01x08 - Maybe I Should Start From the End

Previously on Legacies...

We need to learn more about Landon's past.

- Who are your parents?
- My mom's name is Seylah.

Pretty much all I know.

She gave me up for adoption when I was young.

HOPE: If we can't figure out what you are,

then you can't stay at the school.

- What is this?
- If you ever need me,

just press it, and my bracelet

will lead me to you.

Is that your way of admitting you care about me?

HOPE: I'm assuming you know this symbol.

It is the sign of the worst existential nightmare.


If I return the knife to Malivore, I will be free.

The knife is destroyed.

One lock is released,

and so am I.

ALARIC: That thing is a master manipulator.

Look, I am trying to protect you.

Don't you dare play disappointed dad

because you are not my father.

What's wrong?

Landon's in trouble.

HOPE: There's something I need to tell you.

I just don't know how.

So, to make you understand,

maybe I should start from the end.

Where the hell are we?

- What happened?
- I don't know.

But I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

HOPE: On second thought,

I'll just start at the beginning.

I know Landon needed me,

and at the time, that's all I needed to know.


Going somewhere?

Better questions,

where the hell do you think you're going with my keys

and without telling me?

Um, you know,

I just said some really harsh things to you yesterday,

and so I just wanted

to get you an oil change as a peace offering.

[SCOFFS] At : a.m.?


you don't have a driver's license.

You were gonna commit grand theft auto,

which is a felony.

You're ditching school right before the midterm exams begin,

and you've made it very clear to me

that you see me as an authority figure and nothing more.

So tell me, why shouldn't I

suspend you this very second?

And what is that?

It's basically a supernatural compass.

Well, I hope it's pointing you to your room

'cause that's where you're going.

I'm going after Landon.

If this thing is glowing, that means that he's in trouble.

Then we're going, and I'm driving.

HOPE: I didn't know it yet,

but Landon was in Kansas looking for his mom.

He had no idea what he was walking into.

♪ I don't wanna be talking on the phone every night... ♪

None of us did.

♪ : p.m. ♪

♪ Which time zone, yours or mine? ♪

♪ Ain't gonna worry where you are... ♪

You must have a serious caffeine addiction.

You've been here every day this week.

I just like coffee.

I should get the next one to go.

Hey, I'm not complaining.

Just a little worried about you.

♪ Leave your bags in the car, keep it running... ♪

This is embarrassing.

You've been my best customer this week,

and I-I don't even know your name.


That's a beautiful one.


I'm, uh...

pretty sure you gave it to me.


[SINGSONGY]: Indiana.

Crossroads of America.

What's the capital?

We learned that in, like, eighth grade.

Oh, good, then you should know it.

I didn't say I absorbed the information.

Yeah, well, you're not saying much of anything.

Look, if you can't handle

grade school geography...

you're gonna flunk all your exams.

Are Lizzie and Josie studying? Maybe you should focus on them.

Yeah, well, they're still in Europe with Caroline,

thank God.

Religion has no place in the classroom,

Dr. Saltzman.

The Supreme Court made sure of that

with its ruling on Engel v. Vitale.

And Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana.

I'm getting an "A" in geography.


Take the next left. He's on the move.

All right.

Indiana is surrounded by what four states?

I thought we just established that I am dominating geography.


Then let's move on to science.



SEYLAH: Don't touch that.


Um, it's just that I've told you my whole life story,

but I don't know anything about you.

And, like,

all this stuff makes it seem like

you've had a really interesting life, and...

Is this an actual samurai sword?

- Don't touch that, either.

I'm sorry.


I'm just not used to having people around.

You don't have to apologize.

This is, this is weird for me, too.

[CHUCKLES] Well, in times

of emotional distress, I find that dessert really helps,

don't you?

Not exactly an expert on the subject.

Yes, you are.

I'm sorry your life has been so hard, Landon, I really am.

I was talking about dessert.

And I thought I was putting a positive spin on all the rest.

I shudder to think that's true.

Um, well, then I'm sorry, too.

I know this is a lot to put on you,

with me just showing up like this,

- but I'd really like to know more about...

Is he okay?

She. Oh...

You didn't feed her from the table, did you?

Just a little, but I've-I've never had a dog.

I had no idea that this would happen.

Relax. She'll be fine. The drugs will wear off soon.

What drugs?

