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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

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That was seismic magnitude 9.8.

We're at the end. Your egg is set, Lara.

All I have to do is add my genetic code. Just one finger print.


An incubator pod. So the rumors were true.

You should not have opposed me, Jor-El.

I still can't believe you allied with those dolts on the Council.

We could have ruled Krypton.

You've destroyed this planet.

I was given insufficient data. I told you. We all told you!

Shut up! Shut up! Zod, please!

I had a w*r machine to operate.

My army needed the energy. We had to drill.

Your numbers were inconclusive, useless. I had the vision. I had the will.

If anyone's seed is going to be spread to the heavens, it will be mine.

You should feel honored, Lara.

Upon your egg, I bestow my eminence.

Ours will be the last child of Krypton.

Go! Make the universe feel your might.

What was in it? We don't know, Mr. Luthor.

The farmer said it was open when he found it.

Search the area.

I want the ship taken to STAR Labs, code black, Sergeant.

None of this gets out.

Apúrate. Apúrate.


Knock, knock.

How long has this been down there? Too long.


Superman, where are you?

Mr. Trevor, what raid would be complete without your cautionary tones?

We found their bunker, under the Kasnian Embassy.

Don't do anything until we get there!

Hear me? Stay back!

We disappoint again.

Send it now!

Hurry, God damn it!


The cavalry arrives. Too bad the movie's over.

Nice little blood bath. Was this really necessary?

They got... rambunctious.

You realize this is embassy property.

Technically, it's off limits to law enforcement.

Technically, we're not the police.

Don't get wise with me. The old lady's not gonna like this.

What are you talking about? She'll be positively orgasmic.

She gets her stolen files back plus a couple dozen wanted t*rrorists, wanted no more.

She'll think it's Christmas.

Get me the President, and a mop.

These are aliens and inhumans watching over us.

Who's watching over them?

For the Bible sayeth, "I am the Lord your God.

"You shall have no other gods before me."

Fangs for sale! Batman fangs! Wonder swords!

Don't they ever shut up?

At least fifty dead in the embassy m*ssacre.

And not just dead, dismembered, burned alive, sucked of their blood, a virtual house of horrors.

Granted, the victims were part of a t*rror1st organization.

Wondered when you'd mention that.

But what about our t*rror1st organization? What about the Justice League?

It's not like we haven't been warned.

What the government has sanctioned is more than a super SWAT team.

It's a w*apon of absolute power. And we all know where that leads.

Sooner or later the ties between the Oval Office and the tower of so-called justice will finally fray.

And then, who will be in control? Not you, buddy. Not anymore.

Why do you even listen? They hate us.

Don't let the crowds down there fool you, Bekka.

They are not la gente comun, the real people.

There are many who would like nothing more than for us to take over.

Tell her, Kirk. 22% domestically, 29% worldwide.

Revolutions have been built on less.

Imagine ending all the ideological squabbling.

No more w*r, no more insurrections.

All those little dots down there connected to a single productive purpose.

A world brought together as one.

Under us? Under us.

You just got less sexy.

I'm not saying that I would, but things aren't getting any easier with Washington, and the day may be fast coming when we'll have to consider our options.

The new world order will have to wait. Your appointment's here.

Who'd you get this time? Silas Stone, one of the most brilliant men on the planet.

Dr. Stone.

You move quickly.

I'm eager to get to work, if you're ready.

Don't be nervous. Think of it as a grand adventure.

Vic, are you there? Yeah, Hank, what's up?

The storm front's coming in faster than expected. You better get back here.

Warm up the brandy, I got one reading left.

What the hell?

Thought you'd get away, huh?

I only wish I could be there when the senate committee gets a load of this pony show.

I just finished my speech this afternoon.

Molecular miniaturization, a big idea for a shrinking world.

I don't think you'll have to say much, Dr. Palmer.

Thanks, Ryan.

Please leave a message. It's your husband.

Remember how you wanted stables in the backyard?

We might have the room, after all. Call me back.

