01x03 - Professional Courtesy

I need a trauma surgeon for a possible amputation.

How long on the surgeon?

We need to pull back.

It's gonna give.

Previously on Chicago fire...

Yeah. [Laughs]

Glad you're back, Herrmann.

We're a better house with you here.

Thanks, chief.

This is Nicki Rutkowski.


She's gonna be working with us the next month.

Her father is one of my oldest friends.



Do you maybe wanna hook up for a beer?

Peter Mills, are you gay?

Me? No.

Because I am.

[Hysterical laughter]

Did you hear about hallie and Casey?


That maybe they're splitting up.

I've been thinking.

What if we simplify things?

Start fresh.

Put it all aside...

Live every day like it could be the last.



I need something.

It's the last one.


I mean it.

[Applause on television]


What the hell just happened?

Ah, damn thing's fried.

Two hours left in the shift and no calls yet.

That happen very often?

He did not just say that.

[Alarm blasts]

Accident, truck 81, squad 3.


[Horn honks]

[Siren blares]


Pitcher's got a no-hitter going in the eighth inning.

Do you go up to him and say, "looks like you got a no-hitter going"?

No, but... don't do it at the damn firehouse either.

Yeah, I got it.

[Horn honks]

Stabilize the van!

It's jammed.

Anybody got ejected?

Vargas, see if we got a pulse over there!

Got one here!

I'm okay. I'm all right.


Field test this idiot.

Open containers right there.

I'll take care of it.

She's going! She's going!

What happened?



Let's go.

Give us ten more seconds, boys.

You got eight.

Hey, sir, just sit tight there for me, all right?

Don't try and unbuckle yourself.

Is he all right? My son?

He's not saying anything.

Yeah, he's alive, sir.

Oh, thank God.

We're gonna need a second ambo.

Two more!

Driver of the first car over there.

I need two back boards.

Where's those jaws?


Too tight?


Ah! We're gonna go through the windshield.

And get me a pick head.

Coming up.

What happened?

You're gonna be okay, buddy. Hockey fan, huh?

We were headed to Evanston for his tournament.

Are you okay, Mikey?

Yeah, I think so.

What happened?

Vehicle stabilized.

I'll be right back.

Sir, you're coming out first, all right?

[Man groans]

Where's the driver?

Uh, some officers took him to the hospital.

You're kidding me.

No, he was complaining of leg pain, and you guys looked swamped over there, so... he should've been c-collared and transported properly.

My bad.

Did you bag the beer cans?


Detective Voight... behind me, the guy in the jacket... that was his son driving this car. hey. You want some coffee?

No, I'm gonna go hit the gym. I'll see you at the firehouse.

All right. How's your arm?

It's good.

It's fine.

All right.

Well, you should get it looked at, you know, Kelly?

It could act up at the wrong time.

No, absolutely. I'm... I'm planning on doing that.

All right, I'll see you later.


Here we go.

Dude, uh, I'm sorry.

But I ordered crispy bacon and, uh, this... Ain't crispy.

Where's the hot waitress?

Oh, I mean, you're cute and everything.

I'll be right back with your bacon... Sir.

Elise, I can't wait for mom. I gotta go.

Then go!

Table eight.

Where you going?

To work, mom.

My real job.

Samantha just called in sick.

Mom, I'll cover it. We'll be fine.

You can switch shifts with somebody at the firehouse.

Mom! I'm a candidate.

You know that they can bounce me like that.

I have to go.

Fine. Go.


You're late!


Good afternoon, candidate.


First he blows a no-hitter.

Now he's coming in five minutes late.

So much for employee of the week.

It won't happen again. I promise.

Get changed out. Let's go.

You know, you were the candidate up until two weeks ago.

Why are you riding him so hard?

The abused abuse...


Good morning.


We're either in trouble or he wants something.

You got a sec?


What's up?

Is your brother still working in vice?


Could you see if he can swing by here real quick?


All your hookers get locked up last night?

Yeah. My whole stable.


I just got a question for him.

Oh, yeah. I'll give him a call.


Everything all right?

Yeah, yeah.


[Locker door slams]

Hey, lieutenant.


Wanted to let you know that I just completed the last of my tech course and I reached my squad certification.

That's great. Good job.

Yeah, three years busting my hump, but I got it done.

So I'm putting in a transfer from truck and I wanted to get your blessing.

Why do you wanna come over to squad?

With where I wanna end up, squad's the best place in terms of a stepping stone to getting promoted.

Let me stop you right there, vargas.

If that's your reason for coming over...

It ain't!

