01x10 - Koriand'r

[DICK] Previously on Titans...

Us sidekicks gotta stick together.

[KORY] I can't stop thinking about the asylum.

You were talking in your sleep.

Anything revealing?

I'd tell you if I could understand a word you were saying.

- Being Robin doesn't work anymore.
- Wait.

[DICK] But not being Robin doesn't work either.

- You sure you're gonna be okay?
- What do you think?

[DONNA] I just realized that I could do more good being Donna Troy.

I quit. Not Batman this time. Robin.

[DONNA] What happened?

I couldn't get a handle on the violence. It's getting worse.


- So, how did you do it?
- Do what?


[DONNA] I didn't quit. I just stopped.

How is that different?

You'll figure it out.

At the asylum, when I attacked that guy...

- [KORY] How did it feel?
- [GAR] I didn't hate it.

You shouldn't. It's part of who you are.

[GAR] When I'm the tiger, it's not completely me.

It's like I'm inside something controlling it,

but it has control, too.

How long you been looking for Rachel?

Few months, I thought.

[DICK] Seems like a lot longer than a few months.

What's that writing?

Why do you have pictures of letters in some offshoot of Sumerian on your cell phone?

That's not Sumerian. We searched every database.

I said "offshoot".

This alphabet has been lost for centuries.

Rachel's birthday... The mortality rate spikes every year on that day.

Over , additional dead worldwide.

I think she's part of a prophecy.

People around you aren't safe.

Accept it.

I'm all you have.

[KORY] She's the Destroyer of Worlds.



I have a house. In Ohio.

All of you are welcome there for as long as you want.

It's the least I can do.

[DICK] This could be, like, our secret base.


Kory? Are you okay?

Something's wrong with me. What happened at the asylum...

If your brain is hurt, maybe I can heal it.

It's definitely a mission statement for your friend Kory, who's referred to by name or as Night or Starfire.

Rachel, I don't think this...



Your friend Kory is here to kill Rachel.






Dawn! Dawn!


Hank! Hank!


Help me.



Please! Help!


Kory, stop! You're hurting her!



It's me. Gar.

Kory, what are you... [SCREAMS]


[DONNA] Stop.



- You all right?
- [GASPS] Yeah.

It's gonna be okay, Rachel.

- Nice catch.
- What happened?

She tried to kill my daughter.


I was trying to help Kory get her memory back.

I must have done something wrong.

No. None of this is your fault.

The lasso.

You're her, aren't you?

I'm an old friend of Dick's.

You're Wonder Girl.

I was.


What's going on?

You tried to kill Rachel.

What? No, I would never do that.

I want this woman out of my house.

- Okay, just hold on a sec...
- Now, God damn it.

Rachel, I am so...

I am so sorry.


I have to go.

Kory, wait.



Wait, damn it. Talk to me.

What's going on?



[KORY] I am Darkness. Destroyer of Worlds.

I'm starting to remember.

What? What are you remembering?

I don't know. I don't know.


- Hey, Kory! Hey!

We have to follow her.

What? You're not the only one with cool gadgets.

I'll drive.


I'm sorry.

I've never been able to sense what Kory's feeling before.

But I did this time, and she wanted to kill me.

But she didn't, too.

She was conflicted.

Don't be so sure.



You know what? I'm gonna go make you two some food.






She's about a mile ahead of us.

Stay out of sight.

Where the hell is she going?

I'm sorry I was right about your friend wanting to kill Rachel.

You weren't. Kory's not a killer.

She kills people sometimes, but none of this makes sense.

Kory loves Rachel. She's done nothing but try to help her.

What we saw back there, that wasn't the real Kory.

You're sleeping with her, aren't you?

You're making too many excuses for her.

And you have a thing for dangerous women.

"Dangerous women". [SCOFFS]

Except for Dawn. You f*cked that up.

Can you just drive, please?


Damn it.



You're back.

Tommy Carson?

Present and accounted for. [LAUGHS]

- Hi. Wow.
- Hi.

