01x01 - Episode 01

(Car whooshes)

(Shuffled steps)

(Crickets chirp)

♪ ♪

Move along, sir.

(Handle rattles)

(Key jingle)

(Falling thud)

(Man laughs)

(Window shatters)


Hey! That's my car!


This isn't funny, you crazy bitch.

Are you gonna pay for that?!


(Small chuckle)

(Heavy breathing)


(Messages chime)

Hold on, let me just...

Nah. What for?

Text your girlfriend?

This Dwayne guy he's cute.

But there's something scary about him.

I think... (sniffs)

I think I like it.

(Annie chuckles)

I was at this party the other night... some girl had these pills with turtles on 'em.

Dumb bitch wouldn't tell me where she got 'em.

I bet you can tell me where she got 'em.


Maybe I want to keep you needing me.

Guess I'll have to make friends with someone else.




I don't need this sh1t!



(Mirror shatters)

I had a rough f*cking night.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

I didn't know you had a rough night.

I don't wanna make friends with anyone else, but you gotta hook me up.




All right.




(Heavy panting)

At the Rattlesnake.

You ask for Rainmaker Jed.

I'm gonna rip you apart.

(Effort grunts)

Brady: Hands on your f*cking head!

Virginia: Don't move! Face down!

Hands on your head!

Brady: Hands behind your back.

Behind your back! Lock your thumbs.

Dwayne: f*ck off!

Get dressed.

Don't f*ckin' move!


Dwayne: f*ck off!

(Truck horn honks in the distance)


(Resisting grunts)

(Door slams shut)

You gotta be kidding.

f*cking hell, Annie.

The supplier wasn't coming. We waited.

So you ditch me at the bar?

She wanted to arrest him in the bar for possession.

Well, then at least we'd hold him.

You gonna explain to the judge why you were half naked with a rail of coke up your nose?

Who cares about the asshole from Thunder Bay?

We wanted the supplier.

You got a name?

Rainmaker Jed.

He just got out of Millhaven. He's from the Rez.

He's small time.

Well, maybe he's moving up.

Way to make use of your tits.


(Exhales, zipper zips)

(Heavy sigh)

♪ ♪

Can you come pick me up?


(Punk music)

♪ Diamonds in the firmament ♪
♪ All reserves completely spent ♪
♪ Someone set up the oxygen tent ♪
♪ Everybody here's real proud to present ♪
♪ Choked out ♪
♪ ♪
♪ 200 dollar take-all purse ♪
♪ Half-nelson to suplex reverse ♪
♪ Worried look on the face of the ringside nurse ♪
♪ At one, for once with the universe ♪
♪ Choked out ♪
♪ Choked out ♪
♪ Choked out ♪
♪ Choked out ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Jonny: (on the radio) It's a good day to be alive Bellevue.

And congratulations go to, Daisy Ryder, for her contest winning slogan...

"Bellevue: Where the Sun Always Rises."

As a town we've taken hits, but Daisy reminds: out of the dark moments, the sun will always shine again.

That's not what I meant.

(Jumping grunt)

Sarcasm. Like... it stops raining, eventually.

Like the best thing that happens here is just a regular occurrence anywhere else.

I told you, you shoulda run for mayor.

Don't go to school today, Daisy.

He's out there again.


These taste like glue.

Don't eat them then.

I liked you better when you were a sweet little kid.


(Engine starts)

(Truck rumbles off)

I love you.

(Bus rumbles)

(Flowers rustle)

♪ ♪

(Phone buzzes)

Detective Ryder.

Jonny: Times are changing in our town.

Mayor Mansfield, or Mother, as you're locally known.

What's with this Bellevue 'facelift' as you would call it?

Mother: The mine's closed.

We're in transition.

The new brewery will be a vital part of the new Bellevue.

Jonny: If the brewery does set up here, is it true that the miners get all the jobs, and no one has a fair shot?

Everyone will get a fair shot.

Bellevue's just that kind of town.

Jonny: Sounds good.

After some weather, we'll be right back.

(Low hum of chatter)

Your boss tell you to come see me?

Yeah. I figured you wanted to ream me out about not mowing my lawn.

I heard about your motel antics the other night.

You got initiative.

Whatever we been doing to get these pills and lowlifes out of our town isn't working.

So, you go with your gut and I'll watch your back. Yeah?

Does it come with a raise?

(Mother laughs)

Is your hair supposed to look like that?

Yeah... pretty much.

No, no, no. I like it.

(Phone buzzes)

Detective Ryder...

♪ ♪

What makes a town?

For my retrospective I picked Sandy Driver.

Born in 1980. A Gemini.

