08x01 - Sacred Ground

We've got people alive in here.

We've got to get them out!

You deserve a better man than me.

So I decided I'm going to be the man you deserve.

Get out!

That's an order!

It is part of my job to teach you the ways of the world.

I'm not leaving you!

Send Brett and Foster in if you can spare them.

What's the fire like where you are?

They're safe up here.

Suit up.

Follow me.

Good to see you back with the Chaplain.

You're good together.

I'm leaving for Indiana tomorrow, and I am begging you to come with me.

Will you marry me?



It's about to blow!

Severide, how can we help?

Almost there!

Where's Herrmann?

Follow the line!

Hey, go get Engine!

We'll get this door open!

Truck, follow me!

Let's go!

Hey, you sure you're good?

Yeah, yeah!

I'm good!

- All right!

- Go with them!

Damn it, Ritter, I'm not gonna tell you a third time.

- Leave now!

- No!

Herrmann, drop the hoses!

Come on!

It's gonna blow!

- Casey!

- I'm not asking!

Get down!

Get down!

Get back!

Stay back!

It's gonna blow!

You guys okay?

- I'm okay.

- I'm fine.

- Foster.

- I'm okay.

I'm okay, Chief.



Mayday, mayday!

Firefighter down!

Floor collapse, basement, Charlie side!

Get these guys out of here!

I'll go help Boden.


Keep moving!

Quick, come on!

We can get out this way!

- Easy.

- Okay.

Let's get her out of here before this stuff shifts again.


Nice and easy!

Let's get you out of here!

We'll hold the ladders.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Sylvie, this is gonna hurt.

All right, but I have to splint your arm so I can get you out of here.

You grab onto me, okay?

We're gonna go on three.

Okay, one, two, three.


- The roof collapsed?

- Casey.

- It was two feet of concrete.

- Casey.

I would've never would've called you into position if I'd known.

- Casey!

- What?

Concentrate on getting Brett and everybody else out of this basement.

We can Monday morning quarterback it later.

Casey, what do you need?

Brett's got an arm fracture.

Backboard to get her out of here.

Stokes basket at the ready!


Capp, Tony!

Can you lower us down a Stokes basket from the floor above?

- Copy that!

- We're stable.

You're going to be okay.

I'm sorry.




Firefighter down!

Firefighter down!

It's Otis!

Over here!

It's Otis!

Oh, no, You hold on.

Firefighter down!

Firefighter down!

Is he responsive?

No, no.

No, he's not.

What happened?


Let's get him in.

Come on.

When I give you an order, Ritter you follow it.

- I I just I wanted - - I don't care what you want.

I'm the lieutenant.

I'm your lieutenant, which means I am responsible for your life.

Whether you care about it or not.

Look, um, I know You're going up to a better place and, um I know when you get there, they're gonna welcome you with open arms.

Maybe, uh, you could save us a place to live up there together, you know?

I'll be there someday.

I love you, brother.

I love you and I'm going to miss you.

How long have you had it on, exactly?

Three months, yesterday.

Roll your wrist for me.

- Any pain?

- Mm-mmm.

Make a fist.



Any pain at all?


Now your mother tells me you are interviewing at the Fowlerton Firehouse?

Today, actually.

Do you know Chief Bruce Amshen over there?

- I don't.

- Oh yeah, good guy.

He has got some stories.

Let me tell you.

Anyway, soak your arm in warm water 20 minutes a day for the next two weeks, and start some light exercises and build that resistance daily.

Should be good to go within the month.

Now say hi to your folks for me, and congratulations on that engagement.

Thank you.

Wow, look at that.

- Yeah.

- Let me see.

Oh, my gosh.

It's as good as new.

Um, that took a little bit longer than I thought it would.

Do you mind dropping me off at the Fowlerton Firehouse - or do you have a - Uh, no, of course.

Um I do have the cross department citywide lecture series to get to this afternoon, but, uh, sure.


Plenty of time.

You didn't tell me you were lecturing.

I knew you were interviewing.

I didn't want you to feel you had to come.

Well, I could've rescheduled.

Ah, you'll have plenty of chances to hear me speak.

But it's the cross department Citywide lecture series.

It's a huge deal.

Well, um, I can make dinner tonight and you can tell me all about it.

Sounds good.

Which leaves window duties.

All right, all right.

Calm down.

Second shift drew the short straw.

I don't care how you do it, just get it done.

Front, back, and the apparatus floor.

