01x09 - Lie Together, Die Together

Previously on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

(Dylan): I submitted a cello piece as my own to Professor James and Dana knows about it.

Dana: Tell me the truth about where your friends were the night Nolan was killed and this becomes your truth.

It's real if I say it's real.

You'd do that. You'd manufacture evidence from me, If it gets me what I need

Did we get it?

- It's real if I say it's...
- We got everything.

I wanna be the person to give my mom the evidence about Dana.

(Caitlin) You were so right about Jeremy's computer.

He says he hardly uses it, so why lock it up like Fort Knox?

He's keeping something from me.

- Like what?
- I don't know.

(Caitlin) But I need to find out.

(Ava) This guy made me laugh today

like Nolan used to make me laugh.

(Caitlin) Nolan would want you to be happy.

I would never do anything that would

get you into trouble.

You shouldn't have followed me.

- Jeremy, what's going on?
- Get in the car.

I'm not a monster, Cate.

I did it to protect you and your family.

- Wait, from Nolan?
- He got what he deserved.

But I can't tell you anything more if you're going back.

- It's too dangerous.
- What are you asking me to do?

- Never go back home?
- I'm leaving tonight.

If you come with me then you'd be safe and I can tell you everything that I did, I promise.

- Jeremy.
- You wanted him gone too, Cate.

We can leave together or we can say goodbye.

[dramatic music]

♪ If I show you then I know you ♪

♪ Won't tell what I said

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret

♪ If one of them is dead

- [crickets chirping]
- _

(Caitlin on speaker) Hey, it's Caitlin, leave it at the beep.

Straight to voicemail. Again.

Did she tell you where she was?

Look, I get that we want Caitlin with this, when we take

the proof to Claire but we can't wait for her.

[knocking on door]

That has to be Taylor.

I told you. We can trust her.


[instrumental music]

Sorry I took so long to reconnect.

You've been busy.

Ava, hi.

I'm Taylor.

I know.


Now is not the right time but there are some things

I need to tell you.

Things Nolan would want you to know.

Well, let's get this over with so we can get Dana off your backs and I can get back to why I came home.

To figure out who killed my brother.

[dramatic music]

(Dana on speaker) It's real if I say it's real.

Tell me the truth about where your friends were the night Nolan was killed and this becomes your truth.

(Dylan on speaker) Just like that? You'd do that.

You'd manufacture evidence for me?

(Dana on speaker) If it gets me what I need.

I've heard enough.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

I'm relieved to know that I hired the right person to find out who killed my son.

[instrumental music]

She's following my instructions no matter what the cost.

Mrs. H, you can't really think we did it?

The proof is out there and Dana Booker will find it.

Mom, no one in this room killed Nolan.

These are people we can trust and Dana's making their lives miserable.

They were all at Thorne Hall that night, Taylor and they all lied about it, including Alison.

You don't think that's suspicious?

Stay out of Dana Booker's way.

[cell phone ringing]

One moment, Paula, I'm stepping out.

Everyone but Alison may leave.

I give us an A for effort.

Keep A out of it.

[cell phone ringing]

It's the ethics committee.

They wanna see me.


Dana must've already ratted me out.

[dramatic music]

(Claire) I'll see you this afternoon, Lisa.

And I do hope that you and Mr. Reidnor actually get to enjoy the gala.

Please close the door.

Whose idea was it to entrap my head of security?

And why was my daughter involved?

She wants to find out who killed Nolan.

That's why Taylor came back.

And she knows that Dana Booker is on the wrong track.

I appreciate that my daughter is home because of you.

And I want to trust you, Alison.

But if you're lying to protect your students, I can't.

They're good people.

Yes, but good people make bad mistakes.

And while they're trying to dig themselves out of a hole that hole gets deeper and darker.

My daughter is not as strong as you think she is.

And I don't want her going down into that hole.

Taylor's stronger than you give her credit for.

No, she's not.

There are things you don't know, Alison.

Don't bring her into your mess.

[dramatic music]

How'd it go?

They didn't tell me but they said that I should call my parents because I'm probably going home.


I'm sorry.

