05x02 - The Sting of Wisdom

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Yellowstone". Aired June 2018 - current.
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Series follows the Dutton family who control the largest contiguous ranch in the US and are constantly under attack from enemies.
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05x02 - The Sting of Wisdom

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- ♪ MTV... ♪

Previously on "Yellowstone"...


Allow me the honor of
introducing your next governor

John Dutton, and U.S. Senator
Lynelle Perry.

ELLIS: Look at him.
His father is the governor.

He'll be next.

This should be the happiest
day of his life.

Why isn't he smiling?

Get Sarah Atwood out here.

It's time we took the gloves off.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

It's a good thing for
the land but I don't see

how it's good for us.

Congratulations, sir.

My God. Four years is a long time.

This is not where I want to spend it.

CARTER: Hey. It's me.


Jesus. It's been a while.

The cramps are getting worse.

I'll send an ambulance out to
meet you on the road, okay.



We need to go to Billings.


I had a brother for an hour.

They named him John.










Mom! Mom!



Mama! Mama!

No! Stay there!

Find your phone, call an ambulance.






What's your emergency?

We had a wreck.
My mother's having a baby.

We need an ambulance.

Is anyone hurt?

Everybody's hurt. We need an ambulance.

Do you know where you are?

We're on the road to Billings.

I don't know the road.

I can send you a pin.

I'll give you a number.

Let me know when you're ready...

I'm ready.

- - - .

- I sent it.
- Good.

What's your name?

Tate Dutton.

There is already an
ambulance en route, Tate.



Tell them to hurry!



I'm coming, buddy.


She gonna be okay?

She's a strong woman, son.

That's not what I asked.

We're all gonna be okay.

It's just... gonna take time.

You lost a brother. I lost a son.

But she lost more.

He was a... part of her,
so she lost a part of herself.

If that makes sense.


Are you gonna try again?

For another one?

I don't know. [SIGH]

I think you should.

I liked having a brother.


I want you to go saddle
up Mister Dutton's horse.

Is he here?

No, but we need to keep him legged up.

Who's gonna ride him?

You are.

- I am?
- That's right.

I don't have all f*cking day, let's go.

Go grab him.


God didn't add extra daylight
to Tuesday, Carter.

Now, let's go, man.

Go get his f*cking saddle.
Let's move this along.

I think this f*ck tripped
this morning and hit his head.

Let's go!

f*ck this, you can take
care of this shit.

I'm not dealing with it anymore.

LLOYD: We'll catch up.

Don't do it fast, do it right, now.

Back cinch.


You know, kid, you only do
this fifteen times a day.

I know, I just don't do it for myself.


Uh, right. What else?

Where's your rope?

What else?

[MUTTERING] Right, f*ck hat.

Chaps if you got 'em.

All right.

Hell, I think those used to be mine.

All right, what else?

We ain't got time for what else.

Swing on up there, cowboy.

All right, now we play
catch up. Come on.



JOHN: This is unbelievable.

Why do I have all these
damn meetings in one day?

Because tomorrow you're in Butte,

and then Thursday you speak in Missoula.

Why am I in Butte?

You're speaking at White Song Elementary

about your new education initiative.

What's my new education initiative?

Uh, it's uh...

"To further education
with hands-on learning

through the Dalton-Wiggins
Technical and Trade Academy".

Never heard of it.

It's a trade school.

Run by the state?

No, it's a private technical college.


Answer me this, Clara.

Who exactly is my Chief of Staff?

The party's nominating
committee chose Jim Roberts.

Is Jim Roberts in the building?

He's in his office.

Could you bring him to me, please?


I warned you, if you don't pick 'em

- they will pick them for you.
- Mm-hmm.

Governor, it's an honor.

Tell me, which one is your
buddy, Dalton or Wiggins?


The beneficiaries
of the education initiative

that I'm unaware that I support.

The education initiative...

Jim, I'd like to introduce
you to my daughter, Beth.

Pleasure to meet you.

She's my new Chief of Staff.
Get out of my office.

- Now, Jim.
- If I could just...

You can't. Get the
f*ck out of my office.

Dad, I, uh...

I don't have time to follow
you around the state.

You got me into this, sweetheart,

you're going to get me through it, now.

Hand her that satchel.

The football. We call it the football.

All right, Clara. The football.

Now hand her the football.

Let's start with this schedule.


