04x06 - Don't Go In There

Previously on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

RICKY: You know, I think we have to do something about these sleeping arrangements.

AMY: Our bed in the living room like I suggested before?

RICKY: Or get a couch that pulls out or something.

ADRIAN: Does it make you sad to be in here?

BEN: I don't come in this room.

ADRIAN: I need you to help me get rid of everything in this nursery.

AMY: What do you wanna do with all that stuff?

BEN: My dad's got you working for him today?

NORA: Honored to be here.

KATELYN: This is my first job back. After I lost a baby.

AMY: I told you what Adrian called me about, now you tell me what Adrian called you about.

RICKY: She's got some crazy plan she's come up with and you're playing right into it.

ADRIAN: I'm gonna have another baby.

BEN: You took everything out of here without even telling me?

ADRIAN: I thought you'd be happy.

BEN: She was my daughter, too!

DANIEL: I want you to come over to my apartment sometime, but I want your mom to know where you are.

JACK: I broke up with Madison. I'm still in love with you.

BEN: I'm sorry we're late.

LEO: You're drunk?

RICKY: You go to bed and I'll do the laundry. When I'm finished, I'll get in bed with you.

ADRIAN: I've been thinking about you. And I know you've been thinking about me. Haven't you?


Ben is still drunk.

LEO: Get up, get out, go home, apologize to Adrian and go to school! Now!

BEN: Wouldn't it be great if the past three years just turned out to be a dream and today's the first day of high school? Yeah.


Amy is awake. She joins Ricky in her bed.

AMY: Good morning.

RICKY: You already showered? I was hoping we could shower together.

AMY: This house is having a crazy effect on you, you know that?

RICKY: Is it?

AMY: It must be all the space.

RICKY: Maybe. But we better not get used to that. We better get used to no space and sleeping on our new couch in the living room.

AMY: I can't wait to see it.

RICKY: I can't wait to sleep on it. With you.

AMY: Hmm. John fell back asleep. He was tired this morning.

RICKY: I'm not.

AMY: Come on, we have to get going. We have to get to school. And you have that interview today.

RYCKY: We've got plenty of time. I'm not worried about the interview. Either they let me in to that school or they don't.

AMY: If they don't, then you're going to be away at school while John and I are here.

RICKY: I'll drive back and forth every day.

AMY: You can't do that.

RICKY: I can do anything I have to do.

AMY: Okay, well, then you have to ace that interview because it's really too late to apply anywhere else. So, come on, let's get going. We have to get John fed before he goes to the nursery. And you still have to stop by the apartment to get your books and things.

RICKY: My books and things are in the car. I actually thought I might get some studying done last night.

AMY: But you didn't.

RICKY: No, I didn't. And yet, I still managed to learn a little something.

AMY: Stop! You're making me blush.

RICKY: Are you sure we can't have just a few more minutes to ourselves?

AMY: I'm sure.

RICKY: I love you, Amy.

AMY: I love you, too, Ricky.


Ben enters in the condo and sees that Adrian isn't here. He takes some stuff.

BEN: Adrian? Adrian? Adrian! Great.



Ben isn't very well. Alice and Henry joins him.

BEN: Oh, uh, good morning.

ALICE: You look funny.

HENRY: What's wrong with you? You're pale.

BEN: No, no. Paler. I uh, got some pastries on my way to school. Pastries?

BOTH: No, thanks.

BEN: I just need a little something to settle my stomach.

HENRY: Were you drunk at Geoff's last night? We heard you passed out on the floor and some waiter had to carry you out to your dad's car.

BEN: Yes. Which brings me to, I need a place to stay.

HENRY: So, that's true? You actually got drunk and passed out at Geoff's?

BEN: Yeah, it is true. But where'd you hear that?

HENRY: Some freshman was there with his parents. He got a picture on his phone and sent it around.

BEN: Darn camera phones. I need a place to stay.

ALICE: Why exactly do you need a place to stay?

BEN: My dad kicked me out of my old room, and I don't really like my new room.

HENRY: Since when?

BEN: Since always. And besides, I can't go back there, anyway. I said some things to Adrian that I probably shouldn't have. But, hey, I mean if that's what it took to get me out, Then so be it.

ALICE: What things? What did you say to Adrian?

BEN: Oh, I'm not gonna repeat that stuff. It was ugly. Really ugly. And I'm sure it was very hurtful and for that, I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry I left. I definitely will apologize, but I am not going back there.

