01x18 - Fireworks

Mills, give me a 35-foot ladder.

Got it.

Previously on Chicago Fire.

I'm only seeing you. I only want to see you.

Treat her right.

I will.

I'm over being the grieving widow.

You have always been there for me, Matt.

It was my pleasure.

Hey, Lieutenant, I was looking at the list of the up and coming classes at the academy and I'm trying to figure out which ones to take to make the move to squad.

I'm gonna be artificially inseminated.

And now I'm going to browse through potential sperm donors and continue to look for the perfect applicant.

Fire department, is there anybody in here?

Hey, is your dad gonna come back to the house at all?

He worked with my dad and I just wanted to hear...

I need to know how my dad died.

Ed was trying to prove himself to you that night and he took unnecessary risks because of it.

He was doing his job.

My ass!

He was trying to prove himself to the guy who slept with his wife.

Hey, Chief.

I just thought I'd catch you before shift started.

You caught me.

Good morning, first of all.


So obviously I heard what I heard last night.

And I guess I'm just trying to figure out what to do about it now that it's kind of out in the open.

It's not out in the open.

Well, I mean it's out in the open for me, because I don't know if you're aware or not, but Pete and I are dating.

I'm aware.

So you may also be aware that Pete's become increasingly convinced that people are keeping secrets from him about his dad, vis à vis...

Are you gonna tell him what's going on before he hears it from Kelly's dad?

Bennie Severide is not gonna be coming around 51 anymore.

Still, Pete is gonna keep digging until he finds out.

Gabby, you dogged inquisitiveness... is one of the qualities that makes you such an effective paramedic.

But it is of no use to you in this matter, which is a private one.

If you care about Mills like I think you do... drop it.

I'll see you back at the house.



Good morning.

We got scrapple and we got eggs.

Grab a seat.

There you go.


So, um, Whoritsky's offered me a teaching post, and I'm thinking about doing it.

Figured I could come down and see you every couple of weeks, hang out.

What do you think?

Sounds good.

Will probably have to spend one more shift at the house.

Kind of re-familiarize myself with a couple of things.

So why don't you tell Boden I'll be there about noon.

What the hell's going on with you and Boden?

Look, Wally and me, we go way back.

You know, he and I, one minute we're at each other's throats and the next I'm helping to put a new deck on his house.

Okay? This is nothing new.

Look, I promise you, I'll be a choir boy, okay?

A mute choir boy.

Keep that 2 1/2 on the roof line.

I don't want a flare-up spreading to the other buildings.

Oh, hey, sir, sir.

You're gonna want to stand back, okay?

It's my restaurant, are my employees safe?

Hey, Casey, you got a search status?

Building's clear, just opening up the ceiling.

Pop a couple of these tiles.

Building was empty, your people are out.

Son of a bitch said I'd pay, I never thought he'd go this far.


Ten years without a grease fire.

I opened four restaurants in the union, suddenly he sees money.

I refused to sign. They send this thug!

Sounds like you're gonna want to talk to CPD.

What good would that do?

This guy's not gonna stop until I'm ruined or dead.

Okay, Chief, we're almost done.

Send in the engine for the wash down.




Mills, get out of here!

Hit him with the hose!

Come on!



I'm okay.

Thanks, Cruz.

Seriously, it's fine. It didn't burn through my gear.

Then what's this?


Hold still.

It's just a first-degree burn.

Will you give me that bandage?

Couple more seconds of whatever that was that dumped down on you, it wouldn't have stopped at the jacket.

It smells like fuel.

That's 'cause it was.

Homemade gasoline fire bombs in the ceiling.


Back door was kicked in.

It's not like whoever did it was making an attempt to hide it was arson.

CPD said they'd back seat to my office on this one.

On that union rep who was threatened by the owner of the diner?

Yeah, your owner, Stuart Tuxhorn, filed a complaint against a Lou Krinsky last month.

