01x15 - Island of Dreams

Do you think she's prettier than me?

I do.

That may just be a family bias.

We owned this in the 17th century, then lost it along with a lot of heads during the revolution.

So how are things going with our Detective?

They're not.

He's not interested in me.

Maybe we need to try a little harder.

He did save your life.

Apparently, he doesn't feel right taking advantage of that.

You know how to make yourself irresistible.

I do, but it's gonna require a little effort.

Well, the sooner the better.

Lucky for you, he had a physical recently.

Why is this so important to you?

It's important to you too.

A Grimm on the other side isn't good for either one of us.

So why am I not going after him?

Because the way to a man's soul is through his friends.

Now go fall in love.

I think she's fat.

Nick, I wanna ask you something.

That sounds important.

Well, it sort of is.

I think it's time...

Look, Juliette.

If you have something to say, just say it.

But I know it's been a little tough lately...

No, no, I wanna learn to shoot.

W... a gun?

No, a bow and arrow. Yes, a gun.

Oh, I thought you didn't like guns.

I don't, but you know what I like even less?

Feeling unsafe in my own home.

[Knock on door]

Are you expecting anyone?

No. You?

I thought I told you never to come back here.

No, please don't take this wrong.

We all felt so bad about what happened here at your house you share with your not-wife, who is lovely, by the way.

Oh, and here she is.

Hello, ma'am.


We made you both a little something.

If you ever decide to get married and have a family...

Uh, or not.

Uh, well, here it is.

Oh, and by the way, we're making sure no one else bothers you again.

One more thing, I noticed that you door needs a little work.

Maybe you hadn't noticed.

Well, I've been a little busy.

Right, right, of course you have.

Well, anyway, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Thanks again so much for everything.

Uh, enjoy... go back to whatever... uh, bye.


The refrigerator repairman is gonna keep people from bothering us?

I don't understand.

Yeah, uh, remember that license plate you wrote down?

Those people who were watching us?


Well, I went to their house and he was there.

The refrigerator repairman?


And I told them to stop bothering us.

Well, did they say anything?

Did they explain why they were watching our house?

Well, apparently they had had some trouble with some guy and they thought I was that guy and they just wanted to see if I was.

Well, who was the guy they thought you were?

You know what, I didn't actually get the details on that.

But I guess they felt really bad about their mistake.

Why don't we open this up?

Oh, it's really beautiful.

Yeah, it is.

They must have felt really bad.

[Both inhaling deeply]

[Both exhale, groan]

This is gonna be a big score for us.

Yeah, big.

[Animalistic screams]

I'm feeling good.

I'm real good.

Let's do this.

Come on. Come on! Come on!


Remember me?

Of course.

Wh... what can I do for you?

I made a list.

Coeur diable, rot inguen, essigblasse.

Hmm, let me get it for you.




Yes, ma'am.


Let's do this.

Come on.

How much do I owe you?

Nothing, I-it's on the house.

That is so sweet.

Thank you, Freddy.


[Doorbell jingles]

[Doorbell jingles]

Can I help you?

Where's the "j"?

Idiot, where is it?

And I want the pharmaceutical-grade stuff, not the crap you've got on the shelf.

In the basement.

Let's go.

Where is it?

It's gotta be here somewhere.

Got some.

I got some!

Mother lode.

Come on.

[Alarm rings]

We gotta get out of here.

Forget about it. The cops are gonna be here.

There's boxes over here.

Let's go!

Thanks for the "j," man! Later.



Come on!

We gotta get out of here! Let's go!

Clint, come on!


Let's go.

Oh, my leg!

Let's go.

We gotta move.

Oh! He bit my leg.

Well, he was shot at close range.

There's some powder burns on his clothing.

Got some blood in his mouth.

Internal bleeding, maybe.

Looks kinda human.

He took a bite out of his killer?

Looks like it.

Makes for some good DNA.

Why kill the owner of a tea and spice shop?

How much money could there be in a place like this?

Maybe he was dealing under the table.

I've checked this guy out once before.

[Slight growl]

Fuchsbau, right?

Oh, my God.

There's a basement.

Awful lot of herbs and spices.

Yeah, who knows what all this stuff is?

We'd better get it all tested.

We've gotta check phone records and find next of kin.

I got a Rosalee Calvert, victim's sister.

Listed as beneficiary, lives in Seattle.

You want me to make the call?

No, it's my turn.

[Keypad tones]

[Line trilling]


Is this Rosalee Calvert?


This is Detective Burkhardt from the Portland police department.

