01x01 - This is the Part Where You Run


HOPE: When we're young, we're taught the distinctionbetween a hero and a villain,good and evil,a savior and a lost cause.

♪ ♪

But what if the only real differenceis just who's telling the story?

My name is Hope Mikaelson.

I come from a long line of the villainsin the tales you've heard about vampires,werewolves, witches, and everything in between.

The school behind these gatesprotects the secrets of people like me.

And tonight, under the light of the full moon,we will be opening our doors to someone new.

[CHUCKLES]: Rafael, seriously, it's not right.

It is what it is, Landon.

You're not Catholic.

You shouldn't have to confess your sins.

I tossed a lawnmower through the patio doors, bruh.

If apologizing to God gets Hector and Maria off of my back, so be it.


Buenas tardes, Father Pietro.

Buenas tardes, Rafael.

Por favor, pray with me.

Landon, you can leave now.

It's okay, we can take it from here.

I'm good, Hector.

Landon, this is between your foster brother and God, okay?

RAFAEL: Hey, I got it, bro.

Just wait outside.



♪ ♪

♪ I knew the moment ♪

♪ I knew the moment ♪

♪ I knew the moment ♪

♪ Love is ♪

♪ Madness ♪

...Spiritus Sanctus.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst...

What's going on here?


What are you doing?!



♪ I never said ♪

- ♪ That I would take no other ♪

♪ Be your lover ♪

♪ Never said... ♪



- You two know each other?
- Long story.


- Dr. Saltzman.
- Yeah, I'm on it.

Doors are locked.

Dissera Portus!

You're gonna want to stay out here, Landon, trust me.




Shut down the exorcist, would you?



Ad somnum.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

Help me...


What's happening?


My God.

♪ I never said that I... ♪

Help me.

♪ Be your lover ♪



ALARIC: Easy does it. Easy, now.



♪ Love is madness. ♪


ALARIC: How do you two know each other?

He used to serve me milkshakes at the Mystic Grill.

Peanut Butter Blast.

Whipped cream on the bottom.

We danced once.

We tried.


- And then you moved away.
- Then you made a door blow off its hinges with your brain.

Do you feel like explaining that?

Oh, we'll explain everything.

We're almost there.

LANDON: Where are we going?

ALARIC: Somewhere safe.

♪ ♪

LIZZIE: Welcome to The Salvatore School.

We're your tour guides.

- I'm Josie.
- I'm Lizzie.

LIZZIE: Sisters.

- Twins.
- Fraternal. Obvs.

Rafael, why don't you go ahead with the girls while I talk to Landon.

- Morning, Hope.
- Morning, Hope.

HOPE: Morning, girls.

More like despair.

HOPE: I heard that.

- No, you didn't.
- Didn't have to.

- Everyone, behave.
- LIZZIE AND JOSIE: Love you, Dad.

[SIGHS] So... let's get started.


I'm curious, Landon... Slow down...

Were you aware of us when you lived in Mystic Falls?

Uh, I knew Hope went to some fancy boarding school.

People in town said it was for troubled rich kids.

I see the rich part is true.

Nobody in town mentioned anyone in here could do that.

No one in Mystic Falls knows much about us.

We blend in just enough.

Participate, contribute just enough.

Keeps people from asking too many questions.

What is there to know, exactly?

Well, I used to have a speech prepared, carefully unpeeling the layers of mystical history, but it turns out most people have read Harry Potter and are actually cool with
me skipping the tee-up.

You're a school for magic?

We are a school for the supernatural, which covers a lot of territory.

Everyone here has something that makes them special in ways that the outside world... wouldn't understand.

So, what are you?

- I should get to class.
- No.

No. Sorry.

I don't mean to be a dick, but I don't know you, and though the image of you whammying a priest is still fresh, I need you here.

[SIGHS] Just tell me what all that was in the church last night?

What do you think it was?

Well, as best as I can reason, either I've lost my mind or werewolves are real.

Th-This is beyond insane.

How is that even possible?

It's a long story, involving an ancient, vengeful witch and a bloodline curse.

We cover all that in Origins of the Species, grade six.
- In sixth grade at my school, we learned the state capitals.

[LAUGHS] We teach that, too.

I have some questions about Rafael.

Like what?

Well, let's start with who he killed recently.

Everybody gets along with everybody here, for the most part.

The wolves are pretty cliquey.

They like to hang with their own.