Every time I call you, your place looks gloomier and gloomier.

Couldn't you brighten it up, Kirk?

Even in college you had those god-awful Beastie Boy posters.

Tell him to put up some drapes. Drapes? How about some windows?

Is that Tina? How's my favorite bat guy?

Cooking up a batch of fake plasma.

Yum! Thank you.

Don't get married, Kirk. Wives will protect the life out of you.

No worries, I've pretty much given up on eHarmony.

Listen, I want you to know I'm not having luck with the latest tests.

Every time I try to reverse the antigen, the cellular walls don't hold.

I didn't think they would. Don't give up hope.

We'll figure out a cure for you. What was made can be unmade.

Thanks, Tin.

It just... Takes time.

Yeah. But that's not why I called.

You must have heard Ray Palmer's missing.

His truck was totaled. Poor Jean. She's been calling Tina ten times a day.

That's upstate, Will, not my jurisdiction.

Since when does the Justice League have a jurisdiction? Come on, Kirk, it's Ray!

I'll check into it, but it's not going to win me any friends with the local cops.

So? People don't like you anyway.

Good point.

One more micro booster and I could take out a t*nk.

Now will you tell me? I told you everything.

Come on, Dad, what was he like? What'd he say?

He was tall.

Oh, jeez, I know what he looks like. Weren't you freaked? He's a k*ller alien.

Dude could have probably hurt you just by looking at you real hard.

He was very matter-of-fact. He said he had a job for me.

And I'm doing it. Which is?

Can't say.

But I did see Wonder Woman.

Tell me, tell me! And don't say she was tall.

She was...

What the hell's that?



Oh, shit!

So what brings the Feds?

Mr. Stone worked for the military, Ms. Lane. This is purely routine.

That a fact?

I want to look around.

I don't suppose I could dissuade you. This is a crime scene.

I won't touch a thing.

Your boyfriend has a lot of nerve.

He's not my boyfriend. And yes, he does.

Dios mio.

Only the police are allowed beyond the yellow tape, Ms. Lane.

I don't see your badge.

Good one. Think your logic will persuade this guy?

Yeah. Stone isn't our only dead scientist.

How fast can you get back here?

This is Victor Fries, the thermal expert.

Nobel and Kyoto prizes.

He was measuring atmospheric carbon levels near the Arctic Circle three days ago.

They found his body at the bottom of a ravine.

It wasn't the fall that k*lled him, though.

His carotid artery was severed, presumably by the ice he hit on the way down.

He bled to death. Yes, except they can't find the blood.

There should've been a pool of frozen blood around the neck, maybe as much as a half quart. It's not there.

This is Ray Palmer's truck.

It was found a couple of days ago at the bottom of a hill.

It appears to have been sliced up.

But that's not the most intriguing damage.

A boot print, as if the truck was kicked.

The size is rather diminutive and has a pronounced heel.

A woman. So it would seem.

They haven't found Palmer's body yet, but no one's expecting him to show up at the office.

And here's where you just came from. What remains of Stone's lab.

I put it through some filters.

The streaks in spotting are hot spots where the fire started.

It's as if someone went through Stone's lab with a pair of blow torches.

Or heat vision. Yes, I thought that might occur to you.

We're being framed. Someone's actually trying to frame the Justice League.

Who would have the balls?

It's not going to be long before the police start putting it together.

Maybe they already have.

And you can bet someone's going to leak it to the press.

Anything connect these scientists?

They all worked together at one time or another.

Government projects, usually top secret.

Stone was a visiting professor at Gotham University.

I thought I'd check out his files.

You still friendly with Trevor? He might be useful.

He often was. Stay on top of him.

You know what I mean.

We've got to get ahead of this thing. That includes the media.

Someone's trying to screw with us and they're going to be damn sorry.

"Fair Play."

Fries, Palmer, Stone...


Luthor's boys.

That's it.

Remember, you are the best your generation has to offer.

Do not squander your talents. Be brazen, be bold.

