02x15 - Power Play

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "White Collar". Aired: October 2009 to December 2014.*

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A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.
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02x15 - Power Play

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Previously on White Collar...

Larson was shipping n*zi dinnerware are you offering to go to Argentina?

It could be fun.

What is this?

It's a fractal... a mathematical curiosity.

Neal: It's a fractal antenna.

You're telling me that if we build a real one of these...

It's gonna lead us to a boat or a plane or something that disappeared in the 1940s.

Neal: I want to know the man who's pulling the trigger.

His name is Vincent Adler.

You knew him?

He's the man who made me who I am today.

Why are you helping us?

I like having Neal Caffrey owe me one.

I owe you one. Something like that.

Elizabeth: So as we all know, Mr. Stanzler is very, very specific.

The Bordeaux glasses are only to be served with Cabernet, and in burgundy glasses, for heaven's sake, only put Pinot in these.

If it smells like paint the next time I walk in here, I will sh**t someone.

Mr. Stanzler.

Andrew, hi. Skip the pleasantries. You have six seconds.

Okay, well, everything's set for Saturday.

And what about the ice sculpture?

Uh, the 4x3 ice bear.

4x3? No. 8 feet.

8 feet? Did I stutter?

8 feet.

8 feet. I want it bold. Got it.

8 feet.

Sorry about that.

No, it's okay.

One thing I-I like about your boss... He knows what he wants.



Are... are you okay?

[ breathes deeply ]

Last week, you said your husband works for the FBI.

Yeah, he... he does. Is, uh... is everything all right?


It's not.

Woman on TV: New Yorkers took to the streets as temperatures soared to triple digits, making today one of the city's hottest days on record.

With East Coast Hydroelectric reporting record usage, city authorities warn of more rolling blackouts...

[ strains ]

I know, Satchmo.

You warned me not to use the central air before the blackout hit.

[ breathes deeply ]

But I didn't listen.

'cause you're a dog.

So until we get it fixed, meet our new AC.

Oh, it's a hot one. Well, hello, my boys.

Peter: Hello.

Wow. Look at the new air conditioner.

Yeah. How's the world's most interesting evil man?

Actually, we need to talk about Stanzler.

I told you Andrew makes his money as an energy trader, right?


Well, actually, it's worse than that.

I've been working with his assistant, Brooke, and she thinks Stanzler's involved in creating the blackouts. Say that again.

Yeah. Brooke overheard Stanzler talking about it with another trader.

So she did some digging.

She thinks they're withholding supply during peak hours and then selling energy to the city for triple the rate.

El, these are very serious allegations.

Honey, I know.

There are three confirmed deaths, and it's cost the city tens of millions.

That's why I'm telling you.

All right. We have to bring her in to the bureau.

She doesn't want to come in.

She's terrified that someone's gonna see her and tell Stanzler.

Do you know, he actually threatened to sh**t the painter today?


Oh, he was half-joking.

But I wouldn't put it past him.

Okay. So, where can I talk to Brooke?

Well, maybe come down to the museum while Stanzler's out.

That's good.

You could bring Neal.

Why Neal?

Well, honey, she's really nervous.

And, you know, Neal has a calming smile.

Fine. I'll bring Neal and his calming smile.

Thank you.

You're a good boy.

And so are you.

[ chuckles ]

Sara: Neal. Hi. Sara.

When did you get back in town?

Just a few days ago.

How was Argentina?

It was...Hot. But very interesting.

What did you find?

I figured out where those crates we found were being smuggled out of.

It's an estate in Southern Argentina.

Love what they've done with the place. Yeah, someone b*rned it down.

And I'm pretty sure it was Vincent Adler.

I think this is where Adler was hiding after he fled the U.S.

Right. This is good.

Yeah. I also met some locals.

And some llamas. Yes, and some llamas.

Um, this is Rosa. She worked in Adler's kitchen.

Said he was obsessed with finding a German soldier named Gerhard Wagner.

Who is he?

I don't know, but hopefully the FBI can find out.

All right. I will pass this on to Peter.

Thank you.

It's good to see you.

You too. Yeah.

Okay. Okay.

Are you really going this way?


I hate that.