In defiance of the school's commitment to inclusiveness.

That is why we volunteered to be your tour guides.

To give you a good witch welcome before your hairier brethren corrupt you.

That is our librarian, Mr. Williams.

He's subbing for our Chemistry of Magic teacher who accidentally incinerated himself last week in hellfire.
- Burned all the hair off his body, but didn't leave a scar.


Now, this language has been carefully crafted over centuries.

So you may think you can play fast and loose with the syllables, but you'd be very wrong about that.

Because otherwise, a love charm becomes a what?

Penelope, show us.

LIZZIE: She who shall not be named.
- Talking about her gives her power.

RAFAEL: Who are you talking about?

Josie's evil ex.

Phesmatos is lucasodoray.


DORIAN: That's right...

- ...a stink spell.

- Yes.

Come on. We'll show you the turret.

It's where the seniors go to smoke.

What do they smoke, eye of newt?


- Why would you ask me that?
- The werewolf gene lies dormant until the carrier takes a human life.

If Rafael triggered his curse, it's... because he killed someone.

And we don't accept coldblooded killers into our program.
- He's not a killer.

We're not trying...

He's not... a killer.

Well, I know a little bit about his background.

Neglectful birth parents.

Orphaned in adolescence.

Six foster homes in seven years.

- Prone to fits of anger.
- Yeah, you could just as easily be reading my file...
That's what it's like out there for people like him and me.

Landon, I know this is a lot to take in right now, but we're only trying to help.

I've been going here since I was seven.

This is a safe place for people like Rafael.

It's a home.

ALARIC: But... if we take him in, we need to make sure that he is not a threat.

LANDON: His girlfriend...

[SIGHS] Cassie.

Last month... he was driving, there was a storm, he took a turn too fast.

And then he started acting out.

At first I thought it was just grief.

And then maybe... maybe drugs or something.

And then he threw a -pound lawnmower feet across the yard.

That was when our foster parents called in the priest.

I guess they thought he was possessed by the devil.

All of that is... consistent with a newly triggered wolf.

It's normal.

Thank you for that, Landon.


Everything's gonna be okay.

I promise.

We're ready.


Landon Kirby, Milton Greasley.

- Come on, Dr. Saltzman.
- ALARIC: Right. MG.

I'm sorry. Take it from a guy named Alaric.

I get it. Landon, MG is my student aide.

He's also a vampire.

Of course he is.

You know, for a school with a secret to keep, you're kind of liberal with your information.

Well, we don't actually intend for you to remember any of it.

Forget everything you've seen or learned since last night.

All you need to know is that your friend has found a home where he can live a better life. You'll miss him.

But you know it's for the best.

Are you two out of your minds?

How could I forget any of this?

- MG, did you do it wrong?
- No, I didn't do it wrong.

It's the easiest vampire trick in the book.

- Well, it didn't work.
- Obviously, it didn't work.


Get him to the cellar.

This is not good. This is bad.




- MAN: Let me...
- WOMAN: No!

You sit here and think about it.

Please, don't lock me in here!


- HOPE: Landon.
- Hope.

Can you get me out of here?

Not yet. But you're not a prisoner here, I swear.

I'm in a witch dungeon.

It's a werewolf transition space.


I'm not so good with, you know...

- small spaces.
- We won't keep you here long.

No one expected you couldn't be compelled.

I don't know what that means.

MG tried to erase your memories of this place, but it didn't work.

So now what, I'm a hostage? Where's Rafi?

He's fine. You're fine, too.

Look, compulsion doesn't work on people who take this herb called vervain.

The town sheriff sometimes slips it into the coffee at the gas station we were at this morning.

It takes about a day to pass through your system, but you just have to wait it out.


Yeah, no big deal.

Yeah, I'll just sit here alone in the witch dungeon with my thoughts.

Would you...

I mean... could you wait it out with me?

I'm really sorry about all of this.

But it was nice to see you again.


Whoa, move!




Alyssa Chang made a broom fly in physics last year, but Rick Rogers fell feet during practice, so real-life Quidditch remains an elusive pipe dream.

It's called Wickery.

My parents invented it when we were ten.

Their version is a little less violent than ours.


Giving up dibs on the new guy so quickly?

It's not a competition.

Plus, I'm still nursing a wounded soul.

Hmm. Penelope Park.

We don't mention her name anymore, remember?



Do you think he'll go for her?