HOPE: and a half hours is a long time to spend on the road,

and even longer when you're being car-schooled.

And that is how osmosis works.


Is this the place?

Yup. And not a moment too soon.

Pretty sure you were about to tell me how babies are made.

Hey, before we go in there,

I just want to make sure we're clear.

Don't worry, we're crystal.

You're Professor X, I'm Wolverine.

I was more of a DC kid.

Then you're Batman and I'm Robin.

Either way, you call the shots.

So how do you want to do this, hmm?

Fireball? Wind torrent?

I was thinking we'd knock.

They'll never see that coming.

Seylah, Seylah, please,

I-I-I didn't want to burden you with this,

but I don't... I don't do well in captivity.

Seylah, Seylah, I'm sorry. I-I-I...

Who sent you?

I already told you my miserable life story.

Nobody gives a crap about me.

Quit playing games. Who'd you call?

I don't even have a phone.

I never said you did.

You wouldn't believe me.

What I don't believe is you're my son.

So I suggest you spill your guts before the iron heats up.

We should come in hot.
There could be a Jabberwocky

on the other side of that door, for all we know.

- Nonsensical poem written by?
- Charles Dodgson.

Wrong. Lewis Carroll.

[CHUCKLES] The pen name of Charles Dodgson.

I'm crushing English, too.


- No, no, no.
- Patere.

- Hi.

Uh, uh, what-what are you watching?

Oh... [STAMMERS] I'm so sorry

that we've ruined your lunch. I...

I-I promise we're gonna replace your door.

That's some compass.
We're in the wrong place.


Someone knew we were coming.


Why so quiet?

You wouldn't shut up when we were having lunch.

I thought you believed me.

Now I'm not giving you anything.


Everyone talks...


Please don't do this.

I swear to you I am telling you the truth.

I am your son.

Stop saying that,

or I'll burn your lips shut.

The Salvatore School.

That's who I called.

That boarding school I was telling you about?

It's a school for vampires and witches and werewolves and...

Because they're real.

And so are dragons and gargoyles and freaking talking trees

and I don't know what else!

You got to be kidding me. You believe that

but not that I'm your son?

[WHISPERING]: They're here.

They must have followed you.



Wait. You got... You have to cut me loose.


HOPE: Spoiler alert.

Our story's about to take one hell of a turn.


A monstrous turn.

Seylah, is that you?


Holy smokes.

We can talk about this.


If you have a mouth.


HOPE: I used Landon's bracelet to do a locator spell,

but all it located was more trouble.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I hope so. Uh...


Say, what's going on here?

Gas leak. Don't worry, though, we have it under control.

You wouldn't happen to know who lives here, would you?

We tried knocking, but no one's home.

- Um, we're looking for...
- The highway.

See, we're lost, and we... well, we saw you guys,

and we thought we'd ask for directions.

Yeah, at the end of the road, you make a right. Can't miss it.

Cool. Thanks.

All right, let's go, Jessica.

"Jessica"? Really?

I've been part of enough cover-ups

to smell one a mile away.

Do you think they're after Landon?

Well, all I know is they wouldn't have

asked about him if they had him, so...

we gotta find him before they do.

HOPE: It seemed like the whole world was chasing Landon,

but only one person was actually with him.

If you won't tell me who they are,

will you at least tell me why they are following you?

[SIGHS] They weren't, until you showed up.

So, maybe they're following you.

I'm not stupid.

I would have noticed if I was being followed.

Close your eyes.

How many windows are in this room?

What? We just got here.

The parking lot, how many cars?

I don't know, like ten?

The man who gave us the keys, was he right- or left-handed?

Nobody notices stuff like that.

Three, seven, ambidextrous.

- Tell me more about you.
- Why?

Because you care or because you want intel?

Does it matter?

Either way, I genuinely want to know.

Too bad.

I've already told you my entire tragic life story.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Her name is Hope.

And she'd probably kill us both

if she heard you calling her my girlfriend.

- I doubt that very much.
- Right.


Hope and I are...


I-I hurt her once,

and I don't think she's ever

going to forgive me for it.

What'd you do?

I lied to her.

And other stuff.

Deep down, I think it's the lying part

she'll never understand.

She sounds tough.

Look who's talking.


You two would probably hate each other.

I guess it's true, then.

Boys like girls who remind them of their mothers.

You're stubborn... and surrounded by danger.

