03x08 - The Titanium Ninja

Senseu Wu: Previously on Ninjago...

Kai: This must be where the Golden Weapons landed.

Jay: How are we gonna get home?

General Cryptor: So long, Ninja.

Sensei Wu: Episode 34 - The Titanium Ninja.

(Nindroid grunts)

Golden Master: Have they melted down the Golden Weapons?

Pythor: Yes, the golden armor will be ready for your evil bidding, my Dark Lordship.

Golden Master: Borg's still here? What use is he now that Project Arcturus is completed? (laughs) Yes. Yes! Behold the beginnings of the Golden Master!

Cyrus: You're... You're releasing me? But what have you done? What now?

General Cryptor: Now you watch your city and all of Ninjago fall. And bow to a new master. Looks like you already have that part down. (laughs)

Cyrus: How can I stop this?

Kai: (grunts) These bugs just keep coming. We are going nowhere.

Jay: Nya, there's no way we're getting off this planet. Any last words, my darling?

Cole: How about "It always you, Cole. I won't be able to carry on without you."

Nya: Now is not the time for that! Can't I care for both of you? Now just don't give up.

Lloyd: My dad was right, I've should never given up my golden power. We could have all been home. Now the Overload has all he needs to become the Golden Master.

Garmadon: Don't say that. I was wrong, You must trust your friends. Trust yourself.

P.I.X.A.L.: They've returned with the Golden Weapons. It;s only a matter of time.

Sensei Wu: Search for the power within, and then realize the greatness within each other.

Lloyd: He's right, we can get off this planet.

Kai: What about your green power, Lloyd?

Zane: It's too far. He'd never be able to keep his focus that long.

Cole: No one happens to have a build-your-own-rocket-kit handy, do they?

Lloyd: Whoa. That's it!

Jay: You have a build-your-own-rocket-kit?

Lloyd: No, but we can make one. Arcturus may not fly, but she'll give us all the metal we need. And Zane knows this solar system better than anyone.

Zane: And Kai's fire could weld the missing parts.

Kai: Cole's manpower could do all the heavy lifting.

Cole: Jay has enough electricity and nerd knowledge to make a halfway believable spacecraft.

Jay: Ha, ha. Hey! Hey. This could actually work.

Kai: Let's fire this thing up and see if she'll fly.

(Cole grunts)

Lloyd: Boosters?

Kai: Check.

Lloyd: Electronics?

Jay: Check.

Lloyd: Navigation?

Zane: Check.

Lloyd: How are we holding together?

Cole: Bubble gum and a wish.

Lloyd: Let's go home, fellas.

Nya: They have lift off!

(All cheer)

Woman: What is this now? Hasn't Ninjago suffer enough already?

Golden Master: (laughing) I was trapped in Lord Garmadon, then I was trapped in the Digiverse. Now I am free! Bow to your Golden Master!

Cole: Hold on, we're almost there!

Zane: My power has reached critical mass. It appears my unlimited energy is in fact limited.

Jay: Critical mass? Like, it's gonna blow up?

Zane: Don't worry about me, I must my power to hold our vessel together.

Lloyd: Now way, Zane. Entering the atmosphere means we have air.

Jay: No, it means we're gonna burn up.

Lloyd: Listen! With just enough air, we can now support our elemental shields. Let's try, guys!

Skales: We tried to warn them, Junior. This time it is their fight to lose.

Bus Driver: Oh! It's the Ninja!

(Crowd cheer)

Pythor: They've returned? But how?

Golden Master: If the Ninja are what give them hope, then we'll destroy them. Prepare for battle!

Cole: I hate to bring this up now, but parachutes would've in handy.

Kai: Friends and family make a good substitute.

P.I.X.A.L.: Coordinating catch. Be on the lookout. Kai, go for 56 degrees north, 12 east. Zane, you're next.

Zane: Don't worry, I've got you.

All: Ninja, go!

Sensei Wu: Welcome home, Ninja.

