02x13 - Run to You

Complete collection of The Carrie Diaries episode transcripts. Aired: January 2013 to January 2014.
Carrie Bradshaw is in her junior year of high school in the early 1980s. She asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while navigating the worlds of high school and Manhattan.

It may have been cancelled but we still discuss the Carrie Diaries. Feel free to drop in!
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02x13 - Run to You

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(Carrie) Before there was sex Before there was the city, there was just me, Carrie Carrie Bradshaw from Castlebury, Connecticut.

You seriously didn't have to come see me off.

I'm crazy about you.

I'm Samantha.

I'm having sex with your husband.

(Crying) Feels like you haven't totally worked out the open marriage thing.

I like you, which means I don't wanna share you.

You're engaged? To who? To Harlan.

You have a job at “Interview” Magazine.

But I'm going to N.



in the fall.

Why waste four years in order to get a job that you've already been given? Take the job.

You were born to write.

You always were wonderful with words.

You are throwing away college.

And if you get fired, what will you do then? - Well, I don't know but - What do you know? I know that I'm taking the job! I need to follow my dreams, too.

I'm going to California.

(Bottles clink) Thank you for being here for me.

Of course.


Originally Aired on January 31, 2014 Milestones In ancient Greece, stones were set up at each mile as a way to mark the path so that travelers could know how far they'd run.

(Timbuk 3) I studied nuclear science I love my classes In modern times, we have metaphorical milestones to show how far we've come, to acknowledge momentous moments in our lives.

I'm doin' all right, gettin' good grades my future's so bright I gotta wear shades I gotta wear shades For us, our high school graduation definitely fits the bill.

I can't believe we did it! - Really? I kinda can't believe I did it.

Pretty sure you were a given.

Oh, it's so weird to think in just a few months, we'll all be scattered across the globe.

And you, my friend, leave in a week.

I know, but just for the city.

With a job and a paycheck, living in your hot boyfriend's loft.

Only for a few weeks until I find my own place to live.

Either way, totally cool.

Well, tell that to my dad.

He hasn't dropped the silent treatment? - Nope.

Who would've guessed your dad would be the understanding one? I am as surprised as anyone.

Who knew he would take the news so well that I'm going to Pratt? Maybe our dads switched brains.

I'm just excited you'll be in the city with me.

Stop making me jealous.

Oh, please, you're gonna be from your macho military man.

While I'll be hours and hours away from everyone slaving away at the most prestigious college in the country all by my lonesome.

Oy, vey.

Let the pity party begin.

Hi, Mr.

London! Hey, kids.

So, Mouse, you're needed for pictures with the faculty.

Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready for my moment.

West's moment as well.

As co-valedictorians, you'll both be in the annual picture.


Of course.

I'll be right there.

Hey, what are the odds that you guys would get the same G.



down to the decimal point? Be back soon.

I'm so proud of you! Hi! (Laughs) And you looked gorgeous up there.

Thanks! I am one of the few people that can pull off maroon and gold.

Oh, oh! That's so funny, babe.

Isn't she the greatest? - She is.

The best.

I heard someone say “The best.

” are you talking about me? No, actually, we were talking about me.

Whoa, look at you and your newfound sense of confidence.

I like this new Maggie.

Me, too.

Did we just agree on something? - Yeah.

But don't worry.

We won't tell anyone.

(Camera shutter clicking) While it was warm between some, it was definitely cooler among others.

Okay, so I think we have that one.


Glad that's over.

I mean, glad you got the photo.

Yeah, same.

Well, congratulations, you two.

As you both know, the valedictorian's awarded a gift In your case, co-valedictorians.

Yes, I am very excited.

We will reach out to you when your gift arrives.


Can't wait.

So, congratulations.

To you, too.

I heard you're going to Princeton.


I have a sh*t to play basketball there.

That's great.

Well, it was good to see you.


Good luck at school.

You, too.

Well, that was (Tom) Awkward.

You winning the Dr.

Daniel Banes Book Scholarship Award, since you won't be needing books this year.

You're not taking this? - No, you can have it.

Since you won't be going to college.

Yeah, yeah.

We all know you're disappointed.

But can you just lay off today? She just graduated.

Thank you.

Although, are you just being nice to me because you wanna move into my room? That and you looked so hideous in that cap and gown, I didn't want the day to get any worse for you.

Aw, that was sweet of you.

