01x09 - Hank and Dawn

[KORY] Previously on Titans...

[THUG] What the f*ck is this guy wearing?

He's an eagle.

- Hawk, dipshit.

- I should leave you hanging like this.
- Whatever turns you on.

- [JASON] Who are your friends?
- [DICK] Not important.

- Hi, I'm Rachel.
- Jason.

Wait, you're Robin, too?

- I thought you were Robin.
- I am.

He was.



Hell of a coincidence, him showing up here night before a job.

But now that he's here, we could use his help.

We don't need him.

We could go out on the win you want. And then you can heal.

[MOM] Well, hello there, you four.

Who the f*ck are these guys?




Do you feel anything?

Rachel, I don't think this...





- [HAWK] Okay. Ready?
- [DON] Ready when you are, bro.

- [HAWK] Lens cap, bro.
- [DON] Oh, yeah. Right.

- Okay.
- Okay.

It's April th, . Day one...

Night one. Night one.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- All right, let's do it again.
- Okay.

- Okay. Ready?
- Yeah, yeah.


It's April th, , night one of the Hawk and the Dove.

I'm Hawk.

And I'm Dove.

We're on a stakeout.

We're looking for this creeper who...

- sh1t. sh1t.
- You okay? Bro?

I can't see through this f*ckin' thing.

- We gotta lose the helmets, man.
- No, no. You can't. You can't.

The doctor said you need it for protection, bro.

f*ck the doctor. My head's fine.

All right. We're on a stakeout.

We're looking for this creeper.

Oh, f*ck yeah. Oh, that's him.

- Let me see.
- Dwayne Wainwright.

Arrested yesterday for uploading graphic pictures

of a ten-year-old at a local coffee shop.

Denied it. Lawyered up. Gonna waste tax payers' time and money.

We're here to persuade him to plead guilty.


My turn. My turn. My turn.

- Let me. Let me.
- Go, go. Yeah.


No. No, no! [GRUNTING]

Batman and Robin, you've got company.

Being f*cking superheroes!

This is gonna be awesome.


[MOM] Well, hello there, you four.


[DAWN] Hank!

[HANK] No! Dawn!



[PLAYER] Down! Set! Hut!

Go, Hank!


All right, Hank! Nice job!

Yay, Hank!

Okay, fellas! Reset!

- See you tomorrow, Hank.
- See you, Jeremy.

Bye, Hank. Awesome job, man.

What are you guys doing?

Coach Vincent's going to show me the weight room.

Donny wants to be a big player.

Like his big brother.

Thanks, but we gotta get going.

Our mom's waiting for us.

Your mom's not here, is she?

Donny says she got another job.

Working nights now, too. Cleaning offices downtown.

You boys are lucky to have a mom that works so hard to take care of you.

Two different dads,

but no dads.

I'm sure it must be difficult.

- Come on, Donny.
- But I wanna see the weight room.


If Donny wants to stay, I can give him a ride home later.

It's no problem at all.

We need to f*cking go.

You think your mother would approve of that kind of language?


What would the school do if I went to Mr. Sheridan

and told him what you and your brother said?

But Donny didn't say anything.

If I told him that Hank and Donny Hall were using profanity like that,

directed at a teacher?

He'd revoke your scholarship.

He'd expel you.

Both of you.

And then it's back to public school,

where dirty-mouthed boys from the slums belong.

You want to disappoint your mother like that?

I don't wanna get expelled.

I'll go see the weight room.

But I wanna see it, too.

- No!
- Why?

You'll never be as good a football player as me.

So, no. You're not going.
You're going home. Now!

But, Hank...

Go home now! Get out of here!

You're such a jerk!



Come on.

[COMMENTATOR] It's been an undefeated season

for the Kesel Lions here at Grac Field.

But the Dayton Hogs are fierce today, and the hits are coming hard.

Here we go. Reeves dropping back to pass. He's moving left.

He hits Hank Hall in the middle of the field.

