01x22 - Leaders Lead

We have an active chemical spill. Suit up for rescue.

Previously on Chicago Fire...

I don't want us going down the same road we did last time, not talking to each other for a month.

You're too important to me for that.

I feel the same way.

You know, I found this contract that we both signed after we got in that argument.

Let's always keep the fighting clean and the s*x dirty.

I could always just tell that there was something that wasn't being told to me.

Do you really not care if it all comes out?

Pete is gonna keep digging until he finds out.

You care about Mills like I think you do?

Drop it.

Oh, God!

Victim's underneath.

Oh, God, help me!

Hang on, ma'am. We're gonna get you out.

She said you tried to kiss her, that she was uncomfortable and tried to leave.

I.A.D. is pushing me to file a police report.

For what?

Look me in the eye. Tell me what I did.

The I.G. has sustained Tara's allegations.

They're kicking the case up to the state's attorney's office.

Meaning what?

Criminal charges.

A promotion, huh?

You need to stay away.

You get a promotion, and meanwhile, I could go to jail?

Get away.

They're talking about filing criminal charges.

Why the hell are you doing this?

I didn't do a damn thing to you.

I said to stay away.

Are you okay, ma'am?

She's fine.


We both know nothing happened that night.





I have a request.

Yeah? What's that?



[Both chuckle]

We don't move from this spot for the entire day.

Yeah, and skip your shift?


I'll just have the truck pick me up here if we get any calls.

I don't think these boxers are going to stand up against a fire.

I'll just call out orders from this spot.

Cruz, grab a 2 1/2.

Mouch, put down the sandwich.

At 24 hours and 1 minute, I wanna be right back here.


[Radio chatter]

See you later.

I'm happy for 'em.

Yeah, me too.

Are you?

Without a doubt, yes.


So, um, this might be a weird time, but, um...

I was just thinking this whole two rent thing, it's... it's crazy.

The two rent thing?

I mean, you know, you're basically living with me already, and we don't call each other to say, "hey, I mean, are you home yet?"

So... how about I give you a key, we make it official, you move in?

I realize... that was the complete opposite of being romantic.


No, no.

No, look, I know I'm really, really bad at this.

I keep beating around the bush all the time.

Look, I love you.


I think we should live together.


Oh, God.

God, that was awful.

That was really awful.


Yeah, it was.

Look, take the time that you need to think about it.

Let me know. No pressure.


All right, hey! Peter Mills, hurry up!

'Cause I gotta take your money after I finish with Cruz here.

[Sighs] Okay, duty calls.

What up, sunshine?

[Station alert]

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Building collapse, 800 South Carpenter Street.

[Sirens wail]

He loves you. That's great news, right?

I don't know.

Out with it. Come on.

I... [Groans]

I still haven't come clean with him about Boden and his mom.

And it just... it feels like this dark cloud hanging over us.

Over you, you mean?

Well, to be fair, yes.


So repeat after me.

It's not my business.


I'm serious.

That is between Boden and what's her name.

I just feel guilty is all I'm saying.

A lie of omission is still a lie.

And if we're gonna be getting this serious...

[Sirens continue]

[Indistinct chatter]


All the schools are on spring break, big party.

We were here on a D&D when we saw the whole thing collapse, one porch on top of another.

There's at least a dozen trapped.

Just tell us where you need us, Chief.

We'll get the surface victims first.

Set up cribbing columns.

K-12, sawzalls to cut away the timber.

Battalion 25 to Dispatch.

We have a three-story deck collapse, multiple victims.

Give me an E.M.S. plan 2 and two extra truck companies for manpower.

Copy that.


No, God! Oh, God.

Oh! Ma'am?

Ma'am, stay back. Come back, come on.

No, let me go. Let me go!


Look at me, look at me, look at me.

We are gonna do everything in our power to help your friend, okay?

Paul. His name is Paul. He's my fiancé.

Tell me he's not dead.

We were just talking.


Okay, Katie.

I need you to listen to me.

No. Please don't say it.

Katie, he's gone. He's gone, he's gone.

Katie, you gotta stop.

You gotta stop.




You did nothing!


You did nothing!



I got one!


I'm gonna die.

You are not gonna die, ma'am.