I thought she looked great in that cap and gown So much so that I'd like to see her in another one in four years.

It is only June.

Maybe you can still get your spot at N.



? Dad, she is not going to change her mind.

I took the job at “Interview.

” I know I'm on my own.

But hopefully, you can believe in me and the decisions I've made.

I can't.

Because I truly feel that you are ruining your future, and I will not condone that.

Don't worry.

He can't stay mad at you forever.

You're his favorite.

His favorite daughter to be mad at.

(Chuckles) Will you at least be nice to him when I'm gone? I'll try, but I can't promise.

I'm still me, after all.

It was time to put away childish things and become a working girl.

Thank you.

You ready for the big day? Um, I think so.

I'm trying to read up on everything so I have ideas to pitch when I get in.

Ah, there's an article in here about Larissa.

What about? They are calling her a modern day Medici, a benefactor to the burgeoning art scene in the city.

Oh, get this.

“With Harlan's money and my taste, we're going to take the art world by storm”" (chuckles) I can't believe that I work for someone who has articles written about her in the “Arts and Leisure” section of the paper of record.

That can only be good for you, having your wagon hitched to hers.

I mean, look at us.

We're making it big in this crazy city.

Well, my stuff's more in California, and I may need to think about being there more.

Yeah, of course.

I mean, I figured as much.

Maybe I can pitch story ideas so I have to head out there for a few days.

And then we can take our trips together.



(Mug thuds) Well, I gotta go.

I don't wanna be late on my first day.

Have so much fun, Bradshaw.

I will do my best, Kydd.

(Ollie barks) I know.

I have to tell her.

While Sebastian was feeling guilty, Samantha was feeling lucky.

Samantha, hey.


Well, what a surprise.

How are you? You know, hanging in.

Well, good for you.

Hang in there, baby.

I'm running a bit late, so You gotta get in there for a race? How do you know I'm here to bet on a horse? We're in front of the O.



And a deli and a hair center for men.

You told me you come up here and bet.

I love the idea that betting relaxes you.

It did until you showed up.

Look, I've been thinking about you a lot.

I was hoping to find you.

I don't know where you live.

Very few people do.

But I needed to see you.

So, I might've been hanging out here in between my classes.




is 60 blocks away.

Are you stalking me? Maybe? You're married.

And I told you, I can't see you.

I know.

I know.

I don't understand what's happening to me.

I-I'm a scientist.

I know that sex is a purely physical act.

But with you, it's it's more.

It's like I crave you.

I keep searching for this biological explanation, but there's none.

I don't know what to do.

I do.

Why don't we go inside and bet on some horses? Maybe it'll relax you.

(Under breath) Keep your head down.

And, Lyle! Get me that cappuccino machine.

I paid for it.

Well, I borrowed it from a photo sh**t, so it's mine.

Everything good? What are you doing? Need help? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm clearing out my desk.

But why? Because I've been fired.

From “Interview”? No, darling, from Charivari.

Of course from “Interview”" what the hell happened? Andy's fragile ego happened.

The wigged wonder can't handle anybody else in the limelight! You didn't mention him in the piece? I just got so carried away talking about me, that I forgot.

Anyway, screw him.

I don't need him or his magazine.

Well, what will you do? I'll plan my wedding.

Redecorate the apartment, buy art, sell art! I was in the arts section of “the New York Times” I can do anything.

Yes, you you totally can.

Um, so What will this, uh, mean for me? Who will I be working for next? Oh, darling.

You're fired, too.

When you hitch your wagon to a star, well, you know.

You fall when they do? I wouldn't exactly say “fall.

” but, yeah.

In a nutshell.

(Object clatters) (Sighs) But if I-I could just explain my my situation, I think you I-I am truly sorry, Ms.


But unfortunately, matriculating at N.



This fall is not an option.

There are no slots.

But you accepted me.

(Drawer closes) And you turned us down.

Yes, but that was before my circumstances had changed.

You wanted me a month ago.

Don't you want me now? I'm a I'm a really hard worker.

I am truly sorry, sweetie.

But we went to the wait-list last week.

So I missed my sh*t by a week? Three days, actually.

What should I do? Look, you you can sit down with the head of admissions and plead your case.

Okay, great.

And then maybe you'll get in for spring, definitely for next year.

Well, what am I supposed to do for the next seven months? Get a job? Well, that's what caused this whole mess in the first place.

(Samantha and Elliot moaning and breathing heavily) Well, that was a mistake.


