01x08 - Lions in Winter

Previously on "Emerald City"...

My father was the only one to see me as I truly am.

I do see you.

The crest is King Pastoria's, handed down to his daughter at birth.

The Princess... Ozma.

The Witch of the East is dead.

A witch's spells are her own.

Normally, East would have had an apprentice, but you put an end to all that, didn't you?


[women screaming]

Forgive me.

[solemn music]

The Mother Witch lives and is breeding witches for Glinda.



That's not my name.

I return to our fight against The Wizard.

I seek leniency for Dorothy, who spared my life at Nimbo.

Even if she was sent by The Wizard to kill you.

I will return with all the soldiers of Ev, and we will turn your Emerald City red with blood.

[women gasping]

Make these guns.

We take them to war.

A war on magic!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I should be coming with you.

Who will look after Emerald City?

No one better than you.

But if you are to meet the witches in battle, then I should be there.

There will be no battle.

After retrieving the weapons from Ev, we'll march north to Glinda and bury her and her pathetic witchlings.

Then we'll host a celebration to quell any doubts that science triumphs over magic.

♪ ♪

[birds cawing]

You've been keeping secrets.

I've been keeping a dagger.

For protection.

This belongs to the Princess Ozma.

Heir to the throne of Emerald City.

Her father, King Pastoria, gave this to her on her nameday.

I don't know what any of that means.

It's sacred.

As sacred as Ozma was, herself.

Is she dead?

When The Wizard defeated The Beast Forever, he consolidated his power by slaughtering the King and Queen.

And the Princess.

What's that got to do with me?

If, by some miracle, she survived...

She'd be exactly your age.

I'm not a princess.

You don't know what you are.

I'm a boy.

You were turned into a boy.

Why else but to hide you? To protect you.

Everyone keeps telling me who and what I am.

When do I get to decide?

You are the only child of Samuel and Katherine Pastoria.

Your parents loved you and kept you safe till the day they died.

Or you're an orphan, with no past and no future who was hidden for no reason.

You want to decide?

Then decide.

[solemn music]

Who are you?

♪ ♪

What kind of a name is Ozma?

It means "Leader of Oz."


We were born for greater things, you and I.

We were born to fly.

[stirring music]

[sonic boom]

[horse whinnies]


[horse whinnies]

There's no way out.

I've been looking for months.

How often do they check on you?

[sighs] Twice a day.

So they can get in here?


Sometimes there, sometimes here.

Sometimes this wall.

They have magic.


I'm conspicuously mortal.

How far along are you?


And your crime?

Falling in love.

I broke my oath of celibacy to the High Council.

I hid it long enough that now she doesn't know what to do with me.

Others weren't as lucky.

Glinda spared you because of your child.

Glinda only cares about her own.

Like the child you brought with you.

She's a witch.


And she's not staying either.

Given your crime, I doubt she'll get a vote.

What crime is that?

Kidnapping Glinda's husband.

[dark music]

I searched everywhere for you, Roan.

I thought I'd lost you forever.

Well, had I known...

You couldn't have.

The spell was designed to protect you.

[kisses] If ever you're exposed, you'd have no memory of me.

But perhaps the magic worked too well.

I'm here, aren't I?

[solemn music]

How long have you been traveling with this assassin?

Dorothy's not an assassin.

The Wizard sent her to kill me.

♪ ♪

She saved my life, Glinda.

And what did you do for her?

♪ ♪

The same, when necessary.

And when necessity played no part?

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I can't be responsible for my actions if I was not myself.

♪ ♪

Then don't come back until you are.

♪ ♪

Where is your baby's father?

Murdered by The Wizard.

The Wizard?


As I betrayed Glinda, he betrayed The Wizard.

People fear monsters.

Attacks from the sea or sky.

But what they should really fear is The Wizard of Oz.

He's the true Beast Forever.

[door opens]


No, don't call me that.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

What should I call you?

♪ ♪

My name is Roan.

Who's married.

Do you have children?


Do you love her?


♪ ♪

No matter what I call you, you're still the same man.

How can I be?

♪ ♪

You have to convince Glinda that you mean her no harm.

That would be a lie.

Then I can't help you.

That woman needs help.

Look, I know you're confused.

