06x10 - Last Call

Episode transcripts from season 2 to 6 and the pilot script. Show now ended.
Jake Doyle and his father Malachy run a private investigations agency in St. John's, Newfoundland. Their cases involve them in all sorts of dealings - not all of them on the right side of the law.
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06x10 - Last Call

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Announcer: Previously, on Republic of Doyle.

That's real.

That cost me more than everything I own.


Guilty as charged.

You just tried me as a m*rder. And now you want to hire me?

There's evidence out there and I know it.

Get outta here!



Des: You either love me.

Or you don't.

I'm pregnant.

Looks like it's just you and me.

We can do this.

Pickard: Now I want you to listen clearly.

Some of you might have an allegiance for Leslie Bennett.

And I don't care.

Now, I want Jake Doyle... and his ex-cop girlfriend
in this station in five hours.

And I am authorizing the use of any amount of force necessary to bring them down.

Is that clear?


You're bleeding.

I'm fine.

Voice on radio: Attention all units.

Attention all units.

Be on the lookout for unmarked cruiser number seventeen.

Sergeant Leslie Bennett and fugitive Jake Doyle are both armed.

And considered dangerous.

They are to be approached only with extreme caution.


We gotta lose this car.

Oh man. We gotta get some cover.

Reporter: In a shocking twist,

RNC Sergeant Leslie Bennett has allegedly broken convicted m*rder Jake Doyle from custody.

Doyle was convicted earlier this morning of m*rder the city's previous...

Rose: Any chance you're carrying warrant?

No I'm not.

But I'm here as a friend. And we don't have much time.

What happened to your face?

Don't ask.

The full force of the law is after Jake and Leslie.

And I won't be able to stop it.

[Phone buzz.]


Are the cops there?

Are they listening in?

I know that that's Jake.

Just tell them to disappear.

Not yet.

Don't hang up that phone.


I know it's you, wherever you are.

I swear to God, I'm gonna find you.

And that dirty cop girlfriend of yours.

And I'm gonna hunt you both down.

Got it?

Damn you.

Leslie: Hey.

I think this is for you.

Now how do you want this to play out?

If I wanted you d*ad, you'd both be on the ground right now.

Jake: You want something from us?

I need your help.

And I'm positive you could use mine...

♪ Oh yeah ♪
♪ oh yeah ♪
♪ oh yeah ♪
♪ oh yeah ♪
♪ oh yay ee yay ee yay ee yay ♪
♪ oh yay ee yay ee yay ee yay ♪
♪ oh yeah ♪

How you feeling?

I still feel like a team of mean, mean people b*at the friggin' poop out of me.

That's because they did.

I must say though... it's better seeing you.

Oh no.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Raging bull.

You can't go nowhere like this.

I got to. Jake's in trouble.

And I gotta be there for him.

'Cause that's what people do when they care about one another.

No. You need to rest.

So just wait. Okay?

You're no help to Jake like this.

I know you wanna be away from me.

So why pretend like you care?

I deserved that.

Des... seeing you all b*at up like this...

I thought of the last things I said to you.

And I'm really sorry.

Hey, look it's okay, alright.

It's okay. And when I get outta here...

I'm feeling a little better, we can hang out.

As friends.

Oh! Ow! My everything!

Right now, we need to figure out a way to help get Jake and Leslie out of this situation that they're in.

Which means you need to get better.


Ow! Okay, ow! You can't do that.


Back to bed.

Okay, alright.

See you tomorrow.


Jake: You followed us here.

Now, tell us what you want.

We need to help each other.

Rhodes turned against you.


He doesn't need me anymore.

And when Rhodes is done with someone...

I think you know what happens next.

How is this our problem?

Common enemies make for good alliances.

I need your help to take him out.

What do we get out of it?

You're wanted by the law.

You either work for Rhodes, or he's gonna k*ll you... and you're entire family.

And you're pretty girlfriend here.

The only way out for you is to bring him down.

And how do you propose that I do that?

You wanna get Rhodes? Go back to the m*rder you're facing a lifetime in prison over.

What does Clarke have to do with this?

Why do you think he was k*lled?

That's the thread you need to pull at.

Jake: I couldn't prove my innocence before... let alone with the entire police force chasing me.

Not to mention the largest biker g*ng in the country.

Alisha: Clarke went to jail for fraud.

He made a lot of enemies when that happened.

And the bikers were by far the worst.

[Motorcycles roar.]


You led them here.

Jake. Look at me. I didn't.

