04x07 - Keep the Wolves Close

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Yellowstone". Aired June 2018 - current.
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Series follows the Dutton family who control the largest contiguous ranch in the US and are constantly under attack from enemies.
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04x07 - Keep the Wolves Close

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♪ I don't know why I act the way I do ♪

♪ Like I ain't got a
single thing to lose ♪

♪ Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy ♪

♪ I guess that's just the cowboy in me ♪

♪ I got a life that most
would love to have ♪

♪ Oh, but sometimes
I still wake up fighting mad ♪

♪ At where this road I'm
headed down might lead ♪

♪ I guess that's just the cowboy in me ♪

♪ The urge to run ♪
♪ The restlessness ♪

♪ The heart of stone I sometimes get ♪

♪ The things I've done
for foolish pride ♪

♪ The me that's never satisfied ♪

♪ The face that's in the mirror
when I don't like what I see ♪

♪ I guess that's just the cowboy in me ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ The urge to run ♪
♪ The restlessness ♪

♪ The heart of stone I sometimes get ♪

♪ The things I've done
for foolish pride ♪

♪ The me that's never satisfied ♪

♪ The face that's in the mirror
when I don't like what I see ♪

♪ I guess that's just the cowboy in me ♪







Yes, sir.

All right, Doc, I'll tell him.

Thank you, bye.

Jimmy, Doc wants you at headquarters.

- Morning, sir.
- Morning.

How's he working out?

He does his job and shuts his
mouth, for the most part.


You iron things out with Beth?

I'm afraid that ship's
already sailed, sir.

Yeah? You'd better start
swimming after it.

She's the reason you're here, big fella.









He's sniffing at those deer tracks.

Yeah, looks like it.

Here, let me show you something.

See how this front track here

- is deeper on the outside there?
- Yeah.

Means it was looking back
over its left shoulder.

You like to track, huh?
Might have a job for you.

You should probably name him
before you put him to work.

I don't know.

"Dog" seems to be working out just fine.

You busy today?

Depends how quick we find those horses.

If we find 'em at all.

Ah, so you're working
for miss pouty lips.

I'm working for the
state of Montana, baby.

Same as every other day.


I'll just work cases for ugly
women from here on out.

Oh, so you think she's pretty?

Walked right into that one, Dad.


We need to name the dog.

Dad just wants to call her "Dog."

- And I think that sucks pickled ass.
- Hey. Not at the table.

Not anywhere for that matter.

He's your son, I swear.

- I'm not done.
- You're done now.

You owe me one.

You're one of those, huh?

One of what?

The kind of man who uses
flowers to say "I'm sorry"

because he doesn't have
the balls to say it himself.

I don't want those f*cking things.


I need a ride into town.

Would you give me one?

What do you need in town?

This ain't a life.

Cleaning up horse shit,
sleeping in a barn...

I don't have any friends.

Not even you.

I'll take my chances in foster care.

You're , kid.

In four years the world
says that you're a man.

But you're not, that's what it says.

What becomes of you then?

I don't know.

What do you want to become?

What's your dream?

Don't have any dreams.


I'm too busy trying to figure out

what I'm gonna eat and
where I'm gonna sleep.


Come here.

You do what I ask the way I say do it.

You ask questions when
you don't understand.

You ask questions when
you do understand.

Never lie to me.


Can you make that promise and keep it?

I can keep it.

Shake on it.

If I don't give you flowers
when I'm sorry,

when do I give 'em?

You give 'em for no reason, buddy.

No reason at all.


You Jimmy?

Uh, yes, ma'am.

Open that for me.



Is this some kind of exercise room?

[CHUCKLES] Sort of.

- All right, get ready.
- Ready for what?

Put this sleeve over
his penis and hold it.

- What?
- Go, now! Do it!

All right, you got to hold it there.

Got to get it all. Hold it there.



Okay, remove it.


I just jacked off a horse.

Get used to it. We've got
fifteen more to collect.

All right, bring that into
the lab. That door there.

Just jacked off a horse.



