02x02 - The Kiss

Previously on Grimm...

Well, you seem to have the touch.

Sorry are you okay?

I need to know what Adalind did.

Why do you care what happens to Detective Burkhardt's girlfriend?

Juliette is in real danger Nick, and we don't have much time.

A Grimm on his own is dangerous for all of us.

Who the hell is this beast?


She's my mother.

Mauvais dentes... it's a vicious killing machine.

One of them can wipe out an entire village.


Special Agents Kanigher and Durwell, this is Captain Renard, Detectives Griffin and Burkhardt.

We might be able to be of some help.

That's okay, Detective. We'll take it from here.

What's wrong?

I'm in the old lumber mill.

If you don't come alone, he's gonna kill me.





[Nick grunting]

I don't think Nick's here.

How much time do we have left?

20 minutes.


That's enough time. He'll be here.

I'm sure he's on his way.

I mean, he's gotta be on his way by now.

This is sort of high on his list of priorities, you know?

What the hell else could he be doing?

[Kelly grunts]

My stomach is starting to ache.

We're running out of time.

That's why my stomach is starting to ache.

We'll have to start all over.

Look, I'm sure it's nothing.

I'm sure he's just...

Spending a little quality time with his mother.


Kind of a surprise to me too.

Who told you about my son?

Nobody told me about you.

You okay?

Yeah. I saw it coming.





We have to get out of here.

We've got to find out who sent him.

I need to get to Juliette.



There once was a man who lived a life so strange it had to be true.

Only he could see what no one else can.


The darkness inside.

The real monster within. [Snarling]

And he's the one who must stop them.

This is his calling.

This is his duty.

This is the life of a Grimm.

It's losing color.

What does that mean?

It means we only have a few minutes left.

Okay, we have to do it ourselves.

How do we get into her room?

I don't know. Just go for it.

[Car horn honks]

Nick, we have to go now.

I guess you've been kind of busy.

Six drops in each eye, and shake it well before you do it.

How long before it takes effect?

We won't know until she wakes up.

And how long will that take?

Nick, this won't wake her up.

This will only stop her memory loss.

Okay, guys, we gotta hurry here.

You're not allowed in here.

You should go.

Who are you?

Don't argue.

I'm calling the doctor.

Shake the bottle, Nick.

Six in each eye. No more.

No less.

Page Dr. Yarrick.

[Over P.A.] Dr. Yarrick to ICU.

Dr. Yarrick to ICU.

Her eye's black.

Just do it.

What the hell do you mean, they just walked in?

They forced their way in.

Okay. Here it comes.

I had no choice. I'll handle it.

You look like you're about to kill somebody.

How's this?

Excuse me.

A little better.

What's he doing to her?

Hey, take it easy. He's a cop, okay?

I don't care if he's the president.

He's not a damn doctor, and that's not his patient.

Now, move out of my way.

I'm really sorry that we have to do this.

Who the hell are you?

Hey, hey, doc, can we talk?

That guy in there is her fiancé.

This has been kind of a traumatic experience, so I wouldn't bother him right now if I were you.

I'm his mother.

If you have a problem with my son, you'll have to deal with me.

I'm calling security.

Security to ICU.

I think we should go.

Security to ICU, stat.

[Cell phone ringing]


It's me.

Where are you?

I'm at the hospital with Juliette.

How's she doing?

Pretty much the same.

We got a bad one.

I'm at the lumber mill on St. Helen's Road.

Three bodies, two of 'em FBI.

And we know 'em.

On my way.

Look, I've got a homicide.

Can you take my mom back to my place?

Uh, yeah, I guess.

As long as, you know, she's okay with that.

I'm okay with that.

Okay, I guess, you know, we're good to go then.

You go take care of the dead.

And, uh... we three will all just go on living.

[Police radio chatter]

Get the prints on the John Doe.

Yes, sir.

[Police radio chatter]

What have we got?

It's a big, fat federal mess.



You okay?

Yeah. Why?

Were you in another fight?

You look worse than you did last night.

Yeah, it always looks worse the second day.

So... how you like Portland?

How long have you known my son?

Um... well, um, boy, almost a year, I guess.

It's weird.

I feel like it was just yesterday I was crashing through my window to... um, introduce myself to him.

He trusts you.


He does.

And I trust him.

