02x02 - Hella Questions

- You live near here?

- Yup.

- Are you originally from here?

- Yeah.

How are you still single?


I'm just tired of this dating sh1t.

And I compare every dude to Lawrence.

You got your sh1t down to a science.

Roll in on Friday, smash all weekend.

We're both having fun.

No pressure.

Pressure busts pipes.

How do you feel about a plus-one party?

Guys always want you back when they know you're doing good without them.

My life.

I'm one of the best lawyers they have, but I can't just roll up to the partners and, "So I accidentally noticed that you're paying this white man more than me.

" Lawrence isn't coming.

I thought you said you didn't want him back.

Of course I want my man back!

You said you had some of my mail.

Y'all f*cked?

Damn, why your voice got so much bass in it?

- So, who initiated the s*x?

- Him, basically.

- Have y'all spoken since?

- Yeah.

- No.

It's unclear.

- Bitch, are you a Magic 8 Ball?

- What that mean?

- I texted him twice, and once he responded "sure" with no punctuation, and the other time, two hours later, he responded "yep" with a period.

[sucks tongue.]

Issa, that's not even a question.

- It's not even open-ended.

- Stop!

And then you sent this one during rush hour?

Man, you know Lawrence is a safe driver.

Maybe he hasn't gotten back to me yet because he's trying to organize his feelings.


Do guys do that?

Nigga, I don't know.

Issa, put the cookie down.




How you feeling?



I'm f*cking confused.

Like, how I'm supposed to know what that meant?

- How?

- [sighs.]

Okay, okay.

What kind of f*ck was it?

I mean, was it like a "we back together" f*ck or a "f*ck you" f*ck?

I don't know.

It was a nebulous f*ck.

A'ight, well, maybe Lawrence just needs some more time.

I hope so.


But it's gotta mean something good, though, right?



Wait a minute.

Did you and Lawrence f*ck on this couch?

This [groans.]

Nigga, no way, nigga, no way Catch me catching feelings for my old hoes, no way Never put a bitch before my bro, bros, no way Never talk about business on the phone, though No way, no way No way, no way, no way And let my new thing see my old ways Not a phone call, not a text message Not a FaceTime, like, "No way, no way,no way.

" I have way more billable hours than Travis.

I'm on the partner track.

I'm always working late.

I'm always on all the firm's volunteer sh1t.

Like, I built some family a house.

I thought I was killing it.

I just [sighs.]

Keep going.

You know what?

It doesn't even matter.

I get it It's an all-boys club, and whatever I got to do to get in, I'll just figure it out.

And then it should be fine.

You say that a lot "should.

" You frame a lot of things in your life with "should.

" - Have you noticed that?

- No.

Two weeks ago, you said, "Things should be easier for me as a successful black woman.

" And another time you said, "Things should've fallen into place by now.

" Is there a certain way you think your life should go?

Oh, well, I mean, I do have specific life goals, and I think that if you work hard, then it sh ought to yield certain results.

There's a medical term called "magical thinking.

" When we believe what we want can influence the external world as opposed to accepting things as they are.

I'm confused.


I don't see how me trying to break through at work connects to any of these things.

Listen, Molly, I know as black women it can feel like there's a lot of things stacked against us.

We feel invisible at work, we feel the need to have the perfect relationship.

It's a lot.

But if your shoulds didn't come to fruition, would you be open to your life looking a different way?

It's just something for you to think about.

- Yeah.

- So, the same time next week?

Um, I'll call you.

[music playing.]

[woman vocalizing.]

Kelli: Girl, your party was so much fun!

I haven't been Saturday drunk on a Thursday in, like, a week.

Yeah, it was basically perfect, except for the part where half my place burned down.

Well, can't nobody say your party wasn't lit.


'Cause of the fire.

Thank you guys so much for coming and making me look good in front of my new client.

- Girl, we got you.

- [all agreeing.]

- Let's take a photo.

- You got it.

- [clicks.]

- Now let's do a fun one.

- No.

- Nah, we're good.

[music playing.]

Kelli: We should go bar-hopping this weekend.

You know that shady, scary, rundown building by my SoulCycle?

You know that's a speakeasy?

- Issa, you in?

- Nah, bars are loud.

I'm all, "Huh? What?" I can't.