Look at this.

You like his one?

You like that one?


He's going to be a good father.

That's questionable...

considering who taught him.

I'm teaching him now.

You know, most people, they end
up making the same mistakes

their parents made because, you
know, they were still children

when they had children.

I know I was...

Jamie's endured long years

learning how not to father,
how not to lead.

Hard lessons both, but he learned them.

He does seems different.

More like the man I wanted him to be.

I have a favor to ask.

Look, I'm here.

I just...

I'm gonna need some time
before I trust him again.

Do you trust him to
be a good politician?

I never doubted him as a politician.

How 'bout a governor?

The election's a ways off, but...

these things need planning,
don't they? I mean...

Relationships beyond district
attorneys and cattlemen.

What kind of relationship do you have?

Anyway, that's the favor.

What do you see?

Well, he looks like a governor.

Yes, he does.


- Who are you here to see?
- Not here to see a who.

Here to see a thing.

What thing?

My office.

Miss Dutton.

- Winner winner turkey dinner.

Right this way.


It's the corner office right down here.

This is Miss Dutton.

It's a pleasure to finally...



- All this shit has to go.
- Ma'am?

I feel like I'm in my f*cking
gynecologist's office.

- I'll get the design team to...
- Nope. I'll do it myself.

What's your name?


Where you from, Cal?
Let me guess: Menlo Park.

Palo Alto, right next to it.

How'd you guess that?

I just read the tea leaves, buddy.

Ooh, um, there's no
smoking in the, uh...

It's probably fine.

How long you been
boinking the receptionist?


You know how that's gonna end, dontcha?

Hmm? So here's the thing:

I need my assistants

to put all their efforts into
not being pussies, okay?

I do not need them chasing it.

You want me to break up with her?

I want you to find another job.

I'm for three with assistants anyway.

Turns out working for me is
pretty f*cking dangerous.

Okay. I'm-I'm...

I'm not really sure what you're asking.

I'm not asking you anything, Cal.

I'm firing you. Get the
f*ck out of my office.

I'll get my own coffee.

- Hey, Cal?
- Yeah.

- Shut my f*cking door.
- Yep.

All right.


Not looking too fired, Cal.

Phase one is white.

Phase two, green.

Phase three, blue.

Phase four, yellow.

Now, you'll notice in phase one,

we lay infrastructure
for all following phases.

So, you're laying in roadways,

electric, sewage for all
phases in phase one?

In the long term, it's much
more cost effective.

Laying infrastructure in
phases triples the cost.

Kyle, this makes assumptions
about land ownership

- that we can't make.
- Uh, not the time or the place.

This is a design meeting.

Can I see an ownership plat over this?

It's not relevant at this time.

Well, if you're building
roads and sewers on land

that you don't own, I'd say
it's pretty f*cking relevant.

Well, I guess we're going to find
out who you're loyal to, Beth.

No one mentioned this to me.

Beth, there are two terminals.
That's fifty-two gates.

- You saw the airport design.
- Yes.

So who did you think
those gates were for?


You said it yourself, you'd
turn it into Park City.

Well, this is Park City.



Get ready to push. Push.

- Ha, ha! Ha!
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.


Steer, steer!

Show them how it's done,
would you, Scout?

Two of them coming,

- both heifers.
- Hey!

- Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
- Heifer, heifer, heifer!


Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Watch Mama here.


- Let's do it.
- Keep going.

- Boss man's got steer.
- Keep going.

Watch your coke.



Let's snake those three there, huh?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

I count .

That's what I got, too, sir.

- My count's .
- Yep.

Yep, it is.

- Get 'em to the sale, Rip.
- All right.

I'll start looking through
the rest of these heifers.

Thanks, Jack.

How are the boys?


They're sore as shit. I'm gonna give
them a few days to sleep it off.


- Guess he's done sleeping.
- Mm-hmm.

Where y'all need me?

Start sorting heifers.

Could I have a word, sir?

She talking to me?

I believe she said she wants a word.