I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.

You are not gonna die.

Watch that.

Yeah, I'll get it.

You got it?

She's got an impalement in her chest and lots of blood.

We gotta get her free enough to transport her and this piece of wood.

I can't breathe.

Take slow breaths, okay?

Slow breaths. Slow breaths, all right?

Hey. We got one.

We need some more hands!

I'm not gonna... I'm not gonna...

I'm not gonna...

Hey, what's your name?



You're gonna make it.

You have to believe that, okay?

Don't lie to me.

You're not telling me how bad it is.


Okay, Valerie. Keep still.


[Saw whirring] Aah!

All right, clear.

All right, let's get her on the backboard!


[Siren wails]

[Monitor beeping slowly]

Heart rate's dropping.

[Monitor flat-lines]

She's crashing, Shay!

61 to Lakeshore, we're coming in hot with a trauma victim, 20 years old, impalement injury, respirations are dropping.

Come on.

I need a crash cart.

Call for respiratory and blood.

Let's hang units of o-negative.

Let's get X-ray and C.T. standing by.

Push an epi, now.

[Pumping breathing bag]

Stop compressions.

We got a pulse! Let's get her into trauma!

Let's go!

Nice work, Dawson.


[Truck beeps]

Could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Two D.O.As, and I bet we saved a dozen or more.

That right there is what it's all about.

[Speaking Spanish on TV]

All right.


What are you doing?

I'm supposed to speak to Luke's class about fire safety.

So I'm gonna rig one side of the house with flammable materials and then the other side with flame-resistant type stuff.

Then, I'm going to demonstrate the difference.

Kids are gonna love it.

Oh. What could possibly go wrong?

Guys, guys, I have an announcement to make.

Please, I need everybody's attention.

Today, I came across something so upsetting that it literally shook me to the core.

I was in the laundry room.

I was pulling my stuff from the washer to the dryer, and I discovered these left inside.

Oh! [All chuckle]

Don't look at me.

I've been a fruit of the loom man since 1975.


20 bucks to whoever finds the owner.



Hey, first, they ain't mine.

Second, these don't come down until the owner steps forward.

I can't unsee this. Someone has to pay.

He who smelt it hath dealt it.

You're nuts.

Those look like something that a Russian would wear on his wedding night.

They're not mine, but I will put my money on Capp.

Keep deflecting, Otis. That's a good strategy.




[Dog whimpers]

Maybe I'll just let the kids wear the oxygen mask.

[Spanish TV show continues]

[Extinguisher blows]

Excuse me?



Uh, I was wondering, um, do you guys allow kids in here to take a picture on a truck or something?

Yeah, of course we do. Where are the kids?

Oh. Um, I'm just checking.

Some other time.


You confronted her in a parking lot.

I'm facing criminal charges.

Damn right I confronted her.

You are not helping yourself.

Chief, I did nothing wrong.

You did today. You strengthened her case.

Whose side are you on?

I am trying to help you here.

Well, it doesn't feel like it.

I'll handle this myself, thanks.

No, no.

You contact her again, you go within 100 feet of her, you will force me to take away your squad.

That's your way of helping?


Hey, Chief.

Taking bets on the red skivvies from the laundry.

You interested?

My dad used to tell me, "you have a choice.

You can either choose to be in a bad mood... "


"Or you can decide to be happy."

Where is this going?

Uh, at first, I... I wasn't sure about Mills, right?

Was he too young? Was I just rebounding?

Did we move too fast?

But then I realized, damn it, he's good to me.

Be happy.

So you love him 'cause you choose to?

[Laughs] No.

Because I do.


My little Dawson's all growed up.

Oh, shut up.


What about the mom thing?

I don't know.

[Station alert] Ambulance 61.

Man down from unknown causes.

Looks like it's one of those days.

[Siren wails]

Hey there, bud., how you doing?


His pulse is fast.

Let's sit him down and check his heart rate. Come on.

All right.

Oh, here we go, bud. All right.


"Virgilio Ventura."

Welcome back, pal.

You had a couple cocktails today?

No, I think something a little heavier.

What's your flavor, Virg? A little "H"?


He's clean.

What's up with you, buddy?


[Monitor beeping rapidly]

His heart rate's racing at 150.