That came out wrong.

The promotion stuff, that's down the road.

It's way down the road.


That ain't gonna cut it.

Sign's out front.

Just a matter of time till a good samaritan steps up.

We can do that?

Oh, yeah.

It's frowned upon, but it's not illegal per standards and procedures.

Last year, we got the new... what was it?


Got the new microwave by doing this.

It took three months to get the new microwave.

The bears game is this Sunday.

What we got in the treasury box?


We spent it all on the elliptical machine so shay could keep her ass toned.

Oh, Herrmann, please.

Everyone benefits from me having a toned ass.

Mills, you're in charge of a fundraiser for a new TV.

Instead of cooking?

In conjunction with cooking.

I believe it's called multitasking.

And get some ideas together asap.


He in?

On the phone.

You can leave it with me, though.

Hey, um...

Tomorrow night, I don't know if you have plans, but me and some girlfriends are going to see Kaskade at the Vic if you're interested.

What's Kaskade?

Oh. He's a dj.

Famous one.

Yeah, um...

Look, I'm not really known for my self-restraint.

So I'll need you to meet me halfway here and respect Boden and your dad's wishes.

Who wants to be known as the rat fireman who took down a cop's kid?

What's the cop's name?

Detective Voight.

Aye yi.

What's the problem?

Voight's been hip-deep in the gang unit for 15 years.

He's been investigated for taking bribes.

Look, he's a dirty cop.

The kind of guy that gives the rest of us a bad name.


Well, I saw what I saw. The question is...

Did anyone else see it?

I'll ask around.

Put some feelers out. Wait to hear from me.

'Cause I'm telling you as a friend of my sister's, you do not want to mess with this dude.

Lieutenant Casey!

Chief wants to see you in his office.

Okay. Whatever you can do, I'd appreciate it.

How long you been dating this guy?

What... Antonio, what are you...


Where do you come up with this stuff?

You're trippin'.

I'm not... I'm...

He's taken.



All right.

Well, I'll be in touch.

Hey, you being straight with him?

If anything, I downplayed it.

Your boy's messing with a stick of dynamite.

Then do your job and help him out.

Incident report from that t-bone last shift.

I got Severide's. Where's yours?

Right, I've been buried in paperwork, and... on my desk by the end of this shift.

That gonna be a problem?

Not at all.

A neighbourhood hotdog eating contest.

Ah, too tacky.

And putting a sign out front begging for a TV is what?

He's got a point.

Okay, um...

How about a tee shirt booth in the driveway?

We already sell tee shirts.

Yeah, but I mean, no one can ever find the key to the cabinet, Herrmann never has change in the treasury box.

It's a pain in the ass, so we put the shirts out front and display 'em properly.

I don't know how that's gonna generate enough money... and we get Nicki to man the booth.

Ding. Done.

That is called putting it over the goal line, Peter Mills.

Why don't you put her in a bikini while you're at it?

Before I respond, are you joking, or are you serious?

About as serious as putting you in a bikini.

That's what I thought.

So yes, a bikini would be ridiculous.

And we get the joke.

[Laughs] Hey, what do you think, Casey, tee shirt stand?

Or should we have Mills here run a few laps around the block, think about some alternatives?

Everybody on the floor. Gonna do a drill.

Mills, listen up.

This is a downed firefighter assessment.

Fellow firefighter's gonna be on the floor, full gear with his pass alarm going off.

You crawl in from 10 feet away, deactivate his alarm, check for air flow, call in a mayday on your radio, and drag the victim to the extraction point, which will be the north gate.


But with a blacked-out face mask to simulate zero visibility.



No showing up late to this one, candidate.

Eh? [Laughs]


I got two masks.


Slowest time has to mop the apparatus floor.

Time him.

Let's go, gentlemen. Gear up.

Hey, Hal. What's going on?

Lunch break.

You eaten yet?

No. Come on.

Hey, gabriela.

Hey, hallie.

Good seeing you.

You too.

Hey, this came in for you earlier.


You look pleased with yourself.

Uh, downed firefighter assessment. New house record.

Oh, yeah? How's Otis taking it?

I don't know.

But the floor was looking pretty dirty, so...

Is that a little cockiness I sense there, Peter Mills?

It ain't being cocky if you can back it up.

Oh, really?

Well, a lot of candidates with skills get their day in the sun, but how they handle themselves the other 364... that's what keeps them around.

I will take that under advisement.

What happened to the passengers in the other car?

I don't know.

They were alert when we got 'em backboarded and into the ambos.

It was a dad and his son.