We're checking it out, but with a case like this, the evidence is circumstantial at best.

[Chuckles] Yeah.

Did I say something funny?

Yeah, this union guy, if he's connected to city politics, you can't tell me that someone isn't already trying to get this buried.

Look, we're good here. Just keep us posted.

Can I talk to you sec?

My old man wants to come by the house again.

Kelly, I don't think that's a good idea.

Whatever business you guys got, that's your business.

But he said he'll be a choir boy and it's one more shift.

Here's the deal, Kelly.

I don't know what your dad has told you...

He hasn't told me dick.

Some guys when they retire and they come back around the job, for some reason they gotta tear it down.

I'm no psychologist, but your dad, he's always been real adept at tearing things down.

So that he's the only one left standing.

He has a take on how Peter Mills' father died.

And it is untrue.

And that would hurt Pete if that were thrown in his face.

I will not allow your father to do it.

So it would be in everybody's best interest if you were to meet your father in another house.

So you can tell him.

Or I could tell him.

[Cell phone rings]



Uh, my buddy Jason Baseden over at Squad One, you remember him?

Yeah, sure, I remember Jason.

Well, he heard you were in town and he was, like, "get your old man over here!"

It's a newer house, all the latest bells and whistles and, you know, I can stop by later if we don't get a call.

So stop over there, okay? Jason's expecting you.

Yeah, sure, of course.

No problem.



Um, hey, don't be jealous, but Dolores down at the records department of the academy...

I sent her a gift basket of cookies and brownies, just trying to butter her up to try and get information on the fire my dad died in, and it worked.

She sent me over the battalion Chief's original report.

And I am starting to see why Boden and Kelly's dad don't want to talk about it.

Two fire fighters dying and the other firefighter's wife was pregnant with her first child.

Tough to relive through, you know?


Well, Dolores is still searching, she's gonna send me anything that she finds.

[Dog whining, growling]

Hey, guys, what does "ebullient" mean again?

No idea.

Bull-like. To resemble a bull.

Means cheerful and energetic.

Or that.

All right, thanks.


One of these used it to describe himself.

Any guy that describes himself as ebullient, you don't want his sperm.

Yeah, right. Thanks.

How much longer you gonna be on this donor kick?

Until I find the right guy.

And you can just look at 'em on your computer.

Mm-hm. Like I'm doing right now.


I admire your gumption.

Most other people would, you know, keep that behind closed doors.

Every time Cindy gets pregnant, Herrmann plasters her sonogram images all over the fridge.

And what? I'm supposed to hide in a corner?

I said I admire your gumption.

Well, thanks.

Hey, Heather.

I was in the neighborhood.


Hey, um, did you notice an earring in your truck?

I'm missing one.

Uh, I didn't see it, but I... I can take a look.

Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, Saturday the kids are staying with my parents and I was planning on having having dinner with one of my girlfriends, but her dad's not doing so hot so she had to fly out to Jacksonville.

But I've already got that night free so I was thinking, why don't we grab dinner?

[Alert beeps]

Smoke eater in the house!

God damn it!

Donut man in the house!

Donuts, everybody!

Oh, hell yeah!

Come and get it!

Hey, what happened to going to Squad One?

I didn't want to.

Come on, you guys, let's get a donut.

Hi, Wally.

You know, I used to bring those to the ladies in arson all the time.

One of them, Ruthie, she didn't have anything personal in her office.

I mean, nothing. Not a family photo, nothing.

All she had behind her desk, right in the middle of her tack board was this quote, "if you can't do anything about it, don't worry about it."

And I am, like, "man, this Ruthie is locked into some higher level stuff," right?

Bennie, can I talk to you real quick?

Yeah, just a second.

So anyway, Ruthie retires and I go in to say good-bye and I look at the board and the quote is still there.

And I say, "hey, Ruthie, you forgot your quote."

And she says, "that's not mine, that was here when I moved into the office."