Is that what a mistake sounds like? I always confuse that with an orgasm.

I meant that I had the orgasm with you.

There's nothing wrong with what we're doing.

I'm in an open marriage.

(Zips pants) Does your wife know you stalked me? I prefer “Hang around where you might be.

" Or that you think about me all the time? No.

Or that I think about you all the time? You do? Look, I admit that this is confusing, but I don't want to let you go.

Well, too bad, buddy, 'cause I am outta here.

I don't do commitment, especially not with someone who's already committed.

My mom did that enough for the both of us.

Well, Elliot it was nice to see you, and I hope I never have the pleasure again.

Wait, wait, I I know what you're doing.


You're trying to run away from me.

I'm just trying to walk out of your apartment.

No, it's a biological imperative.

When the body has an adrenaline rush, it stimulates your desire for fight or flight.

It's totally natural.

Well, if it's totally natural, then bye-bye I fly.

You don't have to race out of here.

(Sighs) You could stay and fight.

Or not fight.

Honey It's better if I run because when I fight, well, it can get ugly.

What time is your bus? At 4:00.


So we only have three more hours together.

I miss you already.


But just think, in the fall when I'm at C.




, we'll only be 20 minutes from each other.

Can you stay in my dorm? I'm not sure.

And I know I can't stay in the barracks, although that would be interesting.

(Laughs) Mags, you're too much.

Look, let's not worry about that.

We've got months to figure that out.


Of course.

You know what? I gotta go hit the men's room.

You wanna grab the checks? We can head out, take a walk or something.

I like the sound of something.

(Chuckles) Hey, do you have any chapstick? Yeah, it's in my jacket.

Hey! How was your first day? (Door closes) Guess you're doing such a good job they're letting you leave early.

I didn't get to do my job at all.

I got fired.

What? Or more specifically, Larissa was fired, and then I was just swept out with the trash.

And then I went to N.



and found out that fall's not an option either.

Why didn't you call me? I did.

You didn't answer.

Oh, I must've been walking Ollie.

So what have you been doing for the last few hours? Just wandering around in shock.

I thought about drinking myself into oblivion, but then I decided, who wants to drink alone? So you wanna drink? - It's 3:00.

So that's a no? Uh, maybe we should talk before we drink.

What is there to say? Well, I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you something.

Something kinda big.


And I haven't known how because, well, your your life is here.

Well, not anymore.

There's nothing for me here.

The city has officially turned on me.

Maybe that isn't a bad thing.

Maybe it would leave you open to other opportunities.

Like what? Because I still think drinking the day away is a good one.

(Chuckles) So I've been mulling around with the idea of moving to Malibu for the company.

I-I need to be there to see if this investment could be something.

Just for the summer.

Maybe for longer.

So you'd leave Manhattan? I haven't wanted to because I don't wanna leave you.

But maybe now I wouldn't have to.

You could come with me.

To California? For a few months.

You could take walks on the beach.

I-I could teach you to surf.

It would be an amazing adventure.

Lots of material for your writing.

And we could be doing it together.

So what do you say? (Samantha) Whoo-hoo! (Singsongy) We're going to Cali! Are you using the royal “We”? Because I'm pretty sure I just said I'm going to Malibu with Sebastian.

Wouldn't you want a friend there? I could keep some of Sebastian's hot surfer boys company.

(Singsongy) I wouldn't want them to get lonely.

Why would you leave the city? Because I'm a nomad.

And when the need comes, nomads move on to greener pastures.

Or bluer oceans.

It's really that easy for you to just pick up and move? Not just easy.


Well (Chopsticks snap) I hate moves.

That's because you hold on to too much.

It's because I hold so many things and so many people very dear.

Well, that's your first mistake.

At the first sign of trouble, you have to be ready to run.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with running away.

It's in our D.



It's actually a safety valve.

At least that's what Elliot says.

(Gasps) So you saw Elliot.

Is that why you're suddenly talking about moving? I might've accidentally slept with him.

How does that accidentally happen? He stalks you in actually a cute and romantic way, and then you fall for it, and then you think, “Yikes, I gotta get out of here.

” so less accident and more train wreck.

You don't have to move! It's a big city.

Look, this might be hard for you to see because your life's always been about s*ab.

Not anymore.

But for me, running has always brought me to better places.

The first time I ran away from home to get away from my mom and one of her deadbeat boyfriends, I wound up in Miami working at one of the hottest clubs in town.