Me too.

Three bodies.

Two of them are the FBI agents you turned your case over to.

One of them's hanging in the other room.

Do the feds know yet?

I just made the call.

Wanted to see what we were dealing with first.

No identity on the third vic.

Hopefully we can tag him with prints.

Who found the bodies?

One of our units saw the car, thought it was abandoned, pulled in for a routine check.

Ran the plates. Car registered to the feds.

Did a walk-through, found the festivities.

Doesn't appear to have any bullet wounds.

It all looks very physical.

Looks like somebody chewed off her hand.

Must have been a hell of a fight.

I guess that's the John Doe.


How you feeling?

I'm okay.

I hurt just looking at you.

Feds are here.


Bring 'em up.

Copy that.

You have a 9-mil shell over here.

Somebody fired a shot.

Probably one of the agents got off a shot.

Are you taking evidence?

No, just prints and photos.

Otherwise, we're staying out of the way.

Mark it.

And where's Agent Durwell?

This way.

You see something?

No. Thought I did.

Captain Renard?


Special Agents Lofthouse and Kosloski.

Detectives Burkhardt...

You know what the hell happened here?

We were kind of hoping you'd tell us.

All we know is they were working a case they took over from you.

We gave 'em everything we had, and from that point on it was theirs.

Now, we secured the scene.

I assume you're bringing your own people?

They're right behind us.

You can pull your men.



Leave it.

Special Agent Kanigher is just over here.

Guess we can go home.


I can use some rest.

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

How the hell did this happen?

Let's see who she called last.

I've got my car here, so I'll meet you guys back at the precinct.

Sounds good.

Yeah, Burkhardt.


Well, I'm really sorry that took so long.

I've... never seen the Freemont bridge closed before.

Thanks for the ride.

Any time.

You know, your son told Juliette everything about...

What it's like to be, you know, what you both are.

The night that she was infected, Nick brought her to Monroe so he could convince her that Nick was telling the truth.

Without any warning, I might add.

But you know what he was asking him to do.

Boy, howdy.

And he was ready to do it.

Not right off the bat, but, you know, desperate circumstances require...

You know, this relationship, whatever you want to call it, between the two of you and Nick doesn't make sense to me.

To be honest, it doesn't really make sense to us either.

But why does it have to?

I'm beginning to think it doesn't.

Was that a smile?

'Cause I think that might have been a smile.

Oh, that was a smile.

You sure?

I have no idea.

No, I think it might have been.

[Background chatter, telephones ringing]

We got a match.

On the John Doe?


The prints match the prints we found on the ship, but no I.D. yet.

What the hell did this?

Something out of my worst nightmare.

So our killer goes and gets himself killed, saving the taxpayers some money.

How thoughtful.

Let's bring it to the captain.

And then let's get the hell out of here.

We don't have an I.D. to match the prints yet, but, since the ship was registered in Rotterdam, we sent a request over to interpol.

Hopefully, we'll have an answer tomorrow.

So we tied up the murders on the ship.

Yeah, looks like.

The two agents must have tracked him down.

They were looking to bring him in, he was looking for a way out, things went bad fast.

You think he killed both agents?


Have you ruled out anyone else?

You think there was someone else?

That's what my gut tells me.


'Cause our killer had time to change clothes with one of the agents.

You might do that if you're expecting someone else to show up.

You might do that if you want to get away in different clothes.

Well, it's in the hands of the feds now, and I don't think they're dying for our help.

No, they are not.

Here, put this with our other files and try to get some sleep.

Glad to see we're not the only ones working late.

You need something?

Just a quick explanation.

What about?

We found Agent Kanigher's phone.

And we checked her last call, made at 4:52 P.M.

It was to Detective Burkhardt's cell phone.

It lasted 27 seconds.

Yeah. She called me.

She wanted more information about what we found at the shipyard in the cargo container.

What did you tell her?

I told her we gave her everything we had.

That was all?

You think there was more in 27 seconds?

Did she tell you where she was or where she was going?

Would that be standard procedure for a special agent in the FBI to tell a detective what she's doing?

Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin just matched the prints found in the cargo container with those at the scene of your agents' death.

You took prints from the scene?

It may be your jurisdiction, but it's still in our city, so, if we can help, we will, whether you like it or not.

You get an I.D.?