HENRY: Did she say or do anything to you that made you say these things to her?

BEN: Are you kidding?

ALICE: Oh, Ben. At least you could have waited until school is out. This is not a good time to leave Adrian.

BEN: You're right, Alice. It's not a good time to leave Adrian, but later would be a worse time. And it's not a debate. I left. I'm a free man. I'm a free man with no place to live, so how about it?

Grace wants to talks with Ben.

GRACE: Hey, can I talk to you? Alone?

BEN: Did you, uh, talk to Adrian?

GRACE: Yeah, I talked to her yesterday afternoon when we were taking everything out of the nursery.

BEN: It's okay, Grace.

GRACE: What's okay?

BEN: I know that you didn't know that I didn't know about the nursery.

GRACE: What!

BEN: I didn't know that you and Amy helped Adrian take everything out of the nursery. Adrian didn't tell me. I didn't know. That's not what you wanted?

GRACE: No, that's not what I wanted.

BEN: Oh. And Adrian probably told you about all the horrible things I said.

GRACE: What horrible things?

BEN: I'll let Adrian tell you, then. But hopefully she won't. Have you talked to Adrian in the past hour?

GRACE: No. Why?

BEN: I moved out.

GRACE: When?

BEN: In the past hour. Yeah, I slept over at my dad's house last night and I went over to the condo this morning and got some of my stuff. And she can have anything else that's left there. I don't want any of that stuff. What?

GRACE: I'm really sorry about the nursery.

Jack comes to talk with Lauren.

JACK: Hey. Hey, how's Madison this morning?

LAUREN: I don't know. You tell me.

JACK: I don't know.

LAUREN: Why don't you know?

JACK: Because we broke up last night.


JACK: You didn't know we broke up last night?

LAUREN: No, but I'm not surprised.

JACK: Madison didn't call you or text you?

LAUREN: Not about that, no. But she and I were expecting it so it's not that big a deal.

JACK: I just got tired of her being paranoid.

LAUREN: Paranoid, huh?

JACK: Yeah.

LAUREN: I don't think she's paranoid.

JACK: Madison still insists I'm in love with Grace.

LAUREN:You are in love with Grace. You're obsessed with Grace. You've even managed to get yourself a bedroom right next to Grace. You're like a stalker.

JACK: No, I'm not. I'm like a boarder. I'm just living in Grace's house.

(Grace joins them)

GRACE: Hey, did you guys hear that Ben moved out?

JACK: Moved out of where?

GRACE: He and Adrian split up. He left her.

LAUREN: Does Amy know about this?

GRACE: I don't know. But Ben told me, so I know it's the truth. Would Amy be interested in knowing this for some reason?

LAUREN: No. Oh, no. The rule of three. Break-ups come in threes. Jack and Madison is one. Adrian and Ben is two. Who's gonna be three?

GRACE: No, no, forget it. It is not gonna be me and Daniel.

(Lauren leaves)

JACK: I was just wondering, uh, are you and Daniel exclusive?

GRACE: Yeah. We are. Why?

JACK: I don't know. Just, uh... It just looked like you were looking at me.

GRACE: No, I was not looking at you.

Grant joins Grace and Jack.

GRANT: Hey, what's going on?

GRACE: Hey, look who's here. Grant. My friend Grant. How are you, old buddy, old pal?

GRANT: I'm good. I was wondering if I could get some advice from you. About something.

GRACE: Why not?

JACK: Why not? Because he really doesn't want your advice about anything. He's just butting in on our conversation.

GRACE: Our conversation was over. Yeah?

GRANT: You think Heidi Richmond would go out with me?

GRACE: You wanna go out with that slut?

JACK: Why do you care?

GRACE: Because she's a slut.

GRANT: I thought you hated that word. I thought you never wanted to hear that word.

GRACE: I don't. But you can't go from me to a slut. It'll make people think that I'm a slut and that you're only after one thing.

GRANT: That's why I asked. I don't know stuff like that.

JACK: Oh, please. That is so lame.

Lauren tells to Amy the new.

AMY: When did Ben tell Grace that he left Adrian?

LAUREN: This morning. Did you see the picture of Ben drunk and passed out at Geoff's? Mr. Boykewich is standing over him, and he looks like he's gonna kill him.

AMY: Wait, what? No. Ben? Drunk?

LAUREN: I'll forward it to you.