The world needs change and you're among the few who can make that happen.

It's like getting a pep talk from Einstein.

You okay? I gotta finish my lab work.

You're coming to the party tonight? I guess.

You're coming to the party tonight!


You don't want to make Tina mad, you know how she gets.

I'll be there.

You know, sometimes I wonder why we even try.

Wake up, sleepy head.

You're missing the party.

Sorry, but I think I'm getting close to something.

The coefficient on the blood coagulants is almost matching.

Hey! Get your ass up, we're late!

I think I should stay.

Kirk, can't it wait till tomorrow?

What good's life if you don't live it?

Put away the bat stats, just for one night.

For me. For you.

Okay, that's enough convincing, let's move, move, move!

Crazy Ivy's bringing her homegrown.

Are you sure this is our place? The key doesn't fit.

Let me.

It looks like our place.

It smells like it.

You okay? Yeah, I feel fine.

I hope we didn't tire you out too much. Head's up!

The couch.

What do you mean?

Not tonight. This designated driver is going home.

But, baby, I'm the designated boyfriend. You need to drive me. Come on!

Oh, my God! This is your project, right?

The nanites. Yeah, I brought it home.

Look how far they got and they're still building it.

They replicate themselves. Must be trillions by now.

If you had a microscope, you could see them.

They'll all be part of the ship when it's finished.

What kind of metal? Iron, lead, little mercury.

Could you do this with organics?

Theoretically. What do you want to build? A girlfriend?

I'm serious.

If you can program nanites this complex, that could be the answer.

The bat venom almost eradicates the lymphoma, but the cell structure breaks down even as it forms.

If we could program molecules to secure the structure, then we could stabilize the...


He's okay. Too much excitement, I think.

Hello? Yes, we need an ambulance. We have a friend. He's sick.

You should have told us how bad it was.

I didn't want to bore you with the details.

Seriously, Kirk, we're your friends. We care about you.

You really are close.

I can't say that I understand it all, but I see what you mean about using nanotech.

The medical solution takes you only so far.

You need an agent to patch it all in. Is that my research?

Yeah. How'd you get my password?

Batman. Wasn't too hard.

You know, I wouldn't mind taking a s*ab at this.

You think it could work? Yeah, maybe.

I don't know, I mean... How soon can you blow this pop stand?

Hand me my clothes.

You sure you're well enough? I don't think he's well enough.

He's not going to get any better lying on his ass.

Anyway school's over. We could use a science project.

Mickey, Minnie and Mighty, rest in peace.

A rodent nation salutes you.

But you, Jerry, look at you.

Five days and stronger than ever. You're the mouse that scored.

His erythrocyte count is still up, agglutination normal.

I think you did it, Will. You laid the brick, I just plastered.

We could still use another test. No.

You sure?

What are you doing? I don't have time for any more tests.

If I go back to the hospital, I'll lose this chance.

Will! Kirk, I don't know.

We knew it was going to come down to this. Just look away.

Jesus, here.

You better survive this, you bastard.

Vincent Price movie, five letters. How can you do a crossword?

I already did the Sudoku.

How is he? The same.

I wonder if you'd take such good care of me.

Oh, God, Will, don't start that again.

Kirk! Kirk, open up!

Where's your frickin' wallet, kid?

Three scientists dead. All working for the President.

Must be pretty sensitive if she sends in Steve Trevor.

These were important men, Lois.

The President wants to ensure that there were no security breaches.

Then they were working for her.

On what? I never said that.

And would Mr. Trevor's investigation include the Justice League?

Why would you even ask?

I don't know if you've read the crime reports, Pete, but they have some nasty implications. And yesterday, who do I run into?

I'll call you back.

We meet again. Mind if I come in?

By all means.

Popular place.

It's not often we get a strange visitor from another planet.

What brings you?

The other day you asked me about my interest in Silas Stone's death.

The fact is he was working for me. On what?

Something in the tower. I could show you if you'd like.

