01x13 - Deadcheck

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "State of Affairs". Aired: November 2014 to February 2015.
A CIA officer plucked from the field to become the president's daily briefer, assuming responsibility for targeting America's most critical thr*at while navigating the unique lifestyle that comes with such a high-powered job.
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01x13 - Deadcheck

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Charlie: Previously on State of Affairs...

There's a leak. It's out.

You already know.

Marshall, you don't understand.

Because I'm not read into the web of lies.

Because you are not the president.

This is money? I don't want it.

Kurt: I'm undercover at TKG.

They were protecting Fatah.

Nick: I have eyes on the target.

Fatah is the real leader of Ar Rissalah.

Maureen: The president is ordering in the air-strike.

Nick: My signal will paint the targets.

Charlie: Fatah has been playing us this whole time.

[Distant jets roaring]

Nick: Charlie.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Charlie voice-over: When one can act...

One should act as a liberator.

Charlie voice-over: It's over, sir.


Nick is gone.

There was no Sheikh Hakam.

Fatah invented him.

He built a bogeyman and... fooled us all.

Kurt... Kurt Tannen?

Still inside TKG.

Putting him in there worked, sir.

They were protecting Fatah.

I think they tipped him off to our att*ck.

Is Fatah d*ad?

Charlie: Dawkins is on the ground now searching for proof of death.

They'll find Fatah's DNA, but they won't find a body.

Ray: Because there's no body to be found, is there?

This was his plan all along.

Ray: Does POTUS know?

Charlie: She's awaiting confirmation so she can tell the world that Ar Rissalah is d*ad.

Ray: You have to tell her, Charleston.

She's a soldier and the commander-in-chief.

She has to know.

I have to resign, sir.

To you. Now.

Because of what I need to do next and what I don't want coming back on the CIA.

No one ever died for a flag, Charlie.

They died fighting for the people they loved.

Let your training track him down and let your blood do the rest.

I need to speak to her now, alone.

She's in a press conference.

Constance voice-over: Good morning.

I am proud to report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that has resulted in the death of Sheikh Ali Hakam, the leader of Ar Rissalah, and Omar Abdul Fatah, his second in command.

They were brought down by brave men and women, some of whom lost their lives in this mission.

Charlie voice-over: Sheikh Hakam was a ghost story.

Fatah saw how powerful the specter of Osama Bin Laden was, the fear he instilled, the infamy he achieved.

So he created a bigger, better version...

One he could hide behind.

He manipulated us.

He let Hakam draw f*re so he could run and hide and strike at us again.

Charlie, I just lied to 320 million Americans.

And the world.

What do we do now?

We don't make a liar out of you.

And I keep my promise.

I've resigned from the CIA.

This thing with Fatah... I need to finish it myself.

It's dangerous.


But every time we try to overwhelm with force, he slips through the cracks.

I can find him, and I can k*ll him.

There are only three people in the world that have this number: my husband, the head of NSA, and you.

You call me when it's done.

Yes, Ma'am.

Let's end this.

End of this merger, right?

$170 million worth of business.

I slam my fist down, I remind everybody we should be slicing this other company, a-hole to appetite.



Another merlot?

Yeah. Why not?

Hey, that's, uh...

That's the horse head.

Isn't that, like, the t*rror1st thing?

Ar Rissalah?

It's actually a Pegasus.

You could say it's my spirit animal.

How about that drink?

Yeah, let's do this.

Charlie: He's out there, and I have to finish it.

Syd: You're listening to the worst of your instincts, Charlie, the ones that'll get you k*lled.

You don't have any idea if Fatah is alive or d*ad.

You're playing hunches.

You're not Agency anymore.

You get rolled up on, you're gonna die.

Don't be so grim, Syd.

I gave you a dish and a keyboard.

The w*apon are unregistered and cold.

Thank you.


Watch your six.

Constance: I want Burke jailed.

DP: You want to jail a U.S. senator?

The man you put in charge of the commission to investigate the CIA?

The same man who leaked an illegally photographed image from a top secret government black site.

I want Burke jailed, and I want that un-redacted Senate report on the Kabul att*ck seized.

Madam President, you are making irreparable political decisions based on personal grudges.