I did it to myself.

If they do kick me out though..

It's on my record, so other schools will know.

It's gonna stay with me forever.

When you told me you cheated you already regretted it.

And you can't be defined by one mistake.

Yeah, unless you cheat at BHU, right?

When would you go?

Claire has the final vote on the committee but she's busy with the gala.

So, I at least have today.

Well, let's not waste a minute then.


Mom, you've been planning this gala for months why would you wanna say we're co-chairing it?

Because you're my daughter.

And I don't want you thinking that I'm capitalizing on what happened to you.

You're lying.

This is about you trying to keep me busy so I won't get in Dana Booker's way.

You're right.

I don't want you obsessing over who killed your brother.


What happened before after dad was killed it's not gonna happen again.

Because I won't let it.

We're doing this together.

I'll see you at the venue at : .

I just left her history class and..

And Caitlin wasn't there.

Well, Andrew had to run an errand before our you're-never- gonna-see-me-again date.

So if you wanna go to Caitlin's we should check on her.

Thank you, for playing that tape for Claire.

She knows now more than ever what I'm willing to do to catch her son's killer.

She actually gave me a raise.

And I'm more inspired than ever to prove that one or all of you had something to do with Nolan's death.

- Let's go.
- Is Ava helping you pack?

Not so fast.

I just got noticed that you paid the last installment of this semester's tuition again in cash.

Yeah, so what?

You haven't left the campus for days so I know you're hiding your stash of stolen money close by.

It's only a matter of time until I find it and I'll have all the proof I need to get you kicked out of here.

So you're still keeping secrets.


You know you can trust us.

Right? With whatever she was just talking about.

[cell phone ringing]

(Dylan) It's Caitlin.

"Need to see you now."

He wouldn't say it out loud.

But, I think he was making a confession.

I know you're upset but what did he say exactly?

That he did it to protect me and my family.

It was too dangerous for me to know anything more unless I went away with him.

He thought I wanted Nolan dead.

Thinking back he said he was willing to do something about it but I thought he meant talk to him or scare him.

I'm so sorry if I'm in anyway responsible for Nolan's death. You have to know...

So you think he was confessing to killing Nolan.

I don't wanna believe it but I don't know what else it could be.

So how did you leave it with him?

I told him I loved him.

- But I couldn't go with him.
- Where is he now?

He dropped me off outside of town

I think, I think he's heading into the city.

I know we all want this to be over but..

We need proof.

- Real proof.
- Now that we have a suspect...

I'll use Beacon Guard to track Jeremy the night my brother was killed.

And if Caitlin's right, I'll find a way to prove it.



We're here for you.

We will figure this out.

I promise.

There's no way to make this better.

I just wanna find out the truth.

[instrumental music]

I know it's terrible timing but an inspired Dana Booker scares the crap out of me.

I didn't tell you because it's not just my secret to keep.

And I love my dad and I promised him that I wouldn't tell anyone.

So I've kept this a secret until now.

So this is how you've been paying for school?

Yeah, it's what the money is for.

I mean, using it is the only way that I can stay here.

No, Ava, you could apply for financial aids you could get a scholarship.

This is BHU.

They're not giving scholarships to daughters of criminals.

So what can we do to help?

Dana Booker already knows about the money.

It's only a matter of time before she finds it here.

Unless you move it off campus.

[birds chirping]

[instrumental music]

- [keys clacking]

Are you sure it's safe here?

No, but do you have any other options?

I live here days out of the year by myself.

And my moms haven't listened to music since disco died.

Thanks for doing this.

At least we know Dana Booker won't be barging in here.

(Park-Lewis) Caitlin.

Is that the maid?

(Caitlin) Hi, mom.

What are you doing here?

Well, Claire personally invited me to the gala.

And I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with you.

- Hi. I'm...
- Senator Park-Lewis.

I voted for you in the midterms it's, it's an honor to meet you.

Thank you for your vote.

I'm Ava.

Ava Jalali.


I'm sure we all have a lot to do to get ready for this afternoon.

I was just leaving.

[instrumental music]

- That was inappropriate.
- It's about the optics.

