03x12 - The Fall (2)

Complete collection of episode transcripts for this TV show for seasons 1 - 3. CBC cancelled.
Set in Yellowknife, portrays renegade bush pilots at work and play in Canada's north.
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03x12 - The Fall (2)

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Previously on Arctic Air...

Kimbo Comstock!

Let me guess. You're missing some whiskey.


[Loreen]: A married couple on their honeymoon.

[Blake]: They went ice-climbing on Cap Mountain on their honeymoon?

[Astrid]: There are more than two.

I think one of them is d*ad.

[Dev]: There's no way a line will reach them under that overhang.

We're going to have to come back tomorrow.

You can't leave them out here overnight.

They're injured.

[Krista]: We can't get to them in the dark.

How do we get them off in the morning?

We could use the DC3.

You're talking about landing it on the mountain.

[Tag]: I still love you. I was hoping it would fade.

[Krista]: I don't know if I want to open that wound again.

You're d*ad, both of you, d*ad.

[Tires squealing, heavy thud]

[Bobby]: I think I was a target, and Petra got the worst of it.

You hit Bobby and Petra with your truck?

Someone's trying to frame me.

Get back!


[Tires squealing, f*ring shots]

[Engine rumbling]


[Tag]: To get down to these climbers, you're gonna have to free-climb down this fracture wall and then traverse all five of them across an ice face they obviously can't cross by themselves.

[Loreen]: You need to load everyone up and get off that mountain.

Just one more climber. Shouldn't be long.



I'm slipping!


No! Tag!

Take us down!

[Gasping in fright]

Oh, my God.

Once more for me, take your weight.

[Gasping with effort]

There we go.

You're okay.


You're okay.

I've got you. Set your crampons.


Just take it slow, like you showed me on Mount Batur.

Yeah, you panicked when we were ten feet high.

The winds are picking up.

Sorry, Zoe, almost there.

Well, this whole thing didn't go especially well.

It's okay, you guys are secure.

You've got the rope.

You can try again.


The first thing I gotta do is get back on that ledge.

And we'll set up a z-drag to haul up Zoe.

Then I'll come to you.

No, no.

The ice in the fracture wall is too unstable.

And even if it held, you wouldn't make it to us before dark.

I am not leaving you here.

Tell her to go.

Those people tried to save us.

I don't want them to die because of me.

I can keep Zoe safe overnight.

Come back with the chopper in the morning and we'll figure something out.

No. There are still two hours of daylight.

I'm gonna get rigged, and then I am coming down to you. Take us up!


But I'm waiting on a call-back about a private chopper that may free up in the next half hour.

Where are they located?


No, it's too far.

It'll be dark before they get here.

What are you going to do?

That's what we're discussing. Stand by, okay?

There's three people in that plane who need to get to a hospital.

Yeah, and there is one still hanging off the side of a mountain.

I am not going to leave her out there overnight again.

Is this really about her?


You're thinking with your heart, Krista, not your head.

We need to get these people out of here.


How long before the engines freeze up?

If I see ice in those engines, I'll f*re them up myself.

Just get Tag and that girl off the mountain.

I could be using the chopper to fly these people out!

What, you think she's gonna leave them out there?

Just quit flapping your gums and f*re up that machine.

[Doctor]: The brain swelling hasn't gone down, so for now we're keeping her in the coma.

What if it doesn't go down?

Then we'd be looking at another surgery.

What kind?

A craniectomy.

We'd open her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain.

Beyond that, it depends on the extent of the damage.

But for now, it's still wait-and-see.


Thank you.

Hey, it's gonna be okay. All right?

I got a good feeling about this.

If the doctor doesn't know, nobody knows.

Hey, your mom's gonna be fine, and when she's out of here, all three of us are gonna go home, as a family.

You're serious?

Yeah. Your mom even made me a set of keys.

You're stuck with me now.

Hey, Deanna.

I'm okay, Uncle Mel.

I'm gonna go talk to him.

How's she doing?

No change.

How's the rib?

Doctor says it's broken.

I was an idiot, starting that fight with Kimbo.

You couldn't have known it was gonna ground you.

Any news from the mountain?

None good.