[Laughter] All this time I thought she was like this oracle or something, you know?

Anyway, I kept the quote.

What the hell? Couldn't hurt.

Lead the way, boss.

You're not welcome here.


Is that why you have my son hustle me down the road?

You are not welcome here.

25 years on the job, 15 of them in this house.

Nobody tells me when I can come and go!

Whatever you two are trying not to bring attention to, guess what?

You're bringing attention to it.

We got this, Kelly.

No, you don't.

He wants to stay here one more shift, that's it.

Can you keep your mouth shut while you're here?

Who the hell are you to tell me to...

It's a yes or no question!

[Knock on door]

Lou Krinsky, restaurant workers local 553 is here.

Looking to talk to us.

We'll be right there.

Do I need to turn the hose on you guys?

We're good. We're fine.

We'll be right out.


You always had all the answers.

But I'm gonna tell you, this is your only shift.

You try and show up again for a second, I will put an ass-kicking on you 20 years in the making.

Ooh! You still got it, Wally.

I was starting to think all those bugles had turned you into a big marshmallow.

It's the way it's always been with me and him.

You didn't own this house. You rented it.

And I'm here now, so show me some respect.

Just curious why a report coming from this house has the arson department trying to finger me for burning down a restaurant.

That report conveyed the owner's statement to us, that's all.

Oh, okay.

Well, then I would like to make a report.

Tuxhorn... rapes baby seals.

Put that in the report, have him have to defend it.

This is between you and the fire investigations.

Yeah, and it got that far because you guys took the word of some sweatshop owner over that of a fellow union brother.

Why don't you show some courtesy, talk to me first.

We're not talking about a busboy who got fired, Lou... this is serious business.

I know. I'm being accused of starting it!

We just wrote down what we saw and heart.


Guy's a skull-cracker.

You're awfully quiet. Everything all right?

All right, let's... let's say that if you knew something...



No, no, no. Don't give me that.

What? What is it?



Oh... oh!

Oh, goodness gracious.

I'm not here to judge you.

I didn't... see, that... when... when the... what?

I'm not here to judge you.

I just want to know how it works.

Who else knows?

No one.


Just Dawson.

Oh, Shay.

Don't worry.

She's sworn to secrecy.

But, Mouch, I gotta ask.

Six foot? 175?

I aged out.

It was my understanding they were gonna take that down.

Fine. Look, I got a million questions I'm gonna ask you.

Can I? Please?


Okay, I'm ready.

Great. First off, the sperm.

[Fire alarm blares] Oh!

Truck 81, Ambulance 61, restaurant fire.

[Sirens blaring]

[Horn honking]

Mr. Tuxhorn.

I never should have told you 'cause he's gonna bury me now.

Stay back.

I'm the one who called.

I was making my stop and I saw a man on fire running through the restaurant.

Okay, no one goes in. Hit it from the window.

Quick takedown.

If that driver's right, this is gonna be a recovery.

Cleared the dining room and bathrooms.

No bodies. Moving into the kitchen.

Guess I don't need to remind you to keep your eyes on the ceiling.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

Hey... it's the same entry point as the last fire.

Wherever he is, he's long gone.

This is Casey. Building's clear.

Uh, Casey... we need a medic.

[Grunts] Let's turn him over.

Agonal breathing. Fire may have scorched his lungs.

How bad?

I don't know.

Airway looks pretty fried.

His arms are burned. Can't get a line in.

He's got minutes at best.

We move him or lose him. Give us a hand?

On three.

Very gentle.

One, two, three.

61 to Main, let Lakeshore know we are two minutes out with a burn victim.


61 to Main.

Cancel that. Victim is DOA.

We will transport from scene for safety.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

Well, we verified it.

Krinsky's alibi clears him from the second fire.

Come on, he's union muscle.

He could have had one of his knuckleheads torch both places.

I'm not arguing with that.

But as of now we don't have actionable evidence.