Her father is a well-known criminal who's currently a fugitive.

He's not my friend. She is.

No time to argue with you, Caitlin we need to get ready for the gala.

What do you think?

- I hate it.
- You do?

Mm. I hate it so much that I'm gonna help you get out of it.

Well, you know what I hate?
Those pants you're wearing.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hm.

I see where this is going.

[cell phone ringing]

Oh, that's me.

I think I put it down when we were, uh..

Yeah, that was amazing.


[cell phone ringing]

Oh.. I found it.

Why is Claire Hotchkiss calling you?

Nolan and I practically grew up together. You know.

Claire and I stayed in touch since the funeral.


That's so sweet of you.

♪ My boy my boy my boy

♪ Don't love me like he promised ♪

♪ My boy my boy my boy

♪ He ain't a man and sure as hell ain't honest ♪

♪ My boy's being sus' and he don't know how to cuss.. ♪

You do know there's no way I'm never seeing you again, right?

It's just the theme of this date.

I am not going home.

I'll find some way to stay here.

And I'll do whatever I can to help you.

You're still the best thing that's ever happened to me.

- I know.
- Oh..


♪ You want me to be yours well then.. ♪

Happy anniversary.

- We missed that, you remember?
- Mm-hmm.

Just open it.

♪ You want me to be yours

♪ Well then you gotta be mine

♪ And if you want a good girl

♪ Then goodbye

I had it engraved.

" / ."

That's the exact moment we met at orientation.

Oh, I remember.

You were wearing your blue jacket.

Ah, yeah.

Thank you.

I have a gift for you.


"A song for Andrew."

"By Dylan Walker."

Happy anniversary.

I'm blown away but you're not gonna play it, are you?

This is it on the drive right here?

I'm gonna try.

I'll take it slow.

[cello music]

[music continues]

- [instrumental music]

[keys clacking]

- [beeping]

[dramatic music]

[door opens]

- Jeez, Taylor.
- What are you doing here?

You said you wanted to talk.

That was before we found out

Jeremy probably killed my brother.

Nolan loved you, he'd kill me if I shot you.

He loved me?


He knew it from the moment he first met you, Ava.

You were the one.

Your happiness was more important to him than his own.

He slept with that girl to push you away.

He did it to protect you and it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do.

To protect me from what?

I disappeared a year ago because I discovered someone hijacked

Beacon Guard to spy on a select group of people at BHU.

I never figured out who they were.

I got too close and had to disappear.

Because you were afraid?

Yeah, and Nolan knew everything I knew.

He didn't want you anywhere near this because the person who hijacked Beacon Guard tried to kill me.

Taylor, you must've been terrified.

I thought that person also killed Nolan but..

If it was Jeremy, he did it for Caitlin.

All that pretending.

All that needing to be perfect.

Pretending to be Caitlin's boyfriend it's..

It's what got Nolan killed.

I think you're right.

I used Beacon Guard to track Jeremy's history.

For a guy who wasn't a student he was on campus a lot.

He was following Nolan.

Stalking him like a jealous boyfriend.

- [beeping]

(Ava) What? What is it?

I just back traced the IP address of the computer used to cause the blackout the night Nolan was killed.

It was a Hotchkiss device.

Logged on to by Jeremy.

He timed the Beacon Guard blackout to give himself a window of time to get up to the roof and then..

Arrive back down at the bottom before the crowd showed up.

But what he didn't know is that I've engineered a program that identifies gait recognition.

Jeremy was walking toward Throne Hall moments before the blackout.

He killed Nolan.

[intense music]

Jeremy, this wasn't an easy decision for me to make.

But I've changed my mind.

I, I'll do whatever it takes for us to be together.

I knew you'd come through for me, Cate.

(Caitlin on phone)
Where should I meet you?

I'll text you when and where in a few hours.

I love you.

I love you, too.

[instrumental music]

I know I shouldn't still care about him after what he did to Nolan but..

It's okay, Cate, you did the right thing.

I just hope he does the right thing and tells us the truth.

After you find out when and where you're meeting him we'll all be there.