He's in S.V.T.

We're gonna lose him if we don't stabilize his rhythm.

Cardioverting at 100.

Stand back. Dawson, wait.

His ears. Look at his ears.


Shay, he's got an electrical burn.

His shoe's missing.

It's a third-degree burn.

He's got an exit wound.

He was hit by lightning.

We can't shock him. His heart's had too much trauma.

6 mils of adenosine.

Yeah, yeah!

All right.

[Monitor continues beeping]

Hang in there. Hang in there.

Ready when you are.

On three. One, two, push.

[Monitor flat-lines]



Okay. It bought us some time.

Let's get him out of here.

[Thunder in distance]

What is it?

Ah, nothing.

Rough shift.


Hey, what are you doing for dinner tonight?

I'm doing all the cooking now that Cindy's in the home stretch.

So it's either gonna be pizza or steak.

It's your call.

Well, I can never turn down a Herrmann steak.

All right. Great.

Bring the beer, all right?

I will.

All right.


Hey! Excuse me, Chief.

Um, I was wondering.

Can I pick up a couple shifts next week?

Maybe pull 48.

These squad classes are breaking the bank, so...

I just need the extra money.

What did your Lieutenant say?

Check with you.

Well, we can make that happen.


I'll talk to second watch.

Thank you.


I'm not exactly one to sit on my hands, you know?

Yeah, well, you shouldn't.

Yeah, well, that's not what the C.F.D. is advising.

I'm running out of options here, Shay.

I'm telling you, the more I think about it, the more I think that she targeted you specifically.

She knew your background, and she took, what, all of two seconds to start flirting up a storm?

Anyone do a background check on her?

I've been on my heels this whole time, no.

Yeah, exactly.

It's time to turn it around, go on the offensive.

[Engine starts]

You thinking about jumping?



You made it.

Yeah, bearing carbs.

I see.


What is it?

You never answered my question.

I know that I'm... I'm moving too fast.

I Peter.

I love you too.


Yeah, really.

I just got one question for you.

Am I gonna have to borrow Antonio's pickup, or are you gonna help me move?

I will help you move.

Yeah, that's what I thought.


Hey, man. Thanks for meeting me.

You sure you know what you're doing.

Tsk. Like I told you on the phone, I'm... I'm feeling out of options.

Well, it might be worse than you think.

I called the assistant State's Attorney.

That Rutkowski's testimony landed, and they won't be accused of playing favorites for a fire fighter.

They're gonna approve criminal charges.

I ran a background check on Tara Little.

She worked at an ad agency.

There were criminal charges filed and then withdrawn.

Against her?


A fellow employee there named Clay White.

There's an address in there.

I appreciate it.

If I was smart, I'd tell you to let a lawyer handle it from here.

May I help you?

Are you Clay White?

I am.

I was told to talk to you about Tara Little.

Anything you wanna say about her, you can tell my lawyer.

Now get the hell out.

It's... it's not like that.

I... I need your help.

I was a middle level executive at Ramsey Call.

I high-end ad agency on Michigan Avenue.

Tara was one of 20 graphic designers we had on staff.

Tara and I had hit it off.

Was it inappropriate?

She was game, and I wasn't married.

It was all consensual.

We had some fun but went in different directions, ended totally civil.

Then we lost an account.

The rumor mill started flying about downsizing.

Next thing I know, Tara makes a claim, says I took advantage of her, it was a hostile work environment.

I was fired and ostracized by the whole industry.

I've got an M.B.A. [Chuckles]

And this is what I do to pay my mortgage.

She got a nice settlement from what I heard.

Sounds familiar.

Would you consider coming forward?

I signed a nondisclosure agreement, so she'd drop the criminal charges.

You didn't answer my question.

Let me take a look at him, Miranda.



What happened?


I was texting on my phone, and I walked into a damn tree.

Oh, that's a new one.

All right, I'm gonna walk you back to a bed, where we can get that thumb set.

You can walk with me?


No texting while you do it.

[Both chuckle]

One sec.


[Door buzzes]


You used to always drop by the firehouse with lunch, so I'm returning the favor, if you have time.

Got you covered.

Come on.

[Door buzzes]

I'll show you around.