Awkward goodbyes after you've already said goodbye. - Yeah.

I'm gonna grab a coffee.

[ chuckling ] Bye.

Brooke: Your husband will be here, right?

Elizabeth: He'll be here soon.

Do you want to go over seating arrangements with Yvonne? - Okay.

Hey, thank God you're here.

Where's my husband?

She's kind of losing it.

I'm sure he's on his way. He said to meet him here.

Um, will you call and see how close he is?

Yeah, of course. Okay.

I just got a text. Andrew's coming. What do we do?

I-I thought he was in Connecticut.

The meeting got canceled. So I-I got to go.

H-hold on just a second.

[ cellphone rings ]


How far away are you?

I had to borrow Diana's car.

I would have been there in 10, but there's an accident on 5th.

So now...17 minutes, plus 1 minute for parking, and I'll still be there 4 minutes early.

Okay, hold on.

Yeah, that might not be soon enough.

Stanzler's on his way, too.

All right. Do whatever you need to do to keep her calm.

But don't let her go.

You really miss your air conditioner, don't you?

He made my dog pant.

Now this is personal.


Sorry. I know, I know. I trust you.

I just...

I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Brooke Argyle?


Hi. I'm agent Peter Burke. How are you?


Hey, hon.

Hey, honey. Thanks for coming. Of course.

El told me you have information that links Andrew Stanzler to the blackouts.

[ beep ]

Um, he's outside.

What your boss is doing is wrong, and it's hurting a lot of people.

Will you help us?

Listen, you can trust my husband.

Okay. Thank you.

We'll take care of you, okay?

El will be in touch.


[ sighs ]

Wow. Did we really just do that?

Did you see any other option?


So, which one of us is gonna tell Peter?

I vote you.

Thanks. You're welcome.

You impersonated an agent.

You told me to do whatever I needed to do.

I didn't say commit a federal crime.

I convinced her to come in.

Yeah. And now is the time to correct the situation by having her meet the real Peter Burke.

She will blow out those doors so fast you won't see her shadow.

You know why?

'Cause the lights will be out from the power outage she couldn't help us stop.

You do not get to be me anymore.

That doesn't go there. What are you doing? Get up!

Peter, she's skittish.

If I try to explain to her that I impersonated you, she'll never trust you, me, Elizabeth, or the FBI.

[ telephone rings ]

No. Don't touch that.


Oh, hey, El.

Are you downstairs with Brooke?


Listen, I talked to Neal, and we're just gonna be honest with her. Yes.

That's all that...

Honey, you...

Right. Uh-huh. I understand.

Okay. See you in a bit.

[ receiver clicks ]

Elizabeth talked you into it.

Listen up, everybody.

For the next hour and only the next hour, you will call Mr. Caffrey special agent Peter Burke.

[ sparse laughter ]

No questions. No laughing.

Just do it.

And never speak of this again.

[ sparse laughter ]

Who? Me?

What? You don't even need him. What are you...

Stay there.

[ elevator bell dings ]

[ indistinct talking ]

Hey, hon.

Hi, hon.

Great to see you.

Hi, Brooke.



I thought we were just gonna be speaking with your husband.

Oh, we were, but, actually, this is, um...

Neal Caffrey.

Are you an agent, too?

No. No. I wish I was.

I'm just a consultant.

So, how does that work?

Actually, I'm a criminal. A criminal?

I've made a lot of really bad life choices, which landed me in prison.

But now I assist the FBI.

Oh. Okay. Good.

As a matter of fact, had it not been for agent Burke here, I'd still be in prison... rotting.

You're giving me way more credit than I deserve.

No, no. Don't be modest, Peter.

You caught me... twice.

And you can send me back any time you want.

[ Elizabeth clears throat ]

Why don't we go talk in my office?


So, what role did Stanzler's company play in all this?

Stanzler's company's a broker.

New York's electricity system is a deregulated market.

So if someone bought up enough energy, they could temporarily artificially create a shortage.

Don't get any ideas, Neal.

I won't. But I'll talk to the...

You should talk to the commodities trading commission.


Um, is there any way you and I could speak... just the two of us?

I know Neal seems intimidating, but he's very useful in cases like yours.

