02x01 - Janus

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-Unclean spirit! -In the name of God!

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Previously on The Exorcist...

What can you tell me about demonic possession?

That's an excellent question.

Go home, Father Tomas.

-Show me what to do. -You want to know what happens?

It's not just your career on the line, Tomas.

It's your immortal soul.

Your excommunication.

The order effective immediately.

-So, who are you waiting for? -You.

I need you. Will you help me?

-TOMAS: Pray for us. -St. Lawrence.

-Lies. -Saints John and Paul... -Pray for us.

I silence you, unclean spirit!

Train me. To become an exorcist.

Understand what you're asking, Tomas.

But He chose me.

And I am going to get out of the boat and start walking.

(whispering indistinctly)

(voices echoing)

(children laughing in distance)

(doors creak)

(children laughing in distance)

TOMAS: Hello?

* I walk for miles along the highway *

* Well, that's just my way

* Of saying I love you...


Father Tomas.

-Where are we? -* After midnight...

This is my little miracle.

Isn't she something?


(children cheering, hitting piñata)

* Crying on his pillow

* Maybe he's crying

* For me

(echoing thud)

* And as the skies

-* Turn gloomy -(children scream)

* Night winds whisper to me

(screaming continues)

* I'm lonesome as I

(groaning, bubbling)

(distorted): * I go out walkin'...

CINDY (demonic voice): St. Cecilia, pray for us.

St. Catherine, pray for us.

MARCUS: St. Anastasia, pray for us!



(tires skidding)

What are you doing?

Trying to save your life!

Well, try doing it on the bloody road!

Stay with me, Cindy.

In the name God, the Father and all his hosts, I command you release this woman!


MARCUS: We got company!

I reckon it's her husband!

(horn honking)

They're gaining!

Faster, Tomas!

(tires skidding)

(gun cocks)

Get down!






-(engine turns off) -Easy, easy, sweetheart.


Sweetheart, not a sound.


(hand crunches)




(engine revs)


Remind me to have a word with our friend Bennett about his intel.

Conveniently left out the part about the bloody extended family.

CINDY (demonic voice): "He that eateth my flesh, "and drinketh my blood, "dwelleth in me.

And I in him."

(Cindy laughs)


MARCUS: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

We need to get her stabilized.

Before the sheriff comes back.

We could talk to him to make him see reason.

Did you miss the part where he started taking potshots at us?

Well, we did kidnap his wife.

Yeah, 'cause he didn't believe us.

If we hadn't, she'd be dead by now.

I'm just saying, he could have every cop in the county after us.

When I agreed to take you on as an apprentice, you promised to follow my lead.

And I have, for six months.

So trust me now.

We're close.

Cindy's still in there.

Losing a child...

No mother should have to go through that.

Let's finish this.

First, we have to get off this damn road.

(engine starts)

(birds chirping)

ANDY: Kids, shake tail!

You're gonna miss the ferry.



Verity, Truck! Come on.

Truck, here you go. What are we gonna do?

Save it for lunch?

Very good, I don't want you to be hungry later.

You're my favorite.

Caleb, Shelby!

-Shelby. One for you. -Mm-hmm.

And an extra one for Truck.

Very important blind kid coming through.

You're blind?

Verity! It's now or never.

I choose "never."

Never's not an option.

Okay, get out of my house. Go to school.

-Okay, fine. -Oh, remember.

Rose is coming tonight at 6:00.

-Six o'clock. -Can't freaking wait.

Which means whatever you're doing in the woods today after school, please get home in time to do something about all of this.

-Okay? -Clear.

Dude, we got this.

Hey, don't call me dude, bro.

This place is crawling in dude-bros.

I'm gonna tell Social Worker Lady that it's a hostile foster home environment.

-SHELBY: Bye! -CALEB: Bye.

-Love you, Verity. -Bye.

(door closes)


GRACE: Are they going to school?

You want to try it with them out there?

That's okay.

Whenever you're ready.

It does not matter.

That's why we do our homeschool thing, right?