AMY: No, no, no. Don't. I don't want it. Where did you get it from?

LAUREN: From that kid I'm tutoring. He's a freshman.

AMY: Lauren, that's terrible. Maybe it was photoshopped. Mr. Boykewich would never let Ben drink, and even if he did let him have a little taste of something, he would never let him keep drinking until he got drunk and passed out.

LAUREN: The proof is in the picture.

AMY: All right, well... Maybe Ben did go out and do something stupid. But I'm sure that he and Adrian will figure things out.

LAUREN: Are you? Are you sure?

AMY: Yes, I'm sure.


AMY: Although Ben did seem a little nostalgic last night.

LAUREN: You saw him last night?

AMY: Yeah, he came by the church nursery. A sentimental item of his got packed up with the rest of the stuff, so he came by to pick it up just as I was leaving. He wasn't drinking and he wasn't drunk.

LAUREN: What sentimental item?

AMY: Um, it was a teddy bear that his mother gave him.

LAUREN: He's in the picture. The teddy bear. Oh. I almost forgot. Madison broke up with Jack.

AMY: Finally.


Ricky comes to speaks with Ben.

RICKY: So, what's going on?

BEN: Why do you ask?

RICKY: You just had to do it, didn't you? You just had to go and screw everything up. It's too soon to leave Adrian. You know it's too soon. You know how you know it's too soon? You had to get drunk to do it. You got drunk and passed out in public?

BEN: Yes. But I was stone-cold sober when I packed up my bags and left this morning.

RICKY: Well, go back home and unpack your bags.

BEN: Because it'll create problems for you if I don't?

RICKY: No, because it's the right thing to do. Adrian has been through enough without you doing something stupid like this.

BEN: You know, that was the problem with Adrian and me. We were always doing something stupid. Getting pregnant, getting married, stuff like that. But we're not gonna be doing anything stupid again. Ever.

By surprising, Adrian enters in the hallway of the high school.

BEN: What the hell?

RICKY: Just when you thought you were safe, huh? Be nice.

Ben approaches to Adrian.

BEN: Hi. What are you doing here?

ADRIAN: Hi. I decided to come back to school. Just like you've been telling me to.

BEN: No, I haven't.

ADRIAN: Yes, you have.

BEN: Adrian, I'm leaving you. No, I've left. I went by our place and got my things.

ADRIAN: I know.

BEN: Then what are you doing?

ADRIAN: Well, I'm not letting you go. We're married. And I love you. Hi. Hi, Ricky.

RICKY: Yeah. Hi.


Rachel leaves and wants Tom keeps the children.

RACHEL: Are you sure about this?

TOM: I'm sure.

RACHEL: I still feel really nervous about leaving the children.

TOM: Thanks a lot.

RACHEL: Oh, no, what I meant was the children seem to be getting on your nerves lately. I wouldn't go, but they make all new employees go to this stupid orientation.

TOM: I know. Go. We'll be fine.

RACHEL: They're both really excited. They love you, Tom. Just try and be patient with them, all right?

TOM: All right, already. Trust me, everything will be fine.

RACHEL: Then that's what I'll do. I'll trust you. Bye.

TOM: Bye-bye.


Rachel comes to say good-bye to Kathleen.

RACHEL: Good morning.

KATHLEEN: Good morning. Now, don't worry, I won't forget to pick up the kids.

RACHEL: Thank you, Kathleen. But uh, do you think the kids will really be okay with Tom?

KATHLEEN: Well, I'm picking them up from school, and they'll be here with me until Tom gets home. I'm sure it'll be fine. Rachel, don't feel guilty. You have to go to this orientation. You got a new job, and it's a great job. You should go and be excited about it and have fun. Don't worry about anything. I'll be right here.

RACHEL: Thank you for everything.

KATHLEEN: You're welcome. Bye.


Nora comes back to work.

NORA: I didn't know I was supposed to be here. I thought you didn't want me here. Move. Get out of there. I'll take over now. I don't think this looks good. You, sitting there. You don't look good no matter where you're sitting now that I look at you. What's going on?

LEO: Good morning.

NORA: Yeah, only I have a feeling it's not.

LEO: I like people to say "good morning" in the morning.

NORA: Good morning.

LEO: I know we have had a couple of problems. But the thing is, I gotta keep some personal business personal. I don't want it to get around everywhere, so, I thought maybe you could come back and we could try it again.

NORA: Yeah, we'll see.

LEO: Yeah, we'll see.