Do not grind this ax.

You cannot come back from this.

You will become everything that they out there are accusing you of becoming.

David, I know this seems aggressive.

And it is.

But if we don't empty the ranks of people g*n for us, they will keep coming in hordes, wave after wave after wave.

Ma'am, you push this, and I guarantee you those impeachment placards will become billboards overnight.

Don't back away from the battle because you think we won this fight, because we haven't.


Dashiell: I just don't understand why she resigned, though.


No, why wouldn't she tell us in advance that she was resigning?

Did she call you, Maureen?

No. I called her.

Dashiell: And nothing? What?

Look, Charlie's gone.

I mean, POTUS cancelled today's briefing.

Lucas: We're being shut out.



It doesn't matter anyway.

The vests are still very much alive, and we need to find and defuse them before Ar Rissalah hits us again.

Kurt: TKG shadowed the Bellerophon op.

I mean, ran with the Agency in real time.

This woman who contracts for TKG, she's got a quiver of legends...

Melissa Anchez, "Emily"...

I don't know who or what she is, but... she's trouble.

Anyways, a couple weeks back, she came in as a walk-in at the safe house in Baltimore and gave us satellite access into Ar Rissalah.

And she kept a backdoor open.

Yeah. One we couldn't detect.

She's good.

So the Krieg Group clones the Fatah op to what... to poach him?

To protect him.

That's what TKG's doing.

Protecting Fatah.

There's no New World Order without factory-fresh thr*at against the U.S.

The Taliban are back to their sandbox skirmishes.

AQ is fractured and leaderless.

Where is our next great thr*at?

Where's our Godzilla?

Ar Rissalah.

Ar Rissalah.

They created the problem; they're the solution.

You stay in.

Mine everything on the TKG-Fatah connection, and you get it to me... Directly to me, nobody else...

In real time.

Real time?

Sir, is this operational intelligence?

I know Hakam is a lie.

And you know the only place I would have heard that.

Charlie's wading into deep water.

I'll be damned if we're going to let her drown.


Yes, sir.

I want to thank you for meeting with me.

It would appear that congratulations are in order.

You got your guy.

Indeed we did.

But you're not here to congratulate me, Mr. Gantry.

You went through some serious back channels to get in here to meet with me, so let's cut to what I hope will be a short chase.

Our intelligence apparatus picked this up three hours ago.

[Speaking Pashto]

When was this recorded?

Impossible to tell.

Far from it.

You'll turn this over to the CIA for analysis and we'll determine a timeline.

I'm afraid I can't do that, Ma'am.

I wasn't asking, Mr. Gantry.

This is private property held by a privately owned company, and as you're on a bit of a tear in the "trampling of personal rights" department, the last thing I'd be getting is legal.

What you're doing is treasonous.

What I'm doing is free enterprise.

With your permission, Ma'am, I would now like to have a very pointed conversation with you.

Gantry: You just went on television and lied to the entire world.

Sheikh Hakam was a straw man, and from what my sources have told me, there's a very real possibility that Omar Fatah is still alive.

These aren't just black eyes for your administration, Ma'am.

They are sucking chest wounds.

Mr. Gantry, you wouldn't be foolish enough to try to extort the sitting president of the United States, would you?


But I would make that president a partner and a fellow keeper of secrets.

With the CIA under such scrutiny, a third party such as ours can render an effectiveness unburdened by the gridlock of bureaucracy.

Are you asking me for a contract?

No, Ma'am, I am asking you for a hunting license.

Excuse me, sir.

Buddy. Buddy.

I need you to wake up.

I need you to move along.

Can't have you here.

You can't sleep here. This is a mall.

Oh, my God.

I need a b*mb tech dispatched immediately.

Sir, I need you to sit... I need you to stay right where you are.

Do not move.

What is this?

Get this off me!

Please, please, stay there.

Do not move.

Get this off of me.

Please, sit down. Don't move.

Get this off of me!

Earl: Jared Bloom... excuse me, Blum.

36, twice divorced.

Worked as a marketing analyst for Goldman Sachs.

AKA scum of the earth.

Earl: The woman has been identified as Christiane Lender...