Garmadon: Brother, I can't remember the last time we fought together on the same team.

Zane: I have the city in my sights.

Jay: City? That's not a city, that's an impenetrable fortress!

Garmadon: Behind that wall, the Golden Master has the power of the First Spinjitzu Master.

Cyrus: Ninja, if you get this message, I've managed to escape and have found refuge within the Temple of Fortiude here in the City.

Sensei Wu: Temple of Fortitude? That was left over from the Stone Wars. The Overload used it as a stronghold against the power of the First Spinjitzu Master.

Garmadon: It has a sacred seal of protection that can resist the Golden Power. Very clever.

Cyrus: If you can make it here alive, I think I have a device that could defeat him.

Lloyd: Then we have to get to that temple. Everyone stay together. Kai. You, Nya and Zane take the high road. We'll make our own road.

Cole: I don't have time for finesse.

(Man screams)

Nya: Is that well getting higher?

Zane: It's just like the Digiverse. His turf, his rules.

(Crowd scream)

Sensei Wu: The temple's up ahead.

Nya: Two down and moving onwards to the-- (grunts)

Kai: Nya's down! I repeat, Nya's down!

Cole: I'm going back for her.

Jay: No, I'll go back.

Zane: Go back, and our probability to make it to the Temple exponentially diminishes.

Kai: This isn't about numbers, Zane. It's about family.

Lloyd: Everyone else head to the Temple, we'll go pick up Nya.

Kai: I've got her. She's on the corner of Bradley Boulevard-- (grunts) And somewhere.

Golden Master: The famous Ninja have time for meet-and-greet. Let's dance! (laughs)

Lloyd: Change of plans! Run!

Cole: Whoo-hoo!

(All grunting)

Nya: This is a complete mess.

General Cryptor: Now let's see if the little girl can fight without her big suit.

(All grunting)

Sensei Wu: Brother, now!

Garmadon: Activate the shield.

Golden Master: No, no!

(Nya grunts)

General Cryptor: You kick like a little girl.

Nya: Oh, yeah? How's this for little? (grunting)

Golden Master: Keep shooting. They will break and die busy.

Lloyd: You said you had a weapon that could stop him?

Cyrus: I do. It's my most protected secret.

Jay: What is it?

Zane: It us well-protected?

Lloyd: Is it an ancient curse?

Kai: I say, fire power.

Cole: I hope it rocks.

Jay: Is it dangerous? Is it alive? Does it come with a manual? Is it a-- A-- A pill?

Cyrus: Ah, not just any pill, a nano pill. For all of time, scientists have been searching for the holy grail of inventions. A diet pill that actually works!

Garmadon: Wait until you are old. You'll see why it's so important Tell me Borg, does it work?

Cyrus: No, but the nanotechnology inside has an adverse effect. It not only shrinks your waistline, but miniaturizes you as well.

Zane: You've made a shrinking pill?

Kai: let me get this straight. You want us to get close to this guy, who has armor that with the mere touch, would make us toast, and you want us to give him a pill?

Cyrus: Precisely!

Garmadon: Brother, do you remember when both of us were on the same team?

Jay: Ah, hey, yeah, old timers, mind paying attention? We're trying to save the world here!

Sensei Wu: You're right, Brother, on the playground when we were kids. Templegate Tigers.

Garmadon: Ha, I threw a mean curve ball, and your could thread the needle. We never lost.

Sensei Wu: So true. Get us close, Ninja, and we'll give the Golden Master his medicine.

(All clamoring)

Pythor: Ha, ha! The people are losing hope. Soon they will bow to you, Golden Master.

(Nya grunts)

General Cryptor: (growls) What is that perfume I smell? Fear?

Nya: Actually it's called Damsel in Distress. But I don't think it suits me.

General Cryptor: You think you can mock me?

Nya: Of course, doesn't everyone? I mean, even Mindroid knows you're short of a hard drive.

General Cryptor: Mindroid? That little piece of scrap isn't even fit to tighten my bolts. I've met posters more intelligent than him. (grunts)

Nya: Ha, ha!