Um, well...

in minutes you have a meeting

with the Montana Trade Alliance.

What's that?

Their focus is enhancing
trade between foreign nations.

What does that have to do with me?

It's politics, John.

You're going to shake a lot of hands,

you're gonna take a lot of photos.

It amounts to absolutely nothing,

but it does maintain the good will

with the people that elected you.

I'm not seeking good will.

I'm seeking the end of
the airport on my land.

Well, as Governor, you
can cancel the funding

and tax rebates for the build.

They'll file an emergency
injunction to block the order.

A judge will uphold your decision,

and Market Equities
will just go get a loan

from Blackstone or Goldmans, and
continue to keep on building.

Then cancel the lease.

You can't cancel the lease.

They will sue you and win.

The lease has progress thresholds.

That build site cannot lay dormant.

They have a one year
grace built into the lease.

I'm not waiting a year.

Revoke the funding.

Order an environmental review
and cancel the lease.

They will sue you. And I mean you.

Halting the build
will create real damages.

And canceling the lease, that's
how they end up with your ranch.

He's right, John.

That land is zoned agricultural, right?


So how are they building
an airport and condos

on land that is agricultural?


The application has
already been submitted.

It's a formality.

The Commissioners are
gonna sit on it as long

as they get free dinners
and campaign contributions.

Right, so, it's not yet approved.

Not yet.

Surely there is some law
that prevents the state

from funding projects that are
not, you know, properly zoned?

Yes, Beth, there is,

and that statute is waived
by this office all the time.

Well, not this time.

Clara, will you set a drink
for the Governor and myself,

and the Park County Commissioners?

- Just Ronnie and Kyle.
- For what day?


The Governor has a dinner tonight with

the Montana Clean River Alliance...

For f*ck's sakes, Clara,

if it has the word "alliance"
in the name, cancel it.

: P.M. Deerfield Club.

And Clara, you're going to
want to pack a bag.

We're going to take this party south.

I think our work is done here.

Not yet.

I want it on my desk in an hour.

Can we talk about this, just you and me?

Just you and him?

How many one-on-one conversations

do you want me having?

Just go do your f*cking job.

- Okay.
- Good.

See you in a bit.


Clara, can I take a peek
at his schedule?

Okay, I'll absorb as many
of these as I can.

John, the Governor's office
is a game of favors.

You start by giving them,
then you can ask for them.

When the State committee finds out that

you are not in this for the long haul,

everyone that supported you will
be looking for a parachute.

Market Equities will not just go away.

This will be a f*ght. A big one.

When they realize that all
they have to do

is wait four years,
then they'll just wait.

You need to change laws if you
want them to never come back.

To change laws, you need favors.

You should've never
let them in, Lynelle.

I didn't grant them the lease, John.

Jamie did, and he was
really wise to do so.

The land Board is made
up of five officers:

the Governor, the Attorney General,

the Secretary of State, the Auditor,

and the public interests Superintendent.

Now who do you think funded the
campaigns for the other three?

If it had gone before
the land committee,

the state would own your land.

That's their next move

when you cancel the lease, by the way.

You could be a really good leader, John,

but you're a shitty politician

because you won't play the game.

But if you don't play the game,
the game plays you.

I'm here for another month.

Use me.

That's a refreshing thought.

It's not what I meant.



That's how you slam a door, Jamie.

Never contradict him again.

When he says jump you
don't ask how high,

you just start f*cking hopping.

I am trying to protect
him and the ranch.

This isn't some sleazy developer
from Beverly Hills,

this is a multinational firm
that has invested

billions of dollars,

and leveraged billions more
on the back of this development.

They will f*ght you.
They will f*ght you dirty.

Is there any other way?

I want to believe that you're advising

what's best for the family, I do.

but then I remember:
this isn't your family.

And he's not your father.

And we both know how
you treated your own father.

Just stop thinking
that you have a chance

to earn redemption, Jamie. You don't.

Just do as you're f*cking told

until these f*ck tuck
tail back to New York.

Then I will just quietly
put you out to pasture.

Your political career was over

the moment you chose
your father over mine.

You're in my prison now.

And if you ever forget it...

I'll put you in a real one.


I, uh, heard you sold your ranch.

I want you home at the weekends.

Where I can keep an eye on ya.

Say "Yes, ma'am".

Yes, ma'am.

Good boy.