I made you your favorite.

The Elvis?

You're welcome.

-Thank you. -No.

(imitates Elvis): Thank you very much.


Remember that lady from, uh, Social Services I told you about?

She's coming to stay with us for a few days.

I thought it'd be nice if-- if you want-- if you come down to dinner tonight and join us.

What do you think?

You can wear your brave face.

Hey, where's Grace?

(laughs): I'm Grace.

-Oh, you're... you're Grace. -(giggles)

No. I didn't recognize you.

(giggles) You're weird.

You're weird.

Come down if you change your mind, all right?

(engine turns off)

(car door closes)


Bet you're regretting turning down that promotion.

Could be back in Chicago, right now, hobnobbing with the rich and powerful.

It's not the rich and powerful that I miss.

What, then?

My own bed.

Hearing confession.

My sister's cooking.

Six months, the man's already homesick.

Lob us that strap.

Something happened back there, Marcus.

To me, in the truck.

When I was driving, all of a sudden, I was somewhere else.

Go on.

It was some sort of party, uh...

Cindy was there.

She had a child.

There were kids playing.

Something came out of a piñata.

You're knackered.

We haven't slept in days.

(whispers): I know what I saw.

-(Cindy gasping, wheezing) -Shh...

Simmer down, sweetheart.

Cindy, I need you to follow my voice, listen to it, -follow it. -(gasping): It... it hurts.

I know, I know.

Just stay with me-- it'll be over soon, I promise you.

Her organs are failing.

I need to get her on an intravenous drip.

There was a town a few miles back-- I need salt, uh, distilled water, some of them little bendy straws, if they got 'em, sewing needles and staples.

-Then maybe you should go. -No, you'll be fine.

You don't want me to stay alone with her?

What are you afraid of?

We're running out of time, Tomas.

(door creaks)

(demonic voice): Yes, send the boy away.

Like it even matters.

I'll have him.

You were right to be worried.

He has talents you'll never possess.

He shared them with me.


What did you say?

I saw him from the inside.

He opened his mind to me. He let me in.

He's a very beautiful man.



(birds chirping)

VERITY: You guys heard about the Island Witch?

-Yeah, there's no Island Witch. -I'd like to talk about her.

-There's definitely an Island Witch. -Oh, yeah?

Maybe you're the witch.

TRUCK: I used to think my mom was a witch, -because she was mean. -Thank you, Truck.

VERITY: She lined up all the kids from littlest to biggest and she made them all drink the poison.

Yeah, last time you said she hanged them.

No, poison. Ask anyone.

She made them drink every last drop and when they died, the Island Witch dumped their bodies down this very well.

* Bum, bum, bum.

They say anyone brave enough to stand on the cover for ten seconds, can still hear their dying gasps.

That's stupid.

That's why it's a test.

And when you pass, you're one of us.

After that, there's nothing you can't do.

Except see.

Thank you, Truck.

-Seriously, she's messing with you. -I'm not scared.

Then prove it. Count to ten.

One, two, three...

-Nope. -(grunts) Hey, put me down.

-Not cool, V. -What?

I can do what I want.

(door creaks)

(ball bouncing)

(demonic whispering)

(ball stops bouncing)

SHELBY: Truck!

(whispering stops)

(demonic whispering)

(seabirds squawking)

(boat bell dings)

(boat bell dings)

(boat horn blows)

(indistinct chatter over radio)


-Hey. -Let me get that.

-Good to see you. -Yeah, good to...

-You know what, I'm just gonna... -Yeah, okay.

(both laugh)

You look wonderful.

Thank you. So do you.

(chuckling): Thank you.

-I was fishing for a compliment. -(both chuckle)

I like it.


Your hair is so much longer.

Yeah, yeah. That's-that's what it does; it-it grows.

There goes that plan.

-What plan? -I was hoping to be real smooth.

Start off on the right foot with you.


-Thank you. -Welcome.

(Andy clears throat)

-Beautiful. -Thank you.

Yeah, we got a good thing going here.