Girl, that never stopped you before.

Yeah, I'm just not trying to go out like that presently.

Why not?

Lawrence came by and we had a great conversation.

Oh, y'all talked?

What y'all talk about?


Uh, it was nice, you know?

And I know we're not gonna, like, get back together right away or anything, but, you know, I'm just I'm waiting it out.

That is great.

Plus, all couples go through stuff.


I ain't got nobody and even I know that.

And, like, it's no big deal.

Derek lived in a hotel for half of last whatever.

I found out that he It doesn't matter.

The point is even perfect couples have problems, and Derek and I are great now.

- Oh, sh1t, what happened?

- We're great now.

It just takes time.

It's hard for men to come back from Cheating.

Yeah, I I betrayed his trust and I have to give him space to forgive me.

But, y'all, we were in a relationship for five years.

That doesn't just go away.

Don't forget that he was on your couch for two of those years needing time for his "business plan.

" f*ck him, move on.

I just don't want to do anything if there's a chance we could work it out.

Does that mean he broke up with that girl?

- What what girl?

- That girl he was with after y'all Did he not?

Did that not come up?

Wait, what are you talking about?

- Tiffany told me.

- [scoffs.]

Derek told me.

I just I thought she was a rebound.

Both of y'all had moved on.

- I think I just assumed - Who is he seeing?


I think her name is Tasha.

- Tasha.

- I don't want to know anything else.

You know what, nowadays, all you need is a name - and then you're like, "Bah, bah, bah" - Found her.


- Oh, sh1t.

- [both chuckling.]

Okay, that lace front is doing the most.

And why does she only speak in emojis?

She looks like she's working at the Pyramid tonight.

- Mm.

- [laughs.]

Kelli: Come on.

Guys, it's not about her, okay?

It's petty to judge her, and I don't want to be petty.


You know what that is?

It's growth.

- Mm-hmm.

- You a big girl.

Got them big-girl panties.


So, I'm supposed to move on?

Go high, Michelle Obama?

Well, call me Lifetime, bitch, because I'm bringing the drama Oh, he's with you now, girl?

Then why he come running back?

Oh, you putting it down?

Then why my Nani his snack?

My new name Alanis 'cause there's sh1t you oughta know I'll do whatever to win f*ck going high, I'm going low.

- Hey, girl.

I just want to check on you.

- Pull that bitch up!

f*ck dat nigga, f*ck dat nigga f*ck dat nigga, f*ck dat nigga You tripping, you're too quick to fallin love with niggas That's why I get this money and I never cut for a nigga f*ck dat nigga, f*ck dat nigga - Hey.

- [laughing.]


How you doing, girl?

- I'm fine.

- Well, you look great.

You do something new with your hair?

Uh, I did, actually.

I used a new conditioner.


Yeah, the neighborhood's coming up.

They just put in a new juice spot up the street.

Ne-Yo owns it.

I've seen him a few times.

We both get beet juice.

- Mm.

- You still working with kids?

- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I do.

- Keep it up.

Once they repeal that Obamacare, the kids will need you.

- That's not really what I do.

- It's in the purview.

Uh, is Lawrence around?



No, he's out.

- Okay, uh - You, uh, want me to tell him you came by?

No, that's I'll him myself.

- Bye.

- Ah.

Was that Mane 'n Tail you was using on your hair, baby?

That's how you got that growth.

I see them edges.

Ninny, is your soup hot?

It ain't never been hotter, sir.


Not now.


Follow the North Star to our spot by the creek.

- Uh-uh!

- I's will.

Damn, that little boy see everything.

He can't leave the house.

He got typhoid.


- You all right?

- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, I just, uh I got some stuff on my mind.


You wanna talk about it?

- [phone buzzes.]

- Oh.


It's my mama.

My family having this barbecue and, like always, I gotta keep Mama from taking on too damn much.


Like, just go get the pies from the store.

Don't nobody care if you make the crust.

You know, I was actually gonna invite you.


- Um - No, no, no, no.

Okay, it's no pressure.


I was just saying if you were free next Saturday, you may wanted to roll.

Tasha, I slept with my ex.



[clears throat.]

Um Yeah, I went over there, you know, to just grab my stuff and it just happened.

It wasn't planned.