Krista spent the last half hour trying to get Tag and one of the climbers off the side of the mountain.

If she dicks around any longer, she's gonna get stuck up there.

Krista was broken up about leaving those people up there last night.

She's not going to do that again if she can help it.

[Cell phone rings]


Lindsay, what's up?

We're still putting together what happened, but it looks like Kimbo thr*at Bruce Ward with a g*n.

We showed up, and he stole a police cruiser.

Where is he now?


He's d*ad.

Hit some ice and rolled with it.

Look, I still don't know how this is connected to the hit and run...

Let me through!

I need to see my brother.

Mr. Comstock, you need to calm down.

Just get out of my way!

There's nothing you can do!

[Russell sobbing]: Kimbo!

[Russell sobs]

Okay, Zoe?

I'm gonna set up the z-drag, and I'll have you up in a minute!

[Medical monitors beeping]

How about here?

It hurts.

Feels tight.

How's he doing?

I knew he was in shock, but his blood pressure is still dropping, and now he's got swelling in his abdomen.

Internal bleeding?

How soon can we get him to a hospital?

I'll check.

[Astrid]: Krista, what's your E.T.A.

On reaching the climbers?

Doing the best I can.

Krista, you weren't trained for this.

I'm close.

You won't be able to stay attached the hoist-line when you cross under the cornice, and it's really not safe for you to free-climb it.

[Astrid]: n*zi says one of the climbers has internal bleeding, and he needs to get to a hospital right away.

[Tag]: Krista, listen to me,
we have everything we need.

You have to go.


Okay, I'm going to come back for you at first light.

We aren't going anywhere.

[Chuckles ruefully]

[Cece]: That's the problem with these egg-beaters.

You've gotta fuel them up every ten minutes...

[Yelps in pain]

[Groaning in pain]



I sliced it on my snowshoes.

Okay, this is bad.

We've got to get some pressure on it.

Use this.

We have... steri-strips... in the kit.

I got 'em, I got 'em.

Not enough.

He's gonna need internal stitches.

They can treat him at the nursing station in Wrigley.

The climbers need to get to YK.

Those engines are starting to ice up.

We gotta get out of here.

Blake, you've got the most first aid training.

You're on board Lady Lou.

Load n*zi up onto the chopper, do your best to dress his arm.

You're on the chopper.

Take n*zi straight to Wrigley, then follow us to YK.

Load up the rest of the fuel.

Astrid can take the barrels with her.

You and I are going to get the plane ready to turn around.

Are you all right?

Of course. I'm fine.

You are not moving.


Are you all right?

I can't...

I can't do it.

I can't...

You're going to be fine.

[Gasping in panic]

I know I throw up a lot.

It's not an attractive quality.

You see, you must learn to bury it, like a cat, so that no one will know that you question yourself like this.

Personally, I never have, because I know, in my heart, that you are a better pilot than I am.

Go, go, go.

Okay, so we've got a short-field take-off.

And a soft-field take-off, as well.

The wind has blown snow all over our tracks.

We will need to get in the air as fast as we can.

The ground effect isn't going to make this takeoff run any longer.

It'll help us get to minimum airspeed.

That's all we need to fly.

The wind is shifting, but for the moment, it is very nearly on our nose.

Okay, that'll help.

[Sighing] Are you ready?

As I will ever be.

Max power.

[Engine revving]

[Bottles and tubes rattling]

Check their straps!

[Engines humming]

[Dev]: We are in the air.

How'd they get airborne so fast?

They're staying close to the ground, using their power to build up speed.

The winds are off our nose.

We've almost got a crosswind.

Indicated airspeed is 87.


We need a hundred, Dev.

91, 92...

Astrid, are there any obstacles?

[Astrid]: Everything looks clear to me.

Uh, Dev, can you hear me?

95... yes, I can hear you.

Uh, Dev, I don't ever want to throw up again without you there holding my hair.

98, 99...

Will you marry me?




I can't hold it up!

It's the wind!


[Cece]: Hang on!

[Dev]: Astrid!



[Screaming, objects clattering]


[t*nk burst, hissing]

[Avalanche rumbling]

I don't see them.

I... I don't see them!