You never let the press inside the tower.

I'm reconsidering, unless you'd rather not be the first.

Like hell! Let's go.

I'll give you a lift.

Thanks, but I'll drive.

The generators are Kryptonian-designed.

They not only power the building, but provide a shield that makes it virtually impenetrable.

My God, even the rumors about this place don't do it justice.

Here in the center of the tower is the center of my life.

The ship which brought me to Earth. The government used to have this.

It was never theirs to keep. I asked for it back, they acquiesced.

I'll bet they did. These are the ship's computer files.

What little we know about Krypton, we know from them.

Unfortunately, the files were heavily damaged during the ship's trek to Earth.

The government hasn't been able to recover much and neither have I.

That's why I enlisted Professor Stone's help, to see if he could retrieve the information.

Right now, all we have are the last moments on Krypton.

He looks like you. He's my biological father.

There's a DNA record. From his uniform, we think he was a high-ranking official, undoubtedly brilliant.

He must have known the end was coming.

I'd like to think if more people had listened to him, he could have been the planet's savior.

Is that how you see your role? To save us? Or to rule us?

I thought we were getting beyond the sarcasm.

Come on, Superman, we both know what's going on here.

This is straight up spin control!

Certain police reports are coming out that are gonna make people wonder about you.

So here I am getting the full court press on the man of steel's human side, if that's not an oxymoron.

I wanted to reveal my world to you, Ms. Lane.


Wasn't Luthor the one who extracted this footage? He never seemed impressed.

Luthor was a frustrated elitist whose influence was waning.

I come from a simple people, Ms. Lane.

I was raised by a migrant couple. I've seen the harshness of life.

If I deliver justice with a heavy hand, it's because I've been on the receiving end.

But I'm here when my country needs me. And where's Lex Luthor?

Gone! Absent!

Excuse me.

Sorry to interrupt, but there's a call.

You actually brought her. What a bitch.

Needless to say, this is a conversation we never had, but I want you to know that forensics is further implicating the Justice League in these murders. What forensics exactly?

It's serious enough that I'm making this call.

It might behoove you if the League volunteered on their own to speak to the authorities.

I am speaking to the authorities. I am speaking to you!

Don't get heated with me, Superman! I'm only trying to lessen the pressure.

If things get difficult, I won't be able to protect you!

Protect me from who? Who do you think protects whom here?

Hello, Batman. Hello, Tin.

Is Professor Magnus available?

What the hell's wrong with you?

He's... busy.

They are all a bunch of cold-blooded K*llers!

Not Kirk!

He's a freaking vampire, for Christ's sakes!

He only kills criminals. You're off base.

Just because you're best buddies doesn't mean you're safe! None of us are!

If Fries and the others are on their list, we all are!

And I'm not just gonna sit around and wait to see who's next!

You dropped by at an opportune time. Dr. Karen Beecher?

Yeah. 200 IQ. Emotional IQ, not so high.

Where did she put that pipe? What's the list she mentioned?

She's under the impression that the Justice League is k*lling off America's greatest scientists.

I informed her that was nonsense. I hope I was right.

What's her reason? She's a scientist, she sees patterns.

What aren't you telling me, Will?

Come on, Kirk, you know the deal. You get hired, sign papers, keep secrets.

But if I thought there was anything you should know, I wouldn't hold back.

What about project Fair Play?

How do you know about that?

There was an e-mail in Silas Stone's files.

You're CCed. It appears to be a program Luthor started.

What does it have to do with this?

Nothing, Kirk. Really. If I knew, I would tell you. I would.

Kirk. What's going on? That's what I'd like to know.

Your husband isn't much help. You know how Will is.

So sure of himself. He can be too clever for his own good.

I'm afraid.

Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you. Or Will.

You either, Tin. Thank you, Batman.

I'm worried about you too, Kirk. I read the news.

I worry you're in as much danger as any of us.

I know the skin is cold, but the heart's still warm.

Looks like you could use a partner.

I thought you'd grown tired of me.