You know, for some of these kids, it's the closest thing that they've ever had to a real home or-or a family.

Which is why I hope that, um, our history doesn't... prevent you from seeing that.


No. Uh, what I'm trying to say is...

Is that after all these years, I'm still so devastated, I can't think with my rational mind?

I just want to make sure that we get a fair shake.

That's all.

If your kids are living healthy, happy lives, then you've got nothing to worry about.


Fair enough.

(normal voice): Why is it doing this to me?

Sometimes there's no reason.

Sometimes they just want to hurt something that's good and pure.

He told me...

(crying): He said he could bring my baby back.

That I could hold her one more time.

Yeah, that's what they do.

They find the thing that your heart wants most, and... and they dangle it in front of your nose.

But it's a lie.



Talk to me, Cindy.

Tell me about your husband.

-Jordy. -Yeah.

Tell me about Jordy.

First time you ever met.

He was, uh...

He was starting fullback.

(panting): And the only freshman to make varsity.

-Bet you were a cheerleader. -Mm-mm.

I was too shy.

He took me to a senior party at Dalton's Lake.

I got so drunk...

I tried to jump the bonfire, (chuckles)

-and broke my ankle. -Oh.

Jordy had to carry me home.

-Romantic. -(both chuckle)

You got someone, Father?

No. I'm a priest, darling.

-Married to the man upstairs. -Mmm.

But you're not a priest, are you?

(demonic voice): They took your collar from you.

Took your last excuse for being alone.

"Find the thing your heart wants most."

What does your heart want most, Man of God?

Oh, God abandoned you.

You're nothing but an empty vessel.

MARCUS: "Therefore, "since we have been justified through faith, we find peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

Why do you bother praying when you know He's not listening to you?

"Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings."

You think your friend won't discard you, too?

"We glory in our sufferings."

Father Tomas...

-God's new favorite. -"We glory in our sufferings.

We glory in our sufferings."

-He doesn't need you. -I glory in my sufferings, -because my suffering produces perseverance. -Suffer.

-"Since we have been justified..." -You need Him so your wasted life has purpose.

"...through our Lord Jesus Christ.

"We glory in our sufferings, "because we know our suffering produces perseverance.

-(laughing) -We glory in our sufferings!"

SHELBY: Be present at our table, Oh, Lord.

VERITY: Oh, flying spaghetti monster.

SHELBY: These mercies bless us, and grant that we may feast in fellowship with Thee.

And be touched by his noodly appendage.

SHELBY: Oh, Lord, please forgive

-and love us all, even Verity. -(Truck chuckles)

-Amen. -TRUCK: Amen. -ANDY: Amen. -Ramen.

Thanks for having me, guys.

-Can I have your cornbread, Caleb? -Five dollars.

-TRUCK: Come on. Please? -So, Rose.

This is, like, your whole job?

Going around spying on foster homes?


What? You said, "make conversation."

Yeah. I, um, I visit homes.

I see how the kids are doing, and I make sure that they are in the best possible environment.

VERITY: AKA, look for reasons to stick the freaks back in the freak show?

(quietly): Don't be an ass, Verity.

Language, God boy.

I didn't do it.

I look for kids living in abuse, neglect, poverty, addiction...

Basically anyone who needs someone to stand up for them.

Until we turn 18, at which point you throw us out on the streets.

-Someone else's problem. -Verity, that's enough.

Andy doesn't like it when I talk about the whole homeless thing.

Probably because I only have three months left to go.


So, you know my dad?

-I, uh... -It's a big system, Caleb.

He lives in Dallas, and he's getting his license back.

And when he does, I'm gonna live with him.

I'm gonna have my own room, and he has a pool on top of his roof.


Uh, your dad didn't show up for his custody hearing this morning.

-What does that mean? -Well, it means, at this point, custody's looking pretty unlikely, buddy.

Maybe he just forgot.

-(pounds table) -CALEB: He didn't forget.

He just doesn't want to deal with a blind kid.

-You don't know that. -Oh, yeah?