We're working on it.

We think there was someone else involved.

You have any evidence of that?

We'd like to take your gun to run a ballistics check.

We're trying to match a weapon to the bullet casing found at the scene.

Well, I didn't wear one tonight.

Detective, if there's anything you want us to know, now's the time.

Once we walk out of here, we make no guarantees.

All right, that's enough.

No one got shot out there, so don't come in here and threaten my detective.

If we find something, we'll bring it to you.

You won't even have to ask.

And may I remind you this is your screw-up, not ours.

Your guy came to us and not the other way around, so, if we're done here, please, get the hell out.

Since you weren't there, Detective, I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving us a DNA swab.

You need a court order for that.

We know.

He can always say no.

I've got nothing to hide.


Hey, you didn't tell me the agent called you.

You know, I didn't think it was important.

I'm just so tired.

Let's get some sleep.

You went up against somebody.

I could tell when I saw you.

You don't want to tell me about it, it's okay.

I just want you to know I trust you.

I believe what you tell me, and I don't think about what you don't.

But whatever you do, don't hang me out to dry.

[Line ringing]

[Phone chiming]


But sometimes events overrule civility.

What event is worth ruining my sleep?

I'm dealing with the killing of a young man.

Young men die every day.

Why wake me for this one?

Well, this wasn't just any young man.

He arrived on a ship registered to a front company in Rotterdam.


You should try to mix it up a little bit if you want my professional advice.

Shall I go on?


He's dead. Disappointed?

How'd he die?


Were you involved?

Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Guess I have my answer.

The family has waited long enough.

Patience may be a strategy for you, but not for us.

So you send a mauvais dentes over here to kill him.

If the Grimm had died, he would prove not worth the effort.

But let me remind you, brother, any more interference by you will not be tolerated.

Well, from what I've seen of your mauvais dentes, no interference is needed.


[Door opens and shuts]

Nice to see you.

Where is it?

I got it for you as soon as I could.

It's 300$.

I don't think so.



Cheapskate doesn't know how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.

That's so sweet. Maybe later.

Where have you been? I was worried.

I fell asleep in the trailer.


I used to do that.

Everything okay?


Things are getting a little tricky.

You know, the homicide I was sent to investigate turned out to be the mauvais dentes.

You're called to...

Yeah, I'm investigating us.

That's awkward.

And I don't want you getting involved.

That's very thoughtful, but the police are the least of my worries.

Unless one's a schneetmacher.

[Cell phone rings]


That hexenbiest was just here.

She picked up the stuff.

And she threatened Rosalee, by the way.

Not too happy about that.

Okay, I'll take it from here. Thank you.

Okay. Bye.

Just saying.

I've got a meeting with a hexenbiest.

The mother of the woman who poisoned Juliette?

And tried to kill Aunt Marie.

I think she knows what her daughter gave Juliette.

I have a better idea.

Let me talk to her on a more personal level, mother to mother.


But be careful.

There are two federal agents watching this house.

SUV, east side of the street.

That's why I'm staying away from the windows.

I'll leave first.

They'll be watching me.


This killer's a ghost.

What, no I.D. on the prints?

No. Except the prints are tied to at least a dozen murders in Europe.

This guy was real busy.

Not anymore.

[Cell phone rings]

It's about time.

It would be better if you came over here and got it.

It might seem a little odd if I brought this to your office.

I'll be right there.

Nicholas Burkhardt.

We're placing you under arrest.


Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. What the hell's going on here?

We have reason to believe Detective Burkhardt is involved in the murder of two federal agents.

You've got to be kidding.

We'd rather not handcuff you.

How thoughtful.

Glad to see you've got your gun back.

May I?

Come on, this is outrageous.

So is withholding evidence.

Go with him.

I was thinking the same thing.

Looks like someone's having a bad day.

Where is it?

I've got it right here.

How do I give this to her?

You don't.

It's not for her. It's for you.

What do you mean?

It's a purification process.

The person who wakes her has to be pure of heart.

It's challenging finding someone like that nowadays, so we have to do it chemically.

The more pure of heart you are, the less painful the process.

What are these lumps?

It's better that you don't know.

And, since you're barely human, you're in for quite a ride, sweetie.

Quite a ride.

[Car beeps]

[Engine starts]

So you are Adalind's mother.