Probably. They usually do.


I heard about what happened to your girlfriend.

Oh, I have spies everywhere.

I'm nosy in that, like, charming way.

Thanks, I guess.

On the plus side, we're all happy to know that you're single.

Oh, God.

That was my inside voice.

I am so sorry.

Guys like you make me nervous.

- Guys like me?
- You know.




Yeah, well, I sort of made a point in my life of, uh, keeping clear of girls like you.

So I guess I'm gonna go find Landon.


You didn't have to lock him in the cellar.

Where else was I gonna put him?

- Block with your hand.
- I got it.

If you had it, I wouldn't have to say it.


[PANTING] Cheater.

You should really let a vampire start doing my training.

You're getting a little old for me to break your human bones.

How dare you?

You and Landon have a thing or something?

- I don't have things.
- Yes, I'm well aware of your quest to avoid all emotional intimacy.

There was obviously something.

I liked him.

He's normal.

Well, let's keep him that way.

We survive here because we follow the rules.

We can't get sloppy about it.

You're the one that's always telling me

I need to get out more. [CHUCKLES]

I tell you that you need to stop locking yourself in your dorm room binge-watching Cutthroat Kitchen.

I don't tell you to go out and fraternize with the human locals.

You know, you can just be my headmaster.

All this other stuff isn't in the job description.

Attempt to make an actual friend here, and we could reevaluate this relationship.
- JOSIE: Dad?

Cleanup on aisle "L."


♪ Right ♪


♪ Why is everything so stupid now? ♪

♪ I've been drinking my delusions down ♪

♪ I've been so blind ♪


♪ The kids ain't all right ♪

♪ The kids ain't all right ♪



♪ The kids ain't all right. ♪

Hi, Daddy.

Hey, baby.

♪ ♪



[SIGHS] Can't sleep either?

Yeah, small spaces. You?

Sometimes I get restless.

- Busy brain?

Busy everything.

My body has a lot going on inside of it.

Which is an awesome segue into you telling me how you can move things with your mind.

You ask a lot of questions.

Wouldn't you?


Why are you smiling?

I'm remembering the day we danced in the town square.

This guy who used to mess with me in school finally got what was coming to him.

I'd had a good day.

Do you maybe want to dance, or something?

You want me to dance with you?

Kinda living in the moment here.

Just like me to crush on the girl with the most baggage.

I'm gonna try that sleep thing again.

You know, you do that a lot.

Do what?


I can be dangerous to people.

It's better if I keep my distance.

Better for who?

Again with the questions.


Couldn't stay away, huh?




What the hell, man?

Y-You all right? They helped me get you out.

Summoning spell. Did I bruise you?

- I'm really still working out the kinks.
- Summoning spell.

Let's get you a drink, bro.

♪ ♪

♪ I can't believe what I'm saying ♪

♪ I don't want to give up ♪

♪ I'm just upset and lazy, baby don't give up... ♪

Watch this. They teach it in PE.

You seem good. I was... I was worried.

I was talking to these wolf dudes back here...

All that stuff I've been feeling, everything that gets me into trouble?

It's normal.

I want you to meet them.

Uh, honestly, I think it's best if I just take this opportunity to jump the fence and disappear.

I'll go with you.

Raf, no...

Lan, it's you and me.

So whatever we do, we do it together.

Yeah, we'll talk about it over a drink?

Want anything?

I'm good.





- this is lame.
- You nearly gave me a tracheotomy with a bread knife.

Humor me.



You know, I could just whip up a remedy with some herbs from the bio lab.
- No.

No. No magic.

Your magic gets you into these states, and I want your mind... to get you out of them.




Do you think I'm broken?

Of course not.

I think your biological mother's crazy-ass witch ancestors left you with a legacy of darkness that you have to work through.

- But Josie doesn't have freak-outs.
- Josie spends a lot of time worrying about other people's happiness.

It's a supernatural phenomenon called co-dependency, and I'm pretty sure she got it from my side of the family.

I just...I don't ever want to hurt anybody.

I know that, honey.

That's why we opened this school, to learn control, which is why I'm here now to help, okay?

I'm surprised that you have time, what with all of the private training sessions you've been doing with Hope Mikaelson.

Maybe if you made friends, we could do group training.

I've tried to be her friend when I was five and when I was nine and when I was .

She never makes any effort.

She has lost a lot, and you know that.

She's just afraid to let herself care.