I just I want to be honest with you.

I'm sorry.

- So, does that mean that you still like - I don't [sighs.]

I don't know.

I don't I don't know.


"I don't" I think you need to go.

- [music playing.]

- [door closes.]

If I'm believing what I hear is true Then there's a broad around town That's claiming you And listen, Daddy, I'm too cute to fight You better get that bitch told tonight And I don't ever I mean never Ever, ever wanna deal with this again Hey, hey, hey You better tell her Tell her, tell her, tell her.


[distant chatter.]


Hey, how are you?

Ooh, I love that suit, girl.

- [snaps fingers.]

You always be dressing.

- Oh, thank you.

Oh, wait, let me see these earrings.


- [chuckles.]

Too cute.

- Mm-hmm.

- [chuckles.]

- Tassels.

What you need, girl?

Oh, well, I heard Richard and some of the other attorneys talking about a Kings game tomorrow.


- Is Merrill going?

- Yeah, he is.


You a hockey fan?


I will be.

- Mm-hmm.

- Ooh.

- Scared of you.

- [keyboard clicking.]

[phone ringing.]

[distant chatter.]

- Vice Principal Gaines?

- Gaines: Mm-hmm?

They said this was a good time.


Here, come on.

Right there.

[static and chatter on radio.]

We just want to discuss student involvement at We Got Y'all.


The turnout hasn't been as high as we hoped.

We hoped for at least one.

And we want We Got Y'all to stay partnered with this school for years to come.

Yeah, I I think we all would want Man on radio: Stepped in vomit.

Just throw some sawdust on it, Larry!


I think we all would want that.

Great, then we need your support.

If we can't get the students invested after everything we've done on our own, then we'll have to move on.

And I really don't want that to happen.

We had two ASPs depart already and the music program has lost funding.

What teacher did we have you paired with again?

- Ms.


- Mm.


Well, okay.

Don't worry.

I'll jump into it.

We'll get this fixed.

- Oh.

- I'm sorry.

Things kind of fall through the cracks now, you know, now that the school's so overpopulated.

Might have to build a wall or something.

Have them pay for it.


- A wall.

- Man on radio: Gaines?

Anybody got Gaines?

- Go Gaines.

- We got mold.


Well, can't you just scrape it off?

- [static hisses.]

- Oh, damn!

- Frieda: Did he just say build a?

- Mm-hmm.

- And then he laughed?

- Mm-hmm.

- Bruh.


- [sighs.]

I know.

Why the f*ck would you tell new girl you f*cked the old girl?

I couldn't sit on that.

You should've sat, squatted, hatched an egg on that sh1t.

I'm not dirty like that.


I can't even believe I went over to Issa's and did that sh1t.

Like, I'm so f*cking stupid.

I was just about to leave and then f*ck!



I mean, just when I thought you was starting to pimp, you went right back to being an old John-Legend-ass nigga.

Look at these handrails.

They're too wobbly.

I don't like that.

You can do better and you should've done better.

Now I know why old girl came around looking for your ass.

Eh she always look like that?

Ebony, hey, girl.

How you doing?

- Hey, you!

- This is my boy, Lawrence.

- Hey, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

Hey, girl, give me a hug.


Mm, that smile.

- You better be careful with that.

- [giggles.]

Boy, stop.

I'll stop when you stop.

Let me just grab you the takeaway.

- [mumbles.]

Y'all used to - Mm-hmm.

Now, the apartment has two bedrooms, one bath, gas kitchen, full range, and a little balcony over there.

You hear that, Brian McKnight?

Two bedrooms, one for you to sleep in and one for your feelings.

Y'all want the tour or you wanna just wander?

No, we'll wander.

Thank you.

You say yes to the tour, brother.

That's just polite.

- I mean, this place is big.

- Uh-huh.

- I like the view.

- You got mad recess lighting, too.

And a dimmer?


It's good.

Yeah, it's a cool spot.

- I just - You just what?

I don't know.

A lot of people are interested in this neighborhood, so this unit's gonna go quick.

[bell rings.]

So, I was thinking about ways we can get the kids to stay.

And what do you think about just telling them Keke Palmer's coming and dealing with the fallout later?

Sorry, I'm out of it.

I was up all last night thinking about yesterday.

