04x10 - Ball and Chain

Complete collection from season one to five. Aired: September 2005 to May 2010.
A newlywed with the ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits of the recently deceased overcomes skepticism and doubt to help send their important messages to the living and allow the d*ad to pass on to the other side.
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04x10 - Ball and Chain

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Melinda: Previously on ghost whisperer...

[Gasp] No!

I'll always love you, Melinda.

Please. Not you.

You have to cross over.

I don't want to.

[Indistinct chattering]

Man: We lost him.

Jim, no!


You're back.

Do I know you?

I see the same guy that you see, different hair, nose, eyes.

It's not Jim. He's in there somewhere.

He just has to be.

You're not gonna tell me you think I'm your husband reincarnated because you're the only sane person I've met since I woke up.

It's not much. But maybe you can help me finish my garage.

And you could live there while you do the work.

Just until you figure out your next move.

Do you know how lucky you are?

You are gonna get a second sh*t at your one true love.

That's strange. I've been hoping for a clue, something to tell me who I was.

Guess I got more than I bargained for.

I bought that less than a month ago.

Question is--
who did I buy it for?

[Gate opening]


Hey. You're looking chipper this morning.

That's how a morning o ff affects me.

Oh, yeah. You got a little...


Thank you. Yeah, sure.

Where you running off to?

The farmer's market. We're supposed to meet Delia there at 9:00.

We are?

Oh, that's right.

Melinda, I'm so sorry. I gotta do a job.

Yeah...Yeah. Anything interesting?

Well, if you call making kitchen cabinets interesting, then yeah.

Cabinets are great. I mean, I love cabinets.

You found that--
that ring...

Did you ever look into it?

Right. Yeah.

The ring... Right.

Did you find out anything?

You don't want to know
. Sorry.

[Engine starts]

. of course I want to know. That's all I want...Is to know Charlie used to say that. Drove me nuts.

Jim never did because Jim was never a question dodger.

I mean, what does that even mean, "you don't want to know"?

Well, with Charlie, it either meant that he didn't want to talk about it, or he didn't want me to talk about it, or that he actually wanted to talk about it, but wasn't sure if I did.

Well, thank you. That's helpful.

So, what do you think Sam meant?

What else could he mean? He found her--
his girlfriend, his soon-to-be future wife.

That's why he blew me off today.

That's why he's been so distracted lately.

Because he found her.

And he's probably gonna get on a plane.

He's gonna fly all the way to Michigan or Paris or wherever it is she is right now.

Mel, I seriously doubt that Jim's spirit would have gone through all the trouble of taking over Sam's body just to run off with another woman.

Please tell me nobody heard me say that.

Yeah. But he doesn't even know that he's Jim.

I mean, what if he smells her perfume and he gets confused or attracted or--

honey, you are spinning.

Yeah, but I wouldn't have to if he wasn't dodging my questions.

It's just too loaded.

I mean, I don't know how to approach it--

oh, you could.

That's perfect!

It's not perfect. It's bruised.

They all are. See?


Man: Please, no, not again!

I'm sorry. Did I do that?

No, it happens all the time.

And you wonder why?

If I could get some help around here--

I need to get home and cook dinner.

Well, maybe I can help you.

Oh, thank God, finally. Somebody with manners!

You know, I have been coming here every Saturday for God knows how long, and all of a sudden he decides to ignore me.


I don't know how long I've been waiting.

How long do you think?

I...I'm not sure.

Let me guess, a ghost wants pie?

I'm not sure what she wants.

I don't even think she knows she's d*ad.

Ooh, wait!

Uh, could I, um, get 4 of those? Thank you.

They're for you. Maybe I could give you a ride home.

Oh, that's so sweet. Thank you.

And my name is Tammy. Tammy Gardner.

You--you did get the organic ones, right?

You know what? I better go check.

Did you just offer to give a ride home to a ghost?

Only 'cause she doesn't realize that she's d*ad.

[Bells ring]
[Children laugh]


Hi, I'm Melinda Gordon. Are you Mr. Gardner?

Yes, I am. I'm sorry.

Like I tell all you realtors, we're not selling, thanks.

Actually, I'm here about your wife.

My wife? Well, she's not here. She's at the market.

Did something happen?

