04x02 - Another One Closes

Previously on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

AMY: I love sleeping over here.

RICKY: I want you and John to live here.

BEN: It's not going to bring her back, hiding here in the condo.

JACK: I can find another place to stay.

KATHLEEN: Grace isn't even in the house. I never thought she'd actually go to Zimbabwe.

AMY: Adrian and Ben are not going to split up. If anything, they're closer than ever, having been through what they've been through.

ASHLEY: Well, what about Ricky? Is he letting you move in to keep himself from Adrian?

BEN: Is there any way you could drop by our condo today and see if Adrian will let you in to talk to her? She has to talk to someone other than me.

CAMILLE: I want to talk to you about something.

LEO: Why would you be looking for another job?

CAMILLE: It's time to make I just think a change in my life.

AMY: I know it must be really tough, Adrian.

ADRIAN: Yeah, it is.

COUNSELOR: Do you still have feelings for Adrian?

RICKY: Feeling sorry for her is dangerous.

KATHLEEN: I'm here with Rachel. We were just discussing her moving into the guest house.

AMY: Being married and having a baby in high school is scary.

BEN: Not as scary as holding your stillborn daughter in your arms.

LEO: Don't say it out loud.

BEN: I don't want to be married.

LEO: Me neither. But we can't do anything about it.


Leo is in his office, he looks at a picture of a ex-wife and him. Betty comes in.

BETTY: Leo. I know you still miss her.

LEO: It's just, uh...

BETTY: It's okay. And losing that baby must be so difficult for you and Ben. It's got to be so painful. I just feel so terrible for you both. But I gotta say, I feel even worse for Adrian.

LEO: It's just that I think about Sarah when I see Ben like he is. He's in a really bad place. Which is not to say I don't feel terrible for Adrian, too, who I guess is in a worse place. I don't know.

BETTY: Maybe I could go over there again tomorrow and see if there was something I could do for her, to bring her mood up.

LEO: All right, well, you better get to bed. I'll, uh... I'll be up in a minute.

BETTY: Don't you want to come upstairs with me now? I bet you I could get your mood up.

LEO: I'm sure, but I've got a lot on my mind. Camille quit today and I gotta go over my schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the week. I gotta take care of some business.

BETTY: What? Camille quit? Why didn't you tell me? I mean, when did that happen?

LEO: I got home and Ben was here, and I didn't get a chance to tell you. Tomorrow, I'll get an assistant from marketing or I'll get a temp or something until I can find someone.

BETTY: Oh, no, you won't! No, cause I'm going to get up bright and early. And I'm going to go in with you. I can do anything that Camille can do, if not more. You won't believe how smart I am. What time do we leave? I mean, I've always wanted to do something like this, be an assistant to a big, important man like yourself. What time did you say?

LEO: That's really nice of you to offer, great at the job, Betty, and I'm sure you'd be hey, how great Would it be that I get and to work with my wife, huh? But the most important thing you could do for me tomorrow, is to take care of Ben. And if you want to go by the condo and visit with Adrian, I know he'll appreciate it. And so would I.

BETTY: Okay, well, if that's what you want, consider it done. Good night.


Ben comes home, Adrian looks at the sky.

ADRIAN: Where do you think she is?

BEN: It's a little cold out here, don't you think?

ADRIAN: I'm okay.

BEN: I don't know where she is, Adrian. I don't think there's any way of knowing.

ADRIAN: Do you think she exists in some way, or something? In some other dimension

BEN: I like to think so, yeah. I like to think that the people we've known are all somewhere that's nice and safe and, uh, warm. And that maybe they're looking down on us, we don't know about, in some way that taking care of us can't know about.

ADRIAN: She's just a baby, Who's taking care of her? An innocent, little baby. I can't stand to think that she has no one, That she's alone or crying or something.

BEN: Yeah. I know, Adrian. I have those horrible thoughts sometimes, too, taking care of her. That my mom is but I like to think you're my wife And you know what, And I have to take care of you, too. What do you say? Let's go inside.

ADRIAN: I love you, Ben.

BEN: I love you too, Adrian.

ADRIAN: Amy moved in with Ricky, you know.

BEN: I didn't know.

ADRIAN: Yeah, she told me, today.

BEN: Is that what upset you?

ADRIAN: No, Ben. Losing the baby, that's what upset me.



George makes work, Anne comes in.

ANNE: Hi. What are you doing?

GEORGE: Eh, I needed a project, thought I'd do some updating.

ANNE: You're gonna update my house? This is my house.

GEORGE: Is it?

ANNE: Yeah, you got the business, I got the house. You gave me the house. I own the house, you're just living here.

