01x08 - And the Heart of Darkness

Sarah: Katie!


No! Oh, my God!


All right, there, Miss.

All right.

Um, whoa.

Please, he's gonna kill them!

She's covered in blood.

Baird: Is someone chasing you?

Is someone out there?

It's that house.

There's something horrible in that house!

Baird: Deep breaths.

[Breathing raggedly]

Deep breaths. Slow.

Just... just tell us what happened.

What's your name?


My name's Kate Bender... Katie.

My... my friends, we were we were hiking, you know?

And... and... w-we found this house in the woods, about a mile that way.

Oh, God!

Just breathe.

Take a deep breath, Katie.




Katie, someone was in the house?

He... he... he was he was in there, and... and he has my friends!

He has Mathias and Sarah and James!

All right, all right, now, who is "he"?

I don't... I don't... a man.

I never got a good look, but I have to go back.

I have to save them!

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

All right? Take a drink of this.

Just calm down. Take a sip.

There you go.

Now, we're not gonna let you go back in that house by yourself.


Ezekiel: All right, bloody girl in the forest, a killer in the house.

Who says we go back to Prague?

I left a lovely bird back in that nightclub.

This is me ignoring you. Get used to it.

[Device beeping]

Is that a good beeping or a bad beeping?

Means we found the broken ley lines we were looking for.

Multidimensional maps don't look at them unless you can do the math to sort out the magic layers...

And you like headaches and nosebleeds.

Are you all right?


Is it the tumor?

It's always the tumor.

I'm fine.

The vertices used to be static, and now they're...

Now they're... Wavy.

They're moving, and when they stop...

I can see them.

Math girl's doing one of her loopy-loops.

Don't. Don't call me "math girl."

Mr. Jenkins said we needed to find the broken ley lines, and I say they are... that way.

Ah, where the... Blood-covered girl came from.

Anybody here like that coincidence?

Jenkins: I hate that coincidence.

Broken ley lines are never good, and with the return of magic, they're even more dangerous.

If you don't anchor them, they could up enough charge and explode all over Slovakia.

Cassandra says these lines are stable for now.

They're all sort of converged about a mile northeast, which is roughly where this house is supposed to be.

The house and the broken lines are in the same place?

We're about to find out.

And you say there was violence... In this house.

Anyone killed?




Broken ley lines means wild magic.

We may now be looking at a haunting, Colonel... a very new, very powerful haunting.

Angry spirits mixed with wild magic from the ley lines... not good.

[Gun cocks]

These are magic anchor scrolls from zou yan.

Activate one at each of the cardinal directions...

North, south, east, west.

It should anchor the energies, stop them from building.

Stone, you and I take point, look for Katie's friends.

Jones, you activate the anchor scrolls.

With any luck, we can kill both these birds at once.


Cassandra, you stay with her.

There are four lines to anchor. I can help.


I vote she does all of them. I'll stay here.

We just don't know what's up there, and you're not...


I'm not what?

Look, you did your part with the maps.

Cassandra, she's half in shock. She can't be left alone.

Okay, but we need to talk about my part when this...

What's with the face?

More than nervous, less than terror.

Still ignoring you. I meant Stone.

This is a 19th-century American frontier house.

The hell's it doing in the middle of a Slovakian forest?


I'm just saying, it doesn't belong here.

All right.

We clear a room, you set the anchor.


South anchor set.


Stone: It's clear.


North anchor's set.



Out! Out! Everybody out!

Who are you people?


We're the librarians.

[Device beeping]

What kind of librarian carries a gun?

Uh, we do f-field, um...

Like library research... st-stuff.

It gets... it gets dangerous.

You're very weird librarians.

It's a very weird library.

[Panting] All right, it's done. The last anchor.

Are we good?

Cassandra: We're good.

All right. We're on.

Katie, we're going back in for your friends.

Finally. All we have to do is just...

No. We're going.

You're staying here with Cassandra.

What? You can't just leave me here... they're my friends!

