01x05 - Freak Show

Voiceover: Previously on Escape the Night, we found a hidden door in the library.

There's a secret room?

Look right there.

There's a car.

Voiceover: Sierra and Tim wandered off.

Joey and Lele were voted to play perverse games and given the power to kill another guest.

I'm sorry, I'm putting GloZell down.


What was that?

It sounded like an animal.

Step right up, son, we've got a four-breasted woman for you.

Come on in, see the show.

Get in there, get in there, come and see the show.


The crowd is waiting.

Did you hear me, you freak?

Go out there now, or I will make you suffer.

Do it!

And now for the main event, the behemoth from beyond.




Get off the stage, freak.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's all part of the show.

It's all part of the show, relax.

They mock what they don't understand.

But I know what you are.

You're a god living among mortals.

Let me take you to a place that truly understands that.

(dark instrumental music)

What the hell was that noise?

Guys, something's coming for us.

Something or someone?

Joey: That was definitely something.

Yeah, that was something.

A someone does not sound like that.

I don't think an animal is doing all this to us.

At this point I'm thinking there's some sort of weird, three-headed dog thing or something following us around.

Guys, don't forget, GloZell is dead.

Another girl, you guys.

Three girls have died.

I think that's a little sketchy.

Why is that sketchy?

Doesn't make sense to me that two girls in a row have died.

Someone is trying to kill all the women.

But don't forget Shane died, he's a guy.

He was poisoned, okay?

We're literally voting for girls.

Maybe the evil spirit hates girls for some reason.

Maybe it's a girl.

There's a lady killer on the loose.

I think us girls have to stick together, that's all I'm saying.

We do.

Can I be a part of that since I'm like, gay?

We can surmise all we want, but we need to figure out what we're going to do.

If we are going to get out of this, we need to stick together.

And by blaming people and pointing fingers, it's just going to make things worse.

We have three artifacts, guys.

We are one more away from getting back to 2016.

Lele and Joey, when you were upstairs was there anythig else that you had.

Is there any clues?

Or anything we can use to help...


A 50 cents circus carnival, admit one.

Joey pulls out this admit one ticket to a circus.

A circus.

Wait, wait, round and around the room we go.

What if there's like a carnival ride?

Female: A merry-go-round.


What goes round and round in this room?

There is a record player.

That goes round and round.

Is there a record on it?

Male: There is also a phone, back in the day, 1920s.

Oh, round and round.

When you flush the toilet it goes round and round.

There's no toilet.

Oh, give me a kiss.

You're creepy, just saying.

Trying to make out with me.

I don't trust Timothy because of the whole luring me out to the car, kind of not telling the group why.

Wait, guys, wait, wait is this it?

Male: It was under the lamp?

Joey: The carnival is coming to town.

Follow your nose to the show.

Wait, smell.

It smells like orange.

Joey: It smells like oranges.

Orange tree?

It's not me, Joey.

On the back of the ticket it says that the smell is in the air.

We all start searching around and everyone's sniffing trying to find out where this source, of this orange smell, is coming from.

Is that oranges?

It just smells really bad in here, not like oranges.

Yeah, it doesn't smell like oranges in there.

Female: This is just creepy.

Guys, there are like 15, 20 orange trees outside.

Are you sure we have to find it inside?

Lele: I smell it here, too.

Oranges are in Florida.

Maybe they're on the map on Florida?

Orange chicken, Chinese food.

Maybe look at China.

Guys, this smells really like oranges right now.

There's oranges over here.

I don't know if that has anything to do.

Does it have a symbol?

Oh, my God, look it, it's a box.

How did we not see that this entire time?

Put it on the floor.

Oli: So we have the marking here.

Does it open?

What if this is like a box for tickets?

It's almost like a drop box.

Do we drop it to that?

Put your ticket in there.

Drop a ticket in.

(bang, growling)


That's terrifying.

Inside the box are two clown masks, that is freaky.

That's some weird sh1t.

Guys, now you see me, now you don't.

Time is not forever, time runs out.

Your share is only one sixth of an hour, not a moment longer.

It appears that you've also left this.

What is that?

Oh no.

Wait, wait, wait, what's that, what's that, what's that?

The Guardian is awake.


There is a melody that will summon the ring leader.

His whip and wit has the power to subdue the monster.

(grunting, chains rattling)

The first key to unlocking the horse waits in the river that flows to the sky on the back of the estate.