I got a drawer in the morgue full of evidence.

I don't care if the man inside is homeless or a ceo, he didn't deserve the death he got.

Oh, and I think he did? Come on, give me a break.

The guy who owns these restaurants is fearing for his life.

We need proof.

Do I really need to explain arson investigation to you guys?

It take a while.

Let's go back to that second fire and look around.

Yeah. All right.



Take your dad with you.

Chief, he gave his word that he'd keep his mouth shut around here...

I know he's a pain in the ass, but he's a hell of an arson investigator.

Oh, yeah.

[Door closes]

You know, I could cook you up something if you'd like.

Oh, that's all right. Thanks, though.

I didn't know that you and my dad were on Squad together.

And, um... the other firefighter who died with him.

That's right.

Ross McGowan.

Two years on the job. About your age.

Had his whole life ahead of him.

Never got to meet his daughter. A real shame.

Yeah, I'm sorry to bring it up.

I know it must be really hard to relive.


Never should have happened.

How do you mean?

Well, like you said.

It's hard to relive.

Respectfully, Mr. Severide, I get the sense that there's something you really want to tell me.

[Approaching footsteps]


Let's take a ride.

So, like the pamphlet says, you just do it in a cup?

No, uh, a gossamer-winged stork flies down and...



And have you had contact with any of the...

With the kids? God, no!


I'm Father Flanagan?

No way!

I treasure my privacy.


It just seems so impersonal.

Let me just stop you right there.

My cousin Ted and his wife Patty, they tried for a long time, couldn't conceive.

They decided to go the A.I. route.

That's shorthand for artificial...

I got it.


So now they have a lovely daughter Elsa who is the light of their lives.

And that family is filled with nothing but love, despite the clinical origins.

That's beautiful.

Is that why you became a donor? Because of them?

No. The cash.

125 a pop. That's what they call a renewable resource.

I don't know, man.

Might have to figure something else out.

So, Matt, was that Andy Darden's widow I saw you with at the academy dinner?

Yeah. Heather. That was her.

She just needed a ride.

Good to see you guys haven't turned your back on her.

That's important.

Yeah. Absolutely.

I'll take the back.

Both buildings were broken into from the rear entry.

Gas accelerants were used.


I don't know about this teaching gig.

Why not?

Job's changed too much.

It's almost exactly the same. It's just better gear.

Well, the people have changed is what I'm saying.

Back when I came up, you fought a war at 18.

You had kids by the time you were 22.

You'd lived a life. You were a man.

Now these kids are coming straight out of their parents' basements to the firehouse.

What the hell can I teach somebody like that?


Like him.

Who? Hadley? He's fine.

Yeah. Okay.

They still have wars. People still pop out kids.

I don't know why you gotta piss on everything.


From the sole of a sneaker.

That bus driver was right.

Somebody was on fire and running through here.

What was the homeless guy wearing?

He had boots on.

Then we're looking for somebody else.

It wouldn't be him.

So this thing collapses and knocks us down...




Quit playing grab ass, would you?

Look at this.

You see that? Pry marks.

This door wasn't breached from the outside.

Somebody had a key. The owner or somebody he hired.

They let themselves in the front door and then they pried this open. Make it look like it was broken in from the outside.

You gotta be kidding me.

Inside job.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

15 minutes after the second fire was called in, it.

An 18 year old kid walked into an urgent care unit five blocks from the scene.

He had second and third degree burns.

Claimed it was a barbecue mishap.

Memorial went and picked him up. He's there now.

I want to head down there and check it out.


I don't like getting lied to. I don't like getting worked.

And if someone other than that union guy got that homeless man killed, I want to know.

I got him covered.

Hit it.

What's up, Omar?

Lieutenant Severide, CFD.

Oh, geez.

Damn barbecue. Didn't know the gas was on and boom.

Lucky I'm alive. Where were you standing?

Right in front of the grill, trying to light it.

