La Grande Illusion (1937)

The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.

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The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.
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La Grande Illusion (1937)

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Are you going to Epernay?

When? In a half hour.

By lorry? Then give me a lift.

Right. Josephine? Yup!

You've no monopoly! Who cares!

Maréchal, you've got to take up a staff officer.

He's picked a rotten time.

Josephine again? Yup!

Where will that get you?

She'll have to wait, that's all.

Alcohol kills! Alcohol drives you mad!

The squadron leader drinks it!

This is Captain de Boeldieu of Divisional Command.

Have you seen this photo, Mr Maréchal?

Ricord and I took it.

And where is this... Mr Ricord?

On leave. Of course.

That little grey spot worries me...

There, below the road.

That's a canal, not a road. No, a railway.

Such unanimity is a tribute to our photography.

It was misty.

Still, I'd like to clear up the mystery.

I'll order a plane.

I'll go and get ready, Sir.

Flying suit or jacket?

I don't mind, one smells, the other moults.

The fighter squadron, please.

Drive fast to the sugar refinery.

I sh*t down a French plane.

If the crew are officers, invite them here for lunch.

Make us one of your famous fruit punches.

To celebrate my sh**ting down my second plane.

No careless talk! The enemy is listening

Two officers, one wounded, so I took him to the first-aid post.

Captain von Rauffenstein, 21 Squadron.

Captain de Boeldieu, Staff HQ. Pleased to meet you.

Lieutenant Maréchal, pilot.

Sorry about your arm.

My officers.

I am honored to have French guests.

Now, gentlemen, let us dine.

I knew a Boeldieu in Berlin, Count de Boeldieu.

My cousin, Edmond de Boeldieu.

He was m*llitary Attaché.

He is a pilot now...

Not hungry?

I can't cut up the meat.

May I? Thank you.

You speak good French.

I worked as an engineer in Lyons.

Really! I'm in eng... engineering...

To Captain de Crussol, French Air Force, sh*t down in flames From the German officers of 21 Squadron I regret this coincidence.

May the earth lie gently on our gallant enemy.

I have come for the prisoners.


Officers will be treated with the consideration due to their rank.

However, you are reminded that you are under German m*llitary law.

You will therefore submit to German discipline.

Every German soldier in the camp may give you orders.

And you will obey without protest.

You will salute German officers.

At any attempt at escape, sentries have orders to fire on officers outside the camp boundary.

Incorrect dress is not permitted.

Strictly forbidden!

It is forbidden to form groups or insult the German nation... to write or speak to civilians...

Strictly forbidden!

It is forbidden to speak to sentries.

Come with us to attend to some formalities.

Russian names decline, like in Latin.

Newcomers. Better warn them.

Pure angel, radiant angel Hide your gold!

Go on! Get into your rooms!

What did they say? To hide our valuables.

Leave it alone, it's mine.

I've nothing on me.

I'd no idea I was coming. Sorry.

Where are your manners?

Sorry, it's our duty, this is w*r.

Agreed, but even so let's remember our manners.

Otherwise I shall consult the Commanding Officer.

Open it.

How are you doing, pal? Not bad at all, eh?

Here, Muller. You'll take some chocolate, won't you?

You've no right to open my ham!

It's regulations!

It's bad! You can have it!

He's too finicky!

I'm delighted each time my parents send me a parcel.

Here we are, in the heart of Germany, miles behind the front...

And a tin of peas arrives from Paris.

All right, then? Fine.

What astonishes me is their honesty in handing over the parcels.

It's a fact.

Feldwebel Arthur stuffs himself with cabbage every day.

Gives him chronic indigestion.

He'd much rather tuck in to your peas.

Don't kid yourselves.

They wouldn't risk the parcels stopping.

They're hard put to feed themselves.

Hurry up, our guests will be hungry.

Same old thing! Old boots again!

What are the French eating?

Cabbages, but they've their parcels.

Russians? Cabbage roots, but no parcels.

The English? Plum pudding.

In peace-time I was an actor... in the Halls.

Ever see me? The theatre's too serious for me.

I prefer cycle racing.

You ever follow it?

You must have heard of the champions.

Can we buy what we like?

Yes, through the canteen.

Fine, I shall buy an armchair... playing cards, books, English cigarettes...