Died a murder victim. 1994.


A good cop died investigating that murder.

I'd know.

He was my grandpa.

Today is the anniversary of his death.

Sandy was killed because people thought she was weird, crazy, half animal...

(Frantic scared breaths)

♪ ♪

Some believe her ghost possesses people.

Sandy, the girl who was supposed to be married in the Christmas Pageant, was found posed as the Virgin Mary.


Man: I know what you want You can't go out there! I've seen them!

I've seen all of them! I know where they are.

I know! Everyone knows it!

And I know who you are!

Daisy: Sandy's dad never recovered.

And the thing that they do to them.

There's all things in there...

Everybody is in there! Everybody!

Mr. Driver, you wanna put down that stick?

Everyone knows it. They're going over there.

Their all lined up.

Annie: Hey. That's some good upper body strength you've got there.

Annie. Remember me?

Looks like you're off your meds again.

I don't know those people. I don't know them.

They're robots. They're robots.

Robots! Scram!

Yeah, scram! Scram!

You're human.

Thanks. You too.

We were sad at the same time. That's how I know.

We're the same.

Mind if I sit with you 'til our friends from the hospital get here?

♪ ♪

Peter: Driver okay?

Annie: Yeah. They picked him up.

Peter: Good. Meet me at the scrap yard.

There is a missing kid.

Police radio: ETA about the extra officers.

About 25 minutes.

His mother called in, reporting him missing at 6 A.M.

Okay, let's spread out and see what else we find.

Daisy: Everything in Bellevue changed after Sandy's shocking gruesome murder.

Police started talking to everyone and the town stopped trusting each other.

Because the killer knew intimate details of the geography of our town, cops say he was local. One of us.

Evil that was alive that night appeared to vanish into the air.

Never to return.

♪ ♪

(Leaves rustle)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(Footsteps thud)

(Sniffs) Jesus. You smell flammable.

Isn't that like against your religion or some sh1t?

Five minutes in confession, I'm as good as new.

All right. Listen up.

Scene was found by Ricky Jordan who runs a scrap yard when he's not face down in his own vomit.

Ah, we found a jean jacket, a cell and a bike.

All confirmed by Maggie Sweetland to belong to her 16-year-old son, Jesse.

Now, if you don't know who he is, you're living under a rock.

He's our most ridiculously talented hockey player.

And he's into the make-up and the...

Yes. Rumor has it he's... contemplating his gender identity.


I wouldn't say openly, Virginia.

But a kid came to his house selling chocolate bars and walked in on him in his mom's dress.

And then people found out about it.

We also found a tooth.

Ah sh1t. They got a game Friday.

What? The kid probably took off.

He's into weird sh1t.

He probably went looking for other people that were into it too.

Ineloquently put, but yeah.

Okay, you all have your searching orders. Let's go.

What about the p0rn?

We found ripped magazine pieces. Blood on one.

Yeah, well, we don't know those are connected.

There's garbage everywhere, right?

The other garbage was old. This looked new.

We'll do blood tests. But there's no point in speculating until we know for sure.

Take the tooth to your cousin.


Dr. Allan, the dentist.

I know you guys like to keep things in the family but...


Jesse had his teeth smashed out last year in this crazy game against Oaktown.

If this is a crown, my cuz can ID it, if it's his work.

Five minutes to the dentist office versus four hours to the lab.

Nice. Let's do it.

Remember, keep it in perspective, right.

Hockey players fight. Teenagers run away.

They don't disappear.

Why go to the scrap yard in the middle of the night?

It's not a hangout.

Brady knows a lot of kids being as he's on the same intellectual level as them, so we'll see what he can get.

Jesse's mom's still a mess.

Keep at her.

So how was your chat with the mayor?

She just wants to keep her friends close and those she can't brainwash closer.

Well, she's good for the town, but you make sure you stay on the right side of her.

Nice Intel on Rainmaker Jed, by the way. It looks good.

Can you get him on anything?

Not yet.

How is it with Virginia?

She has people skills of a cardboard box.

Well, not everyone has your sparkling personality.

(Phone rings)

She's methodical.

They loved her in Sudbury.

Peter Welland.

Hang on a second.

Get out.

Brady: We got a pedophile.

Some guy called. Anonymous.

Said that a s*x offender just moved up by the Rez.

Been hanging out at the Rattlesnake.

Got it.

(Slow song plays)

(Bottle clunks)

(Patrons chatter)

Can I get one of those?

♪ ♪

(Low hum of chatter)


♪ ♪

I got something on that belongs to you, lady?

Did you do that? I like it.

You must be messed up then.

I'd totally get a tattoo of that.