Casey, Severide, Herrmann, you decide how to parse it out.

And lastly, Joe Cruz.

It had come to my attention that you've been raising money for the Future Leaders Fund.

Uh, yeah.

Um, it's a, um, nonprofit that raises money for scholarships.

They'll have a fundraiser next weekend on the North Shore.

- Consider me signed up.

- Me too.

Yeah, I'll post the information on the bulletin board.


Okay, so if that is everything.

Ah, right.

Emily, um, I got a call.

Your new floater paramedic was given late notice.

Should be here within the hour.

Kidd will cover until he arrives.

Thanks, Chief.



Hey, um, you two come and see me in my office.

- You got it, Chief.

- Yeah, of course.


- Oh, one second?

- Yeah.

Um, hi.


Uh, are you my partner?

Yeah, yeah.

Chad Collins.

How are you doing?

Uh, Emily Foster.

Glad to have you.

I just spin the wheel and show up where they tell me.

Well, uh, you are at a great spot at 51.

You ever get that feeling?


We're gonna be friends.


Where's the pisser at?

- The bathroom?

- That's the one.

Um, it's down the hall.

See you in a dozen.

What just happened?

- Cute, though.

- No comment.

I know that guy from somewhere.

I've never seen him before.

- You sure?

- Yeah, pretty sure.


So something I want to keep you both abreast of.

The official government report from the mattress factory fire has been further delayed.

What the hell is taking so long?

They have four factory workers dead along with a firefighter, And there's some noise about disciplinary action.

Against the CFD?

They're asking for clarification in my incident report.

Sent me a whole bunch of questions.

Anything more you need us to do?


We wait.

So Casey.

Yes, Chief?

How's the search coming for the new firefighter for Truck 81?

I'll know the right fit when I see it.

It's been three months.


I promise I'm looking.


Thank you.

You okay?

They have our reports.

They drag these things on at a snail's pace, not seeing or not caring that we have to keep reliving the call.

Nothing moves slower through the CFD than paperwork.

It's the first thing I learned at the academy.

I guess.

It's just Keep your chin up.

Don't let these pencil pushers get to you.

They'll get the report out, it'll get shoved in a file somewhere, and it's done.

Why don't you guys start on the outside apron windows?

Hey Ritter.

Did you take a pike pole out of the rig after that kitchen fire last shift?

Yeah, I did.

The, uh, pike part of it was breaking away from the handle, so I sent it to equipment maintenance.

We should be getting a replacement.

It has been good having you on Truck.

I mean, under the circumstances.

Herrmann's barely looked at me since the Ah, he's not sore at you.

You didn't see him light me up.

That's just his default disposition.

Well, he he hasn't exactly asked me back to Engine.

I'm gonna grab another soap bucket, get to the windows outside the briefing room.

I can help with that.

Working hard for the money Don't you know it?

Don't you know it?

Money, hey, hey, hey Don't you want to go to dinner with me tonight?

I need you now Well I guess one shift in Chicago is worth a whole year out here in terms of experience, huh?

We stayed pretty busy.

And you can work full-time?


I'd like to if that's okay.

Oh, that won't be a problem.

Um, Mason and Sissy, they're, uh, they're just part-timers.

They mainly do veterinarian work up at the feed supply.

They help out when they can, but, uh, well, the city approved a full-time paramedic and We'd love to have ya.

- I'm hired?

- Just like that.

Shake hands on it before you change your mind.

Now you can start next Wednesday, 9:00 a.


I'll be here.

Sylvie Brett?


I heard from my mom that you were in Fowlerton.

Uh, I, um, my my fiancé works in Anderson.

Shut up.

Engaged again?

That is amazing.

Sylvie was supposed to get married right out of college, but then her fiancé got cold feet.

Then she ran off to Chicago, and everybody said, "She'll be back someday 'cause Chicago is too fast for her.

" I guess they were right!


Well, I don't care how it happened.

I'm just glad that you're here because all I've wanted to do since I left Chicago is reconcile, reconnect, what have you.


It's a small town.

There's no sense in wasting another day on ancient history.

We used to be tight.

We should be again.

I I'd like that.

- That was so good.

- Agreed.

Boden recommended it.

Or Donna, actually.

Said bring someone there for a special occasion.

- What is the special occasion?

- You.

And they said that you weren't romantic.

- Who said that?

- Oh, I don't know.


Well, maybe I didn't have the right girl to be romantic with.

Hey, how's Casey doing?