What are you doing here?

Just here. In case you need something.


We need to have a funeral.

Just us.

I don't need fifty people
to tell me how sorry they are.

I should've been here.

I should've driven you myself.

We're not gonna do that.

No "should've".

I could "should" myself to death.

But I won't. And I won't
let you do it either.

I'd like to bury him at the ranch.

That way we can always visit him.

Ask your father.

His answer will be yes. You know that.

Ask anyway.

I'll do it.

When you said you saw the end of us...

is this what you saw?


No, baby.

I never saw this coming.

And this won't be the end of us.

What will?

I would have to choose the end of us.

And I will never choose that.


Tate said he wants us to try again.

Said he wants a brother.


I really wanted him to have one.

Hey, come here.








Shit. Wolves.


It's odd they'd go
after the mama, though.

She was probably protecting her calf.

I don't think wolves k*ll it.

You got wolf tracks all around.

Ate the stomach and the ass out.

That's what wolves do.

Not saying they didn't eat it,

I'm saying they didn't k*ll it.

No bites on the hocks.

Wolves found her down...

Don't matter, they
got the taste of beef.

Can you get us depredation tags?

Let me call Kayce, let's
get a state hunter out here.

We ain't going to Kayce

with all the shit he's dealing with.

And we don't need state hunters
out here three days

into Mister Dutton's term.

Just gets us tags and
we'll deal with it ourselves.

Lloyd, let's start moving this
herd back toward the barn.

Hey, got a stray over here, boys.

Get that calf back to the barn!

Boys, I want you to get
after those f*cking wolves.

Hey, little fella. You get lost?

How you doing?


Got the legs.


You from here?

Nobody's from here.

Is there an event this weekend?

Just another Tuesday.

Press conference
starts at three o'clock.

I can put it on the TVs down here.

We don't want him on TVs down here.

Ah. Great.

You're aware of the press conference?

Going to watch it now.

Great. We'll watch with you.

Right this way.



If you're gonna look,
be man enough to stare.

Not there yet, I guess.

I don't mind, really.

Is this a test?

It's an opportunity. You missed it.

- It's through here?
- Uhh, [CLEARS THROAT] yes.

Yes, ma'am.

CAROLINE: Ah, just in time.

Dutton called a press conference.

He's going to pull our funding.

That's been announced?

It was his campaign slogan.


Let me see.


As the State's attorney,
I must inform you

that by signing this order

you are signing a declaration of w*r.


As we speak, they are raping the land

our family has bled
into for over a century.

We're already at w*r.

Good afternoon.


Been thinking a lot about that lately.

The word, what it means.

The dictionary thinks that it means

"The power or right
to think, speak, or act

as one wants without
hindrance or restraint".

As Governor of this State, I am
sworn to protect that right.

Building a city in the middle
of our most pristine wilderness

strips you of that freedom.

It eliminates your freedom
to breathe clean air

and drink clean water.

It strains the ability of our schools,

our hospitals and our police.

That requires an increase in our taxes

which in turn strains our families,

forcing you to decide
if you can even afford

to live in a place that you call home.

That's not progress in my mind.

That's an invasion.

And the invasion is over.

Today, I am signing an Executive order

that ceases all state funding for

the Paradise Valley development project,

the Airport development project,

and the paradise Valley Ski Resort.

All state permits are revoked.


Thank you for your time today.

Enjoy the rest of it.


There'll be no questions today.

And we're right back where we started.


We're gonna have to
watch out for that one.

Chairman, you can't ever
stop watching that one.

Let's get a cease and desist

before a judge by end of day tomorrow.

File suit against the state
for breach of contract,

and negotiating in bad faith,

and anything else you can think of.

Who is that?

That's Jamie Dutton. Attorney General.

That's the Governor's son?


This is like doing business in Utah.

In Utah, they want to do business.


Here, they want the business to go away.

Son doesn't look up to this f*ght.

Think I'm gonna start with him.

I love it when she gets really mad.

It means I'm going to
make a lot of money.

Good afternoon, Miss Dutton.

Mrs. I'm an honest woman now.

- Beautiful car.
- Doesn't suck.

Bet the payments are steep.

You know, I've learned that
the lease payments have

an inverse relationship to
the length of my skirt.

I don't know what that means.

It means the payments aren't
that steep, buddy.





[LLOYD LAUGHS] All right.