Hank turns. Spins to the , to the . He evades the tackle.

Yes, yes, yes.

To the sideline and, ooh! He is leveled by the free safety.

- No, Hank.
- That does not look good.

Medical personnel are on the field now attending to Hank Hall,

running back for the Kesel Lions.

Let's hope he's okay.

Hey, what's up? How you doing? Good shindig, guys.

Looking good.

Hey, Hank. You look good.

- Hey! How you doing?
- Hey! Good.

- You did such a good job.
- You look good! Thank you. No, I'm just...


Donny boy! Hey!

How you doin', buddy?

Everybody, it's my little brother!


Let's get you a beer, bro.

Man, I thought you were coming home after the game.

Thought you were coming to the game.

I watched it.

Did they check you out? You could have a concussion.

I got an appointment with Dr. Kraft tomorrow.

Come on, Ren's around here somewhere. Linda, too.

Both looking hot.

Okay, well, should you be drinking right now? I mean...

You're starting to sound like Mom again, bro.

I'm not. I just worried that maybe...

Come on. Please. Bro, we won. It's playoff week.

Everyone's having a good time. Relax, all right?

Worry is for tomorrow. Hakuna mata, baby brother.

Come on, man. Let's get you a...




How long have the migraines been going on?

Migraines? He didn't say he had migraines.

- Few months.
- What?

Too many wins. Too many celebrations. You know what I mean?

Any light sensitivity?


Memory loss?


- What do you mean?
- Problems remembering names?

Nah. Not really.

I mean, yeah, maybe a little. You know?

I'm supposed to remember everybody I meet?

I got fans everywhere.

Look, I'm good. I'm great. I promise. All right?

I drank a little too much. That's it.

Post-concussion syndrome is serious, Mr. Hall.

I've seen athletes suffer from symptoms after one hit. You've had...

You've had a lot, man.

These could resolve themselves on their own, but...

I'm going to prescribe some pills for the pain...

I don't like pills.


I can't force you to take them,

but if the pain gets to be too much...

Look, I can still play, can't I?

You need to rest.

Take the time to heal properly,

so you don't risk any permanent damage.


Soon as the season's over.

- Let's get out of here, man.

I'm sorry.

- What the f*ck, man?
- Hank, dude, what are you doing?

You called the athletic director?

You told him? Why the hell would you do that?

Listen. They told you you gotta take a break.

- I'm just making sure...
- Take a break?

We got playoffs next week, and now I'm sitting on the goddamn bench!

No, f*ck the playoffs, man! I'm trying to help you out here.

That wasn't your decision to make!

It was mine! All right?

- Not yours. Mine!
- Calm down.

- Don't f*cking tell me to calm down.
- Bro...

Don't f*cking tell me to calm down again!

I'm looking out for you, man.

I didn't f*cking ask you to look out for me!

- Stay out of my life!
- I don't wanna see you get hurt again!

You're not my f*ckin' mom, man!

This is actually a library, asshole.

f*ck off me, man.

- What the hell?
- Oh, sh1t.

Are you okay? Are you okay?

- Oh.
- Uh-oh.

We're gonna get in so much trouble.

[DEAN KESSER] They could press charges.

Probably will.

And now, I'm left to make a tough decision.

You're a good student, Don.

Although this is not the ideal use of your extra-curricular martial arts.

Still, you've never been in any trouble before.

Quite the opposite, actually.

But, Hank...

I don't want to lose you, the team doesn't

but there are cameras all over

and they verified you started this fight.

So, he started the fight. He's sorry he did.

I didn't hear him say that.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

Well, that's not gonna be good enough.

I'm gonna need you to write out a formal apology...

- When is it gonna be good enough?
- Write a...


My brother's already given everything to this school.

He's given his health.

But you still want more.

He needs help. Okay?

What he really needs is to get the hell away from here

and away from people like you.

So, you know what? Just... Just do it already.


Kick us

the f*ck out.







Mom always said I was the bad kid.

She never said that.

Well, she knew it.