Oh, God, another Grimm.

What do you want?

I'm a mother too.

What's wrong with Juliette?

You're his mother.

And I'm feeling very protective right now.

My daughter did this, not me.

But you can fix it.

I'm not involved.

I had nothing to do with what she did.

You're her mother.

You taught her everything.

Including when to keep her mouth shut.

Now is not that time.

You have no idea how high this goes.

Heights don't scare me.

There's a prince.


Here. In Portland.



I'm not much for the physical stuff.

Tell me about this prince.

Well, he's handsome, charming, and a b*st*rd.

And I mean that literally.

Who is he?

That, my dear, you'll have to earn the hard way.

[Dog barks]


[Wheezing gasps]

Tell me how to save Juliette.

You can't.

Only he can.

[Sirens wail]

You close a lot of cases, Burkhardt.

To what would you attribute this great success?

It's kind of an instinct, I guess.


I've got an instinct too.

Mine is telling me you were involved in this.

You were there.

You think I killed your agents?


We think you killed the other guy.


Somebody did. And it keeps coming back to you.

We've got a shell casing at the crime scene, and our agents' guns don't match it.

You said you didn't wear your gun last night.

That was pretty convenient. That happen a lot?

I was at the hospital visiting my girlfriend.

I didn't think a gun would be necessary.

The last person Agent Kanigher called was you.

If I could have saved her life, I would have.

And it wasn't my idea to turn the case over to them.

Federal crime, our jurisdiction.

What did you know about it that you didn't tell them?

All I know... is whatever was in that shipping container was more than they could handle.


It's instinct.

Not good enough.

It's all I have.

And then there's the DNA.

If it was mine, I'd be in jail.

The DNA from a hair we found is close enough to yours to be a relative.

But it's not yours.

We want to know who you're covering for.

My mother.


Look, we have no interest in taking out a good cop.

But we have two dead agents.

You're trying too hard.

This guy attacked your agents, and they went after him.

We have connected his fingerprints to a dozen murders in Europe.

You've got your man.

Trying to connect me to this case is not gonna bring your agents back.

You should be giving them credit for the kill.

Ballistics didn't match.

But that doesn't mean I think this adds up.

I don't care if it's federal. Pull a favor here.

I want Nick released.

[Beep beep]

I got a call. Do what you can.



I'll be there as soon as I can.

What the hell? You escape?

They got their man, and they know it.

Better get out of here before they change their mind.

We got a homicide in southwest.

No forced entry.

There was a hell of a fight.

We have a time frame?

Neighbors reported the disturbance about an hour and a half ago.

First patrol was on the scene within six minutes of the call.

Any I.D.?

Her name's Catherine Schade.

Found her driver's license in her purse.


That's Adalind's last name.


Think she's related?

Guess we'll find out.

The person who wakes her has to be pure of heart. you're in for quite a ride, sweetie.

And since you're barely human, [Groans]

Get a grip.

Can't be that bad.


Oh... aah!



I met the hexenbiest.

It didn't go well.

I know. I saw the aftermath.

I'm sorry, Nick.

What about Juliette?

She said that we can't save Juliette.

Only he can.

And who is she talking about?


In Europe?


Here. In Portland.


Who is it?

I couldn't find out.

I tried.

Mom, the police are gonna get really close on this.

And I can't let you get caught up in it.

I know, Nick.

It's time for me to go.



[Continues screaming and gasping]

How long will it take?

To destroy them? There's no telling.

It's a long way.

There's still people looking for them.

Well, I wish I could do it for you.

I wish you could have a normal life.


I don't know what'll happen with Juliette.

But don't make the same mistake I did.

Don't leave the people you love.

Even if that puts them in danger?

I don't have an easy answer.

All I have are a lot of regrets.

You don't owe anyone an apology.

Yes, I do.

I thought about you every day for my entire life.

And having you back in it...

I don't see how I could ask for anything more.

I'll come back if I can.

Now, one more thing...


You have to take me to the station.

I can handle that.

[Gasps, coughs]


You're so like your father.

I love you.

I love you too.

[Car engine starts]

Excuse me?

Oh, my God. Doctor.


[Elevator dings]

Can you believe she just woke up?

It's crazy.

Sir, you can't go in there.


You're awake.


I love you so much.

Who are you?