You won't find those!

I'll try and come tomorrow, Sir.

Gentlemen, dinner is served.

What shall we begin with?

Cold chicken, pâté de foie... mackerel in wine?

Quite a menu!

Don't they feed us?

They do in theory, in fact it's uneatable.

Fortunately there are our parcels, especially Rosenthal's.


A drop of cognac as an aperitif?

Why not?

I've never eaten so well in my life!

Some fish? Yes, please.

I'm starting to take Rosenthal's kindness for granted.

It shows man is a creature of habit.

No need to tell you he's a teacher.

Teach... preach...

Screech... leech...

Bloody hell!

Quite a joker!

Are we supposed to find that witty?

He's particular!

This calls for a drink!

Good cognac.

From Fouquet's, disguised as a mouthwash.


It's a bar on the Champs-Elysées.

In Paris, I ate at my brother-in-law's.

It's less expensive.

Been in Paris lately? A week ago.

Lucky chap! Many people there?

Maxim's was crowded.

I never go to places like that...

I prefer a quiet spot... with good wine.

Maxim's... never been there. You're not missing much.

We know you eat at your brother-in-law's.

Hey! What is it?

Is he there... the monocle?

I've just come from the canteen. About his armchair...

Nothing doing.

I'll tell him.

Nice chap, the one with the parcels. Well-off, too.

You bet! You know the Rosenthal bankers?

That's his family.

Am I tickling?

What's he do?

He's a dress designer.

Funny idea. If I'd all that money...

What did you do in civvy street?

Engineer, Ordnance Survey.

Between ourselves... Can your pal, the Captain, be trusted?

He may seem odd, but he's a decent chap.

You can trust him all right.

Fine, then. Why?

You see... we're digging a tunnel.

What for?

To escape.

What do you dig with?

With a coal shovel, old cans...

We should come up in a garden... behind those buildings... It's open country.

Slow work.

We've been at it for two months. We only need a few more weeks.

The w*r'll be over first!

That's an illusion.

Think so?

Best to be prepared.

Where's the tunnel?

You'll see tonight, after roll-call.

So you're digging a hole... like Monte Cristo, what a laugh!

Thanks for your help.

Well, you can't do it with your arm.

I'd like to ask you something.

What's the Ordnance Survey?

Maréchal! Present!

Boeldieu! Captain de Boeldieu, please.

Present! I want my present!

Whose turn is it? Cartier.


What's that?

It's to help breathe, needs lengthening.

And those bags?

They're to collect the earth.

And this?

This is the alarm.

If I'm suffocating... I pull the string...

The tin falls... the others pull me out by the legs.

What are you waiting for?

Now for my mole act!

A mole in a hole!

Is the tunnel safe?

It's shored up with wooden props.

And the earth?

We've been stuffing it under the floor, but there's no more room.

So we fill bags and empty them outside.

Hear that?

I'm sure I heard something.


And again...

We'll send someone out to reconnoitre.

You slip out and take a look around.

I'll pretend to go to the lavatory.

What happened, Mr Arthur?

He tried to escape.

He was caught in the gardens behind those buildings... and sh*t.

Out there?

Is he dead? I think so.

Anyway, what are you doing out? Me?

Going to the lavatory.

What was it? Someone tried to escape.

He got as far as the gardens behind the buildings.

A sentry sh*t at him.

He's dead.

Look, the alarm...

No answer. Let's pull him out.

Are you hurt?

Drink some cognac.

From Fouquet's.

Cheers... don't take it away!

Whose turn is it tomorrow?

Yours, Sir... if you don't mind.

With pleasure, I need some exercise.

It is strictly forbidden to appear in anything except m*llitary uniform...


Good news?

My aunt writes from Bordeaux that they're crowded out.

What do you think?

They'd better watch out, it says here there's a big Boche push.

There haven't been any celebrations so it can't mean much.

Coming gardening?

If you like.

German bulletins are so exaggerated.

So are ours.

Remember the Russian steam-roller?

Don't you think it's time we got down to... serious work?

But not all together.

Give me your tools.

And General Winter, who'd k*ll off the wicked Boche but act as a tonic for the Allies.

And "turpinite", remember "turpinite"?