We have five beds.

But we can stuff eight in here if we need to.


Um, a couple of visitation rooms, a couple of offices.

There's where we keep the meds.

This is our bathroom.

One bathroom, mind you, for all of us, including the patients.


Oh, Steven Gooding. He started the clinic.

This is my... this is Matt.


Nice to meet you.

Listen, Hallie, do you think you could help us out on Sunday, maybe noon to 5:00-ish?

Dr. Arend can't make it.

Yeah, I think so.

I just have to check my schedule over at Lakeshore.

Great. Just let me know, okay?

Nice to meet you, Matt.

You too.

One sec.

Huh. That's weird.


Uh, well...

Oh, yeah. I know about this.

I'll take care of it.


Everything good?


I'm starving. Let's go.

You really like it here?


When I was away, I remembered why I got into medicine in the first place.

I remembered a lot of things I wanted to reclaim for myself when I returned.

[Siren wails]


[Both laugh]

[Overlapping chatter]

All right.

Look it, look, look, right there.

I won!


Turn that thing up. Screw the neighbors.

[Chuckles] Let's go.

Uh, uh, no, no.

Doing the dishes is my specialty.

You're sweet, Wallace.


Anyway, ain't you supposed to be in bed?

You think I'm going to trust Chris alone with those monsters?

[Both laugh]

Get outta here.





I, uh...

I think I'm losing the respect of an important man in the house.


Between this Benny and this Tara thing...

I think he thinks I'm the bad guy here.


What's that you always say?

"Leaders lead from the front"?


Sounds like me.

Up front can be lonely, that's for sure.

But it goes with the territory, don't it?



[Bottles clink]



Ready to lay claim to your undies?

[Chuckling] Yeah, you wish.

Just come clean, Otis. No one will judge you.

This is a safe room.

[Sighs] You know what? No.

I can't stand to look at these another shift.

Oh! [Laughter]

That's it. Now I know they're yours.

[Station alert]

Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61.

Vehicle accident.

[Sirens wail]

The Taurus there was just pulling out of the hotel parking lot, when, bam!

The trailblazer hit it straight on.

Thank you.

We're on the trailblazer.

He's D.O.A.

[Indistinct chatter]

Go through the window!

Ma'am, try not to move until we get you collared and braced.

I need the report to say we're just co-workers, and we were coming from a lunch when that jackass hit us!

We don't report that kind of stuff, ma'am.

I gotta get out of here.

I need that collar!

Here you go, Lieutenant.


Struts, wedges, and cribbing.

Stabilize that car, so you can get that woman out.

You heard him. Get that cribbing in place.

Cap, center part!

Get it piped down. How are we on the other side?

Almost there.

Good. Let's cut that roof away.

[Machines whirring]

Watch for sparks.

Roof's clear.

"C" collar!

Copy that. Flying in.

All right, you ready?

Take here out as straight as possible.

Where are you taking me?


Will you call my husband and tell him you found me by myself?

Ma'am, you're gonna have to take that up with the doctors at the hospital.

[Man groaning]

Hey, I'm gonna need you to cover for me for an hour when we get back to the station.

You got it.

You're supposed to stay away from me.

Am I?


You're finished.

You hear me?

I am about to scream so loud.

Hi, Tara.


He can't.

He signed...

A nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement?

What else can you take away from him?

I checked with the union attorney, and it turns out in cases of fraud, the courts don't care much about those agreements.


Maybe we take you to criminal court, get testimony on the record.

Or you retract your lie, quit this job.

We never see each other again.

Excuse me?



I was the one that asked about the pictures.

Aw, yeah, of course. How are you?



Uh, this is my husband Roger...

Hey, Roger.


And our daughter Charlotte.


Would you mind?

God, no. No problem at all.

Come on, Charlotte.

I'll show you around here. Come on.

How old is she now?

Uh, 12.

That's incredible.

Yeah, plus, today is her birthday.

So here we are.


She's really something.


Hey, do you have a few minutes?

Because I think we can do a little better than a couple of photos.



All right. [Laughs]

Get in there.


Hey, Chief.

We got a kid's birthday party in the common room, and they'd like to see you.