NORA: It was a compliment. "Pussycat."

LEO: I don't like it.

NORA: Not gonna happen again.

LEO: See that it doesn't.

NORA: Hey, does this job pay more than the butcher shop?

LEO: Probably.

NORA: Probably?

LEO: I'm sure it does, but you don't have the job yet.

NORA: Well, I didn't say I'd take the job yet.

LEO: I understand that.


Ben calls the father's office.

NORA(at phone): Boykewich International, how may I help you?

BEN(at phone): He let you come back?

NORA(at phone): Yeah. Would you like to speak with him?

LEO: Ben? No. No.

NORA: Huh.

BEN(at phone): Dad?

LEO(at phone):You better be at school. I am. I am at school. And you know who else is at school? Adrian. Adrian.

LEO(at phone): Good. Good for Adrian. You two make up and let her finish the year and graduate.

BEN(at phone): We've made up. But Dad, I moved out this morning. I'm not going back there tonight.

LEO(at phone): Oh, yeah, you are.

BEN(at phone): No. I'm not.

LEO(at phone): What are you gonna do? Live in the park and drink every night?

BEN(at phone): Unless you let me come home, that might be what I have to do.

LEO(at phone): Excuse me? You are not going to take another drink again anytime soon. And you are not going to live in the park, and you are not going to live with me and Betty or one of your friends. You are going to live in the condo that I bought for you and your wife until you can afford to be on your own. And just to remind you, your car is in my name. You don't own the car. And you can't touch your trust fund for many, many years to come, so you don't have any money.

BEN(at phone): I have some money, Dad.

LEO(at phone): I have a checking account. With my name on it. I could transfer the funds out and shut down your credit cards. And I will if I hear that you've moved out or if you're drinking or smoking dope or doing anything else stupid.


NORA: I see what you mean about the personal business part.

LEO: Do you? Because the last time you talked to my son, you told him he didn't have to do what I told him. And he went out and he got drunk and he showed up at the restaurant 20 seconds before he passed out.

NORA: I don't like that. Okay, I don't like drinking. I'm in AA.

LEO: Should I know that? Isn't it Alcoholics Anonymous?

NORA: Well, yeah, but everyone knows I'm in AA. Look, I got my chip on a chain here, see? I can talk to him if you want. About the dangers of alcohol. About not getting started.

LEO: He's already started, and he better damn well be finished. He's my son. I'll talk to him.


Adrian talks with the counselor.

ADRIAN: Ben just wouldn't let me do it. He tried to be supportive, but he really didn't want me to go to cosmetology school. He felt like it would be a waste of my time and if I did that, that I might not come back and finish high school and go to college.

KATELYN:I am so relieved. And I'm so happy to see you. I mean, you look great.

ADRIAN: Oh. Well, I still have a few pounds to lose. But I've just been so depressed and eating way too much of the wrong things. But Ben got me to start walking. He even walks with me sometimes.

KATELYN: Oh, that's nice.

ADRIAN: Yeah, it is. I like to walk alone, too, though. It gives me time to think about what's really important in life. Like family. I'm so blessed to be married to him.

KATELYN: Uh-huh. You know, there's a picture going around from phone to phone of Ben passed out drunk last night at Geoff's.

ADRIAN: Is that what people are saying? I can't believe it. I can't believe people would say that my Ben was drunk. He doesn't drink. Look, he ate ceviche, had a bad reaction to it and bam. On the floor. You know, I would have met them down at the emergency room, but, um, I just... I can't go near a hospital right now.

KATELYN: I'm sure. And I am so sorry. But I am happy to see that you are back. And I have already met with two of your teachers, and it'll probably take me the rest of the day to meet with the rest of your teachers, but I want to see if we can still find a way for you to graduate this summer.

ADRIAN: Wait, really? Uh, I would have to go to school this summer? Is there a way I could not go to summer school and still graduate on time? I'd really like to graduate with my class.

KATELYN: I don't think that's possible, being that there's only six weeks of school left, but we should stay focused on the bigger picture, which is going to college in the fall.

ADRIAN: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Gotta keep that bigger picture in mind. It would be nice to go to college in the fall. So, if, uh, summer school is what I have to do, then that's what I have to do.

KATELYN: I am so proud of you. I really hope you're proud of yourself.

ADRIAN: I am. I'm stronger than anyone knew. I'm even stronger than I knew. Stronger and crazier.

