01x02 - The Rabbit Hole

Batwoman - 01x02 - The Rabbit Hole

Previously on "Batwoman"...

Kate, it's Mary. Sophie's missing.

- Kate.
- Hey, Dad.

- We're gonna find her.
- Then let me help.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Alice.

Bruce never stopped looking for your sister's body.

Guy had the best tech on the planet.

Why didn't he find her?

Pick one, Commander...

Sophie or... Gotham.

Why are you doing this?


I am not used to being found.

Clever girl.

Let's take a picture, Beth.

Make sure our necklaces are in it.


Mom! Mom, wake up!

Tell me something, Bruce.

What's the difference between being hopeful and being crazy?


Because whatever it is got me through that day and the years that followed.

Mom, Beth!

Beth wasn't found in the car with my mom, and as long as there wasn't a body, there was hope.

The entire city went out looking that first night...

But days went by and then weeks and then months, and eventually, it was just my dad and me.

- Beth!
- Beth!

A decade and a half later, and my dad and I are still looking, but while I'm looking for my sister, my dad is looking for someone else entirely.

Alice is a lunatic, Dodgson a traitor, a former Crow turned Wonderland Gang second in command.

Together, they want to terrorize the citizens of Gotham by undermining the people actually protecting them... us.

I want them stopped...

Dead or alive.

- Let's go.
- Yeah. Let's bounce.


Where's Alice?

What the hell is that?

My dad would never believe my theory that Alice was Beth, but I didn't have a choice.

I had to make him understand before the Crows killed her first.

hours later, where the hell were you?

- Around.
- Did anyone see you...

Bystanders, police, cameras, cell phones?

Seriously, Kate. You can't be going out in Gotham every night pretending to be Batman.

I need to find her.

If Alice is my sister, I need to know.

Good morning, Gotham.

Your bestie Vesper Fairchild here.

On a normal Tuesday, I'd want to know who wore who to last night's Gotham Gala, who got drunk, who got clawed, but Batman fever is upon us, people.

It has been days since we saw him soaring through the sky, and it's still all anyone can tweet about.

Is Batman finally back after a -year hiatus?

Talk to me, Gotham.

I think it's him.

If you look at that picture they have in the paper, it's his cape.

It's iconic.

Heard Alice's gang firebombed a Crows truck last night.

Batman picked a good time to come home.

In my search for Alice, something else happened.

A city divided by walls, money, and bad luck rallied around a single hope, Bruce, you, except I was too busy to notice.

I don't like their market response to the AR.

Let's pull out and see if we can spark interest in Dubai.

Do you see this baby turtle eating this strawberry?

It's so cute. I want one.

- Morning, everyone.
- Morning.

Herd the Crows killed a lead on Alice last night.

Maybe if you reconsidered my offer to join my team, you could help us with that.

The Crows aren't really a good fit for me right now.

Because of Sophie? Oh, my God!

Can we talk about the fact that she's married to a man?

- Let's not.
- I'm not trying to label her or anything, but what's her deal exactly?

She's married, honey. Drop it.

Yeah. I get that, but she could still be

Bi, Bicurious, Pan, Poly, Omni...

I think Alice is Beth.


Heh. Kate, what are you talking about?

That's ridiculous.

I thought they found her body.

They found bone fragments.

Skull fragments matching Beth's DNA.

I was able to get one of Alice's knives.

It has a garnet stone, our birth stone.

If we can test the knife for DNA...

Kate, listen to yourself.

She has a vendetta against you. Why?

Why not kill me when she had the chance, and why does she seem to know everything about me?

I know that you want to believe that Beth is alive.

I do, too, but facts are facts.

Beth's dead.

Katie, Alice kidnapped Sophie.

She drove a bomb into a park full of families.

She killed two police officers in cold blood.

How on earth could she be Beth?

Alice is Beth, and I'll prove it to you.

Such a lovely home. So nice of you to let us stay.

Is the pleasure of making a Daisy chain worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies?