How long ago did she leave?

Over an hour ago. She was due back--

ah, there she is now!

Hey, sweetheart.

Who's she?

I was getting worried.

Melinda, this is my wife, Elizabeth.

Unless you two know each other?

No. No.

The thing is, I own an antique store in town, and someone left a vase on consignment, and I was just trying to track her down. So.

Hmm. That wasn't me. I'm sorry.

You know, just so there are no mix-ups, the woman who left the vase, her name was Tammy--
Tammy Gardner.

Tammy, um...

Tammy was my first wife. We're divorced.

Oh. You wouldn't have a recent address change for her maybe?

No, I'm sorry.

I haven't heard from her since she walked out on me
2 years ago.

Wish I could've been more help.

Good day.

[Lock turns]

Girl: Can you see us?


Hi. I'm sorry to bother you.

But I went by your store. But it was closed.

And your address was listed--

so is my phone number.

I know, I'm sorry.

I wanted to see to you in person.

I need you to tell me what you know about my wife.

When exactly did she leave?

Just about 2 years ago, October 15.

I remember that day because it was our fourth anniversary.

At first, I wasn't worried.

She'd disappeared before. Sort of a pattern for her.

But she'd always come back after a couple of days.

When she didn't show up after 3 days, I knew something was wrong.

I just can't understand why she hasn't contacted me.

You said this was a pattern? Her disappearing?

Maybe, in a way, it's good she hasn't contacted me.

Means she's probably staying out of trouble.

What kind of trouble?

She had mood swings.

Did she do?

She couldn't stand feeling confined.

She'd run away, then come back, looking disheveled and confused.

That doesn't sound at all like the Tammy I met.

That's part of the illness.

I mean, she could be delightful and happy one day, and then--and then depressed and angry the next.

Was she ever diagnosed?

Oh, no. No. She refused to see a doctor.

I talked to plenty myself.

Said it was some sort of bipolar disorder.

I loved her so much.

But it's so painful living with someone you can't break through to.


I know what you mean.

Why didn't you tell that poor guy that his ex-wife is haunting him?

Because I don't want to make things worse--

Roger's already got a ghost in his house because of me.

Besides, I need a little more information, like how she died.

Do you still think there's a chance that she could've moved on?

I can hope, but something tells me she'll be here soon because this is where I saw her yesterday.

Which would tell us she's still stuck in the loop, still playing Suzie homemaker.

Yeah. I'm just wondering if her imprint has something to do with mental illness and not her death.

She's stuck in a loop because she's loopy? Makes sense.

You're not helping.

No, it does. Really.

People in the manic stage of bipolar disorder often have trouble assimilating anything negative.

Like being d*ad, for instance?

That's the fourth person you let go before me.

I just need my husband's shirt--

it's the blue one in the plastic, and I said no plastic.


Ok. 3 pieces. Thanks.

Somebody shut it down!

[Indistinct shout]
Somebody help!

Stop this thing!

Somebody help!


Stop it!

Oh, I'm so glad you're here!

It's a blue shirt, and Roger likes light starch, so if you could just--

we are not gonna pick up your husband's dry cleaning.

Ok? You don't need to take care of him anymore.

It's time for you to move on.

I can't do that.

What would happen to my family?

I need to take care of them, of Roger.

No, you don't. They'll be fine.

Stop it. Don't say that. Roger needs me.

He has a new wife, ok?

He's moved on.

You can let go now, really. It's ok.

Why are you being so mean? You helped me before.

Why can't you help me now?

Make those people listen to me!

They can't. Not anymore.

The day that they stopped hearing you was the day that you died.

Look, you know, don't you?

What happened?

Oh, dear...

There was something...

It happened after I fell asleep.

I remember thinking it was strange how fast I was falling asleep.

And then what happened?

I was floating.

There was a big grassy field and lots of tall trees below me.

My car was there.

And colors, lots of bright colors flying all around me.

Oh, no. I have to get home.

Lots of colors?

Sounds like a hallucination.

Yeah. Or maybe not.

She said that she was above a field.

There were tall trees.

She disappeared in October.

Is this what you saw that day, Tammy?

Kites? Floating colors?

Am I close?

Hot? Cold? Lukewarm?

Oh, crap.