I've been confused, too, ever since I came to Oz.

♪ ♪

But then I found you.

Oh, Dorothy.

We found each other.


Then do something.

I can't.

Don't you remember anything that happened between us?

Of course I do.

Glinda is my wife.

♪ ♪

Yeah, this was a mistake.

I shouldn't have come.


♪ ♪


[breathing heavily, smooching]

[dramatic music]

Oh, Roan.

I've missed you so.


♪ ♪

[solemn music]

[speaking witch-tongue] _

[speaking witch-tongue] _

[unintelligible whispering]

[speaking witch-tongue] _

♪ ♪

[speaking witch-tongue] _

♪ ♪


[pained grunt]

[speaking witch-tongue] _

We need a doctor. Her baby's breached.


Come on.



[pained groaning]

We have a baby coming, so you can either kill me now or you can go and tell Glinda to bring her ass down here with some hot water and some towels.


Your choice.

Gah! Aah.

Ahh. [pained breathing]


Ah. [sobbing]


Good morning, sir.

Your breakfast.

Where's the Princess?

Forgive me, sir, but her Ladyship is now Queen.

Right, yeah.

Would you like us to draw you a bath?

A bath?

The Queen often enjoys a bath after her meals.

Of course, sir.

I do apologize.

Will the Queen be joining me?

Not in the bath, sir.

No, for breakfast.

Not likely, but if you're not hungry and don't fancy a bath, then perhaps we could simply oil your odd parts.





[dark music]

♪ ♪

What is this place?

The crypt of our sacred temple.

A place not even The Wizard knows about.

What are those?


Where every fallen sorceress is remained.

♪ ♪

Are those their ashes?

Their spells.

When a witch dies, we don't preserve their body.

We preserve their magic.

♪ ♪

This is all that is left of my sister.

Mistress of the Eastern Wood, most Merciful and Stern.

Did we come here to pray?

Witches don't pray and wait for answers.

We act.


So... [sighs]

I want you to drink her.


You want power, don't you?

This is how you get it.

I'm not drinking a witch's insides.

You want revenge for your parents.

You want to destroy The Wizard, then taste my sister's magic.

♪ ♪

Will I be able to turn myself back into a boy?

If this works, you can turn yourself into a tomato for all I care.


No one's ever done this before.

But if something happens, you can help, right?

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

[choking, panting]

It's all right, Tip. Let it in.

[labored breathing]

[baby crying]


♪ ♪

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[baby continues crying]

♪ ♪

Go back!

[baby crying]

[breathing heavily]

[baby continues crying]

♪ ♪

Kill him!

[woman screams]

[baby crying]

[blade slicing]



[baby wailing]

♪ ♪


[stirring music]


Wake up.

Wake up. [sniffles]

Tip, wake up!


No, no. [crying]


[footsteps approaching]

Ah, sir. Would you like to take in the great lawn, perhaps?

Or go for a carriage ride?

I'll give you a moment to decide.

I'd prefer to see the Queen.

Oh, I'm afraid that's not possible, sir.

Her Highness is very much occupied with the arrangements for her father's funeral and the arrival of the armaments.

Guns, in the modern vernacular.

Ordered by The Wizard, built by some of our finest craftspeople.

I'm sure the Queen can spare a moment.

Sir, you can't go in there.


Jack, you cannot be in here.

I-I wasn't trying to...

We have plans that must be our own.


[tense music]

I guess I'll just take a carriage ride, then.

♪ ♪

So, the bullets go in here?

Yes, Your Highness.

[unintelligible chatter]

And this comes directly out of here.

[low chatter]

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

[sighs] Eat.

[low chatter continues]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪




[laughter continues]


We need a doctor.

There are no doctors here.

Look, if her baby's not turned around...

Mother and child may die.

No! [crying]

Do you have anything for her pain?

Alcohol or opiate?

You have training in medicine?

Some, but I can't... I can't...

I can't do this by myself.


[speaking witch-tongue] _

[speaking witch-tongue] _

What do you need her to do?

Get underneath and arch her back.

[speaking witch-tongue] _

Come on, lift her.


Hold her back. Come on.

Okay, now put your arms right here.


And push.

I'm gonna try and turn this baby around, but without medication...