GEORGE: Yeah, well, while I'm living here, alone, I thought I'd make the house better, just like I made the business better. The store has never done this well.

ANNE: Yeah, I know. I'm giving you a lot of business. Or Donovan, anyway. He has this upholsterer who's a genius... Yeah, you can thank me later. And you know, you can't update in here without showing me what you're doing.

GEORGE: I'll show you when I figure it out.

ANNE: You haven't figured it out, yet? It looks like you might be doing some demolition.

GEORGE: I might be.

ANNE: No, George, no demolition. Not without a plan. A plan that I've seen and approved. And even then, not while you're watching Robbie. You said that I could bring Robbie by. Did you forget?

GEORGE: Did you forget? No, I didn't forget. I thought it could be a father and son thing. Come here, my man. Yay!

ANNE: Well, it'll have to be a father, son and mother thing because I have to know what you two are doing. Okay, I gotta go. I'm gonna be back by three. I wanna miss all the traffic. I don't want to turn a two-hour drive into a four. Hey, are you okay? You seem a little off.

GEORGE: I'm fine.

ANNE: Well, you don't seem fine. Are you angry at someone? At me?

GEORGE: I'm annoyed with Amy. She moved in with Ricky.

ANNE: Well, I think we knew that that was gonna happen.

GEORGE: No, we didn't. We knew it might happen, we hoped it wouldn't happen, didn't we?

ANNE: Well, I guess we're just going to have to see if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know.

GEORGE: Did she tell you she was moving in?

ANNE: No. But she told me that she was spending practically every night there. You know, they were already having s*x, if that's what was bothering you.

GEORGE: I realize that, but they were not living together, and now they are. I found this out when Ruben came over for a drink last night. I saw him when I pulled up in the driveway and made the mistake of... Did you just look at your watch?

ANNE: I have to go, George. I'm sorry. Look, I don't know what you're so upset about. We knew that this was happening, it was just a matter of time.

GEORGE: A matter of not enough time. Go, just go.

ANNE: Hey, did you hear from Ashley last night?

GEORGE: No, did you?

ANNE: I got a text from her. And that was not our agreement.

GEORGE: Yeah, I know that.

ANNE: Okay, bye, Robbie. I'll see you boys later. Don't do anything without a plan, a plan that I've seen and approved. Bye.

(Anne leaves)

GEORGE: Don't listen to her. You listen to me. I'm a grown man and I say, "We can do whatever we want."


GEORGE: Yeah. So what do you wanna bust up first?


George receives a call.

GEORGE(at phone): Oh.

ASHLEY(at phone): Hey, I'm reporting in.

GEORGE(at phone): You were supposed to report in last night.

ASHLEY(at phone): But we drove 12 hours yesterday and it was late when we stopped.

GEORGE(at phone): What are the rules, Ashley?

ASHLEY(at phone): I have to call you every night.

GEORGE(at phone): Day one and you broke the rules.

ASHLEY(at phone): I told you it was late. I didn't want to wake you up.

GEORGE(at phone): There's nothing in the rules that says if it's too late, you don't call. You call every night, all right? No matter how early or late it is, you got that?

ASHLEY(at phone): I got that.

GEORGE(at phone): What are the other rules? Are you breaking any of the other rules?

ASHLEY(at phone): The rules are we have to stay in the same room, separate beds, no s*x. No drugs. No alcohol. No driving after 9:00. Don't let the gas tank get below a half a tank. No speeding. No tornado chasing. No hanging my arms or feet out the windows. Uh, Toby is not allowed to pee on the side of the road. And I'm not allowed to go to the restroom at truck stops. Should I keep going?

GEORGE(at phone): No. So, how far did you get? What city you in?

ASHLEY(at phone): I don't know. I think it's called Kingman.

GEORGE(at phone): Kingman? Kingman is like a couple of hours away.

ASHLEY(at phone): Well, we didn't go on the freeway.

GEORGE(at phone): Still. You can't be in Kingman.

ASHLEY: It doesn't take a whole day to get to Kingman. Oh, we stopped at this town and fed donkeys.

GEORGE(at phone): Yeah, and?

ASHLEY(at phone): It was educational.

GEORGE(at phone): You fed donkeys all day, and that was educational?

ASHLEY(at phone): Yeah.

GEORGE(at phone): How is that educational, Ashley?

ASHLEY(at phone): Clark Gable and Carole Lombard stayed in the hotel there on their honeymoon.

GEORGE(at phone): Are you talking about Oatman? Oatman is where Olive Oatman was given back to the US Army by the Mojave Indians.

ASHLEY(at phone): Oh, I didn't know.

GEORGE(at phone): She was taken by the Yavapai and held captive, and then traded to the Mojave.

ASHLEY(at phone): I had no idea.