Katelyn is leaving, Ricky enters in the counselor's office. Adrian is here.

ADRIAN: Well, hello. Ricky? Are you okay?

RICKY: I just wasn't expecting you.

ADRIAN: No one was. Did you get my message?

RICKY: No, I didn't exactly. I got it, but I erased it. I don't want any messages from you, Adrian. I'm sorry about what happened to you, but...

ADRIAN: But what?

RICKY: But we can't be friends.

ADRIAN: Okay, then we won't be friends. We were never really friends.

RICKY: No, we weren't. I just came in here to get a name from the counselor. I have an interview today. I'm trying to get into a local college so I can live at home with Amy and John.

ADRIAN: Well, come on, then, sit and wait. Aw, I won't bite.

RICKY: No, thanks, I'll just wait outside.

ADRIAN: Okay, well, it was good to see you.

RICKY: Yeah. You, too. Take care. I'm sorry about what happened.

ADRIAN: Yeah, you said that.

Ricky leaves and sees Katelyn in the hallway.

KATELYN: Hi, Ricky, I didn't forget. I was rushing back to meet you. I was just trying to arrange Adrian's schedule for her.

RICKY: I just need to know who I'm meeting with in Admissions.

KATELYN: Yeah, I got the name for you this morning and I think you're gonna be really happy. It's someone you know. And I think she probably went through the stack of late applications, saw yours, pulled it and called me.

RICKY: Who do I know in Admissions?

KATELYN: Toby's stepsister? Toby, Ashley's study buddy? Karlee Carmichael? Do you know her? She used to teach at the community college, and then she got a job in Admissions. She's pursuing her PhD there. Well, I'm sure she's not gonna call you in just to turn you down.

RICKY: No. Probably not.

KATELYN: So, good luck! And get going. She's expecting you and you don't want to be late. Is everything okay?

RICKY: I don't know.


Kathleen talks with Reverent Stone.

STONE: I can't believe you baked me a cake! Chocolate is my favorite.

KATHLEEN: I remember.

STONE: I miss those Wednesday night potluck dinners.

KATHLEEN: Oh, I know. So do I. And we tried to keep them going, but without you there, it just wasn't the same. The food was still good, but, no, not the conversation. You just had such a practical approach to things.

STONE: W ell, thank you. I like to think so.

KATHLEEN: So, any chance you'll come back? Now, I'm not asking because I want Jack out of the house. I'm okay with him here. I even like him here. You know, especially with my husband away. Oh! That didn't sound right. But I don't know, it's just nice having a man in the house. You know, with Tom in the guest house. Okay. That just made it worse.

STONE: Well, you've been so generous to allow Jack to stay here.

KATHLEEN: Oh, I think it's been good for Tom. You know, it made him feel more like a grown-up. Well, so grown-up he got himself a family.

STONE: Think that'll last?

KATHLEEN: Mmm-mmm. Not likely. Rachel just got a new job, a good job. So, she'll probably move out as soon as she can afford it.

STONE: And Tom would go with them?

KATHLEEN: Not likely. He's not as happy about being a parent as he thought he would be.

STONE: Few people are, very few people are.


STONE: So, yes. I am coming back to the church this summer. And next fall, I'm going to teach as well, at one of the local high schools.

KATHLEEN: I am so happy to hear you say that.

STONE: I hope you and your family will come back to the church. Especially... Especially Jack.

KATHLEEN: You were going to say Grace. So, let's just go with especially Jack and Grace.

STONE: So, Grace's new boyfriend is a college fella, I hear.


Lauren waits Amy after her class.


AMY: Oh, hey. Did you hear?

LAUREN: Adrian's back.

AMY: See, they're not splitting up. I had a feeling.

LAUREN: No, she's not back with Ben. She's back at school.

AMY: She came back to school?

LAUREN: She came back to school.

AMY: You know, she probably got angry with Ben for leaving and that's what motivated her to come back. Why does she always do everything out of anger instead of just doing things like everyone else does? Why can't she just go to summer school?

(Adrian heard)

ADRIAN: I can. I'm gonna finish the year and go to summer school.

LAUREN: Hey, Adrian. Welcome back. Okay, I'll let you two talk.

(Lauren leaves)

AMY: Hi. Once again, I am...I don't really know what to say other than I'm sorry.

ADRIAN: You know, when you came back to school, the entire girl student body met you at the door. And the high school band played while everyone walked you down the hall to your first class.