Sporadic employment history, was a henna tattoo artist, yoga instructor, and my personal favorite, an amateur dream researcher.

I can see how Ar Rissalah got their hooks into her.

The FBI task force is moving on her last known address.

Maureen: So Stacy Dover detonates in D.C., but she's an outright Ar Rissalah recruit.

We would agree on that, right?


Well, then James Wilcox infiltrates the White House to put an Ar Rissalah tag in the Oval Office.

Yeah, but we don't know what else he had planned.

Well, we know he wasn't carrying expl*sives, and we know he k*lled himself while incarcerated.

Maureen: Like Ahmadi, who also commits su1c1de, and we have proof that he either had a hand in building these vests or helped distribute them.

Okay, so then we got this Blum guy.

What, he meets this hot yoga instructor, date at the bar, she gets him drunk, drugs him, and then, what, moves him to another part of the Minneapolis Mall?

Earl: She fits him for the vest, bails, he wakes up confused, messes with the vest, and that's that.

Lucas: Okay, come on. Look at this girl.

She's got to be, what, 90, 100 pounds?

Maybe 110?

You're telling me that she's dragging this guy through the mall, nobody notices?

I mean, it had to be a statement.

Guys, I have Charlie.

Secure line three.

Maureen: Charlie, one of the Ar Rissalah vests went off at a mall in Minneapolis.

Some investment banker was drugged and booby-trapped.

They don't have a casualty count yet.

Mo, Sheikh Hakam wasn't real.

He was a spook story concocted by Fatah as cover f*re for what he was really doing.

Fatah is Ar Rissalah.

That's why you resigned?

Oh, my God, you're going after Fatah yourself.

You guys have ears on all the Ar Rissalah chatter.

Ping it back to every NSA listening station in Afghanistan.

That data can be used to track him.

Maureen: Why would he return to Afghanistan?

Charlie: It's his seat of power, his safe haven, and it's where all of this began.

He'll try to take credit for the b*mb to further trump Sheikh Hakam's ability to strike from beyond the grave.

He wants to keep building the legend of Ar Rissalah.

Maureen: Which means detonating more vests and k*lling more people.

Charlie: Have Dash go into my office and raid all my old files on Fatah...

Especially the Afghanistan ones...

And put together a hit sheet.

Got it.

And Mo, if you really want to find the other vests, there's only one person you need to be talking to.

San Antonio.

I was going to meet a man named Mark.

You were gonna take the vest there?


There were two of them.

The other one was going to Houston.

Mark was delivering it to a couple there.

And what were their names?

Al and Enid?

Al and Enid?

Feels Flimsy. Mark, Al, and Enid?

Feels fake.

Those were the names I was given.

What's in the Bay Area?

Our home.

This is our home.

These are temporary quarters.

I'm done with all this.

Done with all what, Marshall?

Our marriage?


Your presidency and what it requires of you to keep from me.

It's all so easy for you, isn't it?

The arm-chair critic.

Do you know what this office truly asks of me?

The sacrifices that go beyond Aaron?

It's too much for me, CeCe.

I didn't know what I signed on for.

It's clear I don't have the stomach for all of this right now.

You're right.

This is not the time for the faint of heart.

And if you can't stand by my side when I need you most, then maybe you should go.

I'm gonna go back to the Bay for a bit.

To the ranch.

I just need some time away from this.

CeCe, I'm sorry.

You'll always have my heart.

But there's a warrior that has emerged in you since you took this office.

And I don't know if she's going away anytime soon.

[Speaking Pashto]

[Phone ringing]

Charlie: Mo.

Charlie, we're looking at an overview of the target cities now, and it's not much.

Lucas: Despite Travers' capture, we're assuming the vests still wound up in San Antonio and Houston.

Assume it's personal too.

Assume everything Ar Rissalah has done or is doing is personal and run it through that filter first.

Because whatever the plan, it's been well thought out.

Earl: Minneapolis is a thousand miles from D.C.

Minneapolis and San Antonio are separated by another thousand plus miles.

San Antonio and Houston are only 200 miles apart.

Yeah, why two cities in Texas?

Lucas: Why two cities so close together?

Charlie: All right, Earl.

I'm booted up. You got me?