A container as big as a... a radish... could blow up an army.

Why, they'd tried it on flocks of sheep.

Pity they didn't stop at that!

What've you planted here?


I dream of dandelion salad.

The w*r'll be over before your dandelions sprout.

Don't be so sure.

This curious exercise will give us laborer’s hands.

The hampers have come!

The costumes? They're at the theatre.

One is full of women's clothes!

Coming, Sir?

No, I've no talent for theatricals. Besides, I'm busy.

A game of patience? Exactly. I'm a realist.

Well, Arthur, found anything?


Well, gentlemen, enjoy yourselves.

Easy does it!

Where will we put all this?

I don't know. I asked for hangers too.

There must be some... Here!


These things must be handled gently... with closed eyes!

Real dresses.

Looks like a child's dress.

Women's skirts are short now.

Just below the knee.

So I heard, I wish I could see them!

Put it on!

Not him, he's badly shaven.

You, angel-face. If it amuses you...

Here, take this.

We'll have to do a full inventory.

There's this too.

And the corset! Careful!

They wear their hair short too.

Short hair!

Must seem like sleeping with a boy!

When the cat's away the mice will play!

I'm sure my wife hasn't cut her hair...

That's just for the bits of fluff.

How would you know, with that mug?


I'd forgotten they were so small.


Silk stockings!

I'm ready, boys.

Don't disturb our dreams yet.

If we see you, it'll ruin our illusions.

They're beautiful. Black stockings!

A real girl!

Funny, isn't it? Don't you think it looks funny?

It really does look funny.

Poor lads.

Enjoy yourselves.

On one side, children play at soldiers...

On the other, soldiers play like children.

I wish I knew what's going on at my home.

No news? Nothing.

I don't care what my old woman's doing.

I want to clear out from sheer boredom.

You want to escape for the fun of it.

In my case, it's contrariness.

Now that I may not fight, I long to.

I just follow the crowd. I'd rather do my bit with the rest.

I see no problem.

A golf course is for golf... A tennis court for tennis...

A prison camp for escape.

What do you say, as a sportsman?

Him! He was born in Jerusalem!

Wrong, Vienna! My mother was Danish, my father Polish, naturalized French.

Good old French aristocracy!

And yet for all your old French stock, not one of you owns an acre of France.

In 35 years, the Rosenthals have acquired... three historic castles and all that goes with them: hunting, farmland and horses.

And 3 galleries of genuine ancestors.

Believe me, it's worth escaping to fight for that.

I had never considered patriotism from that rather special point of view.

Your staff must feed like fighting cocks.

I got into it in a funny way.

I became a soldier because I'm a vegetarian.

That's right. My brother and I had weak stomachs...

The doctor warned us off meat.

I turned vegetarian and was cured...

My brother went on eating meat...

He fell ill and was invalided out.

Your decorations show vegetarianism didn't interfere with duty.

It didn't stop my wife sleeping around either.

You must admit it's stirring.

I can't stand fifes.

Whatever you say, it gets you.

It isn't the music that gets you...

It's the marching feet.

With all this yapping, my trousers are ruined!


Do we put on the show just the same?

Rather! We certainly do!

In fact we should invite the German officers.

Although I don't share your artistic interests, Maréchal...

I congratulate you... Good show!

Do you know Marguerite? She's not big and she's not small With arousing eyes And a mouth like a child's When I told this beauty That I loved her She gave me flowers And called me a joker I said, "Thanks for the flowers But that's not what I want

"If you want to make me happy Marguerite

"If you want to make me happy

"Marguerite, give me your heart!"

That same evening by the window I sang to make her appear

"I'm sad because your pretty eyes Have set my heart alight!"

She, out of sheer kindness To put out my flame Threw a bucket of water over me And said, "Happy now?"

I said, "Thanks for the bucket But that's not what I want

"If you want to make me happy Marguerite

"If you want to make me happy

"Marguerite, give me your heart!"

All together now!

And now... to Paris!

Get it, Arthur?

Stop it!

We've retaken Douaumont! They announce it themselves!

What's the idea?

A little hole, to escape by.

Open this door!

Let me go! Leave me alone!


Did you see? It's terrible.

Can't be much left of it!

Why, what's wrong? Not hungry today?