GEORGE(at phone): Well, now you do.

ASHLEY(at phone): Well, we're not going back there, so what difference does it make?

GEORGE(at phone): You're supposed to be learning something.

ASHLEY(at phone): I did. I learned where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard went on their honeymoon. And I have to go now. Sorry.

GEORGE(at phone): Okay, well, call me tonight, and tell Toby to drive safely today, and you two pay more attention to where you are and what you're seeing.

ASHLEY(at phone): All right. Bye, Dad.

GEORGE(at phone): I love you, Ashley.

ASHLEY(at phone): Love you, too.


Toby joins Ashley.

TOBY: Your dad wasn't too happy, was he?

ASHLEY: Apparently Donkey Town had some historical significance that we missed. Come on. Let's get on the freeway.

TOBY: Freeway? I thought we were taking old Route 66. That's what I mapped out, old Route 66. That's not the freeway. I don't even know where the freeway is.

ASHLEY: It's the red line that goes from the West Coast to the East Coast.

TOBY: Yeah, I don't know how to get to the red line. That's the 10. We're nowhere near the 10 freeway.

ASHLEY: We'll just figure it out. My dad thinks we're moving too slow.

TOBY: So do I.

ASHLEY: Oh, another day of cheap sexual innuendo?

TOBY: Sorry, couldn't help myself. We're going to miss a lot of good stuff if we get on the freeway, you know.

ASHLEY: All right. Well, you're driving, you decide.


Amy visits her dad.

AMY: Dad?


AMY: Hey, you needed something?

GEORGE: Yeah, I needed something.

AMY: What do you need? I have school.

GEORGE: Where were you last night? I came home and no one was here.

AMY: Oh, I was over at uh, you know, the apartment.

GEORGE: So, it's gone from Ricky's apartment to the apartment?

AMY: No, no, it's still Ricky's apartment. I was just using a more neutral term, I guess, "The apartment."

GEORGE: More neutral than what?

AMY: Well, Ricky calls it "Our apartment," Not that it's our apartment, 'cause it's really "His apartment."

GEORGE: But you're living there, at his apartment?

AMY: I don't know if I would say living there. Who said I was living there? Ashley?

GEORGE: I heard from the neighbors.

AMY: Sure you did. What neighbors?

GEORGE: Ruben. Who heard it from his wife. Who heard it from their daughter.

AMY: Oh.

GEORGE: Yeah, "Oh."

AMY: Well, I have been staying over there. But you knew that.

GEORGE: But now you're not just staying over there, you're living over there.

AMY: Well, "Staying" Sounds so, like, low class, so, yeah, I prefer to say "Living."

GEORGE: No matter what you call it, living together unmarried, that is low class. You're the one who said it and you're right, it's low class.

AMY: Weren't you and Mom just living together and not married just a short time ago?

GEORGE: We were. And you see how that worked out?

AMY: Yeah, I'm sorry that it didn't work out. I had hoped that it would. Do you hope things will work out with Ricky and me?

GEORGE: I've told you more than once that it won't work out if you just move in there without any kind of commitment. But I guess I lost that argument long time ago when you started staying over there.

AMY: So I guess I don't understand why you're so upset then.

GEORGE: I'm upset because of the way I heard about this. If you and Ricky make any more bad decisions, I'd like to know first. I don't like getting bad news from the neighbours, especially Ruben.

AMY: I can't believe he'd be so concerned with my personal life. Why would he tell you that I'm living over there?

GEORGE: Why not? You are, aren't you? And he just assumed I knew, you know, since I'm your father, and you were living here before you were living there.

AMY: Do we have to make such a big deal out of this?

GEORGE: It's really not that big of a deal. Do we have to make a big deal out of you and my grandson living with your boyfriend? Are you kidding?

AMY: No? And Ricky's not just my boyfriend, he's John's father.

GEORGE: I thought maybe if the two of you like being with each other so much, that maybe you'd get engaged. And you'd stay engaged through college, and then after you graduate college, then you'd get married, and then you'd actually move in with each other.

AMY: Really?

GEORGE: Really. You're just not old enough or mature enough to be living together on your own.

AMY: We're not old enough or mature enough to have a two-year-old son either.

GEORGE: No, you're not, but just because you have John doesn't mean you have to raise him together, unmarried, in the same apartment.

AMY: I know that but that's what we want to do. Dad, Ricky's going to be in college next year, and I'm going to be a senior.


AMY: So? So we're young, but we're very mature.

GEORGE: Yeah, sure you are.

AMY: Okay, fine, I don't know. Maybe, we're not. But like I told Ashley yesterday, I'm happy. I'm really happy, okay? So, please, just let me be happy. Please. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, Dad.