Earl: You're uplinked, Charlie.

You're seeing what we're seeing, and I've got indexes on both Bellerophon and Pegasus.

Maureen: The targets don't seem random.

We're missing something.

What else did Travers say?


Names... the people he was meant to deliver the vests to...

Other Ar Rissalah members.

What were they?

Al, Mark, and Enid.

Lucas: There are more than 17,000 people in the San Antonio area fitting those names.

Maureen: And that's assuming those are their real names.

Lucas: Charlie, we don't have the time or manpower to canvass numbers like that.

Oh, my God.

It's just too many people.


No, no, no.

It's not people.


Algenib, the flank.

Mark... Markab, the saddle.

Enid... Enif, the nose.

Ar Rissalah's symbol.

The horse's head.

It's Pegasus.

Fatah's using it as a map.

It's the Pegasus constellation.

And its points will tell us exactly where the b*mb will be.

Lucas, where are we with the b*mb?

We're in contact with law enforcement from every city on the map.

Don't worry about the smaller cities.

They're not gonna bother.

Focus on major population centers.

Fatah needs this to be big.

Is Charlie uplinked?

Earl: She's online.

Charlie, I'm burst transmitting a hit sheet of your Fatah research.

I had to rush through it, but I think it's pretty tight regardless.

Guys, I've powered down.

I feel too many eyes on me.

Stay on those vests.

I'm getting out of here.
David: Madam President, why did you hold a press conference announcing the death of Sheikh Hakam?

Why didn't we just say that we got Hannibal Lecter or the Joker.

Who told you?

That's your response?

As if I shouldn't have had the information?

Nobody needs to tell me.

I'm the Chief of Staff.

Just like nobody needs to tell me that you had a meeting with Victor Gantry.

What the hell are we doing?

Victor Gantry's trying to leverage me.

He knows Sheikh Hakam wasn't real.

So what does he want?

He wants TKG to be contracted to hunt down established t*rror1st thr*at, starting with Fatah.

Ma'am, you've already come under scrutiny for using the CIA as your own personal army, and now you would hire an actual private army with dubious ties to the darker sectors of the spy trade.

It's patently insane.

You can't trust them.

Where are you, Omar?

Where are you?

Nick: It's the desert nomads.

The Hindu Kush.

It's like they absorb him.

Anytime he wants to vanish, anytime he wants to fall off the radar, that's where he goes.

Those Bedouin caravans.

Why would he want to vanish?


Fatah gives us table scraps.

There's never any meat on the bone, and when there is, it feels like we're taking out his enemies, not ours.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, I'm not saying anything you haven't already thought of, am I?


You're right.

Well, you say that like I've ever been wrong.


I'm just looking out for you. You know that, right?


Because I love you.



And no matter what, at your worst moment and your darkest hour, I've got you.

And I'll see you before you ever even know I'm there.

Woman: 911, what's your emergency?

Man: I can't k*ll kids.

Ar Rissalah.

I want to believe, but I can't k*ll kids.

There are two b*mb in a dumpster off of Durango.

Dashiell: Boom! We got two.

San Antonio PD picked up two vests after a 911 call from the alleged b*mb himself.

Second vest was on its way to Houston.

Earl: Two down. I like that.

Lucas: Now we need to go a perfect five for five.

Burke: You could chalk up my reaction to this as pure partisan politics...

Paint everything with that brush.

But you'd be mistaken.

I'm not a supporter of Madam President, but I wouldn't, as some would, destabilize this country in order to engineer her defeat.

Bob, you leaked the Fatah photo.

A woman I was very close to, the late Kyle Green, was compromised by the Krieg Group.

Yeah, I know them.

What I found was, this woman that I trusted implicitly had in fact fallen from that faith.

Now, I was disappointed, and I was heartbroken.

But you see, no one is above betrayal, David.

The president would never lay me out on purpose, not like you're laying out Kyle Green for leaking that photo, which is what I assume you're doing.

You know, David, all this contempt leaves me wondering why you even bothered to come here to warn me about your boss's intentions.

Well, let me be clear.

I don't want this to blow up in her face, and you seem like a shrewd enough operator to keep your mouth shut.