Leave me alone! I can't take it any longer! I'm fed up!

I want to see daylight!

It stinks in here! You hear, it stinks!

And I want to hear a friendly voice...

I want to hear French spoken...

I want to hear French spoken, do you hear?

Why was he shouting?

The w*r's lasting too long...

If my calculations are right... in four days, we'll be beyond the garden wall.

It means plenty of bags of earth!

Now we've a chance of escaping and reaching home again I'm afraid of what I'll find.

There's more than one woman on earth!

Not for me.

That's why she sleeps around.

One thing upsets me, leaving Maréchal behind.

I dislike it too.

In fact... it irks me.

Sentiment has no place in w*r.

Good to see you, old man.

Same here. I'll tell you why in a minute.

Tell me, old man...

Is there anything to eat? I'm hungry...

Sit down. Rosenthal's making some food.

What's the time?

Eleven o'clock.

How time drags today!

Never mind, tonight it's goodbye.

See you in Amsterdam.

I'm looking forward to the tulips in Holland.

What about the cheese? Don't you like Dutch cheese?

Yes, but apparently the tulip fields stretch for miles and miles.

You're as romantic as a girl.

General roll-call at three.

All officers are to change camp.

Get your things ready.

A pleasant journey, gentlemen...

And I hope you will soon see your wives again.

Perhaps we should warn them.

About what? The hole.

About the tunnel.


We dug a tunnel in room 7, Sir.

A tunnel for escaping.

You not speak French. Hole dug. To escape.

Get back in line!




Open the window, it stinks in here.

I'm afraid there are only two pairs of white gloves left, Sir.

And we can't get any more, so try and make them last.

Yes, Sir... Some more coffee, Sir?

If you call that muck coffee, it's all right with me.

At least it will warm me up.

The list of new prisoners, Sir.

The new prisoners are here.

Three new prisoner-of-w*r officers reporting, Sir!

Hello, gentlemen.

Delighted to see you again, Boeldieu...

But sorry it should be here.

We too...

Sit down, gentlemen.

No, thank you, Sir.

At ease.

Captain de Boeldieu.

Four attempts at escape...

Via the boiler-room, a refuse pit...

Through the sewers, in a laundry basket.

Humility is sometimes a necessity...

I understand.

Lieutenant Maréchal, five attempts at escape.

Disguised as a sweep...

Pardon, Sir, hot-air expert.

Disguised as a German soldier, disguised as a woman.

Very funny, very funny indeed...

Not so funny when an N.C.O. took me for a woman, not to my taste at all!

Really? Honestly!

Lieutenant Demolder, three attempts...

Gentlemen, I respect your patriotism and courage.

But here the situation is completely different.

No one can escape from this fortress.

You understand me, don't you?

So there can be no accusations of German barbarism, I decided to apply French regulations.

Read it.

It makes good night-time reading.

And now, gentlemen, if you will follow me...

Oswald, my coat!

My men are not young, but they enjoy playing soldiers.

We have 25 like that.

I suppose you know the Maxim's g*n?

Very well, Sir.

I prefer the restaurant.

Is that a dig at me?

Twelfth century.

Excuse me, Sir, but... was this villa built specially for Captain de Boeldieu and myself?


Are we your only guests?


Your comrades are behind there.


A drop of 120 feet.

Very kind of you to show us round your place.

A very handsome castle...

So old...

And so cheerful...

So sorry I can't give you a room to yourself.

Thank you, but I would not have accepted in any case.

I trust the walk did not tire you.

Not at all, Sir, we're fine.

Fourteenth... It's pure Gothic.

Excuse me. We have to search you.

Your friend Lieutenant Rosenthal from Heilbard Camp is here.

Good old Rosenthal! We've the same bad luck!

You are to share the same room.

That way you will have better food.

That's nice. Really nice.

A mere formality.

I'll tell the Commander anyway. Look at that!

In my case, it was a brunette. Who can you trust?

A friend of my mother's. She did a lot for charity.

Bad luck, it's not a very common disease in high society.

Eh, Boeldieu?

Yes... but it's a vanishing privilege.

Like so much else, it's become popularized.

Cancer and gout are not working-class diseases, but... they will be, believe me.

How about intellectuals?

In our case, it's tuberculosis.