You're my son, all right.


Uh, I'm looking for Landon Kirby.

And who the hell are you?


People who care about him.

So tell me where he is before I blow your head off.

You must be Hope.

SEYLAH: So you're the headmaster of a private school

for supernaturals.

And you're the teacher's pet?

Actually, she's kind of a pain in my ass.

A little judgy for an absentee mother.

You were wrong.

I like her.

Well, now you know about us.

All we know about you is that you gave birth to Landon,

he says a monster attacked you, and now there's some sort of

fake gas company coming after you two.

So, I think it's time you start filling in some blanks.

When I finished my service in the army,

I was recruited by an intelligence organization.

The States sounded like a better life.

I didn't know what I was signing up for,

but soon I learned that things like you

exist in this world.

My job was very much like yours.

To keep the supernatural world a secret.

Whenever a monster went bump in the night

and risked exposing the truth,

I tracked it down and brought it back to headquarters.

We're not monsters.

You are to me.

This headquarters, where is it?


You just seem morally inclined enough

to do something stupid, and there's

too much blood on my hands as it is.

A few years in,

I saw something I shouldn't.

I became the hunted instead of the hunter.

What exactly did you see?

I wanted to know what was happening to the monsters.

Because even though I spent all that time

studying their every move,

I couldn't remember them at all.

So I started taking notes.

I realized my memory was being erased.

The question was: How?


How do you know about Malivore?

Landon took a knife that belonged to

our school's collection.

Now monsters that shouldn't exist

have been coming after it ever since.

LANDON: He means I stole it.

And then I, like, um, woke it up or something.

What's Malivore?

It's a hell dimension

that consumes creatures and wipes their existence

from the collective conscience.

Sound about right?

More or less.


The last monster that came for the knife

was a Necromancer who screwed us over

and returned it back to Malivore.

Long story.

But he said that the knife is one of three keys

that kept Malivore contained,

so why are monsters still coming for you?

I have no idea. Didn't really get a chance to

ask the last one. He just tried to eat me.

As you can see, it's been a rough semester.

It will only get worse

if you don't go home

and forget you heard the name.

Just like we forget anyone who's ever been there.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You-you have to tell us more.

I mean...

I don't know who your father is.

My job was stressful,

so I had flings to blow off steam.

Got pregnant,

and just like your not-girlfriend said,

I'm not equipped to be a mother.


I thought I was giving you a better life.


HOPE: You want to know the worst part?

That wasn't the worst part.


Oh, believe me, I would, but I'm...

trying to cut back. [CHUCKLES]

Look, I get how hard this is,

but we need some answers.

You already know everything I know.

I think we both know that's a lie.

Just like you lied to Landon about not knowing

who his father is.

What makes you think I was lying?

Bad liars look away when they lie to their kids.

Good liars look 'em straight in the eye.

We have something in common, then.

You have children?

Two girls.

So take my hard-earned advice.

Tell Landon the truth.

How about I tell you instead?

Just to see if you believe me.


Because I'm still not sure

that I believe what I'm about to say, and I lived it.

The organization I used to work for

guards the portal to Malivore.

When I realized I was having memory lapses,

I started writing everything down.

Drawing maps.

I wrote about the creatures I captured and where I took them.

Each entry ended there.

So where'd you take them?


Nah, that's not important.

Eh, that seems super important to me.

Well, then I'm not gonna tell you.

For your own good, believe me.

One day, I snuck in by myself.

And what I found was a...

a black pit,

locked away.

Is that supposed to be a metaphor?

Oh, no.

It's an actual pit, filled with...

tar, uh, or something.

A literal pit of doom.

The story has it that if, uh, Malivore consumes you,

you experience endless darkness.


It's not just a story, though.

And I should know.

I've been there.

HOPE: Landon, I'm really sorry.

Don't be.


It'll be okay.

- You can't trust her.
- I don't.

But she's my mother, Hope.

All I've ever wanted is a family.

A home.

So I'm not gonna give up on her

just 'cause she's a little screwed up.

That would be pretty hypocritical.

You're not that screwed up.

I hate that you always see me when I'm weak.

[WHISPERING]: You're not weak.

You're a survivor.

Landon, that makes you one of

the strongest people that I know.

I'm starting to think I'm a bit of a danger magnet.

I'm starting to think you're right.