What was the last name?


The son's 16?

On his way to a hockey tournament?


You heard something?


What? Just...

Tell me.

It's a complete l2 fracture.

He's paralyzed, waist down.

We just got a TV donated.

Flat screen, still in the box.

Cop over at the 35th precinct donated it.

Beautiful! [Claps]



Oh, yeah, baby!





Who's it from?

Detective Voight. He saw your sign.

Is that a 40-inch?

A 43!


Oh, God damn.


Take it back.

No, no, no.

Don't worry. Voight went through all the channels.

Said to donate it to the city, but specified it come here.

So the bureau bitches aren't gonna freak out.

Send it back.

Sure. You got it.

Is that something that you need to bring me in on?


Evites are so impersonal.

Leave it on.

Girl, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Yeah? Prove it.

[Alarm whoops]

Jumper, squad 3, truck 81, ambulance 61.


Still alive?

Yeah, but if he wanted to be dead before, I guarantee he wants it now.

How high?

Fourth floor.

I'll call ahead to St. Mary's.

Have 'em prep for spinal trauma, multiple broken bones.

It's not like that.

Holy smokes.

[Chatter on emergency radio]

We got a pulse.

We need two ladders and a rope bag.

You pull him off, he bleeds out right here, right now.


Get the k-12. We're cutting him down.

[Saw buzzing]

Pump some water on that steel so it doesn't overheat!

He's gonna arrest.

Talk to the saw, not me.

You'll be all right, just try and stand still!

He can't hear you! He's in shock!

[Saw buzzing]

Hold that.

All right, get ready. He's coming down.

Three, two, one.

Everybody good?



Watch this.

Got it, got it, got it.

Hey, whoa.

He's going into v-fib. We gotta pull the fence.

What happened to "we pull it he dies"?

We gotta get his heart back on rhythm, but there's no way I'm shocking him till we get this iron out first.




[Saw buzzing]

Pull it away.


All right, hit it!

On me.

Ready, pull!

One, two, three!


Pull him out for me.

Okay, here we go.

Shocking at two, stand by.


[Electrical surge]

Hitting him again at 360. Stand by.


[Electrical surge]


He's got a pulse. Okay, get him in!

40year-old male, suicide attempt.

Fell from four stories, impaled on a fence.

You removed it on scene?

He went into v-fib. I had to yank.

Two shocks on the monitor brought him back.

Let's get him into one.

I'll be right back.


Hey, you.


Missed you on Saturday.

Yeah, I was working. How was it?

The food was good.

But I don't know why Kim's still with Kristin.

All they do is pick at each other.

I mean, enough already, you know?

Yeah. Believe me.


[Clears throat]

I need a big favor.

You got any ibuprofen?

Yes, indeedy. How many you want?



Here's two.

Seriously. Too many can do serious damage to your kidneys.


Don't come running to me when you're on dialysis in five years, okay?


Seriously, look it up. Ibuprofen and kidneys.


Buddy of mine who works out of Voight's precinct said nothing's come up in witness statements.

So you're trying to tell me no one else saw his kid drunk.

Hell yes, other people saw his kid drunk.

But they were other cops who aren't about to go up against Voight.

Well, I would rather my guy not be the only one with his head above the foxhole on this one.

I understand.

Passenger in the other car isn't gonna walk again.

I know. I know.

Look, give me till the end of the shift.

But if I come up empty...

Voight's been pulling his son out of things like this since the kid was 15.

Lot of people had to turn the other way.

And I'm just telling you, if it was Gabby who was in your shoes, and I'm not proud to admit this, but I'd tell her to stay out of it.

Those tomatoes are only good for another day or so.

Elise, I'm done at the restaurant.

I mean, I came in late at the beginning of a shift.

That ain't gonna happen again.

Mom has just gotta deal with it.

Then tell her.

Well, I'm going to.

But I need you to back me up, okay?

[Scoffs] I mean, you know what's going on here, right?

Of course.

Why do you think I've been there on every day off?

You think I like slinging hash?


Um, lieutenant Severide, this is my sister Elise.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

Mom has just gotta realize that dad loved being a firefighter.

And I'm not gonna run from something I want to do with my life just to make her feel better.

Then reassure her.

Well, how?

I don't know.

She's scared.

She doesn't want to lose you too.

Hey. How the t-shirts going?

Pretty good. Couple hundred bucks so far.

I'm almost out of squad tee shirts, though.

What about truck shirts?

Those are just kinda sitting there.

I think it's because of the goat emblem.

It's not a big seller.

Why a goat?