Need some dialog here, a little back and forth.

It's not so easy when you have a client that's invisible.

Ok, I've hiked far enough.

And I draw the line at thistles.


What's that?

Look, I'm sweating now, so if this turns out to be another d*ad end...



Carbon monoxide?



. this can't be true I can't be d*ad. Not like this.

So, I told my friend detective Blair that I found the body hiking, as opposed to breaking and entering, which is how I found the last d*ad body that I called into her.

How many times can you do that before they haul you away?

Well, they haven't locked me up yet.

Well, that's wildly reassuring. That's nice.


At least now we know how and when she died.

Possibly why she's stuck here--
out of guilt.

Because she abandoned her husband and kids?

Yeah. Maybe that's why she's trying so hard now to take care of them.

I just don't understand why this ghost is so hard to get through to.

I mean, she's seen her husband's new wife, her own d*ad body--

you'd think that would bring up something. But it hasn't it.

If she's drawn to that square, maybe something happened there that she doesn't want to remember.

Like an affair?

Roger said that she used to disappear a lot.

Maybe she was meeting someone there.


Maybe she was seeing someone, and her husband never knew.

Yeah. Or he did and didn't want to believe it.


[Timer bell dings]

Hey, Roger.

It's Melinda Gordon. I was hoping we could talk.

So, call me. Ok. Thanks.

I don't know what's happening to me.

I see that woman in my house. Something's very wrong.

It's because you don't belong here anymore.

And somewhere deep down inside, you know that.

You left the house, and that's hard.

But you really have to remember why.

I remember...

Trying to make Roger happy.

How I felt like it was the most important thing I could ever do.

And--and how I'd always worry about my kids.

I don't--
I don't have any kids.

But I used to feel that way about my husband.

Spirits often don't remember things because somewhere deep down, they don't want to.

Why wouldn't I want to?

Usually, guilt.

You talk about your family a lot.

Maybe that's what you feel guilty about.

Or maybe--

maybe you just need to say good-bye to your children.

I don't know. Oh, God.

I can't think about it anymore.

I have to get home.

I can't be late.

[Faint music playing indistinctly]

[Distant dog barking]

[Knock on door]

Hey, what's up? Come on in.

Oh, thanks.

You look like you're running off.

Yeah, it's really urgent.

What is?

I have to get to the laundromat before every t-shirt I own starts standing up by itself.

Oh, so that's--

you're not--
you're not planning a trip?

No. Why? You trying to get rid of me?

No--no, it's just, uh--

my mom might come, and she stays here.

Here in the garage?

Allergy thing. Ah.

So if you were gonna plan a trip to, I don't know, Paris or Michigan, I would need a heads-up.


Well, the contractor guy I work for has got a spare room--

no. No. No, 'Cause--'Cause, you know, she might not come.

You know what?

Your mom lives just over in Hamilton.


Right. Which is why she might not stay over.

So you should stay put.

You know, the doctors didn't tell me if my subtext decoder was damaged in that accident, but are you're trying to tell me something?




I--I just realized that I have a washer and dryer inside.

And you could use them.

[Door shuts]

Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Melinda: Oh, Delia, I was an absolute idiot.

No, there's no need to coddle me.

I was there. I was an idiot.

I'm at Roger's house.

, I just want to, I don't know, feel him out see if he ever suspected Tammy of any kind of affair.

Girl: 3, 4, 5...

Listen, you know what? I'll talk to you soon, ok? Bye.

Excuse me.

Do you know the kids who live in this house?

There's no kids there. Just that lady and her husband.

Do you ever remember there ever being kids in this house?

Nope. Never. And we've lived here forever.

[Girl giggles]

Ok. Thanks.

[Indistinct chattering and telephones ringing]

[Cell phone rings]

This isn't a good time. I'm about to be arrested.

Detective Blair asked me to come down.

I guess she wants to read me my rights yeah. There are no kids.

Where? At Roger's house.

One of the neighborhood kids said that they've never seen any kids.

Wait. Tammy always talked about family. I assumed--

yeah, so did I. But it never dawned on me that they may not be Roger's kids.

I mean, maybe she was married before.

So where's the family she's always been talking about?

That's what I was hoping you could ask detective Blair.

I gotta go.