He carries the weight of this more than the rest.

I can tell.

He said he's going to Molly's tonight.

You want to head over there?

Well, Molly's North is no more.

Oh, is that right?

Yup, Lily shut it down.

She just didn't want to go on without Otis anymore.

Sorry to hear it's closing down.


Hey Mind if I join you?

Yeah, sure thing, Chief.

So, uh How's it going, Joe?


You know, I'm pretty good.

I've been getting more involved with the church, which has been great.

Volunteering, that kind of thing.

- Yeah.

- And Chloe, she's she's incredible.

Been a good ear, you know?

So overall, I'm doing all right.

Glad to hear it.

The last thing that Otis said to me was a Russian phrase.

Clear as day.

What does that mean?

That's just it.

I don't know.

I didn't look it up.

I just what if he was saying something about how much pain he was in?

Or if he was out of his mind?

Like I just don't want his last interaction with him to be Hey.

You know what my big fear is?

We got all these plaques on the wall and these badges at the academy But what happens five years from now?

Or ten?

When we're all split up and there's new firefighters walking the halls of 51 and somebody goes, "Hey, who is that guy?

" And nobody knows.

Anyway, that's what I think about.

I don't know how to answer you, Joe.

I really don't.

'Cause the questions that you asked are the same questions I ask.

A lot.

Ooh, uh, pardon me.

This is headquarters.

I - It's okay, Chief.

- I'll be right back.

Listen, Kidd's been staying over more and more.

If you guys want me out of there to give your privacy Forget it.

We're fine.

She's fine.

- I'm just saying I - Don't bring it up again.

You're not going anywhere.

All right.

Hey guys.

I just had some bad news.

Because of the sensitivity of the official report, they have decided to hold an inquiry, specifically focusing on the radio call that Casey made to request the paramedics to enter the fire scene.

- What?

- It's happening.


Next shift.

I'll accompany you.

It'll be fine.

No, it won't.

This is scapegoat time, Chief.

You know it.

I know it.

This is endless.

- You're the early bird.

- Yup.

Been catching that worm.

Of course he drives a convertible.


Truck 81, Ambulance 61, child trapped, 1915 North Clark Drive.

Hey, come on!

Get in!


Come on, you guys!


It's my son, Sebastian.

He climbed up the prize chute.

Show us.

- Coming through.

- All right, back it up.

Thank you.

Back it up.

Back it up.

Kidd, unplug this machine.

Ritter, get these people back.

Mouch, get me the whizzer saw.


Can you guys give us some space, please?

Yeah, just back up.

Give them some space.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Should we just break the glass?

We can't protect his face.


Hey, buddy.

Just relax.

We're going to get you out of here, but I need you to breathe first.

So so watch me.

You're gonna go in.


There you go.

Mouch, come on.

Let's go.


- It's okay, buddy.

- You okay?

Yeah, let's just get this save.

Just try and relax.

Keep breathing.

That's it.

Okay, go in.


Pop it.

Slow it down.


Keep breathing.

You're doing great.

You're doing great.

All right, let's get his leg down.

That's it.


Almost there.

Take it slow.

Okay, I got you.

There you go.

- All right, you got him?

- There you go.


- Give me a big breath in, okay?

- Okay.

He sounds okay.

Uh, will you hand me a pulse ox?

It's your birthday It's your birthday Collins.


- What?

- Collins, pulse ox, please.


You're doing great, buddy.



All right, we're good to go.

Let's get him to Med.

You guys can come ride with us.

There you go!

I would like my next birthday party here, please.

- Thank you so much.

- Yeah.

Good job.

What's up, boss man?

How is that going?

A great combination of barely competent and completely lazy.

So I'll continue searching.

You're gonna have to carry the load for the next few shifts, so No worries.

Okay, um, there's a reason I wanted to talk.

We have an inquiry today to do with the mattress fire with a new wrinkle.

Um, they're looking to blame Casey for bringing you and Brett into the fire scene.

- That's ridiculous.

- Agreed.

Brett and I and any paramedic not named Collins would've run into that building.

I'm glad to hear you say that.

I feel the same way.

So are you willing to write that down for the committee?


- Thank you.

- Yeah.

I told you I knew this guy!


I cannot wait to see the look on his face.


Excuse me, we're here for the safety hearing.

- Through there.

- Thank you.

These aren't just firefighters.


A lot of cover-your-ass officials.

Same as it ever was.


The commission will see you now.