Uh, you have a brother, Frederick Calvert?


Okay, let's see.

Time for blood of the deceived.


Blood of the deceiver.

Detectives Burkhardt, Griffin, this is Rosalee Calvert.

I'm sorry you had to come down here under these circumstances.

Please, sit down.

Who killed him?

We don't know yet.

What do you know?

He was killed in an apparent robbery.

Since no money was taken, we assume they were after something in the shop.

He was able to set off the emergency alarm, so we don't know if they got what they were after.

What do you know about your brother's business?

He sold tea, spices, and herbs.

Not very complicated.

My brother didn't have any enemies that I know of.

Is that your next question?

Do you know if your brother was dealing in anything illegal?

No, I saw him once a year and I spoke to him mostly on the phone.

I want to bury him.

I want to close up his shop and and I wanna go home.

So what do I have to do to get that done?

Lab reports are in.

I'd like to go to the shop. Can I do that?

Well, we are done with our investigation, but one of us will have to go with you until we know forensics are done.

[Doorbell jingles]

We don't know if that's all your brother's blood.

All right, he might have taken a bite out of the killer.


I didn't hurt your brother.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Do you know anything about Gallenblase?

Human gallbladder.

I know what it is.

Did you know your brother was dealing?


He was being supplied by Geiers.

Is that who killed him?

That was my first thought.

But I think whoever killed him was after something else.


I was hoping you could tell me.

I have no idea what he has in here.

But I'll look.

[Cell phone rings]


Went over the lab reports.

We've got a big fat nothing.

Just like the sign says... Herbs, spices, and teas.

A few are poisonous, but none are illegal.

You get anything?

Not yet.

I think the sister's clean.

I'm coming back.

If you can think of anything...

Or if you need anything, just...

Just call me. me.

You're not at all what I expected.


If you find out anything...

I'll call you.

[Doorbell jingles]

Doesn't it hurt?


What do you think?

Well, you shouldn't have shot him!

He wasn't chomping on your leg.

Ah, police are gonna be all over this thing now.

We're going back.


We left a fortune in there.

Cops don't know what we're after and they'll be done going over the place by now.

Give me the needle.

Give it to me.




Hey, how you doing?

Hi. This is embarrassing.

I just stopped by to leave you some cookies.


I was doing some baking and I thought I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, so here I am.

You know, you already bought me dinner.

I know I didn't have to do this.

But you saved my life, and believe it or not, that meant something to me.

It's hard to know how to repay that.

This is more for me than it is for you.

You might not even like chocolate chip cookies.

Well, in fact, I do.

And that was very nice of you.

Maybe I should have a bite.

Maybe you should wait till I'm gone in case you don't like them.

I'm a brave soul.


Do we have a verdict?

We do.

They're incredible.

Don't go giving those away.

I made them just for you.

Uh, nothing in the spice shop was illegal.

It's really a shame. He was a nice guy.

Is there anything in these reports that someone would kill for?

I'm sure there is.

But I don't know what any of these words mean.

Beramethyl silacybanate?

Hornisolic fullmanoxin?

I mean, what the heck is this stuff?

I have no idea.

Could you tell by looking at it?


[Knock on door]

[Doorbell jingles]

Another partner?

Sort of.

This is Monroe.

Monroe, this is Rosalee Calvert.

I knew your brother. I'm sorry.

We need to get into the basement.

Do you need me to go with you?

No, just a little follow up.


Hey, this box was opened and it looks like some of the vials were taken.

I can't be certain, but it looks a little bit like "j".


It's derived from Jansene. It's a kind of mold.

It's lethal to most of humanity, but it has an opiate-like effect on... us.

Used correctly, it's an incredible painkiller, but if it's used for recreational purposes, it's like meth mixed with rat poison and helium.

It's highly addictive.

It's terrible for your liver and it's not so good for your brain either.

Of course, if you had a brain, you wouldn't be using the stuff in the first place.

Did you find something?

Do you know of a drug called "j"?


Do you know if your brother was selling it?

Even if he was, it's... it's not illegal.

She's right.

That's why you... you know, the cop you...

Has never heard of it.

I need to know everything in this basement that a Wesen would kill for.

Will it help you find the men who killed my brother?

I hope so.

Then I'll do it now.


I'll call you later.

You said you knew my brother?


I just wanted to make sure.

So they don't know, do they?


The cops you work with.

They don't know who you are.


Does it matter?

I'm just trying to...

Understand how... How this works.

It's, um...

It's a little complicated.

Yeah, I can see that.

Just find the men who killed my brother.