What does that say?

The two wearing the clown masks will be invisible to the Guardian and should search for clues.

These clown masks are going to allow two people at a time to be invisible.

The rest of you must hide from the Guardian past the grass line on the back of the estate.

Everybody else is stuck in a somewhat safe zone that the Guardian cannot get us.

Every five minutes a gong will sound and one of the masked guests must run to the exchange circle and place the mask on another guest.

The Guardian patrols the grass-covered area.

If everyone is captured, the guardian wins and the artifacts will be recovered by that house and you will be back to the beginning.


Please decide among you who will wear the masks first.

Should we have our fastest people without the masks then?

You guys are wearing heels.

We're fast.

Well, I was just looking out for your safety and your ankles.

Are you like, what do you have against girls?

Honestly, I would be perfectly fine leaving him in 1920, because...

I feel like he was trying to help, girls.

He was really trying to help.


Marvin says that the Guardian is on his way to the house as we speak.

(crashing and screaming)

Back behind us is this huge beast, and we run.

I think I'm going to die at this point.

All right, where is the safe zone?

Female: Oh, my God, these freaking shoes.

Male: There it is.

Oh, my God, he's coming.

Oli: Oh, my God we need a plan, we need a plan.


Everyone quiet, we need to figure this out.

Male: We're safe, we're safe.

The Guardian is probably one of the most ugly, and scariest things I've ever seen.

He is so huge he can probably break my body with a flick.

Male: Who's got the masks?

Eva and Sierra put the masks on and they are completely invisible to this gigantic Guardian.

He can't see you, he can't see you.

You guys are good.

Male: Come on, guys, you can do it.

Male: Good luck.

What do you guys think that river meets the sky is?

I'm not good with riddles, man.

That doesn't really mean anything to me.

That just goes right over my head.

Where the river meets the sky.

I mean, I don't know what that means.

Maybe a sprinkler.

Okay, let's make a plan for when I go.

I'll distract him.

Joey: You'll distract him?

Did you find anything, Eva?

No, I don't see anything.

I can't breathe.


Oh shoot.

Okay, we go.

Oli: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Every five minutes somebody has to trade with them and take the mask.

But they have to do it in a certain area.

Go different ways, go different ways.

Male: We don't want to send everyone out.

Oh, my God, he got me, he got me.

I didn't even get to help out because I made a move to distract the Guardian and then I fell on some wet grass and then he got me.

Male: Go, go, go, run, run, run.

Sierra: sh1t.


Male: Run, run, run, run, run, run, well done.

What do you think, maybe like gutters?

Look for a gutter, maybe.

Maybe look in the gutter.

Eva: 'Cause like evaporation and then like the lake.

Maybe a bird bath?

A bird bath.

Over here, Lele, Lele, over here.

Eventually, I come across this bird bath.

You guys got it?

Joey: In the bird bath is the key.

I got it, I got it.

Female: Got it.

The key leads inside the pool house.

Lele: I can't see anything with this mask.

Joey: And once inside there's a chest.

Wait, the sides.


With a chest inside.

Lele: There a combination.

Let's get this out.

Lele: Should we take it back?

Should we take it?


Joey: Good luck, Lele.

My time was up, so I go running back before the demon or whatever that thing is, tries to get me.

So I go back to the circle and I wait for someone to grab my mask.

Yo, what up?

Come over here.

Oli, go.

What up, come on.

No wait, don't get yet.


Male: Look at the legs, look at the speed.

Oli, in here, in here, quick.

You find anything?

We found the chest, but we don't know what the combination is so we have to look around here.

Is there anything on here that says about combinations?

Wait three, there's a three on that.


Three, four.

Oli: Look, two, two.

Two, three, four, two.

Wait, here, here; here, here.

The other one.


One, two, three, four?

No, two, three, four?

I flipped the mirrors over and it reveals two Roman numeral numbers.

Three, four, three, four, four.

And a two.

Didn't work.

Is there like any kind of order?

What is this?

Wait hold on, there's a three on there as well.

And there's a one here.

What the hell?

There is just so many numbers right now, we're just trying everything.

Do, three, one, three, four.

Three, one, three, four.

Might be backwards.


That's not right?


Okay, I've got to go.

Good luck.

You guys, Joey's coming.

It's finally my time and I'm thinking this is going to be some heroic moment.

