01x02 - Season 1, Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Spotless". Aired: November 2015 to April 2015.
Set in London, "Spotless" is the story of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.
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01x02 - Season 1, Episode 2

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Hey, I thought you were at work.

No, I...

I couldn't sleep. Again. Sorry.

Right, I need these and these.

I've got a job interview today.


What about the kids?

I'm not trying to pick a fight here.

Well, you are a bit, honey, because, as soon as I mention job, you mention kids.

Right now, what's the value if it costs us more than childcare, than what you earn?

There's value for me.

Fair enough.

Sign of a guilty conscience, you know, insomnia.

He's family!

Your family!

Your f*cking father would... he'd disapprove... superiority.

It cannot be your answer to everything, Gareth.

Look what you made me do.

It's my favourite pot!

You clean that up!


God, you stink of cigarettes.

Please, please, use the machine and wash your clothes.

Do me a favour. Would you round up the kids?

Hey! Shit bags!

School, now.

You're welcome.


Honey, I've got a really busy day.

It can't always be about you, Mom.

I spilt juice on mine.

Fine then, come on please.

Okay I'm coming.

Where are you going?

Get out of my room!


Familiar with the concept?

Yeah, heard about it.


Got plans.


Care to share?

Get money. Depart.

Let's make that happen.

I need my life back.

Like the way it was before I got here?


I guess you need your life back to where it was before the kids were born.

When it was just you and Julie drinking, smoking, f*cking.

Would that make you happier, if you get that life back?

I haven't had sex in 10 days.


You don't come here.

Yet, here I am.

Mr. Clay would like a word.

I don't give a shit.

This is my home. You don't come here.

Nice house.

It's one of these open plan jobs downstairs, is it?

Did you excavate the basement, or was it like that when you bought it?

Hey, Mr. Mamoud stole my money.

Wait! Wait!

You got b*lls coming up here, man.


We'll meet you on the other side of the bridge, all right?

I'll get my coat.

Let me do the talking, all right?

Mr. Clay, I'm very grateful for the opportunity to talk to you.

If I've offended you in any way, Mr. Clay...

No offence taken.

Nelson Clay.

Jean Bastière. This is my brother, Martin.

I have to say, I was reluctant to take this meeting.

I have enough friends as it is. I don't need any new ones.

The boys insisted.

Frank here in particular seems to think you did something remarkable the other night.

I did.

Mr. Clay...

Frank! Joey!

Don't raise your fists near me.

And you don't touch my brother.

You nearly got two of my men k*lled and they displayed the rare sensitivity of not putting a b*llet through your f*cking temple.

Now if I were you, I'd call it even.

There's been a misunderstanding.

This doesn't belong to us.

We're not criminal people. It's not our thing.

What is this?

He doesn't know?

That is £20,000 I've given to your brother in payment.


Why didn't you tell me about this?

It's his money.

A retainer for future services.

There won't be any future services...


I know a lot about.

Your family, your home, your cleaning business, your bank balance.

It's a terrible thing that recession.

All about the greed of a... Get out of my f*cking sight!

What've we got on him?

Absolutely nothing.


You bring dr*gs from France inside that d*ad girl?

Yes, I did.

Despite all your financial problems, you still don't want to profit from the situation, even though the work's complete?

That interests me.

He's got his own moral compass.

It's like The Man Who sh*t Liberty Valance.

James Stewart, 1959.

Anyways, it's my choice.

I decided long ago, my life would be my choice, no one else's.

Everybody's got a sad story, son.

I'm not everybody.


I accept.

I'm sorry, you accept what?

What's going on?

Your brother makes a good case.

I accept his refusal to get involved in my business.

You're free to go.

Thank you.

Let's go!

62, not 59.


Liberty Valance.

John Ford for Paramount, 1962.


See? Treat people with respect, they respond to it.

Yeah, right. You just signed your own death warrant.

A guy like that just doesn't let people walk away.

Oh, stop it!

Enough with the bad guy bullshit.

I fixed it.

Listen, we're gonna go to my office, I'll get what money I can for you. It's not gonna be much.

But it's gonna be something.

And that's it.

You understand?



How's it going?

Almost ready. sh1tting myself truth be told.

A bit of adrenaline will do you a world of good.

What are you wearing?

Uh, just deciding.


Mmm... promise of sex rather than sex itself.

Tits, out or in?

They'll be in I'd say.

You're f*cking brilliant, sis. Don't forget it.

Thanks, Nina.

There you go.

£1300. That's everything.

Feel free to say "thank you" any time.

f*ck you.