GEORGE: Well, Amy, the door is always open. You know that. When it doesn't work out, the door is always open. You can always come home.

AMY: If it does work out, will the door be open? I love you, Dad.

GEORGE: I love you too, Amy. In the blink of an eye.


Grace talks with Adrian by web-cam.

GRACE: How you feel about that? Are you okay?

ADRIAN: How lousy I feel right now has nothing to do with what's going on with Ricky and Amy. I mean, so they're living together? So what? That has nothing to do with Ben and me and what happened to us.

GRACE: I know, but it must be hard. I mean, you and Ricky were really close and Amy knows that and Amy knows how hard everything is for you now.

ADRIAN: I just don't know why it happened. I can't figure out why it happened, Grace.

GRACE: Oh, Adrian, I don't think there's a why. I mean, there's no why. It just happened, things just happen. I wish I was there to give you a hug. I mean, it'll be okay, you just need time.

ADRIAN: Thank you. Thank you for saying that. No one seems to understand that. I mean, everyone's in such a hurry for me to just go back to the way things were and just do the same things I was doing before this happened. But going back to the way things were seems like, I don't know, like, like I'm not honoring my little girl.

GRACE: Adrian, that's sad. But maybe the best way to honor her is to just get back out there and live your life in a way that honors her. Maybe you could do something like a good deed in her name or something.

ADRIAN: You mean like volunteering to help in Africa? I have to go.

(Adrian cuts off, Ben joins her)

BEN: How was Grace?

ADRIAN: Grace was Grace. Have a good day at school.

BEN: What'd she say?

ADRIAN: Nothing.

BEN: She said something that upset you. I can tell. You know, your two best friends don't seem to know how to be your best friends.

ADRIAN: It's not just them, it's everyone.

BEN: Including me?

ADRIAN: No, Ben, not including you. Bye.


Ben starts to go, his phone rings.

BEN(at phone): Dad?

LEO(at phone): How are you this morning?

BEN(at phone): Why?

LEO(at phone): Why?

BEN(at phone): What's going on?

LEO(at phone): What do you mean what's going on? I'm just calling to see how you're doing.

BEN(at phone): Oh, okay, sorry. I misread something in your voice.

LEO(at phone): Okay, there is something going on. Look, yesterday I didn't get a chance to tell you this, and there's really no reason I would tell you this, but Camille quit.

BEN(at phone): Are you kidding? Why would she quit?

LEO(at phone): I guess after 25 years of me, she's had enough. But that's not the problem.

BEN(at phone): Well, no, that's a huge problem. She was like your second wife.

LEO(at phone): No she's not. I can replace her. She can be replaced.

BEN(at phone): And you're calling to tell me this?

LEO(at phone): Not exactly. The thing is, Betty has offered to come in and work with me today.

BEN(at phone): That's funny.

LEO(at phone): No, that's not funny. But that can't happen.

BEN: It could happen.

LEO(at phone): It's not going to because she'd rather come over there and visit with Adrian today.

BEN(at phone): Bad idea.

LEO(at phone): We don't know that.

BEN(at phone): No, we do know that. Did you send her over here instead of going over to your office?

LEO(at phone): Look, all she just wants to do is drop by there this afternoon, and that's better than her spending all day at the office with me. I have a business to run.

BEN(at phone): Well, yeah, I have a wife that's a little depressed. My life isn't easy either.

LEO(at phone): Look, maybe those two could have a bite to eat, an early dinner. And then you and I will go out, have an early dinner too and we'll talk.

BEN(at phone): I don't know if Adrian will let Betty come over.

LEO(at phone): Then let Betty handle it. Betty's going to call her and ask her if she can come over. Ben?

BEN(at phone): Amy moved in with Ricky.

LEO(at phone): So?


Grace talks with her mother by webcam.

GRACE: It was such a stupid thing to say to her, and I try to be so careful of what I say, but I just said the wrong thing anyway. So, could you just go by there and make sure she's okay?

KATHLEEN: Grace, I don't think Adrian would want me to just drop by there. And I don't think what you said is totally unreasonable. In fact, I think it was pretty good advice. I just, I don't think Adrian wants to hear any advice, right now. You can go see her as soon as you get back.

GRACE: About that. Here's what I'm thinking. This is a really long way to come for just two weeks.

KATHLEEN: That's why I told you doing something like this would be better in the summer when school's out.

GRACE: Yeah, but the opportunity presented itself now, and I'm really glad that I came here. It's amazing. I just, I hate to leave so soon.

KATHLEEN: Yet, you're going to have to because you have to finish the school year. The counselor said,"Two weeks," And I agree. So it's two weeks, honey. And besides, Jeff is only helping out that group for a couple of more weeks and then he's moving on to his new job and you can't just go with him.