Here's Mr Pindar!

And the middle-class?

Liver ulcers... they eat too much.

We'd each die of our own class ailment, if w*r didn't make all germs equal.

Your dictionaries are in my way.

Forgive me, but Pindar has always been so badly translated...

A sad oversight. I am broken-hearted.

Not that I care but who is Pindar?

Joke away! But he means more to me than your life, the w*r, or my own life!

Pindar is the greatest Greek poet.

The greatest Greek poet?

Well, I'm blowed...

There! My map's as near as dammit complete.

See... this is where we are.

16 miles above this bend of the Main.

To enter Switzerland above Lake Constance and bypass the Rhine, we'll have to cover...

200 miles. No kidding?

Reckon 15 nights forced march, on 6 lumps of sugar and 2 biscuits a day.

You're as crazy as he is with his Pindar!

To get out of this place...

There! My picture's finished.

Justice Pursues Crime...

Not bad is it?

Look here, to get to Lake Constance...

Will it hold?

It'll take 10 of you and 5 like me!

They're searching the rooms.

υnder the mattress, quick! No, under mine!

That's no good!

Too obvious.

May I?

What a brainwave!

A very handy little gutter.

Here they are!

Gentlemen, room inspection!

Louise wrote to Victor:

"I am as weary as a girl after twenty-two nights of love..."

Twenty-two nights of love, imagine it!


This part won't be searched!

Give me your word that there is nothing in here against regulations.

You have my word.

But why mine rather than the others?

The word of a...


Or a Maréchal?

Their word is as good as ours.


No, not that book!

It's very rare.

Poor old Pindar!

They're so ignorant...

Did it go all right for you here?

Not bad. For us too.

And how's your cousin, Edmond de Boeldieu, who was m*llitary Attaché in Berlin?

He is well and happy.

He lost an arm and married a very rich wife.

A fine career!

Remember her?

Sit down.

I'll tell you something...

Believe me... my present job disgusts me as much as you.

Strong words.

I used to be a fighter...

Now I am a civil servant... a policeman.

But it's the only way in which I can still... appear to be serving my country.

Burns everywhere. That is why I wear gloves.

Spine fractured in two places.

A silver plate.

My knee-cap is silver too.

This wealth I owe to the fortunes of w*r.

May I ask a question? Of course.

Why did you make... an exception for me... inviting me here?

You are a de Boeldieu, a regular officer of the French Army.

And I a Rauffenstein, a regular officer of the Imperial German Army.

But... my friends are officers too.

A Maréchal and a Rosenthal, officers?

Good soldiers...

Thanks to your French Revolution!

I fear neither you nor I can arrest the march of time.

I don't know who will win this w*r...

The end, whatever it may be, will mean the end of the Rauffensteins and the Boeldieux.

We may be superfluous.

And don't you find it a pity?


I admire your care of your geranium.

Not because I have turned botanist.

But it is the castle's only flower.

The only things that thrive here are ivy and nettles.

I'm glad I'm leaving with you.

With us.

Mind you, I like Boeldieu, but...

When I'm with him...

I never feel completely at ease...

Education, I suppose, but there's a barrier between us.

He's a fine type.

Agreed, and he's very decent, but...

Suppose you and I were broke, we'd both be beggars...

If it happened to him, he'd still be Monsieur de Boeldieu.

Anyway, haven't you been decent, feeding us with your parcels?

That's vanity...

I'm really proud of my rich family, and I invite you in order to show off.

Our great fault is said to be greed, we're often generous... unluckily, to balance this quality, Jehovah gave us an overdose of pride.

I don't give a hang for Jehovah!

All I know is you're a good pal.

Comrades! Gentlemen!

We've received a large hamper, from the Empress.

Please come and share in it.

From the Empress? It must be caviar.

Come on, they've got some vodka! Vodka? With pleasure.

We shall be able to return your many kindnesses.

The Empress is a generous lady.

A swell gal!

Let the fun begin!


Principles of Algebra, Elementary Ethics, Grammar...

A cookery book!

Something to get your teeth into!

Quite unbelievable!

Come on, there's going to be trouble.

Goodbye and thanks anyway.

The Cossacks are in a tizzy! It's hotting up now!

You have no right to burn books!