I can't understand a damn word
coming out of her mouth.



whatever's between Walker and Lloyd,

it's got nothin' to do with me.

Nothin' to do with Laramie either.

That was just their excuse.

I was the first one up every mornin'

and the last to be done.

Ask him.

Ask him if anyone works harder'n me.

She ain't lying, sir.

So f*ght wasn't over you, huh?

No, sir.

- You just did your job.
- Ever' day.

Never fooled around with
anyone in the bunkhouse?

Ain't no one said I couldn't.

Well, common sense says you shouldn't

'cause the next f*ght will be over you.

So all that "this is my home
forever" is just talk?

f*cking scarred for life
and it don't mean nothin'?

You wait over there a minute.

When the hell did that happen?

The night that we took care of
that thing in the forest for ya.

- So, they all wear it.
- Yes, sir.

And it just slipped your mind
to f*cking mention it to me?

It was the night before you got hit.

Before everyone got hit.

- Does Kayce know about this?
- Sir, it ain't his fault.

I should've come to
you and talked to you.

Does he know?

Yes, sir, he does.



Where's your gear at?

Everything I own's in the
back seat of my truck.

Go on and grab it. Put it
back in the bunkhouse.

- Thank you.
- Okay. All right.

Sorry... but thank you.

I don't know, do you
need help with... shit?

Teeter, just go grab your gear.

- Yeah.
- All right.

And hey.

This means something.

Yes, sir.



Well, you have an odd
definition of retirement.

Yeah, well, I never retired from this.

When Governors drop by unannounced,

it's either real good or... real bad.

You wanna walk with me?

Oh, boy.

Unannounced and "walk with me."

I'm in for it, aren't I?


You got it?

You know I used to just jump over these.


- Oh!
- Okay.

- Well done.
- All right.


Hit me with it.

I'm running for Senate.


I don't know, Lynelle.

Washington is a different snake.

Well, I'm a politician, John.

You know, I gotta go

where I believe I can make
the biggest difference.

There's no one in Washington
now that's doing that.

They've lost the art of compromise.

The art of negotiation.

Those are my greatest skills.

Well, I can think of a few
others you're a master of.


Stewart running for governor, then?

Oh, Stewart...

Stewart's sleeping until noon
and then playing holes.

No, Stewart's done.

I think the Governor's office is ready

for a new generation of leader.

I think Jamie can take
the responsibility...

- Absolutely not. Absolutely not.
- He's got the name,

which we know is most important.

And he navigated that Market
Equities development with a skill

- that not even I credited him with...
- Skill... Skill is not his weakness.

This is his weakness.
It's too much power.

And it isn't his name, it's mine.

There's other options.
Choose one of them.

The other options don't want the Montana

that you and I do.

Lynelle, there are things...

there are things about
my son you do not know.

Things that make him
unfit for your office.

He's the devil we know, John.

I'll take the risk.

I mean, unless you want
to run for governor,

- then I'll gladly endorse you.
- No, no...

Listen, I just wanted
to tell you all this

so that you weren't finding out
in the newspapers, all right?


I'll take it.

Take it? Take what?

Your endorsement.

- I'll take it.
- You are going to run for office

- just so that your son doesn't get it?
- That's how bad he'll be

for everything you and I
worked so hard to protect.

He'll destroy it all.

So if you want a devil you
really know, here he is.

The press is gonna
come at you hard, John.

Oh, don't I know it.

No, I mean, they're gonna
have a lot of questions

about all the things that you've done

and you're going to have to
find a way to defend them.

Not gonna defend a thing.

"Damn right, I did it" is gonna
be my campaign slogan.

[LAUGHS] Oh, geez. Yeah,
that would be your slogan.


I... I did not see this
one coming, John.

Yeah. I'm just...

I'm just full of surprises.


Now I gotta run for f*cking governor.


- Howdy.
- Howdy.

You buying or selling?


- Trading.
- Trading what?

- One of a kind.
- Wow.

Are you sure?





I'm Emily, by the way.


Probably should've
introduced myself sooner.