[magical shimmering]

[panting] Oh.


Her pain has been relieved.

What else do you require?


[tense music]

Why are you here?

I heard screaming.

I need your knife.


♪ ♪


Noa, I'm gonna need you to push, all right?

You're gonna feel a quick shot of pain and after that, I'm gonna need you to push.

It's the last one and I need you to be strong.


Push, it's coming, I can see it.


[strained scream]

Push! Go, push!

[screaming, crying]

You're doing great.

You're doing great. Gimme one more.

One more push.




It's coming now. I can see it.

[straining] Aah.


Gimme the towel.


Is it okay?

Yes, yes.

It's beautiful.

[baby crying]


It's beautiful, Noa.

[crying continues]

[poignant music]

♪ ♪

Leave us, Roan.

Leave us!

[breathing heavily]

[baby crying]

Just breathe, Noa.

♪ ♪

Ohh. Oh.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

[speaking witch-tongue] _

♪ ♪

[solemn music]

I see winter hasn't taken your roses.

Is that a metaphor?

You won't look at me.

What's the point?

You're not even here.

♪ ♪

I'm trying.


That's what hurts.

♪ ♪

How did you feel when you witnessed that birth?


Because you knew it was something we could never share.

♪ ♪

Because I was...

I was neither with you...

Nor with her.

♪ ♪

Two years ago, when you traded your old life for a new one with me, we promised to keep our secrets from the world.

But never from each other.

Glinda, you... you can't hold me accountable.

My spell didn't make you a different man.

I took your memory, not your heart.

Yes, yes. And with your spell lifted, all my old feelings return.

♪ ♪

I do love you.


♪ ♪

We can't live like this.

♪ ♪

We won't have to.

War is upon us.

A thousand soldiers left Emerald City yesterday.

Your life or death will depend on which side you choose.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Make sure the camp is protected.

I'll take the battalion to Ev and retrieve the weapons.

We'll be back before sunrise.



Move out!

Moving out!

♪ ♪

[man shouting]

♪ ♪


'Tis I, Jack of Ev.


You're certainly a prize.

I'm certainly something.

Living a life fit for a king.

Courtesy of the Queen.

You're with Langwidere?

Well, what about Tip?


We were just friends.

Now I don't know what we are.

With Langwidere it's so simple. She owns me.

Are you going on a trip?

Closing up shop.

My position here has been terminated.

What? On whose authority?

Your Highness.

No, she knows you saved me. Salvaged me.

I'm not certain you were in the forefront of her mind when it happened.

She asked me to make her weapons.

I refused, so she fired me.


A line I refuse to cross.

Even so, she can't release you.

I won't let it happen.

Oh, dear Jack.


When we first met, you were afraid you'd lost your heart.

It's not possible.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

If you're gonna kill me, might as well just do it now.

Funny, I thought it was you who were here to do the killing.

Ironic, considering what I just witnessed.

I understand you saved my husband, as well.

Where's Sylvie?


Yes. The girl I came here with.

I don't know her real name.


Seems you don't know anyone's.

♪ ♪

You don't seriously think she's gonna be a soldier.

It's hard to tell.

We train them as best we can, but... some are more resilient than others.

♪ ♪

[low whispering]

♪ ♪

What's happened to them?

Pushed beyond their limits, I'm afraid.

The tragic consequence of our quest for survival.


You did this.

Like every young woman, a witch cannot harness the whole of her powers until she comes of age.

What we asked of these girls was simply beyond their capacity.

But Dorothy, perhaps you can help them.

I'm not a physician.

The Wizard must believe you have some capability, or he wouldn't have put you on me.

You've saved others. Save them.

How many more are you gonna lose before...

All, if necessary.

For 20 years, I've watched your Wizard dazzle the masses with his science.

If it were up to him, every witch in Oz would've gone the way of extinction.

But unlike those who betrayed their own for his favor, I've always seen through his lie.

Science is not magic.

We are. We are the magic.

And the magic is Oz.

♪ ♪

And you will find a way to save these girls.

Or you will not save yourself.

♪ ♪

[low whispering]

[high-pitched tone]

[dark music]

♪ ♪

[all whispering]

[high-pitched tone]

♪ ♪



Good evening, sister.

Pleasant flight?