Not tired.

Just restless.

You don't fool me, Bekka. I know why you're here.

Which is?

You want to know what forensics has.

I can't tell you.

How about a wager?

I win, I get the information. You win... you get me.

We both know you're fifty times stronger than I am.

Maybe we can both get what we want.

You think the big guy's gonna like that? I told you, he's not my boyfriend.

I belong to no man. Not Superman, not you!

You belonged to someone once.

I told you that in a moment of weakness. Bring it up again...

All right, all right.

Ray Palmer's body was found slashed in half.

They're pretty sure they've ID'ed the w*apon.

For too long, Darkseid, our worlds have been at w*r.

And now for the first time in a millennium, we can lower our swords.

Here's to our treaty and the union which will seal our bond.

The marriage between my lovely granddaughter Bekka and your steadfast son Orion.

In that same spirit, I welcome you to Apokolips, Highfather.

Tomorrow, at this time, we not only merge kingdoms, but families.

It's a world of heathens and brutes, my child.

History will praise your courage and sacrifice.

The boy seems different, not like his family.

More thoughtful. He made me uneasy.

This is not the time to waver. You have a world counting on you.

Yes, I know.

Then get some sleep.

We have a momentous day ahead of us.

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see you. You're not supposed to.

You're going to find out I'm not much for rules.

I also tend to get my way.

Hop on. No, thank you.

They told me you were a spitfire. You're not afraid, are you?

I'm never afraid. Then come with me.

I have something I want to show you.

Better hold tighter than that. This is tight enough...

I never knew Apokolips could hold such beauty.

This is my special spot.

The one place in my world where the sky is open and you can see the stars.

This is where I come to think. About what?

Life, honor, you.

You and I are the only hope for our worlds, Bekka.

But there will be treachery everywhere and we must be prepared.

It's for you. Open it.

It's beautiful.

The blade was forged by our finest swordsmith.

It's virtually indestructible. But that's not the most impressive part.

Inside the pommel is a mother box.

It will take you anywhere you want to go.

It is my wedding gift. Keep it at your side, always.

The sword will protect you when I cannot.

By sacred powers invoked from beyond the source wall, I now declare your spirits as one.

Come, let's go.

Bekka! It's over. We can be together.

No! It can't be stopped!

You should have gone with her, boy.

You said he could live.

I said I would spare him for you, but not at the expense of the mission.

Even if he had lived, what life could you have had with him?

He was different. He was Darkseid's blood, one of countless bastards in a line of endless betrayal.

You are one to speak! You are blood-soaked in betrayal!

Watch your tongue, granddaughter!

If I had to do it over, I would have warned them all.

I would have shouted to the skies, "Trust not the monster Highfather. He is mad with power!"


You can still redeem yourself.

There is no redemption for me.

According to my sources, the forensic evidence is unassailable.

Fang marks in Victor Fries' neck.

Slice impressions on Ray Palmer and the truck matching Wonder Woman's sword.

Superman's fingerprints embedded in steel at the scene of the Stones' murders.

Damning evidence for sure. And what does the White House have to say?

It would be inappropriate for the administration to comment on an ongoing investigation.

I will remind everyone, the police have yet to find any motives for these killings.

Has the President been in contact with the League?

No. She expects them to fully cooperate with the authorities, like any good citizen.

No one is above the law.

Where are you? The whole world's coming down.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

The only mystery is why the rest of us are still alive.

The League doesn't want to expose themselves further. They've been sloppy.

We don't know they're behind this.

They want us to know. Maybe that's their game.

Maybe they're warning us to stop the project.

Fair Play is already done, Sivana. I was only there at the beginning.

For Christ's sakes, Holt, you named the damn thing. You got half of us hired!

It wasn't me. It was Luthor.

And where is he? Does he even know what's happening?

Is he even alive? Maybe we should go public.

If everyone knows, it'll take the heat off us. It'll be in the government's lap.

Yeah, let's make them mad at us, too. It's not as if they're protecting us.