Masturbating stallions sort of
puts us on a first name basis.

Yeah, at the very least.

So, you got a girlfriend?


f*ck, you're one of six single
guys in this county under thirty.

I dated two of them and the
other three ain't worth a shit.

So... I thought I'd make my move

before you go on and get all scooped up.

Well, umm...

aside from the wrangler
I'm paired up with,

you're the first person
I've seen in, uh...

I actually don't know how
long I've been here.

So... I think my chances of getting
scooped up are pretty slim.

Let me buy you dinner.

No, I can't let you buy me dinner.

You've got a girlfriend?

I don't know.

Let me buy you dinner.

No, I can't.

All right.

But, uh...

I can buy you dinner.

All right.



CROWD: Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is
m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

- _
- Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

- _
- Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder! Fur is m*rder!

Fur is m*rder!

Of course, you'd shop here.

My idea of shopping is calling
the sales manager at Gucci

and having her fill a box the
size of a f*cking refrigerator.

You think you're making
a difference? Hmm?

Shaming some plastic surgeon's wife

out of buying a mink coat today?

What does that save? Not the mink.

Mink's already dead.

- Not the next mink.
- Yeah, he's dead too.

Fifteen of you standing in front
of a store yelling at patrons?

That isn't making a difference.

You know, this store is the
caboose of the problem, okay?

The engine of the problem
doesn't know you exist.

This isn't saving the
environment, sweetheart,

this is just inflating your
ego with very little effort.

And when Mommy and Daddy get tired

of bailing you out and subsidizing

this utter waste of time,
you'll go away.

Meanwhile, the world
continues getting r*ped.

What the hell do you know about
protecting the environment?

I know they're building
an international airport

miles from the national park.

And a ski resort the
size of Crested Butte.

And condos and hotels

and shopping plazas and restaurants

in the most fragile ecosystem
in North America.

But, you know, you just keep protesting

'til happy-hour, honey.

You can sip your skinny margaritas

and pat yourself on the back

and you'll all get drunk enough

to stanch the stench of the
couscous-eating hippie

you f*ck tonight.

Did you make that up about the airport?

Give me your phone.

This one, this is a little
above your pay grade.

This one takes effort.



Risk, real risk,

not that bullshit that you
pulled with my brother.

Why the f*ck do they
need another airport?

They're not in the business
of need, sweetheart.

They're in the business of
want. And they want it

because it's going to make
them a shit-ton of money

and they do not care

how many animals they
have to k*ll to build it.

Good dog.

Where'd you get him?

He just sort of came with the house.

What's his name?

Just been calling him "Dog."

That's what I call mine.

Except I say it in Lakota.

What's dog in Lakota?


I like that.

- Mind if I call it Sunka?
- He's your dog.

You can call him whatever you want.


Looks like he already knows it.

When you say it in their language,

they all know it.



You can't be here.

I'm Livestock Commissioner.
He's tribal police.

These horses are property

of the Confederated
Tribes at Broken Rock.

These are mustangs.

We rounded them up yesterday.

Mustangs don't have shoes and brands.

- Son of a bitch.
- Yeah.

We herd them with a helicopter.

Don't get that good a look at
them 'til we trailer 'em up.

Trailer them to go where?

Auction, I guess.

Some go to the prison.

These don't.

They're gonna come with us.

Got proof they're yours?

Stolen you say?

Yeah, somebody cut a hole in a fence,

tried to herd 'em with dirt bikes.

Guess they didn't want to be herded.


Damn right they don't.

Pain in the ass getting them in here.

Took two choppers and half a damn day.

Look, you know how the
federal government works:

when the wheels are in motion,
they're impossible to stop.

We're supposed to herd them out Friday,

but if you can get them
out before, so be it.

But I don't know how
you're going to do it.

You can't get a truck back here

and you damn sure can't
do it with other horses.

We'll see what we can come up with.

Figure it out by Friday.

- You got any ideas?
- I got an idea.

Care to share it?

This idea is hard to explain.

You'll just have to see it.