Sierra and Eva were going to make a distraction.

So I get out of the box.

I'm running like the wind.

I turn around and I see the Guardian and he is right behind me on my trail.

I'm thinking to myself, Sierra and Eva, what the hell did you guys just do?

Female: Oh, my God, oh no.

That is not a distraction.

So they basically sacrified me.

Okay, I'll distract him.

Stay close to him, stay close.

Female: Joey!


Female: My gosh.

Male: Guys, okay.

Female: What happened?

Quickly, quickly Eva, you're good at this.

So explain to me again what's going on?

What is this, it's backwards.

NG nine?

There's these two mirrors that are up here, and they're right by the door.

I figure out that we've got to look in the mirrors to see the numbers behind us and that correlated with the chest combination.

Check the mirrors.

Look at in in reverse in the mirror.

That says eight.

Oli: Oh, my God yeah, hey look.

Seven, seven.

Eight, seven.

Three, seven, eight, four.

Eva: It's not working.

Come on, that is it, that is it.


You sure?


Two, seven, eight, one.

Eva: No.

I'm getting so frustrated.

We are so nearly there, but I just have no idea what the combination is.

Sierra: Hey, hey over here! Hey, look at me!

(Guardian growling)


The third number is four.

This is the first number, first number's three.

And then these are in the middle.

Eight, and seven.

(lock clicks)

You got it, yes.

Okay, good.

We need to play the music, because that's what stops, it says stand on a circular stone platform next to the house.

Raise the horses to the sky and let the melody play.

So we have to twist it to turn the music on and go stand outside and lift it above our head.

The stone platform.

Wait, they're coming, they're coming.

Female: They did it.

Wait, what are they doing?

(music box playing)

Eva: Oh, my God.

(ring leader laughing)

Oh, my God, who is that?

Female: What is going on?

I have no idea.

All of the sudden this ring master and his side kick come out.

Come on, there's no need to hide in the wood.

Everybody's welcome at the show.

Come on. (laughing)

You, come here and kneel before me you ungrateful runaway.

He is freaky.

I made you into something people would travel miles to see and you threw it all away.

There will be punishment.

We find out that this Guardian is actually working for him.

I think a celebration is in order.

Yes, celebrate.

For the return of our beloved, Sam think thou, my esteemed guests.

I ask you to join me in the evening of the thrilling bizarre, of the carnival.

And the cast. (laughing)

Follow me.

What the hell did I get myself into?

There's a circus now?

It just feels like I'm in the twilight zone.

Oli: He takes us to a circus, a circus in Joey's backyard.

Joey: This is crazy, oh my gosh.

I need your ticket, please.

I have a ticket.

Welcome to the circus.


Now go.

Follow me.

I think I know her.


Joey: sh1t, what the hell.

I was all so much to take in, and now I'm going to this carnival with this crazy ring leader, this insane guardian.

If there's clowns I'm dead, I hate clowns.

Is that the artifact?

Oh my gosh.

It's the artifact, look.

We need that, that's the last artifact.

We're here, we're going to get it.

This is my greatest achievement.

It took me half a life to get.

But I will make you a deal.

Find me two willing participants for tonight's show, and I will loan you the artifact.

This fourth artifact is so close.

We can get the artifact, but two of us have to perform in his circus.

I must warn you, this show sometimes can be quite precarious.

This is a death, obviously.

So the artifact is involved?


Two of us need to perform, and although I do enjoy the circus, I'm not quite ready to die.


The girls together, I know it's not going to be me.

To be honest, I kind of wanted to.

I feel like Sierra is super calm.

Maybe she'll be better at doing stuff like walking the tightrope.

We need to make it so that it's the girls against the guys.

That's what I'm saying.

Every girl is dying, and it's messed up.

Timothy is sketchy.

Look at the guy who lures a girl outside to a creepy car like by herself.

That's not okay.

Timothy has got to go.

I don't trust anybody at this point.

I found out yesterday that both of you guys switched up your votes.

I don't know what's running through your head.

I'm down to work together, but at this point, who do you really trust?

I think we should go with Matt.

We can't do Lele again.

Lele seems to be calming down right now, and I just don't know if I have it in me to vote her in once again.

But she just said she hated me.

I don't know, you guys pick because I don't want to be the bad guy again.

What are you doing?


We don't need them.