Listen, it's fine. There's three of us.

I think we can take one psycho.

Well, two-and-a-half with Jones, but still.

I'm standing right here where I can hear you.

Why am I being sidelined?

[Sighing] Cassandra, no one's being sidelined.

Right now I'm allocating resources as needed, and I need you to look after Katie, who is currently...

Running back up there!

Damn it, Katie, stop!

[Panting] Mathias?

Sarah? It's me!



[Muffled screaming]


We know you're up there! We know you can hear us!

This can go one of two ways!

You come down, we get these people help, nobody gets hurt!

Or... We come up!

Fine. It's the hard way.

You two, you stay down here.

Cassandra, I mean it.


Katie: So...

All you do is read maps?

Wait, wait.

These dimensions are wrong.

Does this hall extend past the house?

Ezekiel: Oh, no.


This is a sign, mate.

"Keep off the bloody grass."

He's up here somewhere.

We clear these rooms by... The... Numbers.

All right. This is exactly the point in the movie where the guy in the audience says, "get the hell out."

Shh! Go. Do you want the first room?

Don't be stupid.

I got the second one.

Far corner's mine.


It's an Umberto classic...


Nice. [Plays notes]


Why does nobody listen to the guy in the movies?

Movie guy is always right.

That is not creepy at all.

Is that this house?

Crate hammer.




Movie guy's wrong.

Movie guy's wrong.

Movie guy's wrong.


Stone: Baird, where are you?!




Whoa! Whoa!


Come on, man.


Stone: I didn't hear anything...

And I didn't see any kids.

And they sure as hell didn't get past me and Jones.

Why would they?

I'm just saying what I saw... white girl, about 18 years old.

That's Sarah.

And two boys... one black, one white.

That's James and Mathias! You saw them?

I don't know what I saw!

Oh, my God! That's their clothes!

They're... they're dead, aren't they?!

They're all dead!

I-I-I said I don't know. I don't know.

You said that it was gonna be okay!

You said that you'd get them out of this house!

Katie! Katie, wait!

So, I'm the Katie-wrangler now?


Stone: All right.

This is just the ley lines going nuts, right?

I thought the point of the scrolls was to shut these things down.

I don't know.

But I bet there's someone who does.

[Cellphone beeps]

Jenkins, quick question.

Could anchoring ley lines in a haunted house jump-start the ghosts?

Jenkins: You know, Colonel, you have an incredible talent for turning a bad situation into a worst-case scenario.


Yes, fine.

Good news is that you've successfully secured the broken ley lines so there will be no magical cataclysm.

[Singsong voice] Huzzah!

The house, Jenkins. What about the house?

Um, yes. The house.

Well, uh...

The bad news.

Have you ever heard the story of the house on the haunted hill, where a group of paranormal researchers died in madness and terror?

Or the one where the psychotic killed, uh, a whole sorority one Halloween?

[Laughing] Yeah. Those are just stories, urban legends.

Yeah, different stories...

Same house.

And you're standing in it.

Jenkins: Ugh. Now, according to the heisserer index, there are six mystery houses.

Yes, the Urdobe... the Dionaea House, the Shatterbox, the Final Rest, the House of Refuge...

Then there is the Soul Cage.

I think you've stumbled into either the box or just possibly the cage.

You know, there's some argument about the methodology of how...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jenkins!

Right, so, all reports of the, um, the House of Refuge describe it as... as benign, even... even helpful.

The Final Rest was destroyed in 1350.

You're in the Shatterbox.


You're the first librarians to step foot in the place.

It has a tendency to move around.

What do you mean, it moves around?

It appears somewhere, it takes victims, and then moves on.

I mean, men, women, boys, girls, families.

Ironically, no sororities yet.

Um, but then it feeds and moves on.

Moves on to where?

Uh, the next dining location, I take it.

I mean, we've known it's been doing this for at least a century.

Uh, the first confirmed sighting was, uh, 1883, when a woman named Abigail Munson...