AMY: Um, actually that was when I was pregnant. But when I came back after I had John...

ADRIAN: Ben came with you and held your hand. Right. You know, I'm not angry with anyone. Other than maybe God, for not letting me keep the baby.

AMY: I'm really embarrassed, Adrian. And again, I'm so sorry.

ADRIAN: Oh, uh, I ran into Ricky while I was in the counselor's office. He has an interview today.

AMY: Yeah.

ADRIAN: And I found out from Miss O'Malley that it's at a college where I've been accepted. Isn't that great?

AMY: Yeah. Yeah, that's great. Wouldn't it be great if we could all end up at the same college?

ADRIAN: Yeah, wouldn't it?

AMY: So, um, you were never really going to go to cosmetology school?

ADRIAN: No, I was. But Ben didn't really want me to go. So, I changed my mind.

AMY: Well, good decision on his part. And yours.


Ricky comes to his interview.

KARLEE: Come in. I've been expecting you.

RICKY: Thanks. Thanks for the interview. I'd really like to go to school here. I'm living with Amy now, and my son, so... This would be really good for me. Not to mention that it's my first choice because it's a good school. And you've got a good business program. And I wanna major in business.

KARLEE: Oh, come on, Ricky, cut the crap. It's not a real interview.

RICKY: What is it?

KARLEE: It's just the only way I could figure out how to see you again. I knew Amy and John were living with you. But you're not married. And I doubt you'll be getting married. And I'm guessing that by now, you have to be feeling a little restless, no?


KARLEE: So, you don't want to christen my new office? I haven't had the chance to do anything non-business related in my office.

RICKY: Don't do this, all right? I'm not gonna do anything with you. And I really do need to get into school here. I know you have a lot of applicants, but I have high SAT scores, and I have a high grade point average... I can't, okay? I can't.

KARLEE: You can if you want to get into school here.


Tom calls Tammy.

TOM: Tammy!

TAMMY: You called?

TOM: Did you have that on this morning?


TOM: Hmm. I don't know if that's appropriate for the workplace.

TAMMY: I could take it off.

TOM: What! You're a married woman. Woman!

TAMMY: I'm bored.

TOM: I tell you what I'll do. I'll send you to a seminar on sexual harassment.

TAMMY: I thought I was doing a good job of that.

TOM: It is against the law.

TAMMY: Sorry. I thought it was just human nature.

TOM: I'll get back to you.

TAMMY: You know where my cubicle is.


Jack sees Grace in the hallway.

JACK: Hey, hey, we need to talk.

GRACE: I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk at home.

JACK: No, we need to talk before you get home. My dad was at your house earlier today.


JACK: And he may have mentioned that you have a new boyfriend that's in college.

GRACE: What?

JACK: He didn't know your mom didn't know.

GRACE: And how did he know?

JACK: I mentioned it when I was telling him that I broke up with Madison. And he asked me if I was still trying to get back together with you and I said, no, you have a new boyfriend.

GRACE: "Who's in college?" Jack!

JACK: I'm sorry. I can talk to her if you want.

GRACE: You've talked enough already.

JACK: Well, I guess Adrian and Ben didn't break up. She's back at school...

GRACE: No, they're still broken up. I just talked to Ben.

JACK: I talked to Adrian.

GRACE: Interesting. She must be avoiding me.

JACK: Why's that?

GRACE: None of your business.

JACK: You know something. I can tell.

GRACE: Yeah, and if I told you, you'd tell your dad and then the whole world would know!

Grace goes away and finds Adrian.

GRACE: Adrian, hi. I've been looking for you all day.

ADRIAN: Oh, well, I've mostly been in the counselor's office. We're trying to set up my schedule.

GRACE: Well, I'm really happy that you're back.

ADRIAN: Hmm, yeah. I wish I could say I'm happy I'm back. But I'm just doing what I have to do.

GRACE: Have to do?

ADRIAN: To get Ben to... Well, you know.

GRACE: Adrian, I heard that he left. He told me.

ADRIAN: Yeah, well, um, he didn't come home last night, but he'll be back.

GRACE: Adrian, you can't just...

ADRIAN: Don't say it. I can and I will. And it's none of your business if I have another baby.

GRACE: Well, I wish that you had never told me that.

ADRIAN: Yeah, me, too. But I did. And I did because you're my best friend. And I know you won't tell Ben or anyone else.


Karlee calls the counselor.