Yeah, I know. Weighed a buck fifty soaking wet in high school.

Now I can't look at a French fry without putting on a pound.

- What's it been?

Twenty years since you left town?

Don't make me count. Too long.

You look great.

So do you.

So, what happened? Where you been?

I heard you, uh, moved to Chicago with a boyfriend, or...

Yeah, that's, that's a long story.

You here by yourself?

No, I'm with my daughter and her friend.


Never had kids myself.

How... How did you know I was here?

Oh. I'm, uh, on the job.

You're a police officer.

County sheriff.

We had some trouble at the train station over in Dayton.

Got a call about a couple of cars out here.

Thought I'd check it out.

You see anyone around here?


How long you been home?

Just a few hours.

You staying long?

For good. I hope.

Well, good. Uh...

If you're sticking around, maybe we should grab a drink or something.

The Hickory Grill has still got their Long Island Twofer Tuesdays.



If you give me a couple days to get my feet under me, um, then it's a date.

Sounds good. You know where to find me.


- Welcome back.
- Thanks.


You gotta eat.

I'm not hungry.


I must have done something to Kory.

Scrambled her brain or drove her mad.

I shouldn't have done it. I only made things worse for her.

Even if you did do something, which I don't think you did, it was an accident.

Dick and Wonder Girl are gonna figure it all out.

They'll help Kory and bring her back.

Everything's gonna be fine.


You can't stay here.


Everybody I get close to, if they stay around me long enough, they get hurt.

That's not true.

Bad things happen to people around me.

- Rachel, stop.
- Don't touch me!

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

Okay. If the soup's awful, you can just tell me.

There wasn't a lot to work with in the garden.

The soup was great.

I'll, uh, give you a sec.

- What's wrong?

He shouldn't be staying with us.

Why? What was he doing?

He was trying to make me feel better.

And you don't want to feel better?

Or are you scared to?


I know, after all you've been through, after everything that's happened,

it's scary to hold on to anyone, but, you have to hold on to the people you care about.

The people you love.

I never should have given you to Melissa.

No matter how frightened I was.

I should have run away with you.

Not from you.

That's the truth.

And I'm so ashamed.

Don't make the same mistake I did, Rachel.

Because it left me all alone.

For far too long.









Hey. Are you okay?

No, I uh...

There's something wrong with this place.

What do you mean?

I don't know. I just have a bad feeling.


Maybe I'm just stressed out.

Well, I'm sorry I freaked out on you.

It's, uh... It's been a weird day.


No, I suck.

No. You don't.

I'm happy you're here, and I hope you stay.

That's what I should have said.

Thanks, Rach...


Ah, stomach just feels a little weird.

Are you gonna be sick?

I just need to, uh,

I just need to lay down.


Who is she?

I'm the person who knocked you out.

- Bet you can't do it twice.
- Kory, whatever this is you're going through, please, let us help.

I don't need your help.

[WOMAN] Koriand'r. Koriand'r. I missed you.

I thought you were dead.

[ECHOING] Dead, dead.

You're getting your memories back.


But nothing makes sense. I can't make order to anything.

All I know is I tried to kill a girl that I love and I don't know why.

But the answer is in here.


[DICK] Whoa.


[DONNA] What's going on?

[DICK] Kory?

This ship...

I know it.

It's mine.

[WOMAN] Koriand'r.



You should get some rest, too.

You know you can talk to me. You can tell me anything.

The power I have,

does it somehow also hurt people?

Make people sick?

First Kory, now Gar.

Rachel, none of this is your fault.

But I have hurt people before. You know that.

The darkness inside me, the thing that wants to hurt people, is that from him?

- Who?
- My father?

This thing you call darkness, it doesn't have to be that.

You can decide how to use it.

But when I do, people die.

But you've helped people, too, right?

I guess I've tried.

You have, and you will again.

You will use whatever it is inside you to help people.

What happened today... [SIGHS]

It's just bad luck.


And an old house.

[DICK] Kory?

- Kory?
- [KORY] I'm here.