We're all thinking it.
You should give up, Alice.

Simon's dead, Gus is in the wind, and we're all scampering about from hole to hole, trying to avoid getting snatched up by our tails...

But we're still poor, are we not?

We're still vulnerable, are we not, and they are still rich and powerful and protected by the Crows.

Bullies paid for by richer bullies all with the goal of sweeping us into the shadows to be forgotten.

Ha ha ha!

Ohh. Jacob Kane is not man enough to protect this city because he's a quitter, and when things get difficult, he gives up.

I think it's time for Gotham to watch

Commander Crow squirm.

Tell me you found my favorite knife.

No luck.

What the hell did I do with it?

It is so much more fun unveiling my evil plan when I can flip it about for Cadence.

And how does Kate Kane fit into that evil plan?

Now you are so cute when you're jealous.

I want to make sure we stay on point... uproot the city's confidence in the Crows, let chaos reign.

It's so boring when he says it.

You're making this personal, Alice.

It is personal!

My father gave up on me, and I want to make him suffer the way that I did by stripping away everything that he cares about until he's all alone.

Where is my damn knife?!

Mom, Beth!


Hey, kiddo. You're okay.

I'm right here. Oh.

Ahh. Same one?

You, uh... you know, you have a bed.

I need to stay out here in case she calls.



Do you promise we'll never stop looking for her?

I promise.

Got your text. Uh, yes, technically,

Wayne is in possession of a thermal cycler and PCR mixers.

- PCR?
- Polymerase Chain Reaction.

It's used to separate and amplify DNA, which then needs to be analyzed against another sample for a match.

So if I could provide you with another sample?

Sorry. I just keep the doors locked and the lights on.

For Bruce Wayne, who isn't here.

Currently but not ultimately, which is why we need to talk about his suit.

Are you watching the news?

The city is clamoring for a hero that isn't here, and I know you don't want to be the city's next great hope, but it's too late because they think you're him.

I need that suit to stop Alice.

My cousin figured it out years ago.

Be more terrifying than your enemy.

Do you know what this is?

A... Bat... weapon.

Laser saw. This thing will cut through anything.


What about this?

- Gas mask?
- Rebreather to breathe underwater without a tank.

See, these aren't toys.

These are one-of-a-kind, dangerous tools which even I don't know how to use.

I don't how to use half the stuff in here because it's not meant for me.

It's meant for Batman.

- You know who you sound like?
- I'm sure you'll tell me.

Lucius Fox.

Trust me. I am a far cry from my father.

Oh, I know. He was actually useful.

That's funny.

"Define the goal, define the objective, define the terms of victory."

Your dad made those for the office.

Now imagine him teaching you how to play tee-ball.

Is this you?

What? This... this dude in the picture?

The person in this picture dressed as Batman who saved my life the other night.

- Was that you?
- Anyone who knows me knows

I hate Batman.

So does your dad, which would make putting on this suit an incredibly reckless move.

Wasn't me. Besides, if I were gonna save you in a dramatic fashion,

I would totally dress as Wonder Woman.

Can we go somewhere private?

I need you to run that for DNA.

Alice tried to kill me.

She put me on a plank stories in the air and watched it drop.

She's sick.

She's a monster, Kate.

She's not your twin.

If I can get her DNA off the knife, I can compare it with my own.

Look. I know why you want Beth to be alive, but aren't you getting your hopes up over nothing?

Maybe... but you know me and hope.

Your dad would kill me. I can't.

You know, if... if I'd known you were getting married, I would have come back sooner.

I didn't think weddings were your thing.

Not to go. To stop it.



You've got something of Alice's.



Got it, got it! Go, go, go!

I'm sorry I dragged you into this.

Are you, though?

Not really.

This is exactly what I was worried about.

You put yourself directly in Alice's crosshairs, and you brought her right to our doorstep.

How the hell did she even know I had her knife?

Are you hearing yourself? Talk some sense into her, please.