Dev, can you hear me?


[Machines beep]


How's she doing?

What do you care?

You're the one who wanted to make peace.

She's in a coma.

She may need brain surgery.

Lindsay said Kimbo was thr*at you before he stole the cop car.

He was waving a g*n in my face.

[Cell phone rings]

Guess he really was after both of us.

It's Bobby.

[Loreen]: It's me. Is Mel there?

Yeah. What's wrong?

I've got Astrid on the radio. I'm patching you through.

Astrid, go ahead.

They've gone over the cliff!

Astrid, it's Bobby.

What did you say?

[Astrid]: Lady Lou has gone down!

She's buried in an avalanche,
and I can't see her!

I don't understand. What happened?

She must have lost ground effect when she went over the cliff!

Who's inside?

Everyone but Tag!

I'm so stupid!

I should have followed them!

I was too far away,
and I can't see them!

[Mel]: Loreen, call the patrol.

They're in Fort Simpson.

They should be able to fly to Wrigley in half an hour and get to the mountain on snowmobiles.

Mel and I are on our way.



Yes, I'm here.

We're going to be at Wrigley in two hours.

Pick us up there.

All right.

I'll call you on the way.

What about mom?

Your mom's not in danger right now.

Deanna will stay with you. I gotta go.

Come here.

Yeah. I understand.

Astrid, the minute you hear any word...

[Stifling sobs] Yeah.


Krista? Krista?



We... we went over.

It was day.

How long have I been out?

It is not night.

We are buried.

We must check on the others.





Are you guys okay?

A little beaten up, but, yeah, okay.

Jim, you all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

[Blake]: Paul? Rachel?

I'm here.

[Krista]: Rachel?


I keep a bunch of these in the galley for night flights.

She's unconscious.

She must've hit her head on the way down.

He was already sedated.

How's his breathing?

Shallow, but it's good.


His oxygen mask came off.

We have some more... somewhere.


You okay?




It's gonna be okay.

Here we go.


Do you have any signal on the sat phone?

No signal.

[Blake]: Can you see any light through the windshield?

[Jim]: Could be worse.

We could have had that chopper fuel on board.

Well, that makes it the best day ever.

Yeah, it is, CeCe. We're alive.

I'll see what I can do about the lights.

[Blake]: Dev, can you help me find some gauze?

Astrid saw us go over.

She'll call for help.

How long until they can get us?

Depends on how visible we are from the surface.

[Cece]: Feels like that whole friggin' mountain came down on top of us.

We're a big airplane.

It would take a hell of an avalanche to bury us.

Blake and I can take care of the climbers.

You guys need to work on digging us out.

How do we get out of the plane to dig?

[Cece]: Well, there's six emergency exits, but they all open outwards.

She wasn't designed to be in an avalanche.

We can go through the windshield.

It's ten inches high.

I can't fit through there.

I'm fairly sure I can, and I'm highly motivated.

I have a call to return.



Okay, how do we pop this thing out?

From the outside.

Watch your face.


That's one way to do it.


You're up.

[Lindsay]: All right, we should be there in a few minutes.

That was the patrol team commander.

They're gonna set up some lighting.

How many at the patrol station in Fort Simpson?

There's only five.

But they have a dozen locals helping them.

This recco device should help, and I'm trying to free up some more resources.

Tag knows what's going on?

I checked in with him.

I'm so sorry.

It's not your fault.

We're gonna be searching in the dark.

How's it going up there?

[Dev]: I can no longer feel my buttocks, but otherwise I am fine.


Use this cushion.

Thank you.

If you're gonna get married, you're gonna need that ass to hold up your tux.

It will be a sherwani with sandals.

But first, I must accept Astrid's proposal before she changes her mind.

She can be skittish.

My mom used to do that when I was sick.

[Chuckling] Yeah, well...

Or pretending to be sick.

You'd be about the same age as my oldest.

How many you got?


Yeah, I know, I know.

Took us a while to figure out where they were coming from.



By the time we did, we were having so much fun we didn't want to stop.

[Taps light]

You got someone, you know, special up there?

His name's Jonah.

Been together two years.

Oh, well, good on you.

He hates that I climb.

Afraid I'll get hurt.