KATELYN(at phone): Counselor's office.

KARLEE(at phone): Miss O'Malley, is that you?

KATELYN(at phone): Yeah?

KARLEE(at phone): This is Karlee Carmichael in Admissions.

KATELYN(at phone): Karlee, I thought we were on a first name basis. How are you? How'd it go?

KARLEE(at phone): I really don't know how to tell you this.

KATELYN(at phone): Tell me what?

KARLEE(at phone): I'm very sorry, but I just don't think Ricky Underwood is the type of student we want here on campus.


Ben enters in the wall way.

MAN: Hey, I heard you dumped the broad. Good for you. I almost got trapped the same way. Turned out she was lying.

GIRL: He never should have married her in the first place. She probably got pregnant just to get his money.

MAN: It probably wasn't even his baby. He's an idiot.

GIRL: He drinks. No wonder they lost the baby.

(Adrian heard, she takes his defense)

ADRIAN: He does not drink. Ben Boykewich does not drink. He passed out from a bad reaction to shellfish, you idiot. And he didn't cause us to lose the baby, we just lost the baby, okay? It happens. And it happened to us. And you're an ass. And I would wish the same would happen to you when you have a baby, but I don't wish that on anyone.

Adrian speaks with Adrian.

ADRIAN: Eh, what are you gonna do? People talk.

BEN: Yeah. They do talk. And there's not much we can do about that. Unfortunately. I apologize, Adrian, for all the things I said to you.

ADRIAN: That's okay. It made me really angry, but what you said was true.

BEN: No, it's not true. I'm as much to blame as you are, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I said and I'm sorry for what happened to us. But I really do want out.

ADRIAN: You're out. I mean, you took your things. You're out. Of course, it would be nice if you would come back and wait until I was out of high school. If you could wait until I went off to college next fall. And, well, maybe between now and then, we could live in our condo. And not as husband and wife, but as friends. Well, because I hope we can at least be friends. I mean, we were friends before we were married and I need you to be my friend. I mean, I don't know if I can always be strong like today. But I'm going to try. And if being angry is what gets me through all this, then being angry works better for me than feeling sorry for myself. If you could just think about it. About living with me as a friend. And if, for today, you could just walk down the hall with me and out that door, holding my hand, the way you did for Amy when she came back to school after having John.


Children say goodnight at their mom.

BONNIE(at phone): Goodnight, Mom. Love you.

RONNIE(at phone): Goodnight. Love you! Miss you! Here's Tom.

RACHEL(at phone): Thank you so much for staying with the children, Tom. They sound so happy. They're having such a nice time with you.

TOM(at phone): We grilled hamburgers and made a fort in the backyard and played horseshoes.

RACHEL(at phone): Oh, I wanna do that. I wanna eat a grilled hamburger and build a fort and play horseshoes.

TOM(at phone): It's a lot of work.

RACHEL(at phone): I'm sure, but thank you. Thank you for doing all that. Goodnight.


Rachel hangs up, a man comes near to her.



MILTON: Listen, okay, I know that this is going to sound like a come-on, but haven't I seen you somewhere before?

RACHEL: You're right. That does sound like a come-on.

MILTON: No, seriously, it's... Oh, my God, you're... Tom's desk! You are the photo on Tom Bowman's desk.

RACHEL: Oh, God. You're Milton, aren't you?

MILTON: What do you mean, "Oh, God"? Does my reputation precede me?

RACHEL: You're Tom's boss.


RACHEL: You hired Tom to keep people from suing you.

MILTON: Yes, because Tom is a... He's a human resource savant. He is. Do you mind if I sit down?

RACHEL: Oh, I don't know. It's the first time I think I've ever been in a hotel bar.

MILTON: Oh, don't worry about it. You're a natural.


MILTON: I'm joking. I'm joking. Actually, you kind of look like a hooker sitting here all by yourself.


MILTON: Just a little. Would you like to have some dinner with me? Come on. I'm buying. Dinner. Not you.


Kathleen open the door, Daniel is here.



DANIEL: I am. And you must be Grace's mom.

KATHLEEN: I am. I'm Kathleen. And Grace is upstairs. She's on restriction because she failed to let me know that you're in college.


KATHLEEN: What's so funny about that?

DANIEL: I don't know. You'd rather her be out with a high school dropout, or Jack?

KATHLEEN: Well, I don't like Grace dating a guy who has his own apartment and is in college.