Then how'd you burn your legs?

I don't know.

It was a big ol' fireball, though.

Those aren't barbecue burns, Omar.

I'd know. I've responded to 20 of them.

I swear to God...

Now they're gonna test the shoes you were wearing against the rubber fixed to the floor in that diner and it's all gonna go south.

Why? For what? I didn't do nothing.

A guy was killed in that second fire.

No. No. No, man.

Look, I'm not a cop.

I just want to know what happened and I'll help you any way I can before the cops get involved.

And they're gonna get involved soon.


All right, maybe... there's one thing maybe you can help me with.

I'll try.

It was an insurance scam.

Tuxhorn and his wife wanted two of the diners to go down and they was gonna lay it off on some union dude who he was beefing with.

And he asked my dad to help him do it.

My dad owes him a lot of money, so he said he was in to settle up.

But my dad, he got a knee replacement surgery last year and he ain't too quick.

So I said I'd do it.

I was pouring the gas...

I don't know.

Maybe the fumes hit a pilot light or something.

And I was just running through the restaurant all on fire and Tuxhorn put me out and he took me here and he said to say it was a barbecue accident.

Look, man, I'll take the rap for it.

I just gotta leave my dad out of it.

Can I do that?

Can I leave my dad out of it with the cops?

Don't bring up his name.


Thank you.

Did somebody change his food, 'cause there is something going on here.

Where's Herrmann?

Bar management seminar.

You guys close to opening?

Uh, a few weeks... hopefully.

Hey, Shay, where's your iPad?

Put it away for a bit.

Did you find a donor?


So you're not going the whole sperm donor route anymore?

What is this, an interrogation?

I told you, I'm regrouping.

So, uh, who asked who out? I'm just curious.


Um, wait. You did, right?


Yeah, you asked me to dinner that one night.

Oh, no, that wasn't a date.


What's up?

Uh, Dolores from Records, she sent me an email earlier.

I just... I can't open it on my phone.

I'm... I'm gonna try it in there.

[Tense music]

♪ ♪

Hey, Kelly, great job.

Hey, thanks, Chief.

You too, Bennie.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

How about I get a cup of coffee before I take off?

All right.

Hey, you got a second?



So how are you?

Um, what's going on?

So here's the deal.

You know I've done thorough research on this whole insemination thing.

And today I got... well, I guess an accidental window into how the whole process works, and it really left me feeling... hollow.


And, you know, I've been searching for the perfect guy to be the father of my baby.

Someone honorable, strong, good-looking.

[Chuckles] I mean, sue me.

And maybe even someone who would want to be part of the child's life.

And someone who would want to celebrate, you know, how beautiful it could be.

With me... a cool chick who's not gonna freak out and they'll never have to worry about, you know, me wanting a divorce or trying to take all their money, or be a bitch, or...

Kelly, I want to know if you'd like to have a baby with me.

Look, Shay, I...

No, no, no. Let me finish.

And we'd go through the insemination process...


And... and, yeah.

Okay, that's it. I'm done.

I don't... I don't know what to say.

That's okay.

I just... I just want you to think about it.


Thank you.

And listen, if the answer's no, I mean, there won't even be a hiccup between us.

It... it's okay. It'll be solid.

Always, you and me.



Okay, that's it. I'm outta here.

Great to meet you, Ben.

See you again.

Such a pleasure.

Real pleasure.

Good to see you. Thanks for the donuts.


Take care, Bennie.


Mr. Severide, can I talk to you in private?

Actually I'm just taking off. It was nice meeting you.

Yeah, please...

I really need to talk to you.

Can you make it quick?


Um, the Lambert Tree Award.

It's the highest award awarded to a firefighter.

My father was nominated and everyone up the line signed off on it... except for you.

Just curious to why.

Some other time, kid, okay?

Is this what you're trying to say to me?

Do you feel bad about not signing off for it?