Well, maybe there's nothing for you to escape from now.

How I feel about Elliot? Well, how exactly do you feel about Elliot? Scared.



Well, you can't run away from that.

Sure, I can.

I don't acknowledge it, then it'll just go away.

So if I never tell my dad that I lost my job, and I'm moving to Malibu, that will go away? See? Running and hiding has its appeal.

Mmm, yeah, it does.

(Chuckles) Well, look at the little lovebirds.

Tommy, my friend, we are.

I cannot wait to marry this woman So much so we're moving the wedding up.

Oh, it's two weeks from Friday.

(Singsongy) So mark that day in your calendar.


It will be a day that goes down in infamy.

So I guess you decided against a big wedding? (Scoffs) Are you high on crack cocaine? A small wedding? Why would we even bother? Well, I just assumed since it was so soon that It's going to be ginormous.

It's going to be over the top and totally inappropriate.

That's my baby.


(Kisses) And since I'm not at “Interview” anymore, I can use all of my talents and focus and energy to make sure no one in this town talks of anything else for the rest of the year.

Wait, you're not at “Interview” anymore? Oh, Tom, I feel absolutely horrible for Carrie.

And I promise you, I will try to help her find a job.

I mean, after I finish planning our wedding, our honeymoon.

I hope the fact that Andy blackballed me from publishing doesn't hurt her.

Carrie lost her job? She didn't tell you? (Maggie) So what do you think? What kind of napkin? What difference does that make? Well, if it's from Hooters, he's definitely cheating.

If it's a cocktail napkin, he's thinking about cheating, and if it's a paper dinner napkin, well, he took her someplace cheap.

But he's still cheating.

(Groans) - The name on the napkin was Jess, right? - Right.

Maybe it's a guy.

(Laughs) Even weirder.

Oh, my God.

Am I dating another gay guy and I don't even know it? Is that my thing? I don't get a gay vibe from him at all.

Pete is a great guy, Maggie, and he loves you.

And it's not like something in the last week would've changed that.

Have you been acting at all desperate and needy? I.


, like yourself? Guys run from that.

He did start acting kind of strange when I started talking about what our lives would be like in the fall.


Case closed.

You scared him off.

You didn't ask him specifics like what days you'd be together or how'd you be together? I may have brought it up a couple times this week.


I'm sorry, but those are important questions.

Not three months out! Yeah.

I agree with Donna.

Kinda scary.

So I ran another guy off with my desperation? Great.

I'm gonna be alone forever.

I think you should just talk to Pete.

Maybe it's not what we think.

Maybe there's a good explanation.

But just to be safe, I'd wear waterproof mascara.

I'm guessing there could be a few tears.

(Knock on door) They say you can run But you can't hide.

Dad? So I decided to go to Malibu.

Um, probably just for a few months.

Maybe a little longer.

I'm done here, Carrie.

I don't know what to say.

Well, you could say you support my decision.

But that would be a lie.

Well, can we at least talk about this? No.

You know how I feel about the decision that got you here and the choice that you're making now.

But you are 18 years old, and I can't stop you.

So when are you leaving for California? Um, after Larissa's wedding.

I guess we can say our good-byes then.

(Door closes) It's hard to know in this world if you're running towards or away from something.

The markers, the milestones look the same either way.

So how do we know if we're moving forward or just moving? And for some reason, I was moved to come here to Weaver's.


While I was reaching out to someone meaningful from my past, Maggie was hoping she wasn't about to reach out to someone meaningful to Pete's present.

I thought you were going to talk to Pete.

I am.

(Sighs) Right after I hear this bitch-slut's voice.

What if it's a guy? Well, then I can stop freaking out and spending my every waking moment figuring out how I'm gonna tear this bitch-slut cooze limb from limb.

Maggie You agreed.

Talking to Pete (Line ringing) Shh, it's ringing.

(Woman) Hello? (Whispers) Say something.

(Whispers) No! Say something.

Say no! (Exhales) Hi.

Is Jess there? This is she.

It's a friend of Pete's.

Do you know him? Pete O'Malley? (Chuckles) Don't be silly.

Of course I know him.

(Whispers) Ask how well.

How well? I'm sorry? How well do you know Pete? I well (Line disconnects, dial tone) Did she just hang up? (Hangs up receiver) So it sounds like you've made a really good decision.

I hear great things about Malibu.