You tell little Danny or Billy or Leo Happy Birthday for me, but I have a mountain of paperwork that I need to get through.

This one's important, Chief.


Okay, where are the other kids?

Well, it's not that kind of party, Chief.

Later, I'll grab all the guys from the truck, take a picture together.


Are you Chief Boden?

Yes, I am.

And are you the birthday girl?


And, um, what's your name?



And how old are you, Charlotte?


Well, Charlotte, Happy Birthday.


Do you recognize me?

Um, I... I'm sorry. No.

I don't.

12 years ago today, I was left on the doorstep of this firehouse.

He said you were the fireman who found me.

I always wondered what happened to you.

I was adopted. I live in Indiana now.

Look at you.

Don't you look great?

She's always wanted the truth.

When my mom and dad told me where I came from, I had to come here.

And I am very glad that you did.

Thank you.

No. Thank you, Charlotte.

'Cause you have made this Chief... a very happy man today.


Here we go.


All: * Happy Birthday to you *

♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy Birthday dear Charlotte ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪


Hey! [Applause]

You'll still pay a $20 bounty on these briefs?

If you're ready to admit they're yours.

You wanna know something curious?

I looked at the tag here.

Interesting that they're a Japanese brand of underwear not sold in the United States.


The same language you've been studying.

That... that doesn't...


The same proverbs you've been spouting for weeks, one of which you used to fleece me out of 20 bones.



Thank you... very much.

[Sighs] Go ahead.

Go, tell everyone. Get a good laugh.

Oh, I will. I will.

I've been dating a Japanese woman.

I'm doing everything I can to impress her, because quite frankly, I'm not getting any younger.

Now, she mailed me the underwear as a gift.

So that's a good sign, right?

Wait, wait.

Mailed? From where?

Well, we've been, uh... our relationship is... we haven't actually met yet.

An Internet girlfriend.

I've talked to her on the phone...


A lot.

Right, right.

How much have you spent on her?

Eh, not much.

Yeah, a little.

[Pats Mouch's shoulder]


Please don't bust my balls on this, Otis.


Hey, just the man I was coming to find.

I don't know if you've heard, but miraculously, Tara Little has quit the fire service and recanted her testimony against you.

Did she?

What'd you do?

Well, I... I...

You know what?

I'd rather not know.

It was on the up-and-up, Chief.

I promise you that.



Throughout all this, never doubted you.

I want you to know that.

Just had to be a Chief.

I know.

I appreciate it.


Can we talk?


Uh, not here.


Apparently, it happened during a time when your mom and dad were already separated.

Boden and Ingrid got together, but Boden backed away as soon as he found out that your dad and mom might reconcile.

And I didn't know what to do with the information.

And I didn't think it was my place to tell you, so I just sat on it.

But the more I thought about how close you were getting, the more I thought that maybe I should...

I should just tell you, so...

Boden and my mom? [Sighs]

And you knew about this how long?

Since the big banquet.


Look, I know I should've told you sooner.

I know it.

But you have to see it from my point of view.

Oh, do I?

Is that what I need to do, Dawson?

Peter, I'm sorry.

If I'd have known you'd have this kind of reaction, I would've just come right home and told you then.

But you didn't, okay?

I didn't know.


I need to be alone.

[Station alert]

Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambulance 61.

Building dire. 3331 West Halsted Road.

That's Hallie's clinic.

Let's go!

Why aren't those hydrants open yet?

We're gonna need this vented. Get that aerial to the roof.

My partner Barnes, he went in further.

He found a woman, but he couldn't get to her.


Back door is there.

Fan out! Look for victims.

I'll stick with Casey.


[Coughing] I couldn't reach her!



Get him out of here!


[Ambulance beeping]

Fire department! Call out!



Search and Rescue's inside!

This is an oven. Everyone out!

Hallie's in there.


His girl.


Casey, where are you?

No! No!


[Wood creaking, splitting]

Casey, where the hell are you?

Casey. Casey!

Talk to me. Where the hell are you?

We got her! We're coming out!


Get oxygen on her and into the ambulance now.

We'll lead the way.

I'm coming.

[Sirens wail]

Breathe, Hallie.


Damn it, baby. Breathe.

Come on! Breathe.

Breathe. Damn it, girl.