If you don't hear from me, bring bail.

Have a seat.

I had nothing to do with it.


I found another d*ad body.

You want to arrest me. Admit it.

Look, you're a talented profiler.

You help me solve cases. I don't care how it works.

Oh. Ok.

So, uh, was it a su1c1de?

Well, it looks that way.

The dental records confirmed the woman was a Tammy Gardner.

And her husband's been informed.

What about her kids?

Do you have any records of the children?


Says here the only family she had was a Roger Gardner.

He filed the missing person's report.

But Sarah Evers had 2 children.


Well, that's why I called you down here.

The dental records also matched a woman whose husband reported her missing 6 years ago, Sarah Evers.

Wait. So, Tammy was also Sarah? She had 2 identities?

Maybe more. We don't know yet.

So, does the first husband know?

Well, we're still trying to track him, see what his story is.

Did Sarah's family live nearby?

Thomas Evers filed the missing person's report from lake forest.

That's 3 counties over.

They don't know about their mom yet.

Haven't had the heart to tell them.

I never thought it would end like this.

Even after all these years, I always thought she'd come back.

So, you said you were a friend of Sarah's?

When she lived in Grandview.



I'll tell you what, when she left me, I was blindsided.

I never saw it coming.

There were no signs of trouble?

No. No.

We were happy, or so I thought.

[Clears throat]

Apparently, everyone knew what was really going on but me.

What do you mean?

After she left, the neighbors said they suspected something.

We had an electrician, did some work for us.

Said some things that--that made them think "affair."

Turns out, it was.

About a month later, I get a postcard saying She's never coming back.

That must have been devastating.

You have no idea.

Especially for the boys-- 7 and 10 at the time-- to have their mother abandon them.

I wanted to grow old with her so bad.

What did I do?

You ready?


I left them for Roger.


[Loud rock music playing]


[Banging continues]

Hey, Sam!



[Music fades]

Sam, hi.

Oh, sorry.

I just, uh--
I brought this stuff by for Mel.

It's just got some fixtures in it for the remodel.

Great. Thanks. Sorry about the racket.

Oh, yeah. I understand.

You're just cranking it up when the landlady's away.

Right. I know it's juvenile.

But it works perfectly when you're trying to take your mind of things.

You want some water? Fruit juice? Anything?

Yeah. Sure. Some water.

And what kind of things?


Or is it something you don't want to talk about?

I'm sure Melinda's told you about this engagement ring.

Yeah. She mentioned it.

I really appreciate her concern.

But I feel weird talking to her about it because I know she's got a lot going on in her life.

I just think she wants to make sure that you're ok.

You know, I'm ok.

So, are you thinking about...

Going to look for her?


But what do I say to her when I find her?

"Hi, I was going to propose marriage to you, "but I got a serious head injury.

But by the way, was it chicken or fish for the wedding?"

Yeah. I suppose that would be kinda awkward.

I mean, I already broke my family's heart by not remembering them.

Do I really need to add to the body count?

And besides, if this woman is the love of my life, how come she hasn't found me?

I don't know why I kept all this stuff.

It's hard letting go.

I guess some part of me was hoping she was ok and that she'd want her things back one day.

How is Elizabeth dealing with the news?

Well, it's been hard.

It's part of the reason I'm out here.

I figured it's time to put the past behind us, you know?

So if this is about the vase, you can go ahead and keep it.

No. Actually, it's not about that.

It's about Tammy.

I think it's time for her to move on as well.

What do you mean?

I have a gift.

I see earthbound spirits.

And I've seen Tammy. She's confused.

She has no memory about what happened to her.

Is this some kind of joke?

I know how it must sound.

Ghosts that get stuck here, like Tammy, it's usually because of guilt.

I think hers has to do with the fact that she left her husband and boys for you.

Look, I don't know what you're after, or how you even know that.

. but taking Tammy from her boys is not something I'm proud of we fell in love. Passionately in love.

Didn't mean to. Just happened.

But lots of people get divorced.

Not so many flee in the middle of the night.

Lots of people don't have husbands like Thomas.

What does that mean?

Tammy made him out to be pretty awful.

But now, you know, I'm not really sure about anything.

Because she left you, too.

Look. It doesn't matte r anymore. She's d*ad.