So you were up above the fire on the first floor, changing out your My air bottle.

Yes, sir.

And you radioed Chief Boden, and told him what exactly?

You have the logs.

Yes, I do.

Captain Casey, "Chief, I've got smoke inhalation victims "that have made it out of the basement, "but can't get outside to you.

Can you send Brett and Foster in?

" "How's the fire where you are?

" Captain Casey "They're safe up here.

" Captain Casey continues, "The floor is two feet of cement.

"Basement's another story.

They're safe up here.

" That's what Matt Casey declared on May 22nd, when What was next?

Excuse me?

What was next in the radio log?

Um uh, you say, "Okay, I'll send them in.

" That's right.

I say, "I'll send them in.

" But it was his responsibility.

The order was mine.

In a fire scene, in all the chaos and unpredictability, a firefighter can only relay back to his incident commander the information he has at the time, but it is up to the chief to make a decision where or when to send the additional resources.

Now in front of you, you should all have letters from Emily Foster and Sylvie Brett testifying that they would have entered the factory anyway.

But those letters don't matter because it was I, not Captain Casey, not anyone else, but I who ordered them into the fire scene.

So if you are looking to blame someone, if you are looking for a human scapegoat, blame me.

I'm gonna go find a Coke machine.

Do you want anything?


You've been cleared of all wrongdoing.

It's over.

The other night, Severide said they're gonna write this report, it'll be stamped, "I'm clear," and then it'll be shoved in a desk somewhere and disappear forever.


Well, it's just I lost a firefighter that day.

I'll never be clear.

Casey's been cleared.

They're not gonna blame firefighters for anything.

Tragic accident, full stop.



Did you hear him?

Yeah, I heard him.

Listen, I I've been thinking about what you said that day to me.


Pretty much nonstop for months, and I just want you to know I was wrong.

I was wrong to defy your orders, and you were right to give them.

And if you ever saw fit to bring me back to Engine, I would not hesitate to follow your command.

Of course I'm bringing you back to Engine.

I'm just loaning you out to Casey until he finds a good fit, all right?

Thank God.

I I was worried that this was a permanent thing.

No, not at all.

All right?

But listen, I'm not going to apologize for going rough on you.

You not following orders means that I did not train you right.

I'm going to make up for that when I'm back.

All right, I look forward to it.

- Go on.

- All right.


So what you're gonna do is you're gonna lean back - and angle your head.

- Mm-hmm.

So only this side catches the light.


That way, the pose is both slimming and alluring.

Call it the Neiman Marcus shot.

Okay, I like this.

Yeah, okay, uh, lean back.

That's it!

Yeah, we've got to take a picture of this!

Oh, uh, Trudy and I are doing, like, an early, uh, Christmas card.

- It's - He looks really sexy.

Brett, you've got to call me back.

This is madness going on in this house.

I am telling you.

Nice piece of land your folks got here.

- Yeah.

- We should look in this area.

Okay, maybe not so close.



You okay, Sylvie?


I mean I don't know.

Talk to me.

The firehouse today is just I think it's going to be a slow house, and this girl I know, Hope Jacquinot, is dating one of the firemen, which is gonna bring some complications that I'm just not sure I wanna deal with.


I was gonna say this before, but I didn't want it to come across the wrong way.

You don't have to work.


I mean, being a chaplain's wife.

It is work.

A chaplain's wife does the same thing as a paramedic.

You help people get through pain, you you patch them up, you make them feel better.

It's about helping people.

Which is what you're so good at.

Um I hadn't I hadn't thought about it that way.

Maybe you try it out, and then you go back to work part-time or however.

However you want to make it work.


No pressure.

Hey, Chief Boden wants to see us out in the north apron.

- Who does he want?

- Everyone.

Come on, guys.

Gather around.

Who's going to remember us?

It's a question that all of us who do this job, we ask ourselves at one moment or another.

Who will remember our work after we're gone?

Brian Zvonecek.

He was our brother, he was a friend, he was a hell of a firefighter.

He was smart, he was funny, he was kind, he was unselfish, and he was loyal.

So If you see someone a fellow firefighter, citizen, friend standing looking at this memorial, I want you to come down this apron and you tell them about Brian.

You tell them the story about who Brian was, the kind of man he was.

That way, you will bring this memorial to life.

Yeah, I looked it up.

Those were Brian's last words and they mean, "Brother, I will be with you always.

" I can't think of a better way to remember Brian.

So from this day forward this memorial site is sacred ground