I called him on my birthday, and he said I'm a lot of work.

Well, you are kind of a lot of work.

I happen to love that work.

And if this means you get to hang out with us for a little while longer, then, uh, I feel pretty lucky.

'Cause I think you're awesome.

I mean, you're okay.

ANDY: Thank you, Shelby.

Let's eat.

(mutters softly)


Hey, Pablo.

Got any I.D. on you?

I am paying cash.

No I.D., no sale.


Chicago. That's a long ways from home.

-Yeah, I miss it. -(cash register beeps)

There you go.

-Gracias. -Yeah. Amigo.

-Just six? -For now.

All right.

-(phone beeps) -(engine starts)


(insects chirping)

(distorted music playing)

(distorted music continues)

(record spinning)

(music playing normally)

* For tears, honey, it's too late *

* Too late to cry

* Oh, but it's too late

* Oh, for begging me, baby.

(keyboard clicking)



I heard a noise.

Okay, then.


What are you doing?

ANDY: Putting you back to bed. Come on.

(grunting): Ooh!

There we go.

(door creaks)


(labored breathing)

(labored breathing continues)

I'm sorry, I think woke him up.

ANDY: It's a spectrum thing.

He just needs to be touched. Truck.


(quietly): It's okay. I got you.

Does he sleepwalk a lot?

Usually when he's stressed.

Like when there's a stranger in the house?

ANDY: Come on, buddy.

Let's get you bed. Come here.

(Truck wheezes)

Come on.

(door closes)

She's resting again.

Then we should get started.

TOMAS: What? What's wrong?

MARCUS: When you blacked out in the truck, I know where you went.

You can't battle the demon inside.

Once you let that thing in your head, you're giving it access to your hopes, your fears, your darkest secrets.

I know that.

Do you?

I spoke with her.

I spoke with Cindy.

She's in there, calling out, asking for help.

And I think... I think I can go to her.

There is a reason we don't engage with the enemy.

-Because it's dangerous. -Because you're risking your immortal soul.

Isn't that what we do?

Why are you drawing a line here?

This could be the key to saving her.

If we find a way in, we find a way to drive the demon out.

We drive it out by being present in the real world.

With ritual and repetition, the way it's been done for hundreds of years.

What if there's a better way?

As priests, we are vessels.

If you close the door to the demon, aren't you closing the door on God?

It doesn't work that way, Tomas.

You said we couldn't save Angela.

I brought her back.

You think this is a gift?

From God?

Of course it is.

(whispers): What if you're wrong?

"With pride comes disgrace."


"But with humility comes wisdom."

Proverbs 11:2.

Six months, and you still treat me like a schoolboy.

(chain rattling)

-You don't need me. -(Cindy growling)

-I-I didn't mean to say... -Fair enough.

(growling softly)

Let's get back to work.

ANDY: Almost there.

You're doing great, pal.

All right, we made it.

We made it.

Where's Caleb?



-(knocks on door) -Hey, Caleb.

(static crackling)

-Caleb? -ROSE: Andy.

Stay with Truck.

Caleb? Caleb!

(demonic growling)

-TOMAS: By all that is holy... -MARCUS: By all that is holy in the name of God.

-(Cindy growling) -(chains rattling)

TOMAS AND MARCUS: Your words will be acquitted!

MARCUS: Your words will be condemned!

-In the name of God! -We drive you from us!

-Whoever you may be! -Unclean spirits!

-Whoever you may be! -Unclean spirits!

-We drive you from us! -(growling)

Unclean spirits!

-TOMAS: In the name of God! -We pray! -(banging on door)

JORDY: Open the door!

Open up or I'll kick it in!

-Keep going. I'll buy us some time. -No, no, no, no.

It's me-- the one that should go.

You don't need me.

You can finish this, Tomas.

Just be careful.



We drive you from us, whoever you may be, unclean spirit.

-In the name of God! -(growling)

-I'll call the cops. -They're an hour away on the mainland. There's no time.

Okay. Go. Hurry.

-V, V, wait. -Verity.