Yesterday That racist joke Gaines made about the Ugh, please don't make me repeat it.

Ah, right, yeah.



That was messed up.

I just didn't know what to do, so I stressed watched the documentary "13th.

" Then I contacted Ava on Twitter.

She liked it.

- DuVernay.

- Mm-hmm.

- [chatter.]

- I don't even know what to tell you.

- Are they lost?

- It feels like another trap.

- Hi!

- Hi.

I'm Ms.

Andrews, your new faculty advisor.

Vice Principal Gaines told me to help you in any way that I can.

What do you need?

We could use some paper.

Do you guys have paper?


We're a school.




Everyone, Ms.

Issa and Ms.

Frieda are our guests, so let's give them our undivided attention.

Thank you.

Hey, guys, welcome to We Got Y'all.

Thank you so much for coming.

We're so happy to have you.

Jump so high Tie me down Try to hold me up But the wall ain't High enough And they play so hard In a game so rough But I still can't Give it up.

[crowd cheering.]

Why you always lurking?

Why you always lurking?

Why you always lurking on my Instagram page?

Why you always lurking?

Why you always lurking?

Why you always lurking on my Instagram page?

I don't have time, L.


I don't have time, L.


I don't have time, I don't have time I don't have time, L.


I don't have time, L.


I don't have time, L.


I don't have time, I don't have time Hey.

- [crowd cheering.]

- [organ music playing.]


I don't know, I'm kind of with Molly on this.

- Thank you.

- "Black Mirror" is so exaggerated.

- It's not even close to being real.

- Oh, no, it's real, okay?

I covered up all the cameras on my devices with tape, so.

- [laughs.]

- There you go.

Come on.

Let's go, Kings!

Announcer: One minute, one minute remaining for the second period.

[announcer continues indistinctly.]

- Lobster rolls.

Oh, those are so good.

- Oh, yeah, they are.

You know, last game, I brought two home in my pocket.

Needless to say, the wife was not too pleased.

Oh, well, then your wife should definitely not look in my purse right now.

[both laughing.]

Oh, man, did he just slam that dude into a wall?

Yeah, that's Kyle Clifford.

He's an enforcer.

So, he just gets paid to skate around and be a badass?

Yeah, pretty much.


Is hockey my new favorite sport?

Is it?

Could be.



See you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow.

- Holy sh1t.

- [quietly.]

I mean, holy sh1t.

- Right?

- Gaines: Hey, Robert?

- Robert: Yeah?

We speak English here at school.

You save that Spanish for the bus.

Okay, we at least have to put that in our notes for Joanne.

So she can see that and not all the good stuff?

I mean, the kids have come two times in a row.

We're already making progress.

Yeah, that's great, but we're just gonna go along with his kind of thinking?


Who cares what he thinks?

We're the ones who have the kids after school, and we don't think like that, so.


I know that the oppressed cannot be the oppressor, obviously Obviously, but would it still be okay if he said those things if he was, you know white?

I mean, we're not gonna change him.

It's, like, he is who he is.

So, are you saying that makes it okay?

I'm saying that I'm the one that's on the hook for this and I'm gonna do what I have to do to make this work.

Gaines: That's right.


Good luck, man.

Mm, hi.

Thank you so much again for everything.

You've been so helpful.

Oh, yeah, sure.

You know, whatever you need.

And I'm glad Mrs.

Andrews is working out for you.

- Oh, she's great.

- You know we gotta stick together.

You know, Mexicans stick together.

And Jews.

Latinos starting to take over around here.

I remember when this school was all black.

Now, browner than taco meat.

You know what I'm saying?

- [laughs.]

- [chuckles.]

Taco meat, that's pretty good.

Hey, my boy, go on, get on the bus.

Tie your shoes.

Both of y'all.

And pull your pants up, son.


Go, Daniel.

[men chattering.]

- Wow, you pulled the trigger.

- I pulled the trigger.

- I got it.

It's in the cellar.

- Hi!

- Brett: Hey.

- Oh, hey.

How are you?

- You already got it?

- I got it.

I'm gonna keep it in the cellar until Kathy graduates from college.

So, how did the lobster rolls taste for breakfast?


Oh, oh, yeah, no.

Yeah, no, I didn't really I didn't take those with me.