In fact, I think he's the single most valuable asset we have here at the Bureau.


On second thought... Neal...

Cream. No sugar.

We have agents for that.

I have something better. I have you.

[ sighs ]

Thank you.

I didn't want to say this in front of your criminal consultant, but I think Stanzler's looking for a burglar.

What's he trying to steal?

I'm not sure. But I was listening in on a very cryptic phone conversation he had with someone named Bill Rosko.

Bill Rosko. I googled the name, and Bill has a criminal record for breaking... ...Breaking and entering. Yeah.


Don't you hate it when Peter makes you get coffee?

You're getting me mocha chai latte's for the rest of the month.

Diana: Hey, boss.

Why is Neal in your office?

Neal is posing as Peter so a witness will tell us about an energy-collusion scam.

Awesome! I'm going in. No.

Come on. Let me bring him a file.

What do you have?

Unh-unh. This is for Peter. Diana...

It's the info Sara requested on Gerhard Wagner.

There's nothing in here.

Why is Gerhard Wagner's file empty?

The Department of Defense classified his information when he immigrated to the U.S. after World w*r II.

Yeah, but that was more than 50 years ago.

I'll make some calls, see if I can get his file declassified.

All right.

I'm gonna find out what Brooke had to say to me.

This is gonna be good.

[ chuckling ]

Oh, yeah. No, no, no.

A thief?

Sounds like a job for Neal Caffrey.

Yeah, too bad Stanzler's already made me.

I would love to find out what he was trying to steal...

You still can.

Or the new Neal Caffrey can.

[ chuckles ]

You're serious?

Peter, that's bold thinking, But posing as a thief... particularly as me...

I mean, we'd be better off sending in any number of competent criminal C.I.'s.

Mm-hmm. No.

I'm retaking control of this case before anything else goes sideways.

Talk to Brooke. Have her put Neal Caffrey, thief, on his books.

That's you?

That's me.

Mozzie: Welding is a lot harder than it looks.

I deserve a medal.


[ chuckles ]

Sorry about the flames.

You want to wear my extra helmet?

Neal: I'm good.

Nothing like wearing a leather flame suit on the hottest day of the year.

I'm almost back to my fighting weight.

For the last parts for the antenna, I've been scouring eBay Europe.

Are you even listening to me?

You wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork required to send someone undercover. Isn't that the suit's job?

Nah, he made me do it since I told a whistle-blower I was Peter Burke.

[ laughs ]

Why would you do that?

We were gonna lose her. I had to.

Now I'm stuck with the is9 form, A.K.A. the whistle-blower declaration of facts.

Okay, remember when your mother said, "Don't cross your eyes 'cause they're gonna stay that way"?

Yeah. The same thing holds for impersonating a suit.

Get out or I'm gonna find you wearing wing tips.

What do you think?

Oh. I'm too late.

The metamorphosis is complete, cockroach. Thanks, Kafka.

[ knock on door ]



What are you doing here?

Peter: Do I want to know?

Not yet.

All right.

"Tales of the FBI's classified files."

Peter figured out why Adler's so interested in Wagner.

Excellent. Top-secret movies. I'll make popcorn.

Butter, please.

When do we get to the good part?

Sara: Shh! Quiet.

Man on TV: ...In a relentless counterblockade to destroy Britain's shipping.

Peter: The man on the left is Gerhard Wagner.

Worked as a radio operator in the u-boat headquarters.

After the fall of the third Reich, he fled to America.

He claimed to have top-secret information he wanted to share with the U.S.

Gerhard Wagner, however, was sent to a detention center at Ellis Island.

And whatever he knew disappeared with him when he escaped from the detention center a few weeks later.

What kind of top-secret information could Wagner have that Adler would be looking for a half-century later? - I have a feeling it has something to do with the antenna Mozzie's been building.

Which makes sense, 'cause he was a radio guy.

If he escaped the detention center, he may have hopped the fence and gotten in the naturalization line.

Why not? Changed his name, became an upstanding citizen.

All right. We'll check the archives for matches between his physical description and someone who entered Ellis Island around that same time.

Listen, uh...

Next time you're poking around classified files, see if you can find anything on the death of the electric car.

Sure. And I can throw in some stuff about crop circles.