I tried to help her find peace when she was alive.

I tried to give her a good life. But I couldn't.

I guess nobody could.

He's all torn up.

He doesn't want anyone else to get hurt so he's doing what men do best--
avoiding it.

So he hasn't found her? Or even started looking for her?


Well, at least that buys me some time, although his fiancée could still show up at any minute.

Hey, by then, Sam will have remembered that he's Jim.

And you will live happily ever after. Right?

Hey. Hand me that box. I'll take it out to the recycling bin.

I can see now--

how I left my boys, my family.

But I can't remember why. What happened?

You're the only one who knows. Try and think back.

You left Thomas, and then you left Roger, too.

I know you say that, but that couldn't have happened.

I'd never leave Roger.

Please. Why can't I remember?

What happened? Did someone do that to you?

Sweetheart, you poor thing.

It's ok. I'm here now.

I don't know how that happened.

Was it--
was it Thomas?

'Cause Roger said that he didn't treat you very well.

Or was it Roger? Or someone else?

No. Roger would never hurt me.

He always took care of me.

Ok. Well, either way, it's something Roger knows about you.

Maybe he talked to Elizabeth.

His new wife?

Well, she had to have asked about you, about what happened.

You've been hanging around the old house.

Is Elizabeth home right now?

No. She went out.

She's at the farmer's market.

Hi, I was at your house the other day.

Melinda, right?

Sorry to bother you. I know this is a difficult time.

I'm sorry? What do you mean?

Well, Roger must be upset about his first wife.

What are you talking about?

Tammy's d*ad.

They found her body yesterday.

How did--how did--
what happened?

They're calling it a su1c1de.

But she had bruises on her wrists.

I think she was abused.

Did she tell you that?

No, she just looked really scared.

Like you do right now.

I'm going to tell you the same thing that I told her.

You're not alone.

There are people that can help.

I can help.

It's safe to talk to me.

I'm sorry. I have to get home. I can't be late.



You're starting to remember, aren't you?

I was just like her.

I was so scared. I was in such a dark place.

You were abused. Of course you were in a dark place.

No. No.

I was in a really dark place.

[Heavy breathing]

[Metal rattles]


I don't know how long I'd been in there.

It seemed like forever.

So, after you left your husband, is that--is that how Roger would punish you?


That's where Roger kept me after he kidnapped me.

[Metal blade sings]

Thomas was working late, and I was up doing the dishes.

I thought Roger had gone home.

But suddenly, he was standing right behind me.

And he said he knew that I wasn't happy and that he could make me happy.

Was there something going on between you two?

No! I barely knew him.

He was--he was just some guy doing work on our house.

But the neighbors told your husband that they suspected something.

I remember seeing him talking to them.

I just--I just thought he was trying to round up more work.

So he wanted them to suspect something to cover his tracks.

What happened after he locked you up?

I lost count of the days.

I thought I was losing my mind.

I remember...

Hearing my boys' Voices.

I couldn't tell what was real anymore.

And then, one day, it all just changed.


Upsy-Daisy. There we go.


These are a little tight, huh?


Tammy: Suddenly, he was so kind and caring.

It's ok.

Tammy: At first, it was just food.

And then, it was bigger things, like letting me go outside.

Eventually, he let me take trips to the market alone.

So you started to trust him.

Oh, God, how could I have?

You were brainwashed.

It happens. I don't know why.

It's called...

Stockholm syndrome.


Did you ever try to get away?

No. No!

I couldn't.

He thr*at that if I did, he would k*ll my family, my boys.

So the only escape was to k*ll yourself.

No, I wouldn't.

Then what happened that day?

I was at the market.

For some reason, I was late getting home.

Hey, honey.

I was worried about you.

Sorry. I'm fine.

Uh, no, you're not fine.

What's going on, darling?

Nothing. It's-

it's nothing.

You know you can't lie to me.

Did something happen in town you want to tell me about? Hmm?

No. I must have lost track of time.

Tammy: After that, he told me to go upstairs and rest and that he would make me something to eat.

We ate.

Then, I felt sleepy.

And I wanted to say something, but...

But the words wouldn't come out.

Roger always told me, "I decide when you leave."

I guess he decided... It was time.

You mean, after he kidnapped and stockholmed her?