Well, I suppose we'd all be better off if we'd listen to 'em once in a while, wouldn't we?

We're gonna die, aren't we?

Ah, don't you write yourself off.

If everything went out of service when it was supposed to, these old birds sure as hell wouldn't be in the air.

This one isn't in the air.

Oh, but...

She held together enough to keep us alive, didn't she?


Don't you give up.



She's been out almost two hours.

It's not a good sign.

I think the adrenaline is starting to wear off.

My arm is sore.

[Wincing sharply]



The skin isn't broken.

Well, it's probably fractured.

I'll wrap it.

Do you think he's okay?

You were right before. I was thinking with my heart.

I think we should worry about ourselves right now.

[Shivering and sobbing]

You've got to warm up. You're getting hypothermia.

I want to be next to Kyle!

Zoe, stop, you're safer here by me.

Kyle is anchored into the ice.

We can't leave him here.

They'll come back for us first thing tomorrow.

[Sobbing] They can't get to us.

We can't... we can't get out that way.

We can't get out.


[Police radios crackling]

It sends out a radar signal that can go down about 20 metres.

It'll bounce off any recco reflectors in the plane.

Most of the climbers are wearing them now.

Can I see?

We could take turns doing a grid pad.

It's a backup plan in case the plane is buried too deep for collapsible poles.

You're sure there were eight on board.

Yes. Why?

You're thinking about air supply.

How soon could they run out?

It's not the oxygen, it's the c02, every time they exhale.

If it builds up to a certain level, they'll suffocate.

How much room in the DC3?

Cargo space is 1,230 cubic feet.

In terms of air, maybe 1,500 altogether.

Divide that by eight people?

If they're all still alive.

That gives them about three and a half hours before they start to lose motor control.

At four and a half hours...

They've already been down there for three hours.

Let's go.


We brought, uh, 15 t*nk of oxygen.

We've used ten, more or less.

Okay, well, we need to save those for Dev so that he can keep digging.

We're already past safe level.

I'll bring out another one.


Welcome back.

What happened?

Are we still flying?

No. We never made it off the mountain.

We didn't get enough airspeed.

The plane fell... and we're buried.

But we're digging out, and people are looking for us.

When you left us on the mountain last night, I hated you.

Jase, he tried to explain to me that you couldn't get to us.

I was so cold, and so scared.

And I hated that woman, Zoe, the one that we tried to save, for getting us stuck out there.

Now you know what it's like.


Any chance of getting the interior lights on?

Ah, the whole system is shorted, from a leak somewhere.

There's meltwater everywhere.

Not that it makes any difference.

These lanterns are going to last a lot longer than we will, unless we can figure out some way to stop exhaling.

Any way to send a radio signal?

Well, I could wire it direct to the battery, but you can't transmit through snow.

Okay, well, where are we at with the sat phone?

I gave it to Dev.

I figured he was closest to the top.

Can you get CeCe some painkillers?

It's whiplash, right?

[Grumbling]: Nah, just save 'em for the kid.

He needs 'em more than I do.

I'll get some.

Krista, here.

No, go on, you take it.

Look, we're gonna need someone down here who can think when it comes time to make choices.

Come on.

How's it going?


We're going straight up.

Dev had to carve some steps when he got too short.

I am not short! I am efficient!

Yeah, well, there might be a shorter way to the surface, but we don't know which way it is.

Up? Up, we know.

Can I?

Yeah, sure.

You better watch out for falling snow.



There you go.


Oh, wow.

You're moving fast.

I hope this will be remembered in my annual evaluation.

This doesn't change your mind about being a northern bush pilot?

Most definitely not.

The winters will seem very mild after this.



You all right?

You want me to come up there by myself?

Astrid, if she stays exposed like this, she's going to die of hypothermia.

I have to get her out of here.

But the winds are picking up.

I know about the winds! We're in it!

You said the ice is too unstable to cross again.

We're not going across. We're going up.

Through the cornice.

How will you do that?

That's my problem.

Look, if I can get Zoe to an accessible pickup point, can you take her?


Dev is in the plane, and he works the hoist line, and I would have to use a long line...

Astrid, I know you wanna be there for Dev.