Oh. You're joking.

Peter: Mozzie, the U.S. Government is not conducting mind-probe experiments.

Mozzie: [ chuckles ]

That's what they've made you believe.

Are we doing this again?

Guess so. You headed home?

No, I'm gonna go grab a bite. How about you?

Oh, just to the gym. Really? I just... I took you for more of a "sit-up/push-up in the morning" kind of guy.

I swim. Yeah?

How's that work with your ankle bracelet?

It's waterproof.

Are you trained in counter-surveillance?

You talking about the guy at our 6:00?

So the answer's yes. Yes.

And he knows we made him.

How long do you want to stay here?

We'll see what his next move is.

Much better.

That's not fair. It's my game.

Ah, we take turns.

He's making his next move.

[ vehicle approaches ]

[ brakes squeal ]

[ tires screech ]

You okay?


Yeah, I've been followed before in my line of work.

Whoever he is...

He knows you're working for us.

The emergency exits are here...

And here.

There's only one entrance to the exhibit and a service corridor.

If you're not planning on robbing the museum, why would you need to know all this?

It's my 'in'... to impress Stanzler.

You know, it's sexy watching you plan a heist.


Think I should go rogue?


[ chuckles ]

All right. Say goodbye to Peter Burke.

Hi. I'm Caffrey.

Neal Caffrey.

[ chuckles ]


Nothing. You don't like my Neal?

Well, he sort of has a way of, I don't know, pulling you in when he talks...

A kind of quiet, sexy whisper. Oh, sexy, huh?

And he doesn't put his hands on his hips. Right.

He gets people to do what he wants by charming them.

He doesn't rely on a badge.


[ softly ]

Well, you are so smart.

You have all the answers, and I couldn't do this without you.

Much better.

[ chuckles ] Oh, honey?


You're gonna have to take off your wedding ring.

I am.


Feel naked without it.

Hmm. Maybe you could wear a hat.


[ chuckles softly ]

[ beep ]

Brooke: Mr. Stanzler...

This is Neal Caffrey.


Your 11:00, sir.

[ footsteps depart ]

[ softly ]

I understand you're interested in an acquisition.

I'm sorry?


[ normal voice ] You're interested in an acquisition.

Who told you that?

Big Bill Rosko. He said you offered him a job.

Yeah, well, Big Bill has a big mouth.

And I never offered him anything.

Hmm. Well, if there is a job, I'm your man.

Yeah. [ chuckles ]

Everybody in your business says the same thing, right?

What if I told you I could rob this place in under 20 minutes?

I'd say good luck.

We've got the top-of-the-line security system.

It's good, but nothing's perfect.

Two cameras cover the front and back, but they're blind to the side exits.

Your roof?

It's a burglar's dream.

1-inch wood and asphalt.

What exactly would you leave with?

Every display is laser-guarded, heat-, motion-, and weight-sensored.

I know.

So I'd skip the display and hit your private collection.

How did you know about that?

Like I said. I'm the best.

Stanzler needs a thief to steal a flash drive from this man...

Another trader, Francis Luntz.

Slow down, Caffrey.

I want to hear details about "the meet."

Quiet, you.

Based on their trading records and what little information I got from Stanzler, I believe the two are using their combined market power to create temporary shortages.

But did you flaunt your past crimes?

No, I did not flaunt my past crimes.

How did you convince him to hire you?

I'm that good.

These guys are incredibly careful.

From what I can gather, Luntz doesn't trust Stanzler.

He secretly videotaped one of their meetings.

Now, this video, which is now on flash drive, is what Stanzler wants me to retrieve.

Steal. Steal.

Why don't we just use a warrant?

We could, but Stanzler doesn't know exactly what's on the tape.

So if we shake Luntz down and the video is insufficient, we blow our chances of catching either one of these guys.

But I do want a warrant for Luntz's home.

I don't need a warrant to break in.

Well, this Neal Caffrey does. That's it for now.

After we left my apartment last night, Sara and I were followed. Any suspects?

Adler. I think he put a tail on Sara.

Everyone who's looked into him... Mozzie, Kate...

They all got hurt. Where is she now?

At the archives. I'm meeting her there.