I don't need the whole real-estate ad from hell.

Just tell me how to get Katie's friends out of here.

Well, you don't.

I mean, once the house takes victims, that's it.

But you might be able to stop it... stop it from moving on and taking more victims.

Just find the dark heart of the house and destroy it.

Where is this "dark heart"? What does it look like?

Could be anything.

A-an expensive vase, a rug, a-a mouse.

You'll know it when you see it.


You only have till midnight.

Got it. Got it.



So, there's no monster in the house,

the house is the monster, and we have until midnight to find its dark heart and destroy it before it goes off in search of more victims.

Why is it always midnight? Who makes these rules?

I don't know. Have either of you seen anything out of the ordinary?

I saw a metal crate hammer from, like, the 1800s, caked in blood.

Or how about the pram from "Rosemary's baby"?

No, seriously. It's up there.

Never mind. Just... just go.


I think you're gonna want to hear this.

Nobody was here.

We thought it was abandoned.

We thought we'd just spend the night and then move on in the morning.

Then he came.

It was horrible. He's like a shadow.

And he has this thing, like a... like a hammer or a hatchet... wait, what do you mean, "like a shadow"?

Like... Like smoke.

Like he's made out of smoke.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

You would have thought I was crazy.

I mean, things like that don't just happen...

Do they?

They actually happen more than you think.

[Metal clangs]

Damn it. Where the hell did it go?

It was jus...

How'd you get over there?


I got some weird stuff happening in here, man!

How about you?


Hey, you okay?




Jones is gone.

Define "gone."

Well, I mean, he ain't upstairs, and he ain't down here.

I thought he might try to run, but the truck's still here.

Katie: It's him.

It's the bad man, I just know it.

He's got him, just like before.

We don't know that.

What's the play, Baird?

Give me a second.

'Cause I'm thinking fire, huh?

We burn the joint down, I bet it don't move around much.

My friends are still in here somewhere!

And so is yours! We can't just burn it down!

Stop talking! Everybody, stop!

It's a combat scenario, all right? Let me think.

It's a hostile theater.

Hidden enemy, stealth attacks.


There's a pattern.

There's always a...

♪ What are little girls made of? ♪


Old... phonograph?

♪ what are little girls made of? ♪

Wait, that wasn't even there!

Nope, not there before, all right?

I'm so sick...

Of this house.


Baird! Baird!



It got the others, and now it wants me?

Not on my watch.


You and Katie, get out of this house.

Take the car, go back to Jenkins at the Annex.

No, I'm not leaving.

I want to help find Ezekiel. We're a team.

We are not a team.

You are the librarians. I am the guardian.

And right now, I'm telling you to get yourself and Katie out of this damn house.

Well, you're not sending Stone away.

[Sighs] I need him. He can fight.


We all have different skills.

In this situation, your skills don't apply.

If we don't find Jones, well, at least one of us needs to make it back to Jenkins.

Now go.

Katie: Wait! Cassandra, wait!


What's wrong? Are you okay?

Just get in.

Look, I'm taking you to the Annex, as ordered.

What's the Annex?

You want something out of the way, that's where you put it.

I don't understand. Isn't Miss Baird just trying to protect us?

You, yes. Math girl, not so much.

Who's math girl?

That would be me...


The one who could break at any second, the one who betrays her friends.

You would never betray anybody.

Except I did... Once.

I have a tumor... In my brain. It makes me... Useful but unreliable.


I wouldn't trust me yet, either.

That Miss Baird is pretty hard, I guess.

But she's trusting you to get me out of here and to keep me safe.

Do you think that she would have let one of those other men do it?

Which one?

The one that wants to burn the house down, or the one that ran away?

Miss Baird trusts you. So do I.

Thanks, Katie.


So, you're math girl?


Yep, I'm math girl.

And today, math girl...

Is getting us out.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


No! No!

Go! Go!


Run! Go!


Again? You kidding me?


Where are all the shoes? What shoes?