That's what I'm saying.

The goats are freakin' killing us, guys.

I wouldn't mind an explanation from Casey on the flat screen of it all.

Drop it.

I didn't know your side job was the restaurant business, Mills.

For now. Phasing it out, though.

I think you're the only food-related side job we got in here, 'cause let's see, we got security guard, construction...

What about you?

General entrepreneurship.

I was doing pretty good as a day trader, you know, until all the trolls jumped onboard.

And you know, capsized it for guys like me.

You know, it's... it's funny that you bring it up, Peter Mills, because I'm actually circling an investment opportunity.

It could be massive.

You know, and I might let you guys get in on it.

Well, what is it?

Nah, you guys are gonna have to wait, 'cause you know, I... okay, fine.

Two words: Energy water.

[Snorts, laughs]

Are you kidding me?

Greg Duffy?

I guess he was in a car accident the other day that you guys responded to.

Yeah, what about him?

He's outside.


Sorry to barge in on you like this, but my wife made this for you guys.

We really appreciate what you did.

And we know damn well it could've been worse if the car had tipped over, so thank you.



No problem.


How's your son?

Yeah, well...

You know.

Mikey's got a tough road ahead of him.

But we're gonna make it.

We're gonna be all right.

The other reason I came here is...

I don't know if there's anything you guys do in terms of what you saw, or piece together based on what the accident scene looked like, but the police report came back saying I ran a red light, causing the accident.

And that's... that's not what happened.

And I'm... I'm kind of at a loss in terms of how to fight it.

Last paragraph.

Visibly drunk. Smelled alcohol on his breath.

Saw open containers on the passenger seat.

Leaders lead from the front.

Oh, there it is, that prick.

Oh, they will just let about anybody in this place.

I got an urgent call from hq saying you guys didn't know your asses from a tripped horse.

They wanted me to come down, show you how it's done.

Well, come on, tell me about all that action you get out there in the suburbs.

Ah, don't start now.


Hey, so, how's Nicki doing for you there?

Well, she's great help.

She works hard, no drama, always got a positive attitude.

She fits right in. Everybody loves her.

Ah, good, good.

Hey, I appreciate you doing this for me, buddy.

Ain't no thang.

Is she around? I told her I'd pick her up.

Our rig. It's got a cylinder on it keeps on crackin'.

13 years old. Can't get us a new one.

Come out to Naperville. We get a new rig every three years.

In the burbs.


Leave it on.

Any of y'all seen Nicki?

I haven't chief, sorry.

I'll check the kitchen. Be right back.

All right, boss.


Hi, dad.


You're here early.

Zero traffic on the ike, if you can believe it.




Oh, you ready, kiddo?

Yeah. Yeah, I, um...

I'm just gonna go grab my stuff.

All right, sweetheart.


Hey. Need to talk to you.

That girl is in serious heat, and I'm not Ghandi.


No, about your arm.



What's this?

Friend of mine. I gave her a heads up.

Cool. Thanks.

Yeah, your appointment's after shift.

You said you were gonna get your arm looked at.

I know, I am.

I will. I'll... I am.

Okay, so I basically feel like you've been lying to me in order to get painkillers, and that's not really the quality I look for in a friend and a roommate.

Part of me doesn't want to know.

I get it.

Of course, but the consultation's off the books.

Just you and I will know, and we'll figure it out.

All right.


Hey, Casey.

What's up?

Just wanted to let you know that I reached my squad certification.


And I put in for a transfer.

So I just wanted you to know beforehand.


Congratulations, man. Seriously.

Severide will be lucky to have you.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

You Casey?


I'm Hank Voight.

Got time for a drink?

Lotta cops got dinosaur arms when it comes to pulling their gun.

Not me.

You know, I've always been aggressive.

It's the only way to get anything done in my line of work.

The reason I'm telling you this is...

I put a lot of time into my job.

I mean, I cared a lot about protecting the city and the people in it.

Maybe too much, 'cause...

I wasn't at home a lot, and I took my eye off my son.

That's on me.

But I am telling you right now I am gonna be up that kid's ass until he gets his head on straight.

I'm gonna get him in a program, the whole deal.

You got my word on it.

Good to hear.

See, the thing is Justin... that's my son.


He's got some priors.

This thing that happened the other night, if there was alcohol involved, that's a felony.

He does time.

Real time.

You ever been to lockup?

You been to Statesville? You been to these places?

You don't want your kid there, trust me.

I'm sympathetic, but...

That's got nothing to do with me.

Sure it does.

You filed a report that said my son was drunk that night.