We don't need Matt or Timothy.

Matt and Timothy are really close friends so you know what?

Why not let them play together?

Whatever you guys want to do.

Should we be like men and man up and just go?

Like, I'll do it.

Bro, I'm down.

We now begin voting, who's ready?

Okay. Matt.

I'm coming back for sure.

You can put me in at any time. I'm coming back.

I'm going to be the bigger man, and guess who's name I'm not going to write?


Well you're going to heaven.

Matt: Or you're going to hell.

I can't believe we're doing this again.

Joey: That's our last artifact.

And now I will draw two names to face the circus.


Female: Oh, my God.

For some reason, the group votes me in.

I'm an entertaining person, charming, attractive.

So I guess I can see why they would think I'd be good at performing.


Oh, my God, Oli.

You guys voted for me?

I didn't vote for you.

I didn't vote for you.

Out of everyone in the group my flipping name gets called.

Someone has fully stabbed me in the back.

So I have my two participants for tonight's show.

The rest of you can enjoy the show with our crowd.

And I promise you they won't bite you, that much.


But gentlemen, you cannot perform in these clothes, they'll get ruined.

The ring master then announces to me and Tim that we need to compete in three different activities.

Ladies and gentlemen, your acts for tonight, give them a round of applause.

Oh, I love it.


Why don't you guys go I don't get it.

Why don't you guys go then?

That's not cool. That is not cool.

Now gentlemen, you will be performing three acts for tonight's show.

The first one is a strong man feat, the second, a juggling act, and the third, the tightwire walk of death.

Vita: Death!

The first event, the strong man.

I'm feeling pretty confident.

I've done this at a couple of fun fairs before and I've got a pretty good score.

Swing the mallet and hit the bell.



The crowd are booing.

I've only just started and they're already booing for me.

One more.

(bell dings)

(cheering and applause)

Joey: All right, Timothy.

I got this.



That was a warm up.




Lele: I promise you, none of you guys can do it better, I promise you that.

I am almost going to beat up this old man.

He is just too loud.

We hear you, okay?

I hate that old man.

It is now time to test your dexterity, coordination, and concentration with a little bit of juggling.

I can't even juggle two balls, let alone three.

Me, neither, but you're going to know how to juggle today, because you're going to survive.

Male: Concentrate.


So, I'm just hoping that Tim is on the same level as me, if not worse.

This is it, I've got this.

Female: Your life depends on this.


Wait, wait, I was warming up.

Hey, hey chill out.

Oh, my God.

You have these people in the audience heckling me.

Made me drop all my balls.

I picked up the balls, threw it at the audience.

I think I hit one guy in his junk.

I don't trust him.

For the grand finale, tightwire walk of death.

Vita: Death!

The highwire is scary.

It is scary as hell.

You can do it.

Male: Hold on tight!

Female: He can't do it.

Yes, he can.

Female: You've got this, do not fall off.


All I'm thinking is don't fall and split your nuts on the cord.

Yeah, Timothy, come on.

You got it.

Wow, he's good, wow that was fast.

(cheering and applause)

So then the ring leader says it all comes down to the audience vote.

Decide the fate of these two performers.

We then get put into these two water drop chambers.

Full of flesh-eating fish.

There's piranhas in it.

The ring master says whoever drops is going to die.

So let's begin. (laughing)

I'm a little scared because I feel like the audience likes Oli better.

You will either boo or cheer.

Whoever gets the most boos, goes down in the tank.

I don't know who did better.

I feel like Tim is doing better.

Timothy was the one that performed the best.

That doesn't mean, this is more than a circus act.

So you're not cheering for Timothy?

No, I gotta cheer for Oli.

Performer number one.

This is so scary.



Number two, Timothy.

(cheering and applause)

All right.

So then ring master, chocolate monopoly man, says Both shall go down!


Guys, what just happened?

Did both my friends just die?


I forgot to put the flesh-eating fish in the tank today.


You did bring me my greatest endeavor.

It is a fair trade.

It turns out the ring master has a heart, and he let them both go.

Thank you very much and have a good night.

Okay, but what about the artifact?

We did make a deal, didn't we?"

We did.



Give them the artifact.

We have all four artifacts.

I'm so excited.

We finally get to go home.

Oh my wallet was in those pants, that you guys...

Come back and see us, anytime! [laughs]

Oh, my God we got it.

What do we do now?