Who are you?

No, no, no, no.

Everyone's dead.

No, I hear a heartbeat.

I should have called you when I got there. How am I gonna tell him about Tina?

Who's to say he'll ever hear it?

You still have no idea? Never saw anything like them.

They were using boom tubes. Had to come from your world.

Not necessarily.

Ever since she got here, the government's being trying to replicate the boom tubes.

Magnus told me. Maybe someone succeeded.

So now what?

We got a house full of dead scientists and we're no closer to solving this thing.

There is someone who could help, but you're not gonna like it.

Project Fair Play.

I began it years ago in case the human race needed to neutralize the Justice League.

In other words, Superman, in case we had to k*ll you.

I apologize for my bluntness.

Let's face it, the Justice League may be a three-headed hydra, but there's only one head that truly counts.

It's no surprise. You've hated me from day one.

I hated what you embody.

Unassailable power's never to be trusted.

Look at the way the government uses you and you them, while the world walks on egg shells.

Eventually, you would have had to come to blows with Washington.

The wonder is that it took this long.

It's only happening because someone means it to.

If you're pulling the strings, Luthor...

Again, you misread me. I never really cared for power.

I walked away from it. What I coveted was knowledge.

I'm mapping the universe, revealing all its glorious mysteries.

And in a way, I have you to thank for it.

What do you mean? I suppose you can know now.

Most of this is based on Kryptonian science, which I downloaded from the ship that brought you to Earth.

Those files were damaged. No. We gave you fake copies.

It was my idea. You were powerful enough without having that knowledge.

You bastard. You had no right. Those files are mine! They're my legacy!

Yes, they are. Would you like to see your legacy?

His name was Jor-El, the leading scientist on the planet Krypton.

The woman is his wife, Lara, your mother.

And here comes Dad.

General Zod, a ruthless commander, who was taking over the planet.

He drilled into Krypton's core to power his military machine.

A fatal mistake, but he would not die completely.

It's not everyone who can witness their own conception.

A planet dies and you were born.

Why did you keep this from me?

I was afraid you'd emulate your father.

Better you should think he was a hero.

But you're no hero, not really.

You're just a pit bull.

I want those files.

The originals are with Waller. Maybe you could negotiate a deal, or take them by force, that tends to be your method.

But I'd be careful. Project Fair Play worked.

They can k*ll you now if they want.

You should have been straight with me, Luthor.

Things could have been different.

In some ways, I'm as much your creation as my father's.

NASA confirmed it, Madam President.

Luthor's ship was destroyed and his last visitor was Superman.

Then they've k*lled them all. What do we do?

We start Fair Play. Evacuate Metropolis.

Keep it moving! Keep it moving!

We could give ourselves up.

Get a lawyer, or we can beat the hell out of them.

Someone out there is playing us and we're not gonna find him in police custody.

Gonna be a hell of a webcast. If we live through it.

Lois, it's Olsen!

Yeah, I'm in the morgue with all the dead scientists.

I'll send you some video.

How'd you get in here? Get him out!

What happened to this body? It was here a minute ago.

Don't look at me. I didn't take it.

Do you realize it's been ten years since I met you?

I was on the run, everyone after me.

And then you found me, down at the docks, middle of the night, a rat in my mouth.

Why you took me in, I'll never know. You were hungry.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, by the authority granted me by the President of the United States, I call upon you to give yourselves up.

Someone once asked if I wanted to save the world or rule it.

Today, it's going to be hard to tell the difference.

When I get out there, keep the shields up. No one gets to Magnus.

I'm going with him. If they can k*ll him, they can k*ll you.

I've been here before. This time, they're gonna have to k*ll me.

Oh, my God. Tina.

If you are under the impression that we're surrendering, let me relieve you of that notion.

We have a witness to our innocence recovering inside.

We know you have Dr. Magnus.

We can assure you he'll get the best of care.

You'll see him when I say.

Not this time, buddy.