I didn't... I didn't mean to bring all this into your life.

♪ Never knew it... ♪

I'm sorry I ever walked into it.

I'm not.

♪ When it feels like this ♪

♪ Like a light came on... ♪

I, uh...

I wrote you letters.

On the... on the bus.

Oh, yeah?

What did they say?

♪ At my fingertips... ♪

- They were embarrassing.

Try me.



"Dear Hope..."

"The state of Alabama has, like,

a million Waffle Houses,

and I cannot stop thinking about what it felt like to kiss you."

♪ How can I resist ♪

♪ When it feels like this? ♪

When my former employers

discovered that I was trying to remember

the things they made me forget, they tossed me into the pit.

So how are we having this conversation?

I don't know.

I don't even know how long I was in Malivore,

only that I felt the things you described,

the isolation, the loneliness.

And then, one day, I found myself back here.

I woke up in the middle of nowhere,

covered in mud, absolutely no idea

how I got there.

Turns out two years had gone by,

but there was a bright side.

No one I worked for remembered me.

So you were free.

I wouldn't go that far,

because there was also a catch.

I was pregnant.

Thank you,

f-for coming for me.

I needed help, and you came.

That's never really happened to me before.

Sounds like you've had crappy girls in your life.

Oh, I've had zero girls in my life.

- Unless you count

Lisa Marie Albertson,

who asked me to take her to the prom,

and then, when I said no,

told the entire school that it was because I couldn't afford

- to pay for it.
- Well,

my first kiss was with a -year-old vampire

who helped murder my mother.

- [WHISPERS]: That's terrible.
- Yeah.

And prom is super expensive, so...

- People suck.
- People suck.



I will never hurt you again.


ALARIC: So Landon is basically a, uh,

supernatural immaculate conception?

I'll be damned.

You believe me.

My twins were magically transplanted

into their mother's womb by a coven of witches,

so my belief tolerance

is pretty high. [CHUCKLES]

I can't imagine how you explained that to your kids.


It was easier for me to leave Landon

in a small basket on the steps of a local church.

Oh, you were young, scared.

I was selfish.

And now I'm tired.

I've spent years trying to stay off the grid.

To remain erased.

I can't be his mother.

Not in the way he needs me to be.


You can't just leave him, Seylah.

He'll be better off. You all will.

HOPE: I should warn you, our story's about to get even fishier.

Oh! Hey, uh...

Hope, uh, get-get another room. Now.

You're the one that's always saying

I need to connect more with people.

Yeah, not literally. Get out.

[QUIETLY]: Get out.


Uh, Dr. Saltzman. Uh, I'm, uh...

A sexed-up teenager.

It's perfectly normal.

Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.


So you're not mad?

We got bigger fish to fry.

We need to talk about your mother.

Let me guess. Pizza run?

Alaric was right. You are a pain.

I'm not the one stealing a car at the moment.

It's my car, so it's not stealing.

Oh, then you're just afraid to go upstairs and get your keys

because then you'd have to tell Landon

that you're abandoning him again.

Even worse.

He likes you, Hope.

Be good to him.

You first.

Now, are you coming with,

or do I need to drag your ass upstairs?

I never thought I'd see him again.

And I was okay with that.

Being a mother was never on my list

of things to do before I died.

Every now and then, over the years, I...

I wondered how he was.

What kind of person he turned out to be.

If he had a nice life.


Turns out he's a good person with a crappy life.

He deserves better.

Then help make it better.

That's exactly what I'm doing.


What you think you're doing for him doesn't matter.

All that he's gonna remember of you

is that you abandoned him when he needed you the most.


He won't remember me, period.

And neither will you.

Wait, wait, she got pregnant in Satan's mud bath?

Yeah, that's-that's a lot to take in.

And now she's gone?

Look, being a-a parent i-is complicated.

Sometimes we convince ourselves

that we're doing the right thing, when in reality,

we're just being really dumb.

Look, I-I've got to check in on Hope, okay?

Bigger fish. Huge fish.




Also: ick!

See? Danger magnet.

- What the hell was that?
- Uh, I'm guessing a Mer-Man.

- A very pissed Mer-Man.
- Why are the monsters still coming for them?

We don't even have what they want.

I don't know, but we got to get Landon out of here.

- Oh, no.
- What?

You said a necromancer told you the knife

was one of three keys, right?