I am.

When I play ball, the bad inside me comes out in a different way.

A good way.

That's why I need it.

But football's all I got, Donny.

It's not all you got, man.

This is all my fault.


How is this your fault?


The locker room.

Nothing happened.


Nothing happened, Donny.

We have to find a way to deal with this.

Letting your anger out and doing something good with it, okay?

Just like he said. If it's not gonna be football, then...

There's got to be something else.


Maybe we start our own fight club.

First rule of Fight Club.

[BOTH] Don't talk about Fight Club.

You know...

I do have another idea.

[HANK] This is crazy. They map these sick f*cks?

Yeah. Yeah. They have to. It's required by law.

Sexual predators have to register.

Why the hell are they all clustered in our neighborhood?

'Cause no one gives a sh1t about our neighborhood.

Or the people in it. They haven't since we were kids.

Look at this guy.

He was caught trying to pick up an -year-old girl at the park.

What happened to him?

Police wrote him up and sent him home.

Two blocks away.


Kicked out of f*cking school.

Mom would be so pissed at us right now.

The system sucks, Hank.

It failed Mom when she got sick.

It failed us after she died.

It's failed a lot of kids.

What you're suggesting...

You're not like me, Donny.

This would be us looking for trouble.

You never liked trouble.

So, teach me how to like it.

We can do this, Hank.

You can do this.

Guys like this out there, they're not built like the guys you hit on the field.

What the hell are we gonna call ourselves, then?










Aren't they wonderful?





I thought you were absolutely wonderful, my darling.

[DAWN] Thanks, Mom.

Proper tea! Who'd've thought?

In the colonies, even.


Scone's not good?

No, no.

Delicious. Quite good.

What is it?

I'm flying back Friday.

- What?
- To London.

To him.

Jesus Christ, Mom.

I thought you were leaving him for good. You promised me you were.

That you were gonna start over.

It's not that simple, you know?

Yes, it is. Don't go back!


When's it gonna be enough?

Remember that time, when you broke his arm?

I should've broke them both.

He stopped.

For a long while.

He was so much better.

He can be better.


[SIGHS] And then your sister got into trouble again.

Shoplifting, of all things. And he lost his temper.

Mom, listen to me,

because I'm going to get really angry in a second.

You did nothing wrong.

And I don't care what kind of trouble Holly got into.

He never should've hit her.

Or me. Or you. Ever.

You need to leave him for good. Like I did and like Holly did.

He's a f*cking monster, Mom.

I'm so sorry.

You must think I'm terribly weak.

You're stronger than you think.

I love you so much.

[DON] There it is! Front page news!

Hawk and Dove, they got our names right!

- They got our names right!
- Look at this. This is awesome.

- You gotta get this.

Dude, look at your suit.

- Is that enough?
- Look at this. Vigilantes...

- Kind of warm for Christmas, huh?
- It is, but I love it.

- Bro, you look great.
- No, no, no. I love your shin guards.

You got the whole thing. It worked out...

- Oh, my goodness.
- Jesus.

- I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
- My fault.

- We're sorry.
- [LAUGHING] Sorry.

Thank you, darling. Well, aren't you two handsome lads.

And such gentlemen, too. Wouldn't you agree, darling?

Yeah, Mom. They're great.

- Sorry about that. I feel bad.
- It's okay. It's okay.


- [HANK] No, watch out! Donny!
- [DAWN] Mom!

[MAN] I'm grateful that there are no more holidays coming up for a while.

They just remind me that, um...

I don't look forward to much anymore.

I try not to look forward.

That's it, I guess.


Would you like to speak?


Who else didn't have a chance?





I'm Dawn. I...

We met that day.


My mom died on B-Street.

If I wanted to talk back there

I would've held hands and sang Kumbaya.

I'm sorry.

I'm an asshole.


It's okay.

- It helps sometimes.
- I get it.

He was my younger brother.

My only brother.

My best friend.

Tell me about him.

His name was Donny.