The lasers mimic a red sun's radiation, like Krypton's sun.

You're looking better. Organic nanites.

Platinum brought them, with a change of clothes.

Where is Tina?

She's dead. I k*lled her, about a year into our marriage.

It was an accident, I assure you.

You see, I always knew she loved you.

Even back in college, she was only really happy when the three of us were together.

Even after I turned you into a monster, even after that, she still wanted you.

She married me, but that was an obligation.

She kept urging me to find a cure for you, every day, night and day.

"Will, you've got to do something. Will, you can't abandon him!

"Will, Will, Will!" She never let up!

And finally one day, I'd had it and I hit her!

And her head struck a table.

She was gone.

That's when I came up with her twin.

She's made from a platinum isotope that can mimic human flesh.

What are you doing, Will?

When I k*lled Tina, I had a revelation, Kirk.

If I, the best and brightest of men, were capable of such a monstrous act, then what hope is there for humanity?

Such horrors would never cease.

But what if I could change it all? Change the world, like Luthor said.

What if I could link all minds as one? No more personal anguish.

No more hatred. No more guilt.

And this is the instrument of your benevolence?

A nanite b*mb.

When it's set off, it will project over seven billion microscopic boom tubes around the world.

Each tube will plant a nanite into someone's head.

In that instant, everyone will be connected as one.

Even the Justice League.

So why haven't you done this already?

I needed an energy source strong enough to power it.

I needed that.

At ease, my friend.

When I'm done, your personal suffering will end as well.

I'll get us out.

By the gods!

We've neutralized your mother box, Wonder Woman.

Step aside, and I'll let you live.

All right, sweetheart, have it your way.

I thought he was dead.

I teleported from my ship before the metal man destroyed it.

Unfortunately, I can't teleport through those walls.

Luthor, move!

Trevor, you ass! Listen to me.

I've been monitoring the tower. It's Magnus!

He's the one! If we don't stop him, he's going to take our minds.

And I, for one, would like to keep mine.

We're wired. Activate the ship's core.

Not even the boom tubes get through. What now?

I watched one mad man destroy my home world.

I'm not going to let another harm this one.

Get out of my house.

It's over, Will.

Not yet.

I've made a fairly strong recovery.

I just burned all your mother boxes. No more disappearing acts for you.

If only she hadn't wanted you.

You, who only loved your bats and test tubes!

Wrong. I loved two people in my life.

And now they're both gone.

Fry, bitch!

Go ahead.

Bet you taste like crap.

You'll never make it.

Low-tech, works for me.

The ship's core is destabilizing.

It's funny how things can change so quickly.

After a while, you don't even recognize yourself anymore.

Forgive me, Kirk.

Though it's been a week since the showdown with Magnus' robots, the cleanup still goes on.

As the city readjusts, so does this reporter.

For a long time, I've thought of the Justice League as inhuman.

But when they saved us at a terrible risk to themselves, I just thank heaven they were here to protect us.

Next, she'll be sending you selfies.

I've been thinking, Kirk, we need to shake things up a bit.

Change the way we do things. No more politics. No more k*lling.


Something to think about.

It's time already?

What's going on?

Our beautiful Bekka is leaving us. Why?

The problems of my past linger in ways yours do not.

It's time I went back and faced them.

By yourself? She has a co-conspirator.

Are you ready, my dear?

They decided a few days ago.

I've grown bored with this universe, Batman.

Time to explore others.

I hope you understand. I do, though it doesn't mean I like it.

You come to me if you need help.

I have something for you too, Superman.

The original files from your ship.

Aren't they supposed to be with the government?

You know how things get lost in bureaucracies.

You'll find that Kryptonian science has dramatic applications for Earth... in medicine, engineering, physics.

Be a real hero.

Thanks, Lex.

Shall we? Please, allow me.

Looks like it's gonna be just the two of us. Should I order out?

Why don't we get started?

I could use a science project.

Time to look ahead, Kirk. You know what they say.

The past is like another planet.
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