Good idea. Stay close to her.

All right, but for my break-in, I'm gonna need some training.

I got you covered.

Ah. My pupil has arrived.

Take the pebble from my palm.

Seriously? Kung Fu?

I'm preparing you for your mission.

Okay. Give me $20.

Look, do you want my help or not?

Lesson 1... we take.

We don't give.

Now, moving on...

Give me my 20 back, or I'm gonna arrest you.

Oh, you're gonna be a very difficult student.
Hey. Hi.

Anyone follow you?

No. You?

All clear. They said over the phone that it could take up to four weeks for us to get access to those files.

That's all right. I got a plan.

Are you gonna share that plan with me?

Any chance you can tell me a little more about what you're looking for?

Only that it's regarding an individual who may have come through Ellis Island in 1946.

We need to look through files to match a physical description.

The rest is national security. You understand.

Of course. Sorry I wasn't more helpful over the phone.

She didn't say she was with the FBI.

Oh, she's not.

I am.

Please, follow me.

Peter knows. The broad strokes.

[ chuckles softly ]

This is it.

Records. Ledgers. Card catalogs.

Which ones are from 1946?

All of them. Excuse me.

[ chuckles ]

Yeah, we can do this.

Mozzie: Okay, listen up, sausage fingers.

We don't have all day.

[ knock on door ]

Oh, our guest speaker.

Hello, there. How's he doing?

We'll come back to the lock-picking later.

Byron would be so thrilled to know his training jacket is back in the game.

[ chuckles ]

Are you teaching him to run a cross?

Scratch on a dip.

With the farmer's pants?

Neal wants to run a bird dog.

Oh. He's a fed.

Can we move on with this?

Uh, yes.

Now, your first task is to drop a bug into Stanzler's jacket so your little evil empire friends in the van can listen in on him, while you fumble rough the house.

Do we need a commentary?


But dropping the bug isn't the hard part.

Retrieving it is... without jingling the bells.

[ bells jingle ]

[ bells jingle ]

Oh. Again.

All right.

[ bells jingle ]

[ sighs ]

This is impossible.

Understatement is the key.

These two fingers, like tweezers...

So that the thumb will never touch the mark.

[ papers rustling ]

[ sighs ]

[ sighs ]

It's gonna take a while.

[ sighs ]

So tell me, Repo...

...Why you helping out?

What's your angle in all this?

If Adler spent his life searching for something, that means the payoff's got to be bigger than the billion he's already stolen.

That's all?

I like the mystery.

I know what it's like to have a lot of questions.


When I was 13, my older sister ran away and we never heard from her again.

I'm sorry.

[ sighs ]

I used to go into her room and just look at her things and hope that something held the key.

You know, if there was a book about dancers, I'd wonder, "is she a ballerina?"

Or... there was a pony poster.

So I wondered if she was off on a ranch somewhere.

And I never found the answers I was looking for.


If we find Adler, maybe you can have some closure with Kate.

Last chance, suit. Some of us go to work at night.

Like this?

[ bells jingle ]

You didn't drop the bug. No, I didn't.

I decided to practice one more lift.

You've learned all I have to teach you.

You, Peter Burke, are ready to commit a crime.

Neal: Looking sharp, Peter. Thank you.

There's a very good teacher inside that little shiny head of his.

How'd it go at the archives?

Great. But it's gonna take a while to find Wagner.

Another late night with Sara, huh?

Hey, keep your eye on the prize, okay?

This is serious. Stanzler doesn't mess around.

Now, remember, backup is 10 seconds away...

You don't give me the "be careful" speech.

I invented the "be careful" speech.

Yeah, but since I'm you, I should give...

You're Neal in the van, and I'm Neal outside the van.


Then go out there and make me look good.

[ breathes deeply ]


Mr. Stanzler.

When you get to that master bedroom, look for anything called "Project Edison." Got it.

My meeting with Luntz will last 20 minutes.

You have exactly that to find the video and find your way back to the Bentley.

20 minutes?

Plenty of time.

It better be. Otherwise, you're on your own.

Let's go.

Heads up, guys.

I think we're pulling in to Luntz' mansion.

Out of the vehicle. Headed for the basement door.