I think so.

I'm trying to envision myself as Joan Didion, stepping away from the city so I can find the space to write.

Yeah, I'm not like that.

I need the crush of people to inspire me.

What? Are you worried about going? Well, Samantha says I'm not good at change.

But I guess who is? (Chuckles) Samantha? Yeah, she can definitely roll with the punches.

I'm not sure I can.

I think that's why I'm so hesitant.

Is that why you came to see me? You looking for someone to tell you not to go? No.

I have my dad for that.

I guess I just wanted someone's honest opinion.

And I can't talk to Sebastian about it.

I don't want him to think I'm having doubts because of him.

Because I'm I'm not.

But you are having doubts.

Well, yeah, it's a big move.

I mean, what's gonna happen to me? To my writing? You're talented wherever you are.

A zip code isn't gonna change that.
You were a huge part of me becoming who I am as a writer.

You challenged me.

But you also took me seriously and helped me own my writing.

I think you give me way too much credit.

(Laughs) (Laughs) But if it means you think of me every now and again, I'll take it.


Well, you were my first.

So you'll always hold a special place in this kooky brain of mine.


And if you decide to, you know, come or decide not to go at all I'm here.

Just a phone call away.

So how was work today? Fine.

Anything interesting happen? Yeah.

My youngest daughter was being nice to me.

Really? What was that like? It was kind of scary.

(Sighs) Not so fun for me either.

Look, I promised Carrie I would be nice to you.

Well, I wouldn't worry about it.

It's not like Carrie's so good at keeping her word.

Dad Carrie didn't promise you anything.

She never promised you college or staying close by.

I felt like we had a deal.

She knew what was expected of her.

It wasn't a promise, but I trusted her to do the right thing, and she broke that trust.

Because she isn't making the choices you would make? It's always been hard for me that you and Carrie have so much in common.

But now I realize it's been easier on me because you don't expect so much from me.

Dorrit, that is not true.

I want so much for you.

Yeah, but you don't expect me to want the same things you want.

So why do you expect that from Carrie? While Dorrit was giving my dad something to think about, Mouse and West were being given the gift of encyclopedias.

Whoa! These are the really fancy kind.


I think this box only has half the alphabet.

Mine, too.

Where are the other boxes? They must not have accounted for two valedictorians.

So what do we do now? You two are Castlebury's best and brightest.

I'm sure you'll come up with a compromise.

Uh, but, Mister ugh.

What are we supposed to do with one gift? (Latches click) (Sighs) This place looks so Empty.

I was gonna say “sad,” it's weird to think someone else will be living here.

Has Larissa found anyone to move in? Not yet.

I think she's trying to decide whether it's actually time to let it go.

(Suitcase thuds) I don't know how she ever could.

(Chuckles) Wait until you see the view from the cliffs at Point Dume.

It'll make leaving here a lot easier.

I talked to Shane today.

He said Ollie is loving the beach.


And most of our stuff arrived.

“Our stuff”" Mmm.

I like the sound of it.

Me, too.


You ready? Yeah.

In that moment, I wondered why we say good-bye when we leave something we love.

Because most often, the parting feels painful and sad.

There's nothing good about it.

We should go.

We don't wanna be late for the wedding.


(Indistinct conversations) (Playing jazz) Okay, this is incredible, even for Larissa.

They shut down the terminal? How'd she plan this in two weeks? This is what unlimited energy and an unlimited budget look like.

Well, looks pretty good.

Oh! Look! There's Bennet and Walt.

(Giggles) What exactly is Bennet wearing? - Don't ask.

Why you're wearing that? No.

Why Walt isn't.

(Chuckles) Okay, we won't.

I'm giving Larissa away and marrying them.

Oh, that's so sweet.

(Walt) - Isn't it? Her father couldn't be here.

Apparently, being the king of a tribe is a lot of work, so she asked me to stand in his place.

Well, if this is a preview of what Larissa is going to wear, I cannot wait.

You don't have to.

Larissa needs you.

Well, I need you.

You've gotta convince her to stop taking muscle relaxers.

So the bride's in usual form? Pretty much.

You don't mind if I go? Not at all.

Go save the bride from herself.

Here comes Mr.


Walt, good to see you.



Hi, sir.

We miss having you around the house.

So quiet without You and Carrie.

Um But I guess that's what happens when people grow up.

Look, Mr.

Bradshaw, I never wanted to come between you and Carrie.