That's possible, right
? I mean, I'm not making this stuff up?

No, what you're describing is exactly how it works.

He grabs her. He locks her up.

He thr*at to k*ll her family if she runs.

She's scared out of her wits.

So what if he's doing the same thing to Elizabeth?

You said Elizabeth seemed scared, which is good, that tells me she isn't completely brainwashed.

Look, I want you to call detective Blair and find out if anyone matching Elizabeth's description has gone up missing in the last year.

If she has a family anywhere, we need to get them somewhere safe.

And what are you gonna do?

Just call me when it's done.


[Knock on door]


Elizabeth, are you here?
[Door shuts]

Roger spied on me sometimes.

I never knew when it would be.

So you're--you're saying he could have seen me talking to Elizabeth at the market?

[Faint rattling]

[Faint banging]

Elizabeth: Is someone there?






Help. Help!




Oh, my God. Are you ok?


I'm so sorry.



[Both panting]


Stay away from her! Aah!

Don't do this! I love you.

Is that what you said to Tammy? Is it?

Before you k*lled her?

She told you that?! She's insane!

She says she sees ghosts!

Well, maybe she'll see yours soon!


No! That's enough!

Get out of the way! Put it down!

The police are on their way. Ok?

He's gonna get his punishment. Put it down.

Punishment for what?

Having a wife?

Who is gonna believe that I was held c*ptive?

. they'll say I could've run. He'll get away with it he thinks of everything.

Then you have to think of everything--
your family.

All right, if you k*ll him, you're gonna get put away.

And you'll be kept away from them forever.

Think of your family. Put it down.


Now you'll know what it feels like to be a prisoner.

[Both grunt]

No, don't! Open this up!

Help me! Please!



At least one of us got to go home.

Thank you.

I can help you talk to your family. You could say good-bye.

No. They think I abandoned them.

And I almost did.

How could they ever forgive me?

You didn't abandon the m, not really.

There was always a piece of you that remembered.

I got your personal effects from the station.

I almost missed this, it was folded so many times.


That's my little boy.

That's rich.


That's why I was late that night.

Tammy: I stared at that picture for hours...

My heart just aching.

You must have put it in your wallet that day.

Roger knew that you were covering something.

He knew that he was losing control, and he just couldn't let that happen.

Thomas: Come on, guys. Let's go.

Do me a favor. Go get your little brother a soda, ok?

So you're saying you talked with my wife's spirit?

That's why you came to me first.

That's, uh--
crazy. Yeah, I know.

Um, Tammy--Sarah.

She needed some answers about things.

She couldn't remember what happened to her.

Now she does.

I'm so sorry, Thomas.

I wanted to grow old with you, too.

I wanted to see Joe hit his first grand slam and rich get his braces off.

I wanted to buy that houseboat on the lake and fill it with grandkids, just like we talked about.

She says there's so much that she wanted to do with you, the houseboat on the lake.

How did you know about that?

We had this joke.

We were gonna name the boat
2 old coots.

2 old coots?

She's really here, isn't she?

Oh, God. She must hate me.

I just left her there!

6 years, and I never went after her.

I should have looked harder for her.

All she went through. I did nothing.

How can I forgive myself?

Oh. You have to.

Please tell him that.

Roger kept me prisoner for so long.

He used guilt, fear, remorse to keep me tied up.

Don't let him do that to you.

Don't give him that victory.

I'm free now.

I want you to be, too.

She needs that to move on, to know that you're free, like she is.

I loved you so much.

You were our world.

I know. I felt that.

She knows that.

. and you did helped her even if you didn't know it hey, dad.

Will you make sure that he tells them everything that happened?

That I always loved them?

I see something.

It's a light.

That's for you.

Come here.

[R&B music playing]

Oh, thanks.

Anything good in there?

Yeah. Huge story.

Did you read about that guy who kidnapped those 2 women?

Yeah. Crazy, huh?

A happy ending for the woman.

Can you imagine what it was like for her to see her family again?

Yeah. Thank God the police got there in time.

She gets a real second chance.

Kinda like me.

I just can't keep carrying this thing around.

I mean, I might have somebody worrying about me, just like these women did.

And if you find that person... What then?

I don't know.

[Music continues]
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