GRACE: But he said I could if I wanted.

KATHLEEN: Well, why don't you tell him to call me about that when he gets a chance. And... Don't you miss me? Honey, don't you miss your family here?

(Jack joins the conversation)

JACK: Hey, Grace.

GRACE: Hi, Jack.

JACK: Hey, I'm sorry about the move, but I talked to Grant and he's cool with it, so I don't think it's gonna be a problem. You hadn't told her?


JACK: I'll be back. I was just making my lunch, and I need to grab some mayonnaise.

GRACE: What move? Where's he moving? And why's he moving? Mom, please do not tell me it's because you're letting Tom's girlfriend move into the guest house. Mom, you can't be serious about that.

KATHLEEN: Grace, when she explained her situation to me, I just couldn't say no. And, honey, Tom is so happy. He really is. So I told Jack he could move into the house and take Tom's old room until school's out. Don't do that face. That's not attractive, Grace.

(Grace cuts off)



Ricky wants to Amy explications.

RICKY: Who told your dad you moved in?

AMY: Who do you think?

RICKY: I think Ashley.

AMY: Well, we don't know that for sure.

RICKY: Yeah, we do.

AMY: He didn't say that.

RICKY: He wouldn't say that. I'm going to talk to her the next time she calls.

AMY: Uh, she probably won't call us.

RICKY: She'll call. Or I'll call her. You and I will call her. You want me to talk to your dad?

AMY: No, I do not want you to talk to my dad. Just let it alone. He'll get over it.

RICKY: I knew when you told me you told her that she was going to say something. That's why I don't want you saying anything to Adrian.

AMY: I know that. I know that you don't want me to say anything to Adrian. Although, you know, uh, my dad could say something to Ruben, because, you know, they're friends, and then Ruben could say something and... I have to go. I'll see you at home.

Ricky walks in the hallway, Ben meets him.

BEN: Hey, Ricky!

RICKY: Yeah. Good morning.

BEN: Have you seen Amy? I need to talk to her. Unless you have some objection. I'm not too happy with her.

RICKY: Because?

BEN: I'll just take that up with Amy.

RICKY: Why do you always do that? Ask if you can speak to Amy, like she's my property or something. You want to speak to Amy, speak to Amy. But right now, you're talking to me. We're just talking here. What's going on?

BEN: I just don't think that Amy should have said anything about you two living together to Adrian. It's a little soon to be rubbing your cohabiting bliss in her face, don't you think?

RICKY: You know Amy stays at the apartment, so does Adrian.

BEN: Yeah, but that's different, staying over there and living over there.

RICKY: That seems to be the general opinion. Either way, it's not really anyone's business.

BEN: Amy made it Adrian's business. She told her. Look, I sent her over there to try to cheer Adrian up. You know, to bring a little bit of light to her dark day and instead she tells her about you two living together.

RICKY: Why would Adrian care?

BEN: You think at a time like this Adrian wants to hear about you and Amy and John all living happily ever after in the little apartment above my family's butcher shop like it's some sort of freaking fairy tale? Look, no wonder Adrian doesn't want anyone to come over and visit. Everyone's completely insensitive and just oblivious to the fact that she's heartbroken and in a lot of pain.

RICKY: Let's walk outside, out of earshot from the entire school, all right?

They walks to outside.

RICKY: I'm going to be straight with you. I think you're the one who's upset about Amy moving in with me, not Adrian, because I think you want out of that relationship. And before you say anything, I'm going to give you some advice whether you want it or not. You've been trying to get everyone to give Adrian advice, you take some advice. From a guy who's been there. I did not want to be with Amy when I found out she was pregnant, I didn't even want to be with her when she had John. It took a long time, a very long time to get to know her, and for things to change between us. I wanted to run. And I know you want to run. But you can't. You can't right now. And you know that. Just wait it out, Ben. Just wait it out. You might feel differently in another year or two. Things might get better between you and Adrian. You got married for the wrong reasons, maybe you'll stay together for the right reasons. But even if things don't get better, even if you and Adrian split up, you and Amy, that's over. Me and Adrian, that's over. I'm in love with Amy, and I'm gonna be with her for the rest of my life. And only with her.

BEN: If I do leave Adrian, you'll feel even sorrier for her than you do now. Way too sorry for her not to sleep with her. You've changed, but you haven't changed that much. Yeah, we know each other a little too well at this point, don't we?

Jack and Madison have a conversation.

MADISON: Excuse me?

JACK: Madison, you felt the same way when I moved into the guest house, and nothing happened. We're not going to get back together. I'm going to live in Tom's old room until graduation, and then I'm going to Arizona to stay with my parents and then I'm going off to school.