The guards are busy with the Russians.

It's high here, but no one around.

What a chance if we'd been ready!

Growing dark too! We'll just have to do it again.

Very kind of them to rehearse us!

Now we know if one man causes a stir and keeps it up for 5 minutes, his friends could escape.

Too risky! Don't let's exaggerate.

I should enjoy it.

When do you want to start?

Why us? You're in it too.

No, Maréchal.

Why not? Don't you trust us?

That wouldn't stop me. Well then?

A plan like yours can only succeed with two...

And you get on well together...

It's unfair. What's fair in w*r?

We can't accept.

I'm not asking advice, I've made my decision.

The Arts aren't forbidden here...

You like music?

So-so... I like a good waltz.

I adore the flute...

Here's the program... We'll buy flutes for everyone.

Each room will give a concert at 5p.m...

It grows dark then.

Five minutes later the flutes will be confiscated.

At 5.15, new concert with everything available.

Saucepans, animal cries, grinding of teeth, anything...

Result: roll-call in the courtyard.


That's my affair. You'll have five minutes... to clear the walls and reach the woods.


I don't know how to put it, but... I feel awfully bad about it.

Come now... I do.

I'd like to say something...

Rinse my gloves with some warm water, will you...

Whatever happens, I want you to know that...

But... I'm not doing it for you personally.

So no need to become sentimental.

Go on.

But there are times...

Let's avoid them, shall we?

Excuse me.

So you'll be wearing those?

Any objections?

No, but the idea of wearing white gloves wouldn't occur to me.

We all react differently.

You can't do anything like other people!

We've been together eighteen months, and you still stand on ceremony.

I am the same with my mother and my wife.



No thanks, English tobacco gives me a sore-throat.

It's quite obvious! Gloves, tobacco...

We've nothing in common.

We've got things in hand here...

Of course, the old man is quite mad with his organ and flower-pot!

A good thing I'm here to control that g*ng of lunatics...

Before the w*r, I was a schoolmaster.

Lieutenant, confiscate those damn flutes at once!

I advise you not to start again!

We'll do just that in 15 minutes.

Your orders have been carried out, Sir.

You see, all's well.

And now, three days on bread and water and no mail!

Get ready, men. Two seconds...

General roll-call!

I've never had so much fun.

Long may it last.






I beg you, come back!

Lieutenants Maréchal and Rosenthal have escaped!

So that was why.

Switch on the searchlights!

Send out patrols with dogs!

Alert all m*llitary and civil authorities.

Report to me every quarter of an hour.

Your orders have been carried out, Sir.

No trace of the fugitives yet.

Thank you.

Forgive me...

I would have done the same.

French or German... duty is duty.

Are you in pain?

I didn't think a stomach wound hurt so.

I aimed at your leg.

The visibility was bad...

Besides... I was running.

Please don't excuse me...

I bungled it.

Of us two, I am not most to be pitied.

For me it will all be over... soon...

But you have to carry on.

Carry on a futile existence...

To be k*lled in a w*r is a tragedy for a commoner.

For you... and me... it's a good way out.

I missed my chance...

Don't try to talk too much.

We shouldn't stay so near the road!

The reeds were too wet to sleep in.

He's gone.

It was a woman!

Come on. Wait till dark.

I'm frozen, I must move about.

Do you want your sugar?

There's not much left.

And we've a long way to go.

What about you? I had mine before, I was hungry.

You keep it, so I won't be tempted.

Poor chap... Did you eat your buttons?

Does it show?

Aren't we going to wait till dark?

No, we'll just skirt the village.

Foot hurting?

It's nothing... a nerve.

Well, are you coming?

Are you coming or aren't you?

I'm doing my best.

You and your foot!

Not my fault! I slipped!

You slipped! I'm sick of hearing it!

Is that what you'll say if we're caught?

Clumsy oaf! We've no food, may as well give ourselves up.

Willingly, I'm fed up too! With me?

Yes, fed up! If you knew how I hate you!

I promise you it's mutual.

You're a dead weight round my neck!

Anyway I never could stick Jews!

A bit late to notice it! Clear off, you're dying to.

Needn't say it twice!

Clear off! I'm sick of your ugly mug!

I will! You can manage on your own!