That even though my father was a hero... and even though he gave his life...

It's an award for valor!


He wants to hear it.

I'm gonna tell him.

In the middle of that fire, your father panicked and pulled off his mask... which would have been his business, except another guy died trying to save him.

So, no, I didn't sign it.

Because I could not in good faith reward someone for demonstrating cowardice...


Come on, man!

Hey! Hey!

Come on!


You want to know why Boden thinks your father wasn't at fault?

Do you?

'Cause he's an optimist, I guess.

I'll see you back at your house.


You are off duty until further notice.

Get your gear.

Wait for Bennie to get off site, and you go home and you'll wait to hear from me.

Rest of you, get back to work.

Hey, you okay?


Look, I totally get what lead up to that and I am so sorry, but you can't just go around punching people.

My dad wasn't able to defend himself.

So I did.

[Slams locker]

We were all real close.

Henry and me.

Bennie. Our wives.

Then Ingrid and Henry, they separated.

My wife left me.

It was during that time.

It just happened.

Then I realized that Henry might have still had feelings for her, and I may have moved too quick, so I stepped back just to see.

And I was right.

Henry moved back in after a month.

Ingrid always says I broke her heart.

So if you think that there's something that Peter needs or wants to know, I'll go to his place after shift.

I'll tell him.

Is what Bennie said true?

Not from where I was standing.

Matt, we have, like, two utensils in this kitchen.

Yeah, it's on my to-do list.

You've been busy, huh?

Yeah, it's been one thing after another lately.

Have you been dating?

Since Hallie?

Uh, there was someone for a minute, maybe less.

Wasn't the right time.

Sorry to hear that.

What are you gonna do?

Damn that smells good.

First home-cooked meal I've had since...

I don't even know.

It sucks having to come home to an empty house, doesn't it?


We don't have to be alone. We don't deserve to be.

We're good people.

Why can't we be happy?


I'm really glad you're here.

And if it was under different circumstances, believe me... but Andy was one of my best friends.

And he was your husband, and...

I think we should honor that.

You know what? You're right.

Let's just count our blessings.

Dinner and a movie. Let's get the movie ready.

[Knock on door]

Hey, Bruiser.

What's the word? You heard anything?


I spoke to Boden briefly.

What did he say?

Well, he hasn't heard from Bennie so the hope is that he doesn't raise a stink.

If that's the case, then hopefully this thing will stay in house.

Boden says to just sit tight for now.

That's all he said?

That's all he said to me.

Okay, look... can I just say that even though I'm... maybe in a jam right now, I feel...

I feel lighter.

'Cause since forever I've been carrying around this weight of not knowing.

And I could always just tell that there was something out there that wasn't being told to me.

At least now I can... I can move on.

Hey... what Bennie said isn't true.

I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay?

Baby, it's not true...

Look, I don't want to talk about it anymore.



[Orchestral music playing on tv]

[Tv shuts off]

He's just like his old man.

It was Henry Mills against the world.

The guy always had a problem.

So if people want to knock me for being arrogant or whatever, let them.

At least I was un-conflicted.

And in this job, you better damn well have that going for you, or you and your buddy's badges will end up on the wall at the academy.

Well, I didn't know his old man, but I know Peter.

And from what I've seen, the kid has heart.

He has courage.

Yeah, well I've seen your squad.

Maybe you're not the best judge of character.

Look, Kelly, I really did come down here to spend time with you.

I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

And if anything I did reflects poorly on you, I'm sorry about that.

I guess your old man is just a guy stuck in his ways.

But hey... if you can't do anything about it, don't worry about it.

[Door opens and closes]

[Knock on door]



Listen, I know it's been on your mind and I think you'd be a really great addition to squad.

You're gonna want to take Hazmat Rech "A", Vertical Rescue and Building Collapse One.

And if any of them are full, you let me know.

I can... I can pull some strings.



Let's push it, see what happens.



[Both chuckling]