You know I wouldn't.

Do I?

I followed you from the cop shop.

They must have been tailing me.

What? Are we gonna sh**t each other... and get this over with?

No, no, no. Just put your g*n down, okay.

We split up. I gotta get rid of this cop car.

No, no, no.

I'll do it. You take mine.

I just got it.

So be careful with it, please?

Just make sure you get rid of that car.

So, do I need to know anything about you and cat woman back there?

Cat ? Alisha?

No. Trust me.

'Cause I'm kinda putting myself on the line for you, you know.

Breaking you out of custody.

Going on the run.

It'd suck to find out you were shagging some biker missus.

Ex-biker missus. And I'm not shagging anyone... else. Aside from... it's nothing. Trust me...

Why does she think there's a connection between Clarke and the bikers?

Something's off.

You know, Nicky's husband, David... he was the crown prosecutor at Clarke's trial all those years ago.

Maybe we should we should go see him.


That wound's getting worse.

You need to see a doctor.

I'll be fine, once I bleed out.

Alright, alright.

Just-hang on.

I'm gonna go to the hospital to check on Des.

You wanna come?

Gotta stay close in case Jake calls.


I'll let Des know you're thinking about him.


So... is this gonna be easy? Or hard, old timer?

Old timer?

You heard him.

You put Des in the hospital.

I'd like to pay you back for that, so...


I guess it's the hard way.

Rhodes: Suit yourself.




Wasn't that spirited.

If you think either of us are going down easy...

you're dumber than I thought.

Jake is gonna stop this nonsense and take my offer.

To work for you on the inside?

Why don't you ask him yourself?

I think he'd love to see you.



What are you doing here?

Just... relax. Okay?

Don't freak out.

Please, whatever you do, don't call the cops.

Have you seen... you have to be kidding me.

Just wait a second, David.

You know I can't just let this happen.


We need you help.

David: My help?

Have you lost your mind?

You're a police officer, for God's sakes.

I was a police officer.

David, stop acting like such a mope.

Although you do look like a mope... doesn't he? In that sweater?

I remember when you used to do this for me when I was hung over.

It was awesome being married to a doctor.

Hm. Is that so?


I don't recall you being too thrilled with it at the time.

Now, that you mention it... maybe you curing my hangovers... was the best part of our marriage.


This wound is bad.

And if you don't rest it it's gonna get worse.

I'm not sure that's an option.

No, I guess it isn't.

How are you gonna get out of this one?

I dunno if I can.

I wanted to tell you that...

I'm so sorry for everything we went through.

And what you're about to face.

I know, buddy.

Thank you.

But you're leaning on my wound.


What are you doing?


What is this? I can't take this.

Are we doing this right now? Really?

Nikki, the last time you gave me a phone... you threw it at me in our divorce hearing.

Yeah, because you were being a jerk.

Just don't lose it.

Don't get k*lled, because I want it back.

It's ironic, because you actually told me to die when you threw the phone at me. Remember?

Just shut up.

You know that I like Leslie, right?

And a woman who'd put everything on the line like that for you?

She's, like, a total keeper.

I know.

Why do you want to know about bill Clarke's fraud trial?

His m*rder trial trumps all that now. Don't you think?

There's a connection. You were the crown prosecutor, right?

I was, yeah.

I hear Clarke had business dealings with bikers.

And we suspect they may have had him k*lled.

Last I checked, Jake was the one holding the m*rder w*apon.

Thanks for the shirt.

I'll try not to bleed through it much.

You need to turn yourselves in.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Leslie: Was Clarke tangled up with bikers?

We need to know.

This is madness.

Do you want Nikki to go to jail because of you?

Just leave.

David. Jake may be a lot of things, babe.

But he is not a k*ller.

You know that. And I know that.

They're fugitives.

Please. If you know something about this... you have to tell them.


Okay, we had reason to believe that bill Clarke was... that he had info on the bikers. Evidence... he was using to protect himself.

Why didn't you pursue that further?

We did.

That info coulda brought down a lot of bikers.

They're connected to a slew of crime in the city.

We couldn't get the warrants we needed.

That's no surprise.

We know that Tizzard is in the pocket of the bikers. And probably...

a bunch of influential people as well.

Leslie: Clarke gets out.

And thr*at Rhodes with this evidence.

And then he orders Brogan to k*ll Clarke.

Did you call the cops on me?


I'm sorry. I had to.

I can't jeopardize our family.

Just turn yourselves in. Maybe I can help.