You had 20 grand for 4 days.

It was dirty money.

No, it was my money.

And again, it was not your f*cking decision to make!

You just...

Yeah, yeah, do your thing.

Whatever you do.


It's Tom Kendrick.

Oh, you changed number?

I need to see you now. Waterside Inn, Hammersmith, 30 minutes.

Of course, I'll be there.

So, we're done now?

Don't come back.

I don't need you here.

I have a thing, but, not for a van.

Can I take your car?


Thank you.

Who was the guy?

Oh, boss' brother.

Think he's getting out of Dodge.

He watched me dressing.

You're kiddin' me!

As long as we're together, nothing can happen.

No one will know.


Where are you?

Yeah, I'm right in front of the pub.

I'm under the bridge.


Under the bridge!

What's going on, Tom?

I'm under investigation.


I've been suspended. I'm under investigation, soliciting and accepting payments, in return for the award of contracts.


Do they have anything?

They have a lot.


What can I do?

Wipe any paper or electronic records you ever make, called or emailed me.

Of course.

Don't just say "of course". Think.

Phone, computer, little pocket diaries...

And I need money.


I've got two options: run or hire the best lawyers in London.

Either way, I... I need money.

Listen, Tom, I gave you everything I could over the years.

I really don't have anything.

If it wasn't for me you'd still be serving croissants and coffee some place.

I'm very grateful.

I know a lot of stuff, John.

Damaging information I don't get what I need, you're little bilingual kids and your pretty wife have got two decades of prison visits ahead of them.

I don't have any money for you.


Jesus Christ!

If you weren't a cop, I'd kick your f*cking ass for this.

I'm in a corner.

So you h*t me?

I want 5 grand, John. Get it.

Or I'll f*cking sink you.



It's bold, isn't it?

Yeah. Absolutely.

Do you know he was still in college when he made this?

It's impressive.


Are you interested in this piece in particular?

Or is there something else I can show...

Oh, no, sorry, no, I'm not... I'm not a buyer.

I'm... I'm... ah, here for the interview.


It's through the door at the back, into the offices.

It was mortifying.

You know, when I walked in, they went quiet, like the matron had arrived.

Not one of them was a day over 20.

Especially since you're such an old hag these days.

Oh shut up, you know what I mean.

Actually, I don't.

Wouldn't put myself in that situation, can't fathom why you did.

Because it's time.

Because the kids are old enough that I should be out there.

And you know I don't want them growing up thinking that my ambition only ever extended as far as symmetrical towels and home-made sauces.

Oh, thank f*ck for that.

I'm sorry?

I thought you'd had a lobotomy and forgot to say.

I've been waiting half a decade for you to get off your ass.

I couldn't bear watching you at home making f*cking muffins from leftovers.

Do you know If I was a man, I would knock your teeth out for saying that.

No, if you were a man, you wouldn't be stuck at home locked in the eternal search for the perfect fabric conditioner.

What I don't get is why you're applying for shitty entry-level jobs in the first place.

Well, there aren't a lot of options for people...

An old peg like you.

So set up on your own.

Yeah, right.

Well, why not?

What's the point in baby steps?

Life's for f*cking living.

Drag your tools out of storage, and make wonderful things.

We don't have the space, and... money's actually tighter than you think...

Oh, stop finding obstacles.

I'll front you set up costs for a workshop.

Nina, I can't let you do that.

I don't have time for f*cking niceties. I'm in court in 20 minutes.

Are you up for it or not?

Hey, it's me.


How are you doing?

I'm good.

Are you okay?


Why did you phone for, Jean?

I'm not sure.

We could eat something. My treat.


Then f*ck.

I would like that.

"I'm not everybody", you said.

I think you might be right.

But you said we were free to go.

Changed my mind.

I want to see what you're capable of.


"No" isn't an option.




You all right?

I'd rather we didn't have to h*t you, to get your agreement.

It's up to you, really.

A year ago we had you make the decisions.

So, what? You've got more money.

It's all about money. That's what we're f*cking talking about.

You've changed your tune.

No I haven't.

It's been exactly the f*cking same tune since we met!

The only difference is Daddy's not there to bail his little princess out if you're out of f*cking money!

And every penny I've got, I made myself!

What happened to "What's mine is yours". It's all bullshit for me.

Gave your crumbs off the table.

And I'm supposed to be grateful for it?

Dad touched you! You used it...

And I'll never hear the f*cking end of it. It's blackmail!

I'll pay for your further... then I'll... for the rest of my life...



Well, he can f*ck off!