Good. We got ears on you.

Wait for me to confirm that.

Working on the lock now.

Okay, we have ears on you.

I'm in.

Luntz: So, tell me about this guy, Wheelock, your contact at the power company.

What else did he say?

Stanzler: They have budget cuts, fewer controls, which makes monitoring us that much more difficult.

3,000 immigrants a week, and not one of these files is computerized.

Well, whoever this Gerhard Wagner is, he has earned my admiration.

How's that?

He worked the system to his advantage.

I mean, one day he was here, and the next... poof...

He's vanished into the vast bureaucracy...

Like a German Dave Chappelle.

Did Neal send you to come sit with me?

Uh...No one sends me. I go places.

Of course. My mistake.

He's not worried about you, if that's what you're implying.

I'm here for obvious reasons.

[ sarcastically ]

Well, of course.

I mean, it's impossible to deny this Tracy/Hepburn thing between us.

I do want you, Mozzie.

Please. Control yourself.

I'm here to double the workforce.

I want to get Adler, too.

[ loud clicking ]

Oh. I take that as a sign.

Of what?

I'll let you know.

I'm in the master bedroom.

All right. Check the drawers and cabinets.

People usually hide things where they're easily accessible.

As Mozzie taught you.

I found a safe key. "centurion."

Centurion. Look for an in-wall safe.

Mrs. Luntz.

Well done, Mr. Luntz.

I found the safe.

[ beep ]

I found the video.

Copying it now. I'll give the original to Stanzler and keep the backup for us.

Guys, listen to this.

Luntz: This Chip Wheelock, the guy at E.C.H....

That's East Coast Hydroelectric.

What exactly does he know?

He knows he wants in.

We got a guy in the power company, flips a switch, rolling blackouts.

We make a fortune.

No. No way. It's too risky.

You mean it's too easy?

Look, go to the party on Saturday night.

Talk to the guy, spend a few minutes, see what he has to say.

If you don't like it, take a walk.

Peter, Stanzler and Luntz may have an executive from East Coast Hydroelectric in their pocket.

He's meeting them at the party on Saturday.

All right.

We wait until Saturday and take down all three of them.

[ beep ]

Video's copied.

I'm on my way out.

What's your exit plan?

Same as my entrance plan.

Did you get it?


Very good.

Give me a hand.

It's been a pleasure.

Want another job?

What do you have in mind?

Geller museum. Saturday. 5:00.

Tell no one. Ask no questions. I'll pay you double.



This is what was on the drive.

Luntz recorded this meeting and kept his mouth shut, even though, we believe, he went on to participate.

On Saturday, Stanzler's trying to bring in this man to sweeten the pot.

Chip Wheelock, senior manager at East Coast Hydroelectric.

With someone at the power plant able to flip the switch, they'll be able to escalate their plan.

That means more blackouts.

Not if we stop them.

I've been invited to an event as Neal, so we can take advantage of this opportunity by slipping a video feed on Stanzler.

How are we gonna do that?

Diana: Brooke was able to get Stanzler's suit from the dry cleaner.

We installed a camera in place of the lapel button.

Check this out.


Brooke will make sure that Stanzler's wearing that jacket.

Jones, Diana, you'll be in the van.

Always. I like the van.

And, as a precaution, I'll be accompanying Elizabeth...

...As my wife's husband.

[ chuckles ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

Tell your staff they get $100 each if they don't spill anything.

They get fired if they do.

El said you knew how to motivate your employees.

That's the smallest 8-foot bear I've ever seen in my life.

I've got Stanzler's camera online.

Anything Stanzler sees, we'll see.

Neal, have you met Peter and Elizabeth Burke?

Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

This is my lovely wife, Elizabeth.

You married up. Telling me.

I could use a drink right now.

Yes, I'll have one, too.

Yeah, me too. Thank you.

Brooke: Mr. Stanzler, Mr. Luntz is here.

Want to help me out here for a second?

Yeah, you're the boss.

Ladies having fun?

So this is undercover work, huh?

I'm sure Peter's hating every second of it.

And you? How does it feel to be an FBI agent?

Still trying it on.

Excuse us, ladies.

What are we doing?

Your assignment.

Peter: Everyone hear that?