Boo-hoo. Everyone in here has lost something.

She doesn't hold the patent on it.

- Breathe. Breathe.



- Come in.


Speak of the actual devil.

Sorry to bother.


I'm feeling kind of restless.

I kind of need a release.

Uh... back acres.

But stay away from the Old Mill.

Heathens are having a secret party I'm gonna break up in ten minutes.


I'm missing a party?


♪ Been sailing the seas of the spoiled and rotten ♪

♪ Been throwing overboard the once forgotten ♪

♪ Things you never think about... ♪

MG: No. Like, Twilight ruined all vampire mythos.

Okay, y'all want reality, y'all got to go old-school.

Okay, my man Blade... He is the GOAT.

His crazy moms was all, "You wouldn't kill me."

And then, he's all, "I must release you."

And he's... bam, stab!

Dude kills his crazy-ass mom!

I'm not saying that y'all should kill your mom, 'cause that's-that's messed up.

Thanks for your help with Landon.

Oh, yeah, of course. [LAUGHS]

I know that my sister kind of put her foot in it earlier.

I just... I really wanted you to know that we really are sorry about what happened to you.


I had gotten a... a track scholarship to UVA.

She was gonna follow me after graduation.


She was the best person I knew.

Pretty much loved her in that way that they say only exists in movies.

People who say that are the people who have never had their hearts crushed.

You, too?

On the regular. [CHUCKLES]

I care too much. It's kind of a problem.

I don't think that's a problem at all.

You should give Lizzie a second chance.

Lizzie is the best person that I know.





Are you crazy?! I almost killed you!

HOPE: Don't touch that.

Sorry. I didn't. I-I mean, I wasn't...

Where are we?

Uh, the Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library.

All the artifacts in here have a supernatural history.

What's the story on this one?

No idea, but in my experience, your safest bet is to not touch it.


I'm sorry about earlier.

You shouldn't have been out there.

Yeah. I'll file that under the things that seem really obvious after the fact.


I guess this means you're a werewolf.

He said, casually.

I'm a lot of things.

- Care to elaborate?
- They're just gonna

- make you forget tomorrow.
- Come on.

Humor me.


This isn't much of an after-party, Penelope.

There aren't any snacks.

I need food.

I got the munchies.

I can help you with that.

♪ I'm okay... ♪

Oh. We'll get in trouble.

I know.


I'm offering to rock your world right now.

Okay, well, for one, we're not supposed to.

For two, last I checked, you were more into girls, and for three...

No one asked you to bring math into this conversation.

You know what I mean.

For one, rules are meant to be broken.

For two, I am an equal opportunity evil temptress, and your binary assumptions about sexuality... they're dated.

And for three...

I don't really care what your three was, but are you gonna suck me dry... or not?




♪ One bite, one ♪

♪ One bite, one bite, one. ♪

The blood that runs through my veins isn't human.

My dad was one of the earth's Original Vampires.



Turns out even immortal beings can find a way to die eventually.

LANDON: "Klaus Mikaelson:

The Great Evil."

He wasn't very popular around here.

One of my foster dads used to burn us with his cigarettes.

I guess evil is relative.

My mother was a werewolf alpha.

There's that "was" again.

The people I care about have a tendency to die on me.


I try not to get close to people anymore.

Yeah, I can see that.

Um, my grandmother was a witch.

So, all of those things passed down, making me...
- A unicorn?

A hybrid of three different
creatures, tri-brid.

I can control when I turn, which is what I was doing tonight.

- I'm the only one of my kind.
- Yeah. See?



Can I show you something?

Earlier, you mentioned the jock that had messed with you the day that we danced.

[LAUGHS] I'm so sorry.

That's the guy.

You can just dial up one of my memories like that?

It's not your memory. It's mine.




My car!

Oh, my God!

You did that for me?

He had it coming.

Um, we shouldn't be in here after curfew.

We should get you back before anyone knows that you're gone.



Hey, Jo.

♪ I could've sworn ♪

♪ I saw fireworks ♪

[SIGHS] I just saw MG with his tongue down you-know-who's throat.


He should know better than to make out with the Dark Lord.

Bad friend move.


Just... forget about her.

Focus on somebody new.

A good crush will even you out.

♪ This to ♪

♪ Ooh, my-y-self ♪

I'm setting my sights on Rafael.

If he ever speaks to me again after I was such a freak show.