No, no, I know that you wouldn't.


But you should try the Latour.

- Come over the house - Do you have a picture of it?

- Oh, my God, yeah.

I got it on my phone.

- Really?

- Yeah, sure.

- Oh, that'd be great.

I need some candy, candy To restore my calmness I've had some crazy, crazy Freak-outs lately I kicked all my sh1t, my sh1t Around my closet Nobody is coming, coming To tell me to stop it My shoes, they scuffed My white walls I punched my cupcake His bank?

I've never, ever f*cked a bitch over no nigga I'm with my sister, keep it pimpin', trickin' niggas Niggas here, hood niggas catching feelings Baby mama starting drama, man, I'm chilling Nigga, F-U-C-K Y-O-U, nigga.



Can I help you?

I'd like to make a deposit.

- [groans.]

- [screaming.]

You got jalapeño popped, bitch!

- Oh, my God.

- Oh, shut the f*ck up!


- Man: Here you go, ma'am.

- Woman: Thanks.


- Lawrence.

What - Hey.


- What's up?

- Oh, I was just at a client meeting.

- What are you doing here?

- It's Meridian.

Oh, cool.

So, you're You're liking it?

Yeah, it's good.

- Good.

- You?

- Work's good?

- Yeah, fine.

All right, well, uh, it was good seeing you.



How are you?

- I mean - I know.

Issa's still torn up.

- And?

- She feels terrible, Lawrence.

She does.

Issa cheated, but she's not a cheater.

Come on, you know she still loves you.

Do you hate her?

No, I don't.

Would you ever take her back?

Tasha: That's exactly what I was saying about her.

- Exactly.


- Woman: Yeah, I was just [phone buzzing.]


Molly: Hey, girl.

I just talked to Lawrence.

I had to do, like, five fake walk-bys before he saw me.

Oh, thanks for going all the way over there for me.

Of course.

So, what did he say?


I'm sorry, Iss.

Lawrence said that he's done.

He found a new apartment.

I'm so sorry.

You want me to stop by later?


No, that's I'm fine.

I'm here if you need me, okay?



Ma'am, you cannot sleep here.

Molly: I well, it shows precedent.

And I think the Sycamore memo might be useful here.

Great, thank you.

And we will follow up with the client by EOD tomorrow.

Oh, and, Hannah, things were kind of hectic at your going-away party, but I just wanted to say congratulations on Chicago.

Thank you, Molly.

It's an adjustment, but, you know, I like it.

And I just want to say if you ever need any additional help, I'd love to offer myself up.

You know, I really appreciated learning from you and I'd love the opportunity to continue.


You know, actually, a couple cases have come across my desk that I could bring you in on.

If you don't mind splitting your time between LA and Chicago for a few months, then I would welcome the help.

I'm open to that.


Thank you.

It's my pleasure.

[door slams.]


Look, what happened with me and Issa shouldn't have.

- Uh-huh.

- It was a mistake, and, you know, you don't deserve that.

I mean, hey, it's whatever.

I mean, that's your ex, so it happens.

We never said we was exclusive anyway.

Well, you know, either way, it's over.

I got some food going on the stove, so I need to go back inside.



You hungry?

Yeah, I could eat.

[music playing.]

I'm writing this letter to let you know I'm really leaving, and, no, I'm not keeping your sh1t Heard you got some new homies Got some new hobbies, even a new ho, too Maybe she can come help you Maybe she can come lay do After we're done, what's done is done I don't want nothing else to do with it Let me tell you a secret I've been secretly banging your homeboy Why you in Vegas All up on Valentine's Day?

Why am I so easy to forget like that?

It can't be that easy for you to get like that Oh, no, she didn't, oh, yes, I did Oh, no, she didn't, I'll do it again Ooh, just get a load of them - They got chemistry - [sighs.]

All they could say, we like brother and sister Look so good together Bet they f*cking for real, and they was right That's why I stayed with you The, the dick was too good, it made me feel good For temporary love Leave me lonely for prettier women You know you wrong for sh1t like that I could be your supermodel If you believe If you see it in me, see it in me See it in me, I don't see myself Why I can't stay alone just by myself?

Wish I was comfortable just with myself But I need you, but I need you But I need you.

[music continues.]