She doesn't need any more enemies in the Senate.

She sure as hell doesn't.

At the same time, in politics, one should consider the future.

Eyes forward, David.

Ask yourself where you want to be standing this time next year and who you want to be standing with.

Who do I want to be standing with, Bob?

[Phone beeps, dials]

[Line ringing]

Nick: This is Nick. You know what to do.


[Phone beeps]

[Phone beeps, dials]

[Line ringing]

Nick: This is Nick. You know what to do.


[Phone beeps]

[Phone beeps, dials]

[Line ringing]

Nick: This is Nick. You know what to do.



I don't.


You got a line on Victor?

He's at a lunch.

Any idea when he's back?

Oh, I don't know, I'm guessing whenever he wants.


Maureen: You were right about our listening stations.

We have a triangulation.

A lot of chatter back and forth between Jalalabad, Lokhay, and Rudat, Afghanistan.


Fatah speaks fluent Pashto, so it would make sense that he would straddle the Afghan-Pakistani border.

Maureen: Charlie, it's likely he's hiding out in the Hindu Kush, which means Pashtunwali.

It means protection from all of his enemies.

Mo, can you get me sat images of that area?

Look for caravans, encampments.

Got it. Sending right away.

Charlie: Thanks.

[Electronic voice] Welcome, Mr. Gantry.


Did my Kevlar arrive?



Is Victor around?

He's at lunch.

Mr. Tannen was just looking for him.

He may be in his office.

They're not letting any dust settle on them, that's for sure.

Maureen: Hey, Dash, can you upload this to Charlie with terrain specs and GPS coordinates?



How we doing over here?

Gantry: Hey, Kurt.

You knocking off early?

You know, I'm a lenient boss, but, uh, seriously?

Yeah, I'm just going to meet an old agency contact.

Maybe pick up some back chatter, post-Hakam.

Emily: Kurt.

Whatever you're wrapping your hand around won't be necessary.

I haven't k*lled anybody since 1992.

Not publicly, anyway.

What'd you take from me, Kurt?

Our mainframe has a tamper detection system.

It sends me a text.

So what did you take from me?

Let's not spoil the surprise, Vic.

Do you really think I didn't know you were still CIA?

Pal, I'm positive you didn't know.

Kurt, we didn't target you because you were good.

We made you a mark because you were easy.

And this girl, with those eyes and that ass...

A man gets lost.

Do me a favor.

Plug right into the CIA mainframe when you download that data rip you stole from me.

Oh, I want to play poker with you.

Oh, buddy.

The game you've already entered into with me is gonna be so much more exciting.

I don't think you have the reach.

Well, then like you said, let's not spoil the surprise.

[Phone beeps, dials]

[Line ringing]

[Phone vibrating]


Charlie: I'm close, Ma'am.

We're nearly there.

What can I do?

What do you need?

Charlie: Nothing.

It's just odd.

What's odd?

You know how I told you, when you asked me what I wished for on his birthday, that I never wanted to lose that sense of Aaron?

That feeling that he was close by.

I remember.


Well, I feel it now, as strong as ever.

Then he is right there with you, darling.

And he will help you finish this.

You'll hear from me again, Constance.

Constance: I know I will, Charlie.


[Phone beeps]

We're moving on the vests.

Task forces are launching in all cities simultaneously.

[Siren blares]


Don't move!


Woman: We are your sisters.

We are your disciples and we are everywhere.

We've been waiting for a moment such as this and now we have arisen.



Go, go, go.

Fan out. Find the vest.

Ar Rissalah.

We are your brothers, your sisters...

Man: FBI!

They got the vests.

All of them. We shut it down!

We're not done yet.

Charlie's still out there.


I assume you've been told they rounded up all the vests.

This is an un-redacted version of the senate subcommittee's report on the convoy att*ck in Kabul.

It is the sole copy.

And it is now yours.

It's a final gift.

What's this?

That is my letter of resignation.


When we started this crusade, your campaign, we wanted to give the people a president who had served this country, someone who knew the honor and the sacrifice of being a soldier.

And we did that.

And we weathered a hell of a storm.

And it's been my distinct pleasure serving this administration during that time, but I think you should have someone as Chief of Staff who's like-minded.