Nope. You just got here.

I'm not gonna let you tell me what to do.

That's my brother out there.

And we're gonna find him.

But you're not going alone.

Shelby, go with her.

Truck, you're with me.


Caleb? Caleb?

(wet squishing)


SHELBY (quietly): Please, lend us strength tonight.

Guide us with your mercy and your graces.

What are you doing?

I'm praying.

Super helpful.

Hey, maybe God knows where Caleb went.

You should totally ask him.

It doesn't work like that.

Then how does it work? Huh?

What good is a God that never shows up, that can't even protect one little kid?

We're gonna find him, V.

Caleb. Caleb!

TOMAS (faintly): We drive you from us, -whoever you may be, unclean spirit. -(Jordy grunting)

Can I help you with something?

TOMAS (faintly): In the name of God!

JORDY: Unlock that door.

I know what this looks like, but we didn't kidnap anyone.

-(growling) -Your wife is a very sick woman.

She's grieving.

She lost a child.

She needs to be home with family.

She went to the Church

'cause some part of her knew what was happening.

JORDY: We went to the Church and they said no.

So, who the hell are you, huh?

The ones who don't say no.

She's in grave danger, Jordy.

As we speak, she's halfway down the gullet of a creature you can't even begin to understand.

And right now, my friend is the only thing keeping that presence at bay.

We drive you from us, whoever you may be, unclean spirit.

In the name of God!


For there is no other God than you, nor can there be another true God beside you.


-(normal voice): Father Tomas, help me. -God commands you!

(train whistle blowing in distance)


Deliver this servant of yours from unclean spirits!

(train whistle blowing)



It's choking me.

(Cindy choking)

(Marcus grunts, coughs)

GREG: Why don't you just do as the man says and let us in?

You think I like this? Hitting a priest?


I'm not a priest.

(snorts, spits)


I'm not afraid of you!

Show yourself to me.

(growling softly)



(Jordy yells)

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

"If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come into him, and dine with him and he with Me."

(train whistle blowing)

(distant sobbing)

(doors creak)


(boards creaking)

-Don't you move. -CALEB: One...

-Stay right there, Caleb. -...two...

-(board creaks) -...three... four... five...

-(boards creaking) -CALEB: Six... seven... eight... nine...

-Coming to get you. -...ten.

One... two...

Hold on.

...three... four...

-five... -ANDY: Okay.

(board groans)

...six... seven...

Give me your hand.

...eight... nine...

(Andy grunts)

(boards splashing in water)


Okay. You all right?

Are you hurt? Wait, Caleb.

You all right?

What were you doing out here?



It's me, Andy.

We're gonna get you home.

We're gonna get you into bed.

We'll talk about it in the morning.


CALEB: Mm-hmm.

(demonic whispers)

(water splashing)

(doors slam)

* I go out walkin'

* After midnight

* Out in the moonlight

(grows louder): * Just like we used to do

* I'm always walkin' after midnight *

* Searchin' for you...


* I walk for miles

* Along the highway...


* Of sayin'...

Cindy, can you hear me?

* I'm always walkin'...

Cindy, I'm here to help you.

* Searching for you TOMAS: Can you hear me?

(grows louder): * I stop to see a weepin' willow *

* Cryin' on his pillow

* Maybe he's cryin' for me

* And as the skies turn gloomy... *

(truck approaching)

(panting, coughs)

(truck door closes)


(gun cocks)

* Just hopin' you may be

(slowing): * Somewhere a-walkin'

* After...

Sorry, gents.

You're gonna have to come back.

(Marcus groans)


(door rattles)

("Walkin' After Midnight" plays slowly)


(gasps) No.

(slowly): * And as the skies turn...


(gasps loudly, pants)

(chains rattle)

Hey, come on.

I got you. I got you.

Come on. Come on. I got you.

You're gonna be okay.

-(Jordy panting) -(growls softly)

("Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield playing)

Almost there. (exhales)

It's all right, sweetheart.

Go to bed. Go to bed. Okay.

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