That was never my intention.

You know what? I should check if Bennet needs help.

I know, Sebastian.

This isn't about you.

It's about Carrie.

But it's about her happiness, and we both want that, right? I know that you're going out to California to chase your dream, but Carrie she's not running towards something.

She's running away from her mistakes, from potential failure, and I didn't raise her to run away.

Okay, this stalking thing is getting old, fast.

And maybe it seemed romantic even a week ago, but now it's the creepy kind The stalking kind of stalking.

I know.

I must seem insane.

Yes, you do, and normally I like insane, but this is too much.

I told you I didn't wanna see you again, and I'm not gonna run away just because you were here.

You are gonna have to leave even if I have to fight you.

You're too beautiful to fight.

I am beautiful, but I'm also strong as hell, and I will take you.

This place is my safe space.

You need to leave.

You need to go back to your wife and never come back.

I left my wife.

For you.

For me? I told Sally I was in love with you which I am.

So what does that mean, exactly? I mean, are you looking to have another open relationship? Because I can't believe I'm saying this I don't want that.

I-I don't want that either.

Look, I don't think I was happy in my relationship for a long time.

That's why I pushed for an open marriage.

I was searching for something - something I found with you.


My beautiful shiksa princess, when I think about love, I think about planes, because that is where we first did the dirty deed.

Oh, no.

I really don't wanna hear this.

You had never joined the mile high club before.

And I was proud to open your eyes to sex in a very small bathroom, and now every time I walk through an airport, I think of you and how one trip where I practically tore my hammy (Laughs) Is how we found love.

Oh, I love you, baby.

Don't kiss yet.

Larissa, your vows.



(Chuckles) - Harlan - Mm-hmm.

I love this airport.

(Chuckles) And not just because we did it in the first class lounge as well, but because people come here running to and fro to catch flights that will take them on adventures to places they've never been, to see the world all things that I wanna share with you.

But airports aren't only about leaving.

They're also about people coming home to their families, to their loved ones, and that's what you are to me my family, my home.

We all need a-a place to come home to, and in you and this amazing city, I have found it My home.


I don't want the “x.

” nothing in the world that ever happened (Door opens and closes) That was interesting started with “x.

” well, I don't want “q”" and I want the “m” and the “w.

” - Are you two idiots still fighting? - Excuse me, sir, but we are the best Castlebury has to offer.

Well, you sure don't act like it.

Well, now I feel stupid.

Me, too.

Why are we fighting over this? It's just a bunch of books.

Because I'm a hideously competitive person who pushes the people I love away.

No, you don't.

I pushed you away.

I can't believe you didn't run, screaming for the hills months before.

You weren't so bad.

Most of the time, I just thought your intensity was sexy.

And now? Still sexy.


You're not coming, are you? I want to.

But I can't.

I belong in this city.

This is my home.

And even though there's nothing for me here no job, no college I have to stay here and fight for my life.

And if I go with you You'd just be running away from your problems and not embracing your life.

You need to be here.

(Exhales) (Whispers) I love you.

I'll always love you.

(Crying) You're gonna be amazing, Bradshaw.

(Continues crying) One day, I'm gonna see your byline in some magazine or newspaper, and I'm gonna know I was lucky enough to have loved that girl.

Oh if we're doing the right thing, why does it hurt so much? I don't know.

I don't know.

(Whispers) I should go.


I don't wanna make you late for your flight.

(Crying) Bye, Bradshaw.

Good-bye, Kydd.

That's when I realized it isn't good-bye because it feels wonderful.

(Continues crying) It's good-bye because it feels so final, like maybe it's for good.

(Indistinct conversations) (Harlan speaks indistinctly, laughs) I am happy, Tommy boy.


I'm happy for you.

(Glasses clink) Mmm.

Ah, okay, enough already.

So she's not staying in New York.

Big deal.

Or going to college or finding a way to make a living.

Well, at least she's not in rehab like George.

Yeah, that's why he's not here.

Apparently the kid can't handle his liquor or his drugs.

Sometimes I wonder if he's mine.

(Laughs) I'm sorry man.

That must be hard.


I've been a lousy parent.

Made my life all about me, not about him.

Well, I did the opposite, and what did I get for it? A great kid.

So what? So she's a little lost.

That's part of growing up becoming someone interesting.

Let her know when it gets bad She has you to run to.

The girl introduced me to my gorgeous bride.