All due respect, sir, I don't see any harm in running a DNA test on Alice if we can catch her.

My daughter died.

I have the lab results that prove it.

Alice... that thing... Is a cop killer who drove enough C into Robinson Park to level a square block.

I am not saying Alice is a good person.

All I'm saying it has been years.

We don't know what happened to her.

What if somewhere deep down inside of her she is actually Beth?

The gcpd just gave us the green light to put her down.

I'm not wasting the shot.

Excuse me, sir.

Update on missing rabbit from last night.

Traced him into tricorner, found a blood trail, then it disappears somewhere around Bennett Ave.

Bennet Ave.

What are you doing here?

Is there a password or something?

Get in here.

It goes without saying, but this clinic breaks no less than laws an hour, and considering that your dad runs the Crows...

- Not planning to tell him.
- Good because it's hard enough balancing this with med school, and I can't exactly protest Gotham's failing healthcare system from the inside of a prison cell.

What's your stance on doctor-patient confidentiality?


Came in this morning, bleeding pretty bad.

Won't say anything. Not unusual, but then look at what I pulled out of his scapula.

Ha! He's a Batman victim.

I'm so keeping this, FYI.

He's one of Alice's guys.

- I saw it on the news.
- Good to know.

Actually, I'm really glad that you're here.

I was thinking that we haven't really had any sister time since you've been back, and I was just reading about this brand-new plant-based cafe that is so organic your fork literally dissolves in your hand if you don't eat fast enough.

- Sounds good.
- Oh, cool.

Okay. So see you back here at :


Not sure that that's a good idea considering he's a domestic terrorist.

I need you to send a message to Alice from Kate Kane.


- Now get out of here.
- Ugh.


If Alice is Beth, she'll know what it means.

What does it mean?

It's better if you don't know.

See you at : .

Surveillance narrows them to the Kubert district.

Caught Dodgson in alley about hours ago.

The rabbit we shot last night was seen at a C Store earlier just a few blocks away.

Must be hovering around there.

In a suburban, white picket fence neighborhood?

Not really the M.O. of a gang who hides in the shadows.

I know where they are.

Get every available man to Norman Drive now.


We're wasting time.

Hey. I can't really talk.

Then just say yes. I need you to buy me some time while I find Alice.

Kate, it's too late.

I just need you to stall the Crows for a couple of hours.

Kate, I'm not helping you if I don't know what you did.

I got her a message.

I asked her to meet at our favorite place, and if she's really Beth, she'll know what it means.

The waffle stand.

You remembered.

You know how dangerous she is.

Don't do this.

My dad is going to kill my sister, Sophie.

Please just... buy me some time so I can prove him wrong.

Oh, come on.

No. Hey, hey. Why are you doing that?


Whoa, whoa. What are you doing, Luke?

It's not a toy.


Oh, please just...

Whoa. I did not mean to...


What, you don't like chocolate all of a sudden, huh?

I'm not hungry.

Come on. You're the world record holder for fastest waffle consumption.

- Title's in jeopardy.
- We shouldn't be eating.

We should be looking for Beth.

Ahh. Been looking for months.

We deserve a sugar break.

It was my fault.

Hey. Hey.

Why would you say that, huh?

You weren't there, Dad.

After we crashed, Beth went to check on Mom in the front seat.

Instead of helping, I climbed out.

I left her.

You... you were being safe.

But I could have grabbed her, but I was too scared if my feet left the ground

I'd go over, too.

I should have just climbed on the car and grabbed her.

She was my sister. Why didn't I try a little harder?

Come here... come here.

You're okay.

Oh, my God!

They're gone, sir.

TV dinner still in the microwave.

Damn it.

How did you know she was here?

Beth grew up here.

This was our old house.

Sir... you don't think...

Of course not. She's trying to get in my head.

It's not gonna work.

Well, look who finally figured it out.

Are you my sister?

Mmm. Who in the world am I?

Now that is the great puzzle, isn't it?

Did you know I was gonna have your knife tested for DNA?