Does that make me messed up?

How's that ATM treating you, Officer?

You are here as a customer, right?

They may put up with you on your off days, but there's a code.

I'd watch out.

You don't know if one of these depraved assholes owes me a favor.

I know your dirty little secret?

Still luring children into vans?


Know any kids who need a ride?

Where were you last night?


Midnight bingo... on the Rez.

Big winner.

Where'd you get the busted knuckles?

It gets a little competitive...


How do you know my name?

(Paper crinkles)

Says he can help with the missing kid.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Nikki: Annie, your dad is gone.

It'll be okay. He'll still watch you grow.

He'll just do it from Heaven.

(Winds music box, plays a tune)

♪ ♪

(Paper crinkles)

(Foliage rustles underfoot)

(Birds chirp)

♪ ♪

(Branches snap and echo in the distance)

(Bushes rustle)

(Creaks open)

(Reads) "A cowboy rides into town on Friday.

"Stays for three days and leaves on Friday.

"How did he do it?

"Love, Dad.

"PS. I need something to remember you by.


"His horse was named Friday."

♪ ♪

(reads) "When someone else ate, you became full of me. What am I?"

What did she eat?

What does it mean?

If I don't figure it out Daddy will never come back!

Nikki: Stop reading that!

It's not from your dad!

You have to stop!

(Loud scratching)

Stop, Annie. Stop!

Stop it, Annie!

You're scaring me.

(Paper crinkles)

"Find me where there is none."

"You are my light.

"Love, Dad."

(Phone buzzes)

Pedophile had an alibi.

You talk to him?

The Tribal police has him on security footage at late night bingo.

Also, ah...

Dr. Allan says the tooth was Jesse's.


Remember those riddles that I got when I was young?

Of course I do.

That messed you up really bad. Why?

Did you ever get a lead on who sent them you never told me about?

It was just some lying sicko using a tragedy to prey on you.

And it wasn't your dead dad writing beyond the grave, either.

Where's this coming from?


Do I need to be worried about you, Annie?

I mean, last night you're... you're high with a drug dealer in a motel.

I mean, I got a missing kid. I need you focused.

I am.

My mind was just wandering.

I guess it's the time of year.

Yeah I know. The anniversary.

I was gonna say something this morning, but with everything...

20 f*cking years without him.

Doesn't fell like it. Does it?

Am I like him? As a cop?

Well, you're intuitive like him.

And you're emotional like him.

You're tough like me.

Are we gonna find Jesse?


But you should get some sleep.

We both know you look like a crack addict if you don't get your 8 hours.

Not true.

Annie. I've seriously seen people try to sell you crack after a late one, okay. Good night.

(Paper rustles)

(Crickets chirp)

(Footsteps scuff)

(Door opens)

She's in the closet again, Dad.

(Door slams)

(Wine sloshes)

I'm trying to cut down, remember.


(Both laugh)

I'm just... No. I'm just saying that... herpes is permanent.

It's way more binding than marriage.

And if we had it we might still live together.

You keep trying to sell me on the herpes thing, I'm gonna think you have it.

I thought you were getting off those?

My back's been acting up again.

You getting any work from Mark?

There's just no work.

Maybe the brewery.

You have to make things, that's what you love.

There's a guy I know, uh, makes custom furniture. He's wants to branch out.

Hey, why not?

You, you already have those skills.

I got those skills like I built Daisy a shitty dollhouse.

It was a prefect dollhouse, and I can tell you want to do it.

Yeah, I kinda do.

Thanks for coming and getting me last night.

Why you gotta be so crazy at work?

Maybe it's all I've got going for me.


Do you wanna kiss my face?

Too late. Offer rescinded.

(Wine sloshes)


Daisy: What's this?

(Paper rustles)

(reads) "When somebody else ate, you became full of me. What am I?"

It's original sin.

I got that when I learned about Eve and the apple.

Could never figure out the rest.

"Find me where there is none? Where is there no original sin?"

With you.

You're perfect.


How can you not love that guy?

He's the one who left.

He'd come back if you told him to.

Hmm. Probably wouldn't be a good idea for him.

Probably not.

I was only two years older than you when I met him.

Oh my God! You're about to go through so much sh1t.

Are you prepared?

What if a guy wants to stick his hand up your shirt?

Five bucks please.

Don't have s*x.

But then you won't have any grandkids unless I immaculately conceive them.

That's not actually what it means.

People think immaculate conception is Mary getting pregnant without having s*x.

But it's not.

It's that she herself was conceived without original sin.

That's where there is none!

With Mary and... her immaculate conception.

Um... can you stay with your dad?