Believe me, I know how you feel.

But I've got to get Zoe off this mountain.

[Sighs nervously]


Okay, I will come.



Listen to me.

We can't stay here. It isn't safe.

But Kyle...

We'll come back for Kyle.

But he wouldn't want you to die out here.

He'd want you to make it home.

So we're going to climb, all right?


Okay, I'm going to tie us together and go up first.

When you need to move your axe, you just let me know, and I'll hold you.

You understand?


I won't let you fall.

I promise.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

I got something!

What is it?

It's the wing of the plane.

Isn't that good?

It's the part that used to be attached to the fuselage.

It must've got sheared off on the way down.

Well, wait a minute.

If the wing is here, and they went over up there...

It didn't go straight down.

The avalanche took it to the left.

We've been looking in the wrong place.

What's the trajectory?

That area.

Go, go, go, go!

[Jim]: Yeah, we met on a speed-dating thing!

Bell rang, and there she was.

You know I had a crush on Loreen for years?

Funny how things work out...

[snow tumbling]

[Dev's muffled screams]

Dev! Dev!



Can you hear me, Dev?

We got a cave-in!

[Blake]: Get out of the way!

[Groaning with effort]

You got him yet?

Not yet!

[Roaring with effort]

Pull me out!

[Groaning and straining]

Nice and easy.

Watch his face.


[Coughing and gasping]

Here, here, put this on.

Put it on, put it on, breathe.

Breathe, here.

[Coughing and spluttering]

[Tag]: Almost there.

Okay, come on, your turn.

Why are you doing this?

Well, somebody's gotta do it, right?

[Chuckles wearily]

You could be anywhere else in the world, and you're here.

Yeah, I've been anywhere else.

Then I realized there's somebody here I can't live without.

Come on. You're doing good.

Little more, little more.

I got you.


All right.

Let's do this.


You scared the hell out of me, man.

Yeah, all of us, buddy.

I saw my life flash before my eyes, and all the best parts were with Astrid.

I think you've got a torn rotator cuff.

We don't have much time.

Yeah, I'll take care of him.


[Scanning device beeping]

I got something!

[Beeping rapidly]

I've got a reflection!

We got it, we got it.

[Panting with effort]


[Groaning and struggling]

[Grunting with a final effort]

[Panting in exhaustion]

[Pats her leg]

[Helicopter whirring overhead]

[Sighing in relief]

Tag, I have visual on you.


Aw, I knew you could do it.

That makes one of us.

Do you see the harness?


Yeah, two metres down and to the left!

I can't keep it steady!

[Grumbling in frustration]

[Mel]: Astrid! Tag!

We found the plane!

Can you hear me?

Yeah! Yeah, I can hear you!

[Tag]: Are they all okay?

It's the tail, but we're digging down to the fuselage.

We should be through in a few minutes.


[Stifling tears]

Standing by.


[Phone ringing]

We've got a signal!

We've got a signal!


[Laughing in relief]

Yeah, yeah, we're okay. Are you close?

They found the tail.


Yeah, we're digging to the surface off the nose.

I'm going to go up in the tunnel and listen for you.

Make some noise!

[Panting eagerly]


Oh! Bobby, Bobby, it's me.

Is Tag okay?

Is Tag okay?

[Gasping in relief] Oh... Thank God.

Oh, thank God...

Thank God, thank God...

[Half laughing, half sobbing]


This goes on like a cape.

We're going to start with your right arm.

Take her up!


Thank you!

Deanna, we found the plane!

That's wonderful.

She's awake, Bobby.

Petra came out of the coma.

And she wants to talk to you.


I'm so glad you're gonna be all right.


Krista, is that you?


Yes, it's me!

Are you safe?

I'm fine.

I was so scared...

Tag, I was so scared I wasn't going to get a chance to tell you that I love you.

And I want us to try again.

Krista, I can't hear you! The helicopter's here.

I want us to be together!

We can make it work.

Tag, we can make it work!

Krista, I gotta go!

I'll meet you at the bottom of the mountain, okay?

I love you!

I love you.

Connor says you're coming home with us.

It's all gonna be okay.

Everything is gonna be okay.
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