I'll see you next week.




I want you all to know

that feeling a sense of emptiness

is completely normal.

But trying to fill the emptiness,

that can be a challenge.

Anyone else?

[DAWN] What happened to my mom,

to everyone we love who was hurt and killed...

It was an accident.

It's not fair.

It's not fair that it wasn't anyone's fault...

That there isn't anyone out there to blame,

to go after...

To hate.

Life isn't fair.

Why not?

Why can't we make it fair?


Can I buy you a drink?

I'd like to hear more about your mom.

For sure.

Put the butter on your plate.

Why can't I put it on the biscuit?

Because you don't want to double dip your knife.

And now the jam.


Not on the whole thing!

- It's the best part.
- It's fine.

All right.

Now take a piece and you put a little butter and jelly on it.



You're just gonna eat...


Mmm. It's good. I could get used to this.

Afternoon tea.

She never missed it.

[HANK] This was his favorite.

Your brother had good taste.

My brother would've liked you.


[DAWN] You want some help with that?

[HANK] No. No, I think I got it.

I'd just like to get a little extra char on the... On the beef.

I think your kitchen's on fire.

I just wanna make sure you're not eating raw...

Have you ever done this before?

- [DAWN] Oh.

Just part of the plan.

Oh, okay.

- It's still good.
- Got it.

I mean, at least you tried.

Should we order out?

[CHRIS ROCK ON TV] Tiger Woods said he's getting death threats.


Hey. Buy a girl another drink?

Here at Chez Hank, a lady never has to pay.

Nice catch.

Seven years of gymnastics, dance, and jiu-jitsu.

- Impressive.
- I know, right?

Hope you like sundaes with your wine.

...was suspended for one game and fined $ , for pimp-slapping...

Oh, no.

Tank's dry.

So is mine.

You wanna sleep over?

- On the couch. That's all.
- Oh, is that all?

- Yeah.
- Hmm.

- You think I want you in my bed?
- No. [LAUGHS]

You think I...

You want some help?

I got it.

I mean, you literally charmed the pants off of me.

It's the least I can do.

Wait, Dawn, no. Don't go in there. Please don't go in there.

What is this?

[HANK ON TAPE] We're here to persuade him to plead guilty.


[DON] My turn. My turn. My turn.

- Let me. Let me.
- [HANK] Go, go. Yeah.



[DON] Batman and Robin, you've got company.

Being f*cking superheroes!

This is gonna be awesome.

Hawk and Dove.

You and your brother.


Neighborhood needs help.

And you thought dressing up helped it?

It helped me, too.

Helped you how?


Whatever it is, you can tell me.

I don't wanna talk about it.

You're gonna have to talk about it, eventually.

It's obviously eating you up.

It's more than what happened to your brother, isn't it?


Whatever it is, I promise I'll understand.

When I was a boy,

there was this coach.

He used to take me in the locker room after practice

and tell me what a great job I did.

That I was his star player.

I'm so sorry.

What'd you do to him?



I thought you said that's what your brother and you did.

- You went after guys like that.
- We did.

Not him.

Why not?

I couldn't.

If I did,

it would make it all real.

I didn't want to let it be real.

I didn't want my brother to find out.

But he did.

He knew.





Can I help you?

You need to admit what you did.

Excuse me?

What you did to Hank Hall.

You need to turn yourself in.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm not leaving. Admit what you did.

I didn't do anything.


- I'm gonna call the police.
- Good. Call them.


Get out of my house.

Get out!







I'm sorry.

I... I didn't...

[DAWN] Hank. These are pictures of kids.

He's a sick man.

He's sick.

You were never here.


Go home, Dawn.

Go home now!






Tonight never happened.

We can't be together, Hank.

Not like this.


Help me.


What the f*ck?

- Help me.

Help me!






We need a doctor in here.
We need a doctor in here!


Hey. It's okay.

We need to find Jason Todd.

What? Who the hell is Jason Todd?

I don't know.

But Rachel needs our help.