Jones said this room was full of shoes.

I got nothing.

Why is it playing these games?

Why did it attack Katie and her friends?

Why hide-and-seek with us?

You wish you had something to shoot, don't you?

God, I want something to shoot!

[Banging, Cassandra and Katie screaming]

What are you doing? I told you to go!

There was a hiccup.

He's coming! He's coming!

Just help us block the door!

What hiccup?! Who's coming?!

[Banging, wood splintering]

Aah! It's him! It's the smoke man!

Stone! Stone, get down here!


[Banging stops]


I think we found the dark heart.


It takes a second to process.

Is this the doll... we're in the Dollhouse?

[Clicks tongue] See? Got it in one.

How are we... in the Dollhouse?

This is just a guess, mind you, but I'm going to say...


Baird: Stone!



Damn it!

It's Baird.


Baird, we're in here! Baird!


I tried that before. She can't hear you.


No, I don't want a samosa!

What's wrong with you?

Well, I had sliders before, but for gaming, you really want something a bit more bite-sized.

[Rattles doorknob]

What the hell do you want?!


This house is trying to kill us.

Pretty sure it's not.

Mm. Actually, you'll love this.


I wish I had a pint.

Oh, uh, left hand.

Now, tell me that's not bloody fantastic!

What have you been doing, huh?

Dude, the whole time, you've been playing video games and drinking?

And samosas. Yeah.

I got tired of staring at those damned pictures.

I said, "I wish there was something better to do," and boom Xbox one.

What pictures? What do you mean, "pictures"? What pictures?

This is a page from the Book of Bright Stars.

This is Abdurrahman Sufi. He made this.

I mean, t-t-t-t-this has been lost since 960 A.D.

I'll take your word for it.

You suss out the story yet?

This house is in every picture.

I mean, these are... this is art from the Crusades.

I mean, the house cha... it changes to fit the period.

See, the way I reckon, this place is wicked-old, right?

So, at the beginning, it's just happy families, years of that...

And then something.

We got this wrong.

We got the whole thing wrong.



Get out of here! Go!


I told you to go!

Go! Go!

Come on!



Come on! Come on, we have to go!

We have to run! She said to run!

No. No.

[Both panting]


You go.

I need to help my friends.

The house wants you.

If you get out...

Then all of this wasn't for nothing.

No, we can both go! I mean, the car's right there!

We can make it to Texarkana by the morning!

There's a fort there, and and there's soldiers!

Come on!

Katie, the car is wrecked.

Wait. Texarkana?

We're in Slovakia.




N-no, Jesse, this is Nevada.


That's the desert.

Buggies. That's what we need, because the horses.

Who's Jesse?



Oh, no, you're right. [Chuckles]

You're Cassie...


Jesse was Scotland...

And so dead.

Katie... wh-what's wrong?

You're freaking me out.

Me? Oh, nothing.

N... I-I'm j... I'm just trying to get it all straight again, you know?

I-it's funny.

I can never remember where the begging goes.

Does the crying come first?



Oh, my God.


This is all you, isn't it?

♪ Ashes, ashes, they all fall down ♪

Now's the bit where you're running.


Colonel Baird! Colonel Baird!

♪ ... driving six white horses when she comes ♪
♪ She'll be driving six white horses when she comes ♪
♪ She'll be driving six white horses ♪
♪ She'll be driving six white horses ♪
♪ She'll be driving six white horses ♪
♪ When she comes ♪

Colonel Baird?!






Katie: ♪ and we'll all come out to see her ♪
♪ When she comes ♪

[Indistinct conversations]

Katie: [Echoing] So now you know, Cassandra.

This has been going on a long time, hasn't it?

Katie: My family...

[Chuckling] We killed a lot of people... some for the money...

But mostly for the fun.

People caught on.

We were runnin' real desperate.

And then...

Like magic...


A fine, little house in the middle of nowhere.

My family never knew how special it was.

Not one of them heard this house whispering.