Even if he doesn't confess there's six of us and one of him.

He's not gonna get away.

(Ava) And then this will all be over.

We give Dana Nolan's killer.

And she'll finally be off of our backs.

Are we still going to the gala?

With all that's happening, no.

We can't risk anything going wrong.

If we don't go, it'll look suspicious.

Alison's right. You know the drill.

Act normal, bitches.

People express their grief in so many different ways.

Thank you for being there for me.

And thank you for being so understanding, Claire.

Of course.

Let me know if you need anything.


Take care.

I want active surveillance on Mason Gregory.

Start it now.

- ♪ Ooh ooh ooh
- _

[indistinct chatter]

- Hi.
- Hey.

Oh, wow, that's beautiful.

- You mean it?
- Yeah.


You know who Lee Redmond is, right?

- The Manhattan gallery owner?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, of course. Her taste is legendary.

If she gives you a show your work is immediately taken seriously.

Well, I just found out from a friend of mine, Zoe who's mom is an artist that

Lee Redmond is going to be at the gala tonight.


Fortson, what are you not getting?

You are going to show Lee your work. This is your shot.

You're cute when you're flustered.

I've got to get going.

I am not letting either of us pass up on this chance.

I am talking up the Vogue editor today.

And you, you Zach Fortson are talking up Lee Redmond.

I'm working the event, Ava, I'm gonna be passing out champagne.

But I'll see you later.

Does that mean free champagne for me?

NYC, here we come.

[instrumental music]

Every minute we don't hear from Jeremy feels like a lifetime.

I need this to be over.

For Nolan, not for me.

Well, you need to figure out a way to put this on the back-burner until Caitlin gets the text.

I don't know if I can do that.

You can, because we don't have a choice.

[doorbell rings]

I'll get that.

Taylor, what happened?
What are you doing?

How did you know I was here?

Am I on active surveillance?
I'm your daughter.

Who just came back from the dead.

Would you like some tea, Claire?

You disappeared for hours today refusing to return my calls or my texts.

All the lies and the covering up.

You said this wouldn't happen again and it is.

This isn't like last time. I'm eating, I'm sleeping.

I'm fine.

[dramatic music]

Start talking.

Why was she here? Did you call her?

Don't turn this back on me, Caitlin.

Ms. Booker called because she was concerned about you.

And for now she's doing us a favor.

Keeping your name out of this mess.

I'm going upstairs.

Not before telling me where you got that money.

I never saw it before today.

I can't believe it's become so easy for you to lie to me.

- That is not who we are.
- It's exactly who we are.

Or have you come clean to mom about your affair?

You're coming with me to DC after the gala.

I can't miss school.

I mean, you're coming with me to live.

I'll call Georgetown we'll get you in the next semester.

That's a little extreme, don't you think?

Your behavior is extreme, Caitlin.

Your mother and I are both worried about you.

I mean, for God sakes your boyfriend was murdered.

You were hit by a car, you befriended a criminal.

Now you're hiding stolen money for her.

What is going on with you?

Talk to me, please.

I, I can't.

Then it's settled.

[instrumental music]

[upbeat music]

♪ Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard ♪

♪ Your rolled-up sleeves and your skull T-shirt ♪

♪ You say why did you do it with him today? ♪

♪ And sniff me out like I was Tanqueray ♪

♪ 'Cause you're my fella my guy.. ♪

Jennifer, you know my daughter Taylor.

Oh, of course, Mrs. Kirsten Black.

Congratulations on your Pulitzer.

(Claire) And thank you for your generous donation.

♪ You tear me down like Roger Moore.. ♪

You clean up well.

Why'd you bother? You know you're out of here.

Unless you have something to tell me.

What's gonna happen when we prove you wrong?

What are you trying to say?

Wait for it, Dana.

[indistinct chatter]

- You look gorgeous. Mwah. Hi.
- Thank you.

Who is this handsome young man?

Mom, this is Dylan Walker.

Pleasure to meet you, senator.

Caitlin hasn't told me about you, Dylan.

Are you two seeing each other?

- Ah..
- I'm gay.

Out and proud, good for you.