I hope I never see you again!

I feel like singing at the thought!

There was a little boat That had never gone to sea That had never gone to sea After five or six weeks The food started to get scarce...

Why have you come back?

Come on.

Come on, pal.

Had enough? It's okay...

We'll rest in that shed. Too risky.

I can't see any smoke. Even so...

If your ship's on fire, you jump overboard.

Right, over we go!

Come on, then.

Someone's here. Get out of the window, you can run.

I'll give you time.

Shut up and be quiet.

Don't move!

What are you up to?

We're Frenchmen... French, you understand?

We're not thieves.


Do you speak German?

I've hurt my foot. We're done in. We're not thieves.

I'm not afraid.

Call the police, I won't walk another step!

You've hurt your foot?

She says to go to the house.

No, I don't trust her.

She says she's alone at home.

Come in.

She says, don't make a noise, her child's asleep.

I'll be back in a moment.

Hungry? Oh, yes.

She asks if you're hungry. I know that.

What about you?

I only want to sleep.

Sorry to disturb you! How far is Wolfischeim?

8 miles.

I'd sooner stay with you than footslog there!

But duty's duty. Thanks and goodnight.

Sit down.

Hush, my child's sleeping!

My husband.

k*lled at Verdun.

My husband and brothers...

Liège, Charleroi, Tannenberg...

Our greatest victories!

The table's grown too big.

Keep calm, it's only me!

You don't mind if a Frenchman gives you your grub!

You smell good, like my grandfather's cows.

You're from Wurtemburg, I'm from Paris, but we can still be matey!

You're a poor cow, I'm a poor soldier.

We each do our best.

Clever girl!

We know everything, Mummy and I.


Well, how much milk does the cow give in a month?

Mummy knows. I can count on my fingers.

Fetch her some water.

I know, I know.

In camp I never grasped a word, but I understand her German. lch... I... fetch... Wasser.

Go see Mummy.

A bit flea-bitten!

I did my best.

I was talking to Father Christmas.

Joseph has a fine beard!

And here's the Virgin Mary.

You like my little donkey?

And my ox?

And the infant Jesus... of my own race?

"A dig at me", as Boeldieu would say.

I wonder if he's all right. Better not talk about it.

We're ready. Let's wake Lotte.

Hang on. The gramophone and the candles.

Lights out!

Lotte! Baby Jesus has come.

I knew He would!

Is it for me? Yes.

I want the baby!

To take to bed?

No, to eat.

It's not to eat!

She wants to eat Baby Jesus!

"Strictly forbidden"!

Then I'll eat Joseph!

All right, but in bed.

What? She wants Joseph.

She wants Joseph? There you go then.

Come on, to bed!

You're a good little girl.

That thing's on the blink!

How do you say "Lotte has blue eyes"?

Good night, kiddo!

I don't know how to thank you.

Thank us?

What can we say?

Well... goodnight.

I'll get the coffee.

It's ready.

Say it in French.

Have you told her we're leaving?

Not yet.

It's high time...

You go and tell her...

We must go on... I know.

Maréchal couldn't bear to tell you.


I always knew he'd have to go.

Come along...

There's hot coffee.

You must eat something before you go.

Do we wait for dusk?


Lotte! Let's say goodbye to the cow.

I was alone so long...

Waiting so long...

If you knew how happy I was

to have a man about the house.

After w*r finished, if...

If I... not dead... understand?

Then I... come back here... yes?

And you... afterwards... go... with me... to France...

With Lotte, yes?

Here, for the journey.

Go quickly, it's better.

You're not looking back? If I do, I might never leave.

Let's go. Wait till dark.

We'd lose our way.

The woods are so thick... We'll crawl through the valley.

You're sure that's Switzerland?

I'm sure of it. It's all so alike!

Of course, frontiers were invented by men, not by Nature.

I wish it were over.

I shall go back for Elsa.

You love her? I reckon so.

Yet if we get through, we'll go back to our units and start again.

We've got to end this damn w*r... and make it the last!

What an illusion!

Come down to earth. What if we meet a patrol?

We split up, and try our luck.

Just in case, cheerio and so long!

So long, you "dirty Jew"! So long, "old mate"!

Don't sh**t, they're in Switzerland!

All the better for them!
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