Yeah, unless you got a load of evidence, no one can help me now.

We gotta go.

Thomas Plaskett.

Who's that?

He was... linked to all this.

Maybe he can give you the info you need.

Nikki: Jake.

Be careful. Please.

Thank you.


Come on now, skipper.

This is enough of this.

Just tell Rhodes what he wants to know...

Old man?


Some one need to teach you... how to talk to people of the older generation, son.



Malachy. Your son has been causing me too many problems.

Yeah, he's a real pain in the ass.

If you just give him the evidence that will clear his name... he'll be less of a pain then.

I guarantee it.

He knows the deal.

Just shut up.

And do whatever it is you're planning to do.

To convince his to take it.

I don't think I've ever seen a family... so intent on getting k*lled.

It seems that way, don't it?

You don't have to die.

You're good.

The whole lot of you Doyles are.

So I'm gonna expand my offer.

Convince Jake to work for me on the inside.

And the rest of you Doyles can work for me out here.

I don't negotiate with douche bags.

You're a tough little nut to crack.


But we'll break ya.

Thomas Plaskett was Clarke's chief of staff.

Jake: We're gonna have to pay him a little visit.


Des: Nikki?

Miss me, do we? Thinking about me, are we? I can't blame you.

How's things?

Des, it's me.

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.

I really am.

Oh, thanks, Jake.

Jake? Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I need you to track down William Clarke's old chief of staff.

Can you do that?

Thomas Plaskett.

Plaskett? I saw him just before I got the crap pounded out of me.

He was with an escort.

I can send you pictures on the phone you're using.

Are the bikers blackmailing him? Why?

He's a city planner.

Whatever he did with Clarke didn't stick to him.

Where can we find him right now?

Tinny: There's an event today.

The garden party at Government House.

He'll be there.

Alright listen. Get dad to meet us there.

He's not answering his phone.

You bet.


Thank you for coming.

Thank you. Thank you.

Jake, we gotta move fast. Someone's gonna recognize you.

There he is.


Something like that.

Get him over to that tent.

Got it.

Hey there.

You're Jake Doyle.


You're a fugitive.


And we need to talk about your connection with the bikers.


What do you want from me?

The bikers. They're blackmailing you.

Jake: We've got the proof.

We just wanna know why.

Where'd you get that?

Answer the question.

I don't need to talk to you.

You're a fugitive cop.

And you k*lled my old boss.

So, what do you think I'm gonna do to you?

Take it easy, okay?

How long have you been in the pocket of the bikers?

Don't know what you're talking about.

Look, we need to know the info Clarke had on Rhodes and the bikers.

And you're gonna tell us. Or I swear to God...

I'm gonna get really mad.

You're insane.

You have no idea.



You're just gonna let him do this to me?

You're right. Jake, stop!

Use these.

Good idea.

Wait, what are you doing?

Just gonna liven things up a bit.

Come on.

This is a big one.


Not there, come on.


I bet you're wishing you weren't a smoker now.

Eh b'y?

No, no, no, please don't.

Okay, time to talk Okay. Okay!

Clarke. He had a bunch of meetings with the bikers.

He recorded everything.

He went to jail. He never said a word.

But then when he go out, he tried to blackmail them for some cash.

So they k*lled him.


Where are these recordings?

They were on his phone.

Get the police!

You know, why did you go and do that?

You two are finished.

The bikers run this town.

They own everyone.

We gotta go.

Plaskett: Help me!

Help me!

They're crazy!

[Firework expl*si*n.]

What's going on?

What happened? What's wrong with everyone?

Rose: Have you heard from Malachy?

We know he's in trouble.

We've been trying to reach him.

Call Jake. He has Nikki's cell.

Leslie: We need to get Clarke's cell phone.

He could have stored his recordings with the Chevaliers on there.

Would there be any record on the police data banks as to where that phone is now?

Yeah, but I don't have access anymore.

And even if I did, they could locate my position... if I logged in.

You alright?

Yeah, I hit my head a while back.

I had a bit of a concussion.

I'll be fine.

With your banged up head. And my bloody stomach.

We make quite a pair. Although... we're only hurting ourselves, I s'pose. Hey, b'y.

I think we need to talk.

[Phone rings.]

Yeah, just a second.


Kathleen: Dad's missing.

What do you mean, missing?

When was the last time you saw him?

Last night. I can feel it.

I know he's in real trouble.

Rhodes must have him.

Okay. I'm gonna figure this out.