♪ Before ♪

♪ It's even begun ♪

♪ I am the only... ♪


Give me your hand.

I thought we'd established I'm a terrible dancer.


♪ Begun... ♪

Preitori Speculo.

♪ Only one ♪

♪ At the finish line... ♪

I thought that might help you sleep.


You are a really nice person, Hope Mikaelson.

♪ ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh... ♪

This is the part where you run.

Yeah, I know.

I'm not gonna remember any of this. Am I?

Probably not. No.

Well, in that case...

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ From your house ♪

♪ Last night ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh. ♪

ALARIC: It's been hours.

- You ready for round two?
- LANDON: Actually...

I was wondering if I could stay.

[SIGHS] I can put you in touch with somebody who can help you with your problems at home...

I don't have a home.

Not anymore.

I can work.

I can do the dishes and help with the janitorial stuff, I can cook...

I'm sorry, Landon, but you don't belong here.

Then where do I belong?

Tell me where I should go.

You have no idea what it's like out there.


I don't want to cause trouble.

I just want a way out of my own life.

I know it seems cruel, but please understand, this school was created so we could shape the minds of young supernatural beings, protect their secret, and then send them out into the human world fully equipped to handle it.

We are here to prevent these great kids from indulging in their darkest impulses.

Make no mistake, these are predatory creatures.

Vampires are driven by the feed and the kill.

Wolves can't control themselves in their primal state.

And witches... [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]

...witches, when provoked, are responsible for some of the worst atrocities in history.

It's simply not safe for you here.

I'm sorry.

[QUIETLY]: I understand.


Have MG come on in, please.


I'm sorry about yesterday.

But your buddy's gonna be okay here.

We'll look out for him.

Now all you got to do is go home.

Forget everything that you've seen or learned in the past two days.

All you need to know is that your friend has found a home where he can live a better life...


- RAFAEL: Are you sure?
- LANDON: Yeah, I'll be fine.

I promise.

♪ ♪

What's wrong?

The alarm didn't trigger.

I don't know why.

What was it?

Knife, dated circa the th century.

Supernatural origins unknown.

HOPE: How do you know it was him?

Ancient artifact goes missing along with too-good-to-be-true hapless human?

- You do the math, Hope.
- That would make him a liar, okay? I've known my fair share of those, and there was nothing about him...

- Hope...
- No, you don't understand.

There's no way that the one time that I choose to get close to someone, they turn out to be a liar.

It's not possible, okay?
I'm not that stupid.

When he walked out that door, we compelled him to go home.

- So?
- So he didn't.

It's the first place we checked.

And if he didn't go home, that means his memory wasn't erased.

He was just pretending that it was.

If his mind can't be controlled by a supernatural being, then that only means one thing.

♪ ♪

That he is a supernatural being.

For ten years we've gone undetected. Protecting you, protecting our secret has been our singular mission.

Tonight I need your help to find Landon Kirby... before he exposes us all.



I'm not talking to you.

Hold on. I'm sorry.

All right? I'm an ass.

You-know-who, she puts those s*x herbs in her weed, and I had a... a momentary lapse of judgment.

Why does everyone find her so special?

She's not special.

She's just... available.

Come here.

Don't hate me, okay?






HOPE: I need your help.

Three more words to me than your annual average.

Find someone else.

This stuff with Landon is my fault.

I can fix it. I know how to track him, but it involves using a dark magic.

Well, we're not allowed to use dark magic here, so...

Says the girl who just lit her ex on fire.

Are you blackmailing me?


No, I'm just looking for a kindred spirit in revenge.



Are you sure about this?


Inveniet hostium et tenebrae.

Inveniet hostium et tenebrae.

Inveniet hostium et tenebrae.

- Do you see anything?
- Just flashes.

Come on, give me something.


I got it. Route .

HOPE: Near the state line.

Is that the knife?


JOSIE: What's it doing?

I have no idea.


DONOVAN: Called in a favor with a buddy at State Patrol, asked him to lock down the scene till we got here.

Local PD thinks it was a chemical spill.

What's the actual story?

I'll leave that to you to figure out.

All right. Thanks, Sheriff.

HOPE: Funny how life works.

After years of pushing people away,I opened my heart to Landon Kirby,the human in the wrong place at the right timewho just needed a place to belong.

Turns out, Landon isn't the hero of my story at all.

But when I hunt him down,I'm gonna be the villain of his.