Getting the crash course
in cowboy today, kid.

Yeah. Hope I get another one tomorrow.

You get one every day.

Now get around that pair
and push 'em up.




Holy shit!

Damn it, kid. You all right?

What happened?

How's your arm?

- It's nothing.
- Well, raise it, then.

Then it ain't nothing.

What happened?

Horse fell, I think he
stepped in a hole. I think.

I'm sorry. I didn't see the hole.

You need to keep one eye on the cow

and the other one on the ground.

Is the horse gonna be okay?

No, he ain't.


You're gonna sh**t him?

That leg'll never heal.

I don't need him suffering.


Go on, get back to work.
Get back to work.

I'm sorry.

I bet you are.

I'm sorry, too.

Now take that bridle and that saddle,

and walk it back to the barn.

Lloyd, help him out.

One, two, three.



- Hey, Glade?
- Yeah.

Would you get me another?


There you go.

God bless you.

- Can I get a beer?
- What do you want?

Let me get a Trout Slayer.

Coming up.

Care for a Trout Slayer?

That what you been doing, slayin' trout?

Mountain biking, actually.

I'm not much of a fisherman.

You ride bikes?

- Not since I was seven.

Didn't expect to see
a dress like that in Montana.

Yeah, well, I'm working.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

What kind of work?

Buddy, this is your
one chance to leave me alone

with your self esteem intact.

Give me your best sh*t.

You're a professor. Somewhere fancy.


You've got a couple of grown kids,

and once they left the house
your wife divorced you

so fast she left f*cking skid marks,

but how nice for you, huh?

Let me guess: world went a little wacko,

no longer cool to boink the co-eds,

so you decided f*ck this city.

Got a nice little place in Bozeman,

'cause, well it's your
favorite place to ski.

Now you teach Zoom classes
from the living room

of your creekside cabin

And you lecture about inequity
and the concentration of wealth

and how it's decimating the middle class

all while you draw your six
figure salary

and finance your dream home
with a loan from the university

that's basis points below
the loans that your students

need to take out to listen
to this bullshit.

And my guess, if I had to guess

is that you paid over asking price

for it because it's just f*cking
monopoly money to you, isn't it?

So you run up house prices here

and you f*ck the middle
classes in two states.

Bravo, you f*cking hypocrite.

f*ck you.

Not for all the tea
in China, pencil dick.

f*ck' love this bar.

Your guests have arrived.

- Thanks, Glade.
- Yep.

Back to work.

They're right behind you.

John, what the hell was
that press conference?

Governor Perry and
your son pushed this thing

down our throat and
now you shut it down?

Well, you really want ,
people from the Bay Area

running up and down highway , Ronnie?

Putting up a Starbucks
where your fly shop is?

We're well past want, John.

Do you understand the tax revenue

that you just took from this county?

The hotel tax alone
is a hundred million.

Not to mention the airport tax,
the car rental tax.

Where are you going to spend
all that money, Kyle?

Hm? You're going to have
to double the size

of the Sheriff's department,
emergency services.

Where do you treat the sewage
six thousand homes create?

Is there a treatment plant in the valley

that I don't know about?

I will increase your tax revenue

without adding one structure
to this valley, all right?

Without one new road.

Doubling property tax on non-residents?

It'll never work. They'll
just become residents.

No, they won't.

If they could've become residents,

they would have by now.

New York and California,
they do not give up

percent that easy.

You didn't need our permission
to issue an executive order.

But you do need something.

Deny their request to rezone.

Without the state's support,
there's no reason to give it.

A lot of people in this valley
support that airport, John.

A lot of people from
out of state support it.

People with no vote.

They may not have a vote,
but they have money.

And they give it to the people
who support their agendas.

Take a drive down Main Street
in Bozeman, Kyle.

That's what they'll do
to this place and worse.

Our terms are up in two years, John.

This wound will still
be fresh in two years.

Hell, the state will still be
in litigation in two years.

There will be no litigation, Ronnie.

And you'll both still be in office.

When's the last time
a governor gave you his word?


Well, you have mine.

Andy will vote to approve,
no matter what we do.

That's why Andy is not sitting here.

I only need two votes.

Do I have them?

Once you deny their re-zoning request,

I'm revoking their lease on our land.

I'm placing the ranch in
a conservation easement.

There'll be nothing to litigate.

Should've just told me
that from the beginning.