MADISON: Where are you going to school? Have you decided yet?

JACK: I want to be near my parents. I'll probably go to Arizona.

MADISON: I see. Even if you get a full scholarship to a school that's right here.

JACK: I miss my parents. I want to live at home and go to school. I miss them.

MADISON: You miss them? Aren't you going to miss me?

JACK: You're one year behind me. You can come to Arizona next year. It'll be one year of us driving back and forth and then we'll be at the same school again.

MADISON: Oh. Okay. I still don't like your living in the house in the bedroom next to Grace. But if in the end, I win, I'm okay with that.

Amy says she feels to Lauren.

AMY: I'm an idiot. I completely lied to him. I can't believe I did that. It just happened so quickly, and then I realized it was wrong, and I couldn't stop myself and...

LAUREN: So go find him right now and say you didn't want him to be upset with you, you panicked, you lied and you're sorry you told Adrian and you should have told him.

AMY: Why did I do that? You know, even if I admit to lying, it's still not going to change the fact that I lied. I don't want to mess anything up. I just moved in there. I love living there. I love Ricky and John and me as a family. LAUREN: Then get out there and do what you got to do. And do it quickly, don't wait.

(Ricky joins the girls)

RICKY: Amy, I need to talk to you.


(Lauren leaves)

RICKY: I'm going to call Bunny and tell her I'm going to be late for work today. I wanna go over and talk to your dad. I don't want him to be upset with me and I think I should just go over there and face him.

AMY: Look, Ricky...

RICKY: Yeah?

AMY: I asked you to just leave it alone and I want you to just leave it alone, okay? He's my dad and I think I know better than you what to do here.

RICKY: All right, I gave you a chance to tell me and you didn't take it. I know you're lying. Ben told me you told Adrian you moved in. You said you weren't going to do that. And I said if you did do that, it would be a problem. Now it's a problem.


Amy and John come to the shop.

RICKY: Hey Amy. Hey there, John. Come here. How was your day, buddy? Hmm. My day wasn't that great either. I asked your mom not to do something and she did it anyway. Then she lied about it.

AMY: Don't tell him bad stuff about me. I don't tell him bad stuff about you.


AMY: No, I don't.

RICKY: Sorry, that was my way of trying to get an apology.

AMY: You baited me, Ricky. You knew I lied and then you set me up to lie again.

RICKY: Oh, so it's my fault?

AMY: No. No, it's my fault. And if you don't want to live with a liar, then I'll go home. I'm sure my dad would be very happy for John and me to be home again.

RICKY: This is your home.

AMY: Oh. I wasn't sure.

RICKY: Come on, you're sure.

AMY: I'm sorry, okay? I don't know why I told her. I just told her.

RICKY: Okay. I'm sorry, too. About baiting you. Let's go home.

AMY: Just like that?

RICKY: Yeah, let's go home.

AMY: You're not even upset with me?

RICKY: It's over, okay?


Ben is in his bedroom with Alice and Henry.

BEN: It's not going to work. I don't care how happy they are right now, it's not going to work. He got what he wanted, he's having s*x with her and he didn't even have to marry her to get it.

ALICE: You think they should have gotten married first?

BEN: Yeah, Alice, I do. You know why?


BEN: Because all he wants to do is have s*x with her. He doesn't want to marry her. He's not going to marry her. He's not going to marry anyone. He can't make a commitment to just be with Amy for the rest of his life. That's ridiculous! I mean, I'm sure Amy thinks, oh, it'll just going to be the two of them from now until eternity. Isn't this great? You know, just hanging out in my room. It's like old times, isn't it?

HENRY: Yeah, just like old times.

ALICE: Old times.

HENRY: Um, Ben, you know, Alice and I were wondering, is it too soon to ask if...

BEN: If Adrian and I are going to stay together?

You know, yesterday, I wouldn't have had an answer for you, but today, I do. Look, I got married because I had to get married. And no, I do not want to be married. I just can't get out of it. Not right now, anyway. You know, I want to, but it wouldn't be right, right now. Adrian is in a very bad place, and I'm not in a much better place, but as soon as anything changes, I'm running for the door. I just admitted that to my dad last night and now that the floodgates are open, I feel like I'm having a hard time shutting them again. Boy, does that feel good. I mean, I know it's just a horrible, horrible thing to admit, and I feel guilty admitting it, but boy, I mean, phew, just a relief to say it out loud again.

ALICE: We weren't going to ask if you two are staying together. We just wanted to know if it was too soon to ask if we could visit Adrian.

BEN: Oh. Uh, no, I don't think she's ready quite yet.

ALICE: You know, Ben, I don't think I'd say anything about this stuff to anyone else. Things could change.