It's not all about the grubby little money...

We got more going out than coming in.

What the f*ck is wrong with you?

It's not always about money, Gareth.

This neighbourhood, these clothes, this house, it's always about the money!

Hey! Oh!

What are you doing?

I don't know if you guys realise, but we... we can here all this from the street.

What are you arguing about anyway?

My father needs 24 hour nursing care and my husband doesn't want us to pay for it.

We all have a dad, mate.

That's what we pay our taxes for.

In a perfect world.

But we can't all live in Sweden.

What? Where's Rooney?

Who's Rooney?

My dog!

He's in the other room.

He doesn't like closed doors! I..

And I don't like barking, so stay where you are!

That's as*ault.

That's as*ault? No, mate.


This, is as*ault.

Oh, God, oh!

Ah, ah, ah...



I'll have the f*cking police on you. That's my home!

The lady of the house invited me in.

My father always thought Gareth was a d*ck.

This is Gareth's revenge.

Well, this is none of my business.

There was just too much shouting.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's okay.

It's okay.


I'm in trouble.


I need your help.

They k*lled a guy, and they want me to clean it.

They kidnapped me, put a bag over my head.

Well, maybe they'll cut little bits off you and send it in the mail for ransom.

Don't be a d*ck.

Tell me again how much you need me.


I gotta go.

Hey, guys! Guys!


You're skaters, uh?


I used to skate.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, yeah. It's a nice board. Can I see it?

Ah... sure.

Come on, come on. It's a longboard.

Yeah Indie Trucks. Can I try?


Just a... Just a little, just a little.

Thanks mate. Ciao!


Get off my board you fat bastard!

What the hell, man?

It's a parking ticket, from London.


He's in London.

We found him.

My brother is asking you to give me the keys to the mini-bus without the company logo on it. Right now.

Do I appear stupid to you?

No... no. And he... he said you would say that. And I should tell you, that the padlock code for petty cash, is 2-5-75.

David Beckham's date of birth.

You like Beckham?

I'm only f*cking human.

And now, I'm gonna change the code to the petty cash.

I like your tattoo.

Thank you. I like your board.

I didn't know you had a tattoo?

Yeah. Tit tat', just here.


What are you doing?

I... am starting a business.

Doing what?


No, darling.

Making beautiful, beautiful things.

You've been with Aunt Nina.

Yes, I have.


You were right.

Show me.

That's grim.

All right, let's go.

He's thorough.


Ever since he was a little kid.

Well, he's made himself interesting to my brother.

And now he has to stay interesting.

Or what?

You're his brother?



Victor Clay.

I'm Martin.

Excuse me.



We need to roll the vehicle inside the stable.

Easy tiger.

Frank, buck up.

What's that?

Blood. Fingerprint.

That was impressive.

I planted the last print myself.

Put on a show.

Will they k*ll us?

Would you k*ll Houdini?

I was out of line earlier today.

Shut up.

You happy?


Well, that's the last time I dance for you.

The scene was phony. A set-up.

Animal blood spread deliberately.

How did you know?

Well, you'd have to k*ll 10 men to get that much blood.

The spatter patterns were non-existent.

Was it pig? Goat?

Yeah, I've... um, I've got a friend who's halal butcher was um, 20 quid for a couple of pounds of left overs, yeah.

Thought it was kosher?

Why would a Muslim be kosher?

What's the difference?

It's the... um... the method of slaughter I think...


Well, let's wrap it up.

If we're gonna work together... it's better you do it by choice.

This is my home.

Come and have a drink, please.

Get changed.

Put yourself in my shoes.

Had I not met you earlier, my business would have carried on as normal.

Now I can't see how I can let such a unique resource, slip through my fingers.

I'm not the guy you think I am.

I think you are. Just don't think you recognise it yet.

These are difficult times, Jean.

The economy, it's a lie.

Government's a lie.

Health, education, housing, wars, invasions, credit raising interest rates... all lies founded on a kinda... mass hysteria.

What are you? Like a... an anarchist?

You don't look like one.

Society never did me any good. My upbringing... my background, I'm supposed to have a dull shit life.

But I don't accept my role, my allocated role in society.

You don't accept your role?

I don't accept society.

Your brother's a philosopher.

Yeah, he reads.

Reading is good.


Charles Darwin.

Origin of the species, evolution, that sort of stuff.

Oh, the origins.


Ah, I know that.


You know Tom?

He's a friend of mine. Good man, but he's in trouble. Some people are trying to make an example of him.

You should know that I look after my friends.