He was.

Well I need you to retract it.

Let me tell you...

I will owe you. Big time.

I'm a good guy to have a favor bank with.

The kid in the other car. Did you know he's paralyzed?

Yeah. And it breaks my heart.

But there is no sense having two tragedies coming from that night.

And putting 10 years on my son would be a tragedy, 'cause he's a great guy.

I've been to Statesville.

You ever been to a spinal injury center?

Family watches their kid drag his feet while gripping some parallel bars, clinging to the fantasy that he'll walk again one day.

And the dad quits his job to help the mom care for him, and take a second mortgage out on their house to pay for it.

And on top of that, they have to live with the shame that the police and fire department shoved a lie down their throat that they caused the accident?

What you're asking me to do...

I'm not asking!

If you're not the kind of man to do a cop a favor, then I can take this to the next level real easy.

It was the end of your shift, you were tired, you got your paperwork mixed up, you got your calls mixed up. There's a million excuses.

Pick one.

'Cause believe me...

You are gonna retract that statement.

'Cause if you don't, I swear to God...



Hey, chief, uh...

Can you give us a minute?

This is kind of a private conversation.

No, I'm good.

I'm not changing a word.

Honestly, I don't know how you're walking around let alone working.

What happened?

Jobrelated. I figured it was just a pinched nerve.

It is.

Caused by a fracture in your c5 vertebra.

Right here.


You're lucky that you can feel pain at all right now.

But there's a surgery which can take pressure off the nerve... how long would I be off work?

Full rehab, six months to a year.

How 'bout without the surgery?

We're dealing with motor nerve damage, so there's no definitive timetable.

But you can expect weakness of the hands, you can expect muscle atrophy, and then if it deteriorates, fasciculation.

Twitching of the hands, of the knees.

After that, you don't want to know.

My brother called.

Asked if you were sure about what you're doing.

I told him, "you don't know Casey very well."


You holding up all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm good.

What would you have done?


I... y-you know, I went back and forth on this.

Especially with Antonio in my ear, but...

You want to know the honest answer?


If I held that information out of the report, I thought about how I'd feel looking people I respect in the eye.

You know, and...

I-I guess specifically, I thought about how I'd feel looking you in the eye.

And that's when I knew I would've done the right thing.

300, 320, 340...


We found a 32-inch over in Roscoe village the guy says it's barely been used.

I got a better idea.

[Drill whirs]

All right.

What's that?

You asked for a level.

That's a t square.


Oh... just go.


[Saw buzzes]



So, how'd it go?


Nice lady.

I've just gotta find a way to manage the pain.

Yeah, kendra said you... you basically have a broken neck.

Well, if the two of you already talked, then why are you asking me?

I get that surgery, there's follow-up exams.

There's paperwork involved.

The department doesn't like how it looks, I go on long-term disability.

That's 75% pay.

And then do what, shay?

I fish off Navy pier for the next 20 years?

Working squad is all I want.

It's all I have.

If I have to eat the pain, then I will.

[Knock on door]

Who's that?

Hey. Remember me?

[Clears throat]

I do.

Nicki is engaged.

Besides, it, uh, looks like you're already having your fun, there.

This conversation need to continue?

No, sir, it doesn't.


There you have it.

Bears game starts in an hour.

Is there a decent spot around here to watch it?

Not too crowded, not too loud, and we can get seats?


Yeah, I know a place.

Bring it down. We're going inside some place.

Go easy, guys.

Mom, hey.

This looks like a mom.

This looks like a mom, am I right?

You're right.

Welcome, welcome. Aw, you got a sweet kid.


Herrmann, nice to meet you.

Hello, mother.



Mouch. Nice to meet you.

Mouch. You'll get used to it.

Otis, nice to meet you.

Hi, mom. Brian. It's Brian.



Jose, it's a pleasure. Welcome. Welcome.

Thanks for having us.

Um, this is my boss, ma.

This is lieutenant Casey.

Lieutenant Casey, it's so great to have you guys here.

Nice to meet you, ma'am.

And hey, oh, this is my sister Elise.

All: Hey, Elise!

Really? Thank you.

Can I talk to you a minute?


I don't sleep at night when he's on shift.

I'll look after him.

I promise.

All right, cheers, cheer.

Okay, you guys, make yourselves at home.

We'll bring some food out.

Thank you.


[Laughter, chattering]

Oh, he knows, he knows.

Shall we?


Just keeps getting better!

Welcome to soldier field in Chicago...

I really want my honey bears back.

That's what I want.

25 years.