BEN: Not fast enough. I want out. And every time I say it, I feel less guilty about it.


Betty visits Adrian.

BETTY: I hate to see you like this.

ADRIAN: Like what?

BETTY: Well, you're not Jewish, are you? You haven't covered up all your mirrors, have you?

ADRIAN: No. I haven't covered the mirrors.

BETTY: Well, good, 'cause Adrian, I just don't want you to settle for looking like a tomato. When you used to be such a hot tomato. Is it tamale? Is it hot tamale? I don't think it could be tamale because tamales are thin. I just think you should go to the gym. I think you should just go out and go for a walk and get some of those new shoes that can make your butt tight. There's a great salon in the neighbourhood. You could walk down there and have them do something with your hair. Or go out and buy some clothes that fit. If you want I can take you out on a big girl day? We could give you just a big makeover.

ADRIAN: Um, Betty, I'm in mourning. And Ben doesn't care what I look like.

BETTY: Take it from a former pro, honey, he does care. And so do you. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you got to do something. I mean, you can mourn and still look good. Just think Jackie Kennedy.


BETTY: Yeah. She was married to President Kennedy.

ADRIAN: Yeah, I know who she is, Betty.

BETTY: Do you? Well, good, 'cause you're a big mess. You're a big hot mess.

ADRIAN: What are you saying, I'm fat?

BETTY: Yeah, that too. But go back to the times when you were smiling. You have such a beautiful smile.

ADRIAN: I don't want to smile. I don't feel like smiling.

BETTY: Well, do it anyway.


BETTY: You're going to be okay, Adrian.

ADRIAN: No, I'm not.

BETTY: Yes, you are. Smile. Oh, you got something in your teeth. See, you got it.

ADRIAN: You're the first person who hasn't treated me like I'm going to break.

BETTY: Honey, you're already broken. What you went through, I mean it shatters people, and you just have to put all the pieces back together again.

ADRIAN: I don't think I can, Betty. I don't think I can.

BETTY: You can and you will. You have to. And you have to take a bath.

ADRIAN: I stink, don't I?

BETTY: Yeah.

ADRIAN: I'm afraid he's going to leave me. Ben. I keep telling everyone he won't, but... But I'm afraid he will, and I wouldn't blame him.

BETTY: I would. That would be a horrible thing if he just went out and did that. I mean, when you're married, you're married. And he was in it for better and now he's in it for worse. Look, Adrian, if you really want to stay with Ben, there's a way you can get Ben to stay with you.

ADRIAN: Thanks, Betty.

BETTY: Oh, yeah, my pleasure. Us Boykewich girls gotta stick together.


Kathleen comes to see if everything is okay.

KATHLEEN: Well, looks like everyone is getting settled in, but I was going to have you over to eat with us, Rachel.

RACHEL: Oh, that's nice of you, Kathleen, but I promise, We're not going to cause you to do any extra work. Definitely don't want that. Say hi to Grandma.

RONNIE: Hi, Grandma.

BONNIE: Hi, Grandma. You're our first grandma. Our other one died of being old.

RONNIE: No chance of that with this one.

RACHEL: Uh, Tom, maybe Ronnie and Bonnie should just call your mom Kathleen.

TOM: No, come on. You always wanted to be a grandma, didn't you?

KATHLEEN: Well... I do love children.

RACHEL: Or Mrs. Tsegaye? Is it Kathleen?

KATHLEEN: Kathleen. Thank you.

RACHEL: So we're calling Tom's mother Kathleen.

BONNIE: Or just Kathleen? So, is it Grandma Kathleen?

KATHLEEN: Just Kathleen.


KATHLEEN: Good night.


Kathleen comes back to the kitchen.

KATHLEEN: Well, it's just the two of us, so we can just eat in here.

JACK: Everything okay?

KATHLEEN: Yeah. Everything's fine.

JACK: Tom is so happy, isn't he?

KATHLEEN: He is. For now. Yes, he is.

JACK: And thank you for letting me stay here. I'm sure things will be fine with Grace and Grant and me and all that.

KATHLEEN: And if things aren't so fine, then that's that. Yeah.

JACK: That's what?

KATHLEEN: Well, that's how it goes.

JACK: So you'd be okay if they broke up?

KATHLEEN: Yeah, well, I like Grant, They're really great. I do, and I love his parents. I just, I think all of you guys are so serious about each other. A little too young to be out of high school. I mean, you're not even do love Madison.

JACK: Yeah, but I really so in love with Madison

KATHLEEN: Are you still going to be with Madison if Grace taps on your door One night and says she wants to get back together?

JACK: Did she say something?

KATHLEEN: No. She didn't.