I'll find him.

Alright. I gotta go.

We gotta find dad.

But I think I got a plan on how I can access Clarke's phone.

Okay. I'll go talk to Pickard.

We need his help, especially... if the bikers have Mal.

Are you sure you can trust him?


What choice do we have?

I'll tell him about Plaskett and Judge Tizzard.

I'll show him the blackmail photos.

Pickard can't ignore this evidence.

It didn't have to come to this.

Why didn't you just play along like everyone else?

Mal: Not exactly our style, I'm afraid.

Rhodes: I could've used you.

But your death is gonna help your son see the light.

If you think k*lling me is gonna make Jake work for you... you might wanna think again.

He'll know we do not bluff.

Rhodes: And the idea that I don't k*ll the rest of your family... that's gonna help him see reason.



Mal: Now, now.

I'm gonna need this.

Where are you keys?

I don't remember.

You'll never win.

Everyone from the top down is involved.

Where's the video?

I don't have time for this.

Bikers: Hold it right there!


Easy now.


Next one goes in his head.

Drop the g*n.

Turn around.

Been a while.

I'm sicker than I thought!



Des, listen to me.

There is a bunch of cops outside.

We don't want them to know that I'm here, now do we?

No. Are you okay?

You're okay?

I'm fine, buddy. How are you doing?

I'm fine. Let's go.

No, no, no. Shhh.

Just lie back. Okay?

I need your help with something.

Okay. Ow!


I need you to tap into the police data base.

See where they're holding bill Clarke's personal items.

Try and track his cell phone.

Okay, cool. I'll come with you.

No, no. I need you to this first. Okay, buddy? Please.


This is Des. One second, Jake.

Hello caller. How are you?

Put Jake on.



Hey, and thanks for asking how I am, by the way.

Put Jake on.


What the hell happened to you?

Rhodes. He grabbed me at the house.

He isn't fooling around.

How'd you get clear of him?

I have my ways.

We gotta go to the cops.

I'll tell them what happened.

They're not gonna believe anything you or I say.

We need a knockout punch.

The courthouse.

When Clarke was k*lled, he woulda had his cell phone.

It would be entered into evidence.

Dad, I think I might have what we're looking for.

I'm gonna head to the court house.

I'll meet you there.

Okay. Let's go.

What are you doing?

I'm going with you, okay, so just drop it.


I'm coming.


What? No.

Ow, ow, ow!

Des, you little...

What is this?

This is really bad for me. I don't have any pants.

Like, hello? Pants?

What's the plan.

Give me a minute. We need to think.

Maybe you can think of a reason I have an absence of pants.

Oh pants. Oh man, the ring.

What ring?

Ah, [Singing.] ♪ Ringing in my ears. ♪

It went away.

Okay. Wait over here for a second.


What are you doing here, Mal?

Damon Rhodes kidnapped me.

He's a maniac!

Is this serious?

You don't think we have enough on our plates to deal with?

Mal, what happened to you?

I'm fed up with the lot of ye.

I can have you arrested for drinking in public.

Tell you what... why don't you arrest me after I kick the arse of the guy who lost my son's case!


Hey, hey hey.

Walter: Watch the tie! It's an expensive tie!


That is some ride.

And on a cop's salary, no less.

What salary?

You fired me, remember?

Nice and easy, Bennett.

How about we do this... without these?

Now explain to me why I'm not bringing you in this very second?

I'm betting you wanna hear what I have to say first.

That seem like quite a gamble.

It's the only card I have left.

Alright. I'm listening.

Hey. Where's Des?

Good question.

Did you guys find poppy?

Rose: Oh yes. Thank God.

But I have a feeling that Rhodes character isn't done with us yet.

What is it? What's wrong?

I found this... in Des's jeans.

Do you think ?

I don't know. But we can guess.

I thought you just broke up with him.

I was feeling this was gonna happen.

But I freaked out.

It's the logical next step, right?

Is it what you want?

Yes? It is, but...

Kathleen: Take it from me.

You don't want to do this, if you're not sure.

Rose: Yeah. But you also don't want to throw something away because you're scared of the next step.



Okay, guys...

It'll all work itself out.

Trust me on that.

Nice work.


It's draughty in here. I didn't really think this through.

I'm basically wearing a dress.

Yeah, well. You got the legs to pull it off.

That's a kind thing to say. I needed that.

Because of you my son's going to jail for eternity!

Will you knock it off!

Knock it off, the two of ya. Come on!