The Necromancer. Like I said,

it's a long story, But why does it matter?

Son of a bitch.

This is Seylah's. I picked it up, but I didn't steal it.

I-I... Not on purpose, anyway.

I don't know how it got in there, just like

how I don't know what happened with the knife.

- I swear, I wouldn't do that again.
- Landon, Landon.

It's okay.

I believe you.


Oh, we got to move.

No, no, no, wait. Leave it, leave it.

- What? Are you out of your mind?
- No.

I'm just sick of playing the same game.

So let the monster have it.

He'll take it to Malivore.

We follow him, we know where it is.

ALARIC: I am not taking two teenagers

to a covert military hiding place

for a demon portal.

- You kind of have to.
- Why?

Because Seylah's going there.

What? Did she tell you that?

In her own way.

Hold that.

I'll explain in the car. Let's go.

H-He's a fish man on land. How fast can he be, right?

Oh, my God!

Turns out he's pretty fast.

Listen, this was your idea. So is it within my bounds

as the headmaster to tell you to shut it?

What if we don't get there in time?

Seylah doesn't have that much of a lead on us.

I can't believe she wants to erase herself

just to get out of being a parent.

What the hell is that?


LANDON: Explosives?

On the bright side, maybe this fence stopped

our fishy friend.

I don't think so.


Hey, stay back. He's dangerous.

I have to get in there.

- Landon!
- Wait, guys, be careful!


HOPE: I can only speculate about what happened after that,

but in hindsight, I think it's pretty obvious.

- We got a break-in.
- I'm on it.

HOPE: Seylah went to Triad.



And then she went to Malivore.

I'm sure Triad tried to stop her.

But she had a reason to fight.

And in the end, I'm guessing she won.




She sacrificed herself... for Landon.

And then she was erased.




Where the hell are we?

What happened?

I don't know.

But I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

LANDON: Thank you again

for coming to help me.

Sorry you didn't find your mother.

♪ Lost in my head... ♪

What I don't understand is why I can't remember

how we found you.


Any theories?

Work in progress.

♪ Away from me... ♪

Uh, I think the bus stop is actually that way.

Oh, that's okay. We'll drive you.


♪ So I sit... ♪


♪ And I can't leave... ♪

Why the change of heart?

♪ I want to feel something ♪

Call it a gut feeling.

♪ I want to feel air that I can breathe... ♪

Or you could just add it to the list

of things I don't know.

♪ I'm tired 'cause I don't want to be ♪

♪ Make-believe. ♪


- Hi.
- Hey.

Is, um... is Raf here? 'Cause I can come back.

No, you just missed the reunion.

Now he's off, uh, working out with the werewolves.

I was just sitting here,

looking at the fancy new clothes the school gave me,

trying to make peace with the fact

that I may never meet
the woman in that picture.

Which I seem to have lost somehow.

What do you think she's like?

I think that she's an international assassin

that specializes in killing monsters.

And that she loves you very much,

in her own way.


Oh, let's be honest.

Nobody that cool gave birth to me.

So, what did you want to talk to me about?

Do you want to be my boyfriend?

Are you serious?


Well, what brought this on?

I don't know, I... [CHUCKLES]

I guess I'm-I'm just...

I'm really happy that you're back.

Well, it's a big decision.

- I know.
- We should probably sleep on it.

No. Absolutely not.

Well, in that case, yeah. I'd really like that.

HOPE: And that's it.

Which brings me to my question.

What do we do next?

ALARIC: How am I supposed to know?

I don't remember doing anything you just said.

You'll know because you always know.

Because you're a good headmaster

in spite of all the things that I say.

[LAUGHS SOFTLY] Well, in that case,

I think the only question we should be asking ourselves is:

Why do you remember?

I don't know.

But I can't imagine that it's good.

[SIGHS] And I can lie to Landon about all of this,

but I'm sorry, Dr. Saltzman, I just can't lie to you.

'Cause I really need your help.

Speaking of, there's one more thing.

I take it that's the urn

I don't remember.

Yeah. I figured it was better to have it here

than to leave it laying around.

So what happens now?

I think we're about to find out.


What happened here?

Unscheduled absorption.

What, another rat?

No, readings are too big for that.

Like, human big.

Well, any idea who it was?

Of course not.

I wouldn't remember

if it was my best friend.

But I did find this...

...floating on the surface.