With the moon so close, the illumination...

That is not good news.

But when you appear, there seldom is.

I've come to offer you a gift.

A very special gift.


What poison is running through your veins?


I swear, I'm as clear as I've ever been, and I want you to know that...

I forgive you.

You forgive me?

For hiding my own mother from me.

I couldn't trust you.

I know I've been dishonorable, shameful.

But now I need her.

[solemn music]

I need my mother.

And if I told you where she was, you wouldn't run and tell The Wizard, would you?


No, I swear.

I stand before you anew.

Clean, ready to redeem myself.

Ready to serve you and our mother.

♪ ♪

When you were a little girl, Mother South favored you.

Of all of our sisters, you were the one destined to take her place.

Did you know that?

Did you know that she saw you as her heir?

Not me, not East.


♪ ♪

Where is she?

In a place safe from all those who would do her harm, including you.


♪ ♪

You've snuffed out all the light in you.

You're just a void.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Oh, Jack, thank goodness you're still awake.

Today has been the most relentless day.

I know I'm queen, but still.

Is everyone really that crippled?

I-I didn't mean...

What did you mean?

Only that I've been waiting all day to be with you.

How could you be so heartless to Jane?

Please, Jack, no more politics.

That woman gave her life to you.

To your father. All her waking hours.

She said no to me.

So what? You can't just enjoy people when it suits you, use them up and toss them aside.

People serve a purpose.

For business and for pleasure.


We don't all exist for your benefit.

You exist because Jane was paid to rebuild you.

By me. The fact that I've developed feelings for you does not make you any less my property.

Oh, so the only way you can love something is to own it?

How else do you know it's yours?


How can you think that way?

It's true.

I can prove it.

Then prove it.

You're free.

I release my hold on you.

Will you leave me like everyone else?

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

[speaking witch-tongue] _

[low chatter]

[speaking witch-tongue] _

♪ ♪

Shh. It's okay.

♪ ♪

[door closes]

[low whispering]

Another one?


She simply pushed herself too hard.

No, you pushed her too hard.

[groaning softly]

Glinda thought you could help them.

Well, Glinda's wrong about everything.

[groaning continues]

Is that what you're gonna do to Sylvie?

We need to stop The Wizard.

Well, this isn't the way.

♪ ♪

Look, I've... Look, I've lost you, and I accept that.

But not Sylvie.

♪ ♪

It's out of our hands, Dorothy.

No, it isn't.

Dorothy? Dorothy!

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

[shimmering tones]


Aah... oh!

[muffled screaming]

[pained whimpering]

Dorothy, stop.



You'll have to kill me first.

[shimmering tone]


♪ ♪

Why aren't you going after her?

Roan! Roan!

♪ ♪

[tense music]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


Sylvie, we need to go.

♪ ♪

Come on, we need to go now.

♪ ♪

Come on, Sylvie.

Sylvie, it's me. Come on.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

The man I loved would have gutted her.

Would've torn her open to protect me.

Then bring that man back, Glinda.

Only you can do that.

I lifted my spell.

Your spell was worthless.

♪ ♪

It's hers that I can't break.

♪ ♪

I've tried.

For you, for us, and I... and I can't just...

♪ ♪

Please, just use... use whatever magic you have.

Just... just rip it... rip it out of me, please.

♪ ♪

You must do that.

♪ ♪

Take my life.


♪ ♪

Take her life, and your heart will be free.

♪ ♪

Do it, or I will.

♪ ♪

[Toto barking]

♪ ♪

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

On behalf of Queen Langwidere, the Kingdom of Ev welcomes you, Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz.

Are my weapons at the ready?



[guns cocking]

♪ ♪

You're joking.

[door opens]

Eamonn, is it true?

War is coming?


[solemn music]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

[dark music]

♪ ♪

Who taught you that song, sister?

Why, The Wizard did.


Would you sing it to us one last time?


Of course... of course, my dear.

But drink up. Drink up so that you... you may fight without fear.

♪ ♪

I'm scared.

I'm scared, sister. I don't want to die.

[woman screaming]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[magical shimmering]

You have nothing to be scared of.

You have magic to protect you.


[magical shimmering]


♪ ♪

[footsteps approaching]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


It worked.