Good call.

See ya later.

Are you all right?

What's weird is that I had a dream that I b*at up other guys the night before it actually happened.



You've got minutes.

We gotta hurry.

Hey, did you ever find any slacks?

Or really long shorts?

Even a pair of socks.

Tell him we need a distraction.

Jake says...

I heard him.

Got it.



Walter: You are extremely drunk! And you're very upset.

And I can tell that. But I should be drunk with you.

He's my best friend!

The Chevaliers? You think they've gotten to the cops?

They had City Hall on the take.

It makes sense that they'd have the cops.

Do you realize what you're inferring?

I know how this looks.

A cop on the run under suspicion for a million things.

Accusing other cops of being dirty.

Yeah, it looks crazy, is what it looks like.

The RNC... is an extremely reputable force.

I know that.

I spent my life a part of it.

But we need to root out who's behind all this.

And I need your help.

You know this is ridiculous, don't you?

Someone is on the take...

on the force.

And the thing is...

I know every cop pretty well.

With the exception of one or two.

One or two.

Meaning me, Sergeant?

Now, I'm working with the bikers, am I?

I didn't say that.

You did.

I dug through the files.

There's a lot of content here.

There's some pictures and other garbage.

But there's a series of hidden files.

We know if Clarke was blackmailing the bikers... obviously he wanted to heel whatever information he had on 'em.

Clarke: [On phone] Hey, I'm the mayor.

I can do whatever I want.

Consider the Chevaliers welcome in the city of legends. Okay?

Rhodes: Is that a guarantee?

My organization rewards our friends. I can guarantee you that.

Pickard: And I can attest to that.

Stop, stop, stop.

Play that back.

Pickard: And I can attest to that.

That voice sound familiar?


He's with Leslie right now.

Is there something you wanna share with me?

Why would I wanna share anything... with a disgraced cop who's wanted by the law.

[Message sound.]





Damn it!


It's a shame.

You shoulda said you were sorry.

Just walked away.

It all would have been so much easier.



Jake: Leslie!

It's her car.

Leslie's phone.

Pickard's got his g*n.

Leslie doesn't have hers.






He's d*ad.

Okay, baby.

Okay, baby.



What happened?

Shit! Put her up here!

What happened?

She's been sh*t.

And she's pregnant.


She told me. She begged you to let her tell you herself.

She's what?

Okay. I need an ambulance at fourteen Cochrane street now.

Officer down. I need immediate assistance.

No, no, no. Nikki, what?

Go. Jake you have to get out of here. You have to go.

Son. We gotta go.

You need to go!

Get out.

I will take care of her. I will take care of her.

Jake, I've got it. I've got it.

Take him, Mal. Take him.

You guys have to get out. Get out!

I've got it.

I've got her. I got her. I got her.

I've got her.

She's gonna be okay.

Are you sure? Are you sure about that?


I know this isn't how you wanted things to go.

It isn't how any of us wanted this to go.

But we have to stay positive.

Stay strong.

What a load of bullshit.

She's pregnant. She's... you shoulda told me.

You should have told me!


No, dad. I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Jacob, we'll do this. Okay?

We'll get through this.


She is going to be okay.

We gotta find Rhodes.

Looks like he's found us.

Rose: Please tell us you're all right.

Don't talk. Just listen.

Leslie. She's in the hospital. I need you to go there.

And look after her.

I will.


What about you? What are you gonna do?

Jake: Don't worry about us. Just please...
promise me you'll look after Leslie.

Des, get Clarke's phone to the cops.

What about you guys?

Malachy, are you okay?

Love you Rose.

Love all of you.

We both do.

[Bang, bang, bang.]

That wasn't very nice.


Respectful enough for you?

Not like I had much choice.

We have unfinished business you and me.

Jake: I don't suppose that would involve... you giving me the footage that'll prove my innocence.

Does it?

The only thing you'll be getting from me is a quick and painless death.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure we're gonna have something to say about that.

Rodney: We can make it painful, if you want.

It's all the same to us.

Rhodes: Trust me.

You're gonna die today.

And it's better that you forget about that idea...

of clearing your name.

Is that the only copy?

What an assh*le, you are.

I made you an offer, Jake.

Even when you were messing with my business... and what did you do?

You spit in my eye.

Rodney: And now.

We gotta k*ll you.

And your whole family.


Better make a move.

Cops will be here any second.

What charge?

Obstruction of traffic?

No, Mr. and Mr. Doyle. I believe they're after the fugitive... from justice.