And after a lot of soul searching, I don't think that's me.

[Electronic beeping]

Dashiell: Look who it is.


Good to see you, Dash.

Welcome back.

Nice suit.

You look clean, brother.

I hate this thing.

Dashiell: TKG's treating you well, huh, buddy?

I don't know how you guys wear these ties.

It's the worst.

You guys know, right?

Yeah, we're just sharing this awkward moment with you.

Kurt: Okay.

We got read in.

We know.

Dashiell: Yeah, that's affirmative.

What do you got there?

Logs, data dumps of TKG shadowing the Bellerophon op.


Yeah, you remember that girl who came into the safe house?

That was their uplink they sold us, wasn't it?

Kurt: Yeah, they were hacked into our monitoring systems.

Well, why would an American company want to do that?



To build a network.

A data bank of Jihadists worldwide.

Then they sell TKG's target/k*ll capabilities on the open market, capabilities which may now exceed our own.

Not today.

Today's all about us.





There was no other way she was going to finish this.

Well, can we help her?

Lucas: We have.

As much as she would let us.

Well, I'm glad to be back.

Good to have you back.

[Man shouts]


[Speaking Pashto]__





[Speaking Pashto]

Drop your w*apon and get on the ground.

[Speaking Pashto]

Get on the ground, Omar.

[Speaking Pashto]

Are you gonna sh**t me now?

Go ahead.

I'm not gonna lay down.

I've fulfilled my responsibilities.

I gave you Sheikh Hakam.

You gave me a handful of sand.

You gave me shadows.

Charlie, we utilized each other for a victory, a common victory.

You used us to rid yourself of your enemies.

Radical influences upending Islam, thr*at America.

[Speaking Pashto]

Who was the man you identified as Hakam?

[Speaking Pashto]


Your president went on television and told the world Hakam is d*ad.

What does it matter?

You got what you wanted, and so did I.

Because he's not d*ad.

Because he's you, Omar.

He always was.

There was never a Dr. Jekyll.

Just Mr. Hyde.

Gantry: Have you thought about my offer?

Constance: You and TKG protected a known t*rror1st.

And the blood of every man, woman, and child who died in Minneapolis is on your hands.

You stood in front of the American people and lied about Sheikh Hakam, so our hands, Madam, are equally unclean.

I am offering you free, unfettered reign to hunt and k*ll t*rrorists abroad so that what happened in Minneapolis never happens again.

My shadowing of Omar Fatah built that ability.

And fueled Ar Rissalah...

Unintentionally or otherwise.

So we both share the stalemate of mutually assured destruction while our enemy, Omar Fatah, still roams free.

I have options there.

Very limited options, if you're referring to Charleston Tucker.

What are you getting at, Gantry?

An end game, Madam.

For you, for me, for this entire country.

What if I could provide Fatah's exact location this very second.

The air force has two F-22 Raptors on the ground in Nangarhar.

Do they not?

You hit our convoy in Kabul.

I k*lled my own men to save your life.

Because I was your link to CIA.

If you were k*lled, I'd be cut off.

Pegasus would be no more.

This would all crumble.

Which Pegasus?

The op we were running?

Or the serial b*mb of American cities?

America's never gonna allow for moderation in the Muslim world.

It's never gonna open its mind to Islam.

You see only killers.

So killers we've become.

I saw the best part of you, Omar...

Not the Muslim...

The man.

I believed what you wanted was good for Islam.

Enough with your lies.

You want to tear down Islam.

And not just the Jihadists, no.

All of us.

All of them!

Look at them.

Women and children running because of your g*n.

For how many years?

In Iraq, in Afghanistan, all over our countries.

You're here to liberate us?

We don't need you.

We're done.

It's easier for you, isn't it?

If you believe that?

Then your betrayal becomes my problem.

Omar, I trusted you.

I gave you all of my trust, and you gave me nothing in return.


Now people I loved that trusted me are d*ad because of you.

You have k*lled hundreds of innocents.

You will keep k*lling.

So now... so now... when one can act...



One should act as a liberator.

[Line ringing]

[Phone vibrating]

[Line ringing]

[Line ringing]

[Distant jets roaring]
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