[Door handle jiggles]

[Both scream]

Oh, my gosh, you scared me.


What are you doing?

Oh, the door.

When I was here before, I noticed that it needed work, and well, Nick is so busy and I thought maybe I'd come over and help out a little bit.

I'm really good at this stuff.

I can fix just about anything.

Oh, before I forget...

My wife baked you folks a little something.

Uh, hope you like cherry.

That's really nice, but you do not have to...

No, really, we want to.

My wife insisted.

She makes incredible pies, believe me.

So, uh, your door should be fine now.

So, uh, enjoy.

What about your basket?

Oh, that's for you too.

My kids made it.

[Thud, clatter]


Come on.

Let's go.


Lights are on. Why are the lights on?

Because somebody forgot to turn them off.

Let's just get the stuff and get the hell out of here.

These are open. Why are they open?

[Cell phone rings]

Must be yours.

No. Mine's in the car.

[Ringing continues]

[Ringing stops]






She cut me.

Shut up and help me.

Don't you think it's going a little overboard?

Maybe they're just generous people, you know?

Did he really fix the door?


And he did a good job.


[Cell phone rings]

Yeah, Burkhardt.

It's Rosalee.

I was at the shop and two men broke in while I was there.

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm f... I'm fine.

I'm scared, but I'm fine. I got away.

I'm at my brother's house.

Are you safe there?

I think so.

Okay, can you identify the men who broke in?

If I saw them again, yes.

Now give me your address.

I'm sending officers to pick you up.

You sure?


How do you do this?

Well, we start with the last known addresses, see if we can find them or somebody who knows them...

I mean you, as a cop.

And the people you work with have no idea?

Well, I do what I can do.

I don't envy you.

It's not easy living two lives.

Suppose you checked into mine.

Next of kin are usually the first suspects.

You were arrested a couple times for breaking and entering?

A long time ago.

You wanna talk about it?

Not really. I cleaned up my act.

So what am I supposed to do now?

Be careful.

I'm gonna have some officers take you back to your brother's house and stay outside.

What about your partner?


No, the other one.

I want someone that I have something in common with.

[Shower running]

Hi, um, Nick called.

He... he thought it would be a good idea if I came over and, you know, kept an eye...

Thanks for coming.


Can't be too careful.

That's why I wanted a Blutbad instead of a cop.

The guys who came to the shop were Skalengecks.


You'll be able to smell them a mile away.

There's food in the fridge. You get the couch.

Good night.

Good night.


Take it easy.

It's just me.

Yeah, sorry, I can see that now.

I really appreciate what you did.

I'm gonna go to the shop.

Excuse me?

You think that's a good idea?

I have no intention of staying here any longer than I have to.

I've got a lot to take care of.

Okay, can we just slow down a second?

Why would these guys kill a shopkeeper for some herbs and spices that aren't even illegal?

It just doesn't make any sense.

Well, there are plenty of legal substances that'll still fry your brain.

[Cell phone rings]


Rosalee says she's going to the shop.

Where are you?

I'm still at her brother's place.

What do you want me to do?


Did you bring enough for everyone?


My mother made the best cookies on the block.

She shared them with everyone and they loved her for it.

Burkhardt: Well, do you think you can talk her out of it?

All right, I'll go cookie-less.

Just stay with her.

I'll send someone over there.

See ya.

Hang on.

Hang on.

What have we got?

Looks like we got a vehicle I.D.

For Clint Vickers, one of our perps.

We got a patrol car on the street watching the car.

So far, no sightings.

Okay, I need you to go back to the spice shop, keep an eye on things.

We'll check out the car.


You got it.

Okay, that's the car and I'm guessing they're in that building.

Any contact?

No movement.

All right, you go around back.

We'll take the front.







I saw someone.


I don't know.

[Car doors open, close]

[Tires screech]

It's gonna be sad to see this place close.

There's not that many places we can go anymore.

It's not an easy business.

You were in it?

My parents were.

They were apothecaries.

I gave it a shot.

And what happened?


I'm supposed to, uh...

Uh, come down here and, uh, make sure everything is...

You don't look so good.

Are you all right?


Yeah. Never better.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.

What the hell is this?

My guess is they use it to smoke whatever they wanna smoke.

They got away.

You mind telling me what happened?

They made us when we got here, captain.

We lost them.

Captain, it was my fault.


I thought I saw somebody.

I didn't want them to get hurt.

I got distracted and...

They got away.

[Cell phone rings]


This cop you sent down here is in really bad shape.