No, no, no, no, no, no.

That's not how you do it.
Let me show ya.

You're just tying it like a knot.

So, here's what you do.

First of all, let's get it set up right.

So you're going to lay it flat, right?

And then what you're going to do

is your going to lay this piece
goes down there, flat, right?

And these come around twice.

So you go once, and then twice.

And then you pull it from here.

And you pull it tight.
Just like that. Okay?

I don't want you tying a knot
like some f*cking team roper.

Now, every piece of your equipment:

your saddle, your stirrups,
your cinch, your reins,

that's the thing that's either gonna
save you or it's gonna k*ll you.

For instance, if you
dally a bull, right,

and you break your rein off your bridle,

it's usually because either
the leather is rotted

or you tied a f*cking square knot...

- you understand?

Here. I'll loosen it up.


Oh, you know, just watching
some feel-good movie on TV.


Remember to lay this piece flat, right?

I gotta go up to the lodge.

Drive. I don't need you
getting eaten by a bear.

A bear knows better
than to f*ck with me.


Drive anyways.

Yes, sir.




Need a drink?

You look sad.

Nah, I... I look lonely.
There's a difference.

You know, my great-grandfather
didn't build this place

with the goal of impressing anyone.

The goal was to...

the goal was to just make it big enough

that his children never had to leave.

But you left anyway.

You all did.

Daddy, I...

He's going to be my husband

and my place is sleeping beside him.

As it should be, honey.

It's just I would...

just like my family under this roof

and he is going to be
a part of my family.

You want us to move in here?

Ask him.

I was... I was hoping you'd ask him.


No, Daddy.

I'm afraid you're going
to take an emotional risk

with another man.

And I do mean ask.

If you tell him to jump
off a f*cking cliff,

he's jumping off the cliff. Okay?

So you gotta ask him.

Ask him what he would like...

and then respect the answer he gives.

Feel like I'm in f*cking
couple's therapy. [LAUGHS]

If it walks like a duck
and talks like a duck...


- Goodnight, Daddy.
- Yeah.

Governor Perry's running for Senate.

She offered Jamie her endorsement.


How can such a shrewd
politician be so blind?

Doesn't matter.

I convinced her to take it back.




Because she's giving it to me.

I, uh...

I couldn't think of anything
else to do, so...

- Honey, now...
- Dad, now we control the narrative.

All right, okay,

- the first thing that you do...
- Honey.

No, that's the second.

The first thing is choosing
any of the fifty f*cking things

that Jamie has done that make
him unfit to hold public office,

and then you remove his
f*cking ass from the Capitol.

Okay? The second thing...

You didn't let me finish my sentence.

What I was saying is now
I need you to help me

find a way out of... out of running.

- Not on your life.
- No, Beth, listen to me.

I can't spend the next four
years of my life in Helena.

The ranch won't be here
in four years, Dad.

Listen to me, as governor,

you will have the power
to withhold funds.

You have the power to
reverse state land grants.

You have the power to shut
that f*cking airport down.

You have the power to
withhold building applications

and tax exemptions.

You have the power to
withhold gambling licenses.

You have the power to run those
f*ck out of this valley

and then you get to pass a law
so they can never return.

You always tell me that there is a way,

another way to save this
ranch without selling.

So this is the way.
Tell me there's another.

This is the way.

You know that, don't you?

Yeah, honey. I just...

Just wish it wasn't.


I'm going to help you.





- Come on! Yeah!
- Come on, come on, come on!

- Come on, come on, come on!
- Come on!

- TEETER: Yeah, f*ck!
- Come on, come on, come on!

- Woo!
- Woo!

- Woo! That is huge.
- Guys...

Woo! That' a Yellerstone horse?

For hell's sakes, the last three
have been Yellowstone horses.

And, look, it's not Yellerstone.
It's Yellowstone.

Whatever you say, baby,

- just take your pants off.
- Other room.

You can take your pants off

- in the other room.
- I don't know why we're talking about that

when we're watching a horse.

Doesn't even make any sense.