Copy that, Peter.

You donated all this?

Yeah. I'd like you to babysit.

My friend Francis there is not having a very good day.

That's my assignment?

Babysit Luntz?

Yeah. I'll have more for you when I get back.

A lot on your mind?


Listen, I'm glad that, uh, Stanzler let us alone for a couple minutes.

I don't know what he told you, but I'm not interested.

I mean, this thing...

It's gotten way beyond what I ever imagined.

You two... you do what you want...

But I'm out.

Sorry, Wheelock.

Wait. Yeah, wait. Francis...

He told you I was Chip Wheelock?


Are you not?

Excuse me a minute.

I know about your energy scheme with Stanzler.

You what?

He's planning to double-cross you.

He... he can't do that. I have leverage over him. [ Grumbles ]

Actually, you don't.

Stanzler had me break into your estate and steal the video.

Who the hell are you?

Jones, we're locked in the Stanzler gallery.

On it.

[ cellphone rings ]

Yeah, this is Jones.

You sure?

Guys, another blackout's about to sweep through this sector.

Diana, find Elizabeth.

Elizabeth. Backup generator?

Uh, downstairs. Let's get down there.

Okay. Okay.

Where's the team?

Jones: On their way in.

Who you talking to?

The FBI.

Of course. Perfect.

Stanzler told you that Wheelock would be here to lure you out. Why?

My guess?

When the power goes out, he can circumvent the security cameras and come back here unnoticed.

What's the point?

Oh, geez.

He's gonna k*ll me.

If I'm right, he's gonna try to k*ll us both.

Who's got eyes on Stanzler?

All right. I see him. He's on the far side of the room.

I'm on him.

[ electricity powering down ]

[ alarm ringing ]

Man on P.A.: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the blackout, this museum is now in lockdown.

FBI! Everyone stay where you are!

Remain calm!

[ crowd murmuring ]

Oh, come on.

Can you open this?

Peter, Stanzler's making his move.

He's out of the atrium, but I can't tell his location.

Peter's in the Stanzler gallery. We need to get a key.

Let's go. Yes, sir.

Hurry up. Hold this.

I wasn't trained to do this in the dark.

Peter, there's another light in that room.

It's Stanzler. He's got a g*n.

Diana: We're at the generator. It's been disengaged.

Can you turn it on?

[ g*nsh*t, ricochet ]

[ g*nshots ]

[ loud clicking ]

Neal: FBI! Drop it! You're surrounded, Stanzler.

Like he said...

FBI has you surrounded.

[ horn honks ]

I didn't know you had moves like that.

I didn't know I authorized a badge.

Well, I needed one. I was an FBI agent.



You enjoyed being me.

I admit there's a certain... Allure to your profession.

How about you?

Being Neal Caffrey has its charms.

Ignoring convention?

Embracing your id?

Yeah. And I do look good in black. You do.

I have a feeling I had to work a lot harder fitting into your world than you did fitting into mine.

I don't know about that.

Good work.

Hey. Hi.

Got the generator back on.

I couldn't leave you in the dark.

Oh. Welcome home, agent Burke.

It's good to be home, Mrs. Burke.

[ chuckling ]

Oh! Thank you.

I was starving.

Mozzie's in the other room looking at microfiche.

How was your night?

Oh, the usual.


What'd you get me?

Oh, I love gourmet finger food.

Is that...

[ electricity powering down ]

Guess the blackout finally caught up to this grid.

M-Mozzie gave me a lantern. Let me get out of your way here.


[ chuckles softly ]

[ gasps ]

Heilige Scheisse.

[ loud click ]

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

Uh, Sara...


I got some...

Uh... Hi, Neal.

What do you got?

Uh, the, um, urgency transcends the awkwardness.

I found Gerhard Wagner.

Every characteristic matches...

Height, eye color, facial structure.

Uh, you missed a button.

Registered with immigration under the name Michael Hunter.

Let's go find him.

Oh, w-we can't. Um, he d*ed here in New York.

The obit says he has one surviving family member.

A granddaughter.

Alex Hunter.

Who's Alex Hunter?

I thought I knew.

This is Alex.

I'm headed to the location now.

I'm on my way.
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