I gotta admit... I'm impressed.

How could you forget something like this?

I come from a planet called Tamaran.

Anything else coming back?

These images in my head, but they're moving too fast.

I remember I came here to Earth on this ship.

I remember standing at this console.

This book is the only thing in here that looks old.

It's called Gul'ron Dez Dire.

"Death of Worlds".


We're looking at a future projection.

Tamaran burning.

Unless Rachel dies, my world will.

And how does Rachel do that?

She doesn't. Someone from somewhere else.

Another planet?

No, another dimension.

He came here long ago.

Destroyed a world, but he was banished somehow.

[EXHALES] But I don't know.
This could all be wrong.


This being was summoned to Earth to conceive a daughter.


Her father.


He was pulled back to his home and imprisoned, but she is the doorway that he can walk through.

The anchor that will keep him here this time.

Earth will be the first planet that he will cover in his darkness.

But eventually, everything, all worlds, my world, will burn.

[DONNA] Hold on.

We may have a more immediate problem.

This is Rachel's father, right?

This is Rachel.

Who's this?

Rachel's mother?

They look cozy.

It's a family affair.





Rachel, sweetie, come on. You've gotta get up.

What is it? Is Kory back?

No. It's Gar. He's sick. Come on.


Gar, can you hear me?

- What's wrong with him?
- I don't know.


Maybe it's Dick.

Stay here with Gar. I'll go check.



Tommy. Hi.

Hi. Uh, thought I'd bring a housewarming gift by.

I saw the lights were on.

[RACHEL] Mom! I can't stop the bleeding!

- What's going on?
- [RACHEL] Hurry!

It's her friend. He's sick.

Let me have a look.


How long has he been like this?

We don't know.

He was fine a few hours ago.

It's gonna be okay. I'm a police officer.

I just charged it.

There's a landline in the kitchen.

I'll be right back, okay?

- It's gonna be all right.

Angela's been playing us this whole time.

The Organization, the asylum, it was all about getting Rachel back.

What are you doing back there?

Going through her stuff.

It says there's a way to defeat Trigon. One way.

His daughter.

- Rachel?
- Yes, but first she has to complete the Trials.

- "Trials". That's this word.
- What the hell are the Trials?

Four hundred consecutive days of the harshest warrior training.

None have ever survived it. There's no way she could possibly do that.

If anyone could, it would be Rachel. You know her.

Then we better move.


The line's dead. I'll use the radio in the car.

You can't call anyone.





I'm sorry.

I would have liked to get that drink.


But I'm in a relationship.

Is help coming?

He went into town to get the doctor, but Gar's getting worse.

We can't wait. You're gonna have to help him.


You can do it. You can heal him.

No. Look what happened to Kory.

- And...
- Rachel, look at me.

You have your father's gifts, and you need to use them now to save your friend's life.


You can do it.

Good. It's working.


He's dying! I can feel it.

No. There's gotta be some other...

Your father.

He's stronger than you. He could save Gar.

He would do that for you.

I don't understand.

He's always been close to you, Rachel.

Always nearby, always looking over you. We have to hurry.

You have to open your mind, Rachel.

Think about your father. How badly you want to see him.

But I thought that he was...

This is the only way to save Gar.

You have to concentrate.

You can do it.


You can do it.

That's it, sweetie. It's happening. You're doing it, Rachel.


You did it, Rachel.

Bring him home.

Bring him to me.


My child.

The power's out.

[KORY] He's here.

We're too late. It's already started.

We have to get to Rachel.

My love.

All of this was for you. Everything.

Your faith has never failed me, lover.

My friend is dying.

Can you save him?

There is nothing I wouldn't give you.

So unusual.

Boy or beast?

You'll have a lifetime to decide.


Thank you.

I'm finally home.


What the f*ck is going on?

The air... It's shimmering.

It's right where the house should be.

Dick, wait!

Come on.

Dick got through. Why can't we?

Is it time to eat the world?

Not until her heart breaks.

They're coming.