JACK: Oh. Well, then, no.

KATHLEEN: "No," What?

JACK: I wouldn't want to get back together with Grace.

KATHLEEN: Grab the salad.


Leo sees Ben.

LEO: Hey, give me a minute to change, and we're on our way.

BEN: Take your time.

LEO: You know, uh, don't get too used to that. You're not coming home, you know that?

BEN: I know that. Unless...

LEO: Don't go down that road.

BEN: No, it's just that... what if she leaves me? I was thinking, I've already realized, Adrian realizes what I mean, what if for all the wrong reasons which is that we got married to go back home? And what if she decides she's a very smart woman, I mean, very independent, and she was always and that could happen.

LEO: It could, but I doubt it. And don't even think about trying to make it happen. Is this why you're so bothered with Ricky and Amy moving in together? Would leave you for Ricky You were hoping that Adrian and now he's not available?

BEN: Honestly, I just... I don't like Amy living with him.

LEO: You need to give up the idea of ever getting back together with Amy, all right? There's more than two girls in the universe, you know.

BEN: Yeah, I know. Do you know?

LEO: Do I know what?

BEN: That there are more women out there in the universe for you, too.

LEO: I'm married to Betty. I'm taken. Betty is it.

BEN: And what about Camille?

LEO: What about Camille?

BEN: You're not in love with Camille?

LEO: What are you talking about, you knuckle-head? I'm not in love with Camille.

BEN: Well, apparently Camille is in love with you.

LEO: What?

BEN: That's why she quit. Dad, of course she is.

LEO: She quit because she quit.

BEN: No, she quit because Betty came back and she's giving up.

LEO: Ridiculous. You know that? You're ridiculous, You think?


Ricky joins Amy in the bedroom.

AMY: You could not have possibly got him down that quickly.

RICKY: He doesn't give me any problems going to bed.

AMY: Good, you can put him to bed every night.

RICKY: I'm happy to put him to bed every night.

AMY: What bed?

RICKY: I put the mattress on the floor for him. He's getting too old for that. He doesn't like the baby bed.

AMY: But he can just walk right into the kitchen.

RICKY: I blocked it all off and No, he can't. I'll go to sleep on the couch I'll watch him. To go to sleep. When we're ready.

AMY: I can't believe he's two.

RICKY: Me, neither.

AMY: Why are you being so nice to me after I lied to you?

RICKY: I'm just happy, happy you're here. And I know you're happy you're here. That's why you lied to me. So it's probably not going to be the worst thing you ever do or the biggest fight we'll ever have. But...

AMY: Ah, yeah, I knew there would be a "But."

RICKY: But I want you to be honest with me and not keep anything from me, and I want to be free to be honest with you and not keep anything from you, even if I do something stupid.

AMY: What'd you do?

RICKY: Nothing.

AMY: Nothing yet?

RICKY: Just nothing. Nothing, Amy. I haven't done anything I can't tell you about.

AMY: Okay.

RICKY: Look, it's still early, John's in bed and I really would like to go talk to your dad. I don't want your family to be upset with us.

AMY: That's really nice of you.

RICKY: Or I could talk to him another night.

AMY: Yeah. Do that.


Anne picks up Robbie.

ANNE: Oh, I'm sorry, I really am. Everything took twice as long as it should have. It took me a whole hour to get from the Design Center to here. Hate the traffic here. And I'm starving. Did you take out the counter-tops?

GEORGE: Yeah, but don't worry, I'm going to put in a new one. And Robbie's going to help. It'll look good, stop worrying. I'm going to look at some granite.

ANNE: I asked you not to do that.

GEORGE: Jeez, It'll be fine. It's going you'd think you'd thank me. To look better. You liked that, didn't you? I did a great job in Ashley's room, converting the garage.

ANNE: But I didn't care about the garage. I didn't want anything in here to change.

GEORGE: You change things in people's houses all the time. Why wouldn't you want to change things here?

ANNE: Because.

GEORGE: Because why?

ANNE: Because I have some really good memories in this kitchen, that's why.

GEORGE: The same kitchen, It's still going to be just different counter-tops.

ANNE: Thanks for taking care of Robbie.

GEORGE: You don't have to thank me, he's my son too.

ANNE: Come here. Goodnight, George.

(Anne goes out and George leaves in the living room. Anne comes back and George too)

GEORGE: Forgot to lock the door.

ANNE: I forgot my purse.

GEORGE: I guess we do have a lot of good memories in this kitchen. I can put the counter-tops back in, if you want.

ANNE: No, that's okay. They were kind of outdated.

GEORGE: Still seeing your boyfriend?

ANNE: No. But that doesn't make any difference when it comes to us. Has nothing to do with us.

End of the episode.