DANIEL: I'm only 18.

KATHLEEN: I know that. Grace told me. But she should have told me that you're living alone in your own apartment and that you're not in high school. And this isn't about you. This is about Grace and trusting Grace.

DANIEL: I told her to tell you, and she should have told you. So, I completely understand why she's on restriction. Although I have to say I haven't known a girl on restriction in years.

KATHLEEN: Well, she's on restriction.

DANIEL: Well, Grace just wanted me to stop by so that you could meet me.

KATHLEEN: And you could see that I'm not a bad guy. I never said you were. However, I do think that you should know a girl a lot better before you sleep with her.

DANIEL: Probably should know her family a lot better as well.

KATHLEEN: All right. Do you wanna come in?

DANIEL: Well, I think I just saw Grace sneak behind your back and go into the kitchen. Probably to go out the back door and down the driveway and get into my car.

KATHLEEN: Is that what you two planned?

DANIEL: No, ma'am. I'm just guessing.

KATHLEEN: Okay, so, we're just gonna leave Grace sitting in your car out on the street?

DANIEL: Don't you think that'd be funny?

KATHLEEN: Yeah. Actually it would. Do you want a hamburger? We grilled hamburgers for dinner. We have a few left.


KATHLEEN: This is better than restriction.

DANIEL: Oh, is it? Or is it in addition to restriction?

KATHLEEN: Yes. In addition.


Grace calls Jack.

JACK(at phone): Yeah?

GRACE(at phone): What happened? I saw Daniel go in the house.

JACK(at phone): Your mother's making him dinner.

GRACE(at phone): What?

JACK(at phone): She's making him dinner.

GRACE(at phone): No! Shh, then be quiet!

JACK(at phone): She offered him a hamburger.

GRACE(at phone): (SIGHS) And he took her up on it? Maybe he didn't see me. Go down there and pull him aside and tell him I'm waiting in the car.

JACK(at phone): All right. Should I do that or should I hand him a note?

GRACE(at phone): No, just go down there, and quietly tell him I'm waiting for him.

JACK: I don't think so.


Amy and Ricky are ready to go to bed.

AMY: That should be good.

RICKY: I'm thinking we don't have to do anything just because we got a new bed. I know you said you're really tired.

AMY: Yeah, so?

RICKY: So, we've got the rest of our lives together.

AMY: Okay. The interview didn't go that well, did it? You've been grouchy all night.

RICKY: No, I haven't. No, it didn't go well. I don't wanna talk about it.

AMY: Maybe it went better than you thought.

(Cellphone vibrating)

AMY: Is that your phone? I think someone's calling you.

RICKY(at phone): Hi.

KATELYN(at phone): Ricky? Katelyn.

RICKY(at phone): Who?

KATELYN(at phone): The school counselor?

RICKY(at phone): Oh.

KATELYN(at phone): I was gonna wait and tell you at school tomorrow, but I decided I shouldn't wait. I wanted to let you know that I did talk to Admissions, and, um... Unfortunately, they're not going to accept you.

RICKY(at phone): Thanks for calling.

KATELYN(at phone): Wait. Wait, uh, I wanted to ask you something.

RICKY(at phone): Oh, God.

KATELYN(at phone): Did you do anything that would make Karlee maybe... Possibly interpret it as flirting with her?

RICKY(at phone): What?

KATELYN(at phone): She said something to that effect.

RICKY(at phone): What exactly did she say?

KATELYN(at phone): She said you tried to have s*x with her. Ricky? That's not true, is it? Just tell me that's not true.

RICKY(at phone): What difference does it make? If that's what she said, then you're not gonna believe me.

(He hangs up)

AMY: Ricky!

RICKY: I'll be back.

AMY: What happened?

RICKY: I'll be back, Amy.

AMY: Ricky, don't shut me out. What happened?

RICKY: I can't.


Adrian sleeps, Ben comes to her.

BEN: I thought about what you said. And I thought about all we've been through, and I'd like to be friends again. And I want to part friends, when the time is right. And maybe we can wait until the end of summer. But I'm gonna make a bedroom for myself where the nursery was.


BEN: And tonight I'm just gonna sleep on the couch.

ADRIAN: You don't have to do that. The bed is big enough for the two of us. I won't touch you.

BEN: I'm just gonna sleep on the couch. Goodnight, Adrian.

ADRIAN: Goodnight, Ben. Ben, thank you.

(He leaves)


End of the episode.