Officer: Damon Rhodes!

Get down on your knees with your hands up.



[Machine g*n f*re.]



I'm going after Rhodes!

Hold your f*re.


Alisha: Drop your w*apon.

You're surrounded.

Malachy Doyle. Stop right there!



I need the other copies of that footage.

Got 'em right here.





I'm glad I gave you that little nick.

Like I said... this one's gonna go much deeper.


Jake. Meet Federal Officer Alisha Myles.

Hi there.

You just saved my life.

Do we have enough history now?



I need to bring you in.

No, no, no, no. You can't.

I gotta get to the hospital to see Leslie. Please.

I'm sorry.

Jake Doyle, you're under arrest.


Can someone please tell me if Leslie's okay?

I can't believe you're a cop.

Vic Saul said he raised you.

He didn't.

My Uncle used to work for Saul.

Before he got him k*lled.

And I swore when I was old enough, I'd do something about it.

So I became a cop.

Then Rhodes came on the scene and I had chance to take 'em all down.

Great work. But why didn't you tell us?

I was working undercover and being watched like a hawk.

I couldn't trust anyone.

Look. We know there's another copy of this video.

Just search Rhodes's place. Please.

We're on it.

But, just so you know... it's a long sh*t, at best.

Come on. Let's go.



I think we need to talk.


I'm sorry about earlier. But Jake needed me. And...

I regret nothing.

Except the consequences for my actions.

No. Des. I found this.

Oh, great. I thought I lost that.

I was really surprised at first.

Like, shocked.

Yeah, this baby's going right on e-bay.

I could use the money.


Oh, Finn... he gave it to me in lieu of payment for some work I did for him.

I was gonna surprise Malachy.


I'm an idiot.

Wait. Did you? You didn't think I was gonna... propose to you? Did you? Like...

me and you... in marriage?


Des. That'd be stupid.

Because you broke up with me. Remember?


I'm really confused.

I know that.

I don't want you to propose to me.

What are you doing to my head?

You know I can't read more than one layer of subtext at a time.

Forget it. I gotta go.

No, no!

I would cut off all my limbs if it meant I could be with you.

That's really weird.

I won't. I just... maybe this is how we're supposed to end.

I mean if we're meant to be together.

Then we'll know. But right now, I just don't know anything.

I'm sorry.


Over here.

Officer Myles. Where did you find this material?

When I apprehended Damon Rhodes for a number of unrelated charges.

We received a warrant to search his premises.

I found it there.

Not to mention Judge Tizzard here... who's on the take from the bikers.

This is all just one big misunderstanding.

I'd like to say I'm not enjoying this. But I am.

Unfortunately, Inspector Pickard was also working for Rhodes.

The Doyles helped me uncover key evidence.

What about Jake?

The parties are gonna need some time to sort through this.

He's gonna have to be patient.

Due diligence has to be done.

Alison, please. Jake needs to be with Leslie now.

He's gonna be a dad.



I dunno what I would've done if anything had happened to you.

I'm okay.

What about our baby?

Can I see you for a sec?

What is it?

The doctor wanted to talk to you.

Is it about the baby?

I don't know, honey.

He wouldn't tell me.

Is everything okay?

Rose: Oh, at least this one looks more like you than Jake.

And this one two.

We'll see how this one turns out.

Oh, it's gonna be beautiful.

Trust me.

I just wish you could've seen the look on Jake's face when the doctor told him we were having twins.

Malachy fell off his chair.

Okay. I think it's about time we got this thing going, don't you?


You clean up good.


Thanks. I shaved my legs. Was I supposed to do that?

It feels weird.

It's too bad dad's not gonna be standing up there with us.

Yeah, I know. It breaks my heart.

Oh hey. You're up.

Look. I'm really sorry that I dropped a podium on rehearsal last night.

And then stepped on you.

And then fell on you. And then... ripped your pants.

Des. We'll discuss this later after the pain killers wear off.

Now... let's get this show on the road.


Breathe Des. Breathe.


I'm so happy. I'm so happy, I forgot my line.

All you gotta say is "I do."

I do.

Not to me. To her.


Now get over here.


Go get her.

You can kiss her before if you want.


Turned out pretty good.

Easy for you to say.

They're moving in with me until they can afford a house.

Now I gotta double his salary to get them out faster.

You're contempt for other people can only be trumped by your tightness of the dollar.


Mal: So son... Are you happy?

Honestly? I wish this moment would never end.
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