You had my knife? Ha ha!

And here I've been going around using this charmless contraption.

You didn't have your guys jump me.

Jump you? Kate, we're sisters.

Prove it. Let me test your DNA before the Crows kill you.

I already proved it.

I'm here.

I knew the password, "Waffles," our favorite spot.

We used to come here after school on Fridays and gorge our faces in chocolate-covered garbage.

How else would I know that...


Oh, dear.

Did the press mention that you and Beth used to come here as part of your silly, little tradition, and did I read an old article... online?

- Sir.
- We're going to tricorner.

They just left. Can't be too far.

Sir, she's not in tricorner.

I want checkpoints on all the bridges.


I know where she is.

They found skull fragments.

They declared you dead.

Then why are you still here?

If I were really your twin, wouldn't you feel something?

How did you survive the crash?

Crash? The crash? Oh, yes, the crash.

Hmm. Let's see. We hit the water with a dramatic splash, and when I opened my eyes, my mother's head was on the other side of the windshield.

A surreal sight, a motherless head.

Poor Gabi, or was it Abby?

Nevertheless, it was cold.

Have you ever had a tea party on the inside of a block of ice?

It's much akin to that.

Water rushed through every seam of the car up to my knees and then to my neck.

Ha! I didn't know whether to hold my breath or to scream, but as I tilted my head like a little mouse, sucking in the increasingly shrinking bubble of air, one thought kept me calm.

"Surely someone will come and save me."

Feel free to get that.




What's wrong?

No interest in painting your nails, gossiping about boys?

We have a lot to catch up on.

Heh. I'd rather not.

I came here tonight to ask you one simple question.

After I disappeared, when did you sleep through the night for the very first time?

I haven't yet.

Heh. Sure you have.

I never moved on.

Why is that?

Because I never gave up hope that I would find you.

And why is that?

Because I should have been with you.

Here's my DNA, dear. Go prove it to daddy.

Target green. I have a clear shot.

- Tattletale.
- What?

Get out of the way, Kate.

Tell your men to stand down.

Kate, she's in your head.

Then arrest her and get her help.

She's got a knife.

Drop it, or they will shoot you

- and call it self-defense.
- Not if you stay put.

Get out of the way. Get out of the way.

She's your daughter, and if you kill her, you won't just lose Beth.

You'll lose me, too.

Take her to Arkham.


Kate, hang on.

And here I thought you could keep a secret.

I didn't tell them you'd be here.

"Tell us a story," said the march hare.

"Yes, please do," pled Alice, and so the dormouse began

"Once upon a time, there were little sisters."

What did you do?

You don't remember why we'd each have to get our own waffle when we came here?

Because you don't like to share.

Exactly, and you are my sister, Kate!

- No.
- Ha ha ha!

Hey. So not to rush you, but I made : ressies, and it's : , and I had to call in a favor for these, so, yeah, okay.

Call me. Bye.


Oh, my God! What are you doing?

Alice doesn't like competition.








All right.

Here we go.




Plus, find out just how official history will affect his future.

And we have an update on the ongoing

Wonderland Gang story.

Let's go to our eye in the sky reporter for more

This is news Gotham in the sky with breaking news.

Is the city's nightmare finally over?

Alice, the leader of the Wonderland Gang, has been captured.

The Crows apprehended the notorious killer minutes ago in Burnside Park.

Now as you can see, we're live.

We're following the prison transport to Arkham, where wait!

What... what just happened?

The van has exploded.

Uh, Kate, can you hear me?

Uh, Batcave to Kate.

- You're still minutes out.
- I can make it.

Tell me you realize that place is crawling with cops.

Go, go, go!

If you see her, shoot!

Maybe it was fate watching her drown in a river everyone assumed she had years ago, and maybe I was meant to stand by and watch it all happen all over again.

After all, my dad was right.

Alice was a monster.

She was a liar, a manipulator, a killer, but despite all that...

She was still my sister.

Grab my hand!

Grab my hand!

