understand why nobody likes you?

Oh yeah.


Then look again.

Oh here it is.

Hold the wheel.

Thanks. I needed that.

So tell me again about this lab in Minneapolis.

Well you know what? You'll see for yourself when we get there.

I know the guy, so he'll give us a tour.

You know cuz we're a team now.

So he'll let all of us go through there.

We're gonna go out there like... like take on the world together and stuff, man. It's like the three of us from now on.

We are like the three cabieros, man.

Why is she looking at me that way?