(Tires crunch)

(Animal shrieks)

(Crickets chirp)

(Owl Hoots)

(Door clams)

(Animal shrieks)

(Door creaks open)

(Footsteps scuff)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(Footsteps scuff)

♪ ♪

(Statue scrapes)

(Frightened exhales)

♪ ♪

Robotic voice: Nature calling.

Nature calling.

Nature calling.

Jesus calling.

Jesus calling.

Jesus calling.


Who is this?

(Both phones) Nature calling.

Jesus calling.

Nature calling.

Jesus calling.

Nature calling.

Jesus calling.

Nature calling.

♪ ♪

(Door opens)

(Running thuds)

(Door bursts open, pushing thud)

(Kicking thud)

Hey! Hey, you can't do this!

Who gave you the note?

I didn't see him.

I was here, in a stall. He gave me 50 bucks!

What did he say about Jesse?

That he could help. That's it!

If you're lying, I'll f*cking drown you.


Get out!

(Loud music)

(Phone rings)

Operator: Crime stoppers.

It's a teen hangout.

(Shutter clicks)

I partied here back in the day.

We did Sandy Driver séances.

Kids hear Jesse's missing.

Um, crazy Driver hangs out here too.

We should take it seriously.


Someone called in a tip. Anonymous.

Thought it might be relevant to Jesse. And then we see this.

And also this.

Can you take a picture?


Peter: There's another one over here. See.

(Phone chimes on)


(Crow caws)


♪ ♪

It's Jesse.

It took work.

Paint's still fresh.

It's a message.

Religious figure beckoning... towards the side that's male.

Could be the person who put it here... did something to Jesse.

Saw something.

Okay. Process it. And get it out of here.

It's from the Nativity scene.

Trans... versus religion?

Jesse religious?

Maybe caught in the middle.

♪ ♪

Father Jameson: You're here about...?

Jesse Sweetland.

You know him?

A little.

I'm quite the hockey fan.

He religious?

Ever come to church?

You sure?

You don't get the sense that he's religious in any way?

Maybe torn between God and his nature.

Oh, for Pete's sake.

He's a boy from a troubled home.

If he wears a dress, it's a cry for help.

But not the church's help?

I'm just trying to get the whole picture.

You have a problem with religion.

I don't have a problem with the church.

Heh. You threw a rock through that window my first year as priest here.

I was thirteen. I thought you were supposed to call out everything you thought was full of sh1t.


And now?

I'm less brave.

If you'll excuse me, I'm meeting up with a search party.

(Receding steps clank)

(Running thuds)

Cali: Hey. You find Jesse yet?

We're doing everything we can.

You noticed anything off about him lately?

Saw him toss his make-up and that in the trash a week ago.

His mother confide in you about his experimentation?

I saw him buy an eye shadow kit.

Sure wasn't for Maggie.

Cost twenty bucks and he tossed it.

Stopped wearing Maggie's dresses too.

Maggie: He got so many trophies we thought we'd had to buy a bigger house.

(Pills rattle)


Things been tough since Jesse's dad was killed?

He left us enough gambling debt we won't see a dime in benefits.

How did Jesse take his father's death?

Like a kid whose dad died.

Any behavioral changes?

You mean did he start drinking, thinking about killing himself, knocking out his own tooth?

'Cause I live in a cheap house, right?

He musta been on drugs?

Maggie, did he take up with the church in any way?

Religion wasn't our thing.

Could have come to it on his own?

When you're lost you look for things.

Not everyone turns to booze and s*x.

Sober five years before my husband died.

I'm 28 and my daughter's 12.

So... some of us turn to booze and s*x.


He had ah, I noticed last couple of days... this, ah, burn.

Like a T or a cross, maybe.

What did he say about it?

You didn't ask about it?

He did a lot I didn't ask about.

Cali next door said that he stopped with the feminine thing about a week ago. What happened there?

I don't know anything else to help.

See, I'm feeling like you do and I'm racking my brain.

But I can't imagine why a mother would hold back when her kid was missing.

That's a heap of judgment coming from someone whose husband pops up around these parts looking for ways to relieve his pain.

You can see yourselves out.

(Door shuts)

(Bell tolls)

It's not gonna work every time.

You're going to meet people who can see through you.

Who you can't charm.

Is that you?

You've only been here four months.

(Engine rumbles)

(Phone rings)

Jesse burned a cross into his palm. Recently.

And he stopped wearing dresses before he went missing.

Where's you get that?

Maggie. I think it's relevant.

Yeah. Put it on the wall.

The what?

(Steps clank)


Make sense now, why I hired the cardboard box, smart ass?

Anything from the religious figures?

Ah, tons of prints.