I gotta get up.


I don't know shit about 'em.

The guy at the store
said it's a good one.

Well... hell of a lot better'n
the one you f*ck' tore up.

That's for sure.

As it should be.

It sounds nice.

Anything you'd like to hear?

Hell, I don't know.

Just play me one.

Hey, boss. You need a beer.

Thanks, Jake.

This one might suit you.

♪ And as I get long gone ♪
♪ Out where that wind blows ♪

♪ The desert sky,
she flies by for miles ♪

♪ Well, as I keep walking a
lot of people keep a-talkin' ♪

♪ About things they've
never seen nor done ♪

♪ Homeless sleep in the park ♪
♪ Sweethearts kiss in the dark ♪

♪ I myself just move on through town ♪

♪ Moon keeps on shining ♪

♪ And the rich keep on dinin' ♪

♪ And how I love the highway sun ♪

♪ The stars keep on fallin' ♪

♪ And the coyotes are calling ♪

♪ But your mother, she won't be around ♪

♪ Out to the back ♪

♪ The poet writes his songs in blood ♪

♪ Where the jukebox is barking ♪

♪ But I'm just getting started ♪

♪ Hell, I've yet to
see the light of day ♪

♪ Señoritas lose it to
the Mariachi music ♪

♪ Because New York is too far away ♪

♪ Out to the back ♪

♪ The poet writes his songs in blood ♪

Sir, after lunch we could bring
in them replacements heifers.

The vet wants to preg-check
them tomorrow.

Yeah, you go ahead, uh...

You know, the lodge is
where family belongs.

Didn't sound like a question, did it?

It's a question.



I mean, are you asking us...

- to come live up there with you?
- That's what I'm asking.

We got that stray kid with us,
sir, you don't want that.

Stray kids is fine.

No stray dogs.

Shit, you know I don't like dogs.

Well, then it's settled.




You ready?

Ready as we're gonna get.

Oh, shit.

Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut!






Get yourself some trail cameras

put 'em somewhere nobody can see
them, and point 'em at this gate.

Someone tries it again,
we'll know who it was.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Now we go find who let them out.

Yeah. That's the plan.

These are little victories,
in the scheme of things.

You'd be surprised how much they matter.

We rest the little things
on the large things.

Thank you.

Happy to help.

Watch out for that one.

Why, is she trouble?


When they look at you like
that, they're all trouble.

What are you doing?

I don't know.

I'm married.

I noticed.


Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yeah, it's how I felt about
my wife first time I saw her.

It's how I felt when I first saw you.

My f*cking luck.

Well, it can't be love.

God wouldn't let you love something

that can't love you back.

Yeah, he would.


Governor's asking for you to
meet her in the press room.

Is there a press conference
scheduled for today?

Not scheduled.

Are we doing this now?



Join us, Jamie.

Thanks for the flowers.
Meant a whole lot.

I'm... I'm surprised you're here.

We, uh... we wouldn't
miss this for the world.

Well, as many of you may have suspected,

I believe that I can best represent
Montana from the Senate.

The next governor of Montana

must hold steadfast to the
progress that we have made,

and yet, never allow
that progress to redefine

what it means to be a Montanan.

It is my great honor to
introduce you to my choice

as the next governor of Montana:

John Dutton.

- John. [CHUCKLES]
- Thank you, Governor.


You don't see it on your way to work,

in the fields, or on the mountain,

but there's a w*r being waged
against our way of life.

They'll tell you all the reasons

- why our way of life...
- This is just the beginning.

JOHN: ... are bad for this country,

bad for our future.

How it's immoral that you live here,

work here, grow their food here.

They will tell it so much

you might even start
to believe it yourself.

Question what you do and who you are.

They'll tell you that
the land's only hope

is for them to be its steward.

The ugly truth is they want the land,

and if they get it,

it will never look like our land again.

That is progress in today's terms,

so if it's progress you seek,
do not vote for me.

I am the opposite of progress.

I am the wall that it bashes against,

and I will not be the one who breaks.

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