We'll issue the denial tomorrow.




If you put the land
in a conservation easement,

we have no moves.

We can't sell off a piece
to cover losses or taxes.

We can't ever develop it,
and neither can anyone else.


Dad, we could lose the whole thing.

But it'll be whole, honey.
It'll be whole.

And that matters more than
any name on a deed.

We'll worry about
who runs things when...

when that's a worry.



Wasn't expecting you.

I wish you would have called,

I would have had supper prepared.

Yeah. I'll get by with a sandwich.

How's the herd?

Wolves got into the
pairs in pasture nine.

So I moved 'em to the barn.

Got Ryan and Colby out
there hunting them now.

You need depredation tags.

Yeah, we got 'em.

Um, the boy, he got in an accident.

It was on your horse.

Is the boy okay?

He broke his arm. He'll survive.

But... the horse wasn't as lucky.

He stepped in a badger hole
and shattered his leg,

so... I had to put him down.

I'm sorry, sir, it's my fault.

Riding is what the horse is for, Rip.

Could've stepped in a badger
hole turned out just as easy.


Thought y'all were in Helena.

I manipulated the wheels of
government so I could see you.


How long you here for?

We leave in the morning.

Gotta fill a week's worth
of loving into eight hours.

Hope you weren't planning on sleeping.


Got 'em.

Fire on three, two, one.

Three, two, one.



Oh, f*ck.

Uh, these wolves are from the park.


What do we do?

If those radio collars are
motionless for twelve hours

they send out a distress signal,

then there's Game Wardens
standing in this field

in the morning and you and I

are on the f*cking news tomorrow night.

So what do we do?

We gotta get these collars off

and keep them moving
until I figure this out.

So what you wanna do is jog
them around in a f*cking circle?

These wolves have
f*cking Facebook pages.

People walk around in t-shirts
with their pictures on them.

People find out that we k*ll them,

on the Governor's ranch?

We have tags. It's legal.

Son of a bitch.


It's over here, sir.

There's another dead elk over
there somewhere, too.

There's something in the water.

Let's go.

Come on, Lloyd!

Put me down.


What the hell do you think you're doing?

What are you spraying it with?

- Paraquat for the weeds.
- What?

Some kind of pyrethroid for mosquitos.

That's my ranch down there.

Whatever you're spraying
it with it's in the creek now

and it's k*ll my cattle.

It's k*ll everything.

I'm licensed to spray it.
These are EPA approved.

I don't give a shit who approved it.

It's k*ll my cattle.

Take it up with the EPA.

Phone company says put in a
cell tower, that's what we do...

I can't get a bulldozer up here.

It's the top of a mountain.

This is the only way to clear it.

EPA says it's harmless.

It's k*ll my cattle.

Take it up with the phone company.

You're cattle aren't my problem.

Got a card?

[LAUGHS] Why am I not surprised?


All right, let's go.





What the f*ck?










You still awake?


You should be plum wore out.

Mm. Just thinking.

Good thoughts?

No, not really.




Why in the hell did you sh**t
the ones with the collars?

We were using thermal.
We couldn't see the collars.

Is that right?

Well, start taking the collars off.

We're taking them with us.

These things record every
step these wolves make,

So we're gonna have to
move like a wolf pack.

I want you to take one
and put it in your saddle bag

and I want you to take the other
and put it in front of you

- while you ride.
- Where we going?

Back in the park.


RIP: That's good.

No, no, no, Ryan. Not that tight.

They need to come off somewhere.

That's good.

Listen up, you don't tell
a f*cking soul. Ever.

This never happened.

Who am I gonna tell?

That could put me in jail
for a f*cking decade.

Ryan, next time don't sh**t the ones

with the GPS beacons on them.


- Morning.
- Morning.

I've never seen anything like it.

Well, there isn't anything like it.

Where does it end?



Well, you can't...

You can't see that from here.

Can't imagine what it takes
to maintain this place.

Takes everything, Clara.

It takes everything we've got.

Come on.


Next time on "Yellowstone"...

CAROLINE: Find a way
to ruin this family.

Turn her loose.

My vision told me I'd have
to choose, so I'm choosing.

This ain't easy, Kayce.

We have no choice but to f*ght.

MO: We can remove him.

You mean we can martyr him?

I'm going to teach you the master rules

and that lesson will not be pleasant.
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