Hey. Batcave to Kate. Batcave to Kate.

Kate, are you okay?

Batcave to Kate.

Wake up, Kate.

Whoever's down here.

Hey. Batcave to Kate.
You got a lot of cops coming towards you right now.

You need to get up now. Kate!

I know there's a defibrillator on the suit.

Okay, people. Time to get real.

Massive explosion on the Loeb Bridge last night.

The leader of the Alice in Wonderland Gang is in the wind, and Batman was not there.

Was there a cowl convention we didn't know about?

Was it Robin's high school graduation?

Talk to me, Gotham. Did we put our hope in a ghost?

I just came to apologize for missing dinner, but apparently, I missed...

Something else.


So. Okay. Look. I get the whole needing to know with Alice because she's your sister, and... duh... sisters...

But her boyfriend tried to kill me last night because apparently she sees me as her replacement, which under normal circumstances could, you know, maybe be borderline flattering except here it's just ironic considering the most sisterly thing that you've ever done is pretty much act like I don't exist.

Mary, it's not like that.

Don't worry. You know, he took off and got scared before doing any permanent damage, and, no, I didn't tell your dad.

The last thing I need is my own personal security detail.

Mary, I am so sorry.

Is Alice worth it?

Because if she is, could you just tell her that I'm not a threat, please?

How the hell did someone get a bomb on that bridge?

There is something else going on here, and between the Crows and the GSPD, it needs to start making sense.

Get out!

I take it I'm next.

That stunt you pulled, it's called aiding and abetting.

You crossed the line.

And you're about to kill your own daughter.

Now you tell me again how my daughter did this.

She went into the house where you grew up, she murdered the current owners by slitting open their throats.

She's not Beth, Kate. Drop it now, or I'll have you arrested myself.


Oh. Uh... hey, kiddo.

Come here.


Catherine Hamilton's investigators found bones on Miller Farm.

- No.
- Skull fragments of a little girl.

They, um...

They had them tested, and it's her, Kate.

It's Beth.

No, Dad. I checked Miller Farm a million times!

Kate, they found her.

See? Here's nothing there, Dad.

I would have seen it. I looked!

It's time to say good-bye, Kate.

You said you'd never give up!

- Kate.
- You're a traitor!


She could have killed you.

You totally sold me out.

It's called caring about you.

If you cared, you wouldn't have liedto an entire Military Academy about me.

That's not fair, Kate.

So you didn't lie?

I would never lie to you.

I won't ever lie to you.

Are you happy?


Yes or ish?

I'm happy, Kate, and...

There is no us, okay?

You need to move on.

Did you get the suit wet?

Okay. So I couldn't find the autodry function.

Yeah, because that's not a thing.

$ . million suit. Kind of feels like an oversight.

Just saying.

Hey. Thank you for bailing me out.

Yeah. I mean, I found the comms, and I saw you hadn't moved in a while, and I figured maybe...

- Let's not get misty-eyed.
- Yep. No problem.

No problem.

Alice said her thugs didn't jump me, which means there is someone else who doesn't want me knowing the truth about the DNA on the knife.

Yeah. Well, just so you know, while you're figuring that out, you're getting a whole lot of people excited over nothing.

Get rid of it.

It'll be melted it into a paperweight.

Destroy the masks while you're at it.

I'll take care of whatever surveillance was in the garage.

Like it never happened.

Luke was right, Bruce.

Gotham needed something to believe in.

They wanted hope just as I started to lose mine.

I spent half my life looking for my sister, and today, I found someone else, someone I didn't know or recognize.

For the first time in years,

I felt something other than hope.

I felt doubt.

You're gonna tell me everything you know about Alice.

Thought you were Batman.

You wish.


It may have taken you years, sweet, darling Kate, but you found me eventually...

Even if I'm not the girl you expected me to be.

I had my secrets just as you have yours, but do be careful, my dear sister.

Putting on that suit and all the darkness that comes with it...

Makes you just as crazy as me.