But I did.

"Do you need help, Katie?"

"Why, yes...

Magic house, I surely do."

[Echoing] Wishes?


You listening up there?

This is a magic house.

And it's mine.

It only talks to me.

So you talk, huh?

I sure wish you could talk to me.




So, it's not actual speech, but I'll work with what I've got.

It's a good beginning.

Happy. You were happy. The people...

Were happy.

Then the bad people came.

Katie's family.

[Gasps] Katie.

[Soft piano music plays]

Are we making friends up there?

You think I don't know this house hates me?

Think it doesn't try this every time?

Tries to warn people?

I made a wish, and it has to give me what I asked for...

Every time, till I'm done.

You know what's so funny?

I'll never be done!

This stupid house, always playing tricks, always laughing.

She'll be screaming soon. Then we'll see who's laughing.

Hiding, are we?

Sorry. It was bothering me.

Well, now, I thought you were supposed to be math girl.

It's not very smart, giving me only two choices.



I wonder where math girl is.

She's not in the closet.

Where could she be?



[Knife clatters]

[Gun clicking]

[Gun clatters]

[Botaah! Unting, panting]

[Gasps] No. No.


You're so stupid.

Don't you know what I wished for?

Don't you know what this house has made me?

You're the dark heart.

I'm death!


Turns out they were right, Cassandra.

You ain't good for nothin' in the end.




[Sobbing] Please please, help me.

We can stop this! Please help me stop this!

Lord! Why on earth would I want to stop?

I wasn't talking to you.

Mm. Someone's trying to be clever.

I wish... to save my friends.

Well, I wish to kill them!

And I was here first.

[Both scream]



You think you are death?

I was 15...

When they told me...

That my death sits right here!

So I see it...

Every time I look in the mirror!

Every day!




Stop this! You can't!

I'm the angel!

I'm the Angel of Death!

You're not the Angel of Death.

I know what death looks like, and she doesn't look like you.

She looks like me!



See? I told you.

I always get my wish.

This isn't about...

Wishes, Katie.

It's about need.

And I really need...

[Metal clanks]

[Birds chirping]

Looks like someone's feeling better.

Jones: I'm just asking, why aren't we considering our options?

What are our options, Jones?!

Well, that this house is the Star Trek transporter, or maybe even the Tardis.

Think, mate. We could own the stock markets.

You could be dating...

Whoever it is backwoods country people think is hot, I don't know.

This place is a gravy train.

Colonel Baird.

Eve, if I may, I've never asked for anything in my life.

Please, let me have this.

It grants wishes, Eve.

Know what I wish right now?

I wish I had something for this eye!


Cassandra: The house doesn't grant wishes.

It helps people in need.

It was built as a refuge.

No one ever expected a serial killer to find it.

It won't make the same mistake again.

So, we can keep it?

Easy, now, boys.


Meet the spirit of the house of refuge.


Jones, you're outvoted.


Thanks for fixing the car.

Everybody ready?

We're good.

Let's just get this over with... bloody idiots.

Cassandra: Okay, you.

Be good, okay?


Shove over.


I'm driving.

[Ezekiel sighs]

[Engine turns over]

Jenkins: The Bloody Benders.

John, Katherine, Jack, and Katie... an entire family of serial killers.

They killed at least 12 victims across Kansas and Nebraska in the 1800s before they just... disappeared.

Now we know why.

They found the house of refuge, and Katie Bender made a wish.

Aside from not getting to see a mystery house for myself, all in all, a job very well done.

Thank you, Mr. Jenkins.

We'll see you in 19 hours.


Oh, my God.

I can actually feel the smugness coming off your body.

Music. I need music.

♪ What are little girls made of? ♪

No! No bloody way!

Turn it off. No way.

♪ ... little girls made of? ♪

I like it.

♪ Sugar and spice and everything nice ♪
♪ that's what little girls are made of ♪
♪ sugar and spice and everything nice ♪
♪ that's what little girls are made of ♪