Kai: Are we sure this is gonna protect us?

Garmadon: If the Overload's Stone Warriors used this against the First Spinjitzu Master, I see no reason can't use it against those exact same powers.

Zane: Here. You take it.

P.I.X.A.L.: No, you are vital to this mission. Don't worry about me. I shall see you again.

Garmadon: Zane... Zane, we have to go.

Lloyd: Hey! The seal! It's broken!

Nya: Better late than never! Go get 'em, Ninja!

All: Ninja, go!

Sensei Wu: Feels like old times, doesn't it?

Garmadon: Yes. It feels good.

Cole: I don't believe it. The armor's working!

Jay: Keep going! We have to take the heat off the senseis!

(Lloyd grunts)

Golden Master: My powers! They aren't working! They won't stop coming!

(All cheering)

Pythor: Then attack the people.

(All clamoring)

Lloyd: We have to save the people!

Kai: We have to get Sensei's closer.

Skales: People of Ninjago, follow me!

Jay: The snakes are on our side? Great. Now I have seen it all.

Kai: We'll never get close enough.

Garmadon: We won't need to. Ready to thread the needle, Brother?

Sensei Wu: Let's show them what old timers can do.

Pythor: (coughs) Ah! What's happening to me? No! (screams)

Golden Master: That was it? That was all you've got?

(All grunting)

Lloyd: The armor, why isn't it working?

Golden Master: Because your time is over!

Zane: Support me, friends. For one last time. Let my friends go!

Golden Ninja: Go where, Doomed Ninja? The Golden Weapons are too powerful for you to behold. Your survival chance is low.

Zane: (sighs) This isn't about numbers. It's about family.

Lloyd: He's not letting go!

Jay: His heart! It's reaching critical mass!

Cole: If his heart overloads, he'll blow. He'll never survive.

Kai: Let go of him, Zane! What is he doing?

Sensei Wu: He's protecting us.

Zane: I am a Nindroid. And Ninja never quit. Go Ninja. Go!

Golden Master: What are you doing? Let me go, you fool!

Jay: No, Zane, no!

Sensei Wu: We have to get out of here now.

(Golden Master grunting)

Jay and Kai: No!

P.I.X.A.L.: No.

All: Ninja, go!

Dr. Julien: Zane!

Sensei Wu: There's something special about you, Zane.

Zane: I know who I am.

Dr. Julien: You were built to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

(Golden Master screams)

(Nya sobbing)

(P.I.X.A.L. sobbing)

Cyrus: I used to think technology would to be the answer to all of our problems... But then I saw technology invent new problems. Devastating problems. And then a Nindroid named Zane saved us all. He was the perfect balance between us and technology. He taught us that life should be a balance. Technology can improve our lives, but so can people. And if we focus on one at the expense of the other, that's when the balance is off. Our city will find its way again, but this time with Zane as our compass. With that I give to you the Titanium Ninja.

Nya: So, what happens after this?

Cole: I don't know.

Jay: And I don't care. Today's about Zane.

Cyrus: And now Kai would like to speak for those knew him best.

Kai: Everyone wondered what powered Zane. I don't know if we'll ever know, but I'd like to think it was brotherhood. Because he powered me. And he'll still power me as his memory lives on.

(Dareth crying)

Kai: Ninja never quit. and Ninja will never be forgotten. Wherever you are, Zane, you'll always be one of us.

(Crowd murmuring)

P.I.X.A.L.: You are Zane. A droid like me. What does Zane stand for?

Zane: I stand for peace, freedom and courage.

P.I.X.A.L.: Your hardrive is outdated and your processor is slow and incompatible. Why are you so different?

Zane: We're all different, but I don't feel so different around you.

P.I.X.A.L.: Zane? Is that you?

Zane: You are vital to me.

P.I.X.A.L.: You are vital to me. I shall see you again.

Zane 2.0: I'm... just Zane. Are we compatible now?