I mean, he just walked in and collapsed.

And his whole face looks like a volcano that's about to explode.

Rosalee says there's only one way to deal with this and it is definitely not, you know, standard medical practice, so you gotta get down here.


Uh, I sent Sergeant Wu to the spice shop and I think he has something.

So if you cover this, I'll see what he has?


We all make mistakes, Hank.

Luckily, no one got hurt.

I can't find the... The keim extract.

Are you sure it's here?

Top shelf, corner right.

I saw some yesterday.

Got it.

All of it?

He'll need it.

[Doorbell jingles]

We need to get him to a hospital.

They won't know what to do.

They'll read it as one of those mystery infections they can't identify and he'll die.

I've seen this before.


Hold him down! Hold...

Hold him down. Hold him down.


Hold him down.

Here we go. Here we go... okay.

Hurry up. This is not going well.

Open his mouth.

Wait. You want him to drink it?

Yeah, he better.

Come on.

Get his mouth.



Hey, hey.


[Cell phone rings]




It's me, Hank.

I've been calling and you haven't been picking up.

I got worried.

About what?

Just wanted to make sure you're okay.

That's very sweet, but I'm fine.


Is everything okay with you?


Just a lot going on.

Listen, I was thinking maybe we should get together for dinner.

Oh, I'm really busy this week.


But why don't you give me a call at the end of the week and we'll see. Okay?


Bye, Hank.

How much longer?

His pulse has calmed down.

We might as well have a look.

I think it worked.

He's gonna sleep for quite a while.

Is there some place we can take him?

I think it would be best if he woke up in familiar surroundings.

His apartment's not far.

I'll get his feet.

You said you've seen this before?

Yeah, at my parents' shop.

I was probably 17.

A friend of my father's came in with the same symptoms.

My father said he had ingested a Zaubertrank meant for somebody else.

Zaubertrank? They can be nasty.

Does somebody wanna tell me what a Zaubertrank is?

Primitive, antediluvian, pseudo-psychological concoctions meant to mess with your head.

It causes obsessive behaviors.

If the right person takes it, it creates a deep emotional response, but if the wrong person takes it, this happens.

I think we caught it in time.

Can we leave him alone?

Yeah, he should be...

Good for a few hours.

All right.

We almost caught the man who killed your brother.

But they got away.

In their apartment, we found the boxes of "j" that they stole from the shop, and we also found this pipe.

It kind of looked like a horn.

A Saugendampf.

Oh, man.

Addicts. And you got their stash?

They will be needing more, and I am telling you, addicts with guns is a bad combo.

Where would they go for more?

Don't look at me.

I'm not.

I have a feeling you know.


I was hooked for seven years.

My brother finally helped me to get clean.

That's why I went to Seattle.

If they're looking to score, it'll be an island of dreams.

A Trauminsel? Here?

They're everywhere.

Are we talking about some kind of Wesen crack house?


Well, how do we find it?

We find a dealer.

They'll know.

[Heavy metal music]

♪ ♪

You're kidding me.



You're looking good.


Thought you went straight, baby.

What you doing around these parts again?

You know why I'm here.

That's a shame.

How much Trauminsel time you want?

Enough for two.

Sweet dreams.

It's my brother, I should be the one that goes in.

You've done enough.

Let me handle this, okay?

Just don't act like a cop.

We're just a couple of Blutbaden out on the town, having a good time.

What up, bro?

[Inhales deeply]


I can't smell anyone in here, man.

This is brutal.

You take those, but be careful.



Whoa, bro! Whoa!




Yo! This dude's shootin' people!



I got him, Nick! I got him!


Now you're sure you're okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Don't remember much.

I went to that shop like you wanted.

Then woke up here.

Had some weird-ass dreams.

Clearly, I'm gonna need a facial.

Now I'm just kinda... kinda hungry.

You got something to eat here?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm good.

I'm good.

Listen, you take it easy for the next couple of days and if you need anything, you call me.

Yes, will do.


All right.

[Door opens, closes]


Oh, hey.


Now, I know it's not... Ahem...

Equal trade for my life, but I just wanted to say, I'm glad you know how to clock a dude with a brick.

Nobody's given me flowers for a long time.

So, what's going on? I thought you were packing up.

Sort of changed my mind and...

Had to stick around for the trial, so I thought I'd keep the shop open till I had to sell it.

And I'd forgotten, Portland's a pretty nice place.

Yeah, kinda grows on you.


Well, I got the rest of the day off if, you know, you need any help.


I'll put these in water.


Are you sure you've never done this before?