We're gonna help him out. Give him what he needs.

Keep it charged, and keep it on.

I need to contact you any time, day or night.

I have some conditions.

When you call on me to do a job, it's my scene, I'm in charge on the ground.

Nobody else.

Fair enough.

I don't like an audience.

Your guys can't be there.

You can't be left on your own.

For your own protection, as well as mine.

Now, one of my men will stand guard. He won't interfere, he won't get in your way.

Fair enough.

My brother's my partner.


I didn't know that.

Well, now you know.

I'm gonna go.

I haven't got the measure of your brother, yet.

He's the kind of guys that can still surprise.

One last thing: I don't wanna be there when any crime is committed.

I don't wanna know why, I don't wanna be any part of that.

I think this belongs to you.

Oh... huh!

Make yourself at home.

I'm sorry. I didn't see you, I didn't mean to...

Don't be sorry. It's what it's there for.

Sonny, boss' wife.

Hi, uh...

I'm Martin. I'm here with my brother.

We might work with your husband.

In France?

No, here.

You just... you be honest with him and you'll be all right.

I'm always honest, I never lie.

You never lie?


I'm not sure I should trust someone who never lies.

You can trust me.

May I?

Of course. Be my guest.

It's really good. You cook?

I do, I love to cook, yeah.


I'm glad you like it.

Nice to meet you.

Don't even think about it.

I always think about it.

Guys, I got a great deal for you.

Six wraps of heroin worth 16 000 quid.

And I make it for 8000, right now.

Where'd you get it from?

You stole if from the last lot.

No, I didn't.

It's not the same colour.



You said 6 wraps, there's only 5 there.

Look... look deeper, genius.

Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.


I'll be right back.

We need to go.

Okay. I...


You're free to go.

Are you sure?

Give me the keys to the Fiat.

Well, it's Maureen's car.

I don't care. Give me the keys.

1 missed call You have one new message.

Hey, it's Claire.

Haven't heard from you, so... guess something came up.

I miss you.

Make it soon.

Not so tough now, are you, eh?

Shut up. Get out of my face, or I'll f*ck your dog, and your wife.


Rooney! Rooney!




Something really important has gone missing from my room.

What is it?

It's medicine, I get from France. I re... I really need it.

I haven't been in your room.

Are you sure?

You haven't gone through my books?

I only borrowed it.

It's okay. You can have it. Read it, you're old enough.

What about the other thing?

It looked like dr*gs.

I would never do dr*gs.

It's medicine, I need it.

Where is it?

I flushed it down the toilet.

Maddy, this stuff can k*ll you.

Where is it?

I flushed it down the toilet.

Are you gonna tell my mom and dad?


But you've gotta promise me never to go through my stuff again.


It's very important.

I promise.

Come here.

May I?


What's going on?

Rooney d*ed.

The dog.


Had an epileptic fit or something, seizure.

He was foaming at the mouth.

Gareth is beside himself.

It seems, my husband and the dog were soul mates.

Soul mates?

It's not being a good day.

Me neither.

Dad, why can't we go and see Grandma?

She's not d*ad, is she?

No, no, she's not d*ad.

So, is Granddad really d*ad?

Uh, yeah.

My mom is in a hospital in France.

And you know my dad is d*ad.

How did he die?

And honestly.

He went out on his fishing boat, and he got caught in a storm.

And his boat crashed against the rocks, near La Rochelle.

Scary enough for you?

I thought you said he was a farmer.

Yeah, mussels and oysters farming.

You know, you two could help now and then.

Mom and I shouldn't have to do it all.

Tell us again, about how you didn't have a washing machine when you were a kid.

Uh, we did have a washing machine.

It just... it was always broken.

You know, you two are spoiled.

"You two are spoiled."

Oh, you think that's clever?

Mimicking people?


Well, maybe... maybe you think that's clever.

You think that's funny, uh?




I had my job interview today.

How was it?

Oh, spectacularly shit.

Well, f*ck them.

That's what I think.

So, I'm gonna set up on my own.

Open up my own workshop.

Nina's gonna front me the money, and I've already been looking at locations, thinking about designs.

Oh, that's great.

She says that we can pay her back whenever we can.

There's no rush.

Oh, that's cool.

You're sure?


Yeah, I've had, a kinda weird day myself.

Life is for living.

H... hello?

Yeah, I'll meet you there.

Is it a job?

Yeah, a job.

Go back to sleep.


I need your help.


I don't like this. Where the f*ck are we?

Wait, wait.

Follow me.

I believe you know DCI Tom Kendrick.
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