But they've been there for years.

Pissed on. You name it.


No, they're clean.

Nothing from the numbers.

If he's religious, if that's what the cross is for... could be motive for whatever happened.

Religious freaks might not like sharing their God with a trans kid.

Is that what Father J. told you?

He couldn't even decide if he knew him or not.

He was jumpy.

He was wanting to put distance between Jesse and the church.

(Knock at the door)



All right, so what does p0rn and religion have to do with each other?

Because the blood is Jesse's.

Maybe the cross isn't religion.

Is it an X?

Cross dressing?

What if it's not p0rn?

What if it's female body parts?

As in... how Jesse felt inside.

What's with the Shepherd boy?

Announcement: Chief Welland, line 1.

I'll be right back.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(Muted sobs)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

You okay?

Just bringing back bad memories.

(car door shuts)

Just having another look.

(Footsteps crunch)

♪ ♪



(Pained grunt)

♪ ♪

Mother: I wanna thank you all for coming out tonight and showing your support.

We will find Jesse and bring him home.

And Friday night, when the season starts, we will crush those Hornets!

♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Maggie: I hate that woman.

I'm sorry I pushed.

It's your kid.

He took a lot of sh1t, but I never said anything about it.

Because I wanted him, I wanted things to be easy for him.

Play hockey, live in a nice house.

But that night he asked how I felt about it, about him feeling like a girl and it all changed.

I said if you're happy, I'm happy.

So it's all my fault, whatever happens.

I'd quit drinking if he came back.

Me too.

I'll bring him back.

Mother: Thank you again for coming everyone!

Remember we are a strong community.

Where's your dad?

Mother: When you go home, pray for Jesse tonight.

(Low hum of chatter)

I gotta go.

I'm gonna help clear up.

Remember Briana.

Brady's sister.

Daisy can help too.

I'll take Daisy.

I think your dad has a crush.

He'll only ditch her when we need him to fix something.

(Car rumbles)

Daisy, I got a call from Mr. Terry.

Sandy Driver?

He said he thought you had a fixation.

You never talk about it so I had to find out for myself.

It's part of my life too, you know.

The last thing she saw was a monster.

Then I was a kid that knew there were monsters.

It changes how you grow.

I didn't want you to have to know that.

And Grandpa.

It broke him.

He couldn't figure out who did it.

He caught a bad one and it killed him.

What if Jesse is a bad one?

Dispatch: Driver's out again, Ryder.

We're all busy.

Besides, you know you're the only one he likes.

Jesus, again?

Like Sandy's dad?

He's off his meds.

All right. Where is he?

Dispatch: Old church.

Are you serious?

(Door slams)

Mr. Driver!

Oh Jesus.

Mr. Driver, are you hurt?

Mr. Driver?

(Footsteps scuff)

(Dripping sound)

(Annie gasps)

♪ ♪

(Dripping sound)

(Annie gasps)

(Dripping sound)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(Dripping sound)

(Shutter clicks)

(Music plays through the headphones)

(Rustling in the distance)


It's paint.

What's that?

Annie? Hello?

What if I've been looking at this from the wrong angle.

It's not that he's religious, wanted religion that... religion wouldn't let him be.

Like he was bound.

He couldn't escape.

(loud bang)

(Nervous gasps)

Peter: Well then, what's the cross in the scenario?

Maybe branding?

The fence is electric. It's not a cross.

It's an imprint of the fence.

You'd have to hold his hand there for a long time.

Or somebody else held it there.

Be a hell of a shock.

It's a thing.

Electric shocking the gay out.

Maybe they do it for trans too.

The p0rn is female body parts, right? What Jesse wanted.

It's a, it's a freaky religious thing.

Ah, showing images, things you want that you shouldn't.

Then putting you through pain.

Conversion therapy.

We should check the fence for DNA.


(Phone hangs up)

You there?

♪ ♪

(Thuds, rustling)


(Door bangs open)

(Music plays)

(Loud bang)

(Window squeaks)

(Music plays)






Daisy! (Handle rattles)

Daisy! It's Mom! Open up.

It's Mom.


Who was he?!


The man!

There's' no one here, baby.

Then who wrote that?

(Scared panting)

♪ ♪

This is Annie Ryder, is this the psych ward?

Did anyone call the station about Mr. Driver?

I want to go!


(Key jingle, car starts)

♪ ♪

(Tires crunch)

I'm sorry.

I'm so so sorry.

Can you take me to Dad's?

(Tires crunch)

♪ Well, I've considered you ♪
♪ My friend ♪
♪ Till the lies started tricklin' in ♪
♪ Well, it's plain for pain to see ♪