Don't let her leave thinking she isn't the gem that she is.

You're a good man, Harlan.

Yeah, I'm softening in my old age.

Or maybe It's what love does.

(Scoffs) I'm so sorry.

Do you mind if I interrupt and get a dance with my daughter? Oh, no, no, not at all.

I'm gonna go find my husband.


I love the sound of that “husband.

” (chuckles) (Chuckles) I remember when you were a little girl, and you loved dancing.

I mean, anytime we were at a party or a wedding, you never wanted me and your mom to dance Just you and I.

Yeah, no wonder I have so many issues.

Oh, it was sweet.

You'd put your feet on top of mine, and we would waltz.

I think I remember that.


And I just It's just hard to believe that that little girl's all grown up.

And that she's leaving.

Dad, I'm not going.

This city is where I belong.

But but I don't have a lot of answers.

Well, any, really.

All I know is that I have screwed up royally.

But I'm here to fight for the life that I want in this city as a writer.

And I'm not gonna ask you for a dime.

I will find a place to live.

I'll find freelance jobs.

I'll try my hand at waitressing.

Whatever it takes to make it.

And you don't have to worry about me.

I promise.

I'll always worry about you, because you'll always be my kid.

Sometimes to chase after your future, you have to stop running and plant yourself in one place.

Take a stand and fight for what you want and know that even after the darkest of nights, the dawn will come.

And you will find a place where you don't have to hide.

A place to call home.

This is nice Breakfast at the diner.

It's what we used to do.

Maybe those encyclopedias aren't so bad after all.

But I really don't want them.

Me, either.

They're so big and heavy.

And it's not like Harvard doesn't have them.

Should we donate them to the high school? I like that idea.

I'm really glad this is the way we are saying good-bye.

Me, too.

Why don't you just do your laundry at the base? They use too much starch.

And I like the way your soap smells.

It reminds me of you.

It's like you're with me even when we're not together.

You don't have to do this, you know.

Huh? I mean, you don't have to act all romantic all the time.

I don't expect anything.

I mean, I do.

I expect a lot, and I deserve it, too, but it doesn't have to be with you.

I don't think I'm following here.

I know about Jess.

Maggie, I can explain This this is why you were so cagey when I asked about your plans for the fall Because you were gonna break up with me by then? You don't understand.

Jess isn't a girl.

Uh, I talked to her.

She hung up on me when I asked about you.

Walt was with me.

I mean, she is, but she's not a girl to me.

She works at a jewelry store.

Oh, and instead of cards, they give out napkins with their numbers on it? Yeah.

I'm not buying.

(Sighs) Jess' husband, who I bunk with, wrote her number down so that I could call her to get something for you.

Okay, wait.

If you got me something, where is it? (Sighs) (Unzips bag) Here it is.

Are you are you are you proposing to me? I wanted to do it in a nice restaurant or something, but yes, I am.

Look, I know we haven't been together that long, but I feel like when you know, you know, and I know.

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

And I was trying to change the subject about our plans for the fall because I was hoping, if you said “yes,” we'd be living together in our own quarters.

But maybe this is too soon? - Yes.

It is.

Uh, you're not ready.


No, no, no, no.

I mean, I mean, I mean, no, it's not too soon.

Yes, yes.

I say yes! I say yes, I say yes.

(Chuckles) (Exhales deeply) Hi.

Um I have some surprising news.

Can I see you? (Knock on door) Okay, Bambi.

You better start dishin'.

I'm staying, and Larissa agreed to let me sublet her place.

Well, this is a hell of a lot better than the places I'm looking at.

Well, at 550 bucks, I can't afford it on my own.

So I was thinking maybe if I had a roommate? Are you thinking me? 'Cause I know last time we tried this, it didn't work out so well.

Well, I think we'll be fine, as long as you don't try and share my underwear.

Oh, I stopped wearing underwear, so it shouldn't be a problem.

(Chuckles) Of course you did.

So what do you say? You and me? Living together? Honey, I'm in.

(Simple Minds' “Alive And Kicking” playing) (Laughs) Alive and kicking They say running is a solitary endeavor.

Stay until your love is But not for me.

Being together as we chased our dreams made the ups and downs just a little bit better.

Oh, ba-da-da-da ba-ba-da-da-da (Cheering) And this was the group I wanted to run with.

Ba-da-da-da alive and kicking oh, stay until your love is ba-da-da-da
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