Thank you.

Senator Park-Lewis

I want you to meet Brian Leonard.

He's a big supporter..

I need your help.

♪ I cried for you on the kitchen floor ♪

- Did you hear from Jeremy?
- No. Where's Ava?

She's looking for the Vogue lady.

There she is.

- We need to talk, quickly.
- Did you hear from Jeremy?

No. Ava, I'm sorry.

What happened? What's wrong?

Dana has your money.


I didn't say a word but she knows it's yours.

It's not that one of you can't stay at BHU.

Forget college.

Spending stolen money is a federal offense

I can go to jail.

Dana obviously hasn't turned it in or else you'd already be in jail.

Maybe there's a way to get it back.

I'll find a way to help you, Ava.

But right now you guys need to help me.

My mom's yanking me out of here as soon as she's kissed all the right asses.

And that might be before Jeremy calls.

Should we leave and hide out until we hear from him?

Maybe you should call him again. Poke the bear.

[indistinct chatter]

♪ I told ya

♪ I was troubled

[scoffs] Voicemail.

Jeremy, it's me, I'm getting nervous

call me please.


[dramatic music]

[indistinct chatter]

It's weird she hasn't said anything about it.

Why isn't she arresting me or something?

It's a mind game.

She's like a cat playing with a mouse before she eats it.

We really need Jeremy to confess to killing Nolan tonight or none of us are going to be here tomorrow.

We also have audio, there's no doubt.

Thank you.

It's my job.

Well, do you say gala or gala?

Will you excuse us, Alison?

Of course.

Everything okay?

No, Mona, things are not okay.

I just found out that a member of my staff is having an inappropriate relationship with a student.


You're terminated.

(Alison) Taylor, I hope it's okay for me to ask.

But what was your mom talking about earlier?

That wasn't about you faking your death, was it?

After my father was murdered..

I created Beacon Guard.

You created Beacon Guard?

To keep people safe.

If people know they're being watched, they'll behave.


And when I saw that it was working out

I couldn't stop trying to make it even better.

I-I stopped sleeping.

I stopped eating.

That's when my mom stepped in.

She locked me out of Beacon Guard and Hotchkiss Technologies.

How old were you?


I know. Impressive.

Till I fell down the rabbit hole.

At that age, it's easy to get lost in something.

I was there.

My dad was shot.

I remember holding his hand.

And the gunmen.

The smell of gunpowder.


I saw it all.

And I still see it everyday.

I had no choice but to create Beacon Guard.

It was my calling.

That's why I was there that day and I lived.

[intense music]

I still couldn't save my brother.

You couldn't save him but we will bring his killer to justice.

I know.

Whiskey, neat.

[indistinct chatter]

- Hey.
- Stop!

[indistinct chatter]

Hey.. Hey..

[breathing heavily]

What's going on?

This was a mistake.

My mistake.

Did I do something wrong?

No, but I did.

Don't call me.

This ends now.

My focus has changed since I initially applied for the internship.

I'm bracing the reality of life being messy.

And it's reflected in my designs and in who I am.

[indistinct chatter]

[music on speakers]

Oh, my God. That's Lee Redmond.

Excuse me, I'm so sorry.

A friend of mine needs some help.

I'll be right back.

Go talk to her.


Do I lead with champagne, Ms. Redmond?

Give me that.

Don't waste your shot.

It might not happen again.

Lead with your passion. You wear it on your sleeve, Zach.

Just be yourself and talk to her about your art.

I'll cover for you.

Now go get us some exhibition.

I believe in you.

♪ But I I knew just one more ♪

♪ Would be my last time


♪ My last time

♪ Great God almighty

♪ I made it out alive

♪ Great God almighty

Mrs. Hotchkiss.

♪ I knew it wasn't my time..

I'm sorry to bother you, uh, I just wanted you to know that I, I never did anything to hurt Nolan.

Is that it?

I know that you are the deciding vote on the ethics committee.

And you want me to vote in your favor?

I know what I did was wrong and I accept responsibility for that.

Staying at BHU means everything to me.

- I worked hard to get here.
- Stop!

How dare you ask me for anything?

If Dana Booker is right about you being expelled from BHU will be the least of your problems.

♪ Would be my last time

♪ My last time

♪ Great God almighty..

I saw you talking to Claire. Any luck?


Did you know that Mr. Hale the conductor for the Seattle Symphony is here.

- He is? Where?
- Hang tight.

I have a plan B, and I'm gonna make sure it happens.

I love you.

♪ It wasn't my time

♪ Great God almighty

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests.

I'm sorry to interrupt the evening.

But I promise you, the piece you are about to hear is special.

And it was composed by a BHU student.

Dylan Walker.

[audience cheering]

[music on speaker]

Hi. You must be Mr. Hale.

I'm Andrew Villareal.

[phone chimes]

Hey, Dylan. It's time to go.


Guys. Hey!


(Alison) Where's Taylor?

There she is.

Am I crazy or did I just see Dr. Benson?

I spoke with him earlier today and he thinks it would be a good idea for you to spend some time at the retreat.

You're leaving after the party.

What? No!

No, I'm-I'm not going back there.

Don't make this difficult. We're all very concerned about you.

- Like I said, no.
- Please don't make a scene.

The one who'll be most embarrassed is you.

Can I be of assistance?

[music continues]

What's going on?

- Guys, we gotta go.
- Ava's right. Let's..

Wait! Something's wrong.

I don't feel right about leaving Taylor behind.

He's not gonna wait for me, Alison.

This is our one chance.

You know what? You're right.

I'll go now.

[intense music]

(Alison) Taylor's leaving now. Let's go.

[dramatic music]


Cait, you okay?

I-I-I, I shoved things to the side of my brain where I don't see or feel anything.

It's how I keep going.

It's the Park-Lewis way. And it works.

But right now, it feels like there's a truck parked on my chest and I can't breathe.

We're here for you, Caitlin, alright?

You're not facing him alone.

The best thing for Jeremy now is for him to do the right thing and confess.

[sobs] It feels like we've all lost everything.

Ava's money. Dylan's leaving. I'm leaving.

You're right. It does look like we've lost everything.

Like we failed.

But until now, I've never had friends like you guys.

Friends who feel like family.

Ava's right. We will get through this. Together.

I love you guys.

[mellow music]

What the hell? Let's go!

[engine cranking]

[engine revving]

[crow cawing]

So where's Jeremy?

You sure that this is the right spot?

Yeah, I mean, he should be on his way.

[dramatic music]

He's here.

Okay. Um, you guys should hang back.

I-I don't want to get him spooked.

[dramatic music]

[motor revving]

(Dylan) Hey, guys. S-someone's coming.

Who the hell is that?

Taylor? What happened?

My mom hired someone to take me to a spa for a rest.

When you offer to go willingly, they're not expecting you to take off with their car.


Caitlin has a better chance of getting him to confess and turn himself in if it's just her.

[music continues]

- Whose car is that?
- Jeremy..

You're not coming with me.

I think you should turn yourself in.

I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Did you not hear what I told you in the car?

If I tell the police what I did then my life will be over.

And so will yours, because you know why I did it.

Caitlin, just come with me. Okay?

- He's leaving.
- Taylor! Wait!

There's a plane waiting for us at an airstrip and you will love London.

No, I was really hoping you weren't gonna try to leave.

- You're not going anywhere.
- We all know what you did.

- I trusted you.
- And I trusted you.

To do the right thing.

- Stop!
- Jeremy, please stop.

- Taylor!
- Taylor.

(Mona) Don't do it.



Jeremy! Oh.

- I'm calling - - .
- What did you just do?

He was getting away. He was leaving.

He was trying to leave and you saw it.

- Oh, my God!
- He killed my brother.

And he was getting away.

He was getting away with it!

Taylor, calm down. You're shaking.



He was running towards you.

And Taylor was afraid for her life we all saw it.

You were afraid, he was charging at you with something in his hands.


[Caitlin breathing heavily]

[sobbing] Jeremy!

[Caitlin